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Phones / Re: The Most Expensive Phone On Earth by Xionez(m): 3:22pm On Jul 17
as much as you wanna be patriotic, the Amosu phone is NOT the most expensive phone on earth, BY FAR. . . . . .i suggest you google[b] Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition[/b]. with a price tag of $8 million, it is about 100times more expensive than the amosu one.
then there is also the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme at $3.2 million, or the Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone at
$2.4 million without forgetting the GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique at $1.4 million, and finally the Diamond Crypto Smartphone at $1.3 million.

so as you can see, unless the Amosu phone costs more than 8 million DOLLARS, i doubt it will ever be in the league of the most expensive phone on earth, wont even make it in the top ten, lol!

This is the year 2016.
Omo mehn, we don go far o.
Blackberry and Nokia are nowhere to be found. Samsung is King as well as some Asian phones that are cheap but pack a punch.

iPhone 4 and 3GS is dirt cheap. Like nylon bag cheap.

Apple, as usual, is about to cause a major distortion in the music industry by killing off the 3.5mm jack and making use of the Lightening Port instead. Its like using your Nokia pin mouth head to listen to music. It remains to be seen if Samsung and others follow suit by killing off the jack and replacing it with Type-C micro port (its a new improved micro-usb port). Some have joined in just for bragging rights but the major players are still waiting to see if Apple is serious.

But Dollar no dey hia o. N325 to a dollar presently.
Pls dont vote for PDP. 16years and nothing to show for it. APC is in power but they look very much confused on how to go about governing. Like lobbying vigorously to get a position you know NOTHING about.
Celebrities / Re: See How People Blasted A Man Who Mocked Man That Knelt Down 2 Propose 2 His Girl by Xionez(m): 12:33pm On Jul 17
So he should climb the pulpit and propose abi?!. I can just imagine.

Him: Heyss, you!

Her: Me?!

Him: Awon werey, yes you. Come hia.

Her: *Decides to come. Stands by his side*

Him: Are you high, stand in front of here joor *points to the front of the pulpit*

Her: *angrily relocates*

Him: I want to marry you - SAY YES!

Her: *expresses shock*

Him: Oga, i go sand ya daughter o. I no get time to waste here o.
Say yes before i kant twee. One...twoo...

What happens next is left to your imagination.
Jokes Etc / Re: Is This Man Inside Or Outside?-puzzle by Xionez(m): 12:20pm On Jul 17
Angle of the cast shadow, the writings on the wall, the downward slope of the hill...

Yeap, he is inside alright.

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Celebrities / Re: Oluwanishola Ogudugu Shows Much Skin In The Presence Of Her Son? by Xionez(m): 12:16pm On Jul 17
Cant see any skin...better yet, cant see how itz anyonez businezzz.

Ghanaians are right, we give too much attention to our celebrities.


Romance / Re: Most Ladies Always Say Their Ex Joystick Is Small After Breakup Why? by Xionez(m): 12:13pm On Jul 17
Ladies is not fair at all, why is it that after breakup you will come on social media and lie to the world that ur ex joystick small and he could not satisfy u, u were only managing before? So u mean to say u deep down u a are well? Na so this lady for one of previous post she come d cast her ex boyfriend.

Aha ah now. Have a heart.
Send her N50 roll of tissue and a poorly written consolation card.
Romance / Re: See The Photo Of This Couple That Went Viral. by Xionez(m): 4:06pm On Jul 15
Okay, ive seen. But Nairaland ladies, lets speak the truth ho haa...

If this guy (the black African version with the same hair) comes your way to seek your heart for possible marriage, will you agree?

Like - Yes o!!!!!!
Share - Maybe, maybe NOT!
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: New Acting Police IG Pays Visit To The Defence Headquarters In Abuja. by Xionez(m): 3:58pm On Jul 15
See the way he is acting like the Police IG. Oga, start work first. When you perform, the will make your position Permanent.
Love the Armed Forces. They don't dull when it comes to smart dressing.
Phones / Re: Beware Of Data Salers Here. How I Was Scam Today by Xionez(m): 12:57am On Jul 15
Get from Rooneyboy. Here is his number 08036998597. He is, IMHO, my first and last bus top. Always available but i wouldn't fib, due to the number of customers it would take time for him to answer you. But once its your turn, it will be done.

He is also on Nairaland. Check for a thread created by him on the Tech Market.

Since i met him, i get my data as paid for. No stories.

