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The Silent Lover by underage(f): 3:11pm On Sep 06, 2013
Once upon a time, there was a princess who owned a wonderful dreamland. Life was really peaceful until someone attacked and destroyed everything she had. Only this time it was not some cruel, ugly villian but...........the prince of her dreams!

The story follows.............

All rights reserved.

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Re: The Silent Lover by Nobody: 3:23pm On Sep 06, 2013
*clears throat*

moi sweerie pie, pls dnt kip me waiting for updates oo..

Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 3:26pm On Sep 06, 2013
datblaqgurl: *clears throat*

moi sweerie pie, pls dnt kip me waiting for updates oo..


I won't dearie. The next update is on it's way soon smiley
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 4:39pm On Sep 06, 2013
7th December, 2010
Karachi, Pakistan

I still don't believe that I've lost her forever.

Perhaps I didn't deserve her. She was such a nice lady, such a wonderful female. I know that I can find many girls in this world, even more beautiful and more attractive than she was. But no girl can fit into that specific portion of my heart that has been reserved only for her now.

What shall I call her?

Agressive? Absolutely not. She was so patient, so calm.

Hard and strict? Never. She was so flexible, so adaptable, very comprimising too.

Rude and proud? No way. She was modest, friendly, and sympathetic.

Extremist? Impossible. She sure knew her boundaries and limits.

No, there's nothing I can call her. I can't give her a single, sole name.

She was truly wonderful, capable of doing miraculous wonders.

She understood me. I don't think that anyone could ever understand me like the way she did. She made me realize myself, arranging my life's books neatly into this world's shelf. It's only because of her that I am who I am.

I will not say that she was perfect but she was the best one I ever could have hoped for, not only because she had a tremendous amount of unconditional love, but because she shaped who I am today, my qualities and characteristics. She was the one who made me beautiful in every sense. The kind you don't see much anymore. She was simple but yet so mysterious. She was so familiar but ah, at the same time, so strange too.

In the paths of life, you find faces you can't forget ever, no matter how much you try. Then how can I forget that fairy-face which made me accustomed to the reality of life? Those lake-deep eyes which, when low, used to bring night and when high, were the source of daylight.

She was the poetry of a born poet. Flowers needed her to grow; autumn required her to become spring.

She was definitely a dream girl, a beautiful scene of my sleep. But she was a reality too. A reality, which creates history. A reality, you can't imagine your life without. She was so alive. One, who could give you life in one glance. There was just nothing else like her at all. It was her attitude toward life that made her uniquely captivating. She had a quick intelligence and a lively curiosity about anything she happened to encounter.

And then.........she was gone when I needed her the most. She came and left. But she didn't leave alone; she had my life too.

I'll never understand one thing. Why those times pass so quickly when you're happy? And why those times seem to stay forever when you're sad?

Did I love her?

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Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 5:04pm On Sep 06, 2013
All comments are welcomed pals. Thanks for reading smiley
Re: The Silent Lover by tijehi(f): 5:35pm On Sep 06, 2013
When u write something that we understand, we will comment based on our understanding.


Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 5:45pm On Sep 06, 2013
tijehi: When u write something that we understand, we will comment based on our understanding.

Okay. I am sure you'll enjoy this grin
Re: The Silent Lover by VivyGift(f): 5:53pm On Sep 06, 2013
tijehi: When u write something that we understand, we will comment based on our understanding.

Lol. Anyway, I tink underage will do a good job
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 6:04pm On Sep 06, 2013
Vivy Gift:

Lol. Anyway, I tink underage will do a good job

grin I wont let you down Vivy Gift
Re: The Silent Lover by harlos: 6:05pm On Sep 06, 2013
Eyha sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsad

I have a girl...she is the only thing i could think of when reading through your text.

You have to see her to know what beautiful means. What else do I want to say, you've said it all.
The only regret I have is that I was not writer sad

And hey! She is alive and doing fine.
I just pray we live to see our dream come true smiley

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Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 6:15pm On Sep 06, 2013
harlos: Eyha sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsad

I have a girl...she is the only thing i could think of when reading through your text.

You have to see her to know what beautiful means. What else do I want to say, you've said it all.
The only regret I have is that I was not writer sad

And hey! She is alive and doing
I just pray we live to see our dream come through smiley

I wish you all the best. May your dream come true smiley


Re: The Silent Lover by VivyGift(f): 6:17pm On Sep 06, 2013

grin I wont let you down Vivy Gift

I trust u grin
Re: The Silent Lover by harlos: 6:28pm On Sep 06, 2013

I wish you all the best. May your dream come true smiley
Amen, and you too smiley
Re: The Silent Lover by Deiok(m): 7:13pm On Sep 06, 2013
*Walks in with a confused face* Has the story started yet?.

