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Health / Re: Liberian Man With First Ebola Case In Nigeria Is Dead by Wallie(m): 4:24pm
If the guy was quarantined immediately he got to Lagos, he must have showed symptoms before boarding the plane, which means

1. Anything the guy touched before, during, and after boarding the plane is potentially contaminated with bodily fluid that carries the virus. The guy probably coughed in his hand and used the same hand to grab a hold onto something.

2. Passengers in the same plane are probably exposed especially people seating around him.

3. Those that took him to the hospital are probably exposed.

4. The doctors and nurses that treated him are probably exposed.

Lastly, I just hope doctors and nurses won't start abandoning their shifts in droves! Seeing how those treating Ebola wear a full body suit, I just don't see how a private clinic or even a government hospital that lacks even basic working equipment will have the funding to kit their staffs up.

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Politics / Re: [LEAKED] $1.2 Million Contract Between Nigerian FG And PR Firm!!! by Wallie(m): 3:49pm On Jul 17
Wow...see yawa!! The President no fit catch any break at all! I wonder if Levick can continue to do the contracted job.

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Politics / Re: Gaffes By The President by Wallie(m): 4:53pm On Jan 10
Agreed. The president is like a quarterback in American football or like a queen in chess - he should be protected at all times by his teammates! Everybody else in his cabinet are pawns, knights, bishops, and rooks, and they all should be ready to sacrifice themselves for his protection. His attack dogs are more like defensive dogs that bark after the perpetrators are long gone!

AJ, I think you’re also right that this new age of social media is amplifying every little bit of echo that might have existed in past administrations but unheard due to the lack of an amplifying-platform. Back then every social commentator will be found at your typical news stand reading papers and commenting only to those that cared to listen.

I remember back when authorities were quick to physically shut the doors to any newspaper or magazine that they deemed threatening. In today’s world, a story written thousands of miles away from Abuja would already be viral on the internet even before the authorities get wind of it.
Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Wallie(m): 6:18pm On Jan 09
Her degree and/or transcripts can be obtained through and I don't believe they're treating it like a private record. In other words, if you pay the $9.95 and provide her name and graduation date(s), they'll give you what you need.

Here's the exact link to enter her info:
Politics / Gaffes By The President by Wallie(m): 4:07pm On Jan 09
I honestly believe that the President is surrounded by incompetent and/or amateur non-strategic advisors. Contrary to what most people think, even the US president has an army of advisors because a country is too complex and nuanced for a single person to master. Obama and most US presidents are naturally smart but they always say the right thing in public because countless of people have prepared their speech and/or brief them on a particular situation.

I feel that the significance of great advisors and strategic thinkers is lost on GEJ and his team; otherwise, how would one explain the many unforced gaffes of the President?

For example, GEJ should have never personally asked Sanusi for his resignation if there’s the possibility that he might say no and there’s little GEJ could do about it. Further, why get your hands personally dirty if you could use proxies? There’s a reason why lawyers would retain other lawyers to defend them when in court! If you represent yourself, you are inherently reducing the number of options you have available to you! You can’t say “that’s not what I meant”, “I was misquoted”, “he acted on his own” and most of all you’re letting your true feelings/intentions known!

What the hell is the function of the Chief of Staff (or whatever the equivalent position is in Nigeria)? Now that GEJ personally communicated with Sanusi and he disobeyed a direct order to the President’s face, the President looks weak regardless of the outcome! He lost already. The embarrassment could have been avoided if GEJ sent his chief of staff.

Even in the US senate, bills meant for passage are first brought to the ground for a test vote just to make sure the votes are there so as not to embarrass the leader of the House.

I think GEJ and his team need to watch House of Cards and other shows like it to learn how to be two steps ahead of EVERYBODY!
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Asked Sanusi To Resign But He Refused by Wallie(m): 3:03pm On Jan 09

Are you telling us that OBAMA does not have the power to sack BEN BERNANKE? You have broken the unenviable record of cluelessness.

