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Career / Re: My Plight With A Recruiting Firm by techie(m): 9:48am On Nov 08, 2017
Good Afternoon everyone. I have always been a member on nairaland for years now, but hardly put in comments. I have to confess these years with nairaland have been wonderful! Please guys, I need your advice.

I attended a polytechnic in Lagos where I did my ND and HND. I made upper credit in both programmes. I had to go for service in the later parts of 2015 in Enugu state. I couldn't wait for the service year to finish before I rushed back to Lagos because I wanted to make a living.

As we all know the dichotomy between the HND graduates and the Bsc counterparts. I had to a job through a recruiting firm in Lagos into one of our leading banks (recruiting firm and the bank name witheld for security reasons).

This was how I became a support staff while many of my mates were still struggling in Enugu serving. I was posted to a branch at Adeola Hopewell after some weeks of training at the bank training school. I was later moved to another branch in broad street, Lagos Island.

I was doing my duties as support staff in this latter branch until July 5th this year when an issue came up. It happened that this my unit was a very sensitive one, we call it "Bullion Services". We actually had an imbalance of $40,000. No one knows how it happened.

This was how they arrested some few of us in the unit on the 10th of July ,2017 . One of the investigators had levied against me that what was I doing in the vault when they suspected the missing money occurred. I had only come into the vault that evening to drop some naira I worked on.

All through this unfortunate day, I was in another office we call Sorting Centre. I and colleague were processing some naira for our ATMs. It was when we had finished that I took the cash back to the vault so that my supervisor can confirm the cash. This was what took me to the vault. I met my supervisor inside the vault and some other two support staff in the vault that evening. I was at the entrance of the vault all through I lasted inside the vault this evening. The CCTV even showed that.

They arrested us on the 10th of July, 2017, and they took us to Ikoyi police station. This was my first time in my police station. Myself, the supervisor, and the other two support staff that were in the vault that evening.

They came from our bank head office the next day, and I was already happy that alas, they have found the money. I didn't know they were taking another drastic measure. This was how they bailed us themselves and took us to the EFCC. The EFCC began their own investigation. They couldn't finish their investigation this day, 11th july, 2017. EFCC took us into their cell. This was the beginning of another turmoils for what I no nothing about.

The EFCC cell we were, while we didn't know what was going on again as regards the case. They had collected our phones as at this time. There was no way we could communicate to anyone. Although, I had communicated where they were taking us to to my mother when I saw her briefly at the Ikoyi Plolice station.

Thanks to the Almighty God for a beautiful job from the efcc team. They really did a beautiful investigation because they concluded none of us they arrested took the money. I guess our bank were not convinced with the efcc report. We were released on bail after a week in the efcc cell.

No sooner had we left the efcc cell than they said we were already on suspension. This suspension took another two weeks. I started praying in my house that the job should go, so that I can have my freedom. When the suspension finishes, this was exactly on the 3rd of August, 2017. They redeployed us all out of the branch the incident occurred. I guess the bank were still not convinced, and they were trying to keep tabs on us.

I was moved to a branch closer to me at Ojota. I had lost the zeal and passion to work in any bank again as at then, because even at the new branch I was posted to, everyone saw me as a potential thief. The bank had already dis-enabled me and the other colleagues on their system during these period. We were only doing menial jobs at our branches , except for their own staff they recruited themselves (the supervisor).

On the 20th of September, we heard they have fired the Professional staff amongst us, while they hadn't taken any decision on us(the support staff). This news spoilt my day because this was a supervisor that made me enjoyed what I was doing with the bank.

On the 11th of October, 2017. I was called to the attention of a mail that they have asked me to return to my recruiter(the recruiting firm). I knew what that mail meant. This is how most of these bank fires the support staff.

I was very happy in disguise, not because I took the money, but because I knew I would have my freedom since July 5th. I was also expecting my bank to pay for the services I had render for 20 days in October. I returned to my recruiting firm this morning. The firm didn't even know all I had gone through. The firm zonal manager said I should write my statement as regards everything that surrounds the whole issue. I wrote it and he said he was going to put it in my file. He also promised to call me for another job interview if the need arises. This I knew he was only trying to be humane.

On the 20th of October, they paid salaries. I didn't get an alert for anything. This I knew something was fishing. I called the recruiting firm zonal manager the next day, which was a Saturday, he said I should call him on the following Monday. I did call him and he couldn't give me a specific reason why I wasn't paid for the October salary. I had already confirmed from my other colleagues they fired us together, they were actually from another recruiting firm to the bank. They were paid for the few days work we did in October.