P.S. Rooneyboy, no slack o. If you mess up, i will just edit this comment. Simples. This is the very first time i am recommending someone on NL since i created this username and i always try my very best to get my facts so that it can help others.

The number of scams on NL is getting out of hand. Please, deal with data resellers that have been recommended by not less than 25 usernames, who are also active members of NL and not someone that just registered less than a year ago.

I did my research well and landed with him. Been satisfied ever since.
Fashion / Re: Lady Wears A Transparent Aso Ebi To Wedding Ceremony, Gets Slammed [PICS] by Xionez(m): 8:05pm On Jul 12
*in the voice of Emmanuella*

Its a free world...

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Celebrities / Re: Oge Okoye Rocks Bumshort, Felt Like Stealing The Pretty Kid She Met At A Tour by Xionez(m): 8:31pm On Jul 11
Let her steal the child na.
Is it not a suspected kidnapper they nearly "anointed" with fire today in Lagos toda...oh boyyyy

Na the child hair be dat?!!!!!!!!!!

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Business / Re: Dilapidated Union Bank In Chibok Town by Xionez(m): 5:19pm On Jul 11
Union Bank...Big, Strong and Reliable.

This branch "begs to differ"

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Family / Re: How Do I Stop This Teenage Girl From Falling In Luv Wit Me by Xionez(m): 5:15pm On Jul 11

When she starts her usual chatting, try and steer the conversation to marriage things like bringing up Tiwa's marriage and steering it to how you are not ready for such. Once she starts trying to convince you...which i know she would...just drop a cluster bomb to incinerate whatever thoughts she has built up around you. Something like...

"Wait o, i hope you are not interested in me because na only you go run that lane. Smallie, you are better than that"

Something like this should be enough to make her do a rethink.

If she appears embarrassed, smile a bit to make her at ease. Its at this point that you IMMEDIATELY give her fatherly advice about her stage in puberty, impact on her studies, how you will always look out for her and being a mentor in the best way you can, how she will see someone who is fits her, usual key called patience...the whole works.
Do as not as much as give her time to think and start making a mountain out of this mole hill. Make your presence prominent. Once done, ask about her studies, it should make her scurry off.

Call her 'Smallie' again when next you come to eat or chat. If she says she doesn't like it, then you stop. The message has been sent, received, read and digested!

If she isn't embarrassed, shy or anything akin to disappointment. And she starts professing her undying love to you, then its more than serious. Just RELOCATE!!!
The love will fade as days goes.


"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned"

-Mourning Bride by William Congreve (1670-1729):

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Phones / Re: Meaning Of "G, E, 3g, H, H+ And 4g" On Your Mobile Phone by Xionez(m): 4:24pm On Jul 11
What about H++
New programming language for Network Engineers.
Phones / Re: Meaning Of "G, E, 3g, H, H+ And 4g" On Your Mobile Phone by Xionez(m): 4:13pm On Jul 11
The phone was carrier branded...T-mobile!

Some carriers sabi lie. No wonder they try as much as possible to customize Android OS before selling it.
Talk about repackaged lies.

Phones / Re: Meaning Of "G, E, 3g, H, H+ And 4g" On Your Mobile Phone by Xionez(m): 4:12pm On Jul 11
When my friends LG G4 showed 4G full service on MTN network...in my village.

Celebrities / Re: Promoter Accused Iyanya For Allegedly Owing Hotel Bill Since July 4th by Xionez(m): 4:12pm On Jul 11
When Iyanya starts singing KUKERE

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Politics / Re: Sex Scandal: Reps Summon US Ambassador, NHRC by Xionez(m): 3:35pm On Jul 11
Initial gra gra.
Even if they get 4K video from the heavens, nothing will happen. The news would die an already predetermined death.
Romance / Re: Boy/guyfriend Says He's Always Thinking About Me And Looking At My Photos? by Xionez(m): 9:40pm On Jul 10
Mamagee3, you and this your bf. Marry him so that we can hear word.


Romance / Re: Will You Continue In A Relationship With A Girl After Seeing This? by Xionez(m): 9:35pm On Jul 10
i would be like...

Celebrities / Re: Lucy Of Rudeboy Records In A Cute Bikini Selfie by Xionez(m): 9:22pm On Jul 10
Still waiting for her to even enter the music industry not to talk of taking over.
Celebrities / Re: Rukky Sanda Effortlessly Stunning In Gown As She Flaunts Her New Black Hair by Xionez(m): 9:20pm On Jul 10
Women and PicMix are like this...

Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Sitting On Charlyboy's Lap by Xionez(m): 9:17pm On Jul 10
Nairaland and anything Linda are like this...

