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Celebrities / Re: It’s My Money Not Davido’s --- Sophia Momodu Cries Out by wowo2: 8:55pm On Apr 13
Oh well...

Career / Re: Married Female Staff Of Globacom Refute Claims Of Being Sacked by wowo2: 6:44pm On Mar 11
Why do all the names have numbers after them?

Lol...see investigative journalism..you may have solved this one, but cool down with watching crime channels

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Celebrities / Re: Quinbeee Debbie Slams Tekno For Rejecting Her For Being Dark Skinned by wowo2: 2:43pm On Mar 02
Babe he rejected you because you wowo and not because of your dark skin grin grin

Stop being wowoist
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Lady Who Sowed Husband's Car As Seed In The Church by wowo2: 6:42pm On Jan 28
I love the below statement made by Freeze.

Celebrities / Re: Dorcas Shola Fapson: Adekunle Gold Deletes Previous Tweet & Updates New One by wowo2: 5:04pm On Jan 26

Uber/Taxify should start encouraging dashcam in drivers cars, even though thats another privacy issue, but using the service will automatically have people sign waiver and the can should only be turned on when things start to escalate honestly they both have legit story but someone is definitely lying and that truth can be impossible to find out. If there was a dash cam the moment issue was escalating and driver was asking about destination he should be able to flip a button to record event of the moment thats covered under ToS for uber/taxify users they don't have to deal with this. Dashcam is as cheap as $16 USD

You have a point. If I recall correctly, it was a dash cam audio and video record of a conversation between a Uber taxi driver and the passenger that happened to be the Uber CEO was part of what made the CEO loose his job...
Politics / Re: Diezani Blasts EFCC: You Lack Understanding About The Powers Of A President by wowo2: 6:20am On Jan 26
Nigeria’s past nemesis beginning to come out of the woodworks...now they have mouth to talk. Thanks OBJ!
TV/Movies / Re: Donald Trump Featured In "Home Alone" Movie (Video) by wowo2: 10:15am On Jan 13
He is a complete show man so he requests that they cast him anytime they want to use his properties in a film.

He has been filmed as extra etc many times but it seems this is the only time he wasn't edited out...just my twopence
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Reacts To Yusuf Buhari's Accident. Calls Buhari 'Pharaoh' by wowo2: 7:06am On Dec 28, 2017
Some people are out of job...politics is their means of employment. Not only do they thrive as politicians, they loooot blindly.
Travel / Re: The Adventures Of A New UK Migrant by wowo2: 10:54am On Dec 22, 2017

It's practically impossible anywhere unless ofcourse they are not spending a dime of their salary which is again unlikely .

If a doctor in the NHS earns 38k, which is about 3100 gross per month. His total deductions per month including pension ( which btw is a lot in the NHS) would be about 1100 and this is me being generous by the way. He/she is left with 2k then comes the bills.. So pray tell how the hell are they saving 2k a month.

Locum..OT overtime work...
Travel / Re: The Adventures Of A New UK Migrant by wowo2: 12:47pm On Dec 21, 2017

Oh ok, but after the one years what's the next?

I concur, after 1 year would one get another international DRiving License?

One will always need a full DL so best to do the theory test, schedule driving lessons and do the practical exam as soon as one can make out time..that way one won’t make silly or costly mistakes when driving.
Education / Re: Top 7 Most Beautiful Campuses In Nigeria by wowo2: 6:59pm On Sep 29, 2017

sorry, please what year was this picture taken.......

Must be a long time ago..I read or heard somewhere that the roof not shown in the picture was added early 1990s so that the Amphitheater could also be used when it rains!

I don't own the copyright to the picture though..I pilfered from the Internet cool
Education / Re: Top 7 Most Beautiful Campuses In Nigeria by wowo2: 5:34pm On Sep 29, 2017

Education / Re: Lady Who Left Nigeria Due To ASUU Strike Graduates From UK With 5.0gp by wowo2: 8:46am On Sep 12, 2017
What's the ranking of that school in the UK?

With the right sponsorship and a little bit of luck, some 2:1 students from any of Nigeria's top 10 universities can pull that stunt in any backwater UK university undecided

And please drop all that stuff about her being best in WAEC... she is a brilliant girl no doubt... But how are we sure her ''miracle center" school had nothing to do with manipulating her results?

Just like her, I got admitted to study law as well in OAU.... And I graduated from the school as well.. . and having a CGPA of 4.53 in 1st year wasn't all that hard for students in the faculty because the courses taken then, apart from SSC102, were all out-of-faculty and pretty basic... La Cram La Pour sturvs... At the end of my 1st year in the faculty of law in OAU, my cgpa was 4.36...and I wasnt even among the top 30 in my class sad.....

Shitt started getting real in 200 level when we started taking majorly law courses... none of us made it out of the faculty with a 1st class..... And some of my class padis who had exceptionally high scores in JAMB and Post-Ume didn't exactly blaze any trails either...

