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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 7:33pm On Nov 04, 2016
Daily Manna
Friday, November 4, 2016

A Fixed Gaze On Him

TEXT: PSALM 49:15-20

"But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for He shall receive me" (Psalm 49:15).

Admonitions, encouragement, exhortations are some ways preachers help believers to cope with some challenges that confront them. No doubt, the world in which we live is full of such unpleasant occurrences and each of us has our fair share of such experiences. What separates a winner from a loser in this bumpy road of life is attitude.

As we face the reality of oppressions, difficulties and the huge gaps between the rich and the poor, there is often the tendency for some Christians to become depressed and discouraged. In the earlier verses, the psalmist addresses the rich and reveals their follies especially when they neglect the knowledge and fear of God.

The consolation for believers is the realisation that the calamities that befall people without God and knowledge of salvation will not be their experience. No matter the various fearful events happening around us, as long as we belong to God and maintain good standing with Him, there is nothing to fear. This is the crux of the psalmist's submission.

He goes further to encourage believers never to allow the prosperity of the rich to cause any fear or distraction since their end is hopeless. A true believer has a glorious end when his days on earth are over. But until that happens, no untimely death can tamper with the precious souls of true believers.

No matter the distractions, allurements or intimidations from the enemies of our souls, we have a God Who watches over us daily. He is a very present help in trouble, the One who never sleeps nor slumbers. Our duty is to be faithful to Him, love and serve Him and put our confidence in Him. He never disappoints as long as we remain faithful to Him. Keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and finisher of your faith and you will always sail through the storms of life.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 39 - 42

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "If you keep your eyes on the ball you will never miss the goal"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 11:39pm On Nov 05, 2016
Daily Manna
Saturday, November 5, 2016

Seize The Initiative


"And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs" (Exodus 4:17).

A minister of God went to visit one of his poor members. He heard that he was in deep poverty and decided to go and help him. When he came to his house, he knocked loud and long, but there was no response. at last he opened for him because he thought it was the landlord calling for his rent. The minister then asked him, "What do you have at home?" With sorrow and sadness of heart he said he had nothing except few sheets of paper and an old fountain pen on the table. "You can write articles for a local publication," so admonished the pastor! With the encouragement of the minister, he started a writing career and some years later, became the editor-in-chief of a multinational organisation with fat remuneration. It is true you can use what you have to get what you don't have in a legitimate way.

In our text, Moses was fearful because he thought he would be rejected by the people of Israel when God called him to deliver them. The shepherd stick in his hand which was commonly used for walking, guiding the sheep or killing snakes turned to be an instrument for miracles. While God promised to be with Moses and teach him what he should say, He equally brought Aaron to be his spokesman.

People are generally not impressed with small and unnoticed things. We have the idea that it is unimportant unless it is big in size and noticeable. God doesn't measure life the way we do. Sometimes, He takes joy in using ordinary things for extraordinary purposes. He uses ordinary and weak men who have faith in Him to accomplish great things.

The challenge for every believer here is to rely on God for what He can do through him. Consider your little strength and resources and surrender them for God's use.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 43 - 45

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Little is much when God is in it"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 7:20am On Nov 06, 2016
Daily Manna
Sunday, November 6, 2016

Where Is The Fire?


"And there came a fire out from before the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat: which when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces" (Leviticus 9:24).

Leonard Ravenhill, a great revivalist who sought God's will above all else, wrote a book titled: "Where is the fire" to lament the coldness and formality in our churches today. He was a man of prayer who practised what he preached. He wrote the book, "Why Revival Tarries" which became a classic on revival.

From our text, Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation after the successful completion of the great atonement sacrifice by Aaron, the priest. They came out to bless the people according to the order. But as they blessed the Lord's people, Go's glory appeared in the form of fire which consumed the offering on the brazen altar. When the people saw what happened, they bowed in adoration and worshipped the Lord.

The fire coming down upon the altar was a confirmation that God has accepted the sacrifices. It is also a demonstration of the presence of God in the entire service. It shows and proves His power in the midst of His people. It gives assurance to the people that God was with them.

Nowadays, many believers are cold and lethargic. The church that is supposed to be an incubator has turned to a refrigerator in many quarters. Souls are no longer getting convicted with the evidence of breaking down and weeping for their sins during services. Many homilies are delivered as omelettes. The people listen without any evidence of fire coming out of it.

We must come back to God and ask Him to confirm His word with signs following so that His glory might be seen and experienced once again.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 46 - 48

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Oh Lord! Send us revival today"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 12:35pm On Nov 07, 2016
Daily Manna
Monday, November 7, 2016

Just A Little Sin

TEXT: MARK 8:10-21

"And He charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod" (Mark 8:15).

The Greek word translated "leaven" is "zume." Yeast or leaven, is a powerful fungus that can cause a lump of dough to rise in baking, ferment liquids into alcohol, or cause painful infections. But principally, leaven as referred to here, caused fermentation and made flour rise before baking and was used in much the same way that yeast is used today.

The Pharisees and Scribes would not associate themselves with Jesus and the truth He taught. By that rejection they prevented others from coming to the truth because of their false teaching and their hypocritical lifestyles. They sought for a sign in our text just to tempt the Lord. It is against the doctrine of the Pharisees and the Sadducees that Jesus warns His disciples. He calls their teachings "leaven" because it has the potential of affecting not only their own lives but everyone that come in contact with them.

The doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees contained a mixture of God's truth and man's traditions. The danger of the "leaven" of the Pharisees is that it spreads quickly, affecting the thought process of an individual or a group to the extent that it corrupt their hearts and minds to the true meaning of God's word and commandments. Because a small piece of leaven was able to cause a relatively large amount of dough to rise. This term figuratively represent any kind of influence and enticement to do evil. A little sin in the life of a believer is a dangerous thing!

The only way to escape the leaven of sin is to resist any compromise to sin in our lives. The leaven of sin is much like the sowing of iniquity - we reap more than we sow. That is why we must be careful.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 49 - 50

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "A little sin can tarnish a lifetime of good reputation"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 6:37pm On Nov 08, 2016
Daily Manna
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Preach Christ The Crucified

TEXT: JOHN 12:12-22

"The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus" (John 12:21).

A young preacher went to a new church as pastor. He thought the people wanted to hear intellectual preaching, so he filled his sermons with these things. His church's attendance began to fall off. Young people left the church. Then one day, when he came to his pulpit, he found a card with the words, "We would see Jesus", written on it. He was angry at first but soon began to realise he had been giving his people the wrong messages. He promised the Lord that from that time on, he would preach "Christ and Him crucified". As he did this, his congregation began to grow, and the young people returned to the church.

Today's devotion text narrated Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The Pharisees, on seeing the large crowds making their way towards the temple, singing and welcoming Jesus, were again struck with envy. Despite their evil devices against Christ, His popularity was soaring. The Greeks were not part of that politics; unlike the Pharisees, they came to see Jesus and insisted on seeing Him in person. The attitude of these
Greeks was quite notable. They happen to be in Jerusalem on the Passover, but knew that Christ meant more than these mere ceremonies.