Following sha.
Re: The Silent Lover by Nobody: 8:14pm On Sep 06, 2013
undecideddnt understand a thing here...
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 8:44pm On Sep 06, 2013
datblaqgurl: undecideddnt understand a thing here...

Patience my dear smiley. You will with time. Next update coming soon
Re: The Silent Lover by harlos: 8:47pm On Sep 06, 2013
Deiok: *Walks in with a confused face* Has the story started yet?.

Following sha.

About the queen?

I guess it is coming soon undecided
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 9:07pm On Sep 06, 2013
He closed his eyes to minimize the intense expression of pain. Then, after taking few deep breaths, he began to write once again.

I will not talk about my dark, ill past. But for sure, at present, her love is the greatest present for me.

I love her not only for what she had made of herself but also for what she was making of me.

I love her for the part of me that she brought out.

"Did 'she' love me?"

Yes certainly. No other woman will ever love me like the way she did. Noone else will ever stand by me like her.

Finishing his last word, he stopped writing, took off his fine, neat, half-framed spectacles and blew off a long, cold, lonely sigh. Tipping his head back on the headrest of the easy chair, he finally closed his eyes.

"You look good in glasses". Her wispher was very near.

"Huh?" He turned quickly to locate the source. Not here and there, she was nowhere. He was alone in his room. Memories were like endless rain for him. Once began, they would never stop. As her voice faded with his consciousness, he thought he felt a tear strike his cheek.

The wind was particularly cold and wet, even for December in Karachi. Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, he stood up from his place and opened the side window. Sharp and cold wave of wind hit him full in the face, a stream of air with strong noise of sea waves nearby.

Thank God for the wind! It broke
the silence.

Through the huge plain glass window, he stared at the beach of white sand that seemed almost to glow in the moonlight. Long white breakers came out of the night and broke on the shore. Far out at sea, mysterious offshore lights winked and moved steadily along.

With a long breath, he smelled the sea-scented air and closed his lashes. As soon as his anatomical eyes closed, his imaginative eyes opened and from the fantastic window of imagination, she came in front of him, like always. Smiling! Everything about her was absolutely beautiful. Even her appearance, he thought.

What to say about her external beauty and looks.......

If beauty is limited, then she has its final limit.

Smiles were not very usual feature of her personality.

"Because of myself." He thought painfully. "Yes I didn't give her much chance to smile. Rude, brutal, animal-like, I was like a sharp knife for her."

"You act as if you were God Almighty, but I know what you're really like! You're a......a......bad-mannered, ill-tempered....savage!" His own conscience showed him the mirror.

Although he had not seen her smiling alot still he thought that flowers used to bloom when she smiled. Yes, her smile was as innocent as a young flower bud, as fresh as a sweet and scented morning breeze.

Apart from her smiles, he always wondered what was so "different" in her appearance. She sure had something unique and powerful in her face that always differentiated her from the other women. Only now he found out what made her face and her personality so different and impressive. Yes, it was that particular glory, that specific charisma, which comes only on the faces of those women who have strong character and firm principles. Who never comprimise on their beliefs and who observe.......

He couldn't think more. Such a shiny, bright 'glow' she had on her face.

Her hair was the first cloudiness which appears before rain. Her long, shiny locks were the source of comfort for the desperate and tired traveler.

The musical ringing of the phone in his room dispersed his thoughts. With slow, tired steps, he reached and picked up the reciever.

"Yes?" While holding the cordless reciever in one hand, he used the other to take his remainig cigarette to his dark lips.

"How's my good boy today?" A soft, caring male voice came from the other side.

"Assalaam O Alaikum Maulana uncle." He sighed with relief as he heard his teacher's voice and then said, "I was actually going to call you in few minutes. I have some good news for you." Not just his face, even his voice was smiling. "Thankfully, your prayers got colors."

"You made my day son. I have waited so long for this very day." Maulana uncle's voice became shaky with emotion.

"Dr Waris has called me tomorrow for my final check up. He said that hopefully they would issue the mental health clearance certificate for me this time." He said, leaning against the railing of the upstairs terrace. The salt breeze rippled gently through his dark black hair.