He can ask him to resign but if he refuses, according to the US constitution (Federal Reserve Act), he'll need to go the courts, which have a very high standard for removing anyone in an agency designed to be autonomous.

Read the article below for better clarity:


Politics / Re: My Advice To Stella Oduah And Her Aides by Wallie(m): 5:05pm On Jan 08
Sincere 9gerian: The minister of aviation, Stella Oduah, has come under attack once again. Few weeks ago, the controversy was about the purchase of 2 armoured vehicles. When it seems the minister has emerged from that controversy unscathed, a new controversy is brewing. This time the allegation is that she lied about her educational qualification.

Let me state clearly that if (A VERY BIG IF) indeed Stella Oduah lied about acquiring MBA degree in the US, then she has disappointed me personally. I must also add that she acted stupiidly. The earlier this society places less emphasis on paper qualifications and more emphasis on peoples abilities/skills, the better for our country.

However, my advice to Stella Oduah and her aides in the face of the latest controversies is to activate the IGNORE button.

Yes if this controversy had happened in advanced countries and if it is proven to be true, Stella Oduah would have to resign. But Nigeria is not an advanced country. If we apply the standard of those advanced countries across board, then all the leading politicians in Nigeria today should be rotting in JAIL FOR LIFE. In the same vein, for goodness sake, should a person or group of people who overthrew a democratically elected govt 3 decades ago still be relevant politically today in any sane or advanced country? I dont think so. But here we are, a Buhari is still parading himself as one of the leaders of APC and a potential presidential candidate, and he is being cheered on by his supporters.

I think what you're alluding to is - damage control. I understand that sometimes when a politician finds himself/herself in an untenable situation, the best response is not to respond and hope the controversy blows over. However, I think where you went wrong is in trying to justify her non-resignation due to Nigeria not being "an advanced country".

Ms Oduah, like every other politician, has every right to fight for her survival but her survival should be based on the law taking its course and she coming out on top. If she’s found to have padded her resume, the law should take its course and if she survives, good for her but if forced out, she had it coming. Simple.

I can understand people seeing this as a political issue (PDP vs. ACN) but for the life of me I can’t fathom why it became tribal!

I see people commenting that a “Yoruba/Hausa politician” did the same or worse and nothing happened to them. To that I say those politicians got lucky; after all, there’s never a time in history of the world when every single crook was arrested or made to face the law. Some people will always get away because they’re lucky, smart, and/or timed the crime right.

Anybody here old enough to remember when the Buhari regime killed a few people caught smuggling drugs by firing squad? Do you think they were the only people to smuggle drugs? Also, when a thief is caught in the streets, why not just let him go based on the fact that other robberies succeeded and this particular thief is just unlucky to get caught?

If your hand gets caught in the cookie jar, face the consequences!
Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Lied About Her MBA Degree - Sahara Reporters by Wallie(m): 7:37pm On Jan 07
What most Nigerians fail to realize is that gone are the days when you can make up stories about a place far away! In today's interconnected world, all it takes to verify a claim is a cell phone and/or internet connection.

Having said the above, it is time for Operation Verify Our Politician’s Foreign Degree. I think a list of our politicians with foreign degrees should be created so that their enrollment can be verified.
Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Wallie(m): 4:39pm On Jan 06
Who are the guys in OP's picture?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Is A Cia Covertoperation – Wikileaks. Read Patiently by Wallie(m): 8:36pm On Jan 04
WikiLeaks articles were referenced a few times as the source of the contents posted above by the OP. Can we get the links to the articles so that we can read it ourselves and not your own summary? I know OP copied the text from another website but since he’s posting it, I’ll direct the questions to him.

A cursory search on WikiLeaks website have not turned up anything.
Politics / Re: 10 WAYS TO BREAK APC For GOOD by Wallie(m): 10:01pm On Jan 03
sorry about the "your type " usage , USA is never a good metric for nigeria, USA is a union of different states , states = countries.
Now take UK, which is about same size as Nigeria.
every tax except council tax goes to the Her Royal Majesty Revenue and customs - HMRC , from there is it then shared to every council as agreed in the sharing formula.
London generates about 30% of the revenue in the country, she only get about 10% , it is governed by a sharing formula based on population and revenue.