During those times of religious chaos and confusion in Jerusalem, men could come to the temple and go through all their religious ceremonies, but the sin and guilt would still be there and there would be no peace in their hearts. A person may go to church today, go through all the forms of religious worship, yet not truly see Jesus and have his sins washed away.

Many are busy today with religious activities: anniversaries, harvests and other ceremonies without ever having a personal encounter with Jesus. Believers should look away from these ceremonies and embrace the Saviour, without whom no one can be saved.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 51 - 52

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Only the Saviour, not the ceremonies, can save"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 3:31pm On Nov 09, 2016
Daily Manna
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Battling Impatience

TEXT: 2 KINGS 6:24-33

"And there was a great famine in Samaria: and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass's head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove's dung for five pieces of silver" (2 Kings 6:25).

One enduring lessons you get for being in God's school is patience. Not possessing it amounts to failing a critical test as a believer. This was the undoing of Israel's first king, Saul. He would not wait for Samuel to perform the sacrifice when a challenge came his way. This led to his fall.

Many years later, lack of patience was the undoing of another king and two women in the northern kingdom of Samaria during a time of severe famine following a siege by Syria. The women resorted to cannibalism. After one of them had offered her son for meal as the food shortage bit hard, the other refused to give up her own child. Both were impatient to wait for God's intervention.

King Jehoram was not spared the disease of impatience. He sought to kill Prophet Elisha, whom he erroneously blamed for Israel's predicament. All the land was afflicted and the people ate what came their way. An ass head, which even in peace time nobody would eat, became a delicacy. Yet all they needed was to simply pray and dwell on God's unfailing promises and how He took care of similar situations in the past. In the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, drought drove the people to God and He did not disappoint them.

If these people of Samaria and their king had exercised patience and faith in God, they would not have taken the rash decision that compounded their troubles, because just after they did this, God stepped into their predicament and brought "a day of good tidings" that even lepers ate and drank and possessed silver, gold and raiment. God used His prophet to bring the good news, but unbelief, a manifestation of impatience, cost a king's aid his life.

The impatient Christian has not absorbed the full teaching in God's College. He needs to take one more trip to the cross at Calvary and be washed clean of the hasty spirit governing him.

Bible Reading in one Year: LAMENTATIONS 1 - 3

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Be patient in tribulation (Romans 12:12)"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 12:15am On Nov 11, 2016
Daily Manna
Thursday, November 10, 2016

Looming Judgment


"And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof" (Ezekiel 9:4).

Our discussion today is a dramatic biblical presentation of what judgment looks like. God has a fool- proof method of seeking out the unrepentant wicked from those who do His bidding. Most times, He offers graphic symbolism to address us and warn that it is impossible for incorrigible sinners to go unpunished.

Here, the prophet reveals the vision of Jerusalem in the day of judgment. Six angelic warriors were dispatched to bring the wrath of the Almighty on the city for her wrongdoings and idolatry. One armed warrior was tasked to first set a mark on the righteous people who were not part of the transgressors and idol-worshipping multitude and have been interceding for them.Then the five other angels were assigned to unleash terror on both the young and old, children and women of the city without pity.

This vision may be a prophecy of the looming destruction and captivity of Jerusalem as God's response to her sin and rebellion. But it is a vivid depiction of the final judgment on mankind. God is noticing those interceding for this sinful world. He is observing those carrying out the Great Commission with strong faith in the Lord, who are not giving up winning souls despite their challenges. His eyes are also on those who turn deaf ears to the preaching of the Cross. The great God has a record of the affairs of all men and women. None can hide from Him (Psalm 139:5,11,12).

Our knowledge of the ramification of this vision encourages missionaries, intercessors and soul-winners not to be discouraged as they criss-cross land and sea to take the gospel to "every creature...in all nations". God is distinguishing them out as His children heading for Heaven and on whom no evil can fall.

Bible Reading in one Year: LAMENTATIONS 4 - 5

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Intercede for sinners and secure Jesus' intervention in the day of trouble"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 4:41pm On Nov 11, 2016
Daily Manna
Friday, November 11, 2016

When Wrath Provokes Praise

TEXT: PSALM 76:1-12

"Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain" (Psalm 76:10).

Bible scholars posit that the lines of Psalm 76 were penned to celebrate the awesome power God displayed to root the forces of the boastful King Sennacherib of Assyria when they invaded Judah (2 Kings 18:13-19; 19:34-37). The aggressors looked invincible after they laid siege on Judah. They recalled how they had won a chain of victories in previous campaigns against formidable foes.

The Assyrians held that if these great nations could fall before the might of their army, Judah would suffer the same fate. Their arrogance reached its peak when they blasphemed God and said He was powerless to save Jerusalem. Obviously, they were ignorant of how the defiant Pharaoh of Egypt and his forces met their watery-grave in a contest with the children of Israel.

God rose to the occasion again in the battle between King Hezekiah's Judah and blaspheming Assyrian Sennacherib. In one night, He proved His limitless superiority. The Bible says: "And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses".

The 76th Psalm praises God for the timely intervention for His people. But what does the Scripture teaches in verse 10 when it says: "...the wrath of man shall praise thee?" How can wrath bring praise to God? It simply means that hostility to God and His people gives Him an opportunity to do great deeds. When He acts to deliver His people, those who benefit from His salvation will respond with praises.

A faithful Christian who becomes overwhelmed with life's battles should not panic. Instead, he should glorify God in songs of praise because God is fighting for him.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 1-2

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Be not afraid; the battle is not yours, but God's"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 3:13pm On Nov 12, 2016
Daily Manna
Saturday, November 12, 2016

Little Foxes In The Vine


"Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes" (Song of Solomon 2:15).

God has given man all things to enjoy, but man has allowed little things to ruin his joy. Examine some joyful, beautiful things He offered man. He instituted marriage for instance, for his delight and pleasure. Alas, man permits his own creation to creep in to destroy the institution.

Sometimes, discord might creep into a peaceful home through misconceptions that are not properly trashed out. The man may be brooded by pride if he doesn't get the honour due him, while the wife may respond in kind by withdrawing her customary matrimonial duties to him. Inappropriate response has often led to domestic wars. All these constitute "little foxes" or problems that can disturb or destroy the joy of a relationship planned by God to approximate heavenly conditions.

Our discussion today reveals wise lovers who do not want little foxes to trigger problems between them. Hence, the plea in verse 15: "Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes". "Little foxes" often cause the biggest problems in marriage. These irritations must not be minimised or ignored; rather, they must be collectively identified and properly tamed together.

As Christians, we must watch against seemingly innocuous doctrines whose purveyors are determined to overthrow our focus on sound teaching. Their teachings may look harmless. These false people may be our relatives or colleagues in the workplace or neighbours whom we do not suspect of overt evil. We must reject their overtures. They are "little foxes" sent to "spoil our vines" and the "tender grapes", that is, the hearts of flesh the Lord gave us in place of a deadly sinful stony heart.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 3 - 5

Thought for the day: "Beware of false prophets; they have the nature of cunning foxes"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 5:17pm On Nov 13, 2016
Daily Manna
Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Watchful Soldier

TEXT: 2 TIMOTHY 2:1-13

"No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier" (2 Timothy 2:4).