I made my firm to know my other colleagues we had the same issue were paid their salary. I was sending mails, but they refused to answer me. I was lucky to get across to the recruiting firm head of payroll. She gave me the words of my life. She even tagged my plight a "fraud case". I cried this afternoon via phone conversation.

I made moves to enquire about my Retirement savings account. This my recruiting firm had been deducting from my salaries the portion for my pension with Leadway Pensure. To my surprise, I was given a zero statement of account at Leadway pensure. I was made to understand that this my recruiting firm hadn't credited anything in my Retirement savings account all through I lasted with the bank.

I sent a mail again to this my recruiting firm. I asked why my RSA has not been credited all these while. They couldn't give me a specific reason also. They refused to pay me in lieu of my issue with the bank. They refused to pay me for the October work I did. They also didn't credit my retirement savings account. I actually worked with the bank through the recruiting firm for one year and a month.

I have the terms of employment letter with me. And I am ready to present them. I am also ready to mention the bank's name and the recruiting firm name.

I have no job now and my means of sustaining myself before another job comes in has been denied by this recruiting firm.

I sincerely need you guys help on this.

Kindly advise also on my gmail: Leki9icekazman@gmail.com


Contact pencom enforcement department they will take care of it
TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Commercial Adverts Of 80's And 90's by techie(m): 8:57pm On Aug 31, 2016
Someone pls help me out with a certain coca cola advert played during a certain world cup. Can't remember d wordings. Something like 'the sun will ever something, the moon will ever something'. Ends with 'it's always coca cola'

Whenever there's pool
there is always fun
When there the sun...
TV/Movies / Re: Name The Films You Have Watched 5 Times And You Still Find Em Interesting by techie(m): 4:20pm On Aug 25, 2016

u know I actually thought I was the only person that watched escape from sobibor also.

Watched it too great film.

If you like reading read the book Treblinka. Similar story but different concentration camp
TV/Movies / Re: Name The Films You Have Watched 5 Times And You Still Find Em Interesting by techie(m): 7:12am On Aug 13, 2016
Lord of the rings trilogy
Notting Hill
The Godfather
Phones / Re: What Song Is Your Current Incoming Call Notification Alert Tone? by techie(m): 5:56am On Jul 24, 2016
Sia - Chandelier
Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - Semi-final by techie(m): 11:35am On Jun 22, 2016
I vote
1. Mimzy
2. Mysticgal
3. Refiner
4. Ivyy
5. Lanicky

Cc: NLJega

2 Likes 1 Share

Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Full Text Of Buhari's Order to Bring Them To Justice by techie(m): 12:00pm On Apr 28, 2016
We should simply #boycottbeef until then nobody should complain about herdsmen
Romance / Re: OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN THREAD! Vote Refiner For Miss Nairaland 2016. by techie(m): 6:21am On Apr 24, 2016
How do we even vote?
Family / Re: 7 Names You Don't Want To Give Your Child In Nigeria by techie(m): 5:19am On Apr 19, 2016

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Celebrities / Re: Throw Back Photo Of Phyno' What A Transformation by techie(m): 5:15am On Feb 26, 2016
Who can say where the road goes?
Where the day flows?
Only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose?
Only time
Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies?
Only time
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies?
Only time
Who can say when the roads meet
That love might be in your heart?
And who can say when the day sleeps
If the night keeps all your heart,
Night keeps all your heart?
Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose?
Only time
And who can say where the road goes?
Where the day flows?
Only time


Enya only time
Literature / Re: What's The Most Interesting Book You Have Read This Year? by techie(m): 6:27am On Feb 21, 2016
All seven books in the game of thrones series
Romance / Re: Most Awkward Place You Had Sex Before by techie(m): 8:31pm On Feb 15, 2016
At the back seat of my car....extremely uncomfortable
Romance / Re: How To Spot Girls Looking For Boyfriend At Lagos Restaurants by techie(m): 6:30pm On Feb 11, 2016

Yes i'd follow up and down because it's not your business! How come u the only lady pained with my write up? Abi are u one of those girls or boyfriend snatchers? Secondly people like u who always jump to talk about self esteem are always the ones with the lowest inferiority complex so babe you have nothing to argue here. I followed him to th rest room shouldn't be your headache, whether he's rich or poor is absolutely not your business! What u should do is condemn the act of broke sluts, except you are one.

Babe chill...she is just wxpressing her values:

1. She doesnt fight for her man unless he is loaded
2. If she fights its because she has low self esteem
3. She wont protect her man from temptation even if she is clued in


Religion / Re: Why Did You Not Go To Church Today? by techie(m): 1:20pm On Feb 07, 2016
Chilling with a friend from out of town
Celebrities / Re: RMD Celebrates His Wife, Jumobi's Birthday (photo) by techie(m): 4:53am On Jan 28, 2016
Happy birthday sis from my alma mater.