Actually, the US is a better metric because Nigeria's constitution was modeled after theirs; same 3 tiers of government at the Federal and state levels (executive, legislative, and judicial branches). We have to look towards them to see what works and what doesn't after all they've had over 200 years to perfect the system. Also, very much like Nigeria, they are made up of states that want to be autonomous.

Where we screwed up is in the sharing of oil money made from one section of the country with other sections. It made most states complacent and lazy. Whether or not they work or make a dime, they’re getting paid. Niger Delta should keep their money but pay taxes to the federal government. Although, the federal government should also be in charge of granting drilling licenses if federal lands are involved.

Income is supposed to flow from the bottom (local government and states) to the top (federal government) through taxation.

However, in times of extraordinary need and for projects that benefit the collective whole, the federal government should finance or contribute to such endeavor.

If states are made to earn their keep, those who cannot survive will starve and/or merge with other states; however, for most states, their survival instinct will kick in and they’ll find a way to generate income.

Every state can’t be prosperous much like how some states in the US are poorer and rely more on the federal government for subsidy, e.g. Maryland vs. Mississippi or West Virginia.

If this happens, states will be forced to go back to whatever they did before the advent of easy oil money.
Politics / Re: 10 WAYS TO BREAK APC For GOOD by Wallie(m): 9:11pm On Jan 03

my brother i dont know what the revenue sharing formular is, but i believe there is one, and the revenue is meant to be shared.

in UK, for instance, every councils revenue goes to the Queen , from where is it distributed as per agreed sharing formula.

same in the US.

same in Nigeria too.

where do you think the money that built FESTAC, Apapa, 1001, Third mainland bridge , Apapa wharf, Victoria island, bar beach- both claiming and reclaiming the land came from ? from Niiger delta oil right ?

yeah when it went to Lagos, your type won't complain and ask for a reasonable share to be given to the residents of the land the oil comes out from.

My type? What's my type? Keep your ego and ignorance in-check and you might learn a thing or two.

What exactly happens in the US that bears any similarity to anything you said? Are you referring to the federal tax structure whereby entities pay a federal tax? Isn’t the same done in Nigeria? Do you even know what IGR is? Isn't IGR mostly generated from taxation (and fees)?

