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Dr. John Hagee: Women Who Call God’s Name During Sex Should Be Jailed / Church Of England Is Satanic Wants To Call God A Woman / What Do Arab Christians Call God? (2) (3) (4)

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Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by hrm93: 11:07pm On Oct 01, 2012
I call him the ETERNAL BENDER.He is encompassing,wetin him no fit bend?
Water ,Air,Earth or Fire.
Even pass AVATAR AANG.
Truly He is the One who always is.
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Cutejay(f): 11:36pm On Oct 01, 2012
all4naija: Bwahaha... You are just assuming all those things.
how can u call a personal experience assumption? Anyways i cant trade words with i don't av time to waste. But my prayer for you is that you know the truth before it becomes too late.
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Nobody: 9:09am On Oct 02, 2012
Cutejay: how can u call a personal experience assumption? Anyways i cant trade words with i don't av time to waste. But my prayer for you is that you know the truth before it becomes too late.
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Nobody: 4:43pm On Oct 02, 2012

I couldn't have said it better! Although, she could explain her assertions, which is more questioning about her claims.
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Orikinla(m): 1:08pm On Oct 07, 2012


99% of people on Nairaland have not seen half of what I have seen as the son of a certified meta-physician and IFA priest who spoke over 25 languages in his life time and was a combatant during World War 2 and yet believed in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who has never had a personal encounter with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit cannot defend his or her faith.
Because our faith is our strength, our health and our wealth on earth.

Personally I feel sorry for most humans, because of their ignorance.
And ignorance kills.
Most of those who claim to be Christians in Nigeria don't know God, because they don't have any true relationship with God.
Going to church, reading the Holy Bible and praying will be meaningless without meeting God in spirit.
Until you meet with God in spirit, you don't know Him.

I am online to relate with people and often show them the light and I do so by also showing my own imperfections, temptations, trials and weaknesses and still overcoming the challenges and sharing my triumphs all the way.

Today, millions of Nigerians and others in the world know about the annual Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF), Nollywood Divas Awards, Screen Naija, One Village, One Cinema Project, Screen Outdoor Open Air Cinema, International Digital Post Network Limited publishers of Nigerians Reports, Nigerian Times, Kisses 'n' Roses, TALK OF THE TOWN, and other websites. But how did they come about?
Everything was seen in a night vigil at the Trinity Tabernacle Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) over 10 years ago when I did not even know how to use the internet. Do you know how much they are worth?
Even the total worth of the Dangote Group cannot be compared to the worth of the annual Eko International Film Festival that will end up as an institution in the Nigerian film industry.
Do you know how much is the total worth of Hollywood?

That is why I will not exchange my life for that of Alhaji Aliko Dangote or my namesake Mike.
Because what God has given me is bigger, greater and mightier than what they have and will also last longer.
The American Academy Awards is over 84 years old and the Cannes Film Festival is over 64 years old.
Now do you get the big picture of what the infinite creator of the whole universe has given me?[/size]

[size=28pt]Read Miracle of Miracles

MIRACLE OF MIRACLES is a young upper class Iranian girl's stirring true testimony about how Jesus Christ found her and her husband in Tehran, and how and why they had to escape Iran to avoid execution by radical Muslims. Their crime? They converted from Islam to Christianity. Rejected by her family who she loves, and an utter outcast in her homeland, Mina and her husband made a harrowing journey across the mountains to Turkey, then to Europe, and lastly to America.

In Mina's book she tells of the Lord Jesus' miraculous radiant appearance to an elderly Muslim theologian in Iran., and about Jesus telling this man he is not Allah! Jesus then tells this man that He is "the Bread of Life", and words similar to His (Jesus') blood washes sins away. Realizing whom he is dealing with, the man asks Jesus to accept him.

If you have any doubt that the Lord Jesus Himself is leading the way and is seeking out worthy believers in Muslim countries --you won't after reading this book of true miracles.

This is a MUST READ if you are a Muslim who has ever wondered why Allah insists that you pray, not in your native language; or why your prayers with Allah always seem to be empty, pointless and one-way. Come out to freedom, and leave all these meaningless rituals behind. Stop misdirecting your sweet and worthy prayers to a deity who simply is not either alive, or there. This is also a MUST READ for any Christian who doesn't believe in miracles, or who wants to meet Muslims face to face and learn about them.