"And what about police matters?"

"One of my friends talked to the D.I.G. Crimes, he has assured us that there are no more charges remaining on me now. My file has been closed. The police do accept the fact that whatever happened was something I did when I was not mentally normal." He finished his long sentence. "I'd never forgive myself ever though."

"Yes. Why not, thanks to Allah, you're normal now, physically as well as mentally." Maulana uncle was as supportive as ever. "It's been a long way though."

"Uncle, I don't believe that it's been more than two years now." He took a long breath. "The loss is unbearable however."

Maulana uncle remained silent this time.

"Uncle, tell me. Tell me, why does it hurt to love someone?"

From the other side, he heard a soft, sober laughter.

"People don't offer thanks when they're happy. Yet they object when they're hurt."

"I...I will be thankful this time." He sobbed. "Sometimes, I just want my love back uncle. Although I know it's impossible. Those who have gone forever, never come back." He murmured painfully. "And please, not this time. I don't want to get hurt again."

"Your love was meant to be.......

"If it was meant to be, why did I lose her?" His voice became loud, as he cut in.

"You didn't lose her.......I'd say you let her go!" Maulana uncke replied. "And that was your mistake."

He did not reply. He had nothing to say.

"How's your poetry going?"

"My only hobby these days." He laughed emptily. "Yes I wrote something new."

"And what it could be?"

"My new poem, want to hear?" He aksed, resting against the railing again and gazing far out to sea.

"Why not."

Hearing his response, he set his neatly framed glasses back on his nose and opened his diary again.

"Alright, here it is.... I have dedicated this to her, the same person for whom I wrote it. By the way the title is 'Thank you'.

"Hmm, sounds interesting. Lets begin now."

He closed his eyes, tipped his head back again and began to read the poem in a soft, low voice but with an impressive accent and perfection.

My love.....
I am a different person,
a better person,
since we first met,

your honesty helped me
to see my weaknesses,
and your support helped me
to turn them into strengths.

Thank you,
for being my real, true friend
for not saying the things
you thought I wanted to hear,
but for saying the things
I needed to know.

Thank you for being my teacher!

I was helpless, you supported me
I was restless, you comforted me
I was ignorant, you acknowledged me

Thank you......

And now, I know, you're not with me,
but know what? You're still inme

Thank you for being my 'everything'

"You there uncle?" Finishing his poem, he asked.

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful my son." Maulana uncle's voice was laden with joy and appreciation.

"While thanking Allah for making us better and the best, we should not forget the channel which is the source between Allah and us. Your "thank you" is just fantastic."

In answer, he smiled soberly and said, "Well, what can I say in answer except another "Thank you!"

Maulana uncle laughed again.

"Son, I'd like to suggest something for you and you really need that!"

"And what's that uncle?"

"Change. You need change."

"Change or 'escape' from my worries?"

"No, I mean change of atmospher. Go to some good picnic point of your city. It will provide you a chance to gather your thoughts again or...." Maulana uncle left his sentence unfinished.


"If you know what I mean, you can change your place too, I mean your home.......

"Uncle please..." He cut in sharply with pain.

"You know it's one of the last memories of her. I can still fell her fragrance here. I can't even think of leaving this place...

"But my child, don't you think these three thousand yards are too big for a single,solitary you?"

"Uncle I suppose we shall leave this discussion for later times, if you don't mind." His voice became spotless, his face expressionless. "But I'd definitely think about what you said about change of atmosphere!" He assured him seriously,blowing off another puff of cigarette smoke.

"May this change bring many other pleasant changes to you son. I'll visit you soon."

"Thank you uncle. I'll be looking forward to welcome you here."

"Alright, and do inform me about your medical report as soon as you get it. Okay?"

"Sure uncle! Take care. Allah hafiz."

Hanging up the phone, he finished off his remaining cigarette. Now, it was time to sleep.

"It won't come so easily though." His own smile was sarcastic for himself.

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Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 9:20pm On Sep 06, 2013
Please pardon me for any typos, am using my phone to type and sometimes the baby distracts me grin

Updates will be once everyday, but I promise you it will be worth the wait.
Thank you all for reading.


Re: The Silent Lover by harlos: 9:37pm On Sep 06, 2013
Now i'm starting understand the story.

No problem, that baby is your baby?

You made three updates todayundecided
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 9:42pm On Sep 06, 2013
harlos: Now i'm starting understand the story.

