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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 1:24pm On Jun 23, 2013
Lol @ndukings.

Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by tolutweety(m): 1:49pm On Jun 23, 2013
Following u like 'search dey follow google'.
Good job dude.
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 2:28pm On Jun 23, 2013


Asylum camp in Dusseldorf was inside an abandoned ship. The Germans had somehow converted the ship to living quarter.
I had stopped at the Dusseldorf central station and walked all the way to the camp as I was directed. There was a long stretch of bridge from the land to the ship so I walked until I got to the entrance; it was locked.


I knocked on the metal door and an elderly woman peeped from a hole on the gate.
'was ist los' she said. ( 'was ist los' means what is it or what is the problem)

I looked at her as if I didn't understood what she said.
She opened the gate and motioned me to come in.
'biss du neurer' (are you new) she asked.
I kept quiet since I didn't understand German. She called on a middle aged man and he came.
The man spoke English, french, German and god knows what other languages.
' would you like to talk in English or french' he asked me. I nodded before saying 'English'.
'Are you from Sudan or Liberia or Nigeria ' he asked. (I was surprised because I was told I was the one to tell them where I came from and not them calling out the name of the country)
I composed myself and answered Cameroun. He wrote down Kamerun with 'K' and asked my Name.
'Solomon Ebot' I said. He wrote it down again and asked age, etc.
After that, he called another man who led me to a room with number 27. There were two double decked beds in the room, the two down ones had been occupied.
I had nothing with me, so I just climbed on the top bunk and lay face-up staring at the wooden ceiling.
About 12pm, a bell rang and everyone started scrambling downstairs. I followed them to the base of the ship where the engine was supposed to have been. There was rows of seats and tables. At the head of the hall was a buffet setup of assorted foods; Rice, some small breads as big as orange, honey, butter etc.
It was time for lunch.
There was already a long line so I joined up from the back. I passed the first table and collected two plates as I had seen the lady before me did.
I got to the food table and received some rice and chicken in one plate. Then I received bread, one satchet honey and butter in one plate. Then collected a pack of orange juice and headed to a place to sit down. I sat near the Arabic girl I was following and started eating my food.

''Are you new here'' I asked the girl. She ignored me and continued eating. Some middle eastern men were eating about 6 metres opposite me and they continued staring at me from time to time.

When we finished eating, I was on my way to room 27. When a fellow black guy stopped me.
''Are you Nigerian'' he asked. I kept quiet as if I had not heard him. I was told to deny Nigeria entirely which was painful for me but I had no other choice if I had to avoid being sent back to Lagos.
He continued talking and asking some questions about Home. From his intonation, I figured out he was a Nigerian too, A fellow Igboman for that matter but I was a Camerounian in that place so I acted out my script.
'I am from Cameroun'' I said to him.
He let out a devilish laugh and told me his name was Ifeanyi, he was from Nanka in Orumba part of Anambra state.
Despite the temptations to spill it out, I maintained that I was a Camerounian. This guy could have been a German spy for all I care.
He told me that he had come from France where he had lived for two years without taking asylum, his visa had expired and the POLICE was closing in on him. He had decided to leave France and cross over to Germany to take asylum. Finally he warned me not to talk to the Arabic girl again. He said that her people could kill me if I ever touch her.
That was a very good warning and I took it. It was then that I figured out why the Arabic men were staring at me.
On my way to my room, I saw a group of boys playing every kind of games. Table tennis, whot, draught, chess etc. I joined them and stood by the window watching the draught players. They were all amateurs except one guy from Nigeria again. I believed he was from edo or Yoruba but I wasn't interested in finding out. When it was my turn to play him, I allowed him to win the first game. Then during the second game, I knocked him out straight without allowing the kings to manifest. It was straight wins from then on until I got tired. I went to my bed to sleep and the bell rang again not long after I arrived in my room. It was time for dinner. We ate again and went to our beds.
The following morning after breakfast, some names including my name was called out. We followed a man to an office outside the ship but in the same city. We were registered appropriately and finger-printed. Then we were given train tickets to our various permanent camps scattered all over the Bundes Republic of Germany.

I was posted to Eisenhuttenstadt, a small city between Frankfurt-Oder and Cottbus. The city was very close to Poland border.
I was given a farhplan (the route map to the city).
I was to Enter train in Dusseldorf Central station to Dortmund - Osnabruck - Hannover - Braunschweig - Magdeburg - Berlin Zoo - Eisenhuttenstadt..
It was a cheap ticket, so I had to use the inter-regional train. It also meant that I stopped and changed trains in all of the above mentioned cities.
There were two of us going the same direction but the other person, a Kenya girl was stopping in Hannover.
I was still scared of being exposed, so I avoided talking with the girl. It was when we got to the Dusseldorf Central station that I talked to her.
According to her, her boyfriend had brought her from Mombasa in Kenya but he was treating her badly, so she decided to get asylum and stay on her own. I told her that I was a Camerounian. She laughed and said I was a Nigerian, an Igboman.
When we got to Dortmund, she was hungry and suggested we go down and eat. I refused and told her that we only had 100 minutes to wait in Dortmund before our next train. It was written on our travel plans. It was when we got to Hannover where we had to wait for an hour and ten minutes for our next flight that we went down to eat. Everywhere in Germany was too neat, organised and beautiful. It was unlike anything I had seen.
After our meals, she gave me a phone number to reach her and we parted ways.
Herr Solomon Ebot, A 22 year old Camerounian arrived Eisenhuttenstadt by 6:15pm. It was a long journey but I loved traveling. I entered bus 31 from the station to Camp. When I arrived at the gate, I gave them the papers they gave me in Dusseldorf and they admitted me. I was taken to room 22 upstairs in one of the five buildings inside the massive premises.
The compound was fenced with barbed wires. The compound next to it was the deportation camp, The terror compound of our time in Camp.

Unfortunately for me, the dinner time had passed that evening when I arrived at the camp, so I was just given a juice can, some hard breads and a butter. They also gave me a clean white bed sheet, two pillow cases. I dropped off the items in the room and came downstairs. There were many people playing outside; football, tennis etc. I strolled past a group of boys; about 4 of them, they were speaking Igbo. I pretended not to understood them and walked past them towards another group. The new group were speaking a language I couldn't figure out, so I walked past them again towards where girls were playing volleyball. There were about 6 of them. I looked them directly at their faces to register my image in their heads. Only one of them seemed to have noticed my presence. She smiled at me and I waved. She was tall and black and looked east african; Uganda or Rwanda. I watched them play for several minutes despite my hatred for volleyball. When they finished, I walked up to the tall black girl and introduced myself.
'' I am Solo from Cameroun'' I had said. She looked at me and said '' No'' You are Solo from Nigeria and started laughing. I asked how she could have said such a thing. She said that she had known Nigerians especially Igbos everywhere she had been. I decided not to argue it but had my reservations.
She walked towards a smaller building while I walked a meter behind her, anyone who saw us must have known that I was the one following the girl even against her wish.
'' I like Nigerians'' I heard her say.
''really'' I shouted from her back. She turned and waited up for me.
The introductions began. Her name was Agnes, she was from Uganda. She had been in the camp for one week before my arrival. We talked a few more and got in front of the smaller house. She said it was the female hostel and that boys were forbiden to enter inside the house after 7pm. I looked at my watch and it was 2 minutes to 7pm.
'' Its 6:58'' I said.
She laughed and asked what I wanted to come and do inside.

