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Romance / Re: Guys, What Is The Worst That Can Happen From Staying Without Sex? by superior1: 11:11am On Aug 01
At 17 he is going about with condoms ,he needs some back-hand slaps, his education should be paramount to him at such stage.

I was above 26 when I had my first sexual experience and after being active, I have stayed as much as 2 years off sex. Those claiming near-death-experience for lack of sex need sessions with mountain of fire

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Romance / Re: Guys, What Is The Worst That Can Happen From Staying Without Sex? by superior1: 11:07am On Aug 01
Crime / Re: Akwa Ibom Police Nabbed Man Who Slaughtered Boy Like Goat-for-sale by superior1: 10:11am On Aug 01
What evil!!
Politics / Re: 1 Dollar = 1 Naira: Buhari Approves An Exchange Rate Of N160 To $1 by superior1: 12:51pm On Jul 31
Politics / Re: How Jonathan,Governors,Service Chiefs Prevailed On Tompolo To Shelve Meeting by superior1: 2:52pm On Jul 26
What Obasanjo did, Buhari will do more to any group trying nonsense in Nigeria

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Education / Re: Father Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Are Saying For Now”.. - Dibu by superior1: 11:02am On Jul 26
The man has got some valid points
Romance / Re: Six Ways Technology Might Change Sex In The Future by superior1: 9:10pm On Jul 25
Having sex with hologram

Antichrist is truly right by the corner

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Uhuru's PA Being Chased After He Touched Obama's Car (photo) by superior1: 6:56pm On Jul 24
Politics / Re: 21 Aspirants Jostle For Kogi Governorship APC Ticket [see Full List Inside] by superior1: 4:48pm On Jul 24
As long it is Dino Melaye (and I know it will never be him), APC is getting Kogi

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Politics / Re: Fayose To Buhari: Go Ahead And Probe Jonathan, Don't Announce It by superior1: 4:11pm On Jul 24
When the measure of Fayose becomes full, he will understand the virtue in talking less


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Takes Selfies At Lake-Tahoe (photos) by superior1: 9:27pm On Jul 23
He will soon be sent invitation by EFCC


Politics / Re: Police Sergeant Who Made Bullet-proof Vest Promoted By Arase by superior1: 3:47pm On Jul 23
That shouldnt be all, our police need to invest in quality research and development.

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Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 1:56am On Jul 23
I did not assume you were a theist.
You said: Assuming I were a Theist, my answer will be 'on the basis of my religious affiliation which denounces both'
My response is I dont see where this is denounced regardless if you really are a theist or not. It is an important point that highlights the moral point of view that slavery is wrong is not from religious text. Discussion is difficult when you choose to hide your perspective.
From your conclusion you appear to have dismissed all answers provided by atheists on this topic, so there is really no more to be said.

No, I havent. I only draw out points relevant to topic in discuss
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 1:15am On Jul 23
From my engagement so far, it is apparent atheists have no standard measure for moral good or bad and the nearest to a measure is the law of the land which some said should be the arbiter of what is morally wrong or right.

If one is to accept this position, how then should we judge areas not covered in the law books e.g, there is no law saying lying is wrong therefore under atheism, lying cant be said to be good or bad.

If atheists believe that the law of the land should be the moral arbiter are they then alluding to absolute morality since the law doesnt bend to personal desires?. how can they relate moral relativism to the law of the land which is absolute

I will like to get more opinions from atheists.
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 1:03am On Jul 23
[quote author=Redlyn post=36171152]superior1
You still have not answered the case study question. Are my actions moral or not according to your moral standard.
In my eyes and in the eyes of the law, you just committed murder. It is not your right to determine under what condition someone should live or not.

You also did not explain how slavery and rape were denounced. I have not seen this denounced anywhere. So why are they now considered bad?

You are not making much sense here because you assumed I am Theist without me saying so.

How can you consider something immoral, when you do not have a standard of measuring what is moral?
I have explained how a secular society tackles this. If you don't agree or you don't understand then so be it. Repetition will not help.

No, you haven't. I asked you if lying is wrong and you cant give a moral truth in response because you lack a moral measure.

Obviously, our converse as reached a stalemate. It was nice engaging you
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 8:46pm On Jul 22
[quote author=Redlyn post=36164846]

It is not only inter but also intra. You seem to want to claim that religious groups agree on ALL moral questions. Which is simply not true. Morality is far more complex than that. You still haven't answered: I shot my mother to save her from slow and painful death. Moral or not?

I have already explained WHY most humans share the value to do no harm. Take it or leave it.

I don't agree that it is denounced. Feel free to be more explicit.
In fact religious text was actually used to DEFEND the practice. So why are they now considered bad?

Like the law, it doesnt matter your personal opinion and preference, it doesnt change and so is religious morality to adherents of a particular religion, it doesnt change with your agreement. To answer your question, you being atheist with no moral reference, I dont know what you will or should do in this particular situation to your mother.