Do you know that personal Income Tax, Corporate income tax, Social Security Contributions, Tertiary education trust fund contribution, Training Tax, Capital gains tax, Tax on money market interest, Tenement Tax, Stamp duty on checks, Road license, State business levy, Infrastructure Development Tax, and Value added tax (VAT) are currently being collected in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: 10 WAYS TO BREAK APC For GOOD by Wallie(m): 7:27pm On Jan 03
macjive01: 1) With the recent surge of support for APC among the most corrupt in our society , now is time for PDP to reform itself , GEJ/PDP should create a body within PDP ( elder's body) to be charged with nomination of credible electoral candidates, from Councillors to state governors.
with the recent de-campees from PDP to APC, GEJ should work with the various PDP local body to get their various representative areas to recall their legislators, thereby ensuring an election. then this time PDP should field a committee chosen credible, educated, principled and upright citizens to contest the election on behalf of the party.
2) change the IRC inland revenue commission head, put a young, strong-minded , diligent, non-Yoruba personnel- Yorubas are never tough on corruption or diligent tough operation due to their nature of "easily swayed by pleads and begs" , there could be exceptions though.
Now, this new IRC is to enforce the IRC mandate, the IRC is charge to collect the revenues accrued from all state and to share it accordingly to the constituted sharing formula.
this singular action will break TINUBU - chief financier of the opposition . ( this would reduce the opposition financial strength to rig the election and buy poor Yoruba voter as they are planning.
3) GEJ should support AKwaibom in speedy completion of the IBAKA deep seaport and access road to Aba: this is posed to decapitate the economic strength of the largest opposition governed state-Lagos.
40% of activities in lagos is owed to the only functioning wharf in the country. This singular act would decrease the tax earning of lagos state by 20% within the first year and 40% by the second year.
4) Designate portharcourt - Nigerians oil city, with allocation of FTZ at onne , and mandate oil companies to base their HQ in their operation areas. This would within the first year, take away 30% of corporate taxes Lagos state gets. and drastically reduce the economic powers of teh state.
inorder to facilitate the speedy relocation of these companies, the government should acquire land, and build a new finacial city in Okirika by the River front, ( dame patience would be gladdened.) the chinese could accomplish this with 12 month period, then the oil companies would simply have to rent and lease the building and spaces.
5) close to 2015, say march of next year- 2 months to election, sponsor a Lawyer , probably a minority - definitely a non-igbo,even a midbeltern to sue Fashola for deportation of Igbos from Lagos, make the papers and TV carry the news, give it minute reporting. this would remind the Igbos and at large the wider minority population of lagos of the evils and potential evils of APC .
Find the deportees, to narrate their accounts on sunday live, with indepth , Hollywood style narration with sorrowful heart-breaking sound bites.
6) create a website to document all the administrative's achievement, use a foreign tv media, maybe someone who has worked at national geography channel, to produced a hd , detailed documentation of your achievement. post it on youtube and facebook. and have updates weekly posted to the website. the market the website aggressively on google, such that it comes first on everybody's search result.

Most of what you wrote is for the wrong reasons and also shortsighted akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater!

You actually want to give IGR from one state to another just to make another state weaker? Lol Think about this for a second; what you’re saying is akin to sharing your salary, after years of hard work and labor, with everyone including conductors, bricklayers, welders, hairdressers, bankers, engineers, doctors, brats, etc. Then what motivation is there to work hard and/or excel? Why not just party one’s life away since one’s reward will be the same as those that worked hard?

You actually want a strong opposition because they will always keep the party in power on their toes. No one party should have monopoly to the presidency; otherwise, nonchalance will set in. If my lofty position today is credibly threatened based on my performance, you better believe that I'll do everything possible to improve my performance.

If GEJ and PDP want to remain in power, their co-existing path is relatively easier to traverse than that of the opposition because all they need to do is give you reasons why the status quo should remain. If the country is better most people would rather have GEJ complete a second term than replace him with someone largely unknown. Why change what is not broken?
Politics / Re: This December I Got A High-paying Job In The US Without A Reference Letter by Wallie(m): 9:25pm On Dec 26, 2013

References are not always checked and most of the time you can just give the names of your family members if you have no other references. Even when they call, the questions they ask are very mundane like how long have you known X and would you hire X. Anyway, you're slowly making your way to become an HENRY (High Earners, Not Rich Yet). cheesy Good luck with your new job!
Politics / Re: Balancing The Budget: Kano-State Vs FG by Wallie(m): 3:56pm On Dec 26, 2013
The issue with Nigeria is that the government appears to lack sincerity in their purpose. The ratio of recurrent expenditure to capital expenditure is unsustainable and NOI have said the same for a while now. For the recurrent expenditure to reduce certain unpopular steps need to be taken, which most reasonable people will agree with. However, the issue is that when we take one step in the right direction, we end up taking 5 more in the wrong direction.

I wholeheartedly supported the removal of the fuel subsidy initially and even advocated for the same, only to find out later on that “fuel subsidy” is more like cabal/sacred cow subsidy. Nothing is ever what it seems in Nigeria when money is involved! I retracted my stance on the fuel subsidy when it became clear to me that if the “subsidy” were to be removed, Nigerians will end up suffering more as a result because the “subsidy” will disappear into an abyss. Every kobo saved by the government will end up unaccounted for!

