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Career / Re: Start Earning Over N9,000 Daily By Writing A Few Articles!!! by Wallie(m): 1:34am On Apr 01, 2017
As promised....

Technical Writers Needed - Earn $5 To $25 Per Written Article

CC: Greatbeard
Career / Re: Start Earning Over N9,000 Daily By Writing A Few Articles!!! by Wallie(m): 6:09pm On Mar 29, 2017

I will be looking for two or three people with a technical background in the near future to write articles on different technologies. I will provide the reference papers that would be summarized to formulate the contents of each article.

I envision this will be slightly more difficult than the typical asssigments from Zemandi but I will be paying more. I will also try to follow most of the processes Zemandi laid out. For example, payments will be made in dollars using Paypal.

Once I have the reference materials, I'll create a different thread.

Please, do not send me emails for now.
Crime / Re: Heartbreaking Story Of OAU Student Waiting To Be Hanged by Wallie(m): 7:23pm On Mar 21, 2017
It is well he said he us victim of circumstances. Only God can explain what happened on that day. The question to those judging him here is if he was involve don't you think he will have run away and leave his mate to die. I pray that his dead sentence is overturn it must be tough and hard on his family and parents

1. Not only God can judge. Judges do it all the time. God himself would not come down to judge an individual case. He has given us the wherewithal and freedom to make choices.

2. Yes he would run away if involved. How many thieves have you seen wait for their comrades during a shootout? They usually take off in all directions!
Crime / Re: Heartbreaking Story Of OAU Student Waiting To Be Hanged by Wallie(m): 7:17pm On Mar 21, 2017
1. How did the friend got shot?
2. Where's the friend now?
3. Why didn't they seek help in Ado ekiti where the shooting happened?

Sounds like an easy case to prove and disprove.
Travel / Re: African Business Summit In US has No African Delegates. Their Visas Were Denied by Wallie(m): 6:15pm On Mar 20, 2017
There are trade missions organized by the US government where American companies are taken to different countries to see prospective partners/clients/distributors. The US embassy organizes such a trip and each company is responsible for paying their way. I've been on such trade mission in the past to Nigeria. The US embassy provided local transportation, security and passage through customs. They also have us all stay in the same hotel and take the same airplane to from Lagos to Abuja.

Here's a list of upcoming trade missions: http://2016.export.gov/trademissions/eg_main_023185.asp

If an American company is interested, they simply apply to the program to get vetted by the US embassy and their consultants. In the country of interest, the local American embassy will invite vetted local companies to the event to pitch/listen to the American investors.
Health / Re: what Test Can I Do To Ensure I Am Still Alive Apart From HIV Test? by Wallie(m): 5:14pm On Jan 17, 2017
Since you had a drinking problem, I'm surprised no one suggested liver problems.

Late-stage liver failure can also cause bad breath. Also known as "Fetor hepaticus," the sweet, musty aroma is caused by dimethyl sulfide, not ketones. Because of this symptom, breath analysis could potentially be used as a diagnostic tool for detecting liver pathologies, according to an article published by Belgian researchers in the Journal of Chromatography B.

In addition, people with chronic kidney failure may have breath that smells "fishy" or like ammonia, according to the NIH. Known as "uremic fetor," the high concentration of urea in the saliva and its subsequent breakdown to ammonia causes this condition.

Other medical problems associated with bad breath include sinusitis (inflamed sinuses), pneumonia, bronchitis, postnasal drip and acid reflux.



Car Talk / Re: Has Anyone Here Built A Car From Scratch by Wallie(m): 6:45pm On Dec 22, 2016
Lately ive developed a partucular n strong interest in cars n building em so i would like to know if anyone here has built a car engine (n car) from scratch b4 ....ur experiences n challenges.....n how u started
I seriously would like to rebuild the engine of my corolla by myself(no experience or knowledge)maybe i could ask a mechanic to help too just to show me the way forward.
So ppl share ur experiences with me

Mods pls help me get needed attention for this

I've thought of building a kit car where you get to choose your engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes but I don't have the time.

