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Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by Wallie(m): 9:00pm On May 18

Its the nonsense we see in nigeria. Are all america industries in one state?

No but can you explain why certain industries congregate to one area? There are 50 states in the US but most industries congregate to a particular geographic area.

Financial industry - New York
Technology - Silicon Valley, Boston, NY
Agriculture - California, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Indiana
Automobile industry - Detroit
Oil & gas - Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Lastly, take a look at the article below to see what states do here in the US/

A look at incentives that 5 states competing for huge Tesla Motors' battery factory can offer
Published August 31, 2014Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Five states are on the short list for a $5 billion factory that Tesla Motors plans to build so it can crank out batteries for a new generation of electric cars.

The package of economic incentives that each state offers will help determine where Tesla builds the factory — Nevada, California, Texas, Arizona or New Mexico. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the winning state will shoulder about 10 percent of the total cost, meaning at least $500 million worth of incentives.

Tesla already has done initial preparatory work on a potential site near Reno, Nevada, and plans to prepare one other site in coming months. A final decision is expected by year's end.

While officials in each state are keeping confidential the specifics of their packages, here is a look at the types of incentives and advantages each state can offer.


— Few taxes: No personal income tax, franchise tax, estate tax, inheritance or gift tax, and no taxes on corporate shares. No corporate income tax, although voters will decide in November whether to implement one to finance education — a move U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., said could undermine efforts to attract Tesla

— Other tax credits or breaks: Up to a 50 percent abatement on personal property taxes for up to 10 years; a partial abatement on sales and use taxes on capital equipment purchases; and a deferral of sales and use taxes on capital equipment.

— Worker training subsidies: Up to $1,000 per employee for job training if the company provides a 25 percent match, makes a five-year business commitment and pays at least hourly minimum wages.

— Other advantages: Proximity to the assembly plant in Fremont, California, where Tesla makes its cars; significant deposit of lithium, which is essential to making the batteries.


— Tax and hiring credits: Legislation passed this year offers a tax credit of 17.5 percent of wages for full-time employees for 15 years, totaling up to $31 million a year that could be split between a battery manufacturer and other industries including aerospace manufacturing. A hiring credit of 35 percent of wages is available if Tesla locates in a region that has high unemployment and poverty, for wages above certain benchmarks, until 2029.

— Sales tax exemption: New legislation waives the state's share of sales tax, 4.19 percent, on the first $200 million in equipment purchased.

— Waiver of environmental rules: Some lawmakers are advocating waivers on a host of California's complex environmental review laws that would allow for much quicker building permitting.

— Other advantages: Tesla already has its headquarters and car assembly plant in the San Francisco Bay area.


— Incentive funds: The Texas Enterprise Fund regularly gives companies incentives worth tens of millions of dollars to open facilities in the state, including $15.3 million to SpaceX, a commercial rocket company where Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also chief executive. The Texas Emerging Technology Fund, also run out of Gov. Rick Perry's office, has given $205 million to fund scores of technology startups.

— Other incentives: The state also offers tax refunds, exemption from state sales and use tax on electricity and natural gas in manufacturing.

— Other advantages: Cities and counties have made direct pitches to Tesla, highlighting for example how San Antonio owns its own utility and can provide solar and wind energy.


— Various tax credits or breaks: For investments by manufacturers, and the creation of high-wage jobs and renewable energy.

— Worker-training subsidies: The state pays up to 75 percent of new worker salaries for up to six months.

— "Closing fund": Local governments can tap public money to finance infrastructure improvements, such as roads and utilities, around a factory. The Legislature provided $15 million for the current fiscal year.

— Other advantages: State officials also tout a diminishing corporate income tax rate, low property taxes, rail connections to California and competitive electricity rates.


— Job training grant: The state may provide new employers up to 75 percent of the cost of employee training.

— Tax credits: A company can receive tax credits of up to $30 million for new manufacturing facilities, and a separate tax credit of $3,000 per new employee in each of the first three years. Tesla could qualify for a $5 million tax credit if it installs at least $300 million worth of renewable power capacity.

— Property tax breaks: A factory that is placed in one of seven foreign trade zones in the state gets a break of up to 80 percent.