YOU WON'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN, because the honesty and sincerity of the writer oozes through every page. And her love for the living Lord Jesus is real.[/size]

[size=28pt]Parents, Islamic Extremists Beat Young Woman in India

NEW DELHI, March 20 (CDN) — A young woman was thrown out of her home this month for daring to give thanks for healing in Christ’s name in a predominantly Muslim village in India’s West Bengal state, and then her parents helped Islamic extremists to beat her nearly unconscious.

The attack on Rekha Khatoon, 22, took place on March 9 in Nutangram, Murshidabad.

“I boldly told those who beat me up that I may leave my parents, but that I will not leave Jesus,” Khatoon said. “Jesus has healed me, and I cannot forget Him.”

In a village where hard-line Muslims have threatened to kill the 25 families who initially showed interest in Christ, leaving only five frightened Christian families, Khatoon was returning from worship with Believers Church at Al Hamdulillah Hall when her parents and Muslim extremists attacked her, she said. They called her a pagan, among other verbal abuse.

The mob also harassed the Christian woman who encouraged Khatoon to trust Christ as Lord, Aimazan Bibi, said Bashir Pal, pastor and founder of the village Believers Church.

“On the same night, Rekha Khatoon’s father, Nistar Shaike, and about 20 Muslim radicals surrounded Aimazan’s house, shouted anti-Christian slogans, threatened to harm her and her family and falsely accused her of ‘luring’ Rekha to convert to Christianity,” Pastor Pal told Compass.

After finding herself alone on a road after the beating, Khatoon had taken refuge in Aimazan Bibi’s home.

Khatoon had met Amaizan Bibi last year and told her about a reproductive ailment that caused her to bleed heavily, and the older woman had shared both the gospel of Christ and His healing power with her, Pastor Pal said.

“After Rekha Khatoon came to know about her ailment, she met one of our church members, Aimazan Bibi, and she shared her physical problem with her and told her that her illness was getting worse as she was not able to purchase medicines anymore,” he said.

Aimazan Bibi also invited Khatoon to attend church. On Dec. 23, Khatoon came to the worship center, where Christian women laid hands on her, he said. The pastor and congregation prayed for God’s healing touch in Jesus’ name.

“She received healing from Christ, and thereafter she attended the worship services whenever she could,” Pastor Pal said. “On Jan. 17, Khatoon attended one house church meeting in her village and once again testified that Jesus has healed her, and that she had not taken any medicine since Dec. 23.”

He said the Muslim extremists warned Khatoon not to have contact with Christians. West Bengal is 25.2 percent Muslim, with Hindus in the predominantly Hindu country making up 72.5 percent of the population in the state, according to Operation World. The state, which borders Muslim-majority Bangladesh, is only 0.6 percent Christian.

Upon learning that she was attending Christian worship meetings, her parents had strictly warned her not to have any relationships with Christians and not to attend their fellowship, Aimazan Bibi said.

“However, she told them that she cannot forget Jesus and His love for her,” she said.

Pastor Pal’s wife, nurse Anasea Pal, added that at another house church meeting, Khatoon brought her sister and talked about the healing she had received from Christ.

Khatoon has since relocated to another area, where she lives largely confined for her own protection.

Khatoon and her mother had attended worship services at the church previously; they began there in 2009 until area Muslims, furious to hear that several women were attending worship services, warned them to cease all contact with Christians or else they would face harm. The local mosque then offered Khatoon’s mother a job carrying food for the local Islamic leader to ensure she stopped all contact with Christians.

She also stopped Khatoon from attending Christian meetings.

Tensions prevail in the area, with enraged Muslim radicals threatening to hurt the five Christian families on the slightest pretext. In addition to harassing Aimazan Bibi, Islamic extremists have ruined her son Sirajul Shaike’s business, throwing away all his vegetables and chasing him out of the village market.

“It is very difficult for them now, since selling vegetables was the main source of income for the family,” Pastor Pal said.

Christians in the village have endured all manner of physical torture and social boycotts at the hand of Muslim extremists, Pastor Pal said. He added that the extremists are not allowing Christians to enter the village.

c. 2012 Compass Direct News. Used with permission.

