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Romance / Re: What To Do When The Girl You Love Is In Love With Another Man by Werehkpe: 11:50am On Oct 26
There’s this girl in my department, same level. We’re very good friends who flirt a lot and equally share the same dreams.

In fact, most of the activities we’ve carried out in school were all her ideas. She’s just all over me and attached herself so much in my future. She sometimes jokingly says she wants to marry me. People recommended that we are going to make a good couple. So, I then thought of all of these and how compatible we are, I then took the bold step to ask her out. She only responded that she has a boyfriend and we should drop the dating discussion for now since we’re still best of friends and we have
enough time to talk about it. I dropped it. After sometimes, she started complaining that she doesn’t like my being strange. I told her I loved her so much, she replied via chat “I understand but I love my boyfriend, he’s the best part of me”.

Please help me with what to do. I love her and I want to marry her. She knows but the only challenge now is her boyfriend.

What should I do?

Guy leave her alone. FACT is she probably does not have a serious relationship or has none at all and just wants to play hard to get to see your reaction and then to make you feel jealous. Typical attitude of many Nigerian girls. Leave her alone, she will be the one looking and begging you soon when in the nearest future.

My advice, get another girl to pose as your girlfriend and make sure this girlfriend is prettier than her. Soon she will come begging you to marry her

Forming for Naija babes sef too much

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Politics / Re: 6-year-old Girl Donates ₦5,437.50 To IDP Camp. Hugged By Zahra Buhari (photos) by Werehkpe: 9:07pm On Oct 20
Abeg. Make i donate 6k make Zahra hug me too oooo
Sports / Re: Enyeama Explains Row With Oliseh, May Quit Eagles by Werehkpe: 2:20pm On Oct 07
left to me. The Super Eagles should have stuck together with their TRUE Captain Vincent Enyeama. They all should have walked out make we see who Oliseh wan use take play match.

Oliseh is so poor at man management. He thinks coaching is the same as analysing inside the four walls of a studio.

He has already started the downfall of his time as Super Eagles coach.

Hope he knows what happened to Dunga and that even Spain will not strip Buffon, Casillas off the captainship band for 'silly' and 'flimsy' reasons other than retirement
Politics / Re: I’ve Come Out Of Hiding To Mourn Awolowo – Jonathan by Werehkpe: 5:06am On Sep 24

Baba Jo! cheesy
My Role Model!

Haters can go take a dump in Lagos Lagoon as usual

Walai. u no get future if Jonah na ur role model o

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Education / Re: Opinion: These 20 Courses Should Be Scraped From Our Universities by Werehkpe: 11:44am On Jul 19
I think the OP did not go to school. He must be an artisan
Politics / Re: Things We Have Noticed Since PMB Assumed Power - Must Read by Werehkpe: 1:30pm On Jul 12
The writer is an APC man as if he doesn't know that power only improve in Nigeria during rainy season when the water level in Kanji dam increases.

Hmmm. Fair point you just made ooooo. But the fact is we are generating more electricity than when PMB took over. The question now is sustenance and improvement
Politics / Re: Things We Have Noticed Since PMB Assumed Power - Must Read by Werehkpe: 1:28pm On Jul 12
My house in PH has had no steady supply of electricity o. So OP we are still waiting for this change.

Yes you will not see the improvement just yet. WHY?

1. Before GEJ took over we were generating ONLY 4,500MW - which is grossly inadequate to even supply only Lagos.
2. PMB took over when we were generating just above 1000MW - because GEJ admin had dropped electricity generation by almost 3,000MW

If now there is improvement, we will be using 1000MW as a base. Right now we are generating about 3000MW which is an improvement from 1000MW. The FG is targetting about 10,000MW by the end of this year. If they achieve this, it will be the first time in our history we are generating above 5,500MW
Sports / Oliseh Appointed As New Coach Of Super Eagles by Werehkpe: 8:06pm On Jul 08
I am just here to confirm to you guys that the NFF under Amaju Pinnick has appointed Sunday Oliseh as new coach of the Super Eagles

I always said it Pinnick is clueless

Na now dem go know say analysing football on Supersport no b d same as coaching on the field. For say na d same, England for don appoint Garry Neville or Michael Owen and Kuffor for the coach Black Stars or John Barnes for de coach Liverpool
Crime / Re: Police Kill Robbers In Gun Duel, Arrest Six Car Snatchers (Picture) by Werehkpe: 1:05pm On Jun 27
These MUST be the theives that did not settle Police.

