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Paypal In Nigeria: A Blessing Or Curse To Internet Marketers / Can I Use Paypal In Nigeria? / What Is The Best Way To Withdraw From Paypal In Nigeria? (2) (3) (4)

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How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by mbond(m): 2:10pm On Sep 19, 2008
Helo Guys i want 2 know if it is possible to use paypal in 9ja nd d procedures i have 2 follow to use paypal ,or if there is any other alternative apart from paypal to use in Nigeria.Thanks
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Nobody: 11:25pm On Sep 20, 2008
Opening and maintaining a paypal account in Nigeria is difficult.I am on my second account presently and it has been limited(suspended) several times.The first is more or less permanently limited.If u want to pay via paypal,I might be able to help.Just call 08034710175
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Nobody: 5:36am On Sep 22, 2008
It can't be done. Maybe you can somehow trick them to register, but there are other steps like, they will deposit a certain amount in your bank and then you have to verify it. Your bank account must be in one of the countries allowed by paypal.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by mrdollar1: 7:39am On Sep 22, 2008
yes it is possible to use paypal in Nigeria.you will need to have a us address and telephone number
you need a us bank account to verify your paypal here in Nigeria.

everything i just told you is legit there is no scam involve but you can contact me to help you set it
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 6:04am On Sep 25, 2008
Just go to GTBank and acquire a websurfer card. That's an alternative. Your paypal will get limited times without numbers. Beware. angry

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Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 6:08am On Sep 25, 2008
Sorry i meant Zenith Bank. Check it out on www.zenithbank.com
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 6:20am On Sep 25, 2008
Better still,try these:
Graphcard: http://www.graphcard.com/?rid=41481
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by ztyle(m): 3:23pm On Sep 25, 2008
Whats this graphcard all about? tell me more!
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 2:04am On Sep 26, 2008
The graph card is an alternative to all these paypal n egold. You can use it for so many things. Check it out yourself,the site itself can tell you better cool

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Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by assoc(m): 5:56pm On Sep 26, 2008
With Graphcard you can get a virtual U.S. address and U.S. number for free. Infact you can even buy items and ship it to the address for a fee and they will later get it to you. This is what most people are not telling.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 5:30am On Sep 27, 2008
Abeg tell them oh shocked
you can even fund it from Nigeria. Graphcard is moving up to standard,n yet to become a major means of payment like paypal n egold. grin
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 5:32am On Sep 27, 2008
Register,it's free.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by ztyle(m): 8:22pm On Sep 27, 2008
its indeed interestinq maybe i will give it a try! cool but nothinq like LR!(Liberty Reserve)
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Holyrule(m): 8:40pm On Sep 27, 2008
well,for now you could say that. With time, Graphcard will , wink
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by thefirm: 10:17am On Sep 28, 2008
its ok
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by toluaddy(m): 8:49pm On Sep 29, 2008
Warning: Beware Of PayPal Backdoors Fraud! Ignore This At Your Own Risk

PayPal is undeniably the most revered, the most feared, the most respected and the most accepted worldwide payment gateway available to mankind today. PayPal is so vital to modern businesses that millions of people the world over have put their trusts in it continually, everyday. Because it puts food on these merchants' tables. This is true only for those people who are lucky enough to get in, owing to their countries' long standing record of trustworthiness, honesty, transparency and accountability.

Unfortunately, some people in some notorious part of the earth are completely fazed out of PayPal. Thus, PayPal services and, more importantly, the global business marketplace is inaccessible to these huge group of people. Due to the huge importance of this payment gateway and others of its kind including the huge financial deposits of today's global business marketplace, some crafty con artists have carved out a niche for themselves.

They fleece on real people like you who wants to genuinely tap into the vast and enormous global business marketplace made possible by the technology boom. These swindlers employ all sorts of tactics to "extort" people like you of their hard-earned cash.

Does the phrase "verify your paypal account with your local savings account" ring any bells!? You may have even heard of "step by step kits that'll show you how to verify your paypal account without a US bank account." Other popular fraudulent strategy include: "I've put up a video tutorial that'll show you how I opened my own PayPal accounts in Nigeria without a US bank account."

Lies! Gimmicks!! They are all absolute rubbish, bunch of crap. Majority of you folks have been lied to, ripped off, badly fleeced on, and left bleeding profusely in your quests for a legit paypal account through some "hidden" backdoors!

When will you ever get serious and face reality? There exists no legit PayPal backdoor! QED.