Publication date: March 21, 2012


When Dr. Kolawole Daniel Olukoya was born some forty­ five years ago, little did his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olukoya, know that they had taken delivery of an exceptional child ordained by God to fulfill a destiny that would in turn, positively affect the destiny of others. And in pursuit of that destiny, Dr. Olukoya laid down an academic blueprint whose pedigree remains outstanding. At Saint John’s CAC Primary School, Akure in Ondo State, and Saint Jude’s primary School, Ebute Metta, Lagos where he completed his primary education, excellence was his watch word. Rather than occupy himself with exuberance that was a common feature among the, youths, he developed a passion for God. Dr. Daniel Olukoya’s academic profile took a leap while at Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos , where he graduated with Grade One Distinction and was the best student in his set. Not one known to rest on his oars, he took his academic exploits to the prestigious University of Lagos and, as would be expected, the genius in him proved that all earlier outstanding academic results were no fluke, as he graduated with a first class honours degree. In fact it was the first from the department since the university was established in 1962.

Dr. Olukoya’s thirst for more academic laurels found expression at the University of Reading, UK, where, with a Commonwealth scholarship, he studied for a PhD in Molecular Genet­ics, which was completed in record time, making him probably the first Nigerian to obtain a Ph.D. in this subject area. With such an intimidating academic resume! it was only natural that opportunities would beckon. But not even the pressure. to stay back in England could sway him from returning to Nigeria. His first port of call on arrival was the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba. He was a lecturer as well as external examiner to a number of Nigerian universities, among them the University of Lagos , UNILAG and university of Benin, UNIBEN.

Dr. olukoya is on record as having been the first scientist to establish an indigenous Molecular Biology and Biotechnology laboratory in Nigeria. One important contribution by Dr. Olukoya to biotechnology and health care delivery is the creation of a new type of Pap (Ogi), named Dogik, a weaning food that has improved nutritional qualities that can control diarrhea. The laboratory also ranks among the first to done genes in Nigeria.

Dr. Olukoya has supervised over 20 Ph.D. students, most of whom are doing well in their chosen fields. As a researcher, he has over 80 scientific publications to his credit. Notwithstanding his exploits on the academic turf, he de­votes much of his time to God through preaching, delivering papers at seminars, singing etc. That Dr. Olukoya would become a mighty tool in the hands of God to serve as a vehicle of deliverance for his generation manifested in 1989, when Mountain of Fire and Miracles Minis­tries was given birth to in his sitting room at Yaba, with 24 worshippers. And like the story of the acorn seed that metamorphosed into the great oak tree with several branches providing nests to all birds of varied proportions, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, with only 18 years presence, has exponentially own to be found in several, arts of the world, even as 2007 has been expressly declared by the General Overseer as the year for evangelism. MFM has thousands of branches spread across Nigeria , Africa and Asia . A huge percentage of branches are also located in the United States and Europe .

The Ministry is noted for its unique, powerful prayers that are fast redefining the major strategic input that puts the devil and his cohorts in the most bemused of confusion. MFM headquarters is the largest single congregation in Africa , with attendance of over 120,000 in single meetings. It is a ministry devoted to the revival of apostolic signs. Holy Ghost fire, miracles and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God word to deliver to the utmost. Absolute holiness is preached within and outside as spiritual prerequisite for heaven.

Dr. Kolawole Daniel Olukoya is anointed by God with an uncommon gift and finds expression as a prophet, evangelist, teacher and preacher of the word of God. In addition to his over 80 scientific publications, he has written more than double that number of spiritual books, 150 of them, most of which are bestsellers. PRAYER RAIN, a prayer manual which has become a companion of not a few Christians across several denominations, has sold millions of copies. Besides, Dr. Olukoya has 70 Christian songs that he has composed. His amiable life and that of his wife, Pastor Shade and their son, Elijah Toluwani, are living proof that all power belongs to God.[/size]

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Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Joyland(m): 5:37pm On Oct 07, 2012
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by dozzy24(m): 9:39pm On Oct 07, 2012
Baba God oh. Him 2 much

Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by Joyland(m): 4:15am On Oct 08, 2012
Heavenly Father
Re: What Special Name Do You Call God? by TDJoseph: 3:07pm On Jul 10, 2013
What a wealth of information under the heading: what-special-name-call-god..
I liked the argument: "Like the rest of the gospels Luke fits into the timeframe of having been written between 170-180, as admitted by the Catholic Encyclopedia:. . . according to the Catholic Encyclopedia the book of Luke was not written till nearly two hundred years after this event [of Jesus’s departure]. The proof offered is that the Theophilus to whom Luke addressed it was bishop of Antioch from 169-177 A.D."

I love it

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