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1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] / All In A Circle.....(A crime story) / An Evening With Eva (2013 Triple Award Winner in Crime. Thriller. Action.) (2) (3) (4)

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The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 3:44pm On Sep 17, 2014
Shoutout to every NL member. I've been a regular and a ghost visitor to this forum. The uniqueness of the stories I read and the expertise of writers like Mazi_Omenuko, Kayemjay, and many others too numerous to mention got me thinking of doing something like them. I teamed up with my BIG BOSS @ Deolu bubble to create a work I hope can stand the test of time and go near the heights of other great works like an evening with Eva, nysc by mazi Omenuko and others...... first update later this evening.
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Nobody: 6:54pm On Sep 17, 2014
Yay Sin city fanfilm
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 8:48pm On Sep 17, 2014
Updates will be every evening by 9pm unless when I'm too busy. welcome to the Adjacent:
Stepping out of the VIP lounge in Rehab, finesse
was evident in every fibre of the white custom
fitted linen outfit Lana was wearing as he walked
towards his car. Good looking and very
intelligent he was every woman’s ideal man,
charming in person and always sporting a smile.
This wasn’t his typical hangout but a friend was
having a small bash for one of his too-
numerous-to count babes.
He was a proper ladies man, tall with an
imposing muscular frame, broad shoulders and
not so dark, his body was the type that had the
ladies drooling. He had chilled alone at the VIP
lounge sipping the most expensive champagne
available in the club; of course, he could swear
that more than half the women had to have been
checking him out.
Even the ones with their boyfriends were
stealing glances.
Checking the time his brown leather vintage
Rolex was telling, he unconsciously patted his
pockets feeling for his Barclays and Bank of
America credit cards. The GT bank card was in
the other pocket with a couple of thousands of
With a baldhead that had started developing
some years after his graduation from University
of Port Harcourt, he hadn’t always been so
good-looking. However the kind of money he
had access to now had transformed him into a
complete fine boy.
His current baby was a 2010 Range rover sport
bought in the U.K and shipped to the East coast
Customs, United States for advanced options.
Without trying to show off, when it came to
Lana’s baby MTV’s love-vendor my ride had nothing on
his choice of custom options. He had the full
interior of the car fitted in a simple black,
except the speedometer, which was chrome, the
whole exterior bulletproofed, and low profile
tires and nothing short of all black rims.
The logo chromed into the dark centre of the
steering wheel and his plate number read simply
He had special lights of dark grey installed into
different places making it look like the TRON
movie, a dark grey as the outline making it look
very dark. One punch of a button changed the
passenger seat into a comfy slim sized bed and
the already tinted glasses, windscreen and
rearview became totally black.
As he made his way out, a half-caste chic walked
up to him introducing herself.
“Hi Lana” He paused, looking back and replying
with a smile “Hi”
“Have we met before?” he asked.
“My name is Nikky” she replied.
“We’ve have been watching you for a while, a
few years actually. We’ve been monitoring your
progress from the days of vandalizing pipeline
into 50ltr containers to stealing with drums,
your oil loot from Takwa bay on the boat
speeding in and out at night.” she continued
Moving closer Lana asked her “Are you with the
JTF? What exactly do you want from me?”
She smiled and replied “I am not with the Law
Enforcement, not at all. I am here to offer you
the big league. Alhaji Hassim has an interest in
you, he wants to meet you.”
Repeating the name silently to himself, He took
a moment to process it.
Alhaji Hassim was currently the richest Nigerian,
off the record of course.
No one can tell you specifically where he is, in
fact people who have met say they met him on
his new 2011 113ft Sunseeker Predator 115
that docked at Benin Republic.
You can only see him if he has asked to see you.
You don’t know who Alhaji Hassim is, because he
was invisible. You only heard his name
mentioned in privileged circles. Some people say
the man is a myth.
He sure those exist, in fact he was the Lord in
our field.
He recently bought a huge stake in Chelsea FC,
second only to the Billionaire Roman
Abrahamovich, he’s got another Hausa man
fronting for him on Chelsea board”.