I mean the 6 robbers that robbed the banks in Ikorudu few days back went FREE despite them shooting consistently for about FOR TWO HOURS

Please how else can you explain this?
Family / Re: My Dad Calls My Girl Like Every Day. by Werehkpe: 12:47am On Jun 25
Another OBJ and his son saga brewing
Pets / Re: Meet My Ladies by Werehkpe: 12:41am On Jun 25
For your mind now u be DMX abi

Rubbish. See Bingo for there sef
Politics / Re: Buhari's Convoy Blocks Road This Morning by Werehkpe: 7:43am On Jun 08
Buhari keh?

But I thought Buhari is at the G7 in Germany. How can he be in Abuja today and be in Germany at the same time
Science/Technology / Re: Made In Nigeria Remote Control Aircraft by Werehkpe: 5:48pm On Jun 03
Truth is we are so ignorant in this country.

These types of planes can be made in less than 3hrs if u have the materials

Those who are interested can go to


That links gives u access to thousands of planes you can make and fly so easily
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Brazil (2 - 4) U-20 World Cup On June 1st 2015 by Werehkpe: 2:32am On Jun 01

My boys they tap
Politics / Re: 'People Have Deserted Aso Rock Because I'm Going' - Jonathan Speaks Emotionally by Werehkpe: 8:43pm On Apr 25


Please where did GEJ say people have deserted the Aso Villa?

What he said is one would expect people to desert the Villa but today the hall is full.

All these press guys and their precarious and mischivious headlines they make just to sell their papers
Foreign Affairs / Re: Open Letter To NIGERIA From A SOUTH AFRICAN by Werehkpe: 6:23pm On Apr 24
I start by imploring you to read this letter with an open and unbiased mind as this will enable you grab the full gist of my message.
I am a full blooded South African, born and bread in Soweto. I have never been to Nigeria and my impression of your Country is formed by the behaviour and actions of the many Nigerians who live in SA and what we hear and read from the media about the goings on in your country.
I deliberately joined Nairaland today as I noted that alot of you are on this Forum hence its a good platform to pass my message. Suffice it to say that i will delete this account after this message. I will read your responses with keen interest.

1. There is no question that there was xenophobic attack on Foreigners in SA in the past 3weeks. What is in doubt is the scale of the attack. I have noted that Nigerians have overtly blown the crises out of proportion by spreading lies and wrong informatiom concerning the crisis. The idea that South Africans are going round SA cities killing, maiming and burning Foreigners is a lie. Only 7 people have been killed so far and of these 7, 3 are south Africans, 2 Ethiopians and 2 Mozambican. The world media is in agreement with these figures. While its 7 lives too many that doesnt give credence to the news going round in Nigeria that we are killing and burning Foreigners. If thats true then there would be more people dead.
STOP BELIEVING WHATYOU READ AND WATCH ON social media as most are lies and fabricated figments of the imaginations of mischievous Nigerians in other to stoke the flame of discord between Nigeria and SA.

2. Why are Nigerians up in arms against SA with xenophobia when the war in Nigeria is far worse than here in SA. Boko haram is killing thousands your people everyday and theres no end in sight meanwhile no Nigerian has been killed in this Xenophobic attack. That is why Nigerians throng our embassies in Lagos and Abuja seeking Visas to come to SA and escape the despicable living conditions in the slums of Nigeria.

3. This recent Xenophobic attack was predicated on the fact that Foreigners commit so much heinous crimes in SA without impunity and we are tired of all these. We have our own criminals here so we cant add more problems from foreigners.
A. NIigerians are the kingpins of drugs killing our children and society. Your brothers drug our girls into prostitution. They con our people with fraud and 419. They hack into our bank accounts stealing millions.

B. Zimbabweans are involved in robberies and car hijackings

C. Mozambicans kill our farmers and take our jobs for peanuts leaving many South Africans jobless

D. Ethiopians and Somalians open shops to do illegal activities and pollute our communities. Theres a Somalian shop in every 2 houses on every street in SA. No Country can allow that.

SA has its own issues but we would like to solve them without the added problems of Foreign crimials.

If you like burn down shoprite and close MTN its your people that will suffer because these companies employ millions of Nigerians. They will simply go jobless.

Thank you

Where image of fake story about foreign child attacked by xenophobic mob comes from

Fake photos misrepresent xenophobic violence

Internet boasts false images of xenophobic violence in South Africa

To be honest i blame Nigerians for the way we conduct ourselves outside the shores of this country. Too many Nigerians are involved in 419 and drugs. And this brings us back to the issue of our poor governments and administrations who have only but siphoned and looted our common wealth for their personal gains.

If we were a serious country, we would not even be trading words with a country as small as SA. We have a larger economy, better manpower and resources. INfact there will be no need for any Nigerian to want to travel to SA in the first place. Hence Nigerians have been pushed to the wall and its now almost like a battle for survival for many.