— Sales taxes are waived for machinery or equipment used directly in manufacturing, and electricity or natural gas used for businesses engaged in manufacturing.

Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by Wallie(m): 8:48pm On May 18
Perhaps, if you ever lived in saner climes- you would know that the government directs companies to different parts of the country once they feel a particular place is too congested. They can take it or leave it. You don't take up everything to the detriment of yourself.

That's why London is the way it's.

Not exactly. I can't speak to London per se but what you do is to zone an area. Certain types of businesses are not conducive within city limits due to pollution and/or danger. BUT almost every city, state or country ACTIVELY competes for industries to be located within their geographic limits especially if the industry does not have an undesirable environmental or moral effect on the local population because that means more tax revenue. More tax revenue means more money for schools, hospitals, fire stations, police, trash collection, clean water, etc.

The reason this does not happen in Nigeria is because most states are oblivious as to how to generate IGR due to the way the FG distributes “free” money at the end of the month! All the states have to do is to just sit there and wait for money to show up in their accounts at the end of the month!
Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by Wallie(m): 8:36pm On May 18


So you see if you are the CEO of a major international organisation looking to invest vast resources in Nigeria you'd always take Lagos, Ogun state are the only ones taking Lagos business and that due of proximity.

For industry to spread effectively across Nigeria the national rail and toad network needs to be improved drastically, any company especially those trading in heavy finished products/ raw material , would need to be able to transport raw materials from port to factory safety, with ease and at cost, and distribute finished products , only rail can effectively enable that capacity inland.

That is how CEO and logistics management reason when choosing a location for hubs and factories, ever wondered why many companies have a logistics hub in Holland ! its within 3-5 hours of many central EU countries.

Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by Wallie(m): 8:31pm On May 18
Someone asked why Kia built the plant in Lagos. People fail to realize that most businesses take long-term actions based on well calculated steps that would yield their desirable outcome, which is more profits.

If you're going to build such a long-term project in a challenging environment like Nigeria, you have to weigh the following factors:

1. Large pool of workers and graduates that can be trained – the plant cannot run itself.
2. Banks big enough to handle your transactions and provide you access to quick money – wire transfers to-and-from Korea and access to dollars will be critical.
3. Quick and cheap access to ports – you need to get your parts quickly.
4. Logistics
5. Infrastructure
6. Desirability of your location to your employees - if you build a plant in the middle of nowhere, a lot of people will not want to go there.
7. Favorable taxes and tax breaks – at the end of the day, nobody likes to pay taxes.
8. Security
9. Customer location – as a business, you need to be close to your customers.
10. Location of similar companies – you now have a pool of employees to poach from.

A combination of the factors above will determine your chosen location! Kia is in it to make money for their investors and you can be rest assured that whatever they plan will be based on sound business judgment and not emotion.

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Car Talk / Re: The Reason Why That Your Tokunbo Car Keeps Overheating Here In Nigeria by Wallie(m): 3:12pm On May 15
Engine Overheating? - 9 Steps to Solve

1 - Clean Coolant?
2 - Radiator Debris?
3 - Leaks?
4 - Air Burp?
5 - Lower Radiator Hose Spring?
6 - Electric Fan?
7 - Thermostat?
8 - Water Pump?
9 - Fan Clutch?


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Car Talk / Re: The Reason Why That Your Tokunbo Car Keeps Overheating Here In Nigeria by Wallie(m): 3:06pm On May 15
How Car Cooling System Works



Business / Re: Sponsor me to build a 3D house printer,and we'll split profit 50%- 50% For Life. by Wallie(m): 10:00pm On May 08
On to my main topic..
I have gotten an investor.. I would be having a long talk with him today or tomorrow.

I doubt you need my advice but here it is anyway -

1. Start with a small prototype as that will ensure that your resources are not wasted and you can learn from experience because even with the most detailed blueprint, there will be a lot of things to learn to pull it off. Things will never work the way it is planned and a million and one things will go wrong. Your goal should be to use your resources (money, time & material) to complete the first prototype and learn from it.