I had always wanted to join the big leagues. No
one in our field of work was poor, ever!
Alhaji Hassim is sitting at the top of the big
league pyramid. With business dynasties and
hotel chains all over the world, he toppled
governments and ran Africa from his 14kt gold
plated table on his yacht.
It amazes me how he manages to be
anonymous, some people say his name is an
alias for some rich politican.
“Alhaji Hassim would like to speak with you?”
Lana brought himself back to reality.
Nikky walked to the passenger side of Lana’s
As Lana sped off, a black 2010 Toyota corolla
with 3 hefty looking men, trailed him giving him
just enough gap not to suspect anything.

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Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Nobody: 10:58pm On Sep 17, 2014
The deep calleth unto the deep.
Evil attracts more evil.
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by drsolob2(m): 10:15am On Sep 18, 2014
Divepen: The deep calleth unto the deep.
Evil attracts more evil.
Pls explain better
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Nobody: 10:34am On Sep 18, 2014
Pls explain better
i meant bad people know bad persons
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by purityval(m): 4:26pm On Sep 18, 2014
Ok let's go there. Thank God itz holiday
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by almacherish(f): 4:32pm On Sep 18, 2014
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by chessyae: 4:57pm On Sep 18, 2014
nice beginning....
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by drsolob2(m): 6:22pm On Sep 18, 2014
i meant bad people know bad persons
Thanks a million
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Nobody: 6:34pm On Sep 18, 2014
Thanks a million
you are welcome

Have you seen the E- Workshops for writers
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by longjohnsilver: 6:36pm On Sep 18, 2014
back on my fav section...following

op abeg no keep us waitin too mussh oh

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Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 9:05pm On Sep 18, 2014
THE ADJACENT EPISODE 2: Shout out to my oga @Deolu Bubble.
Chike was sitting in the middle row of the
conference room, a cozy room with about 15
other JTF agents. The conference room was in a
hotel in a high brow area of Abuja.
The JTF had just received the mandate by the
President to investigate Oil bunkery activities in
the whole federation.
The Projector was displaying a slide with the
information about the depth of the scourge
while the facilitator was pacing around the front
of the projector, giving in depth information
about the menace. He seemed knowledgeable
about this, Chike thought to himself;
Chike was assigned to the JTF from the army; he
was the leader of the Special Forces re-drafted
to the JTF.
He had a long distinguished career in the ARMY,
Chike was in charge of Strategy for about 5
troops further subdivided into 100 men per
troop in Darfur, Sierra Leone, Liberia and several
other war torn African countries.
He did a couple of consultancy jobs for the U.N.
No one would believe that the 37-year-old
Chike, with an imposing frame of over 6ft tall,
ruggedly handsome look with a baritone voice
was the one with this reputable and impeccable
record, Chike joined the NDA immediately after
secondary school, his uncle who became a
guardian after his father died when he was just 9
years old became his only family.
Chike’s uncle could spot how intelligent little
Chike was; he was always very coordinated and
calculated, a troubled soul at a very young age.
Chike was always in one trouble or the other in
his younger years. In retaliation for his
stubbornness, his uncle registered him for the
NDA exams, so he could go and express his
anger in the Army.
Chike became an instant hit at the academy
excelling in tactics and well as intelligence work,
he was top of his class, only second to Hamza
Mustapha’s record at the NDA.
At the end of his school, he was sent abroad
with a couple of other brilliant soldiers to Israel,
Germany, France and Latvia for different
advanced combat tactics and war strategy
His first official assignment was at peacekeeping
in Sierra Leone, he led an effective and
organized squad that was awarded as the best
troop. He got offers from the C.I.A and the F.B.I
to be a consultant but turned it down for
patriotic agenda moreover the Nigerian Army
would never allow him do that.
This conference would be over in 20 minutes
time he said to himself, as he looked at his G-
Shock wristwatch, he was having an internal
battle caused by the hunger that was eating
away his tummy.
