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Sports / Re: LIVE: Nigeria's World Cup team announcement! by Wereh kpe: 7:25pm On Apr 22
naija noni: Goal-Keepers
Vincent Enyeama(Lille,France),Austi Ejide(Hoppoel Tel Aviv,Israel),Chigozie Agbim(Gombe United,Nigeria),Daniel Akpeyi(Warri Wolves,Nigeria)

Joseph Yobo(Norwich City,England),Kunle Odunlami(Sunshine Stars,Nigeria),Godferey Oboabona(Rizespor,Turkey),
Azubuike Egwuekwe(Warri wolves,Nigeria),Kenneth Omeruo(Middlesbrough,England),
Efe Ambrose(Celtic,Scotland),Elderson Echiejile(Monaco,France),Juwon Oshinaiwa(FC Ashdod,Israel),Leon Balogun(Fortuna Dusseldorf,Germany)

Midfielders:- Ogenyi Onazi(S.S Lazio,Italy)
Fegor Ogude(Amkar Perm,Russia) Gabriel Reuben(Waasland Beveren,Belgium),Hope Akpan(Reading FC,England) ,John Obi Mikel(Chelsea FC,England),Sunday Mba(CA Bastia,France),Nosa Igiebor(Real Betis,Spain),Abdulahi Shehu(...)

Forwards/Wingers:-Ejike Uzoenyi(Enugu Rangers,Nigeria),Michael Uchebo(Cercle Bruges,Belgium),Victor Moses(Liverpool,England) Ahmed Musa(CSKA Moscow,Russia) Chinedu Obasi(Schalke 04,Germany) Obinna Nsofor(Chievo Verona,Italy),Shola Ameobi(Newcastle,England),Uche Nwofor(SC Heerenveen,Netherlands),Emmanuel Emenike(Fenerbahce,Turkey),Peter Odemwingie(Stoke City,England),
Brown Ideye(Dynamo Kyiv,Ukraine)

Not the Official List.
All the players listed above are included in d 35-man list(95 percent sure).
I listed 32 players.
Keshi planned on releasing a 30-man list.Due to pressure 4rm d NFF,5 players were added
I'm unaware of all the 5 players.
But expect the likes of Oduamadi,Kwambe,Francis e.t.c.

Not sure if the 35-man list would be released officially today.
There are still some disagreements between Keshi and NfF.

Brother I need to chat u up in coded form o. URGENTLY
Politics / My Thoughts, Q & A On Nigeria "Fighting" Terrorism As A Means To Power by Wereh kpe: 1:04pm On Apr 16
I had to take a sit today and ponder about the country we call Nigeria and why there is so much terror, mayhem and anarchy everywhere when we have a president. But really do we have a president? Do we even have a country?

First of all I don’t know how long this will take because I am typing as my thoughts mature and come alive. Secondly, my thoughts and writings may be disjointed and distorted almost like my country Nigeria. But trust me, if you read this like a true Nigerian, my thoughts will suddenly become coordinated like seems to be the utopia we call Nigeria.

Make no mistake, ANYONE who says President Jonathan is a slowpoke, is clueless or is doing nothing about terrorism must be myopic in his or her reasoning. I say so because I do not think it is his duty to carry arms or wear a military uniform and stand at the entrance to a park all in the name of fighting terrorism. My view is that he has an institution whose duty it is to safeguard the life’s and properties of all Nigerians. He is also not directly responsible for deciding where to deploy security agents or policemen to because he has an IGP who is by constitution delegated to do such duties.

My first scenario shows a situation where a bomb blast occurred in Nyanya motor park, it becomes a crime scene and the police deploys so many of its agents and agencies there to secure the crime scene yet directly opposite that park (the crime scene) is another motor park (Not yet a crime scene but a POTENTIAL ONE) and not one security agent was seen there today? Is this not passive policing? Well, it certainly is not being proactive. This is a sign that the security agents are either dumb or careless about people dying or property being destroyed. The crime scene (Nyana motor park) cannot be bombed again rather the park opposite is a POTENTIAL TARGET and once again they are doing nothing to protect it.

