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Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 1:04am On Oct 17, 2013
AnnNini: Nice one. Update often please

I'll make sure to do so always. Welcome and goodnight
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Nobody: 11:25am On Oct 17, 2013
If to say i wicked now, i no go drop comment, but i just can't go without commending you.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by 4kizo(m): 11:25am On Oct 17, 2013
Nice one nedu, more ink to ur pen
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 8:58pm On Oct 17, 2013
“What were you doing inside there” Iyke asked when Sammy had come out

“Is that why you flashed me, just to ask me one useless question?” he fired back

Well, the CMD is on his way up. I saw him at the ground floor from up here”

“Are you sure he’s the one?”


Soon enough, the CMD came into view and as he walked into the office, they changed their position. The rest of the day was nothing to write home for them, roaming around the hospital, sitting at one spot for more than hours, eating at the hospital’s canteen all with eyes fixed at the door of the CMD’s office.

At a time, Sammy was beginning to get frustrated. He was sure the money was never going to come.

“Oh God, see how we just wasted today, now the money is nowhere to be seen” Sammy complained bitterly

“Be patient bro. The patient dog eats the fattest bone” Iyke replied in a bid to convince him to wait a little

“Patience my foot. You never hear say na hunger dey kill the patient dog. Me sef don dey go car oh. I dey wait for you there” Sammy replied and stood up from where he sat to take his leave

“Sammy come come come!” Iyke shouted after him when he had taken a few steps away from where they had been sitting

“Wetin be that?” he asked as he slowly walked back to where they had been sitting

“The CMD has come out of his office with his suitcase and with a phone to his ear”

“For real?”

“Yeah, he has begun descending the stairs. Let’s take the other stairs so that we can reach the car park before him”

With that, they began to run towards the second staircase. When they got to it, they did not walk but practically, they were almost jumping and flying on the stairs. In a matter of minutes, they had arrived on the last floor and they were already out of breath. So they walked towards the car park.


Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 8:59pm On Oct 17, 2013
“You know the colour of his car so that we can go and wait for him in our car?” Sammy asked as they walked towards the car park

“Yeah, if I can still remember, it’s a white Highlander and I wrote the number of the car on a piece of paper” he said as he fumbled his pockets for the paper bearing the plate number.

It was not hard to locate because it was the only Highlander jeep in the parking lot. They went towards their own car and noticed that they couldn’t keep tab of their victim from where they parked so Sammy re-parked the car.

Few minutes later, the CMD was at his car still making a call. When he dropped the call, he didn’t enter into his car at once but waited by the boot of his car. After waiting for a while, a car drove up close to him and parked. The two occupants of the vehicle came down and greeted the CMD. Then the trio went to the boot of the car that had just driven in. Sammy and Iyke strained their eyes to see what it was. After a while, the duo brought out a bag from their boot and took it towards the CMD’s boot which he opened to allow them put it into his car. It was a Ghana-must-go bag.

“It’s the package” Iyke whispered to Sammy

“Yeah, it seems to be. All we have to do is to track him to be sure of where he’s taking the money to”


The deliverers of the package entered their car, did a U-turn and drove off, while the CMD took his time, reversing gently and smoothly before driving off in a not reckless manner.

Soon, the guys followed the CMD out making sure not to be noticed by the him. They followed him until he got to his house. When they had confirmed that the money was going to be sleeping in the house that night, Iyke proceeded to call Michael.

“Package has been confirmed. Verification process completed, status-positive. Requesting permission to engage and extract package”

“Permission denied. Stand down and return to base quickly”

“Command confirmed. Return to base in progress” Iyke spoke in to the receiver and ended the call.

“What were you planning to do?” Sammy asked as soon as he had dropped the call

“Now that we are here already, we could walk in there, pick up the package and walk out”

“That kind of Rambo style, it’s not me and you oh. I’m not even with my gun self. What if something goes wrong? And I’m sure you are not with your gun”

“Nothing can go wrong here” Iyke stated boldly

“You can never tell” Sammy replied and wheeled the car onto the main road.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 9:04pm On Oct 17, 2013
Few hours later, Michael and his gang members were on their way to the house of the CMD. They were all five in number; Johnson was the one that increased their rank. They drove in silence all the way, each praying and secretly wishing that the operation goes successfully without any hitch.