In practical terms, a genuine Christian is a soldier at war all his life. The difference between him and the conventional soldier is that whereas the latter has peace-time, moments of respite when he is not at the war front, the former is always waging war.

The fervent Christian is at a spiritual war front at all times, the strife or struggle of which is without borders or timing. The adversary, Satan is on the watch to strike where he considers the most vulnerable point and moment (1 Peter 5:8.).

A Christian in a state of spiritual watchfulness do not dabble in the affairs of life. "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier." Apostle Paul advises all Christians, through his inspired epistle to young Timothy, that they should go through life by travelling light. That means they must be careful in earmarking wealth to themselves at the expense of their divine treasure in heaven.

What then should one carry light? Christ recommends in Matthew 11:28-30, thus: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light".

A faithful soldier of Christ should have his mind fixed on heaven as he marches on on the narrow path. He must discipline himself against acquisitive tendencies common with worldly soldiers who are wont to loot the territories they conquer. He must remember that in heaven, he has "better and enduring substance" of "many mansions" and eternal life provided by Jesus Christ. When this is settled in his heart, he would "endure hardness" and look forward to his place in heaven.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 6 - 8

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Live in the world, but never allow the world to live in you"

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 1:31am On Nov 15, 2016
Daily Manna
Monday, November 14, 2016

Being A Little Christ

TEXT: 2 SAMUEL 3:31-39

"And the king said unto his servants, Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?" (2 Samuel 3:38).

Although David was an Old Testament saint, the Scriptures often present him as displaying the virtues of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament. He loves his enemies (Matthew 5:43,44), mourns with those who mourn (Romans 12:19), does not revenge or take undue advantage of his enemies (Romans 12:19) and admits his shortcomings while honouring others (Philippians 2:4).

In our text, David is seen leading the train of Abner's coffin carriers, a man whom his predecessor, Saul, used to seek his (David) death. But he knew Joab, the commander of his army, had unjustifiably killed Abner, who had made strong efforts to smite Israel and make David head the unified kingdom. Abner was instrumental to God's plans to make David rule over all Israel, never minding that he had been loyal to Saul. It was at this point that Joab slew Abner.

Although Abner had his weaknesses, David did not dwell on it as he grieved and sang a dirge. He refused to eat and hailed Abner as "a prince and great man" in Israel. Those were honest and charitable compliments that reflected the greatness of David himself. Indeed, a good follower of Jesus Christ ought to be judged by how much honour he accords his opponent, by how he accommodates the flaws of unfriendly persons without compromising.

The reason David had all these attributes was because he had the Spirit of God controlling him. It was the Spirit of Christ, for the Triune Spirit is one. This was the same Spirit that guided the New Testament believers, and indwells today's followers of Christ. We are urged to be the "children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" (Matt. 5:45,48).

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 9 - 13

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "All genuine Christians should be little Christs!"

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 6:17pm On Nov 15, 2016
Daily Manna
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Torrential Love


"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned" (Song of Solomon 8:7).

In the ancient dispensation when Solomon wrote this Song, the culture of the people did not permit public display of intimacy or affection except between close family members. But here Solomon's lover says for the sake of love she is prepared to disregard such inhibition.

This self-abnegation underscores the all-conquering power of love. Where it manifests as a genuine fruit of the Spirit, it displaces all forms of evil. The word of God puts it succinctly in 1 Corinthians 13:13, thus: "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity [love]".

Love was wrapped in the mercy that moved God to come to the aid of fallen man as He sent Sinless Jesus to come and die for the resurgence of the descendant of Adam. All the floods of sin, false doctrine, rebellion and disobedience we have hurled at God proved no match for the greater torrential love He has for us, that revealed itself in Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ challenges His followers to be like Him (John 13:34,35). As He fulfilled the law in His ministry on earth, He says we shall all be fulfilling the law because on "these [love and compassion]...hang all the law and the prophets".

God loves us and He is committed to giving us abundant life through the marriage institution that honours the laws of heaven. He detests sexual intercourse outside marriage and supports lasting commitment among couples. Just as our devout faithfulness and commitment are the keys in our relationship with God, so they are in marriage.

Marriage is a representation of Christ's relationship to His Church. It should not be corrupted through polygamy, adultery, pre- marital sex, divorce, homosexuality and any other modern variant of relationship.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 14 - 17

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled"

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 12:31pm On Nov 16, 2016
Daily Manna
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

God Can

TEXT: 2 KINGS 7:1-8

"Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria" (2 Kings 7:1).

Someone defined miracle as "An event occurring in the natural world, observed by the senses, produced by divine power, without any adequate human or natural cause, the purpose of which is to reveal the will of God and to do good to man."

From our text, Joram the king of Israel wanted some urgent miracle from God to stop the deadly famine ravaging the land. Elisha then prophesied that food would once more be available to the extent that the inflationary prices would fall drastically. Prices for fine flour for the people and barley for the animals would become very affordable the very next day. Although the officer who attended to the king didn't believe the words of the prophet and scoffed at what Elisha said, God still found a way to bring His promise to fulfilment.

The scene shifts to outside the locked gates of Samaria where four lepers lived in isolation, unawares of Elisha's prophecy, discovered abundance of food abandoned by the vast army of Syria who retreated in panic from their camps when they thought they were being invaded by mercenaries.

Unbelief made the officer in our text to doubt the promise of God. "Will it become like Noah's flood," he mocked, "with food instead of rain pouring out of heaven?" He thought the prevailing situation was too difficult to reverse with just a prophesy from God's servant.

In times of crisis, God often sends His Word through His chosen prophets. To the humble heart that is open to God, the Word generates faith; but to the proud, self-centred heart, it makes the heart even harder. However, God will find a way to fulfil His promise no matter the prevailing situations.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 18 - 21

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "The greater the obstacle, the easier it is for God to fulfil His promise."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 5:39pm On Nov 17, 2016
Daily Manna
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Unmerited Mercy


"Speak not thou in thine heart, after that the LORD thy God hath cast them out from before thee, saying, For my righteousness the LORD hath brought me in to possess this land: but for the wickedness of these nations the LORD doth drive them out from before thee" (Deuteronomy 9:4).

You may have heard of the 'pardoning' of turkeys by US presidents during annual thanksgiving. Meaning that turkeys were released instead of killing and eating them. Presentation of turkeys began in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and no records exist that he ever 'pardoned' any turkey. There are records in presidential library documents where he publicly admitted to eating some of them.

This went on until President John Kennedy spontaneously spared a 55 - pound turkey that was presented to him even though it wore a tag: "Good for eating". President Kennedy returned it to the farm with the remark "We'll let this one grow". After that, President H. W Bush instituted the "turkey pardon" as an integral part of the turkey presentation to the presidents during thanksgiving.

