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Phones / Re: Scam Of Airtel by Xionez(m): 7:50pm On Jun 24
As usual, this wouldn't enter front page.
Yet, folks would do the plan and come back to Nairaland with stories that touches the heart.

Mods, una weldone.

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Phones / Re: Airtel Introduce New Internet Data Plans That Gives You 11GB For 2000 And 22GB F by Xionez(m): 7:43pm On Jun 24
Forget Airtel. Na today?

The 2Gig data plan that they created on EDGE network doesn't even pass 10KB/s. That's the catch.

The so called 3Gig "Unlimited" data plan for 1k is actually 1.5Gb. That's the catch

NOTE: For it to be actually 3Gig, u have to be on Welcome To Airtel plan. Guess what, its a one way lane. Only for new users joining Airtel. You cannot join back if you had opted for another prepaid plans. They probably use this to avoid NCC who would most likely purchase a NEW SIM and test for any bad practices.

The Android 1+1 data plan is for selected few. That's the catch.

The 1Gig Weekend browsing for N100 was also for selected few. THAT'S THE CATCH.

So are you telling me that Airtel will give 11GB for 2000 JUST LIKE THAT. Oga, wise up!

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Phones / Re: Airtel New Subscription... Yeah This Is Competition by Xionez(m): 7:37pm On Jun 24
Forget Airtel. Na today?

The 2Gig data plan that they created on EDGE network doesn't even pass 10KB/s. That's the catch.

The 3Gig "Unlimited" data plan for 1k is actually 1.5Gb. That's the catch

The Android 1+1 data plan is for selected few. That's the catch.

The 1Gig Weekend browsing for N100 was also for selected few. THAT'S THE CATCH.

So are you telling me that Airtel will give 11GB for 2000 JUST LIKE THAT. Oga, wise up!
If it were Glo, i wouldn't bat an eyelid. They can. But Airtel....Mbanuuu.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Oprah Winfrey Turns Down Donald Trump’s Running-mate Offer(picture) by Xionez(m): 2:13pm On Jun 19
Damn, Trump na confam he-goat.
So he wants to ride on the black voters to get to the Oval Office and decided to choose Oprah as the carrot.

So its now he knows he needs the black-americans, feminists and other associating fractions after blowing them up with his statements and rantings.

Well, he might as well kiss is campaign goodbye.


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Politics / Re: Going On Right Now At Eko Hotle & Suites A Review Of The 1999 Constitution. by Xionez(m): 11:28am On Jun 18
Send a pic. From the members in attendance, i would tell you whats going on.
Politics / Re: PHOTO: Why Are People So Mad In This Country? by Xionez(m): 11:26am On Jun 18
Na today u dey enter Lag?
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe With Her Daughter Michelle And Juwon, Her Son by Xionez(m): 2:22pm On Jun 17
what women would do to feature on BellaNaija these days
Politics / Re: Benue Governor Ortom Working On His Farm by Xionez(m): 1:37pm On Jun 17
Seriously, like who goes to his farm with a crowd and a photographer?

He should shut his 32s. Carrying weeds isn't hard work.
I remember a pic of Tafawa Balewa in his farm doing his farming, Gandhi spinning his cotton and a host of others. They were all serious. Not brandishing discolored 32s.

If you don't take things serious, how will the people take your actions and the message serious?

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Family / Re: Only Introverts Will Understand These by Xionez(m): 2:19pm On Jun 16
smiley As long there is light, food and internet connection; with my phone and laptop i can stay indoor for a month.
The feeling is so nice.

Amen to that.
A good peace and quiet, is it so much to ask for nowadays?


Politics / Re: Plans Underway For National Rebirth- Lai Mohammed by Xionez(m): 2:14pm On Jun 16
Lai Lai


Celebrities / Re: Chika Ike Shares Photos From Her Dubai Vacation by Xionez(m): 12:56pm On Jun 03
Celebrities / Re: Kim Kardashian To Replace Cookie On Empire Season3 by Xionez(m): 10:04am On Jun 03

They should better not lay a hand on Taraji o.
Her charisma, facial expressions and general acting is too perfect. Love the way she plays her part too well. She flaunts around, jokes, twerks and reasons sense into egoistic men...and beats it into others.
Its always a pleasure to watch her 'bite and sooth' Lucious.

It is unthinkable for anybody to suggest an alternative for the role of Cookie.

Watched some movies and series which Kim made appearances. With the modified face, its hard for her to really express herself. She is a bit...souless at times. Struts about like its ikebé all viewers come to see.
If i wanted that, i'd search for porn. No use deceiving myself.

Can Kim play the decisive woman who knows how to put men in their place?!
Lemme hear a resounding "Hell No" by clicking like.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo And Wike At Ogoniland Clean-Up Launch. Guess What VP Was Telling Wike by Xionez(m): 9:20am On Jun 03
WIKE: Anything?