My second scenario shows me reading with shocking disbelief how more than 100 INNOCENT girls were abducted by boko haram and transported in 4 lorries over a distance of more than 15 kilometres and suddenly the questions started pouring in. So I asked myself

“4 lorries moving in the middle of the night IN A STATE IN WHICH A ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’ HAS BEEN DECLARED and no security agent stopped them or raised an eye brow?”

Hmmm. And more questions: “Is there a collaborative effort between the security agents and boko haram? Are these people working hand in hand?” It makes no sense to me how more 100 people will move by road at an ungodly hour and no security agent stopped them except ofcourse if someone above ordered them not to patrol that road. Oh, I forgot the IGP has also said he does not want police check points on the road – even in a state of emergency. To me its IMPOSSIBLE to move 100 girls of the same age bracket (dead or alive) at any time of the day by any means of transportation without being noticed except you “choose” not to notice them.

Still perplexed I asked myself again “Is boko haram really working hand in hand with the police?” I recalled that a prime boko haram suspect “escaped” from police custody after being caught at Abaji. I also recalled that another boko haram suspect was caught in the governor of Borno’s house and nothing happened. Or is it Mustapha Fawaz, the owner of Amigos Supermarket in Abuja that was let off the hook?

At this stage I got convinced the police has a hand in all these terrorist attacks and are working with the top ranking Nigerian officials to rain down terror on innocent Nigerians. It is no wonder Human Rights groups have accused the Nigerian military of killing innocent Nigerians.

Further thoughts puzzled me even further because one thing is certain, boko haram has huge sponsors judging by some of the cars they have used to detonate their explosives and the amount and quality of ammunition they possess - ammunition that even the Nigerian military can only dream of.

But let us be sincere with ourselves and ask one another “how many men or women will dash out their hard earned money to the boko haram sect for them to carry out their dastardly acts?” Am sure not a single one will.

Therefore their sponsors, to me can only be coming from people who either stole money or have “illegal” access to wealth that does not belong to them. Perhaps politicians?

Let us recall the northern governors that said they did not want a state of emergency declared in any of their states. Why if I may ask? I mean a terrorist group is bombing your state, there is anarchy everywhere, a sect is holstering a flag of a “strange country” and you say you are fine you do not want a state of emergency? Could they be some of the sponsors of Boko Haram?

At this stage it is totally impossible for anyone even the president to convince me that the sponsors of Boko Haram are still unknown, illusive or in hiding. Recall, Jonathan Goodluck himself said as far back as 2011 (during the launch of the new drivers license) that the government KNOWS the sponsors of Boko Haram. Again, let us recall the words of the president who said categorically that the bombings “will end by April” 2012.

And I asked myself “How could he have been so specific with a date or month? Did he have a meeting with their sponsors in which he was told when they would stop their attacks? Perhaps they had an agreement?”

Then I asked myself “if they had an agreement why are they still attacking and causing mayhem?” Perhaps the president broke his side of the agreement? Perhaps the condition given him by the diabolic sect’s sponsors was that he does not contest for election in 2015?

Then again I thought to myself and asked “If the president really knows these people why can’t he simply expose them and bring them to book – all of them?” The only answer I could find in my little wisdom was that these people are indeed mighty and may include several top northern leaders from governors, emirs to sons of emirs etc. Exposing them will mean ONLY one thing – the disintegration and the end of Nigeria. Ofcourse Jonathan won’t want this to happen after all he has sworn an oath to keep the country as one.

Then the winner of Forbes African Person of the Year 2011 and former Central Bank of Nigeria governor Lamido Sanusi came to my mind. There are rumours that he could be one of the sponsors of boko haram especially after the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) discovered he authorised several illegal transfers of funds from the CBN and disguised several others. Interestingly, the report was dated about a year before he was suspended. I assume the presidency must have been aware of his reckless spending and also the likelihood he could be a boko haram sponsor. Yet they kept silent for a whole year.

But the moment Sanusi exposed the NNPC’s notorious accounting system and the missing $20 billion, the government under Jonathan must have felt gutted. “We are not exposing you and yet you want to expose us?” I am sure this was not part of the agreement if indeed they had one. So he had to be suspended perhaps for breeching an agreement.