It was around Seven in the evening when they set out for the operation and the day was already dark enough thereby giving them the required cover. As they turned into the street where the CMD lived, Michael noticed that there was a police station at the beginning of the street.

“You guys didn’t tell me that there was a police station in this street” Michael spoke in hushed tones as he addressed Iyke and Sammy.

“A police Station” they both chorused in surprise. It seemed as though tey had not taken notice of it when they had come earlier in the day

“Look at it there” Michael said pointing to the dilapidated building that served as a police station.

Truth be told, the building did not look like a police station in anyway. There was not even a clear signboard to show that there was a police station there. The former signboard that had been there was defaced and only the “THE” could be seen on it. Whatever happened to “POLICE STATION”! Overgrown bushes surrounded the building and spoilt cars and motorcycles adorned the small compound that surrounded the station building. Two policemen could be seen as they sat and played draught under the waning moon.

“I never knew it was a police station” Iyke responded

“Me too” Sammy interjected

“So what you guys say? Should we proceed as planned or terminate the operation?” Michael asked his team

“Me I am scared oh” Blessing stated the obvious

“I say we should go along with it but we should be extremely careful and try as possible not to use our guns” Johnson advised

“We have come too far. Turning now is impossible. We have to make this work” It was Iyke that spoke

“What do you say Sammy?” Michael asked

“I love my job. Let’s do this” he responded

“Okay, everyone except Blessing. So we’ll proceed as planned. Blessing, you’ll stay in the car with Sammy”

Blessing didn’t say a word.

When they got to the CMD’s gate, they didn’t know what next to do.

“How do we get in here?”

“Through the fence” Iyke replied

“Are you saying we would scale the fence?”

“Yeah, it’s relatively short and it gives us the element of surprise. Our victim won’t even know when we hit him”

“Okay, since it’s your suggestion, you have to undertake it”

Iyke came out of the car, put on his face mask and began scaling the fence. In a moment, he was in. Two minutes passed by and no sign of Iyke. The team began to get nervous. Soon enough, the gates of the house was swung open and Sammy drove in with dimmed lights. Sammy walked towards the house without closing the gates and with a look of satisfaction on his face. What he did not see was the alarmed look on the faces of a man and his son who lived in an upstairs opposite the house of the CMD as they stared down from a window of one of their rooms.

They proceeded to walk into the main house with Blessing trailing behind them. The door was not locked so they entered without any hitch and met the CMD watching the Television with his family. As soon as the CMD saw them, he made to reach for his phone but the stern voice of Johnson dissuaded him from trying such.

“If you try that, I will draw a portrait of you on the wall with your blood right now” Johnson warned in a cool stern voice
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 9:07pm On Oct 17, 2013
Damex333: If to say i wicked now, i no go drop comment, but i just can't go without commending you.

I understand, it's my fault but make una forgive me. shey I don dey try small small ni!

4kizo: Nice one nedu, more ink to ur pen

Thanks jhurr... You remaineth my mainest man!
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 9:08pm On Oct 17, 2013
Pearl, I sight you. Thanks
Re: Story: A New Dawn by 4kizo(m): 11:29am On Oct 18, 2013
Suspence is too much nedu, i cant wait 4 d next update, 9ce one
Re: Story: A New Dawn by gandyluv(f): 6:38pm On Oct 18, 2013
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Tinu02(f): 7:20pm On Oct 18, 2013
Nedu...lng tym
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 10:04pm On Oct 20, 2013
“What do you people want from me?” he asked in fright

The family of the CMD cowered in fright at one end of the parlour except his four years old son. The boy was fearless and looked at Michael and his men directly without fear. He stood up and walked to where Michael was and held him on his legs.

“Actor! I think you people are the actor?” he asked childishly

“Yes and your father is the boss. He stole our thing and we want to take it from him” Michael replied the young boy, smiling

“Will you kill him?” the boy asked ignorantly.

“Only if he does not try to fight with us and if he gives us our thing he stole” Michael replied and further instructed Iyke to search them, take them to the bathroom and lock them all inside.

