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Everybody Hates King Mclord: Part III / Heres A Gospel Version Of Phyno, What Do You Think? / "The Sad Truth About Hip Hop" <chain letter> (2) (3) (4)

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Everybody Hates A Certain Hip Hop Mutant Caled King Mclord! Why? Heres Ur Answer by kingofhiphop101(m): 7:20pm On Oct 04, 2013
FOR YEARS NOW>> ALMOST 20 years.. I HAVE KEPT PERFECTLY SILENT ABOUT ALL THE BULLshit being spread about me.. by most of yur so called hip hop heads.
i kept quiet because i actually felt sorry for these back-stabbers and for som other reasons which i will take time to divulge in the course of this discourse.
However.. the long and short of it is.. that the truth must be told now. and i mean the truth from the origin. the truth from the genesis of the so called hip hop movement in this country.
how a certain minority of mediocres have conived [first secretly] to erase and then re-write THE TRUE STORY of HIP HOP in this country..to how som so called hard-core rappers in this country tried to kill me simply bcause they called themselves best emcee or king of rap and discovered that it wud be completely useless and even impossible to place themselves in a category of supremacy when the TRUE KING OF HIP HOP [Mr KING McLORD] is ALIVE, IMMORTAL IN CHRIST and PRESENT.
I will also call to mind the fact that the conspiracy against Mr KING McLORD has gotten to nairaland too and this site, inspite of all their rules, regulations and restrictions has sat back and watched with glee as som inferior minds-in the name of being morderators- delete my posts and coments whenever they appear here.
I>M actually surprised yu havnt closed this account by now.pls yu can feel free to do so when ever it suits yu.
but while i wait for yu to do that, let me-in the mean time- begin to clear the minds of [1rst] those who,v heard all kinds of trash about me, then go on to put these babbling wanksters in their place.
let me first of all name som of these babbling wanksters 1] mode 9, who coudnt rap to save his own life until i schooled him. 2] ths little boy cald ill bliss, who has me and a publisher Mr Ore adekunle to thank for his first [ever] appearance on a magazine 3] another child calld O.D. 4] ayo animashaun who could not publish the first few editions of hip hop world magazine without my blessings and contributions.
I will stop the name dropping here. to continue later.
I hav deemed it rather xpedient to note these persons so as to draw peoples attention to the true source of those rumours being peddled about Nigerias TRUE GOD FATHER OF HIP HOP [KING McLORD]. or atleast one of the 7 to be precise. [the other 6 will be named shortly]
Those reading this, who wish to understand the writer must first grasp the fact that an intimidated person is not likely to admit to bein intimidated.
Nobady who feels inferior will tell yu "oh the reason why i hate that guy is cus i feel inferior to him" or " oh i cant stand that guy because hes such a charismatic character and wenever he,s around my girlfriends attention is divided"
NIGERIANS NOOOO!!! cowards and envious people and jealous people and mediocres and people like them never admit to bein inferior to those whom they envy or fear.
instead they cook up fake stories and trump up false charges to malign the objects of their hate and petty sentiments.
FOR EXAMPLE .. mode 9 has [since 2001] been telling all his friends in festac town, from Tuface to Sound Sultan that i,m a mad man, that i,m a homeless hobo, that i,m a broke Bottom, and all kinds of crap but he hasnt told any of these people who;re so busy listrning to him that I SCREWED HIS GIRL FRIEND in that same year he started spreading these rumours about me. like four months bfore he started spreading the rumours.
i dont need to xplain that i didnt even know who the girl was or if she even had a boyfriend or anything like that.