NOBODY from blacklisted countries - such as Nigeria, e.t.c., where PayPal don't ever do business in - is allowed to send and withdraw money from their illegitimate accounts! Opening an account while resident in any of PayPal's blacklisted countries is illegal on its own and let me inform you that if discovered, your account - regardless of the amount of funds therein - will be frozen and shut down forthwith.

Get this all straightened out once and for all. QED.

I've been online since 2002 - a year after PayPal started off. The most annoying and startling revelation is that info marketers who are in strong reputation for honesty and sincerity are massively cashing in on the ignorance of internet marketing newbies and wanna-bes and are fleecing them off their hard-earned money. They are taking people like you to the cleaners pretty fast.

These people don't make any meaning to me anymore. They were formerly some of the folks I've got respect for in Nigeria's Internet marketing circuit. They've slaughtered caution at the abbatoir of bloody internet marketing money altar. Money is indeed the root of all evil which these unscrupulous elements now love and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I can recall the painful and sorrowful tales of a few legitimately verified PayPal businesses that have shut down owing to PayPal strictness even upon little hitches and misdemeanours.

Fellow Nigerian internet marketers, you would do yourself a whole lot of good by staying away from all those over-bloated, annoyingly over-publicised, supposed PayPal backdoors crap. Because they really suck and stink, much more the crafters and perpetrators.

The Ultimate Twist In The Tail

In the wake of the infamous 9-11 disaster or debacle, whichever you choose to call it. US feds and US financial chiefs tightened every loose ends of their once, easy, smooth-sail US bank account for every Tom, Dick and Harry policies. Anonymousity, that was earlier taking root, suddenly got relegated and confined to the archives for ever.

This means anyone wanting to do business in the US, including opening a payment processor account, such as, PayPal or a bank account must be super-verified. The primary reason why Dr. Jackson, founder of e-gold, the only remaining anonymous fraudulent payment system is keenly persecuted and humiliated every day.

Do you still want in at the backdoor? Only thieves enter in through the backdoor. By now, you should have realised there exists NONE and can NEVER be a truely legit PayPal backdoor other than the approved frontdoors!

The Only Truly Legitimate PayPal Backdoor In Existence

Go get a US bank account! This is the sole single legitimate PayPal backdoor that exists. Fortunately, right now, there is only one notable US investment bank that accept account opening applications from non-US residents without an SSN nor the alternative requirement of registering a company and getting a tax account and employer ID. All these requirements and documentations sure will burn you.

Nigerians are eligible for an account at this investment bank, but the bank as a matter of necessity and obligation to their continual existence must fulfil the US Feds and Financial Sector Umpires' compulsory verifications processes much later. It's worth the price if you consider the huge importance of having your own US bank account - what had been possible only for political looters - and the enorrmous cash to be made from the worldwide internet marketing market.

Have you been craving to join foremost internet marketers in tapping into the vast, ever-growing internet marketing worldwide market? Then you must lay your hands on a "US Bank Account Opening Kit For Nigerian Citizens."

Again, huge heartaches and pains are caused at an alarming rate in the misrepresentation of this legitimate frontdoor by some dishonest info marketers, who would do everything possible to get rich quick.

Many Nigerians have bought these people's US Bank Account kits only to get stuck at the registration stage, because the banks require them to provide an SSN - Social Security Number, a number only US citizens and permanent residents have. No foreigner can open an SSN account nor can have the number even while on a valid non-immigrant visa to the country.

99% of all US Banks require all intending applicants, both businesses and individuals, regardless of their citizenship to provide them with this number. This security number is the gateway to America's verification system. ALL Americans, both home and abroad, have this number. It's required as a major proof of citizenship and existence. The Social Security Number is the unique identifier of every legitimate American citizen and permanent resident only.

Don't take my word for it. Simply contact as many US banks you can get as possible, they all have websites now. search their webpages diligently one after the other very carefully and verify every bit of my claims in this article. Don't forget to also try and apply for an account either online or offline via snail mail and see if it's possible without an SSN. Lastly, consult ANY of the search engines to determine by yourself the importance of the SSN requirement.

I have been long enough in this business to know all these and I am sharing them with you the best honest way I can. I learnt the rope from popular, Internationally-acclaimed American Internet super marketers. I really digged deep into my archives to bring you this kit in order to genuinely help you get a stressfree and hitch-free US bank account opening kit for your worldwide business.

This kit has helped thousands of internet marketers worldwide, I mean people who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents, purely non-residents who operate their lives and businesses outside of the American shores.