OSIBANJO: No o. i just wan release mess. Fear dey upset my stomach. Hope sey dem no go show?

POLICEMAN: Wike, thunder fire you there. Cant you excuse yourself and mess elsewhere!

AIDE: Jesu, VP. Warris is all these?
Culture / Re: Wow! See This Village Where It Is An Abomination To Have Doors In Your House by Xionez(m): 10:59pm On Jun 01
For Naija, its burglarproof door, followed by an additional bulletproof door, followed by 2 hard steel bars that makes an 'X', followed by mosquito net door then finally a crucifix, one-kill charms or a quote from the Holy Book (all depending on the religion).

Each layer of barricade having its own heavy duty padlock.

All these to confer protection from whatever principalities and powers that operate in the night...including pesky mosquitoes.

Ah, don't also forget the extra layer of defense. The loaded gun/dagger/bible (also depending on the religion) under the pillow, the tight jeans beneath the fine silk nightwear or the well sharpened machete strategically placed next to the window for a prompt and effortless beheading of an unfortunate soul who decides to poke his head through the iron bars to scout the wrongly chosen abode.

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Education / Re: Secondary School Girls Twerk Infront Of Teachers And Parents (PICS) by Xionez(m): 10:30pm On Jun 01
What other dance step do girls av if no be to shake nyash?.. Op abeg jor

Dem suppose clap their hands.

And the girl in green (on the right) just went full slowpoke in the last pic. Is that a dance step?
Foreign Affairs / Re: #gotthardtunnel: Switzerland Opens Epic $12bn World's Longest & Deepest Tunnel by Xionez(m): 9:46pm On Jun 01
Hmmm. Imagine. They had didn't even invite us despite using our seemingly unlimited loot.

No "Proudly Sponsored by Nigerians" or "With Thanks to Nigerian dimwits" or "Sponsored by Abacha...". NOTHING!!!

Na so people dey show appreciation?
Romance / Re: She Keeps Telling Me To Buy Her Bananas by Xionez(m): 9:24pm On Jun 01
And here i am googling for the cost and upkeep of a pet monkey.
Wanti wanti no get...getti getti no want.
Education / Re: Secondary School Girls Twerk Infront Of Teachers And Parents (PICS) by Xionez(m): 9:21pm On Jun 01
Morals...is that Latin?
I thought those words were removed from the dictionary since this present generation see no use for it.

Correct!!! My day just keeps on making sense...FTC (Fifth to Comment) and FP.
Heysss, Seun. Wia my award?

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Nairaland / General / Re: Why Do Grandpa Most Times Die Before Grandma by Xionez(m): 9:17pm On Jun 01
Maybe its because of what our present generations wear?!!!

A skimpy outfit brings scorn and rebuke by grandmothers (no adverse effect)...but has an overwhelming effect on the heartbeat of our poor old grandpas. That's stress on a frail heart. Go figure.

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Phones / Re: Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion by Xionez(m): 6:29pm On May 29

I agree with you that it MAY not fly here (that statement is subjective because it depends on perspective) due to the practical reasons you gave but let tell you of my personal preferences.

1. I do not like having apps that don't offer me a better experience than i can get on a website. That's why I will never download apps for shopping online.

2. instead of installing multiple apps, why not install a container in which they can all function optimally? it'll save me disk space!

3. Some people don't care about data savings. I know someone who is a Glo postpaid customer. he gets 5gb every month. he still subscribes etisalat for his q5 and has spectranet internet at work. to him, data is nothing. he calls me to come and download sef so that the thing will finish

the point is opera appeals to those who love data savings above the user experience but it is not yet a better browser than Mozilla, chrome and safari (it doesn't even come close)

Made a mistake. I should have phrased my reply in a subjective context.
Post edited to reflect assumptions.

Like they say, to each his own.
Phones / Re: Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion by Xionez(m): 6:20pm On May 29
lol I'm surprised at your comment. I updated my opera to the latest version and regretted. It can no longer download anything, no option to save pages. Nothing

I'm using the latest i presume...16.0.2168.
The saved pages is there. Click the + button to the left of the address bar and choose "Save for Offline"

The down side is that it "semi-saves" it to Media storage ie on reinstalling OperaMini, one cannot recall it from Media Storage like those days of Symbian.
UCWeb and Mozilla (thanks to SimiOlu for the notice)...can call them up from anywhere.