Still lost in thoughts trying to put 2 and 2 together or as they say in Warri “I still de reason the matter; top northern leaders seem to be linked with sponsoring or supporting boko haram but Sanusi’s own strikes me so much.

Lamido Sanusi is the grandson of the Muhammed Sanusi (former Emir of Kano 1953 -1963) who himself is the first son of Abdullahi Bayero. Sanusi is definitely from one of the topmost families in the north and his grandfather hosted the Queen in 1956.

So I asked myself “Could Sanusi like most top northern leaders be sponsoring boko haram?” The logical answer I could come up with was a resounding YES.

Suddenly, I began to get a picture that the north wants to rule at all costs come 2015 and that could be the only way peace would return to Nigeria. Hopefully that is, because our Niger Delta brothers are threatening to make the country ungovernable as well if their “son” does not return to office in 2015. At this point I realised that some parts of the country want to rule at all costs.

I may be from the Niger Delta but one thing seems obvious, Goodluck Jonathan, the security agencies, the top northern leaders and so many other people we call leaders do not care a butterfly if many of us die as long as either they stay in power or they get into power. To me the storyline is always the same - stay in power or fight to get into power, loot, help your "people" and get lost when your tenure is up.

Now, I got really worried and confused as I am most of the time when I ponder about matters concerning Nigeria. But I summoned courage and asked myself the question I had been dreading so much “is there really a country called Nigeria or is it just a country of illusion?”

The title of Chinua Achebe’s book “there was a country” seemed to provide the answer directly. There WAS a country?

A country where its leaders seem to kill the innocent just to get to power with the intention to loot and enrich themselves and their favoured ethnic group while ignoring the needs of the other 388 ethnic groups is no country. Yes it may be called a country ON PAPER but in reality it is no country. Truly “THERE WAS A COUNTRY”

At this stage, there are only two things left for me to do. First throw in the towel and secondly, port to another country.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of President Jonathan At The Nyanya Blast Scene & At Asokoro Hospital by Wereh kpe: 4:04pm On Apr 15
Sloan: He looks confused, putting his chin on his hands. This is the only retarpresident in the whole world who does not understand that being president is beyond signing multi-billion dollar budgets, supervising the theft of billions, folding your hands and excusing his corruption, does not see terrorism as a big deal and as a war against the whole army he claims to be commander, who sees being president as an excuse to wear the military colors and having no clue on how to steer the ship of state or lead the people. The only commander who has the terrorist in his own very cabinet, has confessed to it and till today, he has not prosecuted anyone successfully. Therefore the insurgency and invading army have grown stronger, gaining confidence that their adversary has not found any answer to all the challenges they have thrown at him. The worst losers are the foot soldiers and citizens who have been brain washed to be shouting GEJ till 2050 while they, their family, interests and lives are bombed into oblivion! Enjoy your fresh air you fhoolish people of Nigeria!

U are EXTREMELY stup|d. Ode n beh lakpo yin
Jokes Etc / Re: Laughable Quotes By Prominent Nigerian Leaders by Wereh kpe: 9:56pm On Mar 27
After a series of grammatical error ( TABUNS OR IBON) Raji Rasaki then govorner of Lagos State said

"ki ni ise soldier, ko ma tabun KPO KPO" - meaning Whats the work of a soldier that to de shoot anyhow"

Rasaki again " One, two and three the BOTH of you follow me"


Gaming / Re: Thread To Upload Your Temple Run High Scores And Screenshots(pictures) by Wereh kpe: 9:46pm On Mar 27
This is my personal best. I dont know y u guys are excited over 33 and 80 millions.

723, 703, 024


Jokes Etc / Re: Laff Matters: This Is A True Life Story!! by Wereh kpe: 12:14pm On Mar 27
Imo obot: Ask Ifa or google

I love this ask "Ifa"

Coming to think of it, it is time Nigeria launches its version of "Google" and called it "Ifa" or "Sango"

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Politics / Re: President Jonathan & Patience Bow And Kiss Pope Francis' Ring by Wereh kpe: 12:00am On Mar 24
Da Mayor:

Dear sir/ madam, the pope is indeed the head of the "Roman Catholic Church" AND NOT the "Church of Jesus Christ"

And which church is the Church of Jesus Christ if I may ask?

