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Culture / Re: Miyetti Allah Not Terrorist Group, We’re Like Ohanaeze, Afenifere – Sultan by superior1: 7:56pm
Even Boko don't consider themselves terrorist.


Culture / Re: Installation Of Gani Adams As 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yoruba In Pictures by superior1: 7:20pm On Jan 13
Some betrayed theirs, some honoured theirs



Crime / Re: Man Shot Dead By Police During Shitte Protest In Abuja Buried Amidst Tears by superior1: 8:01pm On Jan 12
Sunni vs Shite
Saudi vs Iran
Religion / Re: 4 Antichrist Statements Made By Daddy Freeze (VIDEO) by superior1: 1:58pm On Jan 08
allah and God aren't the same

Freeze brain is frozen from excess weed smoking


Religion / Re: Atheist Confession: Unveiling My Decade Long Secret To Nairaland by superior1: 5:58am On Jan 08
So its 2018 and one of my new year resolutions is to render more help to people. Give more of my time, teach more, impact more lives, show more compassion. Recognize those in need and do something to alleviate their suffering.
Guys the secret to wealth, and sound mind is pulling someone up, no matter how poor you think you are, somebody is worse off, find that person and lift him up.

The owners of the universe are not Nigerians, they are not black Africans who are very discriminatory, intolerant and tribal. They gave use the sun, water and air free of charge, we should do same for others.
I am an atheist, born and bred in Nigeria, I am female, so is the rest of my family (except my mom and sister), everyone is godless, but we all apply this principle.

A little about me- I have never in my 28 years in this world paid tithe to any pastor or church. But lets just say the blessings have been pouring in. I have worked in 5 of the top 100 fortune 500 multinational companies, bought my own (SUV), moved to the island with my family and have basically never lacked. All my brothers are working in really large multinationals, or own their businesses. Mind you, this was not the case 10 years ago, we were essentially a poor family, but things have turned for the good.
I noticed people in this country are abysmally selfish and thoroughly incapable of empathizing with others, particularly those classified as “beneath them”. Here are some easily tips to consider:
• Tip workers
• Liberate yourself and your family
• Treat your workers well, pay them on time when you can
• Provide mentorship & guidance to others
• Financially support those who have been misfortuned to have very little.
• Pick tabs for strangers
• Volunteer, no matter how small, (there are online volunteering programs you can take up)

The universe is not run by Nigerians, we are still living in the dark ages, we are classified as third world country for a reason, we behave close to our primordial nature, close to our base nature, and we do not even know it. If our approach was the right one, we would not be in this state of development. We should learn from the failings of other more developed nations and not replicate them.

The universe is not run by Nigerians, we are still living in the dark ages, we are classified as third world country for a reason, how did you know that, do I sense a racist remark?

Why should I give to anyone, isnt the natural direction for evolution and natural selection is that weak things die and the stronger one survives?...on what premise should help someone?
Career / Re: When Is It Appropriate To Ask For A Salary Raise? by superior1: 7:31pm On Jan 01
When you are offered a job elsewhere with a better pay, take the offer letter to your current employer and ask them to meet up


Politics / Re: Buhari’s Speech Provides Hope For Development – Nigerians In Damaturu by superior1: 12:22pm On Jan 01
The employer of the deads is hopeless


Foreign Affairs / Re: Palestinian Christian Leaders Denounce Trump's Decision by superior1: 9:42am On Dec 26, 2017
Do you expect them to risk the wrath of Hamas and Hezbollah?

Wisdom applied.

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Celebrities / Re: Senator Dino Melaye Meets With Olamide (Photo) by superior1: 8:34am On Dec 25, 2017
Ajekuya remix

Coming out soon!!


Politics / Re: Longest FEC Meeting Under Buhari Extends To Thursday by superior1: 10:08pm On Dec 20, 2017
What you dont have; you can't give even if you spent 30years discussing it....bunch of empty heads

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Politics / Re: Profile Of Uche Secondus, PDP National Chairman AKA The “Total Chairman” by superior1: 8:33am On Dec 10, 2017
What I see in PDP is another Total Loss

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Religion / Re: Pastor Kenneth Eze, His Wife & 2 Children Die In Lagos Fire (Photos) by superior1: 12:15pm On Dec 07, 2017
May their souls rest with their Lord and Savior.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Full Text Of Trumps Speech Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital (Video, Pic by superior1: 12:12pm On Dec 07, 2017

Do you even have an idea of what is happening to the Palestinians?
Picture this:
You leave in lagos, you mother leaves in Abuja. If you desire to visit your mum in Abuja, you would need permissions from Israel. Such is the situation between Gazza and West Bank

Why can't the mother relocate to Lagos or Son to Abuja so the family can reunite?