*ladies and awkward questions*

'' I have no friends here, I just got here'' I said.
'' Look at those guys up there'' she said while pointing towards the Igbo boys under the tree '' they are Igbo boys''.
She advised that I go and join them. As she opened the door to go inside, she looked back and saw that I was not moving. She stood there and looked at me as if I was disturbing her.
I smiled at her and turned my back and started moving towards those Igbo boys again. Two minutes later, I got to the tree. All of them just kept quiet as I got there. I greeted them in Igbo.
''Ndewo nu umunne m'' they hesitated a bit before one of the spoke up.
''Nwanne kedu ije'' one of them asked. I responded in Igbo again and told them that I just arrived Camp this evening.
One of them named John was a little aggressive.

'' Na now u enter camp and you don waka go chase woman up there'' John said.

I laughed since there was nothing to say.
I then told them that I was warned not to let anybody know that I was a Nigerian. I told them that I heard them speaking Igbo but I couldn't join them for the fear of them being spies. We all laughed this time except John.

*I later learnt that John was after Agnes, my new Uganda friend*

We introduced each other; John, the others were Moses, Joshua and Peter. None of us was using Igbo name.

*We were all from the Bible. The children of Israel, sent to Germany by God' to avenge the injustice and brutal killings of the Jews by Adolf Hitler, the chosen tribe of God which every other tribe was obligated to defend and worship*

It was getting dark so we walked towards our hostel. It was a sprawling three story building.
The blacks on first floor, which has about 15 rooms and 3 Kitchens, 7 bathrooms and a long and wide passage way. It was the same thing in the second and third floors with was occupied by the Arabs and others respectively.
'Others' consists of Chinese, Indians, Pakis, Uzbeks and all the kistans in the Euresia region.
We all got to room 21 where Joshua and John stays. They were both Sudanese in the camp according to them. The other two were Liberians. Surprisingly there were no Nigerian in Camp.
We chatted and drank cheap beer. I later went to my room and slept alone until the next day.

I was told to report to the administrative office that morning, so after the breakfast, some people went back to their rooms, some went out into the small dry city to look around, some played games outside and I, Solomon Ebot went to the administrative blocks to get myself properly documented.t

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by plainmirror(m): 3:37pm On Jun 23, 2013
Y..............is †нэ bomb!!


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 3:57pm On Jun 23, 2013
plainmirror: Z
Y..............is †нэ bomb!!



Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ortopazz(m): 4:08pm On Jun 23, 2013
the Legend is here,,,followed quietly, 1page already na wa o!
Zubby, '''many fvvckerz dn go do beeftrack 4 u, their mama sef dn go do withcraft 4 u, buh u still de ball thatz y I bow 4 u'''!


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Lanceslot(m): 6:50pm On Jun 23, 2013
From legend of the fvckerzzzz to your diaries and now here, I'm following! Big up bro.
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Connoisseur(m): 7:47pm On Jun 23, 2013
i dey here now. just promise say you no go leave dis thread until you ve spilled every spillable.
carry out nwanne

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Walexz02(m): 9:50pm On Jun 23, 2013
Fùck! Zuby is hotter than fire!!!

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by chuksvialle(m): 10:44pm On Jun 23, 2013
well wat more can i say oda dan no comments. Bro e di okey. More goatee 2 ur bie bie

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Funpeter: 12:01am On Jun 24, 2013
We dey follow u @zubby well done dude

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Nobody: 7:24am On Jun 24, 2013
@Zubby what was the reason that made you deny Nigeria? Pls i'll lyk to know
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 9:24am On Jun 24, 2013
Wizee: @Zubby what was the reason that made you deny Nigeria? Pls i'll lyk to know

Lufthansa, the German flag carrier is and was a daily flight to Nigeria. Deporting Nigerians was very easy. Rumour had it that the Nigerian ambassador to Germany signed an agreement with Germany to deport Illegal Nigerians back.

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by sconp: 10:43am On Jun 24, 2013
Zuby am following u bumper to fender.
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by bassette(m): 12:01pm On Jun 24, 2013
Zubby please keep this thread alive...its d best!!!
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 12:26pm On Jun 24, 2013
Thanks to those who made comments.
Three updates are ready.

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 12:27pm On Jun 24, 2013

I got to the admin office and sat down like a few others that I met there. We were a mixture of Africans, Asians and Arabs. When i was called, I got up and went to the lady who called my name. A female Interpreter was seated beside me. When I agreed that it was English, I repeated my name, my date of birth and my nationality. They asked me a few questions about Africa, whether I had ever been bitten by Mosquito, whether I had ever taken anti-malaria drugs, whether I had ever suffered malaria break down. It was all malaria and mosquito.
After ten minutes, I was told to come back in an hour to collect my camp ID card. The ID card would enable me to go outside and into the town they told me. I left the admin blocks and searched for my new friends, I couldn't see any of them so I strolled aimlessly towards the female hostel. I found Agnes spreading cloths outside the hostel. She looked towards me and greeted.
''Did you have a goodnight'' my caring self asked.
She looked at me and said nothing.
'' I am just trying to be caring'' I continued.
She laughed and asked '' since when did you Nigerians become caring, It had always been about how to make money''
I laughed it off and told her that the money we struggled to make was to take care of our women.
She agreed with me.
When she was done with the spreading, she invited me Inside.

* Despite the fact that the camp feed us, Agnes had her own pots and cooks her own food. She just visited the dining hall whenever she wanted*

She had cooked Jollof rice that day.
She dished out a plate for me. I wasn't hungry but refusing the food could mean refusing every other thing, so I ate the rice with fresh fish. She explained that she was a vegetarian who ate only fish and vegetables.

* whatever that meant to me then*

After eating the rice, she asked why I was interested in her.

*I wanted to deny that truth but I decided to flow with the current wave*

'' who wouldn't be interested in a beautiful girl like you; that person must be a Ghanaian, I heard they don't have fine girls'' I said as she laughed out loud.
'' you must be a funny guy'' she accused me as I continued from where I stopped.
I told her that she was the only interesting thing in the whole camp as far as I was concerned.
Ten minutes into our sweet chat, we heard footsteps towards her room and we kept quiet. When a knock came to her door, it was John, the big headed Imo State guy. The guy was as direct as one can ever be.
'' You need to stay away from Agnes, she is my babe'' he bellowed with a tone that closely resembled that of hulk hogan.
Being smart at avoiding war, I kept quiet. I figured out that anything from my mouth could result in a fight. With that kind of head sitting on his shoulders, the dude could match Mike Tyson one on one.
'' Stop being rude to my visitor'' Agnes said coming to my defence. It was a lifeline worth exploring but I kept my mute. I was playing the victim and the innocent guy.

*The Innocent guy from Africa, who was missing his mother and sisters so much that he needed to stay close to a girl, a beautiful lady just to feel close to his mother at home*

'' This is your last warning'' John yelled as he opened the door and stormed outside.

'' Come back here'' Agnes had shouted. But John was too angry to return.

'' don't mind him'' Agnes said?

*Dont mind him huh, that guy was ready for war*

I nodded my head like a baby whose mother had promised to buy Akara when coming back from the market.

