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Foreign Affairs / Re: Theresa May Worships At RCCG UK by wowo2: 9:13am

They are not Christians..... Its just her trying to tap certain market..

Teresa na omo baba pastor
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Answer The Question "Sell Me This Pen " In A Sales Interview? by wowo2: 9:08am On May 14
Politics / Re: Police Replies Wike On "Plot To Plant Dollars And Guns In His Residence" by wowo2: 6:53pm On Apr 30
Has anyone forgotten Governor Wike claimed the ikoyi money belonged to his state?..what a joke.

All these naija politicians and the things they say..not even sure if it is the citizens that are so gullible that should be blamed. Anything they say and some people just believe them without any proof. Anyway sha it happens in America too with Trump and his believers.
Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Disappointed Me, Says Jonathan by wowo2: 7:24pm On Apr 25
Yeah right...no need to remind us as we already know a la ikoyi episode, that a lot of money left the treasury on the false pretext of fighting insurgency.
Crime / Re: Man Narrates His Horrible Experience With Policemen In Sapele (Photos) by wowo2: 7:44pm On Apr 20
Incessant Police harassment was a main reason for my leaving Nigeria. You do everything by the book but they harrass you endlessly just to extort money with made up reasons - one document today, another tomorrow. The last experience, I was forced to drive to a police station and immediately my car tyres were deflated. That was it for me - frantic checks of visa requirements to other countries started the next day!

I have stayed away from Nigeria for about a decade and while still doing everything by the book as I did in Nigeria the experience is different. I drive 50 miles at least everyday but I have never been harassed by police. I have only been stopped once - a passenger in my car forgot to use his seat belt. And wait for it...all the police guy did was make my passenger aware and warn him..didn't even ask for the legal penalty due..Nigerian police are there harassing and killing as if they are not human beings.


Politics / Re: Buhari Is A Noisemaker; He’s As Corrupt As Abacha – Lamido by wowo2: 11:23am On Apr 20
Without Buhari, am sure no one will be talking about fighting corruption...everyone will be OK with GEJ and goats and yams...

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 6:06pm On Feb 18
Hello House and thanks to all those that have contributed in one way or the other.

Now this is my scenario:
I applied for my Passport renewal and did my capture in London on October 20 2016 and even opted for a special delivery option to my apartment in the UK. Early this month I had to make an emergency travel to Nigeria for some issue that needed sorting so I applied for an emergency travel document which I paid £100 for due to their incompetence( not bothered about that anyway). Now I'm in Nigeria and I need to go back to the UK and I am currently stranded because I have no valid passport and I cant even apply for a new one because they said I have already captured in London. Please house who can advise me on what to do as this is really frustrating.

Concerned Individual

Seems like one way out is to make them produce a passport for you in Nigeria. If you had your passport and loose it while in Nigeria they will have to get you one.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 7:57pm On Feb 03
For many weeks the U.K. Nigeria house website had those that their passports are ready for collection as those told to collect on or before October 13, 2016. Today, Feb 3 2017, the date on the website has changed to Oct. 14 2016!

Hopefully they are not stamping them with a renewal date of the appointment day - otherwise a passport for 5 yrs can only be used for just over 4 years if it takes almost half a year to produce!!!
Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 7:42am On Jan 23
Hi, it is the same waiting period in Berlin, Germany. Had to wait five months before collecting my new passport. They told they get it direct from Abuja, that's why. Sad but true

Hmm...thanks doubletroublmum, I almost thought Uk is the only European country/member wink. So this is the likely situation in many other places. Not good at all.

If I were to be Saraki/GEJ/OBJ or Buhari's relative am sure it won't take 5 months to have someone crawl on his hands all the way from UK to Abuja and back with my freshly minted Nigerian passport.

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Travel / Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 9:44am On Jan 22
It takes a wait of 4 months or even more to collect a new passport after your renewal appointment/visit to the Nigerian consulate in London.
It is unheard of in any other part of the world. You wonder what the problems are that they can not be resolved easily in this tech age. Or is the consulate basically unaccountable and there is nobody or team that can take some responsibility to resolve the issues they may have?

Of course I can hear people sarcastically proffer that you should always make sure your appointment is scheduled for at least 4 months before you need your Nigerian passport. But really, it is 2017 - do we have to accept this mediocrity and live like it is the 1980s? I may be wrong - things were probably better then- I can not confidently conjure up a worse time for Nigerians resident in UK to renew their passports.