He was saying to himself;
“I have led men to covert operations, got
Medals of Honor from U.N, won the soldier of
the year award several times, and I’m being
disgraced by hunger
He laughed to himself as the conference was
dismissed; he was about to leave when an
envelope of his new assignment was handed to
him. He collected it, opened it up as he walked
to the cafeteria, he found a couple of keys that
seemed to include office keys, car keys and
other unknown ones. He also found his office
address, his team members, his chief
commanding officer, he flipped the page to view
the profiles of his team members and finally got
to the last page that had the picture of a guy
with the name Lana Reis underneath it.
Before heading to the cafeteria, he went to the
car park to see what car was assigned to him, he
pressed the remote control attached to the key,
a car at the back of the lot beeped, he walked
slowly to the car with enthusiasm, he pressed
the button on the remote again and it was a
black 2010 Volkswagen Passat.
He opened the car, opened the glove
compartment, dumped the envelope into it, and
closed it back. He ran his hand underneath the
passenger seat beside the driver and found the
casing for a silver 9mm handgun. He pushed it
back and proceeded to the cafeteria.
Chike continued dwelling on the new assignment
as he walked to the Cafeteria, the new
assignment specified Lagos, which will mean he
will have to check on his uncle. Chike knew
checking on his uncle would be horrible for him
but not checking again isn’t an option, after
dedicating his life to the military, his uncle’s
family was the only family he has.
The question of when he would get married will
come up, who he was settling down with and all,
he didn’t have an answer now but he would have
to think up something.
Another thought of the Lana Reis guy came up in
his mind, asking himself how best to approach
the new assignment.
45 minutes later, Chike was heading back to his
hotel room at the Transcorp Hilton, as soon as
he got off Ahmadu Bello, driving the newly
assigned car, Chike was moving slowly at 60km/
hr trying to enjoy the beautiful engineering of
the Volkswagen Passat.
Chike was cruising while also enjoying the
scenery of the Abuja road, when all of a sudden
a car came out of nowhere, bashed him in a head
to head collision, totally writing off the front of
the Volkswagen Passat. The car that bashed him
was a grey 2008 Toyota Camry; from the
collision Chike guessed the other car was
probably doing about 140km/hr.
The front of the car was horribly damaged; the
bonnet of the Camry had folded up almost into
the windshield.
Chike was feeling horrible even though the
airbags deployed, his own windshield broke, the
car was beeping some kind of sound, he looked
up out of the broken windshield, he saw 3 huge
guys step out of the car, wearing black face
masks also carrying guns.
They wanted to find out the position of the
driver, if he was dead or if they would need to
finish him off with the handguns and silencer in
their hands. The road was deserted at this time,
it was almost midnight.
Chike while been hurt, stylishly took out his
9mm from the passenger seat beside him, he
put his head on the deployed airbag facing his
own door, the 3 guys moved closer to him.
Chike’s head was already covered in blood, he
was badly wounded. There was a sharp pain in
his neck. One of the guys opened the Audi while
the rest stayed a bit away; they stayed at the
front of their own car.
As the first guy opened the door, Chike had the
9mm on his laps with his hand on the trigger, he
was faking unconsciousness.
He shot the guy right in the chest as he bent in
his head to confirm if Chike was dead or not.
Chike pulled the guy in after he shot him, using
the guy as a body cover.
The 2 other guys immediately started sporadic
shooting at the car but Chike already used the
first guy as body cover, Chike was calm
underneath the dead body, counting the bullets
as they shot at his car, shots hit the fender,
broke the headlights. Chike been aware that it
was 2 shooters, he was counting for 2 guns.
The shots stopped, either they were out of
bullets or they wanted to check if he was dead
or not. Chike knew one of them was out of
bullets and he didn’t hear anyone reloading just
Chike lay flat to the passenger’s side of the car;
his body cover was still on top of him. They
stopped shooting as one of the guys ordered
the last guy to go confirm if the target was
The third guy’s arm was firm on the trigger
trying to be fast incase anything came up, he
was moving slowly towards the passat, walking in
small steps carefully.