2. If you build your first prototype and it is "more" than just slapping a foreign made kit together, even if incrementally more, you will easily get the exposure that you need to build a real 3D printer (maybe even an industrial one that can build large objects). If and when you get a working prototype that YOU built and it is not a kit, reach out to me if you can't get the exposure that you need.

3. Consider building “parts” because industrial sized equipment is not needed.

4. I'm attaching some patents that should teach you some of the things that could be helpful.

Methods and apparatus for 3D printing

3D printing and forming of structures

Methods and Apparatus for Computer-Assisted Spray Foam Fabrication

5. Don't give up. Good luck!


Politics / Re: PWC Report Latest:CBN And NPDC Refused To Open Their Financial Statement To PWC by Wallie(m): 9:46pm On Apr 27

PWC should have refused to be part of this charade,I know they wanted to chop audit fees.This report holds no water and does'nt follow global standards I expect a query of the Nigerian office from the headquarters

If I were Buhari, I will make PWC refund the fees and punish them for being part of the charade! This is the type of stuff that they wouldn't dare do in western countries!

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Politics / Re: PWC Report Latest:CBN And NPDC Refused To Open Their Financial Statement To PWC by Wallie(m): 9:43pm On Apr 27
I am wholly disappointed in GEJ and his administration! The least GEJ could have done was to ensure that the result was accurate! They just wasted whatever was paid to PWC and our time spent reading the worthless report! The report is not even worth the paper it was printed on!

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Politics / Re: PWC Report Latest:CBN And NPDC Refused To Open Their Financial Statement To PWC by Wallie(m): 9:37pm On Apr 27
I don die!!! Is this the report that the government is basing their decision that only $1.48 billion is missing on?

Did GEJ miss the paragraph on the first page that said "The procedures we performed did not constitute an examination or a review in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards or attestation standards. Accordingly, we provide no opinion, attestation or other form of assurance with respect to our work or the information upon which our work was based"?

A lot of people will surely be going to kirikiri!

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Politics / Re: US Daily Beast Exposes Tinubu As A Heroin Kingpin by Wallie(m): 4:04pm On Apr 27
this is front page material, Daily Beast is one of the US most respected papers

Really? Care to share any proof you have about the "Daily Beast [being]...one of the US most respected papers"? They are certainly a credible online news outlet but they are not even close to being one of the most respected by a long shot. They probably compete with the likes of The Huffington Post. With the little I know about the Daily Beast, I do not even believe that they do print "papers" like you stated.

http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/news-websites - Top 15 Most Popular News Websites | April 2015

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_popular_websites - List of most popular websites

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Politics / Re: US Daily Beast Exposes Tinubu As A Heroin Kingpin by Wallie(m): 3:47pm On Apr 27

Moreover, although Tinubu moved back to Nigeria in 1983, he neglected to file U.S. income tax returns after 1984 despite having sizable, interest-generating deposits in American banks. All of this was enough to persuade a magistrate judge of the Northern District to issue seizure warrants for Tinubu’s First Heritage and Citibank accounts. Collectively, more than $1.4 million belonging to the Nigerian was confiscated.


There’s no evidence that Tinubu was ever indicted for any crime. He eventually settled with the district court, turning over $460,000 of the seized $1.4 million, with the remainder released back to him.


The $460,000 was only seized because he "neglected to file U.S. income tax returns" and not because he was involved in shady deals.

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Politics / Re: What Is Your Policy Advice To The Buhari Government? by Wallie(m): 2:54pm On Apr 02
Were all dis problems not dere when he was in seat?
Still expecting the 1dolla to 1 naira

N1 to $1 parity will NEVER be possible because (1) inflation will go through the roof, and (2) the government will be unable to pay for anything within Nigeria including salaries. Think about it for a second.

This will mean the government’s income from oil sales will be reduced by divisor of 212 or whatever the current exchange is now.
For example, assume Nigeria made $1M from oil sales this month, if the exchange rate becomes N1 to $1, the govt will only make NGN1 million when they would have made NGN212 million before. How are they going to afford to fund a budget based on an income of NGN212 million with only NGN1 million?