Moses wanted Israel to understand that their possessing the Promised Land was entirely a favour from God. They, like the "pardoned turkey" could have met a different fate had God not had mercy on them. From today's text, Moses saw to it that Israel was properly briefed and prepared for the future event of crossing the River Jordan into the Promised Land. Israel should see their eventual conquests of Canaan as entirely an act of God. The defeat and destruction of the seven nations in those battles would be more a punishment for their sins than it would a reward for Israel's righteousness.

God's favour and the propitious intervention of fate has been the reason for the success of many of us today, and not a product of our own goodness. Our salvation from sin and its terrible consequences and the victories we have in Christ are all by His grace not our own efforts.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 22 - 24

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Your pardon was entirely God's prerogative."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 12:15pm On Nov 18, 2016
Daily Manna
Friday, November 18, 2016

Does God Still Care?

TEXT: PSALM 77:1-9

"Hath God forgotten to be gracious? hath He in anger shut up His tender mercies?" (Psalm 77:9).

Many years ago, a young Midwestern lawyer suffered a deep depression that his friends thought it wise to keep all knives and razors from him. During this time, he wrote, "I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell. I awfully forebode I shall not". He was wrong. He did recover and went up to become one of America's most loved presidents. Abraham Lincoln!

In our text, the psalmist was crying unto God while making some petitions unto Him. The day he described as "the day of [his] trouble" was rather spent praying than worrying. Perhaps, because it took some time for the answer to come, he became overwhelmed. Although he did not question the existence of God, like some do today, he rather wondered if He still cares like in the days of old.

We may at one time have asked those kind of questions: Does God still care? Has He forgotten to be gracious? Has He given up on us? Our reactions and thinking when we pass through the unalterable vicissitudes and complexities of life often determine whether we come out strong or stung.

We must remember that sometimes our setbacks are God's setups to sling and propel us into the next levels of our lives. We mourn and weep when we pass through troubles because it is our nature to do so. But we must not remain in that wilderness forever because even in our lowest straits, God is still there all the time. He cannot neglect His children neither will He forget to be merciful because it is His nature to show mercy. Cheer up, for when you're down to nothing, God is up to something.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 25 - 28

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Your setback could be God's setup for the next level."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 2:45pm On Nov 19, 2016
Daily Manna
Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Perverted Gospel


"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel" (Galatians 1:6).

Anything very valuable will be counterfeited. Fake gems and currencies have been around for thousands of years, but as the technologies for making them become advanced, fakes are harder to detect with the Unclad eye than before. Gem - testing labs and currency verifying equipment are now recommended by experts to verify their value.

From our text, Paul, having introduced himself as an Apostle of Christ after the express will of God, went straight to the main subject of this epistle - the negative influence of the perverted gospel. He wondered why the Galatians easily fell into the error of Judaism after the true gospel has been so evidently set before them. He called the error being sold to them by Jewish Judaism teachers "another gospel"; that is, a different kind and quality to the one already preached. It was indeed a gospel that lacked the essential ingredients to bring about the salvation of souls; it was a damnable heresy.

It is no longer news for the possibility of the gospel of Christ to be perverted, as seen from examples in the Scriptures and the starring evident events in our days. The gospel is perverted when a deliberate attempt is made to either add to it or give it a different interpretation. It is perverted when certain emphasis are suppressed or deleted to suit the carnal demands of the sinful nature.

One of the predicted characteristics of the last days is the emergence of false preachers and teachers. A close look at the fruits or results of their ministry will convince you that their message is erroneous. Sin dominates the lives of both the preachers and hearers of the perverted gospel and the end result is eternal separation from God.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 29 - 31

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "The devil can make the counterfeit look real."

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Daily Manna
Sunday, November 20, 2016

Play Your Part

TEXT: 2 TIMOTHY 2:14-26

"If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work" (2 Timothy 2:21).

J. Vernon McGee tells the story of the Negro boy down in the Southland years ago, who wanted to join a church. As the deacons examine him, they asked, "How did you get saved?" His answer was, "God did His part, and I did my part". They thought there was something wrong with his doctrine, so they questioned further, "What was God's part, and what was your part?" His explanation was a good one. He said, "God's part was the saving, and my part was the sinning. I done run from Him as fast as my sinful heart and rebellious legs could take me. He done took out after me till He run me down".

Paul the apostle in this pastoral epistle emphasised the need for us to play our part after we've been saved. God sanctifies us by uprooting the sinful nature, but we keep ourselves in the love of God by separating ourselves from sin and sinners. He charged Timothy, a young minister to make effort to present himself before God a proven worker who does not need to be ashamed, teaching the word of God accurately. To do this, he must separate himself from sin, keep away from youthful passions and live a holy life. He emphasised the need for self-control in order to keep away from heated arguments and other disorderly behaviour that are unsuitable to the high office to which he was called.

Leaders are supposed to be role models. We must model and mirror the Christian life we preach and emphasise it through our lifestyles. As soul-winners, we must understand that our actions speak louder than our words. People will conveniently set aside our sayings and judge us by our deeds; that is why we must watch over our lives and maintain a life worthy of emulation.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 32 - 35

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "People judge you by your actions rather than your words."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by ScienceWatch: 10:50pm On Nov 20, 2016
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Daily Manna
Wednesday 10, September 2014

Running the Wrong Way

TEXT: EZEKIEL 20:10-26

"But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness: they walked not in my statutes, and they despised my judgments, which if a man do, he shall even live in them; and my sabbaths they greatly polluted: then I said, I would pour out my fury upon them in the wilderness, to consume them" (Ezekiel 20:13).

Roy Riegels, on January 1, 1929, played a football for Georgia Tech against Universal of California, Los Angeles in the Rose Bowl. In the second half of that game, UCLA lost the ball and Roy picked it up, but instead of running the right direction to score the goal for his team, he ran the wrong way, which, unfortunately, made Georgia Tech to lose the game.

This is a true depiction of the Israelites, who lived contrary to God’s purposes for them. They had a special relationship with God because of His covenant with Abraham. He clearly spelt out the basic condition for continued favour from Him and victory over all their enemies in the covenant. This He made directly with them through Moses their leader. "Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine" (Exodus 19:5). But the Israelites chose to live their lives in the wrong way.

Although all the people promised to hearken unto God and obey His words, it was a short-lived obedience. The children of Israel decided to forsake the Lord and went into idolatry. Their repeated disobedience led to rebellion and brought divine wrath upon them. God, speaking through Jeremiah the prophet, said: "For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water" (Jeremiah 2:13).

Today, there are those who have wantonly ignored God’s commandments. Others make a mere lip service of consecrating their lives to Him. They will prefer to live their lives their own way instead of allowing the will of God to control their lives.

How you need to retrace your steps like the prodigal son and quickly come back to the Father who has been patiently waiting to receive you back to the fold!

