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Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mukina2: 1:04pm On Jul 20, 2006

some arsenal fans on cashley cole disputed stay or leave

The Cashley Cole Saga Takes A New Twist,
Arsène heard the chants at Barnet. You might not have been that far away but I'm sure you didn't.

Now fair enough, you were at the World Cup (but not at Bolton I seem to remember) and were never expected at the match, and no doubt the date of your wedding was a coincidence. I've no intension of making jokes about your wedding because whatever anyone might think so long as you and your bride were happy with it that's what maters.


There's always a 'but' with you Ashley.

Quite often it's after a 'he could have been, '

This time it's your book.

And loyalty.

Didn't this start with you meeting with another club behind Arsenal's back and then denying it ever happened? Then when it was obvious it happened you denied it was your fault. So it happened. But you said it didn't.

Loyalty. Hmmm. Rhymes with honesty.

So you dumped on the club you claim to love. You destabilised the team at a vital time. And nasty Arsenal decided to complain! You weren't 'hung out to dry' – you were caught bang to rights and then lied to your employer about it. And to us.

Slavery? Behave. That was an abhorrent comment.

Ash, I adored you when you broke through. Firmly in the see ya Silvinho camp when you appeared in the first team. And in the first summer of stories about Paddy leaving I put you forward as captain 'if Paddy stayed a couple of years'.

Mate, you blew it.

I wrote that 'Open Letter' last summer. I know your p.a. read it and talked to Arsenal about it. There was going to be a comment. Then silence.

Again, fair enough. We're just an independent fan site so we're not exactly Fleet Street in terms of expecting comment, and no comment (as opposed to a quotable 'no comment') was all I ever expected. But I took the trouble to email it to you and your agent.

So you didn't talk to Arsenal-Mania, but you explained why we should support you to, no-one. Whilst you spent most of the season injured until the World Cup pops up.

Then you ask for our support because you always give 100% on the pitch. Well let me tell you giving 100% is nothing to boast about, it's the LEAST we expect as the poor mugs who pay your wages.

A few times there were quotes that almost seemed to be asking us to support you over the club! Wake up kid, The Arsenal were there a long time before you and still will be a long time after. In terms of Arsenal history you're little more than a (sour) footnote.

Ash, without wanting to sound like a b movie, you're gone to me.

Goodbye. And good riddance.

Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 1:42pm On Jul 20, 2006

Whats all these?

When did you start writing like this?
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mukina2: 1:44pm On Jul 20, 2006
this is a forum arsenal fas did on ashley cole,
i'll modify it ad make it easier
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Chxta(m): 1:56pm On Jul 20, 2006
You geezers should have sold the bugger last year for lots of cash. His stock was higher in the build up to the World Cup than after. . .
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mrmayor(m): 3:21pm On Jul 20, 2006
Finally Cole is gone,good riddance to bad rubbish(traitor)a north London boy moving to Chelsea.tufiakwa
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Fimmy(m): 4:59pm On Jul 20, 2006
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 5:03pm On Jul 20, 2006

Finally Cole is gone,good riddance to bad rubbish(traitor)a north London boy moving to Chelsea.tufiakwa

Where is my brother Kitaun?

This is what i am saying about your supporters.

Why calling him bad rubbish because he leaves you?

Maniche,Ghudjohnsen left Chelsea and i wish them well.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mrmayor(m): 5:56pm On Jul 20, 2006
If Ashley felt like leaving Arsenal to another club thats his business but he should have some dignity in doing it the right way,that is handing in a transfer request.What did he do?he went eating with the enemy under the cover of darkness.
There are some things you just don't do as a footballer.Raul would never play for Barcelona, Figo was able moved from Barce to Madrid because he is Portuguese and has no loyalty to Barcelona.Gerrad can move to any club other than Everton or United.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 6:22pm On Jul 20, 2006

Gerrad can move to any club other than Everton or United.

I cant stop laughing?

How come Sol Cambell joined Arsenal from Spurs?
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mrmayor(m): 6:28pm On Jul 20, 2006

I can't stop laughing?
How come Sol Cambell joined Arsenal from Spurs?
Sol was on a free transfer and stayed true to his North London roots,his heart is Arsenal.Cole is, well lets just say (ashawo) going to the highest bidder
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Jackal(m): 7:08pm On Jul 20, 2006
@ Mr mayor,
I don't seem to understand where u are coming from.
Ashley Cole is a professional and hence he can move anywhere he wants.
He is not even from North London. Ashley Cole is from Stepney,Tower Hamlets borough of East London so he has got no roots in North London.
I dunno why Gooners think they own Ashley Cole's body and soul.