As such, I no longer believe in anything done by the Nigerian government that will result in immediate harm to the populace until those deemed corrupt are made to face justice.
Politics / Re: Ask Me Questions On 2015 Elections, The APC And The Future Of Nigeria by Wallie(m): 6:04pm On Dec 24, 2013
cramjones: When this present government boasts and say - we are doing YOUWIN and it employed 15,000 people...Is that sustainable for a country with over 100 million unemployed? The best way to create job, is to make sure we have bank that lend capital without bogus demands of collateral, stabilize electricity and infrastructure deficit. This will definitely drive the private sector and stimulate the much needed growth in jobs that we desperately need.

If I may, APC has to understand, and I’m sure they do, that kick starting Nigeria’s economy is a multi-pronged approach and simply focusing on one sector won’t yield major dividends in the overall economy past that immediate sector.

Nigeria is like a sick patient that’s afflicted with cancer, diabetes, coronary disease, and HIV. How can such patient be treated? The only way to treat such a person will be through a multi-prong approach while prioritizing what to treat first. It’s of no use worrying too much about HIV that takes 5-10 years to turn deadly when the person will die in a month of cancer.

Everything that I’m about to list has been done in one form or another; however, for the strategy to work, the following will need to be tackled concurrently:

1. Trade – create local demand for manufacturing by specifically imposing punitive tariffs on products from a particular sector. A surgical approach is needed. We cannot just impose punitive tariff on everything without making life more difficult for people especially since we do not have the capacity to fill the void locally.

2. Incentives – incentivize foreign manufacturers to set up assembly plants in Nigeria. They will troop down if they know that they will recoup their investments because the demand is there.

3. Local content – put laws in place that will guarantee Nigerians fill about 40% of the technical staff positions that perform skilled labor. Or require joint ventures with local companies. The only way for technology transfer to occur, thus guaranteeing our future to add to the world economy, is for us to acquire the skills needed to manufacture one way or another. Nobody or company is going to willingly transfer technology to us but with our market potential, they’ll have no choice! The developed economies are already saturated and will see very little growth.

4. Laws – enforce the laws in the books especially contract and intellectual property laws. Foreign companies will be more willing to invest in Nigeria if they know that their rights will be protected.

5. Infrastructure – electricity, financial facilities, (like you said) etc.

6. Education – preparing the youths for the jobs of tomorrow.


Politics / Re: Ask Me Questions On 2015 Elections, The APC And The Future Of Nigeria by Wallie(m): 5:55pm On Dec 24, 2013

Not at all. I only referenced the government, because as you know our Judiciary is still a mess and takes orders from the presidency. Therefore, you would expect that Femi's balls will be smoked, however, despite this fact, I am confident that the court will be unable to prove the allegations. I am not holding brief for Femi. Ofcourse, if he is found guilty he would face the consequences. All over the world, there is no party of saints, rather, there are parties of ideologies, if members of a party are found guilty of corruption, the right thing to do is to follow due process and bring them to justice.

The reason corruption is going on with impunity in Nigeria is because nothing is done. Bring Americans to Nigeria, and in no time they will become corrupt if nothing is done to them. Once laws are not enforced in a becomes a free for all. This must stop!
[quote author=cramjones][/quote]

100% true! You don't have to even look too far to see how an advanced society like the US can descend into chaos when the police cannot respond during rioting, flooding, etc.

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Politics / Re: Ask Me Questions On 2015 Elections, The APC And The Future Of Nigeria by Wallie(m): 4:37pm On Dec 24, 2013
Do you believe that for Nigeria to get better we need to be forward thinking and see past our immediate needs? If so, what is APC doing to bring about fundamental changes to the country? For example:

1. How will APC tackle youth unemployment?
2. How will APC attract the right non-politician talents spread across the world (technocrats)?
3. How will APC diversify the Nigerian economy?
4. How will APC revive the manufacturing sector?
5. What’s APC’s view on Nigeria’s trade deficit and how do you intend to correct the imbalance?
6. What will APC do about justice being sold to the highest bidder, i.e., sanitizing the judiciary branch?
7. What will APC do about rejuvenating the EFCC?
8. What will APC do about the immunity clause? Will politicians be stripped of the immunity when charged with felonious crimes?
9. What will APC do differently about developing the Niger Delta region?
Politics / Re: Revealed: Okonjo Iweala Got Kick-backs Over Paris Club Debt Deal by Wallie(m): 3:12pm On Dec 24, 2013
If Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala did not disclose her relationship with the company that brokered the deal to the government beforehand, then she’s guilty of corruption and she knows it!

Whenever you’re facilitating a deal on behalf of the government or a company and you’re in a position to influence the deal, you have to disclose your relationship upfront to management. How does one know after the fact that she didn’t broker and stack the deal in her favor? I’m highly disappointed if true because she should have known better! Nigeria is a country where nothing is ever what it seems!


Politics / Re: Lawmaker Harrasses Okonjo-iweala by Wallie(m): 4:12am On Dec 20, 2013
This is nothing but power play between two very powerful people! You can see how everybody else just sat quietly watching both of them. While the lawmaker is the most powerful person in that chamber, I think he should have acted with a little more deference towards the minister even if he was still going to insist that she comes back.

One can be the most soft-spoken person with great deference towards another but yet, extremely strong willed once one's mind is made up. He should have heard the Minister out and then make his ruling.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Yale University Prof. Describes Igbos As Nigeria's Market Dominate Minority. by Wallie(m): 8:40pm On Dec 19, 2013
Here's a link to the book and you can search for Ibo, Hausa or Yoruba to see what she said.
Politics / Re: Okonjo-Iweala To Present 2014 Budget To National Assembly by Wallie(m): 7:22pm On Dec 18, 2013

According to Section 81 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, “the President shall cause to be prepared and laid before each House of the National Assembly at any time in each financial year estimates of the revenues and expenditure of the Federation for the next following financial year”.

Do you have something else to say to this?

According to what's quoted above, the President is not required to present the budget in person. All he's required to do is to delegate someone or himself to prepare and present the budget to each house of the National Assembly. He could have even sent "my oga at the top" to do the presentation and the requirement above would have been met.

However, is sending Okonjo-Iweala the smart thing to do considering the state of the nation and what's customary? Maybe.

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Religion / What Color Is Santa Claus? How About Jesus? by Wallie(m): 11:16pm On Dec 16, 2013
Monday evening musings…

We've been made to believe that Santa Claus and Jesus are white (and Northern European) but are we being mislead?

Santa Claus is a fictional character based on Saint Nicholas who was the Greek Bishop of Myra (part of modern-day Turkey). Jesus is said to be Jew of first-century Palestine.

Would we be wrong in accepting a more dark-skinned (or is it brown-skinned) version of Jesus and Santa Claus or should we just accept them the way they're presented to us?

If you think that we should accept them the way they're presented to us, do you think such acceptance contributes (unconsciously) to our thinking that "white" is more beautiful than "black" or that "white" is good and "black" is bad?

There must be a reason that most blacks, especially in Africa, think being light-skinned is more beautiful or that “black” represents the devil. If you say “black” represents bad and/or the devil, and you’re black, what does that make you?
Politics / Re: Susan Rice Possible Killer Of Abiola And Abacha - Chief Femi Fani-kayode by Wallie(m): 10:38pm On Dec 13, 2013
Common sense says the US does not have a hand in Abiola's death.

1. How many times have you heard the person paying a hired killer following the hired killer to kill an associate? Common sense dictates that you'll be busy setting up an alibi far away from where the killing will take place.

2. Why will the US poison Abiola's tea with a fast-acting poison? Wouldn't common sense dictate using a slow-acting poison so that they won't be around when he dies?

