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Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by A40(m): 8:45pm On May 22, 2008
You guys have made some very terrible signings in the past but this season was the height.Pizzaro,Ben Haim,Malouda,Anelka you guys are just wasteful
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 8:50pm On May 22, 2008

I have forgotten i am talking to a bird-brained Nigeria.

OK - so you're not Nigerian?
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Xerxes1(m): 8:58pm On May 22, 2008

OK - so you're not Nigerian?

Of course i am from Nigeria. . . . .
However, there 2 types of Nigerians. . . . . The very astute Nigerians and the bird-brained ones.
Unfortunately for u, u belong to the latter class.


You guys have made some very terrible signings in the past but this season was the height.Pizzaro,Ben Haim,Malouda,Anelka you guys are just wasteful

Thats the reason why i feel Jose Mourinho was losing the plot when he got sacked. . . .Can u compare those signings to Nani, Anderson, Tevez and Hargreaves OR Sagna and Eduardo?

Then again, what guarantees Drogba would have buried his penalty last night?
One cannot blame Chelski fans feeling BLUE. . . . .Somebody had to take the blame. . . . .From Terry to Drogba to the missed chances by Lampard.
Very soon, they would blame the pitch, the referee, the weather and Ferguson's suit. grin cheesy
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by 8inchplus(m): 9:09pm On May 22, 2008

You guys have made some very terrible signings in the past but this season was the height.Pizzaro,Ben Haim,Malouda,Anelka you guys are just wasteful

As for me, the only terrible signing was Anelka. I keep teelling people that if Avram Grant was Chelsea coach two seasons ago when Kanu started the season on fire, he would have signed him!!! angry angry. As for the rest, i am sure they would have done better under Morinho. They would have featured in the FA cup or Carling cup, unlike Grant that kept the same team for all competitions, even when they were playing lower divisions.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 9:27pm On May 22, 2008

Of course i am from Nigeria. . . . .
However, there 2 types of Nigerians. . . . . The very astute Nigerians and the bird-brained ones.
Unfortunately for u, u belong to the latter class.

Bravo, Mr Jackal - there are two types of people - astute and bird brained. What Nigerian gotta do with it?
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by funkybaby(f): 9:55pm On May 22, 2008

You dey pretend like say you no see my message, abi? Anyway, the RED wine still dey here. Post code please?
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Akolawole(m): 11:58pm On May 22, 2008

Its painful no be small.

Thank God i no dey crazy for football again.

My address is No 1 Olubadan palace, Ibadan.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by funkybaby(f): 12:13am On May 23, 2008

Ohhh. He ya. Pe le dear.

If only we were together yesterday, i would have prepared your favorite meal - amala and ewedu with cow leg served with chilled RED wine. That would have made you feel much better. wink wink

Seriously now, those blue boys tried oh.

Honestly, i thought man u had lost after that Ronaldo's miss. I was impressed by Rooney - he kept his anger in check- Drogba needs some anger management classes from him.

Did you see how restless your club's owner was in his chair? Terry's swollen red eyes nko thanks to tears? Lol. grin grin grin

Chei, my heart goes to you guys on your loss. smiley
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Akolawole(m): 2:49am On May 23, 2008

You still dey do lagbaja for your picture abi!

Wey my wineand whats the alchol content?

I want 90% o.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by somze(f): 9:51am On May 23, 2008
Do not bother about liars that are banned constantly from the forum but still are unable get the obvious message.

I agree with you concerning Grant. He has done well but I'm not convinced we can go far with him. For a smaller club his achievements are a huge feat but not for Chelsea. He has lost 3 out of 3 finals (and even the FA cup where we were the only big team left). I dont want to sound mean but I wont be missing him if he leaves. We need charisma and tactical genius. I saw Rikkyjen's comment about JM and couldn't agree more. I thought it was spot on.

