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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 3:33pm On May 01

We are all special, with areas of specialization.
God made us specially different.

To perfect our speciality, we need Christ and His gift of the Holy Ghost..

superior1 can testify

I concur
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 4:18pm On Apr 27
the first was a chimpanzee then some time snakes, mad do g, cat, ra t, but this time it was a strange animal

Demonic attack obviously, take your stand in prayers and fight back. Hope your spiritual life is in a good standing?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 8:43am On Apr 27
Morning all. I had a very disturbing dream. Most times I dream of animals attacking me. Yesterday night in my dream I was bitten by an animal in my dream. Please what does it mean?

What kind of animals?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 3:22pm On Apr 24
Grace is available for that Pastor to make it to heaven, God is not looking for a cause so as to cast us away, infact the Pastor's death can be described as God allowing satan to destroy his body so as to save his soul.

1Corinthians 5:5
hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord

I am not by this alluding or promoting the doctrine of 'once save forever save', that's a heresy

Romans 6:1-2
What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? Of course not! Since we have died to sin, how can we continue to live in it?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 10:40am On Apr 21
Pls my people how does one genuinely break free from an ancestral family curse?
Must the whole family be involved?
Can't you single out yourself and your immediate family alone

Pls I. Need help from anyone that has been delivered from ancestral curses and covenants.

Breaking from ancestral curses or bondage is an individual effort for adults. The starting point is giving your life and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
2. Repent the sins of your ancestors and ask God to forgive and remove you from the curses of your ancestors.
3. Do away with every artifacts/objects that connects you to your ancestors or their objects of idol worship, you need to prayerfully search through your house and the Holy Spirit will lead your heart concerning this.
4. Minister deliverance to yourself or get someone who you are very sure is genuinely of God and have experience in this regard to assist you.
5. Act in faith, do not go back to sins of your ancestors especially worshiping of idols.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 2:21pm On Apr 18
I have a question that's been troubling me. Is it wrong to download copyrighted materials from these torrent sites like kat.cr and piratesbay? Most of the gospel songs, Christian eBooks and some video editing software and other software in general I use are downloaded from these sites.

I want to know as I wouldn't want to commit a sin. I feel it's wrong but it really helps to get these free stuff when the prices are not affordable.

There is really no shortcut answer, one can argue for and against, however, let me share a verse with you

So for one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, it is a sin James 1:17

If your conscience is troubling you over it, then stop it
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 8:23am On Apr 18

Hello brother Superior1, it's been awhile.

It is,trust you are good Sis?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 6:40am On Apr 17
Good Day everyone, I must say I have been following this thread for quite a while and it is really enlightening, kudos to the initiator as well as the swell contributors. nonetheless, I feel this may be the right place to find help, well for sometime I've been experiencing this invisible cobwebs, though not frequently let's say once a week, please note I live in a spick and span environment, so there's practically no spider around. i really would like to know how to deal with this problem. Any help would be wonderful thanks.

A likely witchcraft operation with the intent to afflict a person with demons/curses of stagnancy, delay, retrogression etc. How are you spiritually speaking?
Religion / Re: Will This My Act Of Good Lead Me To Hell? by superior1: 11:36am On Apr 10
A man entered my house running and breathing heavily, so I had to ask him what's the matter

He said he is being chased by people

I asked what did he do

He told me everything

As he was still explaining, the people approached where we were and at that time I knew I needed to take an action either to save the man or release him to them.
So I opted for an option of saving him.
When the angry mob that were chasing the man came to me and asked if I saw anybody but I told them that I didn't see anyone.

My question is did I sin by lying to them that I didn't see anyone whereas I saw and hid the thief..

Mind you if I release the man to them, they will surely kill him..
And if I die in the process, will I go to hell despite the fact I wanted to save a soul.

The problem with this question is the lack of understanding of who God is, at least in the Christian sense. GOD isnt a tyrant who seats on an heavenly throne looking for excuses to throw people into hell, far from it.

Matthew 7:11
If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Isaiah 49:15
"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

Those two verses will show you a little of who God is, if your sinful earthly Dad wont purnish you over such, how much more a loving God??


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 7:14am On Apr 09

Brother you just confirmed something I almost was trapped into doing.
Some years back, I broke my celibacy of close to 10 years because Satan kept whispering in my ears that keeping my celibacy will lead me to remaining unmarried. I got into a relationship with a christian brother, hoping it will lead to marriage, but gradually, subtly I fell into sin, and my spiritual life started epping out. I decided to break it off and stand firm, and by the beginning of January 2013, I reaffirmed my stance with God. I broke communication completly with the brother. But recently he came back, trying to be friendly. We started hanging around again, my stance is resolute. At first, he was fine with my position of no body contact of any kind. He will call me, he doesn't have food, pls I shd come and help him cook. because I like to cook, I will go, he started his antics again.
One day, I asked myself what I was doing? If this guy wants anything serious with you, he would ve said it or made moves.
When your prayer partners see you here, what do u expect them to believe? That you join them to pray and yet end up in a man's house?