No problem, that baby is your baby?

You made three updates todayundecided

Yes, the baby's mine.

I made three updates today because I wanted you guys to have a hint of whats going on so as to keep you sticked to the topic wink
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 1:01pm On Sep 07, 2013
"Frality thy name is woman."

"An eye-opening statement for those who think that our east has disgraced or degraded women." She banged her fist on the palm of her other hand. "The greatest litterateur of the West is saying that woman is weakness."

"Williams shakespeare was a honest man I guess." The other girl who looked a little younger smiled naughtily.

"Even now," The first girl continued, apparently ignoring the other girl's remark. "Their literature has not attained what Urdu literature had achieved in eigtheenth or nineteenth century."

"Ofcourse we have Ghalib, Meer, Iqbal and so many.....The list just never ends..."

"I would never understand one thing sister." The younger girl raised the tea mug to her mouth.

"No Suprise Sheeba. Infact you don't understand anything." The older girl shrugged her shoulders.

"Deeba..... I will kill you." She threw a heavy pillow toward her sister, which Deeba caught expertly.

"But I must admit......" Sheeba smiled. "That you're a good catcher. Atleast you could teach our Pakistan cricket team how to take some good catches."

"Yuck, I hate cricket." Deeba made her mouth like she had swallowed something really bitter.

"Now, I won't doubt that. A nerdy, book-worm kind of all like you should only go for poetry and prose." Sheeba took another fine sip.

"Why? Okay. Tell me honestly; didn't you feel any interest in poetry ever?" Deeba's voice had a slight tone of disappointment in it.

"I just couldn't get it, the failures in love, crying and all that painful stuff. This is an internet age my dear." Sheeba said fluently. "You have to look forward instead of wasting your tears, time and energy for your past. And that's what all poets do. I just don't understand why don't they get some life and begin to work on something constructive."

"Really, you think that way?" Deeba said sadly.

"Yes, and it's 'my' way of thinking." Sheeba said proudly.

"But shall we risk our ideals, our interests and our dreams for such 'modern' age?" Deeba looked deep into her sister's eyes. Her style challenging.

"Oh my gosh. You're really stupid Deeba. You're twenty now, yet it seems like you have made a dream world of your own, a world you never want to climb out of." Sheeba said.

On Deeba's silence, she went on.

"Be practical my sister. This is the new millennium. Poetry, idealism, fantasies, dreams.........you've got a lot more to do than thinking about such primal things, move on."

"I wonder if this new millennium has anything to do with human feelings and emotuons. Does this 'mechanization' and 'industrialism' govern our tender feelings and soft sentiments too? Sorry, if it will, I refuse to acceot such so-called 'modern' life style which is devoid of our natural feelings."

"My own philosophy is, if you like something, just go and get it or otherwise don't love what you can't get!" Sheeba said rigidly.

Deeba laughed at her statement.

"Why are you laughing? Did I say something funny?" Sheeba raised her brows.

"Your materialistic thinking is funny, sort of a selfish one. Life is not a business my dear. Sometimes you just have to live for others, have to care about others more than you do for yourself and have to give sacrifice....."

"Okay, Okay. That's enough....." Sheeba cut in thickly. "I don't want to argue with you. We can never convince each other." Sheeba raised her hand in a gesture of final word.

"I never wanted to convince you, I was just presenting my own opinion." Deeba said plainly. "I'm sorry but I just can't agree with your 'just do it' style.

"Well, so what're we talking about?" Sheeba said quickly changing the topic.

"Frality thy name is woman." Deeba smiled slowly.

"You mean, back to shakespeare again?" Sheeba asked.

"No enough of him now. I just wanted to say that our east has always been very fertile for language, culture and customs you know."Deeba said swiftly. "Even today, we've got fabulous poets like.......

"Oh God. Don't tell me you're talking about 'him' again. Are you?"

"Ofcourse, it's him." Deeba smiled in answer.

"My God Deeba, don't you have any other topic to talk about?"

"No, and you know the reason that why.......

"Oh I forgot to tell you." Sheeba said quickly, before her elder sister could finished her sentence. "And now I'm thinking how I can forget such a thing which is purely of your interest. But first tell me what can you do for me if I tell you something about 'him'?"

"WHAT? Don't tell me that!" Her sister's voice and style totally changed suddenly. No one could believe that this desperate and excited girl was the same one who was talking so calmly just a few moments ago.