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TV/Movies / Re: 10 Images That Prove Special Effects Have Improved In Nollywood (graphic) by Xionez(m): 9:12pm On Jul 10
I beg to differ
Romance / Re: Boyfriend Is Finding Out Details About Me From An Unknown Source. Help!!! by Xionez(m): 9:05pm On Jul 10
Lol @ mamagee3

He sabi work. Detective work.
If only he can trace the dude that put this up on FP, i would vote him as Mr.NL
Celebrities / Re: This 10 Photos Shows That Ebube Nwangbo Is A Sexy Hot Actress [agreed Or Not] by Xionez(m): 1:03am On Jul 10
Wereiszit na?
Crime / Re: NSCDC Apprehends 3 Suspects With Human Head In Niger State by Xionez(m): 1:01am On Jul 10
Click fire!
Crime / Re: Power Failure: See What A Man Was Caught Doing On An Electric Pole by Xionez(m): 12:59am On Jul 10
lol....nobody will ask him to come down once phcn bring light...

Lol. that's if the current passing through those wires doesn't notify him first...a brutal silent notification.

Wish him a Happy Electricity Day
Science/Technology / Re: Big Whale At Bar Beach In Lagos, Nigeria (Throwback Video, Photos) by Xionez(m): 12:47am On Jul 10
Na wa o.
That's how it starts. i wonder who was the first person to eat dog meat...and why?!

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Family / Re: Timetable For Sex For Married Couples, Good Or Not? by Xionez(m): 12:06am On Jul 10
Mehn, twice a week?!!!
She is not feeling it any more. The lady seems stressed out. STRESSED OUT!!!

Try and take her out, to the pool side, beach, holiday...anywhere. Just find a way of making her relaxed every weekends. Boost it with a few surprises like cooked dinner or takeaways from posh restaurants and eateries on weekdays. Load up on the ice cream with additional purchase of her favorite genre of movies. It seems to calm women down. A good laugh or an emotional cry is enough to make her feel relaxed.

Forget about your sexual needs a bit. She definitely would LET YOU KNOW if you play your cards right. wink

Buttttt, If you don't mind making love to a plank of wood, choose Thursdays and Sundays.
On Thursdays, she may be very tired due to work so there is every guarantee she would be very stiff. The thought of the work waiting for her on Monday would equally make her very stiff on Sundays
Happy Planking! sad

TIP: While she is bawling her eyes out from the emotional film/having a laugh, have your bath and smell fresh. She would like to hug or be close to someone (YOU!!!) at the end. And that someone shouldn't have BODY ODOUR of any sort. Let her lead you, don't force it. It will surely come.

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Romance / Re: How Do Ladies Flirt With Guys by Xionez(m): 11:37pm On Jul 09
SirMicheals, observe your surroundings well. There should be a Location ID reading FRIENDZONE somewhere there.

This is a suitable location where most landladies lead their male friends to. At this point, there is nothing much u can do than because

1. Some get frustrated and leave.
2. Some stay, try to modify the zone...but on bumping into another lady out the window, they pick up their bags and vamoose. (most often the landlady returns to find her tenant has gone and start lamenting)
3. Some stay for months till she decides to demolish the zone so that she can build a home with her future husband. At which point, they are left with no option than to leave.
4. Some breaks zone walls..only to get her angry and pissed.
5. Some luckily gets a chance to prove themselves capable of being Landlords of their hearts.

Hope you are the 5 because she seems to be free around you.

Forget about letting your intentions known, she has a boyfriend as she seems to point out. Prove that you are a better candidate but be yourself (because she likes you for who you already are. If she didn't, we wouldn't be here).
Know her turn on and offs, reactions to various forms of surprises, likes - dislikes, causes and their associating effects of her various mood swings etc etc and Bamm, you just work your way from there.

If you finally meet a brick wall, i doubt another lady hasn't become envious of the affection you showered on the babe and would try to get herself noticed one way or the other. It would be a moon-walk in this case,no hard work needed.

Goodluck...you will need it where you are going.
Romance / Re: How A Nairaland Girl Curved Me. True Life Story. by Xionez(m): 10:56pm On Jul 09
Date: 2012. Precise date unknown
Time: ~ 10pm


Me: Hello

Her: Hi

Me: Lolz, so you finally gave me your number on...

Her: Bye *ends call*

Me: *looks at the phone screen*

Me: *see image below*

U see Nairaland babes wey don tey since 2012. Fear them. They have experience in "Public Relations"

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