In your case, rebuilding an engine is not too difficult if you have space, instructions, and tools. You need all three. You can easily find instructions online and you'd probably need ~$1000 worth of tools. Where are you going to find a secured space that would allow you to leave your torn down car and tools for several weeks?
Business / Re: Elance.com, Upwork.com And Other Freelancing Site: How To Succeed Guide. by Wallie(m): 9:10pm On Nov 18, 2016

Well from my own experience most client that quickly tell you to come over to Skype, WhatsApp, emails are just unserious. They will end up asking for free samples, and waste your precious time. So be cautious when transacting with these kind of client, do your own research on them, are they new to upwork? have they hired before? if yes, what is their hiring percentage? do they have jobs post lined-up without hiring? What is his hourly rate on his profile? has he hired any one before with the price I intend to bid at? Does he give excellent review?

These and others should let you know the kind of client you're transacting with. Truly Upwork has made freelancing easier for us. Just their 20% deductions made it quite frustrating, well if you know your onion, clients should pay for that.

Don't be too quick to write people off! I happen to be one of those that would rather communicate through email because it allows me to archive the discussion and also get the developer to sign my own NDA.
Business / Re: Elance.com, Upwork.com And Other Freelancing Site: How To Succeed Guide. by Wallie(m): 8:27pm On Nov 11, 2016

please is it web developer or app

Desktop app.
Business / Re: Elance.com, Upwork.com And Other Freelancing Site: How To Succeed Guide. by Wallie(m): 1:23am On Nov 11, 2016
I've always wondered why a lot of Nigerians are not on the platforms making money!

Personally, I've hired a total of 4 developers at different times and I've paid them close to $100,000. Most of the developers are from India and one was from East Europe.

The most important factor for me is having a response that's responsive to my requirements. I need to feel comfortable that you know what you're saying and can actually deliver. That means you would need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge through your proposal, especially if you can bring up points or questions that I didn't consider.

My current developer is close to wrapping up my ongoing project but I'm not sure if I would use them for the next project. My next project will involve developing a business tool using whatever the API for developing a ribbon extension for Microsoft Word is called. I'll try cross posting on this site when the time comes.


Islam for Muslims / Re: How Much Does Sallah Ram Cost In Your Area ? by Wallie(m): 6:39pm On Sep 12, 2016
Bought mine 20k power line area, Osogbo Osun state

Rams a little smaller than the one pictured in this quote was around $500 this past Saturday in Maryland. Although, they help you clean and cut it. I wonder how much those guys are charging today!

Also, I've yet to see any decent sized Rams like the few big ones above! I'm guessing that the breeds (whatever they are) are not common over here. You guys should be happy that your Rams are not imported from the US!

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Car Talk / Re: Duties On Tokunbo Cars To Be Reduced - Kemi Adeosun by Wallie(m): 5:57pm On Aug 24, 2016
Easier said than done!!!If you know the number of border locations that Nigerian govt is not even aware,you will reappraise your position.Successive Nigerian governments in Nigeria have tried this route and they always met with failure!!!.You dont keep doing something the same way and expect a different result.

Are you then suggesting that the country should have no boarder? Otherwise, why have a border that cannot be secured?

I do not doubt the complexity of securing the border but it is the government's job to secure it as much as possible or, at the very least, make it very hard for smugglers.
Car Talk / Re: Duties On Tokunbo Cars To Be Reduced - Kemi Adeosun by Wallie(m): 5:52pm On Aug 20, 2016
Brilliant idea!!! I have always wondered why Nigerians should be going to Cotonou to bring in vehicles over the years.This singular harmonisation of import duties with Cotonou rate will in the long run divert over 60% of the revenue previously lost to Benin republic.

Bad idea! The real solution should be tightening of the border!

Reducing tariffs means that more people will import vehicles instead of patronizing Nigerian made or Nigerian assembled vehicles like Innoson, Nissan, etc.

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Nairaland / General / Re: . by Wallie(m): 11:35pm On Aug 08, 2016
I think the fallacy in your thinking is that everything else would stay the same when you become very wealthy. That's rarely true unless you're very lucky and got rich off a single deal. If you had to accumulate wealth, you're constantly working, monitoring your investments, and/or seeking out new investments.

Here's a few recent examples in Nigeria that should get you thinking:

1) Dollars officially got devalued, which means that all those people with billions of Naira in the stock exchange just got half of their money wiped out over night! How much do you think Dangote is now worth? I'm sure you would still say a lot but keep in mind that he's able to get loans based on the value of his properties which are now worth half.

2) All those people with bureau de change just got their investments and income turned to zero overnight!

