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Beyond Faith / Lara's Tale Episode 2 / Lara's Tale (2) (3) (4)

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::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 4:09pm On Feb 05, 2013
Hey guys, another story coming up. Please your advice are needed.
Story begins tonight.
With love from Bukky Dan


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by pastorpussy(m): 4:40pm On Feb 05, 2013
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Nobody: 6:57pm On Feb 05, 2013
I missed d last 1,so i joined late,but ds 1 we are starting it 2geda. following
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Splendblex(f): 7:06pm On Feb 05, 2013
Waiting already o...cheesy
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Tovot: 11:07pm On Feb 05, 2013
Now let the show(story) begin!

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Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 12:01am On Feb 06, 2013
Thanks to ya'all for your encouragement.

Lara gazed at her full length at the mirror; satisfied by what she saw, she smiled to herself.
She smoothened the hips of her flimsy knee length gown, she loved her hips, its one of her greatest physical asset.

"Hmmm can't wait!" she told herself excitedly as she oiled her cornrows.
She should have fixed a weavon or plaited some braids as her friend-Deji had adviced, but she isn't a fan of those artificial stuffs, she preferred to go natural.

"What's lacking?" she asked her beautiful reflection.

"Nothing more, just to wait for the man." she chuckled.

Tony, her husband, would be back home, after spending five good months overseas on his so called 'business trips'.
Their marriage was barely a year, and Tony has spent more than half of it travelling. She hissed.

Their's was an arranged marriage, she had met Tony for the first time on their wedding day. She remembered how harsh he was on that day.
She shuddered at the thought.

He had always gave excuses when it comes to making love. He had never touched her, not even a kiss...

The door bell rang, interrupting her thoughts.

"Yea baby! Time for action!" she said excitedly as she catwalked to the door.

"Hey...welcome back home!" she said pleasantly as he walked in.

"Thank you!" Tony mumbled.

She tried to hug him, but he stoped her
"Please!" he raised his hands.

She swallowed hard, plan number one failed. Next plan...

"Errmm, why don't you take a cold shower? You must be tired after such a long journey...errmm, I'd be setting the table..so that errm...you can eat." Lara said with a sweet smile.

Tony ignored her, instead, he walked past her into his room.
Lara followed him with her eyes.
What was she gonna do, he still hates her this much. She sighed heavily sitting at the edge of a sofa.

She was lost in her thoughts when Tony's phone rang sharply. She stared at the phone as it vibrated on the center table, she was tempted to pick it but couldn't, Tony had warned her severally never to pick his calls.

"Hello Baby?" Tony said into the phone catching Lara's attention.

"Yea, just arrived few minutes ago." he said again.

Lara swallowed hard. Baby? Did he just call another woman baby?

"No no no! That's not true baby, you know I'll miss you more." Tony said again.

Lara rose sharply, she felt her anger rose, this was a disrespect to the highest order.

"Yea love, ama call ya later. Okay? Take care sweerie." he cooed softly before ending the call.

He turned to Lara who glaring at him.
"Why don't you get me my food, instead of you standing there like a palm tree?" he said scornfully.

"Who is she?" Lara blurted out.

" 'she' is not your business i-diot!" He snapped at her.

"Now move your bum into the kitchen!" he ordered.

Lara walked quitely into the kitchen, she was no longer angry but scared. She was scared of something she couldn't fathom.
Well, she won't give up, plan number three...

"so do you like the food?" she asked as she watched Tony eat up his food in mouthfuls.

"Your mum told me its your favourite dish." she added not minding his rude silence.

Tony coughed slightly, gulped down some water.
"Please Lara, let me eat in peace! Do I need to choke?" his voice was harsh.

"But..I..." she looked confused.

Tony rolled his eyes.
"I wonder why this illiterate girl can't just let me be!" He muttered at the Bewildered Lara.

"Can't you gerrit that I don't talk while eating? Didn't your mother teach you table manners?" he asked angrily.

"I'm sorry." Lara mumbled leaving the dinning area. Tears clouded her eyes, she looked visibly scared.

Tony watched her leave, he felt sorry for her. He shouldn't treat her that way, he knew! But he just hated the marriage, he was forced into it by his parents.
She was beautiful and lovable, but his anger has already taken over his heart.

His food became tasteless, he hated to see beautiful girls cry.