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Those that forsake the true God will wander endlessly"

See more at:

See the miraculous power of Jesus Christ in action. All this was first for the Jews !
Scoan Church Nigeria’s power with the holy Prophet TB Joshua is unstoppable !!
He is just the greatest living and verifiable prophet on earth now.
Scoan Church Nigeria was personally examined by the following highly respected persons;
1) PROMINENT DUTCH THEOLOGIAN PROFESSOR WILLEM J. OUWENEEL ABOUT PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA AND THE SCOAN, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Professor Ouweneel holds doctorates in biology (Utrecht), philosophy (Amsterdam) and theology (Bloemfontein, RSA).
He concluded that his experience at Scoan was awesome.

2) Renowned global evangelist, P.S. Upthegrove’s who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister.
He concluded that he was on Holy ground at Scoan.
He recounted how seeing such power demonstrated reminded him of all he had witnessed through ministers of God such as Oral Roberts, AA Allen, William Branham and RW Shambach who he had the privilege to work with and know personally.

3) Group from New Zealand:
Among our group there were three senior pastors, two evangelists and two men leading major Christian work in New Zealand. Between us we had 180 years of ministry.
Our conclusion was that this is truly a work of God.

4) The Religious Monitoring Group have investigated Joshua and the Synagogue, Church of All Nations and have concluded that he is a man of God.

5) God only reveals His top secrets to those He loves. He revealed the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet Isaiah. In the same vein, Jesus Christ revealed who Prophet TB Joshua is to His beloved servant, late Prophet (Dr.) Akin Adewole, shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Opopo Igbala Parish, Ikola Road, Ipaja, Lagos sometime in 1995.
He concluded that TB Joshua is a Prophet of God.

Only an insane or demon possessed person will even attempt to argue with truth that can also be scientifically verified. Although God don’t need science to make Himself known.
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by ScienceWatch: 10:51pm On Nov 20, 2016
Gods miracle healings in the Holy Scoan Church have no negative side effects.
The Holy Prophet TB Joshua says, “It is a sin for sick people to go into any church of JESUS CHRIST and go home the same.” It is written, “Jesus and His Pastors healed everyone.” Freely – No charge!

The Holy Prophet TB Joshua freely gives evidence of scientific medically verifiable truth in the church and on Emmanuel TV and youtube.com 24hrs per day, 7 days per week.
Not that medical science can ever be the judge here, as history sadly proves. Science is entrenched in materialism, GOD IS SPIRIT.
In the Holy Scoan Church, Nigeria, people of many different religions and belief systems from all over the world are healed and delivered from demonic possession completely and then is often verified by a lower role player known as medical science.

The abundance of live testimonies is breath-taking. The Holy Prophet TB Joshua says, “It is a sin for sick people to go into any church of JESUS CHRIST and go home the same.” It is written, “Jesus and His Pastors healed everyone.” Freely – No charge !
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by ScienceWatch: 10:52pm On Nov 20, 2016

There are dramatic changes taking place in the religious world right now as demonstrated at the Holy Scoan Church Nigeria.
There is a ferocious battle from religious leaders to force their congregations to be loyal to them, but they are failing. There can be no more tragic expression of human foolishness and perversity than the Jews rejection of The Messiah and the Pentecostal PNF rejection of the Holy Prophet TB Joshua.

The majority is experiencing an awaking from blind loyalty to loyalty to the whole truth of Jesus and His promises.
Many church goers are not witnessing the life of the WORD in their churches as shown in the Holy Scoan Church, which says 'I came to make all things new." Come to me all you that are burdened and I will make it light."
It is written “The WORD became flesh and made His dwelling amongst us.” Meaning Jesus is living amongst us, as demonstrated so powerfully in the holy Scoan Church Nigeria.

This statement to the world is the most significant and memorable ever written.
Its implications are unlimited. This is the key to the understanding of the mystery of Jesus Christ. Scoan Church Nigeria demonstrates with mind-blowing verifiable evidence that Jesus Christ is the Word and the Word has miraculous power.
Daily Manna
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A God-Denying World

TEXT: PSALM 53:1-6

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good" (Psalm 53:1).

The world has made many attempts to deny the existence of the Living God Who is in charge of the whole universe and to Whom everyone is responsible and accountable. In spite of the very many undeniable evidences of the existence of God, modern-day atheists through their secularism, liberalism and modernism, have refused to acknowledge Him. They have tried, though with no success at all, to disprove all that points to His reality.

Our text reveals that this denial of the existence of God is not new and only describes such people as fools. It further shows the reason for such denial and the obvious outcome of a world and life without God. Those that deny the existence of God do so because they don’t want to be answerable to Him. They are obviously afraid of a God that would hold them accountable for all their deeds and practices. This is an attempt to free their minds from the thought of a possible future judgment where they would have to account for their sinful lifestyle. Denying the existence of God means that man is only accountable to himself and so is at liberty to live whichever way he chooses.

The ever increasing rate of sinful practices today is an evidence of a God-rejecting age. The world may call it “civilization”, “liberalism”, “enlightenment”, or whatever but it is nothing but sheer backwardness and a movement to the primitive age of bondage. What makes this even more sad is that many Christians who seem to profess faith in the existence of God also live as if He does not exist.

As Christians, we need to continue to prove to the world that our God is real and in charge of our lives and universe by making the world see God in us and through us. When we manifest an incorruptible life of holiness and righteousness in the face of the wanton decay and pollution that mark our world, they will come to believe.


Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Those who deny the existence of God only do it to their own hurt"

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by ScienceWatch: 10:54pm On Nov 20, 2016
Daily Manna
Sunday 08, November, 2015

What You Ought To Do

TEXT: ACTS 10:1-8

"He lodgeth with one Simon a tanner, whose house is by the sea side: he shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do" (Acts 10:6).

Religion has become a very fashionable thing in this clime. More worship centres are springing up daily. This development has caught the attention of the music industry and different genres of music now have gospel themes as their focus. What is however disturbing is the shallowness and emptiness of most of these religions. This is aptly illustrated by the true story of a devout and religious woman who became ill and was at the point of death. Really, doctors had confirmed that she was going to die. She became greatly afraid and cried out to God: 'I am afraid, I am a sinner, and I am not fit to die, and I don't know how to be saved. But if You will get me well, I will learn how to get ready to meet You!' God heard her prayers. She got well and immediately sought out a revival meeting to attend. While explaining her situation to the preacher she said: "I saw then that my religion might be good enough to live by, but certainly not to die by!" She gave her life to the Lord and became really saved.

Cornelius in our text was in a similar situation. Although he was prayerful, devout and generous, his profession and practice of religion lacked something very essential. God had to send an angel to him, instructing him to send for Apostle Peter who would tell him what he ought to do. He promptly obeyed and became truly saved.

Your religious devotion is not enough if it lacks the power to make you righteous and prepare you for death. You need more than mere religious devotion and good works to get fit for heaven. You need Jesus and the salvation He offers. Those who refuse to learn from the emptiness of mere religion are condemned to die unprepared to meet the Lord. You need to get rid of religion without righteousness and get truly born again. This is what you really ought to do.

Bible Reading in one Year: 1 KINGS 15 - 16

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Religion without Christ is vain?"

See more HERE:
There can be no more tragic expression of human foolishness and perversity than the Jewish nations rejection of The Messiah and the Pentecostal PNF rejection of the Holy Prophet TB Joshua. What is happening in the holy Scoan church Nigeria, was meant first for the Jewish nation, but tragically they rejected the awesome power.