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Religion / Re: Can Demons Send SMS? ( For Those Who Have Experience In Casting Out Devils) by superior1: 11:02pm On Dec 01, 2017
My name is Todd and I am a Paranormal Investigator in the US. I try to help people being tormented by spirits, especially those of the inhuman variety. I recently had a horrific experience when a woman contacted my group saying she feared a demon was attacking her and trying to possess her. It seems she had gotten involved with a group of demon worshipers in LA and when the Demonic infestation began she ran home to Boston but the Demon followed. Anyway the day we were to try and help her I woke up that morning feeling sick and as if someone really angry was following me around my home trying to intimidate me only I was the only one there. About two hours before we were to leave and investigate this woman's claims and try to help her text messages began coming into my phone. These are the messages: 1. Demon was watching you earlier 2. Demon made you sick. Then a messages saying Demon is in Judy, that's our clients name. Then as I walked around the store I began to feel angry and when a customer said something to upset me I began to feel enraged, a minute later a message comes in saying Demon made you mad. Then texts began to come in naming my children in a threatening manner. Every message had a different number attached and when I called the client she claimed to have no knowledge if this. My group even had a different investigation planned for a couple of days later and I got text saying Demon and see you at and it named the other location specifically. By then I was totally freaked out and after my children were threatened I was forced to cancel the investigation. I emailed you specifically about these events could you please get back to me asap. Thank you

That demon has already got you marked and wont back out without a fight, are you a Christian?
Culture / Re: Man Killed By Lightning In Kwara Buried In Pigs Blood, Corpse Exhumed. Photos by superior1: 7:45pm On Nov 07, 2017
IMALE masturbating on non-issues since the time of mohamed, for their mind now they have overcame the traditionalists.

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Celebrities / Re: Dakore Egbuson Akande As A 10-Year-Old Girl (Throwback Photo) by superior1: 12:16pm On Oct 31, 2017
The innocence don comot cloth now bah?
Business / Re: UPS Courier: My Frustrating Disappointment by superior1: 9:24am On Oct 26, 2017
Thanks guys for your interest and support in this matter.
After 8 years of prolonged battle with UPS, today, the case has finally come to an end.
The judge in a Benin high court ruled in my favour and the courier giant has been ordered to pay a compensation: however, the amount is not what i was expecting.
The good thing is that i was able to cause their knee to buckle: had it been that people have the habit of bringing law-suits against giant entities including Police, there would have been less corruption in Nigeria.
Please, ladies and gentlemen, follow suit and form a habit of legally challenging those giants who violate you: stop that lazy mindset of leaving "everything to God" and learn to fight for your right if you can, just fight as hard as you can and leave the rest.

Except the compensation is too little for them to bother, you should be expecting an appeal.
Literature / Re: George Saunders Becomes 2nd American To Win Man Booker Prize by superior1: 7:57am On Oct 19, 2017

Chinua Achebe won it in 2007

Literature / Re: George Saunders Becomes 2nd American To Win Man Booker Prize by superior1: 7:51am On Oct 19, 2017
Any African in the past?
Travel / Re: Boat Capsizes Under Third Mainland Bridge In Lagos, 19 Passengers Rescued. PICS by superior1: 3:33pm On Oct 10, 2017
No means of transport is safe in Nigeria
Celebrities / Re: Nabila Fash Birthday Party Photos by superior1: 7:11pm On Oct 09, 2017
They look unkempt

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Music/Radio / Re: Davido Wins Song Of The Year & Video Of The Year At AFRIMMA 2017 | Full Winners by superior1: 2:46pm On Oct 09, 2017
spirit of Tagbo

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Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 12:35pm On Sep 30, 2017

Can't you just stay away from his threads. Abi did he place it on your head.

Thanks for your unsolicited advice
Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 4:49pm On Sep 29, 2017

What do you understand by babalawo?

What do you understand by ATR?

Ignorant is not an excuse for the 401 Orisas like Ogun, Esu, Sango... etc not to visit you?

If you have nothing important to contribute, you keep quiet.

Must you display your stupidity publicly?

You know a wise man or a foolish man by his contributions.

Learn to respect your elders so that you will live long says your bible.

Give what belong to ceazer to ceazer and give what belong to God to God says your bible.

Are you practicing what your bible preach?

Off course not reading from your childish post.

You knew this wasnt a Christian post but yet you foolishly jumped in to start insulting traditions that were there before your fore Fathers.