I will continue to say we lost that game because of Terry. The difficult part of a penalty is to beat the keeper, but it seems getting your shots on target in a final too is even more difficult. His game was superb but the penalty miss was unbelievable and that in itself costs us the game.

Anelka - I dont think too much of him.

My player of the day is none other than Ashley Cole. I think he should have been the player of the season. He is back to his best and is the most improved player in our team.

Drogba was reckless. Other top players like I've mentioned earlier have made this mistake too. It was not a real slap but rules are rules. He is being victimized by the media simply because he is black. ManU respected him enough to put 2 or 3 men on him whenever he got the ball, I think that says it all. He had no clear chance and was able to hit the bar. I will miss him at Chelsea.

Lampard - Though he started on a lesser note, he quickly came to life after we conceded. Lampard should stay. He had a beautiful game and scored.

Makalele - His ratings were not too good on some sights but I was impressed with his displays, dribbles and passes. He took off the pressure from the defence and sometimes nipped the monster in its bud. Some other times, his old age came telling. Still I think we could use him next season. He's a great player.

We need wingers and both of them - left and right. Except when Kalou came in, I was dissatisfied with the job of Cole and Malouda on the attack. We really have to get wingers for next season.

I was hoping Shevy would play a part at some point in the game but it's over already.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Akolawole(m): 10:35am On May 23, 2008
Well,  Well

Somebody woke meup to remind me of what Mr Grant said few days ago.

He said " At this time every season, Chelsea players are already on Holiday" -He is trying to mock JM and my team. What happen at the end of the day. Trophyless!
Malouda and Joe Cole make Drogba to be very very ineffective.

I need Mikel to be playing and as a Nigerian i am not happy with number of matches he has played this season. cry

I don't like Mr Grant to be disgraced. Give him chanceof another "Trophy-Full" season or move him back to Director of football.

Ten Cate can go but we must retain Mr Chelsea in that Coaching Crew.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 4:04pm On May 23, 2008
@ Somze,

Agree with all your statements except the one about Drogba.

I don't think Drogba is victimised because he is black. He is being victimised for his general attitude this season. He has personally stretched my patience to the limit with complaining about this and that, saying he wants to leave every week and acting like a prima-donna with his ego-driven petulance. Such a player cannot be relied on for 55 games a season. He'll probably show in only 20. The other 35 he will be rolling around and sulking about this and that. I am also black. My brother in-law don't like him and he is black. Colour hgas nothing to do with it. Drogba is just not very professional.

Put it this way - if Kolo Toure missed penalty, nobody would blame him. But if Gallas missed penalty, the press and Arsenal fans would slaughter him. Why? Simply because Toure's attitude is better than Gallas'.

John Terry has rolled up his sleeves and pulled the squad together whilst Drogba has been bitching all season like he is the only one missing Mourinho. No, I am tired. Good riddance.

BBC Gossip:

Chelsea have decided to sell striker Didier Drogba, with the club's patience snapping with the petulant star after he was sent off in the Champions League final. (Daily Mail)

Ako, check this funny thing:

Malouda is first choice target for Barcelona on the left wing. They are even willing to pay 20m Euro's. We're having a laugh.

Joe Cole is completely off form. He needs to be demoted to the bench.

Mr Grant was unlucky as you say. But whether he is the coach for next season, I don't think so. But I would rather keep Grant than hire Rijkaard or Mancini. I want Grant to leave - but only if we get Hiddink or any of the up-and-coming managers such as Pellegrini, Laudrup, even Mark Hughes sef. Rumour has it that Grant may be replaced this weekend if the newspapers are correct.

Mikel cannot complain. He has played almost all the Premiership games. If he can stop recieving red cards then he might have a chance to establish himself. But looking at Maka's performance, I can tell you that Mikel is a long way away from replacing him. Mikel does not have the energy level to close the gaps when he is playing that defensive midfield position. I am dissapointed that Mikel has not improved his fitness since he came to Chelsea. At the same time, he knows how to control games with his wonderful passing.

Ten Cate must stay. I am a big big fan.