Again, this is the kind of insults you get when you play big brother and meddle into the affairs of other countries. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT SA TO WALLOW IN APARTHEID. Ingrates

Then on the issue of social media. I must confess, Nigerians are truly guilty of spreading fake stories, videos and pictures. the advent of photoshop has made it all the more easier. OF course this is done only to attract traffic to the bloggers site.

To me the Nigerian government MUST find a way to register every blogger such that any fake rumour can be traced back and such blogger duly sanctioned.
Politics / Re: How PDP Leaders Betrayed Jonathan by Werehkpe: 1:52pm On Apr 19

TRULY u no get work
Foreign Affairs / Re: We Won't Apologise, Foreigners Are Not Welcome -south Africa King Replies by Werehkpe: 11:55am On Apr 18
I think this king should be arrested for such utterances.

And two the govt has to do more to expel illegal immigrants. This is not the job of the violent South Africans.
They should be having rallies to ensure the govt listens to their cries to expel such illegals rather than killing every foreigner they can get their hands on
Politics / Re: Abubakar Leads Alison-madueke To Meet Jonathan by Werehkpe: 9:52pm On Apr 16


Are you see what I am saw?

Abdulsalam entered with Deizini into GEJ office BUT he came out alone. WHICH MEANS Petroleum minister and oga presido de office together ALONE.


If pickin commot, wettin we go call am oooo?
Politics / Re: Abubakar Leads Alison-madueke To Meet Jonathan by Werehkpe: 9:47pm On Apr 16
Are you see what I am saw?

Abdulsalam entered with Deizini into GEJ office BUT he came out alone. WHICH MEANS Petroleum minister and oga presido de office together ALONE.


If pickin commot, wettin we go call am oooo?
Politics / Re: Why I Conceded Defeat To Buhari – Jonathan by Werehkpe: 9:21pm On Apr 16
GEJ already talking like an elder statesman.


I am christian from the Niger Delta. BUT i say this "Buhari you have my support. I mean TOTAL support."

I pray and hope I can help in any little way I can to make this country the great nation it is destined to be. Amen
Gaming / Re: 5 Issues Only Nigerian Gamers Understand by Werehkpe: 9:15pm On Apr 16
Honestly the third is a major set back.

There is nothing as good as online gaming. I remember playing PES in UK (27pounds/month unlimited on Virgin), i tell u its MIND BLOWING. U meet new gamers at different levels, u learn new tricks and make new friends.

Naija, online gaming is almost in non existence

As for NEPA taking light my suggestion is you get a cheap UPS (4k) and attach you console to it. As soon as light goes, u can turn off your console normally and this will never affect your console in anyway.

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Politics / Re: I Can't Promise My Government Will Find Missing Chibok Girls - Buhari by Werehkpe: 1:17am On Apr 14
Na so president suppose de talk jare


Jonah is sipping his monkeytail while mama Patience-E is cooking the last of meal they used our 1 billion naira to buy oblivious of the fact that its now one year since the girls were abducted

diaris God OOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Politics / Re: Whoever Wants To Remove Me Will First Have To Impeach God — Fayose by Werehkpe: 9:34am On Apr 07
The governor, who described himself as an Israelite said; “I’m like Israel that is in the midst of enemies but will always prevail. Whoever wants to remove me will first have to impeach God.”

Just for this statement, I can bet anything. fayose will be impeached. You do not use the name of God anyhow. Talkless of insult Him.

They will have to impeach God first.

he is a goner. I trust God

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Politics / Re: Mrs Osinbajo Drove Hubby To Polling Unit - Picture by Werehkpe: 3:21pm On Mar 28
Yes o. This is the kind of family we should desire to have.. I know Prof.Osibanjo would win Vice president election . he deserves it tho he is in APC. Still remember to vote Jonathan for Presidential candidate.

Vote wisely
Vote Jonathan for President

Vote jonathan for president
Politics / Re: I’ll Make Naira Equal In Value To Dollar, Says Buhari by Werehkpe: 5:46am On Mar 24
That is one of the stupidest utterances in this election if it is true.

Does this Buhari not understand inflation? He obviously doesn't understand a thing about GDP or the economy...


There is no is where in that article that Buhari is quoted to have said what Vanguard is claiming he said.

Problem with Nigerians is we ONLY READ HEADLINES


Politics / Re: I’ll Make Naira Equal In Value To Dollar, Says Buhari by Werehkpe: 5:43am On Mar 24
Owerri – The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, on Monday said he would ensure that the Naira was equal to the dollar in value, if voted into office.
Buhari stated this during the South-East presidential rally of the party at Dan Anyima Stadium, Owerri.

“It is sad that the value of the naira has dropped to more than N230 to one dollar; this does not speak well for the nation’s economy,’’ he said.
He urged the people to vote for APC, noting that he would ensure that corruption was tackled headlong if elected.