He got to the driver’s side of the car with the
door open; the killer was paralysed with fear. He
looked into the car, he saw his friend lying dead,
with several bullet holes on his body.
The fear in him didn’t allow him see that there
was another body underneath his friend’s body,
due to the frame of dead assassin; Chike could
easily hide underneath him.
Being a sharp shooter, Chike slid out a bit,
underneath the dead body, fired a bullet into the
forehead of the second assassin. At this point,
the third assassin lost for options decided to
make a run.
Chike was hearing faint sounds of foot stomp in
a fast motion. Chike pushed off the dead body
he was hiding underneath, came out of the car.
Chike’s cloth was soaked with blood, he had a
few cuts himself but majority of the blood was
from the guy he used as body cover, his
strength was depleted. He was feeling very
He struggled out of the car, he saw the third guy
fleeing away, took a direct shot at the hand with
the gun, the assassin screamed still running,
Chike brought his hand down and targeted his
leg, fired another shot into his leg.
The third assassin fell in his stride; he was
trying to make a turn into an adjoining street,
dragging himself on the ground, still trying to
make a run.
Chike walked towards where the assassin fell, he
was in serious pain, he didn’t know which one to
touch to stop the bleeding either his leg or his
hand, as Chike walked towards the last assassin,
he noticed his left leg was aching him, he saw
blood stain, something from the passat must have
cut his leg. He knelt beside the assassin, looked
at the assassin, and removed the face mask off
He saw a young man of roughly about 29 year’s
old, huge frame, about 6’5 with rugged looks.
Chike knew he would die; he looked all over the
last assassin from head to toe and then saw a
gold Rolex on his left hand.
He didn’t know what to think anymore….an
assasin with gold Rolex, as he turned his body
frame to the other side to remove the
wristwatch, a bullet hit the third assassin in the
right part of his chest. Chike knew the bullet was
for him, he narrowly dodged death. He looked
around; saw someone fleeing from the top of a
building on the same street.
Chike didn’t bother himself, he moved removed
the Rolex wristwatch and made for the
Assassin’s phone, took the both of them, he
noticed a custom message at the back of the
wristwatch that said “Happy Birthday Sesan ”
Chike knew there were no other people plotting
to kill him rather than those involved in the new
assignment he just got less than 3 hours ago, he
had a lot of questions to ask;

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Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by MaziOmenuko: 5:27am On Sep 19, 2014

I love adventures, I'm sure gonna follow this.

Op, try limiting the number of times you mention 'Chike' in a single paragraph. That and a few other things.
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 6:46am On Sep 19, 2014
MaziOmenuko: Present!

I love adventures, I'm sure gonna follow this.

Op, try limiting the number of times you mention 'Chike' in a single paragraph. That and a few other things.
OMG! The great maziomenuko is reading my post. *dancing shoki*. Boss ur recommendation has been noted and I'll try to do as u recommended
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Nobody: 6:57am On Sep 19, 2014
MaziOmenuko: Present!

I love adventures, I'm sure gonna follow this.

Op, try limiting the number of times you mention 'Chike' in a single paragraph. That and a few other things.
wow...I'm in the same thread with a legend,,,I need to pix....
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by plainmirror(m): 9:10am On Sep 19, 2014
A potential thriller it is.

Ride on
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by drsolob2(m): 1:24pm On Sep 19, 2014
Am always and ever be present.
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Mention(m): 3:00pm On Sep 19, 2014
Takes a seat at the front while eating popcorn..
Nice one Handie.. I dey ya back
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 4:32pm On Sep 19, 2014
Mention: Takes a seat at the front while eating popcorn..