Where is Nateevs? Nateevs, you dey OK?
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by gbengaza: 5:13pm On May 23, 2008
chelsea fans get your chins up we live to fight another day we will be BACK.www.achieversideas.com
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Akolawole(m): 7:03pm On May 23, 2008
Reflection from our Loss

1) [size=12pt[b]]"I am sad. I think that for the blue family, losing a champions league semi final to a ghost goal, another semifinal on penalties and now a final on penalties is too harsh and unfair. On top of that, chelsea were the team who were close to winning. There are wonderful players there and they do not deserve a defeat but thats football and life continues[/b]"[/size]- Jose Mourinho

Nicholas Anelka

2) I did not think for a moment that i was going to come on.I had remained sitting on the bench and suddengly they asked me to play-not even a minute after sending me to warm up. I do not know if it has happened b4 in a champions league final, in a match of such intensity, that a player is sent into the pitch without having warmed up.

3) Since i arrived at chelsea, i have never been played in my position. Never as a second striker, always on the left and right. I have said nothing until now. When i came here they told me i would play in a 4-4-2. I did not join to play on the right or left. bla bla

4) I could have played up front with DD. He wanted that as well but our patnership has never been tried in training. We must have played together for for almost an hour.


1) Thanks Jose, was blue family include Mr Grant? wink
2) Why are you in the team then? To collect money for nothing!, Robben had come in for Chelsea sometimes ago without warming up.
3) You are right, but why cant you speak up? Even Walcott walk up to the frenchman.
4) That is what Jackal called Droganelka. Grant knows better than us. Suprised that you never even try it in trainning cry
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by lalaboi(m): 7:31pm On May 23, 2008

where do u get ur JM interviews from? grin grin
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Xerxes1(m): 7:39pm On May 23, 2008
@ Akolawole,

Without a doubt, DROGNELKA could have worked but without Malouda and Joe Cole helping Essien out at RB, it wasn't too feasible.
Besides, Grant coulda used Anelka as a forward if Chelsea was trailing United but at 1-1. . . . .If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Both managers didn't want to commit men forward senselessly. . . . .I cannot blame Grant for his decision . . . . .

John Terry should take the blame.
His craving for England's captaincy band pushed him to pencil his name in the 5-man Chelsea penalty takers. . . .
Kalou and Anelka shoulda gotten a nod ahead of Terry . . . .I was wondering if Chelsea's defenders were more technically astute than forward players.
Ashley Cole, Belletti, and TERRY in a 5-man list? Why not Kalou and Anelka!!!!!!!!!
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Akolawole(m): 8:34pm On May 23, 2008

Anelka even claimed he was forced to take the penalty cry
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Xerxes1(m): 8:48pm On May 23, 2008


Anelka even claimed he was forced to take the penalty cry

Did he say that? He is a bloody pillock if he says that.
What has coming late into the game gotta do with scoring from 12 yards.
Anderson, BELLETTI and Nani came in late into the game and they all scored(both are youngsters).

I have to give Nani the credits. . . . . .His penalty shoot-out was the toughest in the whole lot.
It was Man Utd 3-4 Chelsea before Nani took his pen. . . . . .If he had missed, Chelsea woulda won without Terry needing to take his turn.
The whole pressure was on the Portugese youngster but once he scored his pen. . . .The pressure was transfered to John Terry.

Anelka is only making excuses. . . . I urge Peter Kenyon to duck 20K from his wages this month and next month. grin cheesy
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by lordimpaq(m): 8:52pm On May 23, 2008

The sincere views of mourning man,
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Xerxes1(m): 9:02pm On May 23, 2008
@ Akolawole,

SKYSPORTS is reporting Chelsea is lining up 28 million pounds to buy ROBINHO.
Heard Peter Kenyon was in Madrid yesterday holding talks with Robinho's agent!!!!!
I am having a laugh. . . . .Keep buying.
Watch how Fergie will outwit y'all in the coming weeks.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 9:10pm On May 23, 2008
Hmmm . . . . . tings dey happen o! I just came back from wplaying football to find a whole lot of news on Chelsea:

Ako is right. In that interview with Anelka:

For in an extraordinary interview with L'Equipe today, good old team player Mr Anelka admitted that he bottled taking one of Chelsea's first five penalties in the Champions League final shoot-out.