The Pope may not be the head of the Christian faith. This I can agree to BUT He is WITHOUT A DOUBT THE HEAD OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND BY THAT ALONE HE IS THE HEAD OF 'THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST'

This is CLEARLY STATED IN Matt 16:15-23.

I suggest you read the Bible well before you come and make cynical comments on the much of the little you know

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Politics / The South Africanisation Of Nigeria By Femi Aribisala by Wereh kpe: 4:44am On Mar 19
NIGERIANS are so overwhelmed by the inadequacies of Nigeria; we easily ignore its strengths. I am not talking here about Nigeria’s potentials; I am talking about Nigeria’s current actual status in the world economy. I am talking about Nigeria as a country with the biggest consumer market in Africa. Just think about it: the entire economy of Kenya is only equal in size to that of Lagos State in Nigeria.

Says Nigeria’s foremost industrialist, Aliko Dangote: “Nigeria is the best kept secret in the world. Anybody who doesn’t invest in Nigeria only has himself to blame, going forward, if he misses out. I don’t really know of any place where you can make as much money as you make in Nigeria.”

South African invasion: I don’t know to what extent rank-and-file Nigerians are aware of this, but South Africa is already making a big onslaught on this lucrative Nigerian market. If we don’t buck up and take charge, we might wake up sometime in the not-too-distant future and discover that, out of indolence; lack of imagination and dearth of enterprise, we have surrendered the commanding heights of our economy to our junior South African brothers. I call them our junior brothers because we paid their “school-fees” in the form of assisting them in their liberation struggle against the apartheid system.

In a slow but steady manner, South Africans are beginning to entrench themselves into key facets of the Nigerian economy. From aviation to banking to construction to entertainment to revenue collection to telecoms; South African companies are staking a very forceful claim to Nigeria. With MTN, they now reign like a colossus over the tele-communications industry. With Multichoice DSTV, they are now king of pay-TV. Tiger Brands has signaled its determination to dominate Nigeria’s food business by taking over majority shares in UAC Foods and Dangote Flourmills; two of the country’s leading food manufacturing companies.

Take a look at the following firms which are quickly becoming Nigerian brand favourites; you might not be aware that they are all South African. Chicken Republic; Critical Rescue; Defresh Products; Entech and Broll; Eskom; Global Outdoor Semces; Grinaker-LTA Construction; Massmart (Game); Oracle Airtime; Mr. Price; Nandos; Protea Hotels; SAB Miller; Sasol; Shoprite, South African Airways; Stanbic IBTC; Standard Chartered; St. Elmos; Truworths; Umgeni Water and Woolworths.

At the moment, Nigerian companies don’t seem to be able to compete with most of these companies, for the simple reason that we don’t have in Nigeria a culture of good planning, sound management and efficient services. However, these are the major selling-points of the South African brands, making them increasingly the preferred choice of Nigerians. Consider this: in 1994, South African companies made a paltry $11 million in Nigeria. By 2005, they made a whopping $11 billion.

On the flip side, the Nigerian economic presence in South Africa is insignificant. Nigerian companies cannot adequately serve the huge Nigerian market, therefore most have little incentive or capacity to explore the South African market. Those that make forays abroad concentrate essentially on the ECOWAS sub-region. Apart from companies like Dangote Group, Financial Standard, First Bank, News Media, Philips Consulting and ThisDay Newspapers, Nigerian companies are few and far between in South Africa.

MTN supremacy: There is really no good reason why a South African company like MTN should dominate the mobile telecom market in Nigeria, if it were not for the fact that Nigerian policy-makers don’t seem to appreciate that, wherever possible, Nigerians should be preferred over foreigners in Nigeria. On the contrary, foreigners often get more special treatment. You may not have realised this, but a foreigner is more likely to get a loan from a Nigerian bank before a Nigerian.

With regard to the mobile phone system, Nigeria had local people, like Mike Adenuga and Hakeem Belo-Osagie, who were not only interested but were also sufficiently enterprising and qualified to participate in the project. However, some classical Nigerian blunders were made. The scheme was made open to the highest bidder, a requirement which worked in favour of foreigners with access to larger capital. By the time the bid reached $285 million, Belo-Osagie was constrained to drop out. While Adenuga stayed in, there was some hiatus with his payment transfer and he was disqualified.