Nice one Handie.. I dey ya back
thanks baba. with u for my back, I no get problem o#hakunamatata
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Mention(m): 5:13pm On Sep 19, 2014
handie: thanks baba. with u for my back, I no get problem o#hakunamatata
M expecting my 9pm Update sha
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 6:08pm On Sep 19, 2014
M expecting my 9pm Update sha
bros no wahala. with u for my back, even MTN no reach to misbehave
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Mention(m): 6:11pm On Sep 19, 2014
handie: bros no wahala. with u for my back, even MTN no reach to misbehave
Okay... *Fastens Seat belt*
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 9:20pm On Sep 19, 2014
Iyana Ipaja Area
Yusuf wasn’t new at this however he was
They haven’t done any stealing as much as this
before, the thought of 8 tankers been loaded
tonight was making Yusuf uncomfortable.The
Police wasn’t the problem, Lana had them in his
pocket; Yusuf was wondering when he started
growing a conscience. He lost all hope in Nigeria
when his father died in service and they never
received his gratuity for another 5 years.
He was waiting outside the fenced area; the
building inside the fence was a gigantic
warehouse structure. The warehouse however is
empty, no goods inside.Yusuf was feeling a bit
uneasy; he smokes anytime he feels tensed,
puffing out the smoke in the cold night. Seun
came out of the gate; Yusuf was standing
outside the gate to pose as security. Seun came
out and saw Yusuf smoking beside gate.
Yusuf asked in anxiety “Seun, how far na, when
una go finish na”
Seun replied “Ogbeni, calm down jo, na today we
don do dey this thing?”
Yusuf replied “I know jo, but not 8 tankers”
Seun replied “Yusuf, na the same way we dey do
the others jo, just chill abeg”
Yusuf replied “Make una sha do quick”
Seun went back into the warehouse and 15
minutes later, ran out to help Yusuf open the
gate of the warehouse.
8 Oil tankers drove out of the warehouse;
Yusuf and Seun and 4 other guys got into an
SUV and disappeared into the night.
Seun brought out his phone and sent a text to
Lana “All the trucks are loaded and we’re
heading to Benin.”
Lana bought this land some years back due to
the information he heard and also verified that
the NNPC pipeline pass through the land, he and
his other partners have vandalized the pipeline
to steal several barrels of Nigeria’s Oil.
The trucks were driving off into the dark of the
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 9:22pm On Sep 19, 2014
sorry for the late update. I had some pressing issues I had to trash out. Hope you enjoy the update

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Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Mention(m): 6:40am On Sep 20, 2014
Cool... But do I have to wait for 9pm before I get served??
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by Mention(m): 10:54pm On Sep 20, 2014
Where's my update?
Re: The Adjacent. A Crime Thriller by handie(m): 10:26am On Sep 21, 2014
Nikky was trying hard to sleep but the sleep
wasn’t coming through. Yemi wasn’t home yet,
it truly bothered her. It was a few minutes after
midnight. It was totally cool that Yemi’s room in
the hostel is the most conducive in the whole
With Yemi being a brute short cul-tist, a lot of
people found it very disturbing that a beautiful
student like Nikky could date an ugly short boy
such as Yemi. Nikky loved a man in control, a
man who wielded power, he had his own
entourage with him round the clock, Yemi had
always been seen as a dangerous boy. He was
always on the squad who went to fight; he knew
how to handle a gun. He was a genius at the
disruption of activities; harassing members of
other cults was his favorite hobby. Irrespective
of the amount of opposition he had, Yemi would
never stand down. He would rant like a typical
Yoruba boy, and fight tooth and nail. If you
defeat Yemi in a fight, all hell will be let loose, if
Yemi defeats you, it’s a different ball game
Yemi was nothing short of trouble promoter; the
love story of Yemi & Nikky started at a
restaurant when some boys from other cult
were harassing her over her refusal to date one
of their members. The usual gimmick of
intimidating people into dating them wasn’t
working on Nikky. That particular day’s attempt
was way off; it had turned intoa screaming
match. Being a strong willed person, Nikky
refused to be ordered into anything just because
they look and portrayed dangerous.