"I was asked to take one of the first five kicks," he said.

"But I said: 'That is out of the question, I have come on basically as a right-back and you want me to take a penalty.'"

In the London paper, it even added:

The Frenchman eventually stepped up for Chelsea's eighth penalty in sudden death, only for Edwin Van Der Sar to save and Anelka added: "Good for him. That's the game."

Anelka is a punk

As for Drogba, these transfer reports are reaching epic proportions. According to London paper:

Chelsea are already plotting a rebuilding campaign after the Champions league final . . . .

And Didier Drogba is set to be the first one to go. As good as the Ivory Coast striker can be, Chelsea fans and club representatives alike have long tired of his attitude - and Wednesday's display was the last straw.

On the transfer front:

Chelsea are reportedly in talks with Robinho over a £28m move. I saw it on Sky Sports News just now. Apparently Real are willing to let him go and have accepted the bid. Personally, I am not sure if he is worth £28m. I just dey one side dey look Chelsea with all these reported signings.

More to come . . . . . .
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 9:25pm On May 23, 2008
[center]More news from the London paper. (I have boycotted the National papers until this Man Utd furore dies down)[/center]

The cream of Europe's sports writers are in agreement that the best team lost on Wednesday night. La Gazzetta said the Blues were "unfairly punished".

[size=13pt][center]Frank Lampard losing it?[/center][/size]

Frank Lampard has been spotted in a bar drinking and telling clubbers that he is going to carry on drinking from tonight. He also said "Bleep this life." The rants of a drunken man or should we be worried?


In other reports, Kenyon was supposed to travel to Hong Kong for a club function. But he was detained on club business. Could this business be the Robinho signing or possibly the sacking of Grant?

Times Journalist blames Terry's technique[/center]

They had, after all, four out of four when Terry stepped up to take the kick that would win the European Cup. JT! John Terry himself! Who could doubt that he would prevail? The great leader, the man you can rely on; it was like dad coming in to make sure that everything was all right. Rest easy, Terry's here.

But no. He slipped on impact, his standing foot sliding away and the ball ballooning wide via the outside of a post. Neither he nor anyone else wearing blue could believe it had happened. Surely it was the cruellest luck.

But it wasn't. After all, no one else fell over. Terry was leaning back as he struck the ball, his weight all behind him instead of being over the ball. He fell because, at this defining moment of his life, his technique failed him. Which is another way of saying that his competitive nerve failed him. We will have to review our notion of Terry as the man of iron, the ultimately unflappable professional, Mr Dependable, the human rock. With sudden, dreadful frailty he turned triumph into sporting disaster. It is a revelation of his fallibility that will come as a shock to him.


He is correct.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 9:32pm On May 23, 2008
[center]Roman Abramovic chose Putin as Russia's president[/center]

Hmmm . . . . if this guy is hiring Presidents, then it is no surprise that he finds it easy to hire and fire managers without blinking. The report also says that the FSB (KGB) may make attempt on his life if he gets too powerful.


Millions watched as Roman Abramovich suffered the agony of defeat alongside Chelsea fans. They knew him from the gossip, sport and news pages, in which he regularly crops up spending millions on art or enjoying London's nightlife, with his beautiful girlfriend on his arm.

Yet the Russian billionaire remains an enigma. Little is known about where his vast fortune came from, or about his complex relationship with Russia's rulers, and in particular with Vladimir Putin, the former President.

Today The Times can disclose that Alexander Litvinenko, the spy poisoned in Britain in a suspected Russian plot, made the astonishing suggestion that Mr Abramovich effectively vetted Mr Putin - on behalf of Russia's powerful oligarchs - to succeed Boris Yeltsin as President.