"Yes, it's about him and you're such and admirer and fan of him, I fear if the news I'm about to tell you would cause you to have a heart attack or something." Sheeba smiled devilishly.

"Oh, you can't tell me more than what I already know about him. Can you?" Deeba gave her a challenging smile.

"And what if I tell you he's finally appearing in some poetry-show?"

"What?" You're kidding right?" Deeba couldn't believe if she'd heard her correctly.

"I really have confirmed news thats he's finally coming to some 'Mushaa'era' in front of the public for the very first time." Sheeba smiled satisfactorily. "And guess what, it's going to be in our very own city, our sweet dear Karachi."

"Sheeba really?" Deeba was really excited, her breathing fast. "Please.....please.....tell me how and when?"

"No, not like this" Sheeba rose and put her hands on her waist.



"Okay, what do you want? Ice-cream, money, dinner or what?" Deeba asked helplessly, rising from her place.

"Umm I guess dinner will be fine, but I'd choose the meny right?"

"Oh Sheeba please. Now for God sake tell me everything in detail."

"Okay Baba, but first sit down please." Sheeb held her sisters hands in her own and made her sit in front of her.

"Well, do you remember I told you about Inter-colleges poetry contest?" Sheeba began after taking a long breath.

"Yes, what about that?"

"Today, classes were off early and we had nothing to do in college, so we decided to check that out. The contest was today and they had invited him as a chief guest.

"But he never goes......." Deeba interrupted quickly.

"Yes, I know until now he's never been to any function or contest or has not even given an interview ever. But someone told me that our college administration used a 'big' source to invite him there."

"What do you mean?" Deeba asked, her eyes showing frustration and desperation

"They contacted him through his teacher, someone he really respects and calls as his 'spiritual teacher', his 'Maulana uncle'." Sheeba told her all in one breath.

"Oh, and who told you all this?"

"One of my class fellows is a daughter of our college principal." Sheeba smiled, opening a chewing gum from it's wrapper.

"And that's where we met him." She added.

"You mean, you alone?" Deeba's eyes widened with astonishment.

"No. We were five girls in total, my class fellows." She put the bubble gum into her mouth. "We all went to the contest, and it was just amazing. I don't have words to explain what I felt out there. It was all so fabulous and fantastic. The aroma, the atmosphere, the guys, umm well...."

Deeba said nothing; perharps she'd been lost in the trance of what her sister was telling her.

"And although until now I've been arguing with you about him, I must admit that he is different and has a very impressive personality." Sheeba nodded, smiling.

Deeba smiled proudly like it was not him but herself whom her sister is praising.

"He came only in the end, and read just one poem, but it was enough to steal everyone out there."

" Oh Sheeba, I'm so jealous of you right now. I wish I were there....." Deeba clutched the pillow to her bosom, her face showing clear disappointment. " Tell me how does he look like?"

"Umm, now that will charge another treat, what about an ice cream too?" Sheeba winked naughtily.

"Noooh." Deeba clenched her teeth and threw the pillow on Sheeba, who bent her body perfectly to save herself from the expected attack.

"Well sister, that's a suprise, you'll find out soon." she said satisfactorily.


"I mean how you will find how he looks like is another suprise". Sheeba laughed with continous momentum.

"Perhaps, today is the day full of suprises and shocks for me." Deeba said helplessly.

"You got my point." Sheeba twisted her lips to make a bug bubble out of her chewing gum. "Actually I want to get rich soon, and soon for all these services of mine, you'd have to pay me heavily."

"Hmm, yeah I was thinkung the same. You should probably apply for a job in some secret service."

"That will be a watse of me, I guess." She told Sheeba proudly, a lazy grib dancing on her face.

"So, how am I going to find out how he looks like?"

"Deeba, are you just making it or are you really 'this' serious about him?" Sheeba's question was sudden and more than that, her unexpected serious tone suprised Deeba.

"Sorry, I didn't get you." Deeba was confused.

"I mean, are you having some crush on him or what?" Sheeba looked deeply into her sister's eyes.

Deeba laughed loudly on her question.

"Come on Sheeba, don't talk stupid." She said finally, as her laughter dissolved in the air. "I just like him as a poet, and that's all. I've never even met or saw him. It's just curiosity and suspense."

"Hmm. I hope this is the case." Sheeba said thoughtfully, her eyes searching something 'particular' in her elder sister's face.