Point is.. .. She is a brilliant girl who had the chance and resources to study abroad in some kinda lowball university.... If she had achieved this feat in one of the top 10 universities in the UK, then I will truly applaud her.. What she has achieved doesn't make her better than her mates who graduated from OAU with a 2:1... Some of them may have done same if they had the opportunity ...Alumni of OAU like myself will understand what I am saying smiley

Oga me , I too graduated from OAU but errmmm, this post is a bit over analytic and critical.

It is as if o Ja e lara je

It is true we don't have the full story of the history of the school etc etc...there may be tens of people like her but let us celebrate with those who celebrate... grin
Career / Re: TV Continental (TVC) Treating Interns Like 'Slaves' - NewTelegraphOnline by wowo2: 9:29am On Sep 02, 2017
What is wrong in dusting your desk yourself or making your own damned tea?!

You know now, they are the ones that when they leave Nigeria, they want to sit in the owner's corner of taxi..
Business / Re: Barclays Bank Asks Nigerians With Less Than £100,000 To Close Their Accounts by wowo2: 8:13am On Aug 03, 2017
Doesn't ring true - some banks have special accounts that require a minimum of 100,000 pounds to operate. Usually those accounts will require someone with high salary payments incoming monthly. This may just be a ploy to get Nigerians with loot money to start opening accounts with them - after all, not many U.K. Citizens can afford it.

In the U.K., the average salary a year is less than 28,000 pounds. Meaning that the ordinary U.K. Citizen finds it hard to save anything after living expenses, they even resort to borrowing.
Education / Re: Elujoba's Trial: Court Grants Erstwhile VC Bail, VC Urges Workers To Resume Work by wowo2: 5:08pm On Jul 15, 2017

you sit in your house and keep quoting your parents, oduduwa hall has nice green cushion seats, underneath the oduduwa hall is ODLT 1 and 2. So i can not be confused here. my dear stop mentioning me.

I am not trying to pick a fight..just correcting. Like I said, Oduduwa Hall is the room with orange and green cushion chairs, Amphi theatre was an open space with concrete seating slabs. ODLT 1 and 2 were never part of the design. Those were added to increase number of lecture rooms. ODLT is not the main Oduduwa hall.
Education / Re: Elujoba's Trial: Court Grants Erstwhile VC Bail, VC Urges Workers To Resume Work by wowo2: 5:06pm On Jul 15, 2017

You are wrong That was the design - all concrete. You must be confusing the Amphitheatre with the Oduduwa Hall. They are separate. My parents have been in the university since 1966 and they dont believe you

...and I have been informed that the Amphitheatre's original design was without a roof! The roof apparently was built after almost 2 decades so the Amphitheatre is useableall year round. Cushions in a facility without a roof wouldnt be a good idea,
Education / Re: Elujoba's Trial: Court Grants Erstwhile VC Bail, VC Urges Workers To Resume Work by wowo2: 5:01pm On Jul 15, 2017
Only if the young ones knew that those concrete slabs in the Africa amphitheater had padded cushions on them before. lipsrsealed

Obviously, your DAD is amongst the young ones i was referring to in my initial post undecided

You are wrong That was the design - all concrete. You must be confusing the Amphitheatre with the Oduduwa Hall. They are separate. My parents have been in the university since 1966 and they dont believe you


Celebrities / Re: Dammy Krane Tried 5 Different Cards In One Hour – TapJets by wowo2: 12:32pm On Jun 04, 2017
I'm still wondering how you can use a stolen credit card to pay for something traceable to you.

I just tire for some people mentality.

Na wa 4 u o.

Your reasoning reminds me of the man whose neighbors caught his wife committing adultery. She somehow forgot to lock the main door to the house and a neighbor came visiting and just walked in to some live love movie.

When the husband arrived, all he kept asking was .."in our house? How could she be doing this in our house?". Instead of being mad at wife for being adulterous, he was lamenting about the venue. Na 4 hotel she suppose dey do am? grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Theresa May Worships At RCCG UK by wowo2: 9:13am On May 29, 2017

They are not Christians..... Its just her trying to tap certain market..

Teresa na omo baba pastor
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Answer The Question "Sell Me This Pen " In A Sales Interview? by wowo2: 9:08am On May 14, 2017
Politics / Re: Police Replies Wike On "Plot To Plant Dollars And Guns In His Residence" by wowo2: 6:53pm On Apr 30, 2017
Has anyone forgotten Governor Wike claimed the ikoyi money belonged to his state?..what a joke.

All these naija politicians and the things they say..not even sure if it is the citizens that are so gullible that should be blamed. Anything they say and some people just believe them without any proof. Anyway sha it happens in America too with Trump and his believers.
Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Disappointed Me, Says Jonathan by wowo2: 7:24pm On Apr 25, 2017
Yeah right...no need to remind us as we already know a la ikoyi episode, that a lot of money left the treasury on the false pretext of fighting insurgency.
Crime / Re: Man Narrates His Horrible Experience With Policemen In Sapele (Photos) by wowo2: 7:44pm On Apr 20, 2017
Incessant Police harassment was a main reason for my leaving Nigeria. You do everything by the book but they harrass you endlessly just to extort money with made up reasons - one document today, another tomorrow. The last experience, I was forced to drive to a police station and immediately my car tyres were deflated. That was it for me - frantic checks of visa requirements to other countries started the next day!

