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Health / Re: He self services At Least Two Times Everyday, Pls Help by Werehkpe: 12:30am On Feb 12
Nigerians and religion smh, what exactly makes the act silly? Is it because the hypocrites in society say so? "Confess to your pastor bla bla bla." See the way people are condemning as if they're perfect, sanctimonious holier-than-thou self righteous hypocrites!! angry

If your friend wants to stop because he wants to stop then fine, he can try weaning himself because habits are hard to break. He'll need time and patience, in the meantime, let him love himself and stop caring what hypocrites think.

God loves us and the evidence of that is in the blood of Jesus, your pastor is not your God. Best of luck to you both smiley

This guy sounds like lucifer himself o. Ha ha ha. And to think this comment has got the most likes says a lot about the hearts of people on this forum. EVIL ABOUND ON NAIRALAND
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Exposes Goodluck Jonathan - He Did Not Complete His Phd by Werehkpe: 11:38pm On Jan 22
Hmm. So PDP and Goodluck have been deceiving us all these while.

I said it earlier GEJ is not intelligent enough to have a PhD.

He MUST be returned to Otuoke come May 2015

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Politics / Obasanjo Exposes Goodluck Jonathan - He Did Not Complete His Phd by Werehkpe: 11:36pm On Jan 22
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has joined millions of Nigerians to speak on the certificate scandal plaguing Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Obasanjo allegedly said, ''The truth of the matter is that Jonathan is aware that Buhari is qualified to contest for President Election but some hawks with Jonathan, do not want him to contest Because they believed that he will win and come for them.

''The issue came up in 2007, and we investigated and found out that his WASEC is with the military and that was why he was allowed to contest in 2007. Buhari cannot listen to anyone about his certificates because as a General of Nigeria Army,he will speak when he chooses, not by Femi Fani Kayode and Okupe asking him.

''Fayose and other corrupt People including Kashamu do not want Buhari because of his anti-corruption slogan. Even Jonathan did not finish his PhD course but when it was presented we stated that, it does not matter but many people do not know because it was PDP thing.

''I see Buhari as the next President and Jonathan is aware of that, and that is the reason they are hitting him everywhere to put confusion in his camp. But a General is always a General''

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Politics / Re: North Under Siege Because Of Buhari —gov Lamido by Werehkpe: 8:12am On Jan 22
Dutse — Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has expressed disgust over what he described as the level of threat some northerners were facing for not supporting the presidential ambition of the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, warning that the type of siege mentality being inflicted on the people was the beginning of the failure of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, at the polls.

“The fear of Buhari is the beginning of leadership failure; therefore Nigerians and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government must stand up to its mandate,” he said.

Lamido, who spoke during the party’s presidential campaign in the state, however, warned that the siege mentality under which the people were currently experiencing in the north because of Buhari would backfire.

According to Lamido, any northerner who is not supporting Buhari was being threatened an seen as an infidel.

Apart from northerners, Vanguard investigations also revealed that most residents, who wear caps depicting them as natives of some southern parts of the country were being molested by street urchins as “infidels.”

Lamido said he would not be perturbed by any intimidation or name callings because of his support for PDP because he was a democrat and would continue to promote the truth.

Describing Buhari as the only individual decorating the APC as a party, Lamido said the greatest mistake Nigerians would make “is to give their mandate to an individual who does not believe in democracy.”

He then faulted the APC for lack of political ideology just as he observed that the party did not have a strong team that can liberate Nigeria from its current political and economic problems.

“If you remove Gen. Buhari from APC, most of other members that rally behind him in the party lack sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time,” he added.

Does this mean he knows Buhari has sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time? Hmmmmm
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Wants To Make Buhari President So That He'll Die In Office - Fayose by Werehkpe: 10:57am On Jan 16
Na Fayose go collapse mid way.

Silly man he is
Travel / Re: My Unforgettable Train Experience. Pictures. by Werehkpe: 11:42pm On Jan 05
The trains may look good but truth be told they are disappointing.

Look at the schedule and you will see that a trip from Lagos to Kano takes more than 24 HOURS!

I mean in 2014 we still use these slow trains?

In UK the same distance by train will take less than 12 hours. Infact it is faster to travel by road from Lagos to Kano than on these slow trains brought in by GEJ. So what is the advantage? Hissss

I copied these schedule from the NRC site for all to see

Passenger Train Schedule
The following passenger train services are currently running across the Country.