OK, you'll tell them that "there has been no body contact right?". But will they ask you what you are doing here? Do you know how many could be discouraged?
Move!!!!!!!. And I moved.

Pls we shd not make the mistake of thinking "We can hang around, there shall be no sex". Really?

Listen, try keeping a goat with a yam and see. If the goat doesn't eat the yam, it's maybe because the goat is sick or the yam is bad.
[b]DON'T KEEP A GOAT AND YAM TOGTHER [/b]And assume the goat won't eat the yam.

Roger that: Dont keep goat and yam together, if you dont want stories that touches the heart and the spirit.
Education / Re: Student Slapped By A Principal's Secretary Is Dead by superior1: 6:04pm On Apr 05
Arabirin seketiri na fi oruka gba ni eti, oju omode-birin na sifo, osi fo jale lo ba kuu

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Religion / Re: "Is Allah Like You?" by superior1: 11:47am On Apr 03
because she said she is a spirit like God.

You are a human, do you believe I am one (human)?,have you met me?
Religion / Re: "Is Allah Like You?" by superior1: 10:08am On Apr 03
No one can see Allah

yet you believe in it, why then ask her if she can see her God?
Religion / Re: "Is Allah Like You?" by superior1: 8:58am On Apr 03

we can see you, can we see your god?

how are you able to see her/him, can you see Allah?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 4:12pm On Mar 28
@CharlyG1 I can relate with your teaching on this spirit spouse problem, I had this experience while in Kaduna, I was dreaming then all of a sudden in the dream I saw myself moving very fast in a tunnel, it's not the normal tunnel it was just like moving very fast through a water hose, I've seen it in movies but I can't really describe it, then I woke up, low and behold in the room in there was a woman lying there on the beach with the sea behind her,(This was not a dream, but in the physical now) I thought I was hallucinating so I got up from the bed but it was still there facing me with well ironed green and light yellow local print, she was wearing a head tie as well, she was beautiful and well endowed, I moved to switch the light on, I was still staring at her and she was looking at me also, I shouted Jesus, then put the light on that was when she disappeared, for more than a month I slept in the guest room in the house; but presently I don't know why I see snakes sometimes in my dream, (I hate snakes with passion) I don't know if its connected to my environment, because where I stay the locals there worship serpent, I don't know if sis analice107 is aware of this, the place is Ozuoba in PH, I think I read one of your posts some time back where you said you went to preach there.

Local demons (I call them area touts) in the place of our residence, birth and atimes in our place of origin play dominate roles in demonic attacks on the life of a Christian, because they know us quite well, they do not only serve as informant (gathering intelligence about our lives) but because they saw us grow up as babes into adulthood, they know us quite well.
If I were coming to minister in your area for example, I will have to contend with marine powers in prayers before I can gain ground.

You being a Christian shouldn't allow the area touts to overcome you but wage war until you establish your perimeters and stop further harassment.

Dan 10:13
But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.

Mathew 12:25
Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man's house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 4:33pm On Mar 24

Good analysis bro!

No one is an island of knowledge...knowledge of God and things of God is not peculiar to anyone be you young or old just to put u right on ur last comment...

Been awhile Sis, how is the going ?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 2:16pm On Mar 22
''refilling, filling, expanding filling'' as earlier mentioned refers to filling to one's capacity. One is continually filled as one remains connected and plugged in to the Mains

Acts 13:52
And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

Dont know what you on about with this your sort of crab mentality ''whatever lexical semantics you like to play''

Do TELEVISIONS, RADIOS or electric irons plugged in and connected to a Mains Power Source need recharging?

Believers ought not to disconnect from the Mains Power Supply,
they are in use at full bar 100% charged and stay or remain so as they PERMANENTLY connected to Mains even when is use.

The key note, most are overlooking, is if you arent disconnected from the Mains, why would you deplete and the need recharging?
Like I usually do, I would have replied you in a more brotherly fashion but for the word "crab mentality", I wont bother replying a second time.

I took college Physics. Televisions, Radio and most other electrical appliances have got a capacitor, it helps to retain electrical current in the circuit, stabilize voltage and power flow to avoid raw electrical current hitting the circuit. No Minister/Christian stands 24/7 under the raw anointing of the Holy Spirit, have not seen any with such claims.

Capacitors have internal dielectric system which often drains the stored charges, the capacitors become weak and their capacitance weakens overtime, it has nothing to do with the steadiness of current supply. It needs to be recharged or replaced.