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hummingbird: 5:09am On Feb 06, 2013
Dis promises to b interesting...nice work
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by buskeske: 8:39am On Feb 06, 2013
Hhhmmmmmmmmmm! I'm hooked already.
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 8:53am On Feb 06, 2013
Thanks alot @ Humming Bed.
Lara sprayed some perfume on her skippy nightie, she walked to her mirror again.
"Hmm yummy! Plan number four on point!" she laughed before proceeding to Tony's room.

She opened the door gently, she peeped first before walking into the room.
Tony was lying down on the kingsized bed, the covers were drawn half-way stoping at his waist. His chest was bare revealing his 'Six-packs' features. She craved to touch, but that isn't on her list.

She came here to discuss something important-their marriage.
She crawled beside him, his breathing was slow and steady.
So this man can sleep?! She thought.

She shifted closer to him, how would she wake him up? She felt like a rat trying to bell a cat.
She touched his arm slightly and...

Tony's eyes shot open, his face transformed into a scowl.

"Sorry to disturb you..." Lara said in a shaky voice.

"What do you want?" he growled

Lara's lips moved but no words came

"Damn it!" he sat up.

"Can't I sleep again? Can't you gerrit into your brain that I need to rest? This illiterate girl is something else! Is s-ex a necessity?" he yelled at her.

"No..I..was ..was...was..just..." Lara moved away from him terrified.

"Get outta my sight!" he barked at her.

Lara scampered out of the room full of fear and hate, she threw her self on her bed and wept.
What would she do? She had tried all she can? Besides its not that she's interested in the marriage too, but she had to do this for her mother.

He called her an illiterate! She sobbed some more.
She was definitely going to show him, Illiterates can go crazy to! She wiped her tears, wishing for sleep to come.

The sun rays bathed her room. She glanced at the wall-clock, 7:30 am.
She stretched lazily on her bed. She had her plans on mind, no more cooking till further notice.

"Lara!" Tony banged her door.

Devil! She hissed pulling the blanket over her head.

"Lara!!" Tony banged some more, louder.

Nonsense, are you hungry? She hissed again.

"Lara?" Tony said walking into the room.
She didn't move, she remained motionless on her bed.

"Lara!" he shook her roughly.

"Uhm? Uhm? What is it?" she muttered pretending to be just waking up.

He pointed at the wall clock. Her eyes followed his hand, then back at his face.

"Ehen? So?" she asked with a frown.

Tony felt like squeezing her lips
"Are you daft or something? Don't you know I'm running late for work? Where's my breakfast?" his voice was fierce.

"Illiterates don't know how to cook!" She quipped, lying back on her bed.

David glared at her, his eyes bloodshot
He pulled off the bed angrily, throwing her on the hard floor.

Lara shrieked in pain, she stood up to face him.
"where's my breakfast?" he barked

"I'm fed up Tony! Did you hear me? I won't cook in this house anymore! Go and get a girl with masters degree to cook for you!" She screamed at him.

He charged at her, she didn't move, she just stood there rooted.

He stoped facing her, he brought his face close to hers
"If you don't cook in this house, then you should be ready to go back to your parents!" he told her.

"Hehehehe! Wonder shall never end!" she clapped her hands eyeing him derisively.

"This is an opportunity I've been waiting for.." she laughed.

"Really?" he sneered

"Yes o! Wait and see If I will not leave! Do you think you are the only man in the world?" she told him.

Lara flung her wardrobe open, and started throwing some clothes into a bag. She started singing loudly.
"I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home..."

Tony watched her for a while, before leaving the room. He chuckled as he walked to his car.

This girl is crazy! He thought.
He had to stop her from leaving, he suddenly felt he had a soft spot for her.

"my oga, good moni!" Adamu- the gateman greeted him as he drove out.

He beckoned to Adamu, who walked up to him smiling.
"Errm, Adamu, do not let Lara out of the house. Make sure you lock the gate properly. Gerrit?"

"Yes my oga!" Adamu waved at him.

Atleast, he would stop her from leaving! Tony thought quitely as he drove away.


