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Forum Games / Re: Re: Post What's On Your Mind Right Now (part 3) by Xionez(m): 4:08pm On Dec 02
when will these guyz finish with all these paperwork.
Celebrities / Re: Photo Of The Day.. One Word For This Man (photo) by Xionez(m): 10:42am On Dec 02
Problem solver or Confused. it depends at the end.

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Celebrities / Re: Actress Princess Pemu And Hubby Showing Out In Their Porsche Ride [PICS] by Xionez(m): 10:41am On Dec 02
**Sees the "This Vehicle is not for sale" sticker in the 3rd and 4th pic**

Celebrities / Re: Reason Why You Don't Kiss Girls You Meet In The Club by Xionez(m): 10:30am On Dec 02
Am like...

Romance / Re: Ladies Wont Like This For Sure; Its Childish To Kneel, Just To Propose Marriage by Xionez(m): 9:22am On Dec 02

haha... No be only! if u like prostrate all u want, if u have an empty pocket, all of em family will uae oney be looking at u, buh when ua well to do, some of dem sef will bow to give u their daughter, imagine if Dangote is single and coming for your daughter, lemme hear u wont bow and give ur daughter a hundred times

If Oga Paul fit cross leg...i gats do better. But i cannot sacrifice my daughters happiness for money. What joy is there to be rich and your daughter sad. DJ Cuppycake is mostly full of smiles (like who would'nt...i know...im just using it in context here) and her dad is equally full of smiles. He cant be smiling and his daughter squeezing face like balled up spent tissue paper. Impossibru.
Investment / Re: Oil Price Hits 16-month High Above $54 On OPEC Output Cut by Xionez(m): 8:38am On Dec 02
If you look at it critically, this was a perfect opportunity (for oil producing nations) to access the performance of the pre-planned strategies in cushioning the effect of any fall in oil prices while also giving enough head room to evade out of any recession.

While other oil producing countries seems have passed the test, Nigeria and a few others have failed woefully. So woefully, you begin to wonder if we had any strategy...even if it was a 2 point agenda. We were literally FLUNG head first into disarray. Fingers were pointed, flimsy excuses were given, the economy was at its tipping edge and recession was beginning to make itself at home.

It becomes more depressing to know that Nigeria will not learn from her mistakes (as usual) and simply would return to the default status quo of making Oil the main source of revenue while other sources are left in the default category, "and others".

To look on the bright side, President Buhari has no excuse again. If he could not manage $40 a barrel despite all odds, is it $60 or even $500 a barrel he would manage.

My advice to him, ignore any news concerning rise in oil revenue. The oil revenue should be left to fill depleted reserves with ordering bimonthly auditing of the account.
He should rather concentrate on making the country stand without slippery support of oil. As independent as we think we are, some other country still dictates our country.

He is both the President and Oil Minister, he has power to do such. The NASS should be forced to play ball by any means necessary.
Romance / Re: Sex Workers Now Issuing Receipts [photo ] by Xionez(m): 10:08pm On Dec 01
lol. Before you know it, na POS machine proper.
Romance / Re: Ladies Wont Like This For Sure; Its Childish To Kneel, Just To Propose Marriage by Xionez(m): 9:52pm On Dec 01
@OP, whats there kwanu?
After you don prostrate finish for her parents, extended family, Elders in the village and probably for her Sisters and/or brothers and/or Cousins and/or close friends to intercede on your behalf... na just to nee dan dey tire you.

Oya na, pray sey you no go find woman wey go knack you pako for head with mad love wey be sey you go deny sey na you open this thread.

Inshort, if you no do am, you go do am later on. You know sey Konji na bastard.
Romance / Re: Ladies Wont Like This For Sure; Its Childish To Kneel, Just To Propose Marriage by Xionez(m): 9:47pm On Dec 01

I really won't mind whether u gonna kneel down or sit or stand... grin

The moment of truth is the Value of the ring u gonna give.. We ladies, we love big rocks on our finger wink

Is this one big enough?!...I still get more in Jos.
Begin dey gym that finger o, no sey i no warn you.


Romance / Re: Ladies Wont Like This For Sure; Its Childish To Kneel, Just To Propose Marriage by Xionez(m): 9:25pm On Dec 01
Lol.. Yu must kneel down o. On both knees. Infact you will raise ur hands join. Yu no wat? Close your eyes and open your mouth.

