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Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 2:41pm On Sep 26, 2013
Ruby spice:
we bumped into each oda. He was at my baq waiting for his turn and i turned wit my plate and bam!!
k i now get it...he shouldn't be dat close now

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Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 3:11pm On Sep 26, 2013
Ruby am waiting 4 d nxt update. Wat did u do to d guy.
Re: Single Lady by Bluediamond1(f): 7:25pm On Sep 26, 2013
Lovely write up Ruby,pls kip it comin...
Re: Single Lady by ifyeky(m): 10:34am On Sep 27, 2013
Ruby, where art thou??
Re: Single Lady by ninja4life(m): 11:10am On Sep 27, 2013
U like shakara na if u are really so hungry u wont even think twice b4 forgetting d guy and start devouring ur food.lol waiting for next update
Re: Single Lady by zenie(f): 12:22pm On Sep 27, 2013
wow..wat cn I say Rily luking 4ward 2d next update..u a darl grin
Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 3:33pm On Sep 27, 2013
Ruby where art thou?hope all is well o
Re: Single Lady by jay0202(f): 10:49pm On Sep 27, 2013
patiently waiting for the next update
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 12:22pm On Sep 28, 2013
Network has bin so crappy. I'm sorry y'all.
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 1:04pm On Sep 28, 2013
'I could really careless how you would feel. We are trying to make 'me' feel better because right now I feel horrible, hungry, tired and many other emotions at the moment. So if I have more than 24hours in one day, I'm sure I'll fit you into my very busy schedule!!' I barked at him.
Immediately, mystery dude started laughing really hard. He had a very contagious kind of laughter that I was struggling really hard not to join him even when I didn't know what he found funny or was it mockery? I couldn't really tell. I had to keep a straight face and still form anger as I watched him and I struggled within.

Then he said;
'where are my manners? I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. Babe, you harsh o but your sense of humour couldn't be hidden even when you feel this profound anger. Wait o, you are the girl I was looking at some weeks back from the park right?' he asked

I had to form confused. I wouldn't want the guy to feel fly that he had somehow left an impression. He had to earn it, so I acted like I couldn't remember at first.
'errmm, I have no idea what you are talking about.' I lied

'ofcourse, how could I have missed this at first? Its you, Still as beautiful as ever. Shi*t! We weren't supposed to meet with me getting on your nerves like this. I had it all planned out, me riding in my porshe to save you and becoming your hero and knight in blink blink armour.' he said

'this guy wan kill me laugh o' I thought and this time I could help but laugh aloud. The earlier burning anger had died down but the hunger was very much present.

'okay now I got you to laugh, please lets go inside and eat. Infact I insist.' he said

'I don't even know your name, so you are still a strange. Maybe some other time.' I said

'ok, its Andrew. What is your name and can I get your number so I can make sure you keep your words? Or until the days become longer than 24hours?' he teased

'my name is Jenny.' I said as I gave him the number. We soon went our separate ways. He went back in to the buka and I walked away looking for a bike.

I got home few minutes later and Deedee wasn't back yet which meant no cooked food. Damn, I was hungry. I decided to make noodles before I would faint. As I was cooking, I heard a knock.
'who is there?' I asked

'its me, Caroline.' she replied

'ohh o. Why is this girl here now? I no cook for her o. Wouldn't want here to shorten my ration.' I grumbled as I opened the door

'how far?' I said

'hmmm, is that what I think it is? I go chop o.' she said as she entered my room

'nawa for you o. You no wait make e done then I invite you to join me, you don invite your self. Na your type they make me lock door when I dey chop. Na our two come this school?' I lamented

'all this one na story. All I know be say I must chop. Today lecture na one kain.' she said
We got talking and I soon forgot about my reluctance to share my meal. Then there was another knock. It was Emeka this time. We hard barely begun eating so it was only civil to invite him to join us. He went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a fork and joined us. My eyes almost popped from its sockets.