Download works for me as far as i am using a full data bundle. Doesn't work with OperaMini bundle on Airtel except its less than 2MB insize and its in picture format.
Phones / Re: Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion by Xionez(m): 5:57pm On May 29

If you're a website developer, you'd hate Opera. opera doesn't have the capacity to optimise the web app experience like chrome and Mozilla. Chrome, safari and torch browsers are built on the WebKit framework which opera does not support. Also, it's this part or the world that cares about data savings. so we want to save data at the expense of better use experience. if you don't understand let me ask you. between Mozilla, chrome, uc browser and opera, which ones offer a better experience on websites like Facebook, twitter, eBay, Amazon, yahoo mail, gmail etc?

as I type this, eBay and Amazon no longer support opera mobile (you can't access them with opera mini or Opera). I believe that in there nearest future, if opera doesn't offer a better web app experience, other major companies will drop it.

BTW, Mozilla allowance you to save a page for offline view as a PDF file. I just thought I'd add that

I like this.
The internet space is all about Ads. Delivering dynamic content to the users. OperaMini only offers static ads which doesn't go down well with websites which have advertisements as one of their source of revenue, if not the only source. Eg Amazon, eBay, Instagram etc etc.

So more content, more work, more RAM, more data, more tasks for the SOC, more battery drain.

With their numerous open WiFi hotspots, near constant power supply and subsidized handhelds, its easy to constantly modify web experience.

But down here, such things doesn't often fly.
They don't pay for our data, power supply is erratic, prizes of phones not subsidized (no payment plan to even speak of). Even payment for advertised services is often difficult.

Slim and static and functional is the watchword in this case. This is why OperaMini seems to be king.
If they want a more dynamic and interactive UI with all the eye candy, they may download the app. Ask Konga and Jumia.

In essence, Chrome may not fly here due to PRACTICAL reasons, but in theory, its okay as a browser.

Phones / Re: Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion by Xionez(m): 5:29pm On May 29
Chrome and Firefox, MOBILE-wise, are not good broswers. However, the only good thing about them is their ability to better render complex, animated websites with convoluted menu.

Very true. Chrome is better than Mozilla in this regard.
Most sites and devs see Chrome as the most common browser on Android especially for a day to day user. Browsers have their user agents set as 'Chrome' just so they can get these sites to function well on their apps.

I've downloaded virtually all the browsers on Playstore, as at last April, just to get a balance between RAM, Battery and Data usage.

Finally settled with OperaMini for day to day browsing and UCWeb to browse rebellious sites that refuse to render well on OperaMini (Engadget, i am looking at you) and also to download large files.
Phones / Re: Opera Is About To Be Bought By A Chinese Consortium For About $1.2 Billion by Xionez(m): 7:18am On May 29
Chrome my foot.
That browser is bad news on Mobile. its doesn't actually close, consumes RAM like no mans business and lemme not get started on the data it consumes...even while browsing Facebook. Data Savings mode my foot.

I've got 31 tabs on OperaMini and RAM usage doesn't pass 35MB. You can quit the browser and it shuts down fully.

With Chrome, just 6 tabs is 39MB gone. No option to close the browser so its either you relegate it to background or u force close. Restart phone and its one of the first things to boot up.

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Celebrities / Re: Tolu & Tunde Demuren Are Officially Married (photos) by Xionez(m): 12:37pm On May 28
*starts stopwatch*
Lol. Happy Married Life to them newly weds
Celebrities / Re: Pretty Actress, Daniella Okeke Flaunsts Her Hot Legs In This New Outfit by Xionez(m): 12:29pm On May 28
the exhaust of that 4X4 seems off...the one on the left.
Nairaland / General / Re: Yeahhh!!!toolz And Tunde Demuren Are Officially Married... #tsquarewedding by Xionez(m): 12:27pm On May 28
*starts stopwatch*
Lol. Just kidding. Wishing them a happy married life.
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny Memorable Quotes From President Robert Mugabe by Xionez(m): 12:22pm On May 28
1,4 and 5
Phones / Re: Glo Introduces New Cheap Data Plans by Xionez(m): 12:16pm On May 28
Hia. Op, whats new about those data?. It has been like that since when...


Celebrities / Re: Shocking As A Man joystick Was Bitten By 10 Foot Python While Using His Toilet by Xionez(m): 11:43am On May 28
End time snake
Crime / Re: What Would You Do If You Could Be Invisible For Thirty-five Minutes On The Dot? by Xionez(m): 10:33am On May 14
Trail another politician carrying N950mill loot to "share". Once i get to the point, park my car close and start the 35minutes invisiblity (grab my taser gun and rope just in case)

Not less than 4 ghana-must-go will miss that day.

Alert the EFCC afterwards.
Romance / Re: Another Tiwa Vs Teebillz - Kylie Jenner Dumps Tyga Because He's Now Broke? by Xionez(m): 10:27am On May 14
when i saw TMZ, i stopped reading.
Their news is based on perceptions buttressed with fibs and not the actual facts.

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