In spite of hundreds of years of waiting and studying their scriptures concerning the coming of the MIRACLES, SIGNS AND WONDERS brought by the messiah Jesus Christ, they dismissed him and instigated his destruction. Two thousand years later, Israel is still rejecting the Messiah Jesus Christ. But Jesus lives on.

Jesus Christ’s birth, His miracles and Prophecies as demonstrated in the Holy Scoan Church Nigeria, Jesus’ mastery of satin, His cruel death, His forgiveness of his murderers and His resurrection from the grave was needed as verifiable evidence of the mystical, supernatural creation nature of the only true God.

The Light of the only true God cannot be destroyed! God will not be mocked!

Sadly, Pastors at CAN & Pentecostal PFN still instigate the destruction of Jesus wherever His loving power is manifesting. They believe that the miracles in Scoan Nigeria are the work of Satan.

Today, Prophet TB Joshua of the Holy Scoan Church Nigeria is under the same attack from people that also claim to know God.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

On our journey to discover verified evidence of Jesus’ miracles, we found a very powerful spiritual source. It is the Scoan Church on Emmanuel TV.

These miracles are the easiest to verify because no one can come for healing without medical proof of the patients condition. After mind-blowing instant healings, the patients are sent back to have the results medically verified. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by ScienceWatch: 10:55pm On Nov 20, 2016
The sincere suffering masses world wide never get what Jesus commanded them to have as can be clearly seen at the Holy Scoan Church Nigeria. FREE HEALING, FREE DELIVERANCE and FREE BLESSING. The time is now, where fake Pastors will be dumped so that in every true church regardless of their religion, mind-blowing evidence of the Father’s LOVE with miracles, signs and wonders as seen in the Scoan Church Nigeria. The promise of the Messiah will be freely available to the suffering masses for all that come to the Messiah.

Today most churches are simply glorified motivational centres that offer nice sounding words and aggressive money collections without the Resurrection Power needed to save the suffering persons.

Jesus said, “Come to me, I will make your burdens light.” When the creation power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is not seen in any church, the problem is with the Pastor. The congregations Faith is always enough as consistently shown in Scoan Church Nigeria and in the holy gospels and the Books of Acts.

The driving forces behind the attacks on the Holy Scoan Church are as follows;
The president of Pentecostal PFN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor And CAN has consistently remained the holy Prophet Joshua’s most hated critics.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has even expelled any PentecostalFN members who attempt to get healing from The holy Prophet TB Joshua.. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor makes his hatred known clearly from the pulpit and in the pages of newspapers: He rants, “T.B. Joshua is not a Christian” he argues, "If T.B. Joshua can show me his pastor who pastored him before he said he was called into the ministry;
Pastor Ayo Oritsejaforif fumes indignantly, "If T.B. Joshua can tell me when he got converted and how he got converted, then the Pentecostals would consider him.”
Daily Manna
Friday, 11 December, 2015

The Leaven Of Faultfinders

TEXT: JOHN 12:1-11

"Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, which should betray him, Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?" (John 12:4,5).

Christ warned His disciples about the "leaven of the Pharisees". This leaven, according to the Scripture, means hypocrisy or the doctrine of the Pharisees (Luke 12:1; Matthew 16:12). The reference here therefore borders on lifestyle and influence. Perhaps, another set of people of whose leaven we must be wary is the faultfinders. They, like the hypocrites, carry with them masked but sinister intentions.

Judas Iscariot, in today's text, exhibited the trademark of chronic faultfinders. Six days before the Passover, Christ was in Bethany where he had raised Lazarus from death. Mary seized the occasion to express her appreciation and love for the Lord Jesus by anointing His feet with a costly ointment of spikenard, wiping same with her hair. Judas found fault with this lavish honour, regarding it as wasteful and loudly wished the ointment were sold and the proceeds given to the poor. But notice verse 6, "This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein."

Mary's act of worship and adoration was however regarded as significantly prophetic and connected to Christ's death. It was a most sacrificial and self-abasing commitment to Him. But faultfinders will always censor any commitment or consecration superior to anything they can offer.
Beneath such censorship is always a selfish motive – envy, jealousy, pride or some other inordinate quest. Often, these ulterior motives are covered with care-for-the-poor kind of mask. Fortunately, we are dealing with God who knows the heart of everyone.

As we reflect on the goodness of God in our lives, it should be our resolve to always offer to Him the best that we have. We should not let anyone's censorious attitude moderate our devotion or deter us from going the extra mile for the Lord. The Lord's commendation is all that matters.

The Bible IN ONE YEAR: ISAIAH 38 - 41

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "To the upright, the world's criticisms often translate to the Lord’s commendation."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 10:25am On Nov 21, 2016
Daily Manna
Monday, November 21, 2016

Reward For The Wicked

TEXT: 2 SAMUEL 4:1-12

"And David commanded his young men, and they slew them, and cut off their hands and their feet, and hanged them up over the pool in Hebron. But they took the head of Ishbosheth, and buried it in the sepulchre of Abner in Hebron" (2 Samuel 4:12).

The Roman leader, Julius Caesar was planning a military expedition against the vast Partian Empire when some senatorial conspirators, led by Marcus Brutus stabbed him 23 times, killing him on March 44 BC. The conspirators then met their own death in the battle that followed their brutal murder of Caesar.

The tragedy in our text is beyond imagination. The issues that eventually led to the divided kingdom of Israel started after the inglorious death of Saul, their first king. Closely following the revengeful killing of Abner, the captain of Israel's host in Hebron, Ishboshet, the son of Saul was brutally murdered in his sleep by his two servants, Baanah and Rechab, who were captain of bands. When they finally came to David with the severed head of Ishboshet, expecting a reward, he commanded them to be killed as punishment for their unprovoked brutality.

The reasons for the savage and chilling multiple killings during this period in Israel's history was the desperate and inordinate desire for rewards and privileges. Abner, the captain of the hosts of Israel was killed because Joab wanted to consolidate his position as captain and to avenge the death of his brother, Asahel in war. Ishboshet was murdered by these two servants because they hoped to get some rewards from David for avenging his desperation enemies.

Inordinate desire and for promotion and rewards is behind the many incidents of conspiracy and murder we hear in our homes and workplaces today. All acts of wickedness will be judged on the final day. All evil people will, one day, have their day in the end-time court.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 36 - 38

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "All evil men will have their day in court."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 3:51pm On Nov 22, 2016
Daily Manna
Tuesday, November 22, 2016



"We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts: what shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be spoken for? If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will inclose her with boards of cedar" (Song of Solomon 8:8,9).

True believers are called upon to conduct themselves in utmost purity. The standard for all Christians is that not even a hint of immorality should be mentioned among them, worse still, practicing it (Ephesians 5:1-3). The young women should be chaste and enter their marriage beds as chaste virgins.