The bank x-rayed in this kit will accept any amount of money as your initial deposit. But I have always recommended $100 as the least for a US checking Account (an equivalent of Nigeria's Current Account). Once your account is opened mostly within 2 weeks, your welcome kit will be couriered to you. The kit contains among other things, a Visa debit card that you can use at any ATM anywhere in the world, a cheque book and boom you can now verify your PayPal account or anyother service you wish to operate anywhere in the world and connect to a whole new world of unlimited revenue.

For a limited time only, I am giving away the kit for a meagre N3,500 to the 1st 20 early birds who act now before the 15th October, 2008. The rest will pay N5,500 thereafter to get the kit. If you search every high and low of my website: http://www.webiznow.com, you will not find this kit listed anywhere in it. Because this kit IS NOT for everyone. It's meant only for action takers who truly value themselves and fancy their chances in the ever-growing and ever-widening global information market of today.

To download this kit, simply follow the instructions below:

Bank Name: Any Branch Of Intercontinental Bank PLC Nationwide
Amount To Pay: Pay N3,500 Before 15th October, Others Pay N5,500 Thereafter
Account Name: Tolulope O. Adeyemi
Account Number: 0153-001-00000-2408
Account Type: Current Account

After payment, visit http://www.webiznow.com/contact and provide me with every detail on the teller (this process is required for proper delivery and record keeping purposes). Once I lay my hands on this important info, I'll ship the kit to you asap via email. This is done usually within 24-48 hours of the receipt of your payment details.

Meanwhile, you can download the following bonuses to learn a great deal about the niches for which I created them:

Download 1: Download my latest Complete Internet Marketing Guide eBook FREE at: http://www.webiznow.com/bonus/freeinternet.zip

Download 2: Get my Comprehensive Adsense Money-Making Tips And Tricks at: http://www.webiznow.com/bonus/freeadsense.zip

Downlaod 3: Lay your hands on my eBook Creation And Marketing Guide ToolPak FREE at: http://www.webiznow.com/bonus/ebooktoolkit.zip

To Your Success Unlimited and Profits Unrestricted,

Tolulope O. Adeyemi
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by deepo: 12:26am On Oct 02, 2008
pls can you guyz put me thru how to recieve checks thru graphcard.

heard its possible to have the checks sent to graph card and then have them sent it to your gtb account here.

how possible is that.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by ebenezary(m): 10:04am On Oct 02, 2008
the first thing for you is to use ip changer which l will get for you for free and a software that let you know your ip location since nigeria is not allowed but dont try to verify your paypal account with us bank account because it will cost you alot of money and time
l would have put my virtual address here but for security porpose you can contact for that to open free paypal account and if you want verify your account you can contact me at ebenezerayobami1@gmail.com or 08039401864
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by rancetech(m): 8:21am On Oct 09, 2008
Guys do you know you can open a US Bank account through a Nigerian bank here in Nigeria?
All they require is National driver's license OR National ID Card OR International Passport. And the process doesn't even take long. You also get a credit card to withdraw your money with.

This is not ETrade, they don't accept Nigerians anymore.

To get the step by step report, contact me on 07036386911

Don't be a victim of scammers.

Call or text 07036386911 now to get your report.

N:B The report also contain step by step procedure for opening a paypal account as a Nigerian with a Nigerian IP without using a US bank account.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by efuks: 2:53pm On Oct 27, 2008
There is no scam about operating paypal from Nigeria.Its a classified information which should not be shared openly .When it is shared openly,bad eggs will go ahead to spoil it, So for only serious minded people.contact me through my email below or my phone and I ll supply you with the details of how u can open a US bank account which u ll use to verify your paypal account.
It s only the mail that will show u are really ready for the solution.Even the software and the professional instructions needed to open the account will be supplied.
The only reason why your account will be limited or frozen is when u don't get it right from the start.

see u at the top
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by shofu2000(m): 4:10pm On Oct 27, 2008
Sorry about my initial info about getting your paypal verified using the visa card obtained from graphcard. I just checked the entire details, and discovered you cannot withdraw or fund it from Nigeria and that makes it useless. So its no way out from there.

The benefits of graphcard which i make use of also is this;

Graphcard helps you receive checks (legitimate business checks) and pays the money into your graphcard account.

You can tie your gtbank account to your graphcard account in other for you to make the transfer of any money from your graphcard to your gtbank here in nigeria. This one is certain. I receive all my checks payable to Graphcard company.

Graphcard offers you a US Address and telephone number once you activate your account.

Graphcard also helps you receive any item you buy from U.S or anywhere else and send it through Dhl to your address with minimum fee. They offer you a box number of your account, which you have to put in the US delivery address of every item you purchase, in other to trace which account owner owns which goods.
And more,

If you want me to assist you obtain your graphcard and activate it, i can do that its just 4,500 naira. I send the information to you, you change the password thats all. We can arrange to meet in person if you want.