*Only if Mr. John had known how dangerous it was to leave me with a lady*
There and then, Agnes declared her relationship with John Over and handed the mantle of leadership to me. Her reasons Ranged from John's arrogance and carelessness and anger etc. While the reasons for chosing me was due to my calmness and way of understanding things.
* women will always give you every good tag if they like you and vice versa*

The lunch bell took us outside. Agnes insisted on holding my hand while we strolled up to the dinning hall. Every curious eye was on the two black lover birds. John and his three wise men were already in the hall when we arrived.

We ignored them and took our place somewhere else. We were served potato mash and chicken, then the round hard breads and juice. It seemed the Germans eat everything with bread. I wanted to condemn such combinations but if it had worked for them for hundreds of years, who was I to condemn it.
After the lunch, Agnes took me outside the camp to A mall called Superspa. We bought cheap beers called pilsener and took it under a tree to enjoy the weather.

A few moments later, John and his squad showed up. One of them called me and asked that I excuse myself while they talk to Agnes. I refused to go anywhere. I instead stood up and faced John.
'' listen carefully, I don't know about you but I sponsored myself down to Europe. I also have enough money to do it all over again if I get deported'' I said to John.
'' If you want us to fight over this girl, I am ready for you'' I spoke in Igbo this time.
They stood there for a few moments and left us alone.
'' What did you say to them'' Agnes asked as soon as they left.
'' I told them that I was going to tell the authorities that we were all Nigerians and got us deported back to Lagos'' I lied.
Agnes laughed hard. We took some beer and walked back inside the compound.

Despite my bold confrontation with John group, I was scared somehow.


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 12:31pm On Jun 24, 2013

About 6pm, we went for our dinner. After that Agnes invited me to the ladies Hostel which I declined. I was afraid of John Group Inc. They could track me to the female hostel and report to the authorities, so I wasn't going to take chances from then on.
We sat outside under a tree and talked. She told me everything about her. She was a Ugandan, fresh out of the University and wanted to explore the planet earth just like me. A politician boy friend of hers had sent her to Germany with a promise to come later and marry her over there in Germany. Four months of waiting had seen her finish all the money she had and the money from home had stopped coming. The phone number of the politician had stopped going and rumour had it that he had been thrown into the prison by President Yoweri Museveni.
She had been advised by well wishers to get asylum in order not to be deported.

In my own part, I was the son of a powerful Rebel chief in Nigeria. The government was after my Dad, so we, the children had been sneaked into Europe through a diplomatic channel. My elder brother preferred London while I was brought to Germany.

It was getting dark and we had been sitting there for an hour and half. When it was time to go, Agnes kissed me. It was a sweet kiss, different from all other kisses I ever had. She had big soft lips which makes the kisses feel like you were actually kissing her veggee. She said she was falling in love with me and that she was so relaxed with me and she found me intelligent and warm. All the attributes that was lacking in John, the arrogant bighead.
I kissed her back and she placed her head on my shoulders. She was really falling in love, I thought.
Nobody could see us clearly from anywhere, so I slipped my hand inside her warm clothes. Her soft standing breastss welcomed me. I squeezed them slowly and prayed that the clock and time stood still but the damn time was running at the rate of 60 seconds per minute. Agnes was wearing a jean trousers with a pullover. It was heading to mid-august and the weather had started getting cold. My squeezes and kisses was keeping her warm. I playfully strolled my hand down to her vegeena, the zipper was still closed, so I just rubbed the top of it until she started getting excited.
'' we can't do it here'' she said'
'' I know'' I replied calmly like the cool-headed, calm guy I had suddenly turned into.
''Lets do it in your room tomorrow'' I suggested.
She was in no mood to disagree, so she just nodded and we stood up.
I walked her to the door of her hostel and walked all alone back to male hostel. On my way back, I reflected on the events of the evening.
Agnes was a sweet girl; Her soft boobs, her kisses and the warm vegeena that I had touched pointed to that direction.

*This was what John Bighead was trying to claim alone*

These Imo people with greediness (sarcasm; no disrespect to Imolites).

John and his group was sitting outside when I returned.
'' Na woman go kill you for this Europe'' one of them said. It was a sound of defeat from them. I had won. Solomon 1 : John group 0.
Surprisingly to them, I joined them up. The one called Joshua was first to speak.
'' Nwanne ihe imere adighi nma'' he said.
'' what did I do'' I asked.
'' It was a case of calling me aside and telling me that Agnes was his girlfriend, I could have forgotten about her'' I said knowing it was a lie myself.
''He caused the whole problem, he came to her room and started shouting, women hate that'' I continued.
(I was doing a good job at avoiding mentioning John's name. I just used 'his' and 'him')
'' There is nothing between us, the girl just liked me'' I said again.
John was fumming as usual but there was nothing he could do. The evening ended in war songs between again.
When I got to my room, it was empty as usual. I couldn't sleep there alone. The big head could come to strangle me in the night. So I went to the entertainment hall where there was a single television for every member of the Camp. It was weekend and some sports was showing. The Arabs had taken control of the remote control and all the other people just have to watch the programme they chose. There was a long chair at the back, so I settled unit and slept amidst noises coming from the TV and its watchers. I woke up around 2am and went to my room. I figured the bighead must have gotten tired of checking on me.I locked the door and slept again.

The following morning after breakfast, I went back to the admin blocks to get my interview date. It was two weeks away. That gave me enough time to perfect my lies.
Around 9am, I was bored. I went to the field to play football. The two soccer balls were occupied by the blacks and the Arabs respectively.
Joining the Arabs was out of question since we still considered them security threat after New York 9-11 2001 bombings.
The other ball was occupied by John and his squad. There was no need going to ask them if I could play, those guys may have been planning on how to harm me.
I left them and went to the ladies hostel. Agnes was cooking when I came. I joined her in the ladies kitchen and made jokes while she cooked. The whole girls in the kitchen laughed at my jokes.
There was one particular one who laughed harder than others. They called her Melinda, she was South African. The most beautiful of the lot. She looked and behaved like a model, but the reality was that we were all in Aduro (asylum) Camp.. Melinda was interested in me, I could tell by the way she laughed even when I made dry jokes.
At a time, Agnes left the kitchen to get something and by the time she was back, Melinda was standing beside me, telling me how Johannesburg was better than Germany and Lagos etc. As soon as Agnes finished her cooking, she dragged me out of the kitchen into her room. She warned me about Melinda and how rumour had it that she snatches boyfriends.

*I wanted to be snatched anyway*
*One thing I have observed was that if you try or struggle hard to get a woman, you will most likely lose the fight to people who are relaxed about it*

Agnes' warning to stay away from Melinda made me went closer to Melinda. I wanted to find out the art of Boyfriend snatching. It was going to be a nice experience since I was going to be the object of snatching.