i was alone in the room of a residence no 3 jos street area 3 abuja which was rented by a MR Solo D [another one of the 7 God fathers of the HIP HOP MOVEMENT on our shores] when this girl [i think i remeber the name 'chioma' or somthing like that.] stormd the room and practically seduced me.
On that fateful day, som girls [with chioma in their mist] came from the university of Abuja Gwabalada campus to visit with paybacktyme artistes and personell. On arrival, they all thronged into a room adjacent to the one i was alone in. A mr chucks ezeilo took it upon himself to host the girls as the paybacktym artistes were too broke to do so.
Maybe i shud go further back in tyme to create create a clearer picture of the situation.
IN 1996 or there abouts, SOLO D [mentioned earlier] had just began to hit it big in his quantity/estate management surveying bussiness and decided he wanted to invest som of tne money he was making in a major passion of his; HIP HOP.
Wisely, Solo D [Solomon Dare] decided to share this dream of his with two of the most authentic HIP HOP Authoritiies in this country. these two persons were Mr KING McLORD [known as De Wiz or Weez at the time] and Mr LOCNAN DOMPRIM aka L.D. Xtra large.
it is note worthy that these two names are now bein answerd to by todays music stars [wiz kid and L.D. of defunct tribes men] to the admiration of gullible fans who have no idea of where these names originally came from. buts thats a story for another day.
IT IS Also note-worthy, that rappers like M.I. ,ICE Prince and Jesse Jags hav made all the noize, won all the awards and mounted speech podiums around the continent, but never remembered to relay felicitations or pay homage to Mr L.D. Xtra Large [just mentiond] who more-or-less-single handedly created the JOS HIP HOP Posse. not even a cameo appeareance on any of their many albums.
This again points to the disregard of heritage which has become an institution in Nigerian entertainment/ arts & culture circles. but this again is a story for much later. only stay glued here thats all. and all will be made clear.
Now Solo D called on Mr L.D. Xtra Large and Myself , telling us of his dream to establish a real HIP HOP CREW with members who really understood what the culture, movement and its lyrics were all about.
The 3 of us would meet about 2wice every week until we had decided on what the crew would be all about and who its first members would be.
Many dont even know that it was SOLO D, L.D. Xtra large and MR KING MCLORD who hand-picked the first members of SOLO D's dream POSSE and by so doin we became the founding fathers of whhat went down in Nigerian HIP HOP History as the SWAT ROOT team. SWAT ROOT standing for SPORADIC WORDS AND TACTICS_ RHYMING ON OUR OWN TERMS.
SWAT ROOTS first members were; its founders ;SOLO D, MR KING McLORD and MR LOKNAN DOMPRIM aka L.D. Xtra Large. the first non-founder members [as it were] were Mode 9, 6-foot-plus and Da Baron [Xtra Larg,s junior brother] who became the crews in-house 'beat maker'. These were chosen after deliberations between the crews founding fathers.
A FEW WEEKS AGO I saw terry the rap man on a interview with Galaxy TV and heard him say him, mode 9, sixfoot plus and Solo D formed SWAT ROOT and PAY-BACK-TYME. Well thats not TRUE.
Terry the Rapman came in about a year after we had already opened shop.
NOW IN 1996, WHEN Solo D, Xtra Large and MYSELF began to put SWAT ROOT together, mode 9 wasnt even rapping then. He was an aspireing Ragga artist whoz dream was to be the next Binnie Man or Tiger man or Buju Banton. people dont even know this but Mode 9 was just beggining to rap when we called him to join up with SWAT ROOT in 1997.
By the time SWAT ROOT began to hit the studio, Mode 9 was at best a wack rapper and this is understandable because Mode 9 really has Solo D, Xtra Large and Myself to thank for his first couple of studio xperiences.
Now readers must not take this to be an insult..its just the TRUTH. A wack rapper is one who lacks skill or does not know how to rap well and that is xactly what mode 9 was back in those days, an aspirering rapper who didn't know how to do it.