The road was then cleared for MTN, a South African firm, and ECONET wireless, a Zimbabwean firm, to pioneer the mobile-phone system in Nigeria. Those two companies quickly ripped-off Nigerians by introducing an extortionate service of N50 per minute. By the time we woke up to what had happened and finally allowed Adenuga back in with his Glocacom system to break up their market monopoly and subvert their high pricing, MTN had already cleaned up the market. Belo-Osagie too has since come back in, partnering with the giant Etisalat, but there is no question that, short of a miracle, it will be impossible to overcome MTN’s head-start.

Thanks largely to that advantage; South Africa’s MTN now controls some 52% of Nigeria’s mobile telecoms market. According to statistics provided by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), MTN stands head-and-shoulder above the rest with as many as 55 million subscribers; Globacom comes a distant second with 25 million; Airtel comes third with 21 million; and Etisalat is fourth with 15 million.
I have no problem with MTN or other foreign firms being in Nigeria. I personally have an MTN line, and I can say without being liable to accusations of bias that their services are lousy. Nevertheless, my position is that non-Nigerians should not be given a head-start vis-à-vis Nigerians in the Nigerian economy, especially in those areas where Nigerians are more than able to make a useful contribution. If Nigerians end up being discriminated against in Nigeria, it means we are effectively orphans in our own country.

With currently now over 115 million mobile-phone users in Nigeria, a figure more than double the entire population of South Africa which is 52 million, Nigeria has become MTN’s biggest cash cow. The company now makes over $2.5 billion in profits annually from Nigeria alone. That is virtually equal to the total annual budget of Lagos State, by far economically the largest state in Nigeria. This is not an argument against foreign investment in Nigeria, but it means money that could have been earned in Nigeria and re-invested in Nigeria gets repatriated from Nigeria. We need some people somewhere among our policy-makers to start thinking for Nigeria.

Multichoice monopoly Another South African flagship in the Nigerian economy is Multichoice DSTV, which accounts for over 90% of the viewers of satellite TV. Multichoice had the distinction of being the pioneer Pay-TV operator in Sub-Saharan Africa. This early-bird advantage enabled it to acquire a number of exclusive content agreements which makes it virtually impossible for others to compete on a level-playing ground with it. The critical one in this regard is the right to the English Premier League (EPL), the most popular TV programme on the continent.

This has ensured that Multichoice has been more than a competitor for the local Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Supplementing its different Super-Sports channels with several Nollywood (Africa.Magic) and Hollywood (Movie Magic) channels, as well as local and foreign music stations and more, Multichoice is increasingly the preferred choice of Nigerian television viewers. The near-monopoly of Multichoice has enabled it to rip off its subscribers by making Nigerians pay for films that they don’t even watch. By having fixed charges instead of pay-as-you-go, Multichoice has been laughing all the way to the bank.

The government attempted to break the Multichoice monopoly by insisting that the right to show the EPL in Nigeria could not be bundled with the right to show it in the rest of Africa. Given the relatively large size of the Nigerian market, a separate bid had to be made for Nigeria alone. This enabled a local rival, HITV, to bid for the right and receive it for three years.

However, HITV turned out to be one big disaster. Its Nigerian CEO, Toyin Subair, got carried away by his vantage position in having exclusive rights to the EPL. He went on a spending spree buying luxury cars, jet-setting all over the world and throwing lavish parties. Within three years, HITV was bankrupt and Multichoice reclaimed its exclusive rights to the lucrative EPL.
No retreat, no surrender

This is not a call to discrimination against South African firms; our South African brothers are good for Nigeria. It took South African Shoprite Supermarket for us to realise that there is a market for modern retail outlets in Nigeria. Shoprite’s overnight success has prompted other international retail stores to join the fray, such as Spar, Massmart and Woolworths. Shoprite CEO, Whitey Basson, said he saw the scope for 700 Shoprite stores in Nigeria alone, up from the current two, arguing that even if 60 percent of Nigerians live in poverty, the other 40 percent would still outnumber South Africans.