We ate food in Agnes' room in silence. My parents had warned me not to talk while eating. So I used that opportunity to think about the forthcoming war of Boyfriend snatching between Agnes and Melinda.
My mind wondered how I was going to be the point of talking, how John and Sons Inc will bow for me, how I was going to be the new camp celebrity out of nowhere etc.
'You are not talking' Agnes said and brought me back to Camp from that wonderful thoughts.
'my parents warned me not to talk while eating' I said out of nothing else to say.
She laughed and said she was told the same thing when she was a kid.
When we finished eating, she took the plates to the kitchen and washed them. While she was in the kitchen, I planned on how to make my move. I wanted to get to her pants before the Melinda war began since I was sure it was going to happen.
My job was made easier for me because Agnes, the beautiful black Kampalan girl locked her door as soon as she came into the room and started those wonderful kisses again. The pleasure was heavenly. The devilish thought of getting beyond those wonderful ar.se was even better.
She pushed me down to the bed on my back and unbuttoned my shirt.

*It was even going to be faster than I had thought. I guess the little close chat with Melinda had brought out the sharpness in Agnes*

Before I knew what was happening, I was almost naaked. My boxers, which was the only remaining piece of cloth on my body had an opening in front of it. It meant that even if she didn't pull it out completely, I could still fvck while having It on.
She dipped her hand inside the front gate of my boxers and brought my already misbehaving dickk out in the open.
Her mouth took over instantly as I lay back and drifted to heaven.
*My eyes was closed as I approached the heaven gate. St. Peter was there as usual with that rotten swored he used while on earth. It was difficult to sneak in since the gate was closed, so I greeted him.
'Oga Pelosky, how is work' I said.

''My brother, people don't come to Heaven again ooh, they are all going to hell these days'' he answered me.
'Why's I asked'
'' too much sins, people indulge in SEXXX before marriage and even snatch other people's girlfriends'' he said.
''I think you and the heaven senate should remove that very line from the list of sins'' I suggested.
'' Girlfriend snatching shouldn't be seen as sin'' I continued.
He looked at me and recognized my face instantly. I had been to that place before. As soon as he reached for that dangerous rotten sword, I sprinted like Hussain Bolt in a 100m race and ran for my life*

Hot Spermss coming out of my dickk had brought me back from the Peter encounter.
Agnes had sucked and rubbed my dickk until I busted. It was a very good thing that I busted before the main action because it took over 30 Minutes before I released during the main action but that will be the next update.


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 12:32pm On Jun 24, 2013

After bringing my hot creams out joystick my Joystick through sucking, I cleaned myself up with my boxers and threw it down on the floor.
She was still all over me, trying to raise the JT from sleep again. It took a few minutes for her to finally get it back to functioning mode. I was working on her pullover and trousers while she raised the JT again. By the time I was up and running again, her clothes were already piled on top of each other on the floor. Her perfectly shaven heap of cunnt mounted between her legs like an anthill on a flat land. The opening of her vegeena was black and its mouth resembled the mouth of a baby,s feeding bottle.
It was difficult to see its inner wall. I almost wondered if my JT could be able to penetrate it since I couldn't see its opening properly but I was wrong.
As soon as the tip of my JT touched the mouth of her cunnt, it opened up on its own like an automated lift door.
My entrance into her was the most memorable in recent time as it was smooth, slippery and at the same time, holding my JT from speedy entrance. I was in a World of my own pleasure as I slowly started the back and forth journey into her honey pot.
She held my back while I twisted my waist North - West - South and East.
I gradually increased the tempo of my thrusting and it aligned with her own gradual input.
She was an expert, almost unlike any woman I had fvcked.
*Did this girl say that her politician boyfriend was thrown into prison. He should remain there for now. Good job Museveni*

About five minutes into the action, she pushed me aside and mounted on top of me. It was her turn to ride me while I laid on my back trying hard to suppress the soft sounds coming out of my mouth. She was a professional and I wondered where she had learnt that. She kept twisting her waist in a circled manner and I almost let out a loud moan.
The walls of the rooms in the female hostel was demacated with wooden and fibre materials. It was easy to hear the voices of people chatting in the neighbouring rooms, so I was forced to hold back my imminent moaning.
When she got tired, she climbed down on the single bed and dragged me up as she bent down and held the edge of the single wooden bed in the room.
Her cunnt protruded from behind like a 4-month old pregnancy. This time, I could see the opening of her cunnt clearly and the walls were a mixture of red and brown; dark-red if i must give it one name.
It was impossible to look twice over it as my JT dragged me into the opening gates and she started jacking her ar.se back and forth instantly. I stood in one place holding her big ar.se while she pumped away. She climaxed and poured some creams all over my JT, it made the movements smoother. I attempted practicing what I had seen in a pornn movie by slapping the Unclad ar.se now and again as it vibrated while my JT was inside. I was in cloud 9, out of this World. Since the Spermss had refused to come out early, I laid her back on the bed and raised the left leg high in a vertical manner. The soft vegeena opened up helplessly. I digged in again pumping with fury as I hoped that the Spermss will burst out by force. I was getting tired but my hot creams wasn't anywhere near coming. She was enjoying it more than me but that was the idea; atleast for this first time. We fvcked for over half hour before the sensational incoming Spermss jolted me back into super pleasure.
As the Spermss got to the tip of my JT, I pulled out and poured on the floor and on top of her clothes.
She laid on the bed for several minutes while I stood Unclad in front of table drinking water after water.
When she recovered, she got up and cleaned the floor and arranged the clothes.
When I bent down to take my boxers from the floor, she took it and offered to wash it for me. I didn't object since I knew that I was coming to her room to take it another day; to me, that meant another adventure into that honey pot.
I drank over two litres of water before I recovered fully. It was a hot marathon sexx. By the time we had settled down to chat, the lunch bell reminded us that the Bundes Government of Germany was still responsible for our feeding, so we headed outside.
As usual, she was holding my hand; swinging it like we had known each other for decades.
John, the big head had a way of popping out of nowhere each time I was with Agnes. He managed to emerged from a tree near the fence of the deportation Camp; that was an area we all feared. Whatever he was doing there, only him knows. He stared at us with so much anger in his eyes. He somehow knew what we had done. I suspected he was at the door and listened when we were at it.
When we got to the dinning hall, Joshua approached us. He smiled and asked Agnes if she could get Melinda, the South African Model for her.
*I guessed the John group had disbanded*
It wasn't my business but I was angry inside. Melinda was the second on my list inside the Camp. This Joshua of a guy should respect himself and go for Melinda himself, not coming to ask Agnes.

''Why don't you approach her yourself'' Agnes had asked Joshua.
I kept quiet the whole time, nibbling on the KATTOFELN salad we were served. (KATTOFELN means Potato in German).

After the lunch, Agnes took me outside again. We went to a small library in the center of the town and booted up a windows computer. It was my first time of touching that wonderful piece of technology.
She opened an email address for me even though I didn't know what it was meant for. She tried to teach me somethings I couldn't seem to comprehend at all.
Inside the library, we met Joan, a Kenyan single mother who was in camp as well. She was a lovely sweet girl, probably 20 or so.
She kept staring at me or us through our stay in the library. Her little boy was running around everywhere. I later picked the kid up and gave it to her mom. She thanked me and said she was going back to Camp..
We were going back too, so we all went outside.
I mentally made Joan the number 3 on my list of to-do-in-Camp.... There was nothing else to do in camp anyway except wait for your interview date.
On our way to the camp, I spotted a phone boot and excused my self. I asked them to return to camp and that I would meet them As soon as possible. I wanted to call Africa; Efuah in Ghana, my brother in Onitsha, etc.
I put 4 Euro coins in the booth and dialed
+23324*****. After a few seconds, Efuah's voice came online.
' hi Sweetheart'' I said. She started ranting and accusing me of not wanting to give her my number.
The truth was I had not gotten a phone then. Mobile phones were not allowed in camp. I told her all that and calmed her down. I promised her that camping will be over in a month time and we will be talking all night as soon as I got a phone.
I cut the line and dialed Nigeria, as soon as my brother picked his phone, someone tugged on the coller of my pullover and pulled me out of the booth.
It was John, the Bighead.