“Yes CMD, you have such a cute son. He’s quite cool. I hope you’ll live to see him grow up to become a fine young man”

“Please don’t kill me” he begged

“Where’s the money”

“Which money?” the CMD asked albeit stupidly

“Well, I can boldly confirm that such statements leads someone to his/her grave faster than diabetes or hypertension can ever do. The next time you repeat such a statement again, you will meet your forefathers. Now I ask again; where is the money” It was Johnson and he cocked his gun as he finished his sentence. It looked like he was beginning to get angry

“It’s in my wardrobe”

“Move it. Let’s go to your room now” Johnson shouted at the CMD half kicking and half pushing him. In some minutes, they were back with a medium sized Ghana must go bag that was filled to the brim and a suitcase.

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Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 10:07pm On Oct 20, 2013
“Doctor, do you know me?” It was the voice of Blessing

“How can I know you when all of you are wearing a mask?” the doctor asked

Blessing pulled off her own mask.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked her in a low voice.

She did not answer Michael but asked the CMD again.

“Look at my face again. Can you recognize me”

The doctor peered into her face, albeit he was afraid and so did not look at her with confidence.

“No oh, I don’t know you”

He was now shivering and cowering

“You killed my father”

“Me, killed your father? How?” The doctor was confused. He had never held a gun in his entire life not to talk of killing a human being.

“I begged you. I begged you to take the little money I had on me and start the necessary treatment on him but you rejected it and when I completed the money, you couldn’t save him and you didn’t give me a refund. You are one of those that made my life miserable. I’m sending you to heaven. Greet my dad and mum for me” and with that, she shot him on his head.


She did not show any atom of remorse but began to walk towards the door when Michael pulled her back.

“We agreed that there would be no killing, no shooting, nothing! Just pick up the package and leave. I am in charge here!” Michael said looking deep into her eyes

“I’m sorry, I just had to do it. He's the doctor that we paid that time before my dad died. I feel he contributed to the death of my dad because he had delayed treatment on him for a long time” she said shifting her gaze from his.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 10:09pm On Oct 20, 2013
Johnson went on and opened the door of the parlour. At the same time, the sound of a gun was heard. For a moment, it wasn’t clear who had been shot because Johnson and Blessing had come out of the house together. It was until Johnson cried out in pain. A bullet had pierced through his left shoulder. Michael pulled him into the house as Blessing also crouched and practically flew into the house.

“What just happened?” Blessing asked with her mouth agape

Johnson bit his lower lips with his teeth in pain. He had not expected any of such and he was even lucky that the bullet hit him there. It could have been worse.

“This is the police. The house is under siege. You are ordered to come out with your hands in the air and leave your weapons inside the house. If you don’t do as we say, you’ll be shot” the voice over the speaker drooled off. The police had surrounded the house

“How did the police find out?” Iyke was already sweating despite the fact that the fan in the parlour was on.

“You caused it!” Johnson cried out in pain. He was referring to Blessing

“I had to do it!” she retorted

“Don’t make me angry” Johnson was obviously angry

“And if I do?” Blessing was beginning to chew more than her mouth could carry

Johnson who had been sitting down on the ground made an effort to stand up. As soon as he had stood up fully, he faced Blessing.

“Are you daring me?” he asked her in anger

Michael knew his friend, he was prone to getting angry easily and he could do and undo while his anger lasted. So Michael stepped in between the both of them, facing Johnson

“Hey you guys should break it up and let’s see how we can get away from here” it was Michael. He knew what his friend could do and he cherished Blessing to the extent that he could kill his friend for her if need be.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 10:15pm On Oct 20, 2013
Iyke was restless. He paced up and down the parlour and then walked towards the window of the parlour. It faced the gate. He put off the light and then looked out of the window. He could see the shadows of the policemen as they crouched behind their vehicle which they parked outside the gate. A little part of it was blocking the gate entrance

“Okay guys, I’ve a plan” Iyke spoke up. He was trying so hard not to show signs of fidgeting

“What’s your plan?”

“Can you see the police vehicle?”

“Yes, how does it help us?”

“Let one of us stay here and open fire through this window while the rest crawl out slowly towards our car. Once they get inside, another person will stay there and open fire while the person inside here will crawl out to the car. It’s just like watching each other’s back”

The plan looked fantastic and was the only plan they had but there was a problem.