Romance / Re: If She Calls Her Male Friend To Take Her Home After A Date by techie(m): 11:24am On Jan 25, 2016
It happened to me. I practically mortgaged my life to buy a car
Romance / Re: When There were No Phones Or Laptops ... by techie(m): 1:38am On Jan 12, 2016
Read books, played scrabble chess and monopoly visited video clubs for movies hung out at snooker joints
Travel / Re: Renewing Nigerian Passport In The Uk by techie(m): 6:59pm On Dec 24, 2015
@OP all that online stuff is not for real the famous "Nigerian factor" still works.

Just go there book a slot if you want a fast track service talk to the high commission staff they will arrange for you
Travel / Re: My Experience At US Embassy In Lagos Today by techie(m): 6:58am On Mar 27, 2015
The us uses a points basee system. Even before they interview you they have already pre qualified or failed you.

The questions they ask you is for verification if yiu have pre qualified.

I have been rejected and also recieved visa and I could tell the difference
Education / Re: FUTO Post Graduate 2014/2015 Discussion Thread by techie(m): 6:52pm On Mar 17, 2015

Can I get an update on this discussion? I have paid acceptance fee and missed this meeting

Politics / Re: The State Of Aba Under PDP Led Government: A Call To Reject PDP by techie(m): 6:03am On Jan 10, 2015
I haven't posted in Nairaland.com in like forever but I just have to comment on this. The average Aba resident will vote for Alex Otti. TA Orji and his cohorts have bastardised and terrorised Abia State.

People live in fear of assassination from his demonic killer son and are afraid to criticise him in umuahia. TAs regime was characterised by gross ineptitude and he further wants to foist via pdp an unknown pawn whose highest achievement was to be ASEPA chairman.

If you have visited Aba you will have seen and smelt the dirt as evidence if his incompetence and of course he did not build a sustainable structure which are attributes of a good leader.

The pulse of Abians is clear vote Alex Otti for governor and vote gej for President. Most igbos who speak of voting gmb do not reside here and do not understand the reasoning of the people. During the last election even the party agents for #gmb's party supported pdp.

That being said I personally would rather have a President who from his antecedents is inept and corrupt than have one who from his antecedents is tribalistic, sadistic with no respect for rule of law.

We should never forget our past in the heat of fervor of the elections google to see the sins committed by both candidates and decide which you rather live with and vote accordingly gej and gmb are both advanved in age and are highly unlikely to change their ways.

Celebrities / Re: Ruggedman Denies Dating Actress Halima Abubakar by techie(m): 10:18am On Oct 25, 2014
Wife: Our house girl is pregnant?

Husband: That's her problem.

Wife: I heard you are responsible.

Husband: That's my problem.

Wife: I can't take this from you!

Husband: That's your problem.

Wife: The neighbours are talking.

Husband: That's their problem.

Wife: This house will not contain me and you.
Husband: That's our problem.

Let everybody carry and solve their problem


If ronke born pikin.. na her problem be that
Education / Re: Worst Course You Took In School by techie(m): 10:15am On Oct 25, 2014
O.D.E.(mth 203)
Eng 209(eng.thermodynamics),the lecturer dat handled a huge chunk of de course is a hopeless stammerer.
My set failed de course lyk the world trade centre failed in 9/11

Engineering Thermodynamics was my worst course too. The lecturers seem mean because they don't understand it themselves.
Romance / Re: I Cheated On My Boyfriend With A Married Man - Please Advise by techie(m): 2:33pm On May 13, 2013
Enough with judging the OP already, all kinds of people cheat, good girls, bad girls, married men, single men, same for married women too

Each for their own reason passion, revenge, greed, babies etc etc

Definitely more than helf the Nairalanders have cheated or are cheating right now


Religion / Re: Terrified By Bats: Please Advice Me by techie(m): 7:11am On Apr 28, 2013
The bats are resident inthe room in that house stop looking for spiritual answers to physical issues

Go and fumigate your house. Thats what you shouldhave done before moving in


Autos / Re: SOLD SOLD.. 2005 Honda Pilot, Supper Clean, Full Option,SOLD .SOLD by techie(m): 8:28pm On Nov 19, 2011
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bolton Wanderers FC Fans In Nigeria: Let's Meet Here! by techie(m): 3:52pm On Aug 01, 2011
Forum Games / Re: Start The Sentence With The Last Word (pidgin Version) Part 2 by techie(m): 9:04pm On Jun 06, 2011
do wetin you wan do but sha no make me vex
Family / Re: Describe Your Mum In Two Words: by techie(m): 6:43am On Dec 21, 2010
drama queen angry

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