I have never heard any West Ham fan calling John Terry, Frank Lampard and Joe Cole traitors for moving from an East London club to Chelsea.
Why are gooners so self-centred in their arguments?
What u guys should do is to wish him well in his endeavours and not cuss him out.
Ashley Cole feels his potentials will be more maximised at Chelsea so let him.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by loyika(m): 12:13pm On Jul 21, 2006
Mr. Jackal

Please stop talking absolute rubbish, i try ( i really do ) not to take what you all say personal, but when people just say things believing that no one else has any football knowledge, it really gets on my nerves.

It is a well known fact that Westham supporters are not happy with Franky lamps for leaving also Joey Cole, they really have no problem with John Terry, and they absolutely hate Jermaine Defoe (although he has nothing to do with this topic)

No matter what anyone thinks of Ashley Cole, (and i have been one person that feels the board could have handled the situation better, if not for their intense hatred for Chelsea, and wenger's disdain for maureen), i feel he did what can be considered tresonable and a disgraceful act. paddy for all his pandering never was caught with a rival club's manager,

Even Ruud has the decency to make his transfer business through the right channels. Why do you think Man U supporters are so incensed with Ronaldo?? Supporters spend their hard earned money supporting a club, and part of this money is used to pay the fat salaries of some of these babies that call themselves footballers, even TH14 was not given an easy ride by the supporters, we were just not as vocal as Man U supporters during the Rio ferdinand saga. Fans have a right to demand some form of Loyalty from the players that wear their colours, thats why it pains me when drogba gets booed by his own fans at chelsea (no matter the reason, and they are plenty!!) when it is obvious that he is willing to die for that shirt.

Figo will never be forgiven by Barca supporters and thats a fact. do you really think ashley is welcomed by chelsea supporters (if you do pls i suggest you get chelsea TV and hear the true reactions of fans) say what you want about football supporters, but no body likes a traitor, whether its their club or another club that is involved. thats why Spurs fans will never forgive (even if it was a free transfer) SOL even some Arsenal supporters have never considered him a true Gunner, despite what he achieved for the club. THAT MY DEAR JACKAL IS FOOTBALL LIVE WITH IT!!

Every Gunner has the right (the last time i checked he was/is our player) to express either their disgust or sympathy for Cole. We all in one way or the other contribute to his career, either through wages or support, even prayers (as some did during his injury).

For me, no matter what happens he will always be an Arsenal Legend!! but one with a big question mark?? unlike DB10 who is not only an Arsenal legend or an Ajax legend, but a Football legend full stop.

Adios Coley and goodluck cheesy
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by amodu(m): 12:46pm On Jul 21, 2006
leave him and let him go to anywhere he wanted o go and stop all this accusation
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by loyika(m): 1:18pm On Jul 21, 2006
Mr. Amodu,

I know blame you cheesy cheesy cheesy, na because the guy dey go Chelsea wey u dey talk like this cheesy cheesy. its all good, and like i said all for fun. nothing personal cool.



Most specifically for me, Some of your games for the reserves, the pass to TH14 for the goal against Bayern M in the CL, (that was a beauty), and the various tackles on C Ronaldo, those will be my lasting memories of you

Adios Coley!!
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Jackal(m): 1:45pm On Jul 21, 2006
Mr Loyika,

All your rants are nuthing but balderdash that drunks spew in a pub.
Footballers are professionals and its high time u realise the only peopz still passionate about clubs are U & I(the fans).
How many gooners complained when Sol Campbell crossed from White Hart lane to Highbury? None.
Y'all guys should live with it. tongue

Players have the right to move anywhere they wish to maximise their potentials.
Who cares if Rooney moves to Manchester City or Arsenal today?
Red Devils won't just be bothered about stuffs like that.
Arsenal should follow suit and act like real men and not cry babies.

Arjen Robben turned his back on Fergie and no one cares.
I am yet to see any Red Devil moan about Mikel Obi's U-turn to Chelsea.
No player should be bigger than the club and clubs must move on irrespective of where any player chooses to play.
What y'all guys should do is to wish him well. Stop crying over spilt milk.

I overstand the fact that fans should demand some form of LOYALTY from their players but gone are those days.
LOYALTY now belongs to us fans than these bunch of whores called footballers.
I am callin 'em sluts because its all about the highest bidder for what they are offering(skills/stealth).
Everyone wants to win something for himself because this is what will count in another 2 decades.
Can u tell me what Shaun Wright Phillips is doing at Chelski?