'couldn't he have said no thanks. I didn't mean it when I invited him to join us. Damn courtesy.' I though shaking my head. Both of them just sat there gisting about nothing important as they swallowed down my lunch. I could be a very accommodating person but I wasn't feeling up to the task today. I had wanted a nice lunch ALONE but it just wasn't happening. Before long, I forgot about it as I packed the plate away. Then they both got up and said they had to go.

'Is this some sort of joke? You guys come just in time for the food and leave almost immediately after?' I asked and I got smiles and grins in return.

At this point, I imagined put them on my laps and flogging them on their bare butts. I was still somehow hungry. I thought of my rice and ofeaku from earlier and my rejected offer out of forming and now my shortened ration, my stomach got the message and growled aloud in defense.


Re: Single Lady by Temieasy(m): 1:59pm On Sep 28, 2013
too short..*winks*.
Buh waitin 4 d next update,mk it kind of quick,..
2dae na saturdae..
Re: Single Lady by ceira(f): 2:03pm On Sep 28, 2013
Luvly....pls more
Re: Single Lady by Incredibleme: 9:36pm On Sep 28, 2013
u got me rolling on da floor, nice one
Re: Single Lady by Bluediamond1(f): 12:00pm On Sep 29, 2013
Lwkmd,Ruby u gat me rolling on the floor.damn u shld b a comedian.more ink 2 ur pen love.
Re: Single Lady by chistar01(m): 12:14pm On Sep 29, 2013
Chistar is still following. You doing a great job, more flesh to your back side grin
Re: Single Lady by ninja4life(m): 5:33pm On Sep 29, 2013
Roflmao u got me craking my ribs with d update.nice work
Re: Single Lady by may01(f): 6:33pm On Sep 29, 2013
wonderful story dear,funny too.
Re: Single Lady by cherisskenzy(f): 8:32pm On Sep 29, 2013
My tommy hurts cos of laughter. Ride on girl!!!
Re: Single Lady by Mador(f): 3:37pm On Oct 02, 2013
Beautiful write up...more grease to your elbow.
Waiting 4 a long update*winks*
Re: Single Lady by Smhart1(f): 8:49pm On Oct 02, 2013
Wow...nice one miss writer
Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:20pm On Oct 02, 2013
Days had rolled by pretty fast and turned into weeks. I entered the school premises on a wednesday morning and it seemed a little scanty or was it just me? Even in the lecture hall, it seemed people were scarce or maybe the exam preparation made it so. Lecturers rushed through their syllabus just to meet up. They fixed lectures even when it wasn't their period but students could careless because they just stopped attending lectures so they could readup the notes they already had. This seemed like the only logical explanation. I on the other hand was a little behind in my school work. I offered about five courses as a pre-degree student which included; mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology. I hadn't covered any of the notes and understood very little of the ones I read. Exams was in two weeks, I felt my head would exploded as I tried to read up and also think about the possibility of not gaining admission. The pressure was massively weighing on me but I couldn't do anything about it but try.

I hadn't seen Caroline in a while, she also was scarce. Andrew hadn't even called since he got my number. I don't get it why guys do that, they obviously like a girl and also know the girl liked them back, so why form? That just end up making the girl hard-hearted towards them. Well, not in all cases but in mine that's what happened. I soon forgot all bout him.

Emeka and I were still close and he was helping me prepare for the exams. We barely had enough hours during the day to study, so he soon suggested night class. I was against it at first but after weighing my options, I gave in.

We agreed to meet up at 8:00 pm at the CCE building. I dressed in an attire that could prevent cold if any or even the ever present mosquitoes. I wasn't ready to take chances and would have preferred to study in the comfort of my room but many factors made that almost impossible. There was the fact that I needed a tutor in some topics and the fact that Deedee couldn't really stand being around Emeka for longer than necessary. She loved her privacy and I had to respect that. I couldn't even bring myself to ask her if I could bring him over to the room to study over the night, she would never agree to that. So my place wasn't an option, his place wasn't either because he had a roommate and I wouldn't want to inconvenient him either. Thus, the night class.

The bike I took stopped me near the building, so I walked down. The place was bright and so full of people. There were different sources of light. Candles, lanterns and rechargeable torches and lamps of different shapes.