Also, EVERYBODY will become x212 richer, which might sound great until you realize that everybody will now want to buy goods with their new found wealth and that will in turn reduce supply. When supply is low, price will go up until demand stabilizes, which will not happen until people start feeling like things are getting too expensive.

On the other hand
The government can simply rebase the Naira by lumping 2 zeroes off it. Essentially making NGN200 equal N2 but this will mean that we will never become an exporting country since our goods will be too expensive abroad.
Politics / What Is Your Policy Advice To The Buhari Government? by Wallie(m): 2:40pm On Apr 02
I'm resuscitating and repurposing a post of mine from a couple of years ago and retitling it.

1. Automatic 1 year jail term in a prison for hardened criminals for every $1 million stolen and also a life-term ban from politics and public office. To avoid jail, you will need to pay back 10 times the amount you're indicted of stealing. You can reduce your jail term by paying the jail term down. For example, if you return the $1m you are guilty of looting, your sentence will be reduced 1/10th of 1 year (1 month and 2 days). To avoid jail, you will need to pay $10 million as condition for your bail.

2. Breach of public duty not involving money will result in a punishment ranging from termination to a 3-month jail term. If it involves money, more time will be added to the 3-month. This is needed for public official that derelict their duty.

3. Former politicians will need to explain the source of their wealth otherwise they will forfeit what can’t be explained.

Taxes - nobody likes paying taxes but it is needed to develop the country.
4. Everybody will be issued a unique National Identity number. The number will be needed to get any service regulated by the government e.g schools, hospitals, electricity, traveling outside the country, opening a bank account, etc. The number will also be used to determine the number of people in each state.

5. Everybody over the age of 21 will have to file a tax return at the end of the year even if unemployed. The govt can keep track of the filed returns based on the unique National Identity number.

6. The federal tax rate will be a flat rate of 15%.

7. Every house will pay property taxes based on the size of the house and land but I would exempt rental properties of 4 or more units.

8. Every vehicle except commercial vehicles will pay road usage tax based on the size and year of the vehicle. Vehicles over 20 years will pay no taxes. Basically, my tax policy will tax the rich more because of their consumption since they buy the newer cars and live in bigger houses.

Youth Unemployment
9. Unemployed people can get up to NGN5000 for free after filing taxes.

10. The tax collecting agency will need more tax inspectors for tax auditing.

11. People will be audited randomly for paid taxes and if your lifestyle does not match your income declared on your tax return, you’ll be made to pay a penalty or face a jail term.

12. I will be building new prisons and they need to be staffed.

Mineral Resources
13. Mineral resources will belong to the owners of the land but will be taxed and controlled by the government.

Crude Oil Revenue
14. The current crude oil revenue sharing philosophy will be gradually phased out over 10 years and states will be encouraged to generate their own IGR. For each of the 10 years, the revenue to states will be reduced by 10% but the states can get it back by generating an equal amount of IGR.

15. Fee or subsidized basic healthcare for people under a certain age.

16. Federally funded technology centers and incubation centers will be created and built in all universities. Their staff will be federal employees and they will be evaluated yearly based on how many successful companies students created. Technology bulletins will also be created weekly from mined patent data to help solve common challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs.

17. Corporate taxes will be zero for the first 5 years for any company not in the oil sector that hires at least 100 people. For every year after that, the tax will go up 20% until reaching the normal corporate tax rate.

18. Imports of non-essential goods will attract additional import duty of 50%. Non-essentials goods include anything that is not required to sustain a life.

Selection of cabinet members
19. Qualified and experienced candidates will be encouraged to apply but each of the applicants will be tested and the position will go to the person with the highest score until he/she messes up and gets fired. I will then select the next person in line. No cabinet member will be selected based on tribe or religion except those that represent their tribe.

20. People in my cabinet will need to take personal responsibility for their subordinate's actions. If someone under you messes up, I'll be firing the both of you and your supervisor will get a warning. 3 warnings and the supervisor is out.

21. Every last week of the month will be devoted to cabinet members. I will need DETAILED briefing of what they did the month prior and what they're going to do for the following month. This will be matched to the plan the submitted at the beginning of the year for their department. You have to meet 80% of your objectives otherwise you're out.