Only one thing unites atheists, and that is their lack of belief in God. So there will never be a common anything amongst atheist specifically. However if you talk about humanity then we can look to the golden rule as a guide. Its that simple. And I have mentioned why this is valued. We identify the harmful behaviors and as a society start to consider them immoral. Its an evolving process. Indoctrinated absolutes (like do not wear mixed fabrics) are not needed.

How can you consider something immoral, when you do not have a standard of measuring what is moral?
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 3:40pm On Jul 22
For the purpose of this discussion lets not over analyse this, its a case study. You could not save her. So you shot her. I am interested to see if from your point of view the "intent" for the action has any bearing on the morality of it.
Euthanasia by the way is a hotly contested topic within various religious groups. If it was clear in the religious text there would no debate and diversity of opinion.

Euthanasia is a political issue which has over the time involved various religious groups, it is not an intra but inter religious disagreement based on each groups sacred text. The point of my over analysis is to return the favor since you mentioned 'your mother', i dont like to think of mine in the mouth of lions, ok?

I will not give you a definition as I will have to look it up. But I have given you an example: Do no harm. I doubt there is a society today that does not share this value in principle. The practical implementation of this is another thing (ie what constitutes harm). It is a shared value because as humans we have a shared vulnerability to suffering.

Look it up and also answer why you think humans should be given value when it was a creation of nothing and serves no purpose. Those who eat their neighbor meant no harm, they only wanted to ameliorate their hunger, what is wrong with that?

Rape and slavery. As a theist do you find these 2 acts wrong? If so on what basis.

Assuming I were a Theist, my answer will be 'on the basis of my religious affiliation which denounces both' it is not necessarily because they are both now a crime against the state

You have not been able to show that atheism has a common definition or measuring standard for what is morally good and bad, hence you cant as a atheist tell me lying is wrong.
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 10:16am On Jul 22

BTW by saying things like human values, you are trying to tell me human lives have intrinsic value and worth, may I ask, how come, If we are all a product of randomness and evolution?

By saying human lives have intrinsic value, you must by logic agree human lives have a purpose, what is that purpose?
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 10:10am On Jul 22

The diversity you see in a secular society on moral issues is the same diversity you see within any religious group.

You and I know this cannot be substantiated and much as I dont want to discuss religious morality on this thread, I need to add that members of a religious group subscribe to tenets of that religion from which they draw their moral facts, that is what them a denomination to start with, their religious tenets becomes their common measuring standard, so any deviant is judged good or bad based on this.

There are no 2 religious people of the same denomination who will have the same point of view on all moral questions or interpret Absolutes in holy books in the same manner. So the dilemma of what is moral and what is not is not an atheist problem, its a human one. Your holy book of choice has addressed certain moral questions and made them law but the truth is that the moral dilemmas we face every day are far more complex.

Just like I commented earlier, your assertions are wrong, you do not have any empirical backing for that claim. E.g Sunni Muslims draw their moral good or bad from the quran and hadith, there is a common standard for measure, while there maybe areas of opinions, those opinions are still subjected to the directive of their religious tenets.

and we evaluate them on other criteria than any hard and fast law.

For the sake of this topic, note there is a shade of difference between moral facts and the law of a state.

Take this situation. You have a gun with 1 bullet. Your mother some distance away is being eaten alive slowly by a pack of lions. You cannot save her. So you take your gun and shoot her to end her suffering. Was that a moral act or not?

That will be a delimma when you do not subscribe to a faith, mainstream religions have teachings that can be inferred on in that peculiar case and by the way, if you have a gun, why not shoot to atleast to scare the lions instead of killing your mother, how come your mother ended up among lions, how come you exhausted your bullets without adequate contingency plans

Most of us share some basic human values (eg do not harm others) and on this basis we can adhere to some universal ethical codes that promotes the well being of society and individuals. It is this attempt at universal morality that forms the basis of secular documents like the universal declaration of human rights. This is by no means perfect, nor free from disagreement or controversy but its the best we have to objectively evaluate right from wrong.

If I ask you to define what you meant by basic human values, you will give a subjective definition (unless of cause, you refer to the state constitution we have both agreed is inadequate), some culture treat their neighbors, others eat their neighbors and to say one is better compare to the other is a baseline for ethnocentrism.
Literature / Re: Letter To A Stranger By Hammed Ajiboye by superior1: 11:18pm On Jul 21
Learnt the author is no more, RIP to the dead


Politics / Re: Buhari Admonishes CBN Governor For Bringing Jim Ovia To Washington DC Dinner by superior1: 9:19pm On Jul 21
Politics / Re: $150billion Stolen From Nigeria In The Past Decade -buhari Tells Obama by superior1: 9:02pm On Jul 21
Olopa ooo
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 8:44pm On Jul 21

With religion morality has shown to be relative. With religion all you need is to follow the laws stipulated in your religious book which is different from the laws stated in another religious book. So what exactly are you trying to prove?