I can still recall enough elementary physics to do the talk like it appears you are full of...folks like you are good at theories but I doubt if you have ever put them into work, any minister who operates and have operated under the anointing will only laugh at your Christian physics theory.

The kingdom of God is not in mere words or quoting drakes, bible concordance, Greek/Aramaic etc, those are stuffs we are done with, there are many unbelieving theologians who do that quite often. Our study at this stage is to get ourselves approved as a workman that needed not be ashamed, dividing the word with accuracy empathizing the integrity of the word with our lives, fruits and demonstration of power with visible signs and wonders.

Whatever you chose to believe, I wish you well.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 1:25pm On Mar 22

Welcome back. Anas09 and all of us missed you BIG

Thanks Bro...kudos for your efforts here, it is refreshing reading your strict, balance and practical comments
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 11:29am On Mar 22
Refilling, filling, expanding filling.....whatever lexical semantics you like to play.... I know this as a matter of truth and experience, whenever you minister under the anointing, you need to fall back to get recharge both physically and spiritually.
Career / Re: Where Can A Zoologist Or Parasitologist Work In Nigeria?(HELP) by superior1: 4:22pm On Mar 21
A Zoologist once ruled Nigeria, ask her to contest Nigerian Presidency

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 8:18pm On Mar 20

the journey for me has been complicated. From mosque to church, church to mosque.I accepted Christ in 2014, officially.

I'm looking forward to the day I'll tell my father I'm now a believer I've never been bold to him about it in time past.

I was watching the Fuji maestro Adewale Ayuba tell his journey to Christ the other day, it is sure not a journey for people who wants to be men pleaser. There is no need to rush to tell him, take your time in prayers and God will grant you the boldness needed. I will however advise that you exercise some restraint especially if you still depend upon him majorly for your livelihood.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 11:39pm On Mar 19

See why I couldn't let you go? God has given me people online and offline. His gift (you guys) is much more than money.
Thank you very much.
I love my family.

Where is brother Superior1? Pls come out.

Who is that troubler of Israel na....that person should stop disturbing my Sister oo..lol.
You can't quit because of anybody....nanana....just as you can't please everyone, so let your conscience be clear before God,once that one is done Qed.
You sure inspire so many folks here and that is a ministry in itself, let nobody chase you from doing that...biko...dalu
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 1:04am On Mar 14
Brother Superior1. Work is really keeping you down. Pls stop by sometimes. We miss, or I miss you.

Where is dazzle?

Dear Sister, I kuku dey stop to read opinions, I hope to use the short break from work this week to write. God bless you many...do have a fruitful week
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 6:15pm On Mar 05
Another confusing thing is d curse on the Serpent. Is d Serpent d same as snakes? If yes, I don't think snakes eat dust or who has a better understanding of that?

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."

The bible call it "the serpent", that's the devil and eats dust "human"
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 12:36am On Mar 02

Looooooooool forgive me bro it was @superior1 I meant to call out, he promised to be making a post yesterday evening but nothing yet. I thought it was you, I just went through the thread now and realized... so sorry for the mix up, maybe it's cos I like ur moniker grin grin remain blessed sir!

Sis., I keep a crazy schedule these days....the Lord is my strength ojare
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 12:34am On Mar 02
5. Demons, Angels and Children

As this Sister was telling me of how unfortunate she is with men and her numerous 'use and dump' experiences, something prompted me to look at her feet; the right foot. She has a black ring on her big toe and a gold chain around her ankle, those two objects made me lose attention momentarily to what she was saying and I literally had to force my eyes back to her face as she was about ending the story of a particular man who despite completing arrangement to marry her suddenly dropped and canceled the relationship without any cogent reason.

At this point, I decided I have had enough stories

Me: Sorry Sister, the Holy Spirit has been prodding me to ask you this question, have you been dating and having sexual relationship with men...ehm, men with existing relationship, I mean married men, you know?
Sister (without missing a beat): Yes, I dated some married men before, infact, most men approaching me these days are married men.

Me (cuts in): ....and you are dating some of them now?
Sister: Yes and that is why I have come for ministration, so I can get my own husband and do away with married men

Me: I see.....but Sister, have you ever thought that dating and sleeping with married men itself can be the root of hindrance to you having your own husband?
Sister: (silent and kept looking my face me with non emotional and distant eyes)

Me (pointing to her right foot): Again Sister, what is the relevance of this thing you tied to your ankle and the ring on your big toe?
Sister (looked at her foot as if for the first time and then turned her attention back to me): They are for fashion

Me: Fashion?, do you know wearing rings on toes is a sign among some agents of darkness and.... (She cuts in)
Sister: Sir, this is fashion!! and I would be really grateful if you can look beyond all these issues and pray for me so that all the enemies in my father's house that do not want me to have my own home will die horribly. There is nothing wrong in dressing to look good.