'so this is where they have been hiding.' I thought to myself

The faces were not all familiar, so I concluded not all the people around were pdites. As I looked around for Emeka, I noticed some students were already asleep, some where making calls, some were gisting with friends. The night seemed like a normal afternoon. I had never attended a night class, everything felt new and different to me. I soon heard Emeka's voice calling me, so I hurried to join him. I told him about my observations and being a first timer at such a place, I talked about it with so much excitement. Emeka, who frequents the class because he said he read better out here just laughed as I talked.

We soon started reading and he was able to explain topics I felt were so tough and made them look so easy. I felt really glad I was there as we revised topics after topics. Soon it was 2:30 am in the morning and I had to pee. It was pitch black outside the class and the silence of the night was deafening. There was no way I was going out there alone. As I tried to ignore the urge, my bladder felt like the would explode in seconds. Emeka noticed my sudden discomfort and had to ask;
'Jenny, is something wrong? Are you expecting someone? You keep looking at your watch.'

'errmm, no. The thing is I.... I need to pee and I can't go out there alone.' I replied shyly

'ah ah, you would have told me. I can go with you. It's just past 2 and looking at your watch wouldn't make the time moving faster or make you forget you are pressed.' he said

'well, what can I say? Nature calls. Hope it wouldn't be a bother to you?' I said

'see how we are debating over nothing, stand up jare before you pee on your body.' he teased

I just chuckled and followed him as he lead me to a bush path to do my business. The place was dark and I could here frogs croaking loudly from the bushes around. There were fluorescent-like insects flying around. Emeka just stood slightly away from me as I peed in the bush. As I pulled up my jeans, I could hear bikes riding towards the CCE building in top speed. The head lamps was facing us so I couldn't see the people on the bikes. I held Emeka so we could leave the bush but he seemed frozen solid and wouldn't move. The three bikes stopped in front of the building and the men at the back seats got down. I could see them now cocking guns and then one of them shot into the air.

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Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:35pm On Oct 02, 2013
Sorry for keeping you waiting. @ Temieasy
thanks @ ceira
am glad you like it @ incredible me, Blue diamond, chistar, ninja4life, may01, cheris skenzy, mador, smhart1
am sorry for not updating for some days now, it would be more consistent from now onward by God's grace. Pls kip reading.
Re: Single Lady by lullyboy: 9:38pm On Oct 02, 2013
Nice job so far..stick 2 ur style.....nxt update o o!!!!!
Re: Single Lady by MsSpaqs(f): 9:41pm On Oct 02, 2013
shocked I have hrd of d adage that says saved by d bell.This one shld b saved by Pee

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Re: Single Lady by zenie(f): 9:45pm On Oct 02, 2013
Me likey..stl following
Re: Single Lady by kingphilip(m): 10:22pm On Oct 02, 2013
Still following jst keep flowing
Re: Single Lady by Kslib(m): 1:20pm On Oct 03, 2013
Guns? Wheew!!! shocked shocked
All izz well oo!!
Re: Single Lady by eyezik3(m): 1:38pm On Oct 03, 2013
If u work hard u go be like my guy chistar01 na confirm guy ooo, anyway nice work:*
Re: Single Lady by johnwizey: 3:22pm On Oct 03, 2013
If to say u nevr peed, i swear na dat gunshot go make u pee for body
Re: Single Lady by DabariN(f): 8:44pm On Oct 03, 2013
hmmmmmmmmm.....am enjoyin dis story....keep d gud work.........next update pls
Re: Single Lady by ninja4life(m): 9:15pm On Oct 03, 2013
Ruby spice: Sorry for keeping you waiting. @ Temieasy
thanks @ ceira
am glad you like it @ incredible me, Blue diamond, chistar, ninja4life, may01, cheris skenzy, mador, smhart1
am sorry for not updating for some days now, it would be more consistent from now onward by God's grace. Pls kip reading.
apology accepted.hope u update more frequently now.anyway nice story.
Re: Single Lady by honeydion(m): 12:02am On Oct 04, 2013
Now you have a visitor "BOKOHARAM"

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