They were yelling at each other in the fast food,
Nikky wouldn’t back down despite the fact she
knew they were cult boys. Yemi was turned on
by her aggressiveness, her stubbornness and her
guts never to be forced into any situation. Yemi
was eating with his entourage, some tables away
from where the boys were harassing Nikky. He
had been eavesdropping all the while,he then
asked his entourage to follow him.
Yemi walked briskly over to Nikky’s table, Nikky
was also with a friend who was scared out of
her mind, she was mute throughout the whole
event. Yemi got to the table and tapped the guy
who looked like the head of the sting operation
on the shoulder, he looked back. Fully aware of
how the events of that day could end. The guy
kept mute, and listened to what Yemi had to say.
Yemi put in a simple gesture what he wanted
them to do, the cult boys disturbing Nikky
understood the situation which is simply put in a
proverb that says “He who fights and leaves
lives to fight another day”. Yemi pointed to the
door, making a hand gesture for them to simply
run along. The guy behind the leader of the sting
operation who was a newcomer in the school’s
cult arena tried to pull out a gun from the waist
of his jeans against Yemi but the leader felt the
movement of his boy’s hand behind, stopped
him and they all moved out of the fast food
shamefully with their tails between their legs.
Nikky knew who Yemi was, everyone in school
knew who the Devil in the school was…simply
put…Yemi Blacky
That was how it started; it moved away from
the story of how a revered cultist fell in love a
tall sexy half-caste hot chic. They became an
item; they seemed so happy together in what
looked like a classic case of Beauty and the
Beast. Yemi was strikingly ugly while Nikky was
unbelievably beautiful;
Students spent time trying to understand how
Yemi and Nikky could ever date. Yemi’s face was
like that of a lion, very brute looking and
intimidating despite his lack of a tall frame.
Plainly put, there was nothing good about Yemi,
he had axed people who opposed him in school,
he goes to other campuses to execute people
for his cult, a formidable hitman Yemi is. He
performs the harshest initiation ceremony for
new recruits for his cult.
People could just never see any good in Yemi,
this was something only Nikky could.
Nikky brought herself back into reality as her
blackberry phone started beeping; she heard the
sound of a new bbm message. She was praying
and hoping that it was a message from Yemi.
She grabbed the phone on the reading table,
threw herself on the bed, she had only her bra
and pant on, they had scheduled a romantic
night, Yemi should have been home since 7:30.
She scrolled to her bbm and found out it was
some broadcast message from one of her
classmate. She cleared the chat and proceeded
to delete the person off her phone.
As she was done with her phone, she heard
footsteps on her floor, and then a knock of the
door, Yemi had codes he used to knock that
would alert Nikky of any looming danger. If he
knocks 3 times hard consecutively then a soft
one, then it means there is danger. She knew
the drill, get the gun from WC in the bathroom.
The no-harm knock was just simple calm knock
twice on the door.
Yemi’s knock that night was calm, Nikky rushed
to the door, she opened the door, Yemi came in,
he was looking tired and smelt badly of petrol,
he was also carrying a little bag. Yemi dropped
the cross-bag , took everything off all his
clothes and walked naked into the shower to
freshen up.
Yemi never hid anything away from Nikky, she
knew he was one of the most dangerous guys in
school; the title gave him reverence and also
made him a handful load of enemies as well..
Nikky guessed it was a gun inside, usually that’s
about the only thing Yemi carries in his bag. She
opened the bag to find loads of cash in it. Nikky
wasn’t new to money, she had seen such heavy
cash before but it was from her father’s room.
Nikky scanned the bag and guessed the cash in
the bag would have been about 1.5 million to
2million Naira. She was indifferent about it; she
just wanted to know how he got the money.
Yemi came out of the shower, still looking tired,
the first thing Nikky wanted to do was nag him
about forgetting about their romantic night but
she opted for how he got that kind of money.
Yemi wasn’t a thief, he didn’t steal, she was
aware that if he was into any such practice she
would have noticed it.