Me: (bowing my head): All right then Sister, let's pray....Father, I ask you that will fill your daughter with wisdom and understanding, I ask that you give her direction and a good life partner, in Jesus name we have prayed
Sister: Amen!, Amen!!, Aaaaameeeen!!!

Matthew 10:6 “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves

To be cont.


Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 9:02am On Feb 29
@Sister analice107 why goeth thou into ghostmode?, I would be posting by God's grace on "Demons, Angels and Children" later this evening an experience which will depicts what I believe is a message for you and some other passionate Children of Yahweh.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 3:54am On Feb 29
@DonaTee, I will now render what I believe is the interpretation of your dream, I wont bother going into the details of my understanding of the symbols represented in it, each as multiple of meanings, their relevance and God's leading is the major key of interpretation

Your Mum, your source, origin of life here represents God, the Holy Spirit
Hospital here relates to your domain, place of calling or duty.
The people, are colleagues or people who you would interact with in your professional duties
The Poo/vomit are contaminations it may be spiritual/demonic infection or sin.

I believe it was God who is leading you into the health field either as a Nurse/Doctor or whatever role you would be playing, you have already received theoretical or what can be called academic qualifications in this regard but as you step into the period of practicing your profession, you would come across spiritual battles and attempt to be defiled spiritually. The field you have chosen and God is leading you into is a profession of intense spiritual battles and you will need to depend on the support of the One who is taking you there.

It got dropped in my spirit you wont be in this profession for a very long time, it is a stage through which God will use you to minister both physically and spiritually to the people He will be bringing you across, once the time comes for you to leave, there will be a knowing in your spirit, dont be reluctant then as God will use you in some other places and fields different from the health field later in life.

This dream is to create awareness so you may get prepared for what is ahead of you.

Finally, I believe your dream job is right around the corner. I hope this help you in some ways.

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 10:35am On Feb 28
@DonaTee, where you pregnant or worked (working) in the health sector at the time of this dream or immediately after?. I am trying to get a full insight into the relevance of the symbols represented in this dream of yours.
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 1:28pm On Feb 27

yes I av undergone holy ghost baptism.

Thnx every1 for u input. I av a lot of work to do. I want to grow in God to go very personal with God.
I do read my bible n memorize the words but to remember d verses undecided na war. I ll pray for more ministrations frm holy spirit

I stil await Interpretation of my last dream God willing

Yes, your last dream, can you confirm if your Mum is a commited Christian or nominal one?
Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 10:51am On Feb 27
Gud morning house. Thnx for welcoming me.

@nnamdiosu yes dey were sexual sensations. Most times I wake up to dat feeling witout any dreams buh everything so real
some odas were thots initiated by me.

I ve never been a too much church goer, even wen I suppress my conscience on certain issues...God in his mercy reaches out for me n restores me n helps me to resist the thots in my head
on one occasion b4 uni days I was dancing to secular music during exercise in my house. All of a sudden dat feeling washed over me. I was weak n had to lie down shivering like I was catching cold buh twas no cold. And it came eith thots of an ex.
I knew I needed help. I had to ask God for mercy

I ve had several dreams where I av to leave my body in d dream cos in d dream my physical body was delaying me n sluggish.
d dreams r vague in my head.
But 1 I remember well was I n my bro were going somewhere. In dat dream some ppke started pursuing us. Dey were terrorizing pple. So I n my bro started running. Wen dey saw we outran them dey brought out guns to shoot
immediately I jus floated above my body n took d bullet dat wld av wounded my bros
at dat Instance I woke n cancel d dream

some was were I had to pray in d dream n wen d prayer isnt givin me d desired effect my spirit separates frm my body n continue d prayer

Few wks ago I felt a dark presence in my palour. I was doing 2hrs midnyt praises. As I was praising I became gloomy. I shut my ears to rub my head I felt n saw a dark shadow shift frm 1 corner to d oda.
I rushed n switch off d music n commanded d foul spirit to leave d vicinity of my compound
after dat I never felt d presence n continue my praise

I think you are undermining your spiritual potentials and beyond yourself; God may want to use for others, intercessory comes to my mind.
Although it appears as dream (the one with your brother), I suspect it was an actual spiritual event/battle and God just used you to prevent a calamity that might have befallen your bro, like I said earlier, God may want to use you to stand in gap and intercede for others.
You appear spiritually active and in shape, have you been baptized in the Holy Ghost, do you pray in tongues?

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Religion / Re: Seeing Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Spirits.. - Hsp's by superior1: 4:32am On Feb 27
Sorry for boring every1 wit my stories.

tomorrow I ll share a recent dream dat needs interpretation. I ve prayed about it buh I wont mind getting an insight

Please continue sharing

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