Litvinenko also told The Times that the football-loving billionaire controlled so much of Russia's economy that he was in danger of being killed by the Kremlin's special services.

He said in his broken English: “Mr Abramovich have good contact with Putin before Putin was President. Russia oligarch select people who will be President. In 1997-98 Mr Abramovich was the best person who is check these candidates to be President. Now Mr Abramovich has good relationship with Putin.”

Mr Putin took over as acting president in 1999 and won the post in an election the following year. Mr Litvinenko added that the football chief helped to fund his campaign.

Mr Litvinenko, a former KGB man and an outspoken critic of Mr Putin, died of radiation poisoning in London in 2006 after being contaminated with polonium-210.

His words are given an intriguing new significance by a Commercial Court battle in London between Mr Abramovich and the exile Boris Berezovsky over $4 billion (£2 billion) of Russia's oil and aluminium riches.

Mr Litvinenko met Mr Abramovich through a business club run by Mr Berezovsky. Mr Putin was summoned to the Kremlin in 1996 to serve in high office under President Yeltsin at a time when Mr Berezovsky was the President's close aide and Mr Abramovich, in turn, was an ally of Mr Berezovsky.

In an unpublished interview two years before his death, Mr Litvinenko said: “I know Putin's team since 1991 in St Petersburg. I know who Mr Putin is. I have meetings with Putin 1998. In 1999, my way and Mr Abramovich were different. Mr Abramovich stayed near Mr Putin. Who has stayed near Mr Putin for five years?”

According to a biography, Abramovich: the Billionaire from Nowhere, Mr Abramovich interviewed the candidates for Mr Putin's first Cabinet in 1999. But the claim that he effectively vetted Mr Putin too goes farther than any previous account.

Mr Litvinenko believed that the Chelsea boss was in danger from a corrupt mafia around President Putin. “Mr Abramovich in the future 100 per cent have a lot of problems from Russia special service,” the spy said. “Maybe killed, maybe put in prison. Maybe push under contracts.”

Mr Litvinenko made his remarks in a telephone interview with The Times, which at the time was investigating the sources of Mr Abramovich's £12billion fortune.

Only businessmen tolerated by the security services could survive in Russia, he suggested. Others, such as the billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, found themselves prosecuted for corruption and jailed.

“Abramovich is not political. He is not philosopher. He is fortune,” Mr Litvinenko said. He added that Mr Abramovich may have become too powerful a businessman for the security services to tolerate.

“[He] took a lot of Russian commercial company under himself,” he said. Mr Litvinenko gave warning that Russia's special services would remove Mr Abramovich by killing or imprisoning him or taking out a contract. If he tried to flee, they would get him back by seeking his extradition on some crime charge.

“If Mr Abramovich escapes from Russia and takes his money, if he is like control his money, Russia special service send crime case to this country where Mr Abramovich stayed.”

In the event, a more peaceful solution was found. Mr Abramovich went on to divest himself of Russian assets, selling his oil business Sibneft to the Russian State for £6.6billion in 2005.

The Times put the allegations to Mr Abramovich's spokesmen but they declined to comment.

Mr Litvinenko's own downfall came after he antagonised Mr Putin, at the time head of the FSB, the successor to the KGB, by staging a televised press conference in 1998 amd announcing that the FSB had ordered the assassination of Mr Berezovsky.

After being jailed and freed several times, Mr Litvinenko fled Russia.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Xerxes1(m): 10:15pm On May 23, 2008
@ Ibime,

This is not politics thread.
Keep Litvinenko out of this space. . . . .He was poisoned in a London Hotel and reh reh reh.
That has nuthing to do with footie.

I don't blame TERRY for missing his penalty. . . . . .Anyone coulda done that.
Are these moronic jounalists blaming Terry/Chelsea just because Terry failed to score from 12 yards?
If he had scored, Chelsea are deserved champions and United are bottlers? We cannot judge the teams/players based on Terry's miss.