6foot plus and Da Baron were already underway with regards to studio xperience and proffesionalism but I think Mode 9 had never really even touched a MIC untill I, SOLO D and Xtra LARGE blessed him.
Soon enuff Solo D's job in Lagos as a Quantity surveyor-or somthing related to that -began to look higher and he was transfered to Abuja.
Solo D decided not to move without SWAT ROOT and PAYBACK TYME. He rented an apartment for the record label and the CREW at the address mentioned aerlier here-in.
Into this apartment moved Mode 9, 6foot plus, later terry tha Rapman and Rule-clean, THE GROUP NOW KNOWN AS P-SQUARE also came with cap-in-hand beggin Solo D for a record deal at his Abuja residence then. I met them there a couple of times. they introduced themselves to me as singers I introduced myself to them- "NOT AS AN ENTERTAINER"-but as a HIP HOP MINISTER and ACTIVIST.Anywayz they never got that payback-tyme- deal, even though SOLO D really wanted to sign them on.
why was this so answers a little later.
Let me bring this to light. that i woudnt even bother tellin this story if not for the rumours evrybody,s so busy peddlling about me.
I wudnt bother creating this topic if not for the fact that i,v becom Nigerian hip hops favourite hate-object and i,v gotten used to it. I must confess i,m even beginning to enjoy it cus i,v learnt looooong ago that its impossible to attract half the hatred that is directed at KING McLORD, if there wasnt somthing xtremely powerful and particularly intimidating about yu. even NAS [in his song: 'HATE ME NOW' said; "PEOPLE FEAR WHAT THEY DONT UNDERSTAND/ HATE WHAT THEY CANT CONQUERE/ I GUESS ITS JUST THE THEORY OF MAN".
NOW I,v kept this story in my heart for bout 17years . So obviously its somthing i wasnt realy in a hurry to divulge but evry day now i run into sombady whos heard ssooo much about me [half of it ugly stuff] told to him or her by mode 9[a boy who i housed and schooled for almost 3 years] and his little rumour mill or someone who can be traced to that rumour mill.
And those listening to these rumours are soooo silly they never bother to ask the million dollar question; "WHAT HAS KING McLORD DONE TO YU" or "WHAT CRIME HAS THIS GUY COMMITED"
INFACT i think i should make a recommendation now, for anybady or all those ppl who love to hear bullshit being said about me, here are the names of a few who will not dissapoint you if yu go to them 1] mode 9 [a boy i taught how to rap and scho<ld in HIP HOP] 2] jonah the monarch [producer of a couple of mode 9,s songs] 3] O.D. 4] Elajoe [of the defunct thorough breds] 5] his former group mate ill bliss 6] terry tha rapman [even though he,s a good friend of mine] 7] Obiwon [former member of the thorough-breds. 8] half of the boys working under CLARENCE PETERS [Nigerias ace music video director]
NOW Clarence, i beleive knows me from wayback when i did most of my pioneering work for the GROWTH OF THE NIGERIAN CHAPTER OF THE HIP HOP MOVEMENT and respects me for my contributions. so him and i hav always been cool cus i hav a lotta respect for him too. But as yu must know, its the rookies and servants who always show inferiority. the TRUE MASTERS are always cool and CLARENCE PETERS is a TRUE MASTER at his craft. thats why he has ill bliss and XYZ and suspect and all the rest of them working under him and maybe he shud put them to som more work cus if they were really busy they woudnt hav time to talk about other people.
CLARENCE PETERS himself i,m sure doesnt even have my time cus like i said TRUE MASTERS AT ANY CRAFT NEVER HAVE TIME FOR PETTY GOSSIP AND USELESS JEALOUSIES. I only wish CLARENCES boys like illbliss and the rest could learn more from their boss.
NOW IF MODO [the pet name I used to call him back in the days] were to tell ppl about my 'sexapade' with his girl friend, then they wud see him for the jealous, threatened and intimidated person he REALLY is. So he carefully conceals the true cause of his slandering and instead trumps up petty detailes; "KING is a mad man", "KING is a poor man" [I don't remember telling anyone I was rich anyway] "KING is this and KING is that"