3) All the "investors" that invested in the election thinking that GEJ would return and they'd be rewarded with contracts are now screening their incoming phone calls.

4) All those people that borrowed foreign loans for business now owe x 1.5.

My point is that being rich is great but it comes with its own unique headache. All the stuff you can buy is great but if you've been rich for a while, you'd rarely feel the same level exicitment you felt when you made your first major purchase as a broke guy.

Having said all that, I would certainly rather be rich than poor! Having to worry about whether my Rolex needs servicing is a whole lot better than worrying about where my next meal is coming from.
Nairaland / General / Re: . by Wallie(m): 10:31pm On Aug 08, 2016

Money provides a better platform for happiness.It's up to the individual to actualize that happiness through the platform presented by money. I'm not saying money alone makes you happy. No matter how wealthy you are, if you do not use your money wisely and eat healthy and take care of yourself then your money is worthless and cant make you happy. It is not the fault of money that you are not using it wisely to achieve desirable happiness which it easily provides. Most people who have money and feel depressed are people who obtained their wealth by illegal and fraudulent means. No individual alive can feel sad or unhappy for working hard for their success. For example ,most rich individuals who commit suicide where probably gambling addicts or where in debt. keep in mind that due to the fallible nature of physicality itself ,no human can be 100 percent happy all the time , but money provides a better platform to attain happiness most of the time .

Jack, how old are you? I'm going to guess that you're still fairly young and up-and-coming with regard to wealth.

Everything you said does not mimick the real world. That's the seemingly rational thing to think when you're still trying to make ends meet.

Once you have your basic necessities in life covered, your happiness or sadness has nothing to do with money. Actually, you're more stressed when you have money because you're preoccupied about losing it. When you own a business, you're worried about making payroll because families depend on you. You're worried about making payments to banks for the money you borrowed to invest in that new facility that's months behind schedule. Payments are due but you've not yet made a penny. Family wahala is making your phone ring off the hook. Investments are not panning out as planned.

Also, generally speaking, your responsibilities increase the more money you earn. I'm not saying that being broke is better because it's not. But being rich comes with a lot of headache keeps you up at night when everyone else is sleeping.

When you're very rich, you will have very few real friends because it will seem people want you for what you can offer. Everyone will seem to have a business proposal or two and want you to invest or loan them money.

Real happiness comes when you find your true life partner that you don't have to worry about, family love, and good health. Money is just a great icing on the cake but you can be happy without it.

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Nairaland / General / Re: . by Wallie(m): 9:42pm On Aug 08, 2016
Not even close! Money is only important when you don't have it. It is true that money buys you things but all that will fade in a very short while. You can be the richest person on earth and still be extremely miserable. No matter how rich you are, money cannot buy love or health!

What good is money if you cannot get out of bed and in constant pain? Even common back pain could make you extremely miserable with your fleet of 20 cars, an airplane, a trophy wife, and a 20,000 sq mansion! By the way, how are you going to satisfy your young and beautiful trophy wife in bed with a bad back and high blood pressure? grin

Being content is what breads happiness.
Politics / Re: Photo Speak: Aisha Buhari Visited Qatar Not USA- Pics by Wallie(m): 8:55pm On Aug 08, 2016
make your research well bro...

Don't want to get between whatever is going on between you guys but you're posting pictures of the ticketing counter (departure lounge). That's where you line up to buy your ticket and check in your luggage.

The picture of her was taken at the IAD arrival gate.
Romance / Re: Girl Is Looking For A Nigerian Husband With Salary Range: £70-100k by Wallie(m): 9:05pm On Jul 14, 2016

If u had read my initial post, u would see where I asked. "For Naija "?

I guess I missed it! However, since the figures were quoting pounds sterling, I think it's clear that she was not talking about Nigeria but a country where pounds is spent.
Romance / Re: Girl Is Looking For A Nigerian Husband With Salary Range: £70-100k by Wallie(m): 8:35pm On Jul 14, 2016

From what I was taught back in the days in school, salary is a reward for jobs or works on a monthly basis, it comes monthly.

Salaries do not always come monthly. Low end wages typically pay weekly or daily but high end wages pay bi-weekly or monthly. I've been paid weekly, monthly, and bi-weekly at one time or another.

She definitely meant yearly when she specified 100k pounds because most westerners talk about yearly salaries or hourly wages. Nobody talks about monthly salary because it is hard to relate to.
Education / Re: Eight Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills by Wallie(m): 7:11pm On Jul 14, 2016
OP, I hope you won't take this as an insult because we all could write better!