Where then are the Nigerian entrepreneurs? It appears they are either asleep or looking for oil. This is an attempt to embarrass us by challenging Nigerians to rise to the South African challenge. Nigerians need to realise that there is already underway a South African play for Nigeria, and this challenge is not simply at the level of the Super Eagles and the Bafana Bafana where we have tended to reign supreme. This is at the more cogent level of economic supremacy. It is at the level of determining the preeminent and representative black African country in the world today.

The South Africans are here in Nigeria, and they are here with a plan. They are here to take over the Nigerian economy. At the moment, we seem to have been lulled into a widespread and deepening surrender. This is a “call to arms.” We must neither ban South Africans nor impede them. But we must match them and best them. We must also recognise that, wherever possible and necessary, Nigerian firms must be given priority over foreigners. South Africans should not receive in Nigeria the concessions that Nigerians cannot receive in South Africa.

- See more at:

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Music/Radio / Re: Rihanna And Beyonce, Who Is The Better Singer? by Wereh kpe: 12:39am On Mar 11
Beyonce BY MILES.

U can tell by the number of awards she has won and will still win.

I dont like her but she has one of the best voices EVER.

I CONCLUDE: this is like comparing a GEJ (rihanna) to Obama (Beyonce)


TV/Movies / Re: P-square Set To Launch Animated Tv Series Called “The Alingos” (Pics & Trailer) by Wereh kpe: 1:01pm On Feb 27
firestar: P-Square raising the bar higher.

U like talking rubbish oooooooo

Why not just say " Psquare raising the bar.


Can u RAISE the bar LOWER?
TV/Movies / Re: P-square Set To Launch Animated Tv Series Called “The Alingos” (Pics & Trailer) by Wereh kpe: 12:58pm On Feb 27
Linda john: Allingo kor, flamingo ni

It is because of people like you and comments like this i love Nairaland. FLAMINGOOOooooooooooooo
Celebrities / Re: Photos From Omotola Jalade Ekeinde's Birthday Party by Wereh kpe: 12:54am On Feb 24
I love the position of the bottle in the 2nd picture. Lol

I love this woman DIE!!!!!!!!!!
Politics / Re: The FRC Report That Busted Sanusi by Wereh kpe: 7:51am On Feb 22
Did anyone notice that letter is dated 7 June 2013?

GEJ must be VERY lackadaisical with his work as well.

With such a report it took him almost a year to suspend Sanusi? Kai

Naija sef na wa o. All full of TRASH leaders
Celebrities / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Invites Sound Sultan To Royal Dinner by Wereh kpe: 12:47am On Feb 22
Gbabeskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Lormor.

Ninja things jare
Politics / Re: The FRC Report That Busted Sanusi by Wereh kpe: 12:41am On Feb 22
He is going down baby.

he messed up so many careers in the banking sector. these people he messed up aparently are not even half as corrupt as he is.

The truth will always come to lime light.
Religion / Re: Toni Payne Blasts Chris Okotie For Saying "All Catholics Will Go To Hell" by Wereh kpe: 7:18pm On Feb 13

None of all the bible verses you quoted supported your claims...

Matt 16:16-19
16 Simon Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." 17 And Jesus answered him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar- Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. 18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

- Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church and since then the Keys handed down to him by Jesus have been handed down to the next Pope all the way down to Pope Francis

John 2:1-5
3 When the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus said to him, "They have no wine." 4 And Jesus said to her, "Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come." 5 His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you."

- Mary (mother of God) made Jesus change the water to wine against His initial stance. His time had not yet come BUT He made it come cus of the request of the Virgin Mary and He changed the water into wine. This is intercession

Rev 5:8:
8 And when he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty- four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. 9 And they sang a new song, saying,

O boy u sure say u de read at all?
Politics / Re: Cameroun Claims Obudu Ranch Resort by Wereh kpe: 12:51am On Feb 12
This is what u get when u have a weak president

Why dem no try all these ones during Abacha time?
Politics / Re: Passengers Escape Death As Overland Aircraft Catches Fire In Abuja by Wereh kpe: 12:08pm On Feb 08
All these fake stories from fakes sites

A story of this magnitude would have been made public in several dailies like Guardian, Vanguard etc. Besides i was at the airport last night and dint see anything like this

These guys just want CHEAP publicity


Science/Tech / Re: 20 Year-old Flies Drone In Benin (pics) by Wereh kpe: 12:22am On Feb 08
I weep for my country.