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Tovot: 11:28am On Feb 06, 2013
all ur main characters always have a sharp mouth and are very adventrous,where is Tejumola?let her show Lara how to teach some manners to Tony!Nice one
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Splendblex(f): 11:38am On Feb 06, 2013
Interesting!!! Bukky i dey hail o

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Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hadesparks(f): 12:49pm On Feb 06, 2013
Oluwabukolami Daniella i c u o
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hummingbird: 9:45pm On Feb 06, 2013
Hmmmm....shd we b xpctn more 2nyt??d updates r too short
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by whitemosquito(f): 10:11pm On Feb 06, 2013
I hav an idea. How abt u write like four chapters and update a chapter a day. Yl ur updating u can write anoda 4 chapters. So we dont always hav to w8. Am i not brilliant?

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Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Tomeseen(f): 3:34am On Feb 07, 2013
I love this story to bits. Besides lara doesn't have to be that sappy. Give her some fire and let her teach that irresponsible husband of hers that she is not to be trifled with. Am all for strong females. cool. **following**
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by whitemosquito(f): 5:10am On Feb 07, 2013
Mmm mmm. I dont think fire is d way to convince tony to stay. Btw is tony d same prsn as david? Cos she got names mixed up somewhere.
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 10:50am On Feb 07, 2013
Sorry for the late update. Thanks for ya understanding. @ white mosquite sowi for d mistakes, promise to take note
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Nobody: 11:21am On Feb 07, 2013
Pls bukky tell ur lara is a beautiful lady,cos i just lyk d way he handled tony and put him in his place. Rubbish tony want to turn lara 2 a maid in her matrimonial home even though they both don't want it.
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 11:50am On Feb 07, 2013
"Ijoba Orun, lere oni..."
Lara's phone rang waking her up rudely from her nap. She squinted at her phone's screen- 'Mummy' was all she could see.

"Hello?" she said in a sleepy voice.

"Iwon omo buru yen, what on earth is your problem?" Funke -her mother screamed into her ears.

"Mummy, is anything the problem?" she rubbed her eyes.

"Nonsense!" came her mother's reply.
"People use what they have to get what they want in life, is anything wrong if I give my only daughter out to a rich family?" Her sounded aggressive.

Lara glanced at her phone screen again in terror, before placing back to her ear.
"Mummy, If I did something wrong, just tell me..." she began to say softly.

"Do I need to remind you of your deeds? You've become disrespectful, you no longer cook for your husband, you're even threatening to leave your matrimonial home!" her mother queried.


"No buts, sho gbo? Rubbish! And let me remind you, don't just come to my house if your husband divorces you due to your stubborness." he mother shouted again.

Lara bit her lower lip.
the line went dead.

She stared at her phone in silence, what kind of life is this? Tony had told her mother fake stories about her. How can her mother be this selfish? She pondered.

"Hello..." Tony intoned behind her.

She turned sharply, her eyes widened, how did he get there?

"So are you ready to turn a new leaf?" he wore a mischievous smile.

She pursed her lips, fidgeting at her dress.

"Go make me a mug of choco." he ordered walking out of her room.

She swallowed hard, she felt her heart split. She ran her fingers gently on her chest.
"It's well, I'll survive, somehow, anyhow, one day, it'll be over." she whispered to herself as she fought to keep back tears.

Lara wiped her hands on her apron, she pushed the flask of food away from her, before proceeding to peel some plantains.
Tony had called her earlier, to make a meal for two, as he was bringing a guest home.
Whoever the guest was? She shrugged.

She began setting the table when the door bell rang, she rushed to open it.

"Welcome" she said as Tony brushed past her.

She turned to look at the guest, she almost mistook the guest to be a male.

"Good day." Lara said softly.

The guest was wearing a trouser suit, she was masculine, her hair cut very low. If not for the earrings, she could be called a male.

"Hy," the guest said coldly.

"Errm, Sophy, have a seat, make yourself comfortable.." Tony began to say.

"Not so fast, won't you introduce me to her?" the guest said with a low laugh.

"Welll...okay..., sophy, meet my Illiterate wife- Lara, errrm, Lara meet my cutie pie-sophia." he chuckled.

Sophia laughed out loud.
"Well Lara, I've heard alot about you..." she extended her hand for a shake.

Lara shook her head in pain, she didn't take sophia's hand. She began counting her toes.

"Errm, sophy darling, lets proceed to the dining area, I believe she should have set the table by now ." Tony led Sophia towards the dinning room..