Na so. Open mouth so that wetin go come happen?. Hope sey you no hold that yeye cucumber.

Celebrities / Re: Yomi Fabiyi: How Nollywood Actress Forced Me To Divorce My Wife Publicly by Xionez(m): 8:26pm On Dec 01
Nairaland sef...
Wetin consign us wit him problem. Make he carry him wahala cross road. We no send am.
TV/Movies / Re: Airtel Excites Nigerians With ‘data Is Life’ Thematic Campaign by Xionez(m): 6:17pm On Dec 01
Hmmm, i just dey look them.
Phones / Re: How Are You Preparing For Dec 1 New Data Rates? by Xionez(m): 7:23am On Nov 30
All those who built up their fortunes using subscriber base like notjustok, LIB etc etc will see a steady fall in webpage views.

It will be pre-2010 all over again.

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Phones / Re: How Are You Preparing For Dec 1 New Data Rates? by Xionez(m): 7:07am On Nov 30
Same here. Did and done. Till July 2017.
Cant do it on Airtel. Dont want to hear that my accumulated gigs has expired just like that.
Celebrities / Re: How Simi Is Reaping From Chidinma's Mistakes by Xionez(m): 8:55pm On Nov 29

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Celebrities / Re: Ice Prince Hooks Up With Empire Series Female Rapper, Freda Gatz (photos) by Xionez(m): 8:50pm On Nov 29
I see 1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, 4
Daddy I can't take no more
I'm sick of watching windows 'fore I walk out the door
I know that's not what I'm here for, it's a brighter day
These bars sit with the Lord, he know my story
I'm a tell it all and live large before I'm 40
Frank Gathers, this your daughter, everybody know

Freda Gathers, we know you!!!
Epic raps. She knows how to drive home the message.
Literature / Re: Diary Of A Broke Playboy by Xionez(m): 2:28pm On Nov 28
Hmmm, ladies sha.
Chipapii, you are spot on.

I had already come to a conclusion that women have dual personalities. Some just don't know it. I didnt base it on literature, but rather experience. My lodge in the university provided all the "materials" i need to butress the one i had.
It is less likely to be seen in those active ones "wey no send" or the ones wey "dia papa na area father for her street". Like father, like daughter type...the ones like Beey cheesy

Its very likely to "manifest" in the gentle and calm ones. the ones that will insult you for the fun of it. The care free type. An open book.

One minute bae is herself. Suddenly, after a serious heartbreak, she becomes someone that you never knew. Doesnt even matter how long you may have known her.

Its kind of frightening to be the bf on the hotseat...but amazing to watch and judge (especially with a cold LaCasera at hand)

A bruh swore that she has been, is or had been previously reading all these romance novels. Someone then asked him when last he saw her read a romance novel and the genre of the book...at least we can blame it on that...but the confused and cloudy look he gave us, while intensively picking his brain, made us to cross that one out. This is dude that has spent more time in her room than in his mother womb and fathers house COMBINED. He can, for example, tell you precisely how many times and when NEPA will bring or take electricity in HER ROOM...with high accuracy.

The resulting effect on us, men, is very interesting. We all experienced a sense of "loyalty" that cannot be bought. Most will say its our conscience talking...we were seeking retribution for our actions...We are soft...bla bla bla. Far from it!. Those feelings are gone once a deed or favour is done but this one is ETERNAL. No word can describe it but if you are in that situation, mehn...you will be or would have been nodding your head unconsciously as you read this.

Nice write up. Naza is bae. Guess James decided to do this instead...

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Politics / Re: The Only Way To Stop Corruption In Nigeria Is By Death Sentence –senators To FG by Xionez(m): 12:15pm On Nov 28
I agree also.
Some would claim that one would see a surge in blackmails but if you you "dey ya lane" and try do do whats right...with evidence of performing such...then who can blackmail/tarnish you.

All these accusations like this person squandered this squandered that, will stop. Everyone would be forced to work with aides, staff or contractors that are not only trustworthy, diligent and thorough but also mind how they interact with other people, both in and out of Government, to avoid getting caught up in any trial of any sort.

The end result is that all these unserious politicians would find other hobbies to partake in, the Government will be like a scared temple and mandates would be efficiently and duly delivered.

The TSA has holes that people can exploit to siphon cash. Imagine a politician moving money with air freight and bullion van with impunity, probably to by-pass such transfer being registered in the Financial Database.
He is further motivated by the fact that, if caught, its just jail time. He comes out at the end of the day feeling like Mandela and with his mounting cash horde waiting for him.