The UK Nigerian consulate seems to be oblivious of effects this has on their citizens. I have just checked their website below, today Jan 22, 2017 and the regularly updated "High commission News" section says those that their passports are ready are those that should have collected by October 13, 2016. Surely the Nigerian consulate in the U.K. can do better.

Politics / Re: $4.2 Billion Missing In NNPC Under Buhari – US Governance Report by wowo2: 5:03pm On Dec 30, 2016
hmmm..this article and the linked origin website cites ZERO sources...and people are lapping it up a la fake news..
Politics / Re: "We Are Not Responsible For Your Woes" - FG Tells Nigerians by wowo2: 10:02am On Dec 16, 2016
This talk..It is bitter..so it must be the truth
Crime / Re: The Return Of One Chance Criminals In Umuahia: My Experience by wowo2: 6:43am On Oct 11, 2016
Ehn ehn; I just wasted some seconds of my life reading this; no lesson learnt abi ayam not understanding?
Flat headz sef

Happened to me too in port harcourt on Aba road ..after the long meandering story by the supposed thief and contributions by the driver and passengers, they all agreed to go to a house nearby and share the money(apparently hundreds of thousands of dollars and pounds and naira etc belonging to the dead master of the thief). They then asked me if i agreed to the amount they were to collect (something like 20,000 pounds each or 2,000 pounds, the exact figure now eludes me), the first thing that crossed my mind was - it cant be true and if this is really true, where will i tell my family i got the money from and how is this not going to have a repercussion if I should get involved. I was not a prticularly religious fellow so forgive me for not going - is this what Jesus would have done? I went a bit blank and felt light headed but I heard myself saying i was not interested and will drop from the taxi at the next bus stop. The driver stopped the car right there and then and i was pushed out of the taxi on the highway! I walked all the way home afraid to take another taxi. When i got home, the first familiar face person by the gate i started telling the event that just happened, took over halfway and completed the story for me. I did not know it was a rampant thing...those who have ears let them hear. God keep us all.
Crime / Remembering Some Nigerians Directly Affected By The 9/11 Attack by wowo2: 7:12pm On Sep 11, 2016
Did some digging and could see some obvious Nigerians families affected by the World trade centre 9/11 names. This was truly an event that affected the whole world.

List is not conclusive and there may be others of Nigerian heritage affected - but it would be great we remeber about how connected the world is - and have their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Ayodeji Awe

Olabisi Shadie Layeni Yee
January 2, 1963–September 11, 2001

Godwin O. Ajala
June 9, 1968–September 15, 2001

Ignatius Udo Adanga
February 2, 1939–September 11, 2001
Travel / Re: Renewing Passport, Nhc.3tb.co Says NHC No Longer Accepts Appointments by wowo2: 3:47pm On Sep 02, 2016
Does anyone know how long the embassy keeps ur passport for you to collect?

Hi estado3, am in same situation hoping to select a date but getting same error message. How did you resolve this? thanks
Travel / Re: Renewing Passport, Nhc.3tb.co Says NHC No Longer Accepts Appointments by wowo2: 3:10pm On Sep 02, 2016
Hi estado3, am in same situation hoping to select a date but getting same error message. How did you resolve this? thanks
Politics / Re: Dogara: No Evidence Of Sexual Misconduct Against 3 Reps Yet.. by wowo2: 9:57pm On Jun 18, 2016
No wahala, USA should give them their visa back and let them travel na. When they set foot in USA and immediately get arrested for solicitation of prostitution, they will have their day in court. Na so all dem dey do once they travel, first thing they want is woman company. Jobless peeps.


Foreign Affairs / Re: The Obama Family At The Beginning Of Obama's Presidency And Now by wowo2: 6:37am On Jun 16, 2016
see how you take everyone for a ride...that first picture was not when he took office as president in 2008/2009 but years before when he was sworn in as a Senator..and even 2nd picture must ne around 2013 or 2014

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Politics / Re: We've Been Visiting Nnamdi Kanu In Prison — UK Govt by wowo2: 8:22pm On Apr 03, 2016
Depends on how he gained his british citiznship...At the moment, he is in court and guilt has not been proven. If he obtained his citizenship by naturalization, UK oficials will be watching and once he is pronounced guilty, they will officially cancel his british citizenship. Afterall he is comfortable as a Nigerian - he was not extradited to Nigeria and went there of his own accord...
Politics / Re: Kemi Adeosun Vs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Video Comparison by wowo2: 6:58pm On Feb 21, 2016
One does not have much experience....and the other does not have much experience.