As the woman in our text remembers her girlhood home, she thought of what her brothers said about her when she was very young. They didn't think she was matured for marriage then. The metaphor of the wall and the door has to do with the girl's chastity. If she was a door, a woman of easy virtue, then she would not be fit to be a bride in Israel, but if she kept herself pure, behind a wall, as it were, then she's suitable for marriage. She entered her marriage as a pure virgin after she developed physically and was admired by her husband.

The subject of sanctity before marriage is very important. In Israel, it was an abomination and shameful for one's daughter not to be found a virgin by her husband on her first night of marriage. If the tokens of her virginity are not found, she could be stoned to death as punishment for her defiled status.

Today, the story is different as chastity has been thrown into the winds. In this age of girlfriends and boyfriends, dating and relationships, most ladies are defiled before coming to their matrimonial homes. If that was restricted to the world, it could be bearable, but alas, this menace is gradually getting into the church! As believers, we must present our bodies a living sacrifice, a home that Christ can dwell in.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 39 - 42

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit."

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 3:44pm On Nov 23, 2016
Daily Manna
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rebellion Does Not Pay

TEXT: NUMBERS 14:40-45

"But they presumed to go up unto the hill top: nevertheless the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and Moses, departed not out of the camp. Then the Amalekites came down, and the Canaanites which dwelt in that hill, and smote them, and discomfited them, even unto Hormah" (Numbers 14:44,45).

Animal Farm is a famous novel by George Orwell. In this novel, all the animals in the farm begin to follow the precepts of animalism, rebel against the humans, take over the farm, and rename the place "Animal Farm". Here is a quote from the work that captured the reason for their rebellion: "Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet, he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and the rest he keeps for himself" - George Orwell, Animal Farm.

Just like George Orwell's story of rebellion, the Israelites staged a rebellion of their own. After spying the Promised Land for 40 days, they got a 40-year punishment for unbelief and rebellion against the Lord and against Moses. Only Joshua and Caleb of that generation entered the land because of their faith. To add to their existing problems, they again presumed to enter the land in defiance of God's order to pull back. Consequently, the Amalekites and Canaanites easily defeated them.

That is exactly what happens with unbelievers. They end up consumed with their own welfare. They have no vision or sense of God's presence. The entire focus of their lives is on their problems, troubles, illnesses. And their days are filled with confusion, strife and envy.

For thirty-eight years, Moses watched as every Israelite in the unbelieving generation died. He looked back at those who wasted their lives in the wilderness and saw that everything God had warned about had happened. The lesson for us today is very clear: unbelief and rebellion bring setbacks and punishment from God.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 43 - 44

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Rebellion easily begets God's judgment."

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 12:20pm On Nov 24, 2016
Daily Manna
Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lead Them To Christ

TEXT: MARK 10:13-16

"But when Jesus saw it, He was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God" (Mark 10:14).

A preacher wanted to show off his garden to a man who wouldn't let his children attend church - he wanted them to wait until they were old enough to decide for themselves. When they walked into the garden, it was full of weeds, which were choking out his squash, beans and okra. The man said: "This is a pitiful excuse for a garden!", to which the preacher replied: "I just wanted to wait until the vegetables had grown older and able to decide for themselves what they wanted to do!"

Our passage today shows a large flow of people bringing their little children to Jesus and His disciples watches on. They felt it to be an intrusion, a violation of important things to have these parents file up to Jesus while He was supposed to be teaching and speaking to those who could understand and who are more important. But Jesus gave the priority back to the children and stated that little children must not be hindered from coming to Him for whatever reason.

The world is full of distractions for children - drugs, immorality, violence, evil cartoons on TV, movies, bad influences, peer pressure, etc. Some churches equally discriminate or ignore children, perhaps because they can't contribute to the church - they are a liability and not an asset, an expense and not a source of revenue.

Therefore, children section in some ministries are neglected. Where they exist at all, they are packed with incompetent teachers and the children are made to worship under a tree or in a dilapidated building while the adult worshippers occupy the better buildings. But Christ says this is a misconception of what ranks high in God's kingdom. We must give priority to children and create a good atmosphere for them to hear and receive the gospel.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 45 - 46

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Children are precious in His sight."

See more HERE:
Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 11:59pm On Nov 25, 2016
Daily Manna
Friday, November 25, 2016

Faith That Works

TEXT: JAMES 2:10-26

"Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works" (James 2:18).

It is all too easy to seek to extol our personal virtues, to flaunt our spiritual gifts, to make ourselves look better than other people. But whereas this may impress men, it accounts for little or nothing before God. What matters to Him is the result of whatever spiritual experiences we claim to possess.

The Apostle James underscored this point when he stressed that believers must not strive for half measures. They either obey all the laws or fail in all. Their words must match their actions. In the same vein, he said if they profess to possess faith, it can only show by their good works. It is no use telling someone in need who came to you for help, that God will bless him. Without giving him some assistance, such fine words amount to nothing.

Faith is reinforced by works, as in the case with Abraham. He believed God to the point of almost sacrificing his only son, Isaac. That singular action marked him out as a man of faith. Rahab, the harlot too, was commended for backing up her faith in the God of Israel with action.

We must never be contented with simply proclaiming how great a faith we have. Rather, we must let the actions that are influenced by our faith speak the loudest. We must make ourselves part of God's answer to other people's prayers, by rendering practical assistance to them. If we love and obey God, we must never withhold anything He demands from us, no matter how precious. This is the only way to prove that we have faith.

Bible Reading in one Year: EZEKIEL 47 - 48

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Faith without work is dead."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 4:39pm On Nov 26, 2016
Daily Manna
Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Dire Transportation

TEXT: ISAIAH 27:1-13

"By this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged; and this is all the fruit to take away his sin; when he maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, the groves and images shall not stand up" (Isaiah 27:9).

Penal transportation is the deporting of convicted criminals to a penal colony. Examples include transportation of convicts by France to 'Devil's Island' and by the UK to its colonies in the Americas, from the 1610s through the American Revolution in the 1770s and then to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

The penal system which saw more than 40, 000 convicted criminals sent to America and about 200, 000 to Australia required the convicts to work on government projects such as road construction, building works and mining, or assigned to free individuals as unpaid labour. Women were expected to work as domestic servants and farm labourers. A convict who had served part of his time might apply for a ticket of leave permitting some prescribed freedoms. This enabled some convicts to resume a more normal life, to marry and raise a family.

From the passage, having seen the unrepentant nature of the children of Israel to be reformed, God laid the nation waste when He sent them away into captivity in Babylon for a while. Though He promised to afflict them, yet He will make their afflictions to work for the good of their souls and correct them as a father does the child, just to drive out foolishness in their hearts. The affliction was intended to cure the besetting sin of idolatry. Though Jerusalem shall be desolate and forsaken for a time, yet there will come a day when its scattered occupants shall resort to it again out of all the countries whither they were dispersed.

At present, you may be going through conditions you can clearly liken to either imprisonment or exile in a strange land. Rather than run from pillar to post, take a cursory look at your life and repent, if need be. That may end your captivity faster and ease your pains quicker.

Bible Reading in one Year: 1 PETER 1 - 5

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Simple obedience may end a long captivity faster."