Are you not scared? What your Father's didn't do, you are doing it because you have access to internet.

Or do you think you are smarter than your fore father's. I pity you.

Give me ten reasons why Aiyelala shouldn't kill you?

Aiyelala iboru iboya iboru iboya

Most miserable Christians keep jumping from one miracle crusade to the other searching for miracles and solutions to their problems that they used their hands to cause.

Did your Jehovah tell you to insult people and their traditions?

Get sense

Babanla oponu ni e, what nonsense are you yarning, ayelala ko, oyejeba ni?, do I sound to you like those who are scared of the dirty rags you are carrying all over the place? try me and see the original power, then you will understand the true reason charms is nothing

You should get a job and stop all these nonsense you are parading up and down joor, arindin osi!

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Education / Re: Top 7 Most Beautiful Campuses In Nigeria by superior1: 2:35pm On Sep 29, 2017
Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 2:24pm On Sep 29, 2017

You must be surrounded by quacks.

babalawo was treated by one hence his state of mind.

Anguilla and you are looking exactly for what?, the stinking dirty stuffs tied with red palm oil that couldn't save your forefathers?, is your brain hidden in your vent?

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Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 1:16pm On Sep 29, 2017

Also, I wonder where you got the idea that he doesn't have a job. Ifa priesthood does not limit your potentials in life. It can even greatly compliment it. There are professors, scientists, writers and doctors who are babalawos.

There are many doctors who are idiots.....


Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 1:15pm On Sep 29, 2017

What do you know about babalowo that you dare call it nonsense? Even your pastors are learning divination. I came all the way from the Carribean to learn it. Many white teachers, doctors, scientists are showing greater interest. Every year, they troop into Ife from all over the world. I understand that colonialism turned you people into lovers of foreign cultures but many people are returning to their roots and asking questions.

You came all the way from Carribean...are you from Haiti?


Religion / Re: Four Reasons Why Spells (charms) Don't Work For You by superior1: 11:39pm On Sep 28, 2017
Young man, stop the babalawo nonsense and get a job


Religion / Re: Why I Converted To Islam After 20yrs Of Being A Committed Christian by superior1: 10:36pm On Sep 28, 2017

It's either you are slow or cannot comprehend, if you had gone through my write up you will know that what led me to Islam is more than husband but a search for God, holiness, deliverance, sanctification, purification and I didn't just decide to do it, I was led and got my confirmation through series of revelations, and God knows I am not trying to derail but help people who may have found themselves in my situation. Just leave everything to Him

1 John 2:19
They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.
Religion / Re: Why I Converted To Islam After 20yrs Of Being A Committed Christian by superior1: 8:00pm On Sep 28, 2017

I am not saying there is no power of God in Christianity or trying to undermine it in anyway I'm even trying to enhance it by preaching the same thing Jesus preached:serve God, Jehovah, Allah, give Him glory and worship and not Jesus, the prayer model of Jesus, the Lords prayer clearly stated it, Jesus could have said pray and ask me for your need but He said pray to the father, I. e God, and those miracles that was expressed through my ministry was authentic because the people testified, my own situation was a case of malaria today, typhoid tomorrow, sometimes requiring admission, I got fed up at a time and told God I will not go to the hospital or take drugs again and when the next episode arose I was led by the Holy Spirit to go to redeemed camp and join them eating holy communion and when I did I was healed instantly and that was my first encounter with rccg, anyway I still experience the sickness but not as often as before but anytime there is power outage and I sleep in the dark for a few days I begin to fall sick, after moving back to my moms place due to my first husband death I had to sleep in the dark consistently because it's a new house in a new site without electricity yet, my sickness became rampant and serious though I was in rccg, it stopped immediately I converted to Islam even though I still lived in that house for some months. Salam

I see in you someone who is either lying or completely confused, I suspect the latter. If you were sincerely once a Christian and the search for a man to marry you led you to Islam, I believe Christ will reach out to you in a language you will understand, He doesn't want anyone atol to perish but if this was an attempt to derail people, well your judgement is already beside you. QED
Religion / Re: How To Attract Money And Customers To Your Business by superior1: 7:04pm On Sep 28, 2017
You mean to feed demons your blood and sperm (your life) to gain customers/money?, whatever happens to good marketing skills/strategy and praying to God.

The money you will have and demons will start tormenting you upandown that one na money?.

It is only God who gives blessings and add peace join.

You OP, whatever that demon promised you if you cause youths to donate their bloods/sperms/lives will not augur well at the end, the earlier you repent before spirit of insanity takes over you, the better


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