"But I wonder sometimes......." Sheeba threw her head back on the bed and lay still. "That he never gave an interview, no news paper ever published his pictures......and yet within a short time he has become so famous and popular, especially among the youth of Pakistan."

"You can say so because you've never read his work." Deeba said. "But he sure sounds like some mysterious or hidden person."

"Thats why like other mysterious personality, there're rumors about him." Sheeba closed her eyes, yawning.

"Yeah I have heard some of those." Deeba placed her hands behind her head and lowered herself on the bed in a half-sitting posture.

"Some say he's playboy. Some say he has a dark past. Many think he's a womanizer."

Sheeba didn't say anything in reply now. She was sleepy.

"Sheeba, you can't sleep unless you tell me."

"Tell you what? Don't you ever get tired of 'him' Deeba?" Sheeba said angrily. "Please let me take some rest. It's one a.m now, and I have not slept a wink this whole day."

"You told me about seeing him soon."

"Oh! My goodness." Sheeba gazed at her sister who looked like she was about to cry at any time. "He's been invited to an all Pakistan young poets' function and he's agreed to participate. Happy now?" She said finally, her voice louder than before.

"REALLY? When?" Deeba couldn't believe her ears.

"This weekend. Ten p.m. Sharp!"


Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 1:52pm On Sep 07, 2013
So many views without commenting . You guys are really discouraging me. Its not fair cry
Re: The Silent Lover by Nobody: 5:25pm On Sep 07, 2013
Seems i'm begining to understand nw...
My dear, u r damn good...
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 5:27pm On Sep 07, 2013
datblaqgurl: Seems i'm begining to understand nw...
My dear, u r damn good...

Thanks dearie grin. This will keep me going.
Re: The Silent Lover by zibrgt: 6:01pm On Sep 07, 2013
u write good. U shouldn't be discouraged. Glad u are writing another story after the basheer's story.
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 6:13pm On Sep 07, 2013
zibrgt: u write good. U shouldn't be discouraged. Glad u are writing another story after the basheer's story.

Thanks for d compliment smiley. I hope you enjoy this one too
Re: The Silent Lover by Deiok(m): 7:45pm On Sep 07, 2013
The story is getting clearer now. It looks like an interesting story.
Keep it up.
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 9:24pm On Sep 07, 2013
Deiok: The story is getting clearer now. It looks like an interesting story.
Keep it up.

Thanks smiley
Re: The Silent Lover by underage(f): 12:18pm On Sep 08, 2013
"Karachi Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases"

He first looked at the big sparkling signboard and then at his wristwatch. He was there in time. Locking the door as he climbed out of his car and taking short steps, walked inside the huge premises.

"Hello sir, how are you?" The lady receptionist gave him a lovely smile, looking clearly impressed.

"How are you? Hope fine!" He said without even stopping properly near her. "I believe I am not late?"

"Not at all sir, Dr. Waris is in his room." He heard the receptionist voice on his back.

Walking straight, he reached near the door which had a name plate of 'Dr. Waris Ahmad'. He knocked on the door and on hearing the response, turned the door knob and stepped inside.

"Welcome dear, so very nice to see you." A man in his late fifties left his chair to greet him. "Please be seated."

"Thank you doctor." He took his chair opposite his.

"So......" Doctor set a formal smile on his lips, taking his glasses off. "How're you feeling now?"

"Better." He said plainly. "Much better".

"That's good. Oh yes I have to show you the reports of your last tests."

Finishing his sentence, doctor left his chair to open one of his cupboards, took a grey file out and then returned to his seat.

Taking his glasses back to his eyes, he slowly flipped through the pages of that file.

"Well" Closing the file, doctor took a long breath and peered at him through his glasses.

For several minutes, doctor just sat there, staring at him like he would never see him again.

"No sign of any personality disorder." He finally began to say. "Not a single hint of dementia or schizophrenia, no mark or trace of any manic-depressive illness."

He didn't reply, just looked back at the doctor in silence.

"Congratulations. You're completely normal and healthy now." He shook his hand with him excitedly.

"Thank you, you all really worked hard." His response was short.

"No," Doctor refused to agree. "It was 'you' who worked hard, who fought with all of his might and will power. You defeated the disease and won this stressful war." His doctor said with a sheer admiration in his eyes.

In answer, he lowered his eyes to the thickly carpeted floor but said nothing.

When he looked up after a silence of few minutes, he saw that doctor was still staring at him.

"What are you looking at doctor? Anything wrong?"