22. I will create an Office of Verification and their job will be to verify EVERY single project that involves federal money. This verification will be independent of what cabinet members tell me.

New Edit***
Fuel Subsidy - controversial but needs to be dealt with
23. I think the fuel subsidy should be removed generally and should only be given to the needy in form of monthly payments. Think of it as a welfare/safety net system, if you will. However, it should only be given to people that file their taxes for the current year. For people having zero income, they should still be made to file their taxes declaring zero income. The payments should be graduated for people of different income brackets.

For example:
Salary of NGN 0 – 36K should get 100% of the monthly subsidy payment
Salary of NGN 36.01 – 60K should get 75%
Salary of NGN 60.01 – 75K should get 25%
Salary of NGN 100K plus should get 0%

This way, there is little to no benefit smuggling fuel into neighboring countries and also wasting money subsidizing fuel to the affluent. More taxes revenue will be generated by the government from people wanting State benefits, while making sure that the needy will not surfer.

24. Exactly why are we still importing fuel? Buhari need to reserve a month for meetings with EVERY single director in a position of power at the NNPC and the refineries. Those found wanting or less than truthful should be made examples out of.
Politics / Re: Barcanista And The Promise Of Ministerial Aide by Wallie(m): 9:31pm On Apr 01

I accept his explanation that he may not have been offered any inducement to "port", but I think people without ideology and don't stand for anything are the ones that move from one camp to another. Consistency of political beliefs is key for me

People become jaded or disillusioned in politicians for different reasons but it usually happens when the politician that they support fails to deliver on promises made. Whatever reasons the OP, an ardent supporter of Buhari had for switching candidates midstream, even before Buhari had an opportunity to prove himself, is best known to him. However, I do agree that the switch showed waffling tendencies. You simply cannot just switch-off or switch-on your convictions like a light bulb because it happens over time.

More importantly, I think this is a lesson to blind followers of personalities. You never really know the true motivation of your “leaders” or their bias. Learn to think independently so that whatever decision you make, even if it ultimately aligns with that of your leader, is mostly of your own volition.

I think the OP might be caught in a scenario where his online persona overlaps his real identity, and he has no choice but to clear his name because some people know who he is.


Politics / Re: Should General Buhari Probe President Jonathan? by Wallie(m): 2:54am On Apr 01
Yes but in the following order:

1. All of those that were indicted and reports were submitted. This should be a low hanging fruit to set the tone.
2. Then NNPC, power sector, and the refineries because they're too important to ignore.
3. Next in line should be all of those that think immunity shields them.
4. Lastly, the current administration.

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Politics / Re: Can Igbos Survive The Murky Waters Of Nigerian Politics? by Wallie(m): 10:07pm On Mar 31

Fine! All Nigerians vote (or have voted) clannishly/religiously at different times in history. It depends on what's at stake for them. At the moment, the Yorubas have deviated from the norm and voted in a more balanced fashion and they get my credit for that.

True democracy is relatively new to us but there's no doubt that the smarter ones among us grow sophisticatedly with each passing election. This election will surely teach some politicians how to strategize in order to win this game of numbers that we call democracy.
Politics / Re: Can Igbos Survive The Murky Waters Of Nigerian Politics? by Wallie(m): 9:52pm On Mar 31

Could you tell me why far more northerners voted for Buhari than GEJ?

I told you that already in my first post quoted below.


...Until most Igbos, and other clannish Nigerians, evolve as a group and support a candidate/party based on merits, this type of problems will always occur. By the way, most Hausas have the same problem....
Politics / Re: Can Igbos Survive The Murky Waters Of Nigerian Politics? by Wallie(m): 9:48pm On Mar 31

...Otherwise, how come they sat at home and not vote for Buhari during the last election when Buhari chose a ''less- compliant'' Bakare?

I think this is attributable to the Not-GEJ syndrome. I think people are just genuinely tired and want change.

Anyway, don't let me derail your thread.
Politics / Re: Can Igbos Survive The Murky Waters Of Nigerian Politics? by Wallie(m): 9:44pm On Mar 31

Even yorubas do the same!
Tinubu is trying to sell himself as an awolowo of the modern age.