Earlier, Gov Rochas Okorocha had urged APC supporters to vote for the party’s candidates at all levels, noting that a vote for Buhari without support to others at the state would amount to nothing.
Okorocha said Buhari would address the problem of electricity, bring back the kidnapped Chibok girls and promote industrial growth.

He said that Buhari was loved by the people in the region and urged them to elect him and other APC candidates during the March 28 and April 11 general elections.

Former governor of Anambra, Mr Chinwoke Mbadinuju and former Minister of Education, Chinwe Obaji, were formally welcomed to the APC at the rally.

The rally was attended by APC supporters from Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu and Imo. (NAN)


PLEASE WHERE DID HE SAY HE WILL MAKE THE DOLLAR EQUAL TO THE NAIRA? Its all these fake headlines that have helped put us in this present mess.



Politics / Re: Morocco: Jonathan An Exporter Of Conflict- Buhari by Werehkpe: 9:53pm On Mar 13
I'm tired of Jonathan, click like if you are too. #SaiBaba

I wish I could Like this a billion times
Health / Re: He Masturbates At Least Two Times Everyday, Pls Help by Werehkpe: 12:30am On Feb 12
Nigerians and religion smh, what exactly makes the act silly? Is it because the hypocrites in society say so? "Confess to your pastor bla bla bla." See the way people are condemning as if they're perfect, sanctimonious holier-than-thou self righteous hypocrites!! angry

If your friend wants to stop because he wants to stop then fine, he can try weaning himself because habits are hard to break. He'll need time and patience, in the meantime, let him love himself and stop caring what hypocrites think.

God loves us and the evidence of that is in the blood of Jesus, your pastor is not your God. Best of luck to you both smiley

This guy sounds like lucifer himself o. Ha ha ha. And to think this comment has got the most likes says a lot about the hearts of people on this forum. EVIL ABOUND ON NAIRALAND
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Exposes Goodluck Jonathan - He Did Not Complete His Phd by Werehkpe: 11:38pm On Jan 22
Hmm. So PDP and Goodluck have been deceiving us all these while.

I said it earlier GEJ is not intelligent enough to have a PhD.

He MUST be returned to Otuoke come May 2015

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Politics / Obasanjo Exposes Goodluck Jonathan - He Did Not Complete His Phd by Werehkpe: 11:36pm On Jan 22
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has joined millions of Nigerians to speak on the certificate scandal plaguing Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Obasanjo allegedly said, ''The truth of the matter is that Jonathan is aware that Buhari is qualified to contest for President Election but some hawks with Jonathan, do not want him to contest Because they believed that he will win and come for them.

''The issue came up in 2007, and we investigated and found out that his WASEC is with the military and that was why he was allowed to contest in 2007. Buhari cannot listen to anyone about his certificates because as a General of Nigeria Army,he will speak when he chooses, not by Femi Fani Kayode and Okupe asking him.

''Fayose and other corrupt People including Kashamu do not want Buhari because of his anti-corruption slogan. Even Jonathan did not finish his PhD course but when it was presented we stated that, it does not matter but many people do not know because it was PDP thing.

''I see Buhari as the next President and Jonathan is aware of that, and that is the reason they are hitting him everywhere to put confusion in his camp. But a General is always a General''


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Politics / Re: North Under Siege Because Of Buhari —gov Lamido by Werehkpe: 8:12am On Jan 22
Dutse — Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has expressed disgust over what he described as the level of threat some northerners were facing for not supporting the presidential ambition of the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, warning that the type of siege mentality being inflicted on the people was the beginning of the failure of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, at the polls.

“The fear of Buhari is the beginning of leadership failure; therefore Nigerians and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government must stand up to its mandate,” he said.

Lamido, who spoke during the party’s presidential campaign in the state, however, warned that the siege mentality under which the people were currently experiencing in the north because of Buhari would backfire.

According to Lamido, any northerner who is not supporting Buhari was being threatened an seen as an infidel.

Apart from northerners, Vanguard investigations also revealed that most residents, who wear caps depicting them as natives of some southern parts of the country were being molested by street urchins as “infidels.”

Lamido said he would not be perturbed by any intimidation or name callings because of his support for PDP because he was a democrat and would continue to promote the truth.

Describing Buhari as the only individual decorating the APC as a party, Lamido said the greatest mistake Nigerians would make “is to give their mandate to an individual who does not believe in democracy.”

He then faulted the APC for lack of political ideology just as he observed that the party did not have a strong team that can liberate Nigeria from its current political and economic problems.

“If you remove Gen. Buhari from APC, most of other members that rally behind him in the party lack sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time,” he added.


Does this mean he knows Buhari has sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time? Hmmmmm

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