But there is a very good means that i explain in a new post tag "verify your paypal now / use it in nigeria"

Paypal is one of the best payment online methods that is accepted in almost every merchants worldwide. Online marketing can be very fun and lucrative with the use of paypal but unfortunately nigeria is not among the list of countries allowed to use the services of paypal.

The good news is that I have just concluded with a friend of mine who has guaranteed me of how to obtain a US bank account and use it for verifying of paypal. And i think i should let all online marketers here know about it.

You will obtain your US bank account through one of Nigeria bank, then use your new US bank to verify your paypal. Your money goes from your paypal account into your US bank account. Then you withdraw your money via ATM here in Nigeria. Its that simple, but you must first obtain all of it.

The process information goes now for just 1,500 naira. Ofcourse you know that when demand rises price rises, so hurry if you really need to work with paypal which i know you do.

Mail me now at; papi_ngi@yahoo.com


Call; 08035109994.


Get your graphcard; http://www.graphcard.com/?rid=40802
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by efuks: 12:13pm On Oct 29, 2008
to shofu2000

Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by shofu2000(m): 1:27pm On Oct 29, 2008
To efuks

Yes! graphcard receives your clickbank checks and pays it into your graphcard account. You tie your gtbank account into your graphcard and then transfer. when you check all the troubles then you will agree that time is worth the wait. Atmost it takes about 7 days depending on the amount but in some cases when confirmed graphcard pays your account immediately. The delay is getting the fund transfered from graphcard to gtbank.

If you do not have a graphcard then let me help you obtain one and also you need to activate it before it start functioning proper.

For assistance you can mail me at; papi_ngi@yahoo.com
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by nvstaff: 3:58pm On Dec 05, 2008
visit www.naijavirtualshop.com to buy debit cards

debit cards are hooked up to US bank account(good for paypal)
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by goldenval(m): 4:20pm On Dec 12, 2008
I ordered their card via their site (www.NaijaVirtualShop.Com) but their services is very poor and also they hidden their number to call when I tried to call them almost 6 times without them picking the calls, until I sent them message that I made a payment via their account. Right now, their English is very poor because the person that picked the call sound like a 18 years old guy then after they confirmed my payment, they told me to wait till 24 hours time. I pray they deliver what I paid for to me. Cheers
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by Chinyxboy(m): 10:59am On Dec 17, 2008
Hello my fellow nairalanders.Yes,you can open a verified paypal account right here in Nigeria.To get the info for free, just go to http://www.simurl.com/lotjam or you could mail me on Chinyxboy@gmail.com.Note: I will never ask you for money.If i do, please don't think twice to blacklist my username to fellow nairalanders.See you all at the top.
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by nigboy(m): 1:10am On Dec 18, 2008
This is great information for people like me who have lost thousands of money from click bank

I will have to give graphcard a trial
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by samwills45: 8:38pm On Dec 28, 2008
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by kingville(m): 2:00pm On Jan 15, 2009
Hello If anyone needs a Verified Paypal account within 48hrs
Just contact me on p.kay4ever@gmail.com or
call me 07034696655
I will send you a guide on how to operate the account without
having it frozon by paypal.I have operated mine with these same
techniques for 2years now and its still been used.you can also
enjoy same just contact me,
We all can suceed,

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Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by ebenezary(m): 10:47am On Jan 16, 2009
you first need to change your IP address to paypal accepted country after that go get a virtual address and phone number l would have put it here but for security purpose just contact me for free virtual address to open paypal account and within a min you have one and to verified you account l will tell you the process or l verified it for you
but warning never pay anybody to get you unverified paypal account
lifwe don beeter now you can verified without US bank account
you can contact me on 08039401864 or ebenezerayobami1@gmail.com
Re: How To Use Paypal In Nigeria by OrderBay(f): 9:02pm On Jan 27, 2009

You can also check out www.orderbay.com.

OrderBay is an on-line service company that offers three basic services aimed at bringing the world to your doorstep:

+ Sourcing Services (make purchases from US and Canadian stores)
+ Payment Services (make payments in USD,CND, GBP and Euros)
+ Debit Card Services (purchase of USD prepaid VISA cards)

Ordering is FAST and EASY and payment can be made in Naira or US Dollars.

At OrderBay, connecting people, products and services is what we do best.
Check out www.orderbay.com/faq.asp for more information on how to use our services.

Contact OrderBay: 1-704-631-3941


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