What i ma blame Terry for was his classless and mannerless behaviour when he spat on Tevez.

That alone puts him in the mud. . . . .How he got away with that is still a miracle.
I cannot imagine if it was the other way round. . . .

Anyways, i believe in miracles.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by nateevs(m): 10:53pm On May 23, 2008
Nateevs where have you been?
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Ibime(m): 10:56pm On May 23, 2008
Hoooooooorrrrrraaaaaaah! Nateevs is still alive . . . . . . . . but he seems a little worse for wear . . . . . . sotay he is even asking himself question  grin grin grin
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by jenni81(f): 11:04pm On May 23, 2008
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by nateevs(m): 11:40pm On May 23, 2008

I dey alive oooo. I don dey cry since that day. . I still dey cry sef.
To be candid. . I just could not bring myself to say anything because I did not know where to start from. . .

I was telling someone today that . . as at the time ManU was knocked out of the FACup . . the teams left were, Pompey, Barnsley, Cardiff city, Bristol Rovers, WestBrom and Middlesborough. . . No mata what you say it was Chelsea's taking. . but we lost.

We got to the finals of the Carling Cup, it was our taking . . we lost. .

In the premiership, we lost 2pts to Wigan and that cost us the premiership. . . Now even though ManU drew with Blackburn earlier . . it was our taking . . we lost

The Champions League. . . don't want to sound boastful, but it was a 50-50 taking and we lost.

Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by MKDons1: 11:54pm On May 23, 2008


Let me guess what you're going to say next: Mourinho would have won everything.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by Aabolu(m): 12:00am On May 24, 2008
[color=#000099][/color] True Blue here man. I am a BLUES fan till eternity.
I love the blues.
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by nateevs(m): 12:11am On May 24, 2008
MK Dons:

Let me guess what you're going to say next: Mourinho would have won everything.

Wrong guess. . It's late and you need to sleep!!!
Re: Chelsea Fans: Identify Yourselves Here (Old) by nateevs(m): 1:46am On May 24, 2008

Simple . . . because we couldn't score goals. It was so disappointing to see that the first half of the UCL recorded only one shot on target for chelsea . . and that was the goal. A whole 45mins !!!! That is really appaling.
We have relied for too long on 1-0 wins to take us through the desired 3pts match after match and it's only a mata of time before it catches up . . and well it did.

We don't create enough chances. . and to be candid we have only one player (drogba) who is perhaps more than likely to score a goal. . . well when he turns up for the game. In my opinion, it is a suicidal way of playing football.

We lost to barnsley, spurs, wigan (draw) and now Manu.  These four matches have brought a trophless season and the lack of goals being the underlying reason.

We do not score goals because of the playing pattern we have. Route the ball to Drogba and we know the rest of the story. Fergie read that and countered it for 43mins until we had a goal. I can't wait to see the end of that playing pattern.

So why do we route the ball to Drogba to get to attack? Well!!! because we have a very poor midfield. We have a midfield that doesn't provide chances. . . the chances are most times created by the strikers themselves. , What happens when the striker does not trun up? We lose one more trophy!!!! A midfield that cannot move the attack through well defined, calculated and appealing moves to attack is no midfield. Crosses, Freekicks, Cornerkicks. . . are very important to winning games. If we do not have players that can convert these chances into goals. . we have to find them.

One thing I will like us settle once and for all for the next season is a decent manager that does not believe in a lone-striker formation. A manager that believes you need to pass well to get to the attack.

Secondly we need mifielders that can run, dribble and pass with their eyes close. Decent on goal as well. Midfielder that do nothing but wacth the movement of players on goal and get the ball to them even in tight conditions.

Thirdly, we need players that score. Mifielders, Wingers, whatever.

And . . I don't know . . . maybe something else but above all we need to change our style of football. We HAVE to.

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