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 12:35pm On Jun 24, 2013

The two Polizei officers wrote our names down from the ID cards we had produced.
They were trying to advice us; A Camerounian and a Sudanese not to fight again. They reminded us that we came from the same Africa and that if we fought again, we will be thrown into jail.

John bighead had pulled me out of the phone booth and started pushing me. I was no match for him, so I avoided doing anything that could warrant a punch from him.
Somehow, someone had seen him pushing me and called the Police.
The green and white German police car had abruptly stopped near the booth and John had somehow managed to fake a smile to show them that everything was alright. They had shouted ''Ausweiss bitte (PASSPORT PLEASE) (Ausweiss is Passport or ID card in German).
We had produced the temporal ID cards from the Camp.
They made some calls to the camp and confirmed that our names existed in their database.
After the advice, I left John and walked alone to the Camp. When I got to the gate, the little man at the gate swiped my ID card for authentication as usual and asked why I was fighting outside. He had not seen us, so I wondered how he knew. I told him that we were only practicing African martial art; whatever that means.

He allowed me inside.
I went to Joshua to ask him to warn John. I threatened to report him to the authorities if he ever came within 10metre radius of me again.
I also reported to his other two friends.

That evening, three new people had come to Camp. Two Nigerians and a Camerounian. The Camerounian guy was posted to my room since I was a Camerounian while the other two Nigerians were given a new room. Their names were Joe (we called him KINDER) and Mike. They claimed to have come from Sierra Leone.
Mike was a huge guy with a lot of muscles all over his body, so I approached him first to make friends with him. I needed a bodyguard. John the Bighead was definitely going to pay for pushing me.

I took Mike and Joe to my room after dinner and told them the rules in the Camp.
We became friends. I also told them what was happening between me and John; Mike assured me that he will warn John. That was the best news I have heard in camp since John was stalking me. John was a security risk for me all because of a girl. He could unknowingly blow our covers if I didn't take precautions. I had figured out that the only price he had wanted was to relinquish all claims and rights over the ownership of Agnes; which of course was not going to happen; NOT after I had tapped that extra ordinary piece of flesh cunnt just once.
Two reasons made things clear to me.
One was that it was left for Agnes to chose who to date in Camp; I can't just chicken out due to fear of John. It was her right to chose her boyfriend. A RIGHT I was interested to protect.

* Solomon the wise human right activist, sent by Mother Africa to Europe to protect its women from dangerous oppressors such as John. Attaboy*

Secondly it will take military men with armoured tanks, RPGs and AK-47s to scare me away from that heap of fresh flesh between Agnes' legs. No'' John can't scare me away. At a stage, I even thought that I had seen and been to Germany, if it meant going back home because of Agness, fine.
*Silly thought, but human minds were made to consider every possibilities*

About 11pm, we slept.

The following day was a Sunday. The mall was closed, so we couldn't buy beer. I, Agnes, Joan and the kid, Mike and Kinder walked to the amusement park near the Eisenhuttenstadt River. We sat in the sand and drank a bottle of whiskey we had bought at the petrol station. We also threw breads to the ducks floating all over the water. The pigeons also came and played with us. It was a lovely sight watching the birds perch on your arm without fear. I recalled that it was that kind of scenario that the Jehovah's witnesses told us heaven looked like. It was a confusion galore as I witnessed heaven while on earth. I wondered if John was hiding somewhere in the bush waiting for me to wonder in there to pee. The presence of Mike was assuring but his presence was also unsettling to me. I had seen how Agnes looked all over his huge biceps and even made a few references to it. I was alarmed. I had also made the decision of not inviting Mike on our subsequent meetings. Surprisingly, this talkative Mike had remained so calm and gentle throught the picnic. Danger alert!
If John had to break my head because of Agnes and due to my jealousness, so be it.
At about Noon, we went back to camp. It was time for lunch, which promised to always be the best of the three meals. That afternoon, we were served chicken with beans. It was a protein Sunday according to the German chef whom I had made my friend.
Agnes and Joan had brought plates from their hostel, so they took theirs back to hostel while me, Mike and Kinder devoured ours in the dinning hall.

A football game was coming up tomorrow between Africans and Arabs. The winner will play Asia and the winner will play a local selected team from Eisenhuttenstadt, our host city.
There was practice that afternoon, so we went to the field after lunch. John the Bighead was our captain. Captain Ghadafi, self acclaimed. I decided to concede that position to him anyway just to balance things up a little bit.
I was the goalkeeper which meant that all the ladies was standing behind me. There were other girls I had not seen or noticed in Camp.... Pretty girls from Cameroun, Liberia, all over East Africa and even two from Edo state Nigeria. They watched us as we practiced all afternoon.
I made mental list of potential camp mates out of them. I calculated about 7 of them who completed my list of to-do-in-Camp to 10.
The only goal against me was scored while looking at the long slim legs of Melinda, the South African Model; It wasn't a competition aftrall, just a training.

In the evening, I was minding myself under one tree when Melinda the model walked majestically to my spot.
'Hey Goalkeeper what's up' she said.
I answered her and get down to business immediately.
''Do you know that you are the most beautiful girl in this place'' I asked.
' I know' she said and laughed.
' Since I was the best, why are you fvcking Agnes' the question alerted me instantly.

*In situations like this, I usualy kept quiet for a few seconds to manufacture a fitting answer*
I bent down and smiled for ten seconds before saying
''How did you know that''
I wanted to find out what she knew before deciding whether to deny or agree.

''She told me'' she said.

*Damn, the truth was from Agnes herself, the stream had gotten dirty from the source*

' You see'' I began.
''it wasn't my intention, only that I made a bet with some guy. He boasted that I couldn't get Agnes'' I said.
'' a bet, you mean with Johnny'' she said.
'' yea, I agreed without second thought. *Who else could it be*
She had taken the bait and it was a one way story then on.

My story assured Melinda that it was her that had caught my eyes from day one.
I told her how it was difficult to approach her for the fear of her refusing my request etc.
She stayed with me under the tree for over an hour until the dinner time. I had wanted to visit Agnes to get my boxers but she was in her menstrual period. If I had gone to get it, nothing could have happened, so I let it remain there for the time being. It was probably safer there since it could have been stolen from my waist.
After dinner, Melinda showed up again in front of the male hostel, she was looking for me. A Camerounian guy had come to call me. When I got down she asked me to stroll outside with her. All the black pairs of eyes were on us as we went behind the dinning hall and sat in a concrete bench fixed on the ground.
She started story about how she was a top model in one School in Durban and how she had come to Europe with a South African contingent on a pageant competition. She had bolted from their hotel and sneaked into Germany in the night. She figured she had a better chance of success in Europe.
Her stories was good but I was only interested in one thing; the pleasure park between her legs.
Darkness met us at the scene and it was a perfect venue for what I had in mind.
She was telling me about her boyfriend in South Africa when my hand accidentally brushed past her Boobs. It was a deliberate action, so I didn't apologise. I waited for her to complain but none came so I took it as an approval.
My hand found the Boobs again and this time, it wasn't in a haste to leave that soft apples.