Lagos - Ilorin (Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays)

Departs Iddo 09.00hrs
Arrives Ilorin 18.34hrs of same day.
Ilorin - Lagos (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays)

Departs Ilorin 11.00hrs of Wednesday
Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs of same day.
Departs Ilorin 09.00hrs on Saturdays and Sundays
Arrives Lagos 20.59hrs.
Lagos - Kano (Every Friday)

Departs Iddo 12.00hrs
Arrives Kano 17.01hrs on Saturday.
Kano - Lagos (Every Monday)

Departs Kano 09.00hrs
Arrives Lagos 14.24hrs on Tuesday.
Offa - Kano (Every Tuesday)

Departs Offa 22.00hrs
Arrives Kano 18.05hrs on Wednesday.
Kano - Offa (Every Friday)

Departs Kano 08.30hrs
Arrives 05.35hrs on Saturday.
Minna - Kaduna - Minna (Every Sunday, Monday & Tursday)

Nguru - Kano (Every Tuesday and Friday)

Kaduna Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Mondays - Saturdays)

Lagos Inter-City [Commuter Service] (Monday s - Saturdays)

TV/Movies / Re: If Your 2014 Were To Be A Movie, What Title Would You Give It? by Werehkpe: 4:34pm On Jan 02
It will be titled

Celebrities / Re: Seyi Shay Wore A Crazy See-Through Outfit To Channel O Awards by Werehkpe: 11:32pm On Dec 02, 2014
Looks more like she wore a NIGHT GOWN (NIGHTY) to the Awards[size=8pt][/size]
Politics / Re: Courtney Dike Rejects N1.2M World Cup bonus by Werehkpe: 11:50pm On Nov 05, 2014
I dont think she is from a poor family o.

Playing for Nigeria is bigger than any monetary value. Walai, by the time she don mature, she will regret not collecting the money.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Who Dies In This Picture? by Werehkpe: 9:51pm On Nov 02, 2014
All will die.

Nobody dies

1. When d rock is pushed, the part cut out will b just above the head of D
2. D rock being pushed is also lighter than the other rock which means when it lands on the see-saw, the see-saw wont move thus the man under (C) is very save
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Who Dies In This Picture? by Werehkpe: 9:49pm On Nov 02, 2014
Take a look at this pix and tell us who dies with reason. grin

Car Talk / Re: UNIZIK Students Build Car That Looks Like A Formula One Race Car by Werehkpe: 11:32pm On Oct 30, 2014
Seems the car is made for Aki n Paw Paw. its so small

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Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebrities In Nigeria by Werehkpe: 9:48pm On Oct 27, 2014
This is utter rubbish

Please move TIWA SAVAGE to number one and make the list more credible
Religion / Re: Who Is Your Favorite Bible Character And Why? by Werehkpe: 12:22pm On Oct 26, 2014
So this set up of men by women who they refuse to lie with even started long ago. Na wa o. Nothing new in this life. EVERYTHING is in the Bible.


They brought sin into the world through Eve.

They force men into the most common sin of LUST with their immoral dressings aka skimpy dressings

They deceive men into breaking the 6th commandment: Thou shall not commit adultery

They seperate friends and families (PSquare almost had their share). Not even money can seperate

BUT The irony is we still love them. Lol
Celebrities / Re: Photos From Adejoke Ogedengbe's Super Luxurious Wedding Will Blow Your Mind by Werehkpe: 12:10pm On Oct 26, 2014
Politics / Re: Pres. Jonathan Rocks Suit & Hat To Jerusalem (photos) by Werehkpe: 12:08pm On Oct 26, 2014
Ever noticed your president wears the same BLACK hat.

d for at least wear matching hat and suit na. Whats with the navy blue suit and BLACK cap. is he a member o...............
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji's Outfit To Genevieve Pinkball Foundation Event by Werehkpe: 3:28pm On Oct 19, 2014

What do u expect from a Univ of Ibadan graduate. CLASS
Sports / Re: NFF Sack Keshi, Pick Amodu As Replacement by Werehkpe: 8:11am On Oct 16, 2014
Amodu is an expert in qualifications and has done so twice.

Amodu's last coaching job was 4 years ago. FOUR YEARS ago.

then they bring him out to take charge for ONLY two games? SILLY MOVE AND WRONG TIMING BY THE NFF
Religion / Re: "What Does The Bible Say About The Virgin Mary?" by Werehkpe: 5:21pm On Oct 12, 2014

what church do you think Christ was talking about? for your information, it was never the Catholic church neither was it Pentecostal church. but the true believers (congregation of the followers of Christ )
Peter never prayed with rosary and he never asked for Mary to intercede on his behalf. Peter really never bowed down to any image of Christ or Mary or anything. he didn't burn incense. so Peter clearly knows nothing about the Catholic, Pentecostal doctrines we have today. he is. called the 1st Pope, but was never addressed as such throughout his lifetime. infact there was nothing as Pope until 1300 or so.

Pope is a title given to the "leader of the catholic church". The same post Peter held. U have to broaden your mind my friend. I can tell you the Bible does not use the word pastor anywhere in the new testament YET u call your Rabi pastor. i can say the Bible does not tell us to call you founder "Daddy" or "General Oversea" etc. The Bible uses the word Deacon which is used in the catholic church today.

Dear friend even the Bible approves burning incense. There MIGHT have been no need for Peter to pray through Mary after all they were all alive together. Besides if he did there is nothing wrong with it. After all even you tell your pastor to pray for you.

All these things u say Peter did not do where u around with him to confirm? Stop assuming. The Bible may not have said much about Peter's life after all the Bible is not an biography of Saint Peter

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Religion / Re: "What Does The Bible Say About The Virgin Mary?" by Werehkpe: 2:20pm On Oct 12, 2014
And for those who think it is wrong to pray through Saints and Mary. You may like to read

Ephesians 6:18
Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints.