No doubt that more Yorubas voted for APC but the result wasn't one-sided! With Yorubas, titans like Tinubu may try to get people to vote his way but we're too independent-minded to vote sheepishly. We mostly vote based on merit.

If parties were joined based on merits, there’s absolutely no reason why APC should not have a huge following in the SE. You cannot honestly tell me that most Igbos that voted for PDP in the SE are happy with GEJ’s performance.

Further, if you’re being strategic and tribalism is not an issue, a slightly popular Igbo candidate should have contested for the senate on APC’s platform, especially now that APC controls the senate but Igbo politicians know that there’s no way to garner Igbo vote if they contested on APC’s platform.

In general, in Nigeria, we do not strategize and only go for what’s directly in front of our nose even when implementing our trade policies or investing!
Politics / Re: Can Igbos Survive The Murky Waters Of Nigerian Politics? by Wallie(m): 9:18pm On Mar 31
Can Igbos survive the murky waters of Nigerian politics?


1. Too many Igbos live outside of Igbo land in Nigeria.
2. Too many Igbos live outside of Nigeria.
3. The apathy of the Igbo towards actual participation in the voting process. Someone should please compare the number of registered voters in Igboland to the number of actual voters in the last election.
4. Igbo political immaturity in always tending to belong in one major party, in this case, PDP. The Yoruba own APC, yet their voting pattern clearly showed that they voted significantly for both APC and PDP.


I think you actually missed one of the most important reasons - voting or supporting a candidate/party based on tribal sentiments. Until most Igbos, and other clannish Nigerians, evolve as a group and support a candidate/party based on merits, this type of problems will always occur. By the way, most Hausas have the same problem.

Whenever a group of people or an establishment lacks diversity, they are essentially putting all their eggs in the same basket because there is no “alternative”. There is a reason why fortune 500 companies do not just hire students from a single great school. You need people with different and sometimes contrary point of views to contrast your views with.
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo Disassociates Self From Tweet Attributed To Him by Wallie(m): 7:56pm On Mar 31

you can't o...it will come out somehow, the only thing is some people are big enough to withstand the negative outcomes

But how do people like Dangote thrive and not just survive through successive governments? Even if he only supports PDP, I’m certain that he would have been approached during the primaries by different PDP candidates.
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo Disassociates Self From Tweet Attributed To Him by Wallie(m): 6:57pm On Mar 31
A smart friend of the government in power would have remained neutral! He needs to learn from Dangote, Otedola, etc... You can support your candidate quietly with resources. Better yet, support both candidates and hedge your bet!

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Car Talk / Re: A Lady Drove This Killer Machine Today And Got Everyone Talking (Pic) by Wallie(m): 7:49pm On Mar 27
A babe was spotted driving this white colored killer machine on Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi this noon. For some who don’t know, Lamborghini's are the world’s most expensive cars. This brand called Lamborghini Aventador goes for as much as $397,500. Convert that to naira. Wow!

This is not an Aventador. It looks like a 2012-2013 Lamborghini Gallardo that cost around $180K-$260k.
Politics / Re: Prof Osinbajo Documentary (Video) - An Eye Opener by Wallie(m): 10:03pm On Mar 25
I just watched about 2/3 of the video and the claims that they're making against SimmonsCooper Partners are silly!

To whom does SimmonsCooper Partners owe a duty, indigenes of Kano or Pfizer? Who’s paying for SimmonsCooper Partners’ services?
An attorney has to represent his client to the best of his ability; otherwise, you could face malpractice suit or be disbarred! Even when your client has done the most heinous thing and you know he’s guilty, you represent him in the best light possible, maybe with the hope of getting a reduced sentence but you NEVER make the case for the other side.

If the law is not set up this way, how would an innocent person that appears guilty ever be acquitted? If the Kano state government is that fearful of SimmonsCooper Partners then they should have hired the law firm to represent their interest!