The former deceives everyone with a larger then life personality. The fact that i work as chief IT engineer or chief admin officer in a bank should not necessarily imply I will be a good chief financial officer...
Education / Re: Violence In Crawford University As Male Students Protest Against Assault by wowo2: 7:07pm On Feb 15, 2016
What is crawford university?

I almost thought it was in the UK, stopped reading, scrolled down and then i saw the pictures....
Politics / Re: How Ooni Of Ife Was Represented At His Son’s Wedding Today by wowo2: 6:53am On Aug 03, 2015
I have attended scores of weddings where the Oba of the town is invited to the wedding and sends his staff...not a strange thing. Guess it makes sense to use the same as his representation in this case as well...
Fashion / Re: Outrage As Ex-OAU Male Student Transforms To Woman - The SUN by wowo2: 4:22pm On Jul 04, 2015
this saharareporters can lie..who is the person in that first picture now...another person's picture being used to make a point
Crime / Re: Corpse Of Kidnapped Ex-FUTA Vice-Chancellor Dumped In His Compound This Evening by wowo2: 10:48pm On Jun 28, 2015
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Failing Already-Yemi Adebowale by wowo2: 10:18am On Jun 06, 2015
Is this article under Thisday newspapers section called "Wild Rants"?
Politics / Re: President Buhari's N2.1 Billion Asokoro Mansion, Abuja - Breaking Times by wowo2: 1:15pm On Jun 04, 2015
It is sad that Nigerians are just knowing this. We knew all along that the simplicity posture is a lie all these while. Somehow, some of us knew that GMB told us lies. Journalists intentionally hid this from the public till now. More things would be revealed. This is why GMB cant declare his assets publicly. The thing would be adjusted before it may be made public. So sad!

Am sorry, I don't think Nigeria is that advanced to work in this imagined sophisticated world where illuminati or some removed powers reign supreme

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Politics / Re: President Buhari's N2.1 Billion Asokoro Mansion, Abuja - Breaking Times by wowo2: 12:32pm On Jun 04, 2015
If I were Buhari, I would blank out and not have anyone respond to petty rants on the internet....let the tantrums go on on the internet while i try to get things sorted out...5 days into the govt...na wa o
Politics / Re: President Buhari's N2.1 Billion Asokoro Mansion, Abuja - Breaking Times by wowo2: 8:35am On Jun 04, 2015
breakingtimes.com...where o where is thy integrity
Politics / Re: President Buhari's N2.1 Billion Asokoro Mansion, Abuja - Breaking Times by wowo2: 10:08pm On Jun 03, 2015
Have Nigerians been so misruled in the past that they have lost all consciousness of expectations from their government for their lives?

5 days into Buhari government, issues being discussed/written about are not his government actions or policies but puerile inconsequential stuff like - He has a multimillion dollar mansion in Asokoro, his daughter chased people out of a shop, his wife closed down her beauty salon to be first lady, his wife wore a costly watch to his inauguration.

What should Nigerians do - Ask for a new candidate and hold another election?
Politics / Re: Photo: What Is The General Telling Prof Yemi Osinbajo? by wowo2: 4:58pm On May 14, 2015
When PEJ did not have patience to be introduced and ran down the plane's stairs to shake hands, they talked.
Now that VP is being duly introduced to a handshake, they talk again.... Na wa o
Politics / Re: Buhari Drops Governors Fashola And Fayemi From Ministerial List by wowo2: 2:27pm On May 03, 2015
Jagaban for one is not going to allow anyone known to the masses into a position he can be seen to have his own following and seemingly grow wings. He will continually repress the functions and capability of his own team so that he is is the all powerful godfather. History at it always.

Why do you think what we have is quasi-progressive and not real progress...it is because the leaders are not selfless and myopic..
Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman Steals £17,000 From UK Employers For Luxury Wedding!!! (pics) by wowo2: 6:06pm On Apr 25, 2015
Na wa o. I remember seeing her story and picture in a metro newspaper sometime in 2007 or 2008. Crookedness runs in her system.

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