Your advice would be more effective if you took time to proofread what you wrote. Try looking up run-on sentences and comma splices. Your grammar is fine but your punctuation needs work.

With writing, you get better the more you write and get meaningful feedback. The feedback could be as simple as the recipient complaining about not fully understanding your point.

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Romance / Re: Girl Is Looking For A Nigerian Husband With Salary Range: £70-100k by Wallie(m): 4:37pm On Jul 14, 2016
Her demands are not outrageous but why her? Does she earn an equal amount? Does she look like Halle Berry in addition to being a good respectable lady that will complement me? Can she open her mouth in public without me being embarrassed? Exactly what is she bringing to the table?

She needs to understand that people earning above that income have options. You only knowingly marry a gold digger that has an exceptional quality or two. She better be a whole lot more than average!

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Programming / Re: Categories Of Programmers (by Areas Of Expertise) by Wallie(m): 4:45pm On Jul 13, 2016
....No one implements sort anymore. No one implements search anymore. No one implements encryption. All these have been provided in libraries, and stackoverflow. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the technologies so you can copy and paste or import as the case maybe. But you should know that using the algorithms of others doesnt make you an algorithm guru. You will become dumb once you meet a problem no one has attempted before. Hence, the algorithm guys are different from the guys who are great at learning new technologies.

This is the very point I was trying to make! Jobs strictly dealing with algorithm development are far and few between but they do exist. There are a lot of instances where generic libraries will be insufficient to do what you want. In those instances, you will need someone with core knowledge and/or ability to dissect the needed algorithm.

Here's another anecdote: I worked on an invention where the guy modified a Merkle Hash Tree to reduce the number of computations needed when athenticating digital signatures. The original Merkle Tree was invented in 1979 and here we are in 2016 with an improvement. It took an inordinate amount of time to figure out what the hell was going on!

Algorithms are continually being improved because we are trying to do more with less and, even though processors are now more powerful than ever, manufacturers are trying to extend the usable time of the batteries in our mobile devices. Every single native function in your smartphone is being optimized. No matter how good a function like GPS is, nobody will want it if it kills your fully charged phone in 30 mins.

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Programming / Re: Categories Of Programmers (by Areas Of Expertise) by Wallie(m): 12:11pm On Jul 13, 2016
Let me give it one last try: I don't mean to suggest that algorithm developers do not know how to code. I'm only trying to say that "coding" is a tool that is used to implement the developed algorithm. Their expertise primarily lies in whatever subject matter that they're trying to develop an algorithm for.

Further, that's not to say that some programmers do not know how to develop some algorithms, especially, textbook based ones. I'm only suggesting that different skill sets are usually needed. Algorithm development is more theoretical because you're trying to find the best solution (algorithm) to a problem.

Here's another everyday example: students write papers using Microsoft Word but that does not necessarily mean that they're typing experts (typists) or even that proficient using Word. Word is just a tool that they use to get their paper across. The very subject of the paper may be where their expertise lies.
Programming / Re: Categories Of Programmers (by Areas Of Expertise) by Wallie(m): 12:24am On Jul 13, 2016
Here's another example: I'm trying to develop a machine learning algorithm that can be used to predict prices of items based on past prices. You can think of it as being able to predict future stock values based on past values.

This has almost nothing to do with programming per se except it will need to be coded in some language ultimately.

Here's some Python code implementing something similar http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/08/common-machine-learning-algorithms/
Programming / Re: Categories Of Programmers (by Areas Of Expertise) by Wallie(m): 12:18am On Jul 13, 2016
How do you write effective, fast and efficient code without having a sound idea of the background logic and mathematics(Algorithm) I just wanna know

Writing code is easy, which is why you have the phrase "code monkey." Writing code just means that you understand the syntax.

I'm not saying that an algorithm developer will be completely clueless when it comes to writing but most of their writing is done in Matlab or Mathematica because it's way easier to debug and see the results without having to worry about a compile error.

To answer your question, the engineers and the brainiacs develop the algorithm in the form of pseudocode and a "code monkey" translates it into whatever desired language. A typical code monkey will have a computer science background and they'd understand very little about the intricacies of the algorithm. For example, how many programmers understand this topic:


I'll give you more examples when I get on a desktop.

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