He wanted to sleep but the sight of her in just
her underwear was turning him on. They had intimacy
like rabbits in as much as one of them was in
the mood, the both of them were. Nobody dared
to interrupt them. She was under the silky
sheets when he came to her, she was smelling
fresh and very edible. He snuck up to her to sniff
her neck, planting a nice trail of kissing from her
neck to her lips. He was running his hands on
her belly, gently trying to take off the straps of
the red lacy bra when she stopped him in a
gentle and firm way; she asked him “Where did
you get the money?”
No man ever likes to be interrupted when he’s
trying to get his groove on, and at this point,
Yemi had to give her answers.
Yemi replied in calm voice “Are you saying I’m
not old enough to have that kind of money”
Yemi thought to himself, how fearful he was to
everyone, yet Nikky could talk to him anyhow in
the bedroom. How Ironic.
Nikky laughed hysterically, looking into his ugly
face but all she could see was kindness, she
“Why are you answering my question with a
question?” She continued
“I am serious about this, you need to tell me”
“Remember Tosin, my cousin, he told me about
this cool business, he wanted boys with balls for
a business transaction, so he asked me” Yemi
Nikky replied sarcastically “That information was
very helpful only that you didn’t tell me what the
business transaction was about”
Yemi smiled “We went to vandalize some NNPC
pipeline, stole petrol and delivered it to one
Chief like that”
Nikky was not sure of how to reply him; she was
still processing the information that Yemi had a
new department in his terror kingdom.
She replied “Well, I don’t know how to respond
to this just yet.”
She turned away from him and backed him, slept
off. He knew he wasn’t getting any tonight, so
he dipped his hands into his boxers, gave
himself hand job, and slept off after.
Nikky woke him with a Mouth Action in the early
hours of the morning, he thought he was
dreaming until he woke up and saw Nikky sucking
his di-ck and balls like her life depended on it.
His di-ck was starting to jerk uncontrollably in
Nikky’s mouth; he began rubbing her hair with
his hand, pushing her head down into his di-ck. All
the pressure of the world was on his di-ck, he
was about to pump his load into her mouth,
when she stopped, she knew he was cu-mming;
he was trying to enjoy his orga......sm when she
stopped abruptly.
Yemi was about to lose his mind when she sat
straight and told him that she would like to join
him in his new hobby of stealing Petrol from the
NNPC pipeline.
What? Yemi said silently, angry that he lost the
excitement of an orga....sm. She broke out into
laughter but Yemi was still keeping a straight
face with a boner.
She resumed back to the head and that’s how
their business relationship started.
They made loads of money together, beyond
school, they graduated from school, served the
government in NYSC, still did their business.
A couple of years down the line, Yemi got killed
by a JTF raid when they were stealing the fuel,
from there on, She inherited the business, the
boys still agreed to work with her if she would
keep the bargain Yemi had with them.
Nikky was sitting at the open view of Marquee at
the rooftop of the Mega plaza, enjoying the
scenery of the Victoria Island, waiting on her
meeting with Lana.
This was their first official meeting after their
little chat in front of Rehab the other night.
Lana will be shocked when she tells me what
exactly she’s hoping to offer him.
Lana walked into Marquee, through the bar into
door to open loft. Nikky was wearing jeans with
buttoned down shirt leaving 2 buttons at the top
open, revealing over cream looking bo...obs
cleavage. Her bo....obs looked enticing, Lana told
Nikky stood up to welcome Lana,
“Good Evening Lana “Nikky started
Lana looked into the Victoria Island skyline, it
was few minutes after 6, the sun was about
retreating for the day. He smiled to himself and
sat down.
“Good evening Nikky “ Lana replied
After their brief encounter at the club, Nikky had
asked him to drop her at Eko Hotel, they didn’t
speak much inside the car, rather they
exchanged phone numbers and Nikky fixed this
evening’s meeting.
Lana been a womanizer that he is, couldn’t help
but look at her. He was even imagining
unwrapping the twins and holding them,
imagining how red her nip-ples would be.