Something when everybody de fly everywhere for the world, HISSSSS

If u want to fly one, follow this link
Celebrities / Re: Abrahamovich's Girlfriend Sparks Outrage For Posing On Unclad Black Woman Chair by Wereh kpe: 3:23pm On Jan 22
PLEASE we should not blame her nau

Rather we should blame the black woman who chose to sell her pride to take such a picture.
Sports / Elderson Echiejile Joins AS Monaco From Sporting Braga by Wereh kpe: 4:47pm On Jan 17
Nigeria international left-back Elderson Uwa Echiejile has joined big spending French Ligue 1 side AS Monaco from Sporting Braga.

The 25 year old defender has always talked on returning to France and this has given him the opportunity.

Echiejile’s contract was expected to end in summer but Sporting Braga seem to be willing to cash in on any amount for the player rather than allow him leave as a free agent in summer.

The Nigerian who turns 26 on Monday would see this as a good birthday gift but will now have to do battle with Monaco’s Layvin Kurzawa for a starting shirt at the French club.

This will be the second spell in France for Elderson Echiejile who had previously played for Stade Rennes in 2007.

Monaco currently lie second in the French Ligue 1 just 2 points ahead of Lille who have Nigerian’s number one goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama
Sports / Nigeria Football Federation Stranded And Unable To Pay CHAN Super Eagles Bonuses by Wereh kpe: 3:31pm On Jan 17
Nigeria Football Federation seems to have run bankrupt again as they have been trying to raise money to pay the Super Eagles allowances ahead their decisive game against host Bafana, Bafana on Sunday.

The money is meant to offset the Eagles bonus for the CHAN Sunday group game, pay allowances and boost the morale of the boys to go all out and beat their host South Africa to qualify for the next round.

We learnt the budget for Nigeria’s participation in the CHAN tournament has yet to be released because President Goodluck Jonathan has yet to approve the release of fund to the NFF through the National Sports Commission.

However, SRT gathers that the NFF is doing its best to ensure they raise at least the teams match bonuses before Sunday.

SRT can reveal that the Eagles match bonus for a win in CHAN was set at $2,500 and $1,250 for a draw.

“We are praying that Mr. President signs the release of funds today so that we can motivate the boys ahead of the game against the host. Things are really tight for the NFF over there and it will be good if we send money to them fast,” a reliable source is quoted as saying.
Sports / Re: Yaya Toure Is CAF African Footballer Of 2013 by Wereh kpe: 12:02am On Jan 10
I hear say Chelsea gave Mikel a private jet to fly into Nigeria?

He is lucky Wenger is not the coach of Chelsea.

Wenger would have told him to come back with d jet and the fuel money. LOL

But if na NFF use jet convey Mikel to 9ja, and im no win, Mikel for don de treck go London by now. LOL
Politics / Re: Stella Oduah's CV Released By Senate by Wereh kpe: 2:38pm On Jan 09
I could not have expected anything less from those S-I-L-L-Y t-w-a-r-t-s called Sahara Reporters

They have never carried out any GENUINE story. They should be regarded as gossip reporters
Romance / Re: Pleas Help!!! My Sister Husband Is Asking Me Out by Wereh kpe: 11:34am On Jan 08
Pretyangel25: Ever since I step my foot in my sis house, the husband have been disturbing my life, first he sent me message and I taught it was a joke just last night he purposely touch my bosom when I was in the kitchen cooking and I became so angry that I refuse 2 eat and my sis ask me why I'm that angry, I couldn't utter a word because he was staring at me.

He sent me another text this afternoon telling me that my sis is travelling on wednesday this week 2 come back on sunday and that he will have me all 2 himself, can u imagine? should I tell me sis and how will she feel? Because I don't want to create problem btw them. Advice please

I dont see this as a problem cus the solution is simple. Leave the house and dont return till ur sister is back.