“Who will stay back?” Blessing asked

There was a questioning look on the face of everybody on the team. Nobody wanted to stay back because whoever that was staying back may not be so lucky.

“I’ll stay back. You guys should help Johnson get to the car safely” Iyke had spoken

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Michael knew the enormity of what Iyke was trying to do

“Don’t worry about me. Just do as I say. Okay, you guys should stay close to the door”

With that, Iyke walked towards the window of the house. He could see two policemen crawling towards the house.

“Go to hell!” Iyke shouted and with that, he opened fire. The policemen that had been crawling towards the house scrambled back towards their vehicle for cover. One of them was hit and even as he was hit, he continued crawling towards his colleague. All the policemen, about six of them hid where they were to avoid being hit by Iyke’s Ak47

“Go go go, you guys should move it” he shouted to his men

Michael and his men crawled out of the house with Johnson being supported by Michael. The policemen didn’t even see when they left the house. They reached the car, opened the door while Johnson and Blessing scrambled inside. All these while, Sammy had been in the car, hiding, no movement. He had been startled when his guys opened the door and pulled out his gun to shoot when he recognized Blessing.

“You guys scared me. Where the hell is Iyke, How do we get away from this shiithole?” Sammy was apparently confused

Michael closed the door of the car and positioned himself by the back tyre of the car. He fixed the bullet of his AK47 and made the sign of the cross. He looked at the police vehicle blocking the entrance of the house. He couldn’t see the policemen but Iyke was still shooting.

“Fucck you all!” he screamed and opened fire. The bullets were hitting the body of the police van and the tyres.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 10:20pm On Oct 20, 2013
4kizo: Suspence is too much nedu, i cant wait 4 d next update, 9ce one
gandyluv: kudos
Nedu...lng tym

Sorry guys, I travelled to a land of no network. Just came back this evening.

Tinu, how you dey?

Gandy, thanks

4kizo, suspense is not too good for the body oh
Re: Story: A New Dawn by pearl123(f): 10:39pm On Oct 20, 2013
Ok I sight u too.nice work sha
Re: Story: A New Dawn by 4kizo(m): 8:06am On Oct 21, 2013

Sorry guys, I travelled to a land of no network. Just came back this evening.

Tinu, how you dey?

Gandy, thanks

4kizo, suspense is not too good for the body oh
tnx men,
Re: Story: A New Dawn by losprince(m): 4:17pm On Oct 26, 2013
Re: Story: A New Dawn by macdelene(m): 7:58pm On Nov 02, 2013
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Jumizie13(f): 10:43am On Nov 05, 2013
dunno o
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Bekeebest: 8:36am On Jul 30, 2014
Nice story dear,praying to be a writer one day.But i didnt see the whole story y?
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 3:20pm On Jul 30, 2014
Bekeebest: Nice story dear,praying to be a writer one day.But i didnt see the whole story y?

Yeah Sir, the rest of it got missing in the fire mishap that engulfed Nairaland although it wasn't complete even then. I've stopped writing for a while sha.
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Maryvincy: 1:14pm On Sep 09, 2014
Please i need the continuation of this story

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Re: Story: A New Dawn by aprilwise(m): 12:23pm On Sep 10, 2014
I started reading ur story yday. it's an interesting story. what's year did Reading FC beat Chelsea fc by 7 goals to nothing. am a Chelsea's fan I want to know.

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Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 1:28pm On Jan 12
Commyluv ... I sight you. Enjoying it?
Re: Story: A New Dawn by commyluv(f): 5:05pm On Jan 12
Commyluv ... I sight you. Enjoying it?
yeap very interesting ,,pls continue with the update
Re: Story: A New Dawn by Neduzze5(m): 7:45pm On Jan 12
yeap very interesting ,,pls continue with the update

Lolz... I was robbed and my laptop stolen with the novel there.

However, I have a new one soon to hit the stores. You'd love it even better than this one. Will you buy?
Re: Story: A New Dawn by commyluv(f): 2:41pm On Jan 13

Lolz... I was robbed and my laptop stolen with the novel there.

However, I have a new one soon to hit the stores. You'd love it even better than this one. Will you buy?
no I won't ,,,, sorry for the lost..

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