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Daily Manna
Sunday, November 27, 2016

Forgiveness Is Divine

TEXT: EXODUS 21:12-25

"But if a man come presumptuously upon his neighbour, to slay him with guile; thou shalt take him from mine altar, that he may die. And he that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death" (Exodus 21:14,15).

An Iranian woman who was blinded and badly disfigured by an acid attack by a spurned suitor recently pardoned her attacker. The woman was severely disfigured in the 2004 incident, when a bucket of acid was poured on her face and body and ultimately went through at least, 17 operations. In a court-ordered retribution, as a doctor was about to put several drops of acid in one of his eyes in a hospital operating room, the man who attacked her waited on his knees and wept. "What do you want to do now?" the doctor asked the 34-year-old woman, who suffered the attack. "I forgive him, I forgive him", she responded, asking the doctor to spare him at the last minute in a dramatic scene broadcast on Iran's state television. "It is best to pardon when you are in a position of power", she said, explaining that she did not want revenge.

What the Lord commanded in our text is the need to respect the sanctity of life and punish those who deprive others of their lives. Where the loss is due to murder, then the law of retaliation applies: life for life. Moreover, if the killing is intentional, the perpetrator will find no refuge in the temple. Where, however, the killing was in the heat of passion and not premeditated, the killer could escape to a city of refuge and live out his days in exile, away from his family until the death of the high priest.

The phrase "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", expresses a principle of retributive justice or "law of retaliation". The basis of this form of law is the principle of proportionate punishment. Meanwhile, the Lord calls on Christians to forgive when offended. "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you..." (Matthew 5:44). As a child of God, do not seek vengeance against anyone. Let God judge on your behalf.

Bible Reading in one Year: 2 PETER 1 - 3

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "It is more blessed to forgive than to revenge."

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Daily Manna
Monday, November 28, 2016

Faith Not Feeling


"Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I sware unto Abraham thy father" (Genesis 26:3).

On November 19, 1863 during the United States Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln delivered a graveyard oration that lasted only a few minutes. Known as the Gettysburg Address, the speech has been hailed throughout the ages for its nobility, brevity and capacity to hold out hope in dreary situations, This God-fearing American leader earns more accolades for his speech when it is considered that as he spoke, he was surrounded by famine, death and sorrow. Many still wonder if blessing, life and prosperity can emerge from famine and hopelessness?

Despite the desolation and famine around Isaac in the land of Gerar, he remained there and received the blessing God promised Abraham and his seed. Isaac probably contemplated migrating to Egypt to escape the famine, but God whose power to bless is not circumscribed by man's limited abilities or earthly circumstances told him to stay right in the midst of the economic depression to enjoy uncommon boom. Isaac promptly obeyed and the Bible records later that he "sowed in that land and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him. And the man waxed great..." (Genesis 26:12,13).

We must learn from Isaac who got a golden gift from God in the land of famine when everyone was running helter-skelter. First, he listened to God's prompting to stay where he was and wait for what He had in store for him. Next, Isaac literally swam in the deluge of God's promises which He reeled out to him. He watered the arid land with the promises and the ground could not but yield its hidden treasures.

Are you spiritually or physically overwhelmed by depression and famine? You can convert them into a golden season of abundance by drawing on the "Isaac-Formula".

Bible Reading in one Year: DANIEL 1 - 2

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Famine can be golden if you have Jesus."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 4:54am On Nov 29, 2016
Daily Manna
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

For His Glory


"And they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the LORD is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the LORD"? (Numbers 16:3).

In her autobiography, My Life, Mrs. Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister during the Yom Kippur War in 1993 relates moving stories of the patience, bravery and sacrifices of men and women of Jewish state in the face of the aggressions of its neighbours.

She says Israel gathered from "authoritative intelligence source" that Egypt and Syria would launch an attack on her country from two fronts. Israeli Defence Forces were at their peak and primed to deliver a deadly pre-emptive strike. But Golda Meir wisely rejected the idea and went to war only after being attacked. Her restraint when provoked paid off. Israel wasn't seen as the aggressor and this earned the nation priceless global sympathy and enormous military support from the United States which enabled her gain overwhelming victory. Israel didn't apply her bravery and strength negatively.

Korah, the leader of the rebellion in our text isn't so wise. His name means boldness or bravery. So he gathers co-conspirators -Dathan and Abiram along with several others - to attack Moses and Aaron, the servants of God. Believing leadership to be a carnal affair, he challenges what he sees as the domineering style of Moses. To speak out boldly-in-keeping-with his name, he reasons, would clip Moses' wings and force him to give the rebels some personal attention and leadership roles. Little did they realise that such heady missions put people in direct confrontation with God.

When God gives us boldness, wisdom, wealth, good health, energy, authority, power, etc. He expects us to tame these attributes for Kingdom work, not for personal pursuits. When we pray for success and prosperity in family, work, career, academics and church business, we must also ask the Lord to give us the grace to manage these good attributes according to His will.

Bible Reading in one Year: DANIEL 3 - 5

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "Only the wise handles the "Yea and Amen" of God's promises."

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Re: Daily Manna — GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD! by OLAADEGBU(m): 7:28pm On Nov 30, 2016
Daily Manna
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Danger Of Unbelief

TEXT: 2 KINGS 7:15-20

"And that lord answered the man of God, and said, Now, behold, if the LORD should make windows in heaven, might such a thing be? And he said, Behold, thou shalt see it with thine eyes, but shalt not eat thereof. And so it fell out unto him: for the people trode upon him in the gate, and he died" (2 Kings 7:19,20).

The Moody Church News had an account of a man who was walking by the sea shore. He was greatly perplexed about the doctrine of the Trinity. He observed a little boy with a sea shell running to the water, filling it and then pouring it into a hole which he had made in the sand. "What are you doing my little man?" asked the perplexed man. "Oh", said he, "I am trying to put the ocean into this hole!" The man learnt his lesson, and as he walked away, he said: "That is what I am trying to do. I see it now". Standing on the shores of time, he was trying to get into his little finite mind, things which are infinite. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible.

The account in our text relays the unfortunate story of the man in whose hand the king leaned, who tried to comprehend the ability of God by his finite mind. He queried the sense in Elisah's pronouncement on the instantaneous provision that God was about to bring upon the land of Samaria after a period of great famine. He doubted the man of God and paid dearly for his unbelief. He saw the blessing of abundance as predicted by the man of God but could not partake in it as earlier announced. He was trampled upon by a hungry but jubilant mob.

Limiting God's ability with our little understanding and finite mind will always lead to destruction. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Trying to figure out what He can do and what He cannot do, based on our knowledge of science will be like checkmating Him. God can do anything at anytime (Luke 1:37). The best we can do is to completely hand over our life to Him for provision and fulfilment of His promise, and allow Him to work out the details while we walk with Him in righteousness.

Bible Reading in one Year: DANIEL 6 - 8

Higher Everyday for Youths - Link: http://highereveryday.dclmhq.org/

Thought for the day: "With God, nothing shall be impossible."

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