I have stayed away from Nigeria for about a decade and while still doing everything by the book as I did in Nigeria the experience is different. I drive 50 miles at least everyday but I have never been harassed by police. I have only been stopped once - a passenger in my car forgot to use his seat belt. And wait for it...all the police guy did was make my passenger aware and warn him..didn't even ask for the legal penalty due..Nigerian police are there harassing and killing as if they are not human beings.


Politics / Re: Buhari Is A Noisemaker; He’s As Corrupt As Abacha – Lamido by wowo2: 11:23am On Apr 20, 2017
Without Buhari, am sure no one will be talking about fighting corruption...everyone will be OK with GEJ and goats and yams...

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 6:06pm On Feb 18, 2017
Hello House and thanks to all those that have contributed in one way or the other.

Now this is my scenario:
I applied for my Passport renewal and did my capture in London on October 20 2016 and even opted for a special delivery option to my apartment in the UK. Early this month I had to make an emergency travel to Nigeria for some issue that needed sorting so I applied for an emergency travel document which I paid £100 for due to their incompetence( not bothered about that anyway). Now I'm in Nigeria and I need to go back to the UK and I am currently stranded because I have no valid passport and I cant even apply for a new one because they said I have already captured in London. Please house who can advise me on what to do as this is really frustrating.

Concerned Individual

Seems like one way out is to make them produce a passport for you in Nigeria. If you had your passport and loose it while in Nigeria they will have to get you one.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 7:57pm On Feb 03, 2017
For many weeks the U.K. Nigeria house website had those that their passports are ready for collection as those told to collect on or before October 13, 2016. Today, Feb 3 2017, the date on the website has changed to Oct. 14 2016!

Hopefully they are not stamping them with a renewal date of the appointment day - otherwise a passport for 5 yrs can only be used for just over 4 years if it takes almost half a year to produce!!!
Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 7:42am On Jan 23, 2017
Hi, it is the same waiting period in Berlin, Germany. Had to wait five months before collecting my new passport. They told they get it direct from Abuja, that's why. Sad but true

Hmm...thanks doubletroublmum, I almost thought Uk is the only European country/member wink. So this is the likely situation in many other places. Not good at all.

If I were to be Saraki/GEJ/OBJ or Buhari's relative am sure it won't take 5 months to have someone crawl on his hands all the way from UK to Abuja and back with my freshly minted Nigerian passport.

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Travel / Nigerian Passport Renewal Wait Time In The U.K Is A Joke by wowo2: 9:44am On Jan 22, 2017
It takes a wait of 4 months or even more to collect a new passport after your renewal appointment/visit to the Nigerian consulate in London.
It is unheard of in any other part of the world. You wonder what the problems are that they can not be resolved easily in this tech age. Or is the consulate basically unaccountable and there is nobody or team that can take some responsibility to resolve the issues they may have?

Of course I can hear people sarcastically proffer that you should always make sure your appointment is scheduled for at least 4 months before you need your Nigerian passport. But really, it is 2017 - do we have to accept this mediocrity and live like it is the 1980s? I may be wrong - things were probably better then- I can not confidently conjure up a worse time for Nigerians resident in UK to renew their passports.

The UK Nigerian consulate seems to be oblivious of effects this has on their citizens. I have just checked their website below, today Jan 22, 2017 and the regularly updated "High commission News" section says those that their passports are ready are those that should have collected by October 13, 2016. Surely the Nigerian consulate in the U.K. can do better.

Politics / Re: $4.2 Billion Missing In NNPC Under Buhari – US Governance Report by wowo2: 5:03pm On Dec 30, 2016
hmmm..this article and the linked origin website cites ZERO sources...and people are lapping it up a la fake news..
Politics / Re: "We Are Not Responsible For Your Woes" - FG Tells Nigerians by wowo2: 10:02am On Dec 16, 2016
This talk..It is bitter..so it must be the truth
Crime / Re: The Return Of One Chance Criminals In Umuahia: My Experience by wowo2: 6:43am On Oct 11, 2016
Ehn ehn; I just wasted some seconds of my life reading this; no lesson learnt abi ayam not understanding?
Flat headz sef

Happened to me too in port harcourt on Aba road ..after the long meandering story by the supposed thief and contributions by the driver and passengers, they all agreed to go to a house nearby and share the money(apparently hundreds of thousands of dollars and pounds and naira etc belonging to the dead master of the thief). They then asked me if i agreed to the amount they were to collect (something like 20,000 pounds each or 2,000 pounds, the exact figure now eludes me), the first thing that crossed my mind was - it cant be true and if this is really true, where will i tell my family i got the money from and how is this not going to have a repercussion if I should get involved. I was not a prticularly religious fellow so forgive me for not going - is this what Jesus would have done? I went a bit blank and felt light headed but I heard myself saying i was not interested and will drop from the taxi at the next bus stop. The driver stopped the car right there and then and i was pushed out of the taxi on the highway! I walked all the way home afraid to take another taxi. When i got home, the first familiar face person by the gate i started telling the event that just happened, took over halfway and completed the story for me. I did not know it was a rampant thing...those who have ears let them hear. God keep us all.

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