Now the style mode 9 uses here, is the style used by those who wish a person dead but can't have their ill wish granted so they resort to assasination of the intended victims name. IT IS CALLD CHARACTER ASSASINATION... .and the reader should take note of this.. : most of the ppl who RUN AROUND SOILING YUR NAME, ACTUALLY WISH YU DEAD. ONLY they are unable to tefminate yu or have tried and failed so they turn on yur name, assasination of which might symbolize the death of the earlier.
if mode 9 had come to me and xpressed his greviances, he wud have been surprised to get an immidiate apology from me. why? bcus I don't bully ppl. I honestly did not know who that girl was. Terry the Rapman eventually told me about 2weeks later.

On the day they visited, She jus left her friends in the other room, came into the one I was in.. ..and just did her thing. So..I wasn't in the mood to resist.. lets just say I particularly like the way she went about her seduction and that was that.

Modo got wind of it and went straight to work. attacking my rep evry where he went cus that incident showed him that I was a threat in more ways than he had previously envisaged. But come to think of it now,.. WHY WUD Mode 9 see me as a threat I,m his father for goodness sakes!!!!!!! I taught him how to RAP for goodness sakes!!!!!!! I housed him for the better part of three years for goodness sakes!!!!!!! [1996-99] I fed him too for most of that time. along with other guys who I know were housin and feeding him too. guys who I must here recognize; MR ORE ADEKUNLE;publisher PHAT ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE. MR GOKE OLUDARE; publisher BUBBLES MAGAZINE. not to forget MR SOLOMON DARE who has been mentioned severaly in this write up. All because in those ruff years, My boy Modo was goin thru some hard times. and it took MYSELF and the guys I have jus mentioned to keep mode 9 from crackin up. but again..we,ll get to that later.

Havin said all this, its rather ironical now that its Mode 9 running all over the place bad-talking The KING. bad talking his TEACHER.
Mode 9 went to HAZARDUS [former kennys music signee] a boy who had so much lov for me. now that is not the case anymore. thanks to mode 9.
Modo also went to TUFACE idibia, another guy who had sooooo much love and respect for me. but today, that ..is also no longer the case. thanks-once again- to mode 9. then Mode 9 went to the thoroug breds and I don't really know what he,s telling these ppl but in in each case-after he,s done- I get so much hatred and malice. some people listen to modo talk about me, then carry it on like its a relay race. ppl like ill-bliss for instance carry the anti-KING-crusade like an OLYMPIC TORCH. he dropped that trophy off at clarence peters place, now evrybady there hates KING McLORD too.

Apart from Modo,s influence, the boy Ill-bliss has his own hidden insecurities about ME. but again, we,ll get to that later.

Let me-here-tell yu what mode 9,s problem REALLY is: He touts himself as Nigerias best rapper or as Nigerias most authentic hip hop 'head' as it were but deep inside him, he knows that 'that' is a delution as long as a man called KING McLORD-WHO ACTUALLY TAUGHT HIM TO RAP AND SCHOOLD HIM IN HIP HOP-is around.

The EMCEE KING McLORD-as far as HIP HOP goes- is the only person in Africa that Mode 9 REALLY fears. So my existence REALLY, REALLY DISTURBS HIM but he can't do anything about ME except slander and spread ugly rumours and also quietly and fervently pray that KING McLORDS album neva comes out, silently hoping that who ever may want to work with me hears his ugly rumours and turns away from me.Let me giv yu one of many examples:
WHen Jimmy JATT was comin out with his first album, I [KING McLORD] was supposed to be the opener on that track "STYLY" I and Jimmy JAT were already talkin on the phone concerning workin together on his album cause he and I were old friends. wen TUFACE said on that song that Jimmy Jat was supplyin the instrumentals, he forgot to mention that I [KING McLORD] was the one EMCEEIN all the shows and even drawin up the list for al the upcoming artistes that wud perform on those Jimmy Jatt shows. from RUFF RUGGED AND RAW>> to PLANTATION BOYS>> to>> RASKI>> to TONY TETUILLA and all them boys.

So Jimmy and I got talkin on the phone over the next few weeks for me to com blaze the "STYLY" track. all of a sudden, Jimmy Jat stoppd pickin my calls. on a few occassions he wud pick but immidiately cut the call as soon as he hears MY VOICE. I did nuthing wrong to JIMMY or To all these scared people who're deriding me all over the place. but one thing is sure; mode 9 and Ayo animashaun [of hip hop world magazine] poisened Jimmy Jatts mind against me.

I WILL give yu just a few of the many reasons why AYO Animashaun has a vested interest in running me down. but again we,ll leave that for much later. FOR NOW just be rest assured ITS NUTHING that MY GOD JESUS the CHRIST Cant HANDLE.
Its also ironical..that hip hop world magazine is a publication that cud not hit the news stands for its first couple of years without my blessings and numerous contributions which, Ayo Animashaun came to me in person to beg for. [EFE OMOREGBE IS ONE OF MY WITNESSES, ORE ADEKUNLE is another. YAKBEL is another.. I cud go on and on.] I WAS THE FIRST WRITER ON THAT MAGAZINE. But this again..we will address later.

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