In litigation, you hire the best lawyer you can; hopefully, one that will put the fear of God in the opposing party and force them to settle.
Politics / Re: See The Controversial Front Page Of Sun Newspaper That Got Nigerians Talking by Wallie(m): 9:30pm On Mar 25
LOL....the editor was just being mischievous! This supports the notion of people merely milking PDP of "free" money but will end up voting for APC. Anybody with half-a-brain would have seen the negative connotation depicted on the front page and editors are usually a smart bunch!

PDP don use their money buy negative publicity! grin


Family / Re: Marrying A Guy That Is Short.. by Wallie(m): 4:56pm On Mar 25
People are funny! All else being equal, for most people

height matters;
weight matters;
health matters;
appearance matters;
physical attributes matter;
posture matters;
intelligence matters;
education matters;
wealth matters;
cleanliness matters;
confidence matters, etc.

For example, assuming you have the power to choose and marry one of two people who are identical twins. They are identical down to their behavior except one weighs 100 kg and the other is 1000 kg, which would you choose? About the only reason you would choose the 1000kg twin is if you have a major fault of your own and you feel the 1000kg twin will be more accommodating.
Business / Re: My Tech Start-up Journey by Wallie(m): 4:07pm On Mar 24

What's your revenue model? I can see digitization and access being a low-hanging fruit feature if you can get partnerships in place.
Business / Re: My Tech Start-up Journey by Wallie(m): 3:06pm On Mar 23
... i believe strongly in the Nigerian market, though others might see it as unpredictable and highly volatile, but you would agree with me that the guys with good eyesight, you sir included, know that this is an enterpreneural goldmine, dripping, untapped goldmine...

I’ve done quite a few things in Nigeria but all I’ve ended up doing was dearly paying for the experience of knowing what not to do.

The question every entrepreneur should ask is, "do I fully understand my market and the customer segment I will be appealing to?" Once you understand your customer segment or have someone on your team that does, evaluate your plan to get the resources that you will need to be successful. If you do not have the knowledge AND resources needed, odds of being successful will be against you.

The Nigerian market is truly a gold mine and competent competitors are almost non-existent in some sectors but without the requisite knowledge and resources, one will just end up being another government-contract-seeking briefcase company but what do I know…


Business / Re: My Tech Start-up Journey by Wallie(m): 2:36pm On Mar 23
I've recently founded a tech start-up and it's been quite a whirlwind.

I've had to try figure out so many things on my own so thought it would be useful to relate some of the things i experience to help me reflect and perhaps help others who may be looking at something similar.

Feel free to jump in and comment or ask questions


I'm currently in the same boat but my SAAS B2B startup is US based and I'm currently seeking Series A funding.

Dealing with institutional investors is nerve–wracking and time consuming especially when you're a solo founder like me. The amount of equity and terms they're seeking when you find a receptive investor almost makes you say "fu.k it', especially when you're looking at your burn rate! Couple the fund raising headache with customer development and acquisition, conversion of users to paying customers, attending trade expos, continued software development, resource issues, keeping an eye on VC funded competitors, uncertainties in some of your hypothesis, a full-time job, and family obligations...I will be writing a book once I exit. :-)

By the way, if any Nairalander attends Johns Hopkins, I will be participating in the 2015 Startup Fest at Carey Business School to recruit. smiley

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Crime / Re: Aisha Mustapha's Body After She Was Found (Graphic Photo) by Wallie(m): 4:43pm On Mar 18

So many innocent people have lost their lives due to the silly and unconscionable requirement! Why can't the hospital put a call in to the police station after the patient has been stabilized?

It is amazing the way people die in this efing country! No wonder why the life expectancy is probably in the 40s!

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Family / Re: Is Money Everything? by Wallie(m): 12:21am On Mar 08

If you're in my soup a situation whereby you can't afford #70,000 school fees, you will know that being rich is a huge glory.

I agree but think about this: what do you think keeps Dangote and Otedola up at night or do you think that they do not worry about anything? Otedola practically went broke a few years ago. Dangote lost how many billion dollars in the span of just one year? Do you know how many "rich" people are running around scared of the election results? It is true that they're not worried about the basic necessities of life but they certainly do worry about the things money can't buy.

But like was quoted in the first response "being rich is better than not being rich."

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