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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 5:47pm On Jun 24, 2013

The football match had ended 4:0 in favour of the Africans against the Arabs.
The hero of the game was no other one than the goalkeeper who had somehow pulled extra ordinary saves; even saved a penalty. The goalkeeper was a Camerounian named Solomon Ebot who until that very day had been associating with only the Nigerians. There was a puzzle to unravel for the real Camerounians but one thing was for sure; that the very goalkeeper who had saved a penalty was supposed to be a real Camerounian, not a Nigerian hiding in a Camerounian Identity.
The tussle was going on between the two Countries while I had chosen to celebrate the small fame with the ladies.
The boys can fight to death for all I care.
Agnes was busy telling her friends how she had discovered my talent and advised me to become the goalkeeper while Melinda who wasn't so interested in football was busy telling people how she was going to convert me from a goalkeeper to a male model.

The previous night had produced a topic for rumour mongers.
According to the rumour, someone had seen me kissing Melinda at the back of the dinning hall in such a compromising position.
I was sure my German stalker, Mr John BH was responsible but I had always believed that there was nothing like a negative publicity, so I played along.

Agnes had probably heard the rumour too since she was avoiding me like a plague.

It seemed that John had equalized the goal I scored a few days ago.
Even Joan, the lady with a kid was acting weird as if I had told her that I loved her.

Before the game, We were all busy during the morning hours.
Every Monday was the pay day for all campers. We all lined up at the financial office to receive our weekly allowances.
Every one known to me was there except 'Agnes Kaku' and 'Its Modella Melinda'.
The big headed snake was smiling all through like he had won a lottery. I had a feeling he had done something terrible but it was left for me to find out.
We were all paid 11 euros. That was the weekly allowance for every asylum seeker in Germany between 2001 and 2003. (for campers alone, as soon as you got posted out of camp, the pay rose to 199.40 euro a month)
After the pay collection, I headed straight to the ladies hostel. I wanted to find out why my two girls had not come to collect their allowances.
Agnes locked herself inside the room and refused to open the door for me. After a few knocks, I drifted down to Melinda's room.
Melinda in the other hand, opened her own doors and welcomed me. She gave me a can of cola.. (coke is called cola in Germany).
After the drink, she held my neck and declared my relationship with Agnes over. According to her, she was the hottest in the camp and should be allowed to chose whoever she desired. We laughed at the small joke.

The previous night was extra ordinary. We did everything except fvck. The place, despite being dark was in an open place. We couldn't risk being caught. So when our organs got too excited and hard, I had suggested that we do it in her room the next day being Monday. She agreed.
And there we were, right inside her room but the problem was that a football match was an hour away. I was supposed to play, but as a goalkeeper. That simply meant that I wouldn't require much energy like the outfield players. So when she planted a kiss on my mouth, I had no objection.
The football was important according to rumour, there was going to be prizes but there was a prize already in my position; Melinda Mokibo.
She had just finished her bath when I came in, her towel was still tied around her Boobs down to her thighs. It was a short towel and it had exposed her smooth legs. I kept stealing some glances and I made her knew what I was doing.
She came to sit beside me on the bed when she finished applying some red paints all over her face. She had turned her back towards me and removed the towel. Her ar.se was so smooth that one could almost use it as a mirror.

*That girl must have been some kind of real model*

I had watched her slip into a short gown and asked me to zip her back. I wanted to protest and tell her that there was no need to wear cloths since I was going to remove them sooner or later but since I didn't know what was going on in her mind, I played along.
After the zipping, she sat beside me on the only bed in the room and crossed her right hand around my neck. One thing was very clear to me, I didn't see her wear any underwear and that gave me hope.
The kisses was smooth and nice but not like that of Agnes. Agnes had bigger lips.
I wasted no time and slipped my hand inside the lose gown. Her breastss welcomed me since there was no bra holding them. Her hand was playfully stroking the top of my JT. I pushed her down on the bed and as I bent down to bury my head between her legs, the lunch bell rang. *those Damn chefs, can't they cook late for once*
I continued what I was doing and raised her gown to her belly level and spread her legs apart. The well shaven cunnt smiled back at me as I moved my mouth and grabbed the outer clits with my lips. She cried out as I dipped my tongue inside her vegeena and fvcked her with the tongue. She held my head tightly and encouraged my thrusting as I licked and sucked with my tongue.
She had just left the bathroom and the whole triangle was smelling sweet and fresh. She must have sprayed some menthol stuff on it.
We ignored the lunch and continued our adventure into the honeyland. Missing one meal was never going to kill us and she didn't even seem like the type that ate at all.
She was already dripping out by the time I was through. I continued the adventure with my finger. I twisted my fingers inside of her for several minutes until she couldn't take it any longer, then she begged me to come inside her with my JT. I stood up and removed my trousers in one swift movement. I had only one boxers in camp and it was currently hanging somewhere in Agnes' wardrobe.

Being a good samaritan, I slowly climbed on top of her and entered inside her already wet cuunt. She moaned as I pumped slowly and gradually increased the tempo. It was a different kind of pleasure. We fvcked for several minutes before we climaxed at the same time. She held my ar.se with her legs and prevented me from pulling out when the creams were coming out, so she swallowed all the hot creams.
When we finished, she went into the bathroom and cleaned up.
We chatted for a few more minutes before the bell rang..

The football match was about to begin and no one had any idea where I was. John Bighead had suggested that they look for me in Agnes room but when they couldn't locate me there, they selected another guy to keep for us. The starting whistle was about to blow when I showed up with Melinda to the utmost surprise of all black Nigerian eyes in the Camp.
Agnes was there too and was looking at me.
The new keeper was told to go out while I replaced him.

When the game was over and we had won, I became the toast of the rest of the black girls in Camp.
I had saved a penalty.
Melinda came to hug and greet me after the game while Agnes left with Joan and one other lady.
I prepared an excuse/a lie to tell Agnes. It started and ended with the fact that John Bighead was threatening to kill me if I didn't stay away from Her. It was a good excuse.

Lets blame John not Me or Melinda. Someone has always been the better culprit, not you or me. Someone else.


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Damn, zuby, l took note of you when l saw one of ur post that made frontpage with pics of you and football stars. . .you a cool nicca man. . .l aint even gon front.
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ZUBY77: @joudini. welcome onboard.

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Ehm... I thought you would have passed this point o, since all you need do is copy and paste.

Men... Updates important oooo

I edit before copying them.
I just posted them with many typos
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Z. . . . .u . . . . .b. . . . .b . . . . .y, where are thou?
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 7:08pm On Jun 24, 2013

During the dinner time, I saw Agnes and Joan seated at the back end of the hall. Melinda did not come, so I walked up to them and sat down.

''I am so disappointed in you Solo'' Agnes said with anger.
*atleast she had said something, that was a good start*
''why'' I had asked.

*I learnt the tricks of using single words when you are not certain of the outcome of anything*

'' Melinda has been walking around and telling everybody you are her boyfriend now'' she said.

*Deny! Deny!! deny!!!*

'what are you talking about' I asked the silly question.