"I was thinking how things could go so right" Doctir said, his tone filled with suprise and amazement. "Impossible and unbelievable." Dr. Waris was plainly astonished.

"What's so impossible doctor?"

"I mean, we all expected your problem to get resolved in atleast four or five years and yet you're completely alright within two years." Doctor told him. "And to be honest with you, we didn't expect this problem to get subsided completely. Its prognosis is bad, and in almost all cases, the patient is never able to achieve his pre-disease state back. I mean he never gets completely normal." He told him in detail. "But your case is one of its own kind, you are as mentally and physically active now like you were before."

Dr Waris paused for a second then added.

"Apart from all that, I now see a strange calmness in the way you talk, and your style of expression has become so mute and yet so inspiring. You look very much satisfied and content now."

"So do you suggest anything for the future?" He asked, not commenting on what his doctor had just said. "Do I need to take some precautionary measures?"

"Well, I'd say that just try to be more social. Attend parties, functions, and gatherings, make new friends, visit refreshing places. That's all."

"Anything else?"

"That's all. But yes, if you feel any mental problem or depression episode again, you may take these medicines." Doctor slid a letterhead in front of him and was about to prescribe some medicines on it when his voice stopped him.

"I think you should leave these medicines, doctor. It will be useless." He said flatly. "Would it surprise you if I tell you that I never took any of the medicines you prescribed for me in the last one year?"

"What? Really?" Doctor was truly shocked and suprised today.

"Are you sure you didn't take any of the medicines I prescribed?"

"Not a single one." He smiled slightly.

"Then what took cure of your problem?"

"My religion." As he spoke, Dr. Waris noted that there was some strange, specific contentment in his voice.

"Oh, you mean spiritually or something?" Dr. Waris raised his brows.

"Not really." He said simply. "Spirituality is just a part of religion. My religion has a lot more than that."


"Fortunately, someone guided me to the right place and the book I consulted was a perfect one for me. It has remedy for every disease and cure for every pain." He explained.

"That's truly interesting." Doctor's shock had not yet subsided yet.

" It heals wounds, and soothes bruises, even if they are on your heart." His smile was very weird this time.

"Is it some sort of a medical book?"

"Not solely." He answered. "It has economics, physics, chemistry, biology, every science and every art."

"Could you please tell me which book you are talking about?" Doctor's curiosity reached its climax. "And, where I can find the book"

"Ofcourse Doctor, why not, it's called...


"Doctor, would you mind if I give my answer rather poetically?" He smiled gracefully.

"Really? That would be very interesting." Doctor's eyes and facial expression changed even more.

"You sure?" He wanted to confirm one more time.

"Positive. Why do you doubt?"

"I don't doubt." His eyes smiled at him. "I was just thinking do you have much time or interest for a 'dry' thing like poetry?"

"Never. It's one of the things I prefer to do in my leisure hours. It woukd actually be a pleasure to listen. Please...." Dr. Waris couldn't wait to know what it was all about.

He bent slightly forward, and with full confidence, he began to read. His voice was soothing, his accent was firm and his language fluent.

I am a book in elegant prints
To know my name, here are some hints

"Wow!" Doctor said, his eyes spreading wide.

He seemed not hearing him or anyone. He was lost in himself, hidden in what he was reading.

Rich in cover and nicely bound
In hearts of muslim, I am rarely found

High on shelf, I am kept
Forgotten there, I am left

With respect, I do get lots of 'kiss'
My main point is what they always 'miss'

In a melodious voice, they recite me
Neglecting the message inside me

At times, I am used for phony swear
My true use is very, very rare

A miracle, I am, that can change the world
All one has to do is understand my word

I have wisdom, I have treasure
So much, that there is no measure

In your savior, I'm your guide
But who's there to follow my bide

Right from wring is my fame

Leaving his sentence unfinished, he smiled, left his chair to shake hand with the open-mouthed doctor. But before leaving, he didn't forget to finish his poem.

"Holy quran is my name"


Re: The Silent Lover by Nobody: 11:34pm On Sep 08, 2013
oh well!!!!!

dunno bout d QURAN, n ion wish to know undecided

i'll still say; welldone sweerie
Re: The Silent Lover by yemi2plus(m): 8:22am On Sep 09, 2013
Why I'm just seeing this lovely story now? I'm happy I came early.

@underage....What kind of phone are you using? I will like to get one, look like the phone have the ability to type more than ten thousands letters.

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