Ashley Cole can move to Enyimba FC for all i care but thats no reason enough for gooners to crucify him.
What goes around comes around and Karma has just played one of his gimmicks on Arsene Wenger.
It would have been more juicy if Ashley moves to Tottenham.
Let Wenger taste what it feels like when he celebrated Campbell's dodgy move to Highbury.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by amodu(m): 2:17pm On Jul 21, 2006

this is what you should have done before, wish him good, because he as deliver for you a lot.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 2:33pm On Jul 21, 2006

I am tired of these Arsenal people o.

He may not even come to Chelsea, let the guy be.

He didnt want to be DISGRACED like Vieria.

A team that you serve so much but throw you into dust bin once you reach 28 is worrisome.

Ashley is just thinking ahead and he has every right to move to ANYWHERE.

The Day Vieria left, the whole Gunners were saying he is finished, we've seen the finished Vieria in the just concluded world cup. Isnt it.

I will be extremely  happy to see him(Vieria) join United or Spurs
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by loyika(m): 2:48pm On Jul 21, 2006
It really pains me when people talk like this

First of all Mr Jackal, if you have really been bothered to read any of my posts on ashley cole, you will see that i have defended his stance to no end, and wished him luck in his future endeavours (i guess a new strain of SELECTIVE EYESIGHT is spreading around)

Secondly i do not really like to expend energy arguing here because i realise it's just for fun. let me say that if you believe that Fans are that fickle, then you are really missing the point. even in nigeria we see how football have turned some Men into fighting boys (NFA DEBACLE, THE FUROE THAT FOLLOWED THE EAGLES NON QUALIFICATION FOR THE WORLD CUP, E.T.C)

People kill and die because of this game, Escobar's death for Colombia because of the goal he conceded (my pal in brazil said it was as if they had had a major devestation like the Tsunami, when they got kicked out of the World cup!!).

Even Chelsea with all the present glamour are still recognised in England as the club that epitomises hooliganism, this is a well known fact for anyone that lives and know British football History.

A, Campbell left on the bosman ruling, and left for free, and like i said, go through any real Arsenal Fanzine Football phone in programs like BBC Radio 5 and non-club official magazines and you will see that from time not all Gunners accepted Sol as their own (EVERY ARSENAL SUPPORTER KNOWS ABOUT THE INTENSE HATRED FOR SPURS THAT HAS A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE!! THAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU LEARN ABOUT WHEN YOU BECOME A GONNER!!)

Even TH14 and some of the players on the last day at Highbury were at the center cirle singing "are you watching! are you watching tottenham!!"

Football is a very emotional game and the supporters know this, thats what makes this game the way it is, even Robbie fowler when he scored against Man U  showed a "five hand sign to Man U supporters taunting them on liverpools 5 wins in europe (and what makes that interesting was the fact that at that time robbie was playing for man city!)

G Neviles celebration against Liverpool, Jose's celebrations at old trafoord when he was with Porto, and at highbury when as Chelsea's manager.

The fights btw fans, the abuse rained down on lamps as a "westham reject", Ronney's need to score against everton, Man u supporters booing Rio over his coontract negiotiations and the list goes on.

If you feel supporters have no passion and are less concerned, sign up for Man U TV, CHELSEA TV, BBC Radio 5, or even BBC 606 board.

No one says that footballers have no right to do what they want they are human beings after all, and like every one of us, if you are not happy with your job, you try to find somewhere else. very simple.

Arsene Wenger has not said anything (ever) bad against Cole, he just said (which Jose also said for that matter, but in a more general way) that he wishes cole will stay and concentrate more on football than the other stuff, what my dear friend was roy keane's sentiments on some of his fellow colleagues, he knows that football is about passion and respect for the fans, thats all, thats why fifa and the fA want a ceiling placed on the wages these players earn so that this kind of lust for money will change.

but according to your analysis, Milan fans had no right to be mad at sheva for leaving. why did Del piero decide to stay with juve, because my dear friend he is loyal to the club, and would rather help his club rise from seria b than chase cash somewhere else, the same for players like robbie fowler, alan shearer, gary nevile, even phil nevile is not really happy that he is playing for everton.

Thats the football i know and love, and if i am one of those drunks in a pub that cries and loses sleep when my team loses a game, i would rather be that than a fan that just wears a jersey but not feel anything either way.

once again adios Coley and goodluck wherever!