But this one u are sounding reluctant to leave the house, it seems u sef wan do that thing oooooo

Anyway, pls is it english or broken u used to type ur topic? past tense, present tense, future tense etc all just den enter in wreckless abandon. LEAVE THE HOUSE N GET A GOOD EDUCATION
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Handmade Wooden Greeting Cards by Wereh kpe: 1:39am On Dec 25, 2013
joromi: Creative but Ugly

I have to agree with you. GREAT concept. I think he could work with other artists to create more appealing cards
Religion / Here Is Your Evidence To Show Jesus Was Not Really Born On Dec 25? by Wereh kpe: 2:15am On Dec 24, 2013
History convincingly shows that Dec. 25 was popularized as the date for Christmas, not because Christ was born on that day but because it was already popular in pagan religious celebrations as the birthday of the sun.

But is it possible that December 25 could be the day of Christ's birth?
"Lacking any scriptural pointers to Jesus's birthday, early Christian teachers suggested dates all over the calendar. Clement. . . picked November 18. Hippolytus . . . figured Christ must have been born on a Wednesday . . . An anonymous document[,] believed to have been written in North Africa around A.D. 243, placed Jesus's birth on March 28" (Jeffery Sheler, U.S. News & World Report, "In Search of Christmas," Dec. 23, 1996, p. 58).

A careful analysis of Scripture, however, clearly indicates that Dec. 25 is an unlikely date for Christ's birth. Here are two primary reasons:
First, we know that shepherds were in the fields watching their flocks at the time of Jesus' birth (Luke 2:7-cool. Shepherds were not in the fields during December. According to Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays, Luke's account "suggests that Jesus may have been born in summer or early fall. Since December is cold and rainy in Judea, it is likely the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night" (p. 309).

Similarly, The Interpreter's One-Volume Commentary says this passage argues "against the birth [of Christ] occurring on Dec. 25 since the weather would not have permitted" shepherds watching over their flocks in the fields at night.

Second, Jesus' parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census (Luke 2:1-4). Such censuses were not taken in winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and roads were in poor condition. Taking a census under such conditions would have been self-defeating.

Given the difficulties and the desire to bring pagans into Christianity, "the important fact then . . . to get clearly into your head is that the fixing of the date as December 25th was a compromise with paganism" (William Walsh, The Story of Santa Klaus, 1970, p. 62).

If Jesus Christ wasn't born on December 25, does the Bible indicate when He was born?
The biblical accounts point to the fall of the year as the most likely time of Jesus' birth, based on the conception and birth of John the Baptist.
Since Elizabeth (John's mother) was in her sixth month of pregnancy when Jesus was conceived (Luke 1:24-36), we can determine the approximate time of year Jesus was born if we know when John was born. John's father, Zacharias, was a priest serving in the Jerusalem temple during the course of Abijah (Luke 1:5). Historical calculations indicate this course of service corresponded to June 13-19 in that year
( The Companion Bible, 1974, Appendix 179, p. 200).

It was during this time of temple service that Zacharias learned that he and his wife Elizabeth would have a child (Luke 1:8-13). After he completed his service and traveled home, Elizabeth conceived (Luke 1:23-24). Assuming John's conception took place near the end of June, adding nine months brings us to the end of March as the most likely time for John's birth. Adding another six months (the difference in ages between John and Jesus) brings us to the end of September as the likely time of Jesus' birth.

Religion / Re: Christmas Is Idolatrous And Unscriptural - Pastor Kumuyi by Wereh kpe: 1:56am On Dec 24, 2013
Danhumprey: It's a pagan tradition,no doubt. For one,we don't know exactly when Jesus was born. We only give speculation about the day we think he was born,which may not be true. It shouldn't be about celebrating December 25th,rather it should be about celebrating Jesus.

Is there anything wrong in picking out ONE day in the year to celebrate the day the Christ was born? Whether that day is the exact day or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that ONE day 25th Dec has been "selected" and accepted worldwide as the day our Christ was born. So you have to live with this fact.

Another thing I notice is we are just myopic and refuse to read and do simple research. Read and you will understand how the day 25th was derived cus it wasnt just selected randomly.

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