3. Lastly, the US no longer kills to effect a regime change. Here's a list of CIA's activities


Politics / Re: ‘Missing’ N8 trillion: NNPC admits owing Federation Account by Wallie(m): 5:55pm On Dec 13, 2013
Sincere 9gerian: The propaganda continues. So NNPC admits owing federation account now vindicates the claim by Sanusi that N8 trillion is missing? A claim that NNPC had SPECIFICALLY responded to? How does this sort of logic add up? This sort of logic can only make sense to those using what is now called Tinubu Sense to analyse these issues.

For those of us using normal human sense, it does not add up. These are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT matters. NNPC can be owing federation N1, N10 billion or N20 billion or whatever but the amount being owed was not stated in the report. There is absolutely no CONNECTION, except they now tell us that NNPC is owing the federation account N8 trillion.

By Sanusi stating only exactly what he knew should have been ideally remitted, it is up to NNPC to either dispute the amount or claim that no amount was owed; either way, NNPC would have to account for all the money in broad day light.

I’m pretty certain Sanusi knew money was stolen, an amount far less than $49 billion, which will come to light if NNPC had to audit their account.

This is akin to a record company owing you $1 for every CD sold but only remitting $100 to your account. However, based on the number of times your song gets played on the radio and your CDs that you see for sale in the market, you believe the record company must have sold over 100 copies of your CD. Normally, if written into your contract, you can ask to audit their records but what happens if you can't get an audit? You can sue them and allege that they owe you $1 million, which they will probably deny but to prove their case, they will need to calculate the exact money owed through an audit of their records.

As you can see, NNPC is now claiming that they owe the federation account but only because they know an audit is coming. What they’ll owe the federation account is whatever they can’t cover for.

Sanusi wins.
Career / IP Technology Transfer / Technology Commercialization Professionals by Wallie(m): 9:25pm On Dec 06, 2013
I’m starting this thread to see how we can kick-start the process of large scale technology transfer to Nigeria either through joint venture or licensing. Does such a profession exist in Nigeria?

Technology transfer is the process of transferring skills – such as knowledge, technologies and methods of manufacturing – from universities, governments, businesses to other businesses. The goal is to make the technology available to businesses that can put the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

For local manufacturing capability to develop, technology needs to be transferred from those that own it to local companies willing to make use of it for a fee.

The type of technology transferred falls under intellectual property (IP) - an intangible asset. Intellectual property comes in four generally accepted forms: (i) patents, (ii) trademarks, (iii) copyrights, and (iv) trade secrets and know-how.

Nigeria will be going through a rapid development phase and technology transfer needs to occur for businesses and entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the development. For example,

1. There’s an article recently about Nissan coming to Nigeria to assemble cars. This is a prime opportunity for technology transfer if there are local companies in place that can take advantage of it and in the process, make millions of dollars.
2. Opportunity to manufacture quality spare parts.
3. Power sector – a lot of equipment will be needed to keep the sector going. If local businesses form the right alliance, they could be in a position to provide certain equipment locally.

Successful technology transfers to Nigeria probably include Dangote Cement, Innoson Manufacturing, Zion computers, telecom sector, oil sector, etc.

With a population of 160 million, we have the local demand for a lot of products and services, why are local companies not trying to fulfill the demand? Is it lack of exposure to available technologies, inability to match licensors and licensees, disinterest from technology owners, inability to enforce contracts, or lack of infrastructure? Why exactly are deals not being made?
Health / Re: Scientists Find Aggressive New HIV Strain ( Seems Confined To West Africa) by Wallie(m): 3:52pm On Dec 05, 2013
The issue is not our libido, which may or may not be higher than Caucasians, but the fact that we carry on carelessly. Our people are ignorant or choose to remain ignorant to the fact that precautions need to be taken when engaging in an activity that can become destructive. The solution is simple: if you're going to engage in extramarital or premarital affair use a rubber. Simple!

If you’re getting married, get tested before going raw.

What's yet to be told is the number of females infected with HIV. Unfortunately, due to the anatomy of females and those that take it from the back, they are more likely to get infected from sleeping with an HIV infected male than a male sleeping with an HIV infected female.