1 Timothy 2:1
First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,

Revelation 5:8
And when he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

Romans 8:27
And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

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Religion / Re: "What Does The Bible Say About The Virgin Mary?" by Werehkpe: 2:12pm On Oct 12, 2014
I wonder why ALL other Christian denominations ALWAYS "gang' up to criticize the teachings of the Catholic Church? You only talk about something when the thing is important. But for everyone to attack the Catholic Church (which is much older than redeemed, Living faith, Cora etc), then THERE MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

This special thing is found in Matt 16:15-20. Where Jesus declared Peter as the corner stone He would build HIS CHURCH on. He did not mention Oritsejafor (the renowned armed smuggler), Adeboye, TB Joshua etc. He said PETER.

Further readings on this verse will tell you Jesus gave authority to Peter when He said what you bind on earth shall be considered bound in Heaven. Jesus said I WILL (Not may/no probability) give you the key to the gate of Heaven..................."

Further readings in history will tell you that Peter was the FIRST Pope of the Catholic Church and Pope Francis can trace his succession to the throne of Peter.

TRACE is VERY important. IT shows evidence and it is for this reason that Mathew's Gospel tells us the genealogy of Jesus so we may believe he was made man.

HOWEVER, whether u are Catholic, Anglican, Protestant etc, in the final analyses matters as much as the tiniest pebble on the beach. WHAT MATTERS AT THE END IS YOU; AND WHETHER U BELIEVE IN HIM, KEPT HIS COMMANDMENTS AND LIVED A GOOD CHRIST-LIKE LIFE.

CI KE NA. Thats why the Bible tells u He calls us to be like Christ. He did not call us to criticise others. Remove the log........................
Beyond this is merely bullocks.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Sudan - AFCON Qualifier (0 - 1) ON 11th October 2014 by Werehkpe: 1:48am On Oct 11, 2014
I was at the training camp of the SE and Michael Babatunde has a THIGH injury NOT a knee injury.

Stop misleading the general public? Are u Reuben Abati?
Travel / Re: FG To Privatise Airports Soon- Vanguard by Werehkpe: 4:31pm On Oct 06, 2014
Very soon FG will privatize the presidency o
Health / Re: US Sends Medical Experts To Study How Nigeria Tamed Ebola by Werehkpe: 9:53am On Oct 02, 2014
They abused us. Called our dear Nano Silver a pesticide. Said the outbreak will get worse. that we were not capable of containing ebola

BUT ALAS they foul don blow foul backside don open YAKATAAAA

They are running to us for help and tutoring.

"I can see everything, turning around, turning around...................................."


Health / Re: US Sends Medical Experts To Study How Nigeria Tamed Ebola by Werehkpe: 9:48am On Oct 02, 2014
And why has CNN not included the map of USA on that their silly ebola map. its still showing only west african countries na

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Health / Re: Nigeria’s Actions Seem To Contain Ebola Outbreak -New York Times by Werehkpe: 1:06am On Oct 02, 2014
Valfrankie: Nigeria has the potential to become world power next to America and Russia, if only there was any form of motivation from the Government, the world would 've been amazed at what we could 've achieved. GOD isn't an AMERICAN as erroneously being speculated, HE IS A NIGERIA, BORN AND BRED SOMEWHERE IN ANAMBRA STATE!


I dont care which part God is born oooo. As long as na Naija dem born am lol

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Health / Re: Nigeria’s Actions Seem To Contain Ebola Outbreak -New York Times by Werehkpe: 1:05am On Oct 02, 2014
See these people. They want to claim their helped us wit that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation thing.

Well, make them handle their own ebola case make we see

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends ( Photos ) by Werehkpe: 12:56am On Oct 02, 2014
KAI. FLAVOUR sabi better thing oooo, He get CORRECT FLAVOUR.

DBanj and Wiz Kido try

BUT what the F is wrong with Uti? He can do better than that na
Health / Re: U.S. Records First Case Of Ebola by Werehkpe: 2:02am On Oct 01, 2014
Time to export our NANO SILVER
Celebrities / Re: Ashanti Pictured Aboard Arik Air On Her Way To Nigeria by Werehkpe: 7:58pm On Sep 30, 2014
She no resemble Ashanti oooo
Politics / Re: Plateau Budgets N442m For Plates, Spoons by Werehkpe: 6:16pm On Sep 26, 2014
Plates and Spoons cost N442m

A Jeep costs N25m

So the state is spending times more on spoons and cutlery than it is on a VERY expensive car?

Na wa o. Simply arrest ALL those who drew up such a supplementary budget. THIS ALREADY FRAUD or ATTEMPTED FRAUD
Politics / Re: Army Arrest 50 Fleeing Terrorists In Borno Truck by Werehkpe: 11:12pm On Sep 23, 2014
I tot they said Naija army no get swag. Say boko haram de more armed?

Lol. Na una provoke naija army oooo. ha ha ha ha.

Proud of my Naija army. god continue to protect them as de make significant and successful progress in destroying and degrading boko haram.

By the way, the bomb blasts don nearly become a thing of the past oo.

Weldone Naija and GEJ


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