TSA was the first step but Buhari should enforce addition of rapid death penalty to any High level or Low level publc officer holding any office in any agency and being in possession of unaccountable cash. This would address what happens if the money is released. He can then sit back and marvel as how the Government agencies and corporations embark on restructuring (another subtle term for a Purge).
There will also be scape goats which can be used to drive home the seriousness of this clause. A rolling head is enough.

Offices would then be populated with workers and interns who have the actual qualifications and experience to perform that specific job and not just anybody that obtained a Primary School Leaving Certificate

It would be interesting to know which member of the National Assembly voted "Nay" for this inclusion into the Nigerian Constitution. They would probably give one excuse or the other.
A greater percentage would be stammering or 'blowing' incomprehensible grammer (while sweating profusely on the face or arsē and/or unconsciously clutching his neck) when a Journalist asks about his/her view on the topic of Death Penalty.
Literature / Re: Diary Of A Broke Playboy by Xionez(m): 5:49pm On Nov 27
Naza be like...

cheesy cheesy cheesy

Romance / Re: . by Xionez(m): 12:00am On Nov 27
Don't take her number, give her yours.

Better still, follow the following steps

1. Approach her and give her your phone.
2. Tell her you would call her and walk majestically out of her sight.
3. Call later in the day
4. If she picks, proceed to 5. If she doesnt, proceed to 6
5. Chat her up real good and proceed to 9
6. Swear small and redo step 3. If frustrated, next is 7
7. Calm down and move to 8
8. The phone is gone, move to 9
9. Buy a new phone

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Literature / Re: Diary Of A Broke Playboy by Xionez(m): 11:15pm On Nov 26
Lol. Is that all?!
Nothing to laugh about, no craziness or any epic situation?!!!

Beey, i blame you. All was well until you blew in. Like a foul gust of wind from a fertilizer plant, you seem to have thrown the writer off-key.

Clap for yourself, woman. Clap for yourself.

@Chipappii, no offense but please keep it 20+. I may sound harsh but thats what we thought at my end. Todays write-up was a bit....off.


Sports / Re: Chinese Club (shanghai SIPG) Offer Mikel $212,000 (n66m) Per Week by Xionez(m): 8:33pm On Nov 25
Hmmm...per week.
How much does CR7 earn?

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Celebrities / Re: Sad! See How Handsome Man Wasted His Body. Now, The Wife Doesn't Know What To Do by Xionez(m): 8:04pm On Nov 25
Should i call this one Hunch-back or what...

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Crime / Re: An Impersonating Female Army Major Arrested! by Xionez(m): 7:59pm On Nov 25
Major...and she still dey use Flight 11 (trekking) to transport herself.
Lol. She don cast.
Celebrities / Re: Why I Had A Secret Wedding And Never Shared My Husband’s Photo - Di'ja Reveals by Xionez(m): 7:56pm On Nov 25
Mehn, any time i see Di'ja, im like...

Romance / Re: Picture Captured A Headless Guy In A Night Club. by Xionez(m): 7:42pm On Nov 25
In Edo state, abi?!
Romance / Re: CNN 'Accidentally' Airs 30minutes Of Non-stop Hardcore Porn by Xionez(m): 7:28pm On Nov 25
Imagine watching it at d bank smiley be counting money and be having hard on


That day, one would see male cashiers trying to count N6000, in N1000 notes, without making repeated mistakes.

CC Lalasticala.

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Education / Re: Solve This, ONLY For Genius by Xionez(m): 7:14pm On Nov 25
Romance / Re: CNN 'Accidentally' Airs 30minutes Of Non-stop Hardcore Porn by Xionez(m): 7:02pm On Nov 25
Will Smith be like "Whaaaaaaaaa....."

Rick Ross and his goons be like "Jesu!"

But seriously, the content of the video must be strong to hold the camera and technical crew spell bound for 30 freaking minutes before killing it off

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Crime / Re: Prince Eze Madumere Saves Man From Lynching (Photos) by Xionez(m): 5:17pm On Nov 24
Guardian angel at work. Please pay your taxes.
Foreign Affairs / Re: PHOTOS: Kenyan Politician ‘grabs’ Completely Unclad Woman In A Stream by Xionez(m): 1:27pm On Nov 24

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