About a week ago, I heard an alarming statistics over the radio that 92% of new HIV cases in the Washington DC area are black females, which makes me wonder what that number will be for females in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: 2013 World Corruption Index: Nigeria Ranks 144 Among 177countries by Wallie(m): 3:28pm On Dec 05, 2013
It is obvious that Nigeria took a turn for the worse when compared to other countries, which is what the rankings show. However, when looking at the raw scores, where 0 means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt and a 100 means that a country is perceived as very clean, in a 6-year time span we've mostly stayed flat and we had our highest score of 27 in 2008 and 2012.

Can anybody guess the major changes that occurred during 2007 and 2011?

2013 Rank 144/177 Score 25
2012 Rank 139/174 Score 27
2011 Rank 143/182 Score 2.4 (24)
2010 Rank 134/178 Score 2.4 (24)
2009 Rank 130/180 Score 2.5 (25)
2008 Rank 121/180 Score 2.7 (27)

I tried to get the data through 2000 but it will require a lot more digging. Here's the link below for anyone interested in getting the data
Education / Re: English Word With Three Different Consecutive Repeated Letters? by Wallie(m): 9:04pm On Nov 26, 2013
Yahoo1: What word in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE has THREE different consecutive repeated letters?
Note- i mean a word without hyphen! ....
lets go smarties!

How about “ambiguous” because that’s what your direction is! What are you asking?

1. abcabc OR
2. aghagh OR
3. aagghh
Politics / Re: Biafran Zionist Movement Sends "500 Military Personel" To Israel To Train by Wallie(m): 5:56pm On Nov 26, 2013
A Nigerian actually thinks that fairer skinned Nigerians are superior to darker skinned Nigerians? shocked If fairer skinned Nigerians are superior, how do they compare to Europeans, Asians, Americans, mixed races, Hispanics, or anybody that's not African? Highly unfortunate that some people did not evolve past their primitive beings! So much for Darwin's theory but hey, there's always the war coming....


Fashion / Re: Visual Guide On How To Buy Men's Suit - GQ STYLE. by Wallie(m): 5:22pm On Nov 26, 2013
2legit2qwt: Good topic.

I hardly find suits that fits me right off the shelf or even online. My biceps makes it hard that when it fits my arms, the sides become too loose. I guess that's the cross i have to bear for my unconventional body shape cry

You need to find athletic cut suits if you have a muscular build. The suit will allow for a bigger chest and biceps. However, even if you buy your correct suit size, you'll still need to find a tailor because the waist of the pants will probably be too big and you might need to tailor the sides of the jacket.

OP, nice post and I wish my Nigerian brethren will pay attention to it and stop wearing suits meant for toddlers!
Car Talk / Re: SUV Made By Innoson Motors (Pictures) by Wallie(m): 11:13pm On Nov 22, 2013
I do not understand why people’s feelings are getting hurt! Facts are facts and whether or not you like them, they’ll remain facts.

Innoson only assembles of parts for now except for the frame. They must have paid millions of dollars in licensing fees for the technology and blue prints, and will continue to do so for each vehicle sold. The only thing that I can guarantee that they manufacture is the frame the car is built on because there’s a photo of a welder spot-welding it. There’s nothing in that warehouse that prove they manufacture actual parts.

However, their accomplishments should not be trivialized. They are onto great things and assembling car parts is the very first step needed to develop in-house (or Nigerian) know-how to build their own parts. Apart from money, you need technical knowledge that can only be gained through experience – experience which they’re gaining right now.

There are books out there that will teach you the basics of building your own car from scratch. All you need to do is source the engine, transmission and ancillary components. You can buy brand new crate engines and transmissions from manufacturers or pull them from used cars.

A couple of years ago, when I still had more free time on my hands, I was going to build a Caterham 7 replica based on kits (maybe I’ll still do someday):

Here’s the forum that tells you pretty much everything that you need to know:

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