Lara watched them from the corner of her eyes, her eyes stung her as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Hmm, she cooks well..." sophia said eating in mouth fulls.

"Oh yes! And that's the main reason I'm still keeping her, else, she should be in her parents house by now" Tony said loudly.

"Oh sweerie, that was too rude..." Sophia laughed.

Lara walked lightly into her room, she went on her knees. Is this real? She thought.

She felt she needed to talk to somebody. Her mum was out of question, Deji isn't in town for now. She decide to pray, though she doesn't belive in prayers.

"God..." she looked towards heaven.

"I know you can see all that's happening, do I deserve such treatments?" she sniffed.

"I have no one to talk to, nowhere to go...you are all I have now...my father is no more..." she sobbed.

"I heard you are a father to the fatherless, don't forsake me O'Lord....help me dear father...." her body shook with sobs.

She laid on the hard floor, she liked its coldness, it gave her some sort of comfort.

Tony isn't a human being...she thought. He is either a beast or the devil himself. He dared bring his mistress into their home...he knew there's nothing she could do.


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Tomeseen(f): 12:20pm On Feb 07, 2013
Oh k, i feel like dashing 'David tony' slaps right now angry angry angry. WTF stupid bombarstic eediot. Am totally feeling this story but em pls bukkyDan 'no way is husby getting off treating sweet lara like dirt' i recommend some kind of karma that hurts. Pls that is so gonna soothe me. "Even if he repents, i still want a big 'Ouccchhhh that hurts from him". angry angry angry

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Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 12:37pm On Feb 07, 2013
Damex I see ya....
Hahahahaha @ Tomeseen, cool ya temper please. Tony is a kul guy you know...

@ everyone sorry for mixing the names Tony and David, i'm so used to David that's why...ama try to stick to Tony. Thanks.
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hummingbird: 1:39pm On Feb 07, 2013
embarassed...one of d reasns y one nids 2 av undastndn parent...anyway,I knw dat Tony wil sufa 4 al ds wit tym
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by ozor1: 1:45pm On Feb 07, 2013
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 4:27pm On Feb 07, 2013
"5 am!" Lara said as she rolled on her bed. She had been sleepless all night. She pulled her Bible, read some Psalms before saying some prayers of appreciation to her creator.

She washed her face, and walked slowly out of her room. She decided to make breakfast early, so that by the time 'the devil' will wake-up, she would be safe away in her room.

She walked past the guest room, Soft moans escaped the door. She stoped momentarily and listened some more.
Where's Tony? She tip-toed into his room. It was empty, no sign like someone slept there last night.
She felt like mad as she rushed back to the guest room..

She heard Sophia giggling.. David's grunts were audible now..
Yikes! He was making love to her, right inside their matrimonial home?

She tapped the door sharply, the whole place fell silent. She knocked some more before Tony opened the door.
Their eyes met, she held his gaze for a while before looking him all over. He was unclad except for the towel tied loosedly round his waist.

"Tony?" she gasped.
He didn't look at her.
He looked like he was making up his mind to do something.
"Tony you!" her voice shook.

"What do you want?" he cleared his throat.

"Honey, I'm waiting..." Sophia called from the room.

"What do I want? Tony are you supposed to be doing this?" Lara asked in fierce whisper.

"It's none of your business!" he snapped.

"True! " she swallowed hard.

"Mind you, don't ever come knocking this door again!" he warned sternly.

"Okay..." she shook her head turning to leave.

"But Tony? Have it in mind that my God will judge you...if not today...it'll be tomorrow!" she told him before running back to her room.


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hadesparks(f): 5:05pm On Feb 07, 2013
Why r u feeding us tid bit?
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Splendblex(f): 9:01pm On Feb 07, 2013
Bukky dis is too short nasadMORE...!!!
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 9:13pm On Feb 07, 2013
Sowi hadespark, I had a low ba3.

"Haaaa! Are you kidding me?" Deji screamed at her sobbing friend.

"Dear friend that's my story.." Lara wiped a tear

"oh Lara you are too soft...she's been in this house for weeks now, and you can't throw her out?" Deji squealed.

"I think she has come to stay..." Lara began to say.

"Come to stay for where? Lara don't just provoke me o! I wonder why I wasn't in town all this while..." Deji bit her finger.