You can open another thread to discuss religious morality. If you have any objective arguments to show atheism isn't anti-society as far as moral good and bad is concern, I will love to hear it. Atheists pride themselves in intellectual objectivity, so your posts shouldn't be an exception.
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 8:36pm On Jul 21

Fraud involves lies. If I lie and claim to be what I am not and get caught I will be punished. Fraud involves various degrees of lies, but it is nothing but lies in its entirety.

Every lie is a fraud and punishable, if that is what your dictionary tells you, good enough.
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 8:24pm On Jul 21

Fraud is a crime, if I lie and claim to be who I am not and wrongfully get something from people I will be caught and punished accordingly.

Perhaps you should look for the dictionary meaning of the two words (lies and fraud)
Religion / Re: Society And Atheism by superior1: 8:13pm On Jul 21
I would say the state is definitely the arbiter to decide on what a particular society accepts as moral or not but I don't think the state is necessarily the moral compass if you believe in a universal moral standard. Just look a the various states and their opposite stances on certain issues. They cant all be equally moral. The fact that the state is constantly shifting its stance on some topical issues shows that more standards are constantly evolving and are determined by the people then adopted by the state.

How do people then come up with these moral standards? With every moral evolution I believe we are getting closer to respecting the golden rule: do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. All major religions express some version of this rule. All other laws are merely commentary.

The issue is empirically speaking; there is nothing like universal moral standard. If we are to follow atheism, all moral issues are relative and there is no commonly adopted moral compass, therefore moral can only be an abstract philosophy as all I need do is follow the law of the land which unfortunately cant handle the complexity of the human society eg, there is no law against me telling lies, sleeping with every consenting women etc. The overall implication is, all these vices cannot be judged good nor bad or do you know any law against lying?
Religion / Re: Thought Provoking Analysis On Non Traditional Religion by superior1: 1:44pm On Jul 21
Hello everyone, Whilst recovering from a hangover I decided to scroll through Facebook and found this interesting piece by Chukwuka Igbomor.

-Thanks for this great documentary Nigeria used to be a great nation with its different regions until the Europeans came and robbed us Unclad they used RELIGION to kill our spirituality by giving us a fasle white god called Jesus and they used politics to posses our teritory, and today Nigeria is like a nonetity of a nation.

While they use bad leaders who are sellouts and traitors to steal our resources and put us in darkness so that we will forever be dependent on them and their false teachings and ideologies... we Africans are so used to folding our hands and looking while our heads are beign cut off. most of us are content with foolishness, a lot of weak and ignorant minds who prefer to live in slavery than to die for freedom, we need brave hearts to stand up against foolishness and speak against this evil that is beign perpetuated in our own soil. We need to curb out this mentality of suffer suffer for world to enjoy for imaginery heaven. Our people accept suffering on earth thinking they will enjoy in heaven. Also we need to curb out this turn the other cheek mentality. Which Europeans used to rob us Unclad. We need to push out the evil African leaders who are in position of power only to sell us out to foreigners for their own selfish individual gains.

It can only be done by Us Africans standing up for the truth and against bad leadership and oppression. Education is the key to unlocking the doors to greatness like we once was the greatest nation on the planet now we are beign reduced to foolish people who sit and look while everything around us is in disarray. Our people have lost the ability to think critically for when u can believe snake spoke to eve and gave her apple to eat and give adam, once you can believe this fable as truth u can never be able to think critically and reasonably. They use such stories to see how gullible we can be so when they do their evil deeds we cant even reason to see its wrong.

When we are still calling Abraham, isaac and jacob our ancestors how can we have sense.
The problem with the African people who refuse to see reality of their situation cos their brains have been conditioned to accept suffering as normal, evil as normal and thus the Evil men of the world are having a laugh feeding on the ignorance of our people.-

I cant find anything thought provoking then the ranting of a confuse man who thought Christianity is the bane of his obvious mental and spiritual problems

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Should Let Jonathan Be – Fayose by superior1: 12:02pm On Jul 20
Even if you see person wey dey do juju for u, u suppose apply sense join
Romance / Re: What Is The Difference A Prostitute And You That Dash For Free by superior1: 11:48am On Jul 20

Why is sex before marriage bad?. Please your reason should be deducible and bereft of religious reference as it would be an insult to logic and the gazillion of unreligious people to the world if your reason(s) are religion based.

What makes prostitution bad?
Politics / Re: Adelabu Penkelemesi Is My Political Role Model — Obasanjo by superior1: 10:58am On Jul 20
He was just trying to console the family, ebora owu was mentored by no one


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid’s All-white Yacht Party In Durban by superior1: 10:15am On Jul 20
A small kid acting big man

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