GONNER 89 cool
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Jackal(m): 3:02pm On Jul 21, 2006
Its all good.
All i know is these footballers don't really give a hoot about the clubs they play for anymore.
Del Piero decided to stay at Juventus because he has achieved almosrt everything and age is not really on his side.
Why didn't Cannavaro and Zambrotta stay at Juventus?

Secondly, i never said fans don't have loyalty and passion.
The fans are the only ones still passionate about these clubs and not these buncha foul-mouthed hoodlums who call themselves footballers.
Its the fans that buy season tickets, pay for tv subscriptions, buy club merchandises and stuffs and it is from these funds the clubs pay wages to these players.
The fans have a right to demand loyalty from these players but the players don't just care.

I watch MUTV and the antagonism is not as bad as what i have been seeing here.
Nairaland's Gunners are just different from every Arsenal fan i know.
If Mikel Obi's transfer saga had been between Arsenal and Chelsea with the lad prefering Chelsea then Nigerians wld have crucified his folks in Nigeria.
Football should be fun and exciting and not a do or die affair.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by loyika(m): 5:03pm On Jul 21, 2006
Mr. jackal, "I watch MUTV and the antagonism is not as bad as what i have been seeing here." shocked

is this the same MUTV where viewers refer to Arsene Wenger as Arse Whinger", the same MUTV, where fans and presenters like Paddy Cerrand refer to every player that goes down against man U players as a dive!? Is this the same MUTV where fans called in and said how sick and sad they were that liverpool had won in turkey!?

For players loyalty!! The same MUTV that supports called to blame and criticise C ronaldo for Chelsea last goal against Man U during Jose's first season as the manager, The same MUTV that most fans and presenters like FRANK STAPLETON, PADDY CERRAND, Even Paul Parker, all called and suggested that Rio be dropped from the first team when he wqas delaying in signing on the dotted line during his contract negiosations, some supporters even going as far as booing him on the pitch.

The Same MUTV, that take delight in refering to Alan Shearer as a bully (which he is by the way) simply because he decided to snub man u to go and play for Newxastle when he left Blackburn. The same[b] MUTV[/b] that supporters call to insult robbie savage and Paul Dickov anytime Man U play against Blackburn, but then praise Sparky (Mark Hughes) because he was a great player for the red devils, the same MUTV that described Klerberson as "A weapon of mass deception" when he was a Man U player.

Jackal pls hook me up with your Cable/Sat providers cause i have been given the pirated version of MUTV, damn i feel so cheated and abused, i have been roobed!! i will sue the bastards (where did i keep my lawyers comp card again!!)

imagine giving me the R RATED version of MUTV when everyone else has the pg13 VERSION. Robbers!!

Finally abeg wetin Arsenal do Poor Coley self, is it far worst than what Chris Coleman is doin to steed marlbronk or what ever his name is, or how Paul Jewel treated Pascal Chimbonda, or the Souness/Bellamy debacle, or Cisse's love hate relationship with houllier and now the spanish manager, or Jose's statement to carvalho, when he said he needed an IQ test (now that was brilliant) or Fergies's treatment of Becks, Jaap Stam, Ruddy Boy compared to his partial treatment of that other french Genius/Violent footballer before Zizou, Oh! Ah! Cantona. Laurent Roberts constant fights with every football manager he plays with.

Redknaps insult to Africans because of Yaks unavailability due to the African Cup of Nations and his refusal to lambast the player for his actions that got him kicked out of the Nigerian squad (Even use siren pick the boy up for airport)

Damn Coley is getting off lightly oh, in short he is being treated with Kid gloves. United are not Crying because chelsea payed them off for Mikel (this is the same MAN united that took chelsea to FIFA and court over this issue or is there another) and the same United that threatened to take real madrid to FIFA over approaches to ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Or is it Newcastle where fans vilified Lee bowyer for his fight with team mate Kierion Dyer, icould go on and on, but i won't since everyone just feels that Arsenal Fans are so biased and they as supporters of other clubs are very objective.

Oh Well i wouldn't want to be considered biased. so i guess i better leave ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB AND SWITCH TO MAN U!! Poor GONNERSAURUS, i think i prefer the Man U mascot RED DEVIL/DRAGON (What ever he is called) instead, please bear with me this change over will take time and some getting use to

Please Jackal don't forget to pass me that addy, i am serious i need the real version of MUTV you were refering to, and please anyone that knows if there is another better version of CHELSEA TV than the one i have should also drop me the addy for where i can subscribe.

Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by kitaun(m): 6:04pm On Jul 21, 2006
OMG,where have i been see what i have been missing! shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Grizzly(m): 7:11pm On Jul 21, 2006
Just tracking the thread,
no comments, cool
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Jackal(m): 7:45pm On Jul 21, 2006
@ Loyika,

U know what? Just join Man United and u will worry less. grin
Maybe u have the doctored version of MUTV shocked.
Please subscribe through SKYTV or NTL and u will get the explicit version of MUTV. grin grin grin

On a serious note, Nairaland gooners are the most fanatic Arsenal fans i have ever encountered.
I don't know where this started from but i believe its prevalent amongst all Nigerian fans that support Arsenal.
Can loyika tell me why Arsenal fans in Lagos were attacking/assaulting Barca fans on the day of the Champions League finals?
Heard they even painted a live cow with an O2 crest engraved on it. Isn't that a mile too far?

U seem to be getting this discussion twisted.
Fans have the right to criticise their players but not crucify him.
Ruud is leaving Man Utd but that does not gimme the right to crucify him. I can only wish him well because he has been phenomenal for the club.
Ashley Cole has been instrumental to Arsenal as well and i believe he deserves some respect from y'all fans.
This is the same way y'all guys crucified Patrick Vieira in spite of his immense contribution to Arsenal by winning trophies year after year.
Is not ironic that it was the season Vieira left that Arsenal failed to win a single trophy?

Ashley deserves better from u guys and please wish him well in his endeavours.
Personally, i like Cole and it shouldn't matter which club he decides to play and ply his trade.
He paid his dues thoroughly and Arsene deserted him when it mattered most during the Chelski's "tapping-up" scandal.
Managers must learn to protect their players. Ferguson stood by Rio Ferdinand during his drug scandal case.
Wenger should borrow a leaf if he wants to keep his players in the future.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by kitaun(m): 8:22pm On Jul 21, 2006
@ Jackal,
              I am also sure that you know that ironically it is the same year Arsenal was able to attain its best UECL feat that Vieira left, whilst for him he sure must be regretting the decision to leave the club at the time he left.

It seems you could tolerate Chelsea but not Arsenal because u are always intent on descending on the gunners at will, what problem could you have with someone painting a live cow engarved with O2 crest, i bet you peeps all over the world do more outrageous things all over the world to show their loyalty to their club and no one gives a hoot about it
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Jackal(m): 8:47pm On Jul 21, 2006
I don't have anything against Arsenal.
Its the Nigerian fans that support Arsenal that get on ma nerves.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by kitaun(m): 9:29pm On Jul 21, 2006
remove your nerves then, at least from where it can be stepped upon embarassed embarassed embarassed
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by lordimpaq(m): 8:59am On Jul 22, 2006
cole is not goin anywhere,

its not official and he is still a gunner,

i don't know why guys want to spoil our show,

cole remains, the first post by mukina is a just a speculation of that arsenal fan, and he concluded too soon,

cole's future remains with the gunners, skysports said nothing, so cole is not goin anywhere, we don't have options,

wenger would be stupid to sell cole, is it flamini that'll stay back, no way,

cole stays
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 9:41am On Jul 22, 2006

His mind had left Arsenal long time, starting fromHilton Hotel.

The leakage of Patrick's text message.

His too-much closeness with Vieria

Did you know anything about his recent book?

Why arsenal management want him to EDIT some part?

I think he may go to Madrid.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by lordimpaq(m): 9:44am On Jul 22, 2006
first it was the bridge, now its madrid,

if cole goes, then wenger is the stupidest person on earth, except if he has other plans which are most certainly goin to fail, (big time)

i believe in one thing, the guy has a choice to make, he'd better make it fast, and stop makin the fans feel jittery,
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by Akolawole(m): 9:51am On Jul 22, 2006

first it was the bridge, now its madrid,

I suggested Madrid because thats where there is explosion now, Thuram et al has join them and they have money to buy his remainig contract off.

Honestly, i dont mind him coming to Chelsea because he is a very good player.
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by mukina2: 8:19pm On Jul 22, 2006
ah nairalannd every thread deres war on words

from ashley cole to mutv to chelsea to madrid

uh well hes not goin anywhere i hope so
Re: Ashley Cole Leaves Arsenal? by slary(m): 12:05am On Jul 23, 2006
Why all this noise about Ashley, last season during the champions league matches,
he was not there and the Gunners performed creditably well.
He should go to where he likes, afterall FOOTBALL is about big business tongue tongue

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