Just then Sophia walked lazily into the sitting room, she catwalked towards the fridge.

"Errm...Lara?" Sophia called out sipping from a bottle of yoghurt.

"Ma?" Lara said rising to her feet, to the suprise of Deji.

"Isn't it high time you prepare lunch? I'm starving." Sophia added authoratively.

"Okay ma, Let me..." Lara began to say.

"Shut up!" Deji cut her short.

"Who is your 'ma' ? This ingrate? This monster with a face of a donkey?" Deji chided her.

"Who are you referring to?" Sophia dropped her bottle.

"You!" Deji replied rising up.
" you are the donkey! Oshi! Witch! I wonder what's wrong with this Igbo woman! Husband snatcher!" Deji added with her hands akimbo.

"Deji please don't!" Lara tried to stop her.

"Leave me jor! Abi she jazz you ni? Imagine this vegetable eating Igbo claiming oyinbo! Olori buru ku!" Deji's body shook as she spoke.

"You don't dare insult me!" Sophia glared at her.

"Insult ke! I'll beat you ni! Rubbish!" Deji pushed Sophia roughly.

Wham! Sophia slapped Deji.

"Deji..." Lara was alarmed.

"Haaaa! Yeeee! You slapped me? You dey form Igbo geh abi? I go show you say I no be yoruba geh for nothing!" Deji screamed before grabbing sophia from her feet.

They engaged in a scuffle, Deji sitting atop Sophia feeding her with punches and slaps.

"Deji please..." Lara was very frightened.
"Deji to ri Olohun, please stop!" she finally pulled Deji off Sophia.

"Allow me jor! Lemme show this Donkey!" Deji charged at Sopia again.

"No No No! Deji don't!" Lara pushed her friend into a sofa, giving Sophia the opportunity to run into the guest room.

"You have to go now!" Lara led the fuming Deji towards the exit.

"Are driving me away?"

"No...I don't want Tony to meet you here...please, I can handle it.." Lara pushed her forward.

"Ehen the Tony sef! Let him come na, lemme teach him his own lesson!" Deji ranted.

"Noooo, just go please! For my sake!" Lara pleaded with her.

"Okay! If anything should happen, call me! You hear?" Deji ordered.

"Yes, bye!" Lara rushed to her room.

She sat down at her bed's edge. She knew she was in hot soup. Tony won't spare her.

Lara supported her aching head with her hands, she was far far away in the land of thought's and imaginations.


Yikes! Tony is back! When did he come back, she must have thinked deep!

"Lara!" Tony called out again.

"Sir?" she walked out of her room, her legs were weak, her heart pounding furiously.

"Welcome!" she flexed her knee

"What did you do to her?" Tony gestured towards Sophia who was weeping profusely.

Lara's heart missed uncountable beats, her eyes widened in terror

"I...I...I....d...did...not..did..." she began to stammer.

A resounding slap landed on her right cheek, making her mouth to twist, She saw stars

"You are really proving to be stubborn! This illiterate girl!" Tony ranted as he pulled a cable off the TV set.
Lara backed away on sighting the wire he was holding.

"Come back here!" Tony ordered

She didn't obey, instead she stood by the wall staring him wide eyed.

"Okay then, let me come to you!"
Tony walked towards her, his eyes were bloodshot.

Lara shut her eyes tightly, as the cable landed on her arm. She didn't wince or let out a cry, she just stood there absorbing all the pains.

She walked quitely into her room after Tony had let her go.
She poured some cold water on her head, she thought it was on fire.

She looked up at her reflection in the mirror.
Her right eye was swollen and red, tiny lines of blood streaked throught the corner of her lips.

She let her tears flow freely, she wished her mother would be here to watch what she's going through.

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Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by whitemosquito(f): 9:48pm On Feb 07, 2013
CHAI!! My BLOOD DEY BOIL! TONY OSHI KE? Beat up lara? Haba, dat girl na mouse o. Nice one bukky dear
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hummingbird: 9:59pm On Feb 07, 2013
Awwww..dis becomin unbearable...bt I dnt tink an average Nigeria who is sane wil tolerate al ds...
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by Hummingbird: 9:59pm On Feb 07, 2013
Awwww..dis becomin unbearable...bt I dnt tink an average Nigeria who is sane wil tolerate al ds...9c one Buky
Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by BukkyDan(f): 10:19pm On Feb 07, 2013
Lara sat on the tiled floor, she pulled a bowl of hot water towards her, added some dettol, before dipping a face towel into the bowl.