'look Agnes'' I continued, '' I don't know what you heard or where you heard it from but the last time I checked, we were not married.
Secondly Melinda is not my girlfriend, I am just trying to divert John's Attention from me'' I lied.
'' John's Attention, what do you mean by that'' she asked.

*the ball has just entered my court*

'' John'' I began '' had been threatening to kill me if I don't stay away from you. He had punched me two days ago and it was the intervention of the Police that separated us'' I continued.

'' Right now, I am afraid to go out of the camp alone because I fell in love with you''
She looked so surprised when I mentioned the Police and punch.
I had managed to arouse her pity and it was all me against John from then.
She said she was going to warn John and report to the authorities if he ever stalk or touch me again.
I told her that it was her that I had wanted but since my safety was at stake, it was probably better to stay away from her for now. She agreed.
I also tried to let her understood why I needed to be hanging out with Melinda so that The Psycho John would think that I was with Melinda. She didn't bought into that silly excuse but she said nothing. I refused to escort them back to the ladies hostel since we could run into Melinda and complicate things.

Days went by uneventfully in the camp except that new people came into the camp, more Nigerians and Camerounians, Ghanaians and Malians, Guineans and Senegalese. The older campers were being sent out too.
Tomorrow was my Interview day. It was the interview that determines where you will be posted from the camp and how many months you will be getting in your Ausweiss. It was that interview that determines whether the Germans bought into your lies about why you came to Germany and it was the same interview that will decide whether you will be deported or not.
Most Africans spent a day to the interview praying while the other races spent it rehearsing what they would answer. It was a strange world where Africans depend on God while others depend on intelligence and facts.

I spent that very day running after a Kenyan teenager who had just arrived to the Camp. I had gone to the train station to escort Melinda who was posted out of the Camp to Her permanent base which was Magdeburg, a city an hour away from Berlin, the German Hauptstadt. (Hauptstadt means capital city).

Melinda had just boarded her train to Berlin where she would connect another train to Magdeburg when I turned to go and found a girl loitering around the station. Her name was Awiti, which she told me meant 'someone born after great misfortune'. According to Her, her parents had searched for a child for over twenty years before they born her.
After introducing herself to me, she said she had been posted to the asylum camp and didn't know which way to follow after getting down from the train.
I told her that I was going there. She thanked God and followed me. When we get down from the bus in front of the Camp, I took her to the gate and waited for her to be properly cleared. I took her to the admin blocks afterwards where she got her room number, sheets and other things such as soaps and tissues. I took her to the female hostel and showed her the room. I helped her clean the place and spread the sheets. She was not more than 18 and her body was still very very tight and smooth.
She told me how she had come to Germany. She had boarded a ship in Mombasa and had spent three weeks inside the ocean until they got to Brussels. Then someone had suggested that she go to Germany since the refugees got better packages over there.
It was a nice story but I only listened because she had no other friend yet. I had heard enough of the same bullcrap before her arrival.
According to her, she was told that she will meet many Nigerians in the Camp. She had asked if I was Nigerian and I had outrightly denied. I was a Camerounian and I wish to remain that until I got out of the Camp.
The ladies rooms had bathrooms inside, so I waited for her in the room while she took her bath and changed. Unlike men, women usualy came to camp with their cloths.
When she came out, I offered to show her around. I ignored Agnes, Joan and one other Malian girl I had fvcked. I took Awiti around, showing her everywhere that mattered. We went for Lunch and Dinner together. She kept thanking me every now and then and I told her not to worry, that I also had no friends in camp except her.
According to me, there was no girl that caught my interest until she came, she looked innocent enough to me to associate with since I came directly to Germany from a seminary school.
She bought into it since it still baffled her how I could abandon everything and everybody and spent the whole day with her.
After the dinner, I saw John Bighead and his squad going out of camp, their interview had been conducted yesterday and there were just waiting for their dispatch notice to know where they had been posted. The notice board had showed nothing that day. As soon as John and co left, I walked back to the female hostel with Awiti. She didn't know that men were not allowed in the hostel after 7pm. I stayed in her room until it was 8pm, and by then, it was too late to leave. Someone would have caught me if I attempted to leave, so I stayed back.
At 8pm, I stood up and pretended to go, then I suddenly looked at my watch and shouted '' oh my God''
'' what is it'' she had asked me.
I told her the standing rules about no male going close to female hostel after 7pm. I told her that I had interview tomorrow and that if I get caught, I could be expelled from the camp and even sent back to Africa. She suggested that I sleep over and leave in the morning. A suggestion I grabbed with both hands.

The bed wasn't big enough to contain two people but there was another bed in the room. We chatted until 10pm. She suggested that I took a bath before sleeping. I did and after the bath, I came out with just my boxers and singlet. There was a little cold in the room but I didn't care. If anything was going to happen, seeing me semi nakedd could catalyse the whole process.
When I came into the room from the bathroom, I went straight to the other bed and lay down. We were not quite ready to sleep and exchanging chats from one bed to another could let people know that a male was in the hostel. She told me to come over to her bed. I did and lay down beside her in the bed. She covered me with the same blanket and we lay there like twins. She kept me warm as we chatted in low voices until some how, I gathered enough courage and kissed her soft lips. She didn't respond. I tried it again after 10 seconds and this time, she took over from me and kissed me. It was sweet kiss, coming from lips that had been washed a few minutes ago with toothpaste. But she was an amatuer.
We kissed more and more before my hand slipped inside her gown and touched the pubic hairs. She didn't fight it. She was without underwear. I kept kissing her while my hand was massaging the mouth of her cunnt. She was enjoying it and twisting her body. When I tried to dip my finger inside her cunnt, it was very tight. I became alerted.
''baby are you still a virgin'' I asked in a low tone.
She said yes and kept quiet. I asked why she didn't tell me and told her that I didn't want to hurt her by breaking her hymen. She said that one way or the other, she was going to do it one day and that she didn't see a better candidate than a stranger who took the responsibilities of making her comfortable in this strange place. I kissed her after that and told her that I loved her. It was the truth. I loved her, maybe temporarily but love was love, no matter how long it lasted.
I continued pushing my finger inside her cunnt until one finger finally got in. It must have been hurting her a little but she didn't show it. I kept rubbing and massaging the cunnt while sucking her hard and standing Boobs.
* I could have swore that her Boobs had never been touched by any man too. Every single touch tingles her*

When I felt that my joystick can enter inside her without much pain, I removed my boxers and pulled out her gown. She lay on her back while I climbed on top of her. I tried several times to penetrate until I finally succeeded after over two minutes. She held my back and kissed me while I fvcked her slowly. She was a sweet little girl but I did the work alone. When I released inside her, I feared she could get pregnant but then, I have noticed that every black girl in Germany wanted to get pregnant.
There was some small stains of blood around the base of my joystick, I got up and took her to the bathroom and cleaned us up. Then we went back to the bed and fvcked again.
We lay on the single bed after the sex and kissed and talked in hushed voices. I reminded her that I had my interview in the morning. She offered to pray for me. I wondered how God answered such prayers of sinful people but we were told that His ways were not our ways.

In the Morning, I waited until 7:30am before leaving the ladies hostel.
My interview was coming by 8am......

Watch out for the Interview.... The funniest and the most dangerous part of asylum.

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by ZUBY77(m): 7:14pm On Jun 24, 2013

The major and the final interview was what every camper looked forward to. It was the interview that determined everything. Whether the authorities would believe your story or not came from what you said in the interview.
People usually prepared so much for this interview. Since almost everybody was going to lie during the interview, it was good that one get properly prepared. It was from the INTERVIEW venue that people whose stories were not believed goes from the asylum camp to the deportation Camp next door.
Every hope of living in Germany was hinged on the interview.

Thirty minutes to my interview, I walked out of the female hostel where I had slept the previous night. A new Massai girl named Awiti, had arrived in the camp the previous day. I had followed her to her room after the dinner and slept there until morning. That was the first time I slept in the female hostel. I had spent two weeks in the camp before then. I walked down to my room and freshened up and changed to another cloth.
I forced myself to say some prayers. To my greatest surprise, I had forgotten the simplest Catholic prayers such as '' Our Lord's prayer'' and '' Hail mary''. I didn't know what to say, so I just mumbled ''God help me'' and went outside.
I saw Mike outside and told him I was going for my interview. He wished me good luck and I left.
Three minutes to 8am, I entered the interview room and met my interviewer and the interpreter seated already.

* these Germany were never late for appointment*

''Guten Morgen'' (good morning) I greeted them in German and smiled. The interviewer was very impressed. He nodded and smiled too.

*Almost everybody he had interviewed previously had denied knowing any German, even the simplest ones such as Kommen/come. But in my own case, according to him, I learnt fast. That must have scored me a good mark*

''Nemen sie ein platz'' (take a seat) he said.
I pretended not to have heard what he said as I stood there and gazed at him until he pointed towards the chair. Then I sat down.

*I actually heard what he said and I understood it perfectly. The point was that I didn't want to overdo anything. The good morning I had said in Germany was enough for now. It was a game of intelligence.*

'' Wie heiss du'' (What is your name) he asked me.
That was an easy question and every normal person who had lived in Germany for atleast one week was expected to know that. I wasn't going to play dumb again, so I told them my name. Game on.

After the normal Identification process, the question moved to how I came to Germany.

I started my story; it goes thus.

I had been born in Bamenda in 1980.
(actually I gave them my real date of birth. I didn't want many complications since subsequent events that would require me to say the date offhead was surely going to come up again).
My father was a native doctor while my mother had joined the Church people who had come from Portugal to Cameroun.
As a little boy, I joined the church too with my younger sister. The name of our Church was St Peters Catholic Church Bamenda.
The name of our Reverend Father was Luis Gomez.
(I had chosen the names from Luis Figo and Nuno Gomez, two popular Portuguese footballers at that time).

Paul Biya was the name of our president. One night, the Police had invaded our home and captured my father. They said he was anti-Biya. They took him away. We were in the Church when the Police came, they didn't see me with my sister and mother.
When we heard what happened, we told Rev Father Gomez, who sent us away to Douala, another city in Cameroun. It was from Douala that I boarded a ship.

(when I mentioned Douala, he halted me and looked at the map of Africa on his table. Then he nodded and I continued. Since I said I boarded a ship in Douala, he probably checked if Douala has a sea port. I covered every details anyway).
My mother and sister were told that there was no more space in the ship, so they didn't join me. I didn't know their whereabouts. We had no phone and there was no way I could contact them.

My face had changed from smile to anger and depression as I narrated my cooked up story.
The ship I entered took me many days, about two weeks to reach Lamburg. (hamburg). I twisted some names to suit my amatuer story about Germany and its cities.
When we got to Lamburg, a man in the ship gave me an overall red coat and a red cap. Something starting with V was written on the cap and the coat. I couldn't remember what it was that was written on them except the V.
They told me to wear the coat and cover my face with the cap. I did what they said and they told me to walk out.
When I came out, I was stopped by some men, they showed me a card and said they were polizei. Then they asked me for my passport and I told them that I had none.
They took me away and handed me over to a man. They told the man to send me to asylum Camp.
The man was going to a city called Dussorf. (Dusseldorf). I followed him to Dussorf where he showed me to a place inside water and walked away. I entered the place he showed me and they sent me there (camp).
They had asked if I had gone to school and I told them that I stopped at elementary 3. It was in the school that I had learnt to write and read. They were surprised when I said I could read and write. Every other African man had denied ever going to school. I just wanted a little deviated story, so I had been drafting the ideas since I got the interview date.

*There was no kind of story they have not heard from asylum seekers.
Some Africans said they had walked all the way from Africa to Germany.
Some said they used horses to ride from Africa to Germany.
Some said they jumped into the ocean to avoid being killed and Swim all the way from Africa to Germany.
One person even said that his father who was a native doctor had given him two eggs. When he broke one egg, he found himself in Germany. He even showed them the remaining egg and asked them to hold his hand while he break the remaining egg, they decried ofcourse.
Someone said he'd had flown like a bird from Chad to Germany.*

My story was different and perfect with no room for errors or so I believed.
When I finished my story, they asked me to chose a country in Africa where I would like to be sent. I named London. They said London was not in Africa. I pretended to be surprised.
''How could London not be in Africa'' I had asked them. I heard so many black people live there I told them.
I also suggested that they sent me to New York since London was not in Africa. They laughed among themselves.
After writing down everything I had said, he asked a few more questions I had forgotten and told me to go. The interview took over an hour.
When I walked out of the venue, My little darling Awiti was waiting for me outside. She had waited for an hour according to her. She was afraid I was going to fail the interview and got bundled into a permanent waiting police van and whisked away to the deportation Camp.
She hugged me in public and took my hand.
'' I bought Doner Kebap for you'' she said. Doner was a turkish mixture of dried floor, tomatoes, onions etc. I followed her to her room and ate the Kebap.
In the afternoon, we walked to the mall and bought juice and cola. We sat under a lonely tree and talked. She had obviously fallen in love with me and she was not afraid to show it public.
I felt at ease with her and told her that I was a Nigerian and not Cameounian. I had taken my interview and I was half safe for now. We sat there and missed lunch. I wasn't hungry anyway.
John bighead had softened up on me since he found out I had jilted Agnes. There was no longer any danger going to the forest park, so I put my hand around Awiti's neck and we walked to the park.
There were few white people playing with their dogs in the park. We drifted down to a lonely place and continued drinking the pilsener beer I had bought. We were playing Romeo and Juliet too; throwing peanuts into each other's mouth and kissing in public like the white people were doing.
At about 6pm, it was time for dinner. Awiti had not started cooking and it was either we go back now or go to bed without food.
A unanimous decision to go back to the camp was reached.
As I got up and helped my sweetheart to get up from the ground, I heard a voice coming out of the bush behind us.

''Woman Wrapper, na this one dey onboard now''

Guess who it was?


Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by iykmora(m): 7:59pm On Jun 24, 2013
now we have arrived @ whr we stopped. Had to endure dis wait!

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Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by tolutweety(m): 8:03pm On Jun 24, 2013
iykmora: now we have arrived @ whr we stopped. Had to endure dis wait!
Re: There And Back On Time (Nairaland Best Story of all Time) by Donshegxy10(m): 8:12pm On Jun 24, 2013
iykmora: now we have arrived @ whr we stopped. Had to endure dis wait!

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