"Easy girlie..." she soothed herself as she massaged her body. It had ached her all night.

"Ouch! Eeish!" she exclaimed as she pressed her swollen eye a little.
Her door squeaked open, she didn't bother to look up, she knew it was Tony.

Tony stood for while watching her massage and press her body in pains. He felt his heart melt! So he was now a 'wife beater' ?

"Good morning Lara." He said gently.

"ouch!" Lara exclaimed pressing a swollen part of her arm.

"Errm....sorry..." Tony said squatting beside her.

She didn't reply, she continued her work.

"Errm..Lara, I'm very sorry for what happened yesterday..." he began

"Hmph! Did you brush your teeth this morning?" Lara covered her nose with her free hand.

He felt offended, he exhaled sharply
"I shouldn't have done what I did yesterday...my anger took better part of me..." he was trying his best to sound gentle.

Lara laughed quitely.
He peered at her face, he wondered if she heard him.
She applied some balm to her wounds before looking up at him.

"So what now? You came to kill me?" she asked.

"No...Lara I'm truly sorry for..."

"Abegi! Spare those thrash talk! Go and meet your Igbo sister and leave me alone! Who are you trying to decieve?" she interrupted him.

"Lara.." he tried to hold her but she pushed him away. Her hands moved to the bowl of water and Swoosh! She threw it at him- towel and all.

Tony looked suprised, he surveyed his drenched office clothes with his eyes.
"how dare you!" he shot at her.

"Oh yea! I just dared you! Rubbish! Because I'm not an Igbo that's why you are treating me this way shebi?" Lara rose to her feet.

"Don't you ever try that on me again!" Tony's anger let loose.

"So what if I do? You'll flog me? Ehn? Answer me! Oshi buruku!" she clapped her hands.

"You'll pay for this!" he told her walking towards the door.

"Mr Tony?" she called after him.
He stoped holding the door knob.

Lara walked slowly towards him, a smile playing on her lips.
"Tony, I just felt I should remind you, that, the law of karma still reigns!" she chuckled before walking into her bathroom.

"Hello? Mummy?" Lara placed her phone on her ears. She knew what to expect. Tony has taken her report to her mother again.

"Hello Lara? What's this I'm hearing about you?" her mother began.

Lara grimaced
"So what did you hear?"

"Lara! I want you to come over to my place now!" her mother ordered cutting the call.

"Sure...just a few minutes, and you'l see your beautiful daughter with a swollen face and wounds all over her body!" Lara said to the phone, though she knew her mother won't hear.

She walked into her mother's sitting room without bothering to knock. She looked around, the room was re-furnished. Even her mother looked furnished.

"Good day mum!" Lara threw her bag at an armchair.

"Lara? What happened to your eyes-your face?" her funke asked with concern.

"Need to see some more?" Lara chuckled showing her wounds to her mother.

"Who did this to you?" Funke asked again.

"of course my loving, sweet, adorable husband!" Lara said sarcastically.

"What?!" Funke was shocked.

"Which one is 'what' again? Shebi this is what you want? Ehn? Are you suprised?, better save your suprised look till when they bring ..." Lara said carefreely.

"How could he do such to you? I'm sure something went wrong! Was it after you poured hot water on him?" funke said ignoring her daughter's sarcasm.

Lara laughed.
"my daughter, its well, you should just go back home, I'll call Tony..." Funke began to say.

"not yet! I'm staying here for atleast two weeks! I need to rest, before going back to that dungeon!" Lara protested, before taking her bag inside.

Funke watched her daughter walk inside. She picked her phone and dailled Tony.
"Hello? My in law?"
she listened for a while

"yes! Please do me a favour, let Lara stay with me for like a week, please.." she lowered voice.

"Okay thanks, God bless you!" she ended the call


Re: ::::::::*lara's Faith *:::::::: by whitemosquito(f): 10:22pm On Feb 07, 2013
What kind of mother is dis?

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PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT / "Wole Soyinka And I On Our Way Back To Nigeria" - Prince Adeyinka Success Says / How Male Blacks Were Sodomized By Gay White Masters, During The Slave Trade Da

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