Nikky cleared her throat, the little noise brought
Lana back to reality. She continued
“I need to apologize to you”
Lana was a bit confused as to why she was
apologizing to him.
“Apologize for what exactly?” Lana replied
adjusting his sitting position, crossing his legs
over eachotherr.
“The information I gave you about Alhaji Hassim
isn’t all correct” She responded
Lana adjusted himself into his seat, ready to find
out which information was true and which
wasn’t. Everything he had dreamt about for a
couple of years seem to be coming through.
One of the outputs of this meeting he was
expecting was when he would meet the man
behind the myth.
Nikky continued, “Alhaji Hassim wants to see you
but then, so does he want to see another 15
upcoming oil bunkers”
Lana was lost; he thought this was the
opportunity he had been looking for.
“So, what is the purpose of this meeting then, I
dint know am been interviewed with others” Lana
inquired impatiently
Nikky replied, “Have you heard of Rooney?”
Lana replied “Obviously you are not referring to
the footballer, I’m not sure I have”
Nikky laughed and replied “Definitely not the
footballer, Rooney is the nickname of Alhaji’s
boys, looks like a black Rooney, a very
successful bunker. He has been snapped up by
JTF but Alhaji has arranged for him to be
assasinated while in custody.”
Lana replied “Still don’t understand why you
need me in this state of things, if Alhaji wants to
replace Rooney, he will choose one person so,
it’s either me or you”
Nikky replied “That’s the tricky part, he wants to
recruit 2 people instead of the usual one, he’s
got something up his sleeves.”
Lana replied, “Okay, so why do you want me?”
Nikky replied “I like your greed, heard you lifted
about 8 trucks some nights ago which is way off
your normal limit”
Lana replied, “How did you know that”
Nikky replied, “I am with Alhaji Hassim, we know
about everything, we’ve got people everywhere.
If Alhaji says you wouldn’t sell your loot, no one
will buy from you.
The good thing is Alhaji likes small startups like
yours; you’re full of potential and willing to do
whatever it takes to make it work out.
He has sent me to scout for him a couple of
times, he sends Karim on most of his evil
Lana was a little bit offended when Nikky called
his business small time, he supplied petrol to
Petrol stations, he’s got people at NNPC on his
payroll. But he couldn’t get too mad at Nikky for
calling his business small time because rumor
has it that Alhaji Hassim supplies some African
countries from his loot.
Nikky continued “I have been monitoring your
business, it’s quite impressive what you’ve done
with it but the problem is about your partners.”
Lana inquired “What about them?”
Nikky took a sip of her drink, crossed her left
leg over her right, and continued “Kelechi and
Chike have been in talks with Karim”
Lana got irritated and felt betrayed because they
were partners, if not for anything. They should
be strong, be together, and not hope to expand
the business without him.
They share the money equally, he was pissed
about been left out for the meeting with Karim.
He replied “What the Heck?”
“We talk about everything,” he continued
Nikky interrupted him, with a stern look, and said
“Moving on, the worst part of it is that they
need to get rid of you, they seem to think
you’re the weakest of the group”
“The situation now is that we need to move
quickly over them and become the new recruits
of Alhaji.” She concluded.
“We need to become the only competition” Nikky
gave a subtle hint that Kelechi and Seyi needed
to be executed.
Lana swallowed hard, he was a playboy, loved life
but he wasn’t sure he wanted to add murder to
the list of horrible things he had done.
Chike checked himself out of the hospital, went
home, took a long bath and stared blankly at the
TV which was tuned to CNN.
He was totally lost in thought, this wasn’t the
first time people had tried to kill him, neither
will it be the last but what he couldn’t get off
his mind was who it is this time around.
He had issues with some soldiers who went
rogue during peace-keeping, he asked them to
be dismissed and disgraced publicly but they
knew better than to try to assassinate him. He
had rumors that they had become Soldiers of
The assignment file he was given had been
stained with blood as he tried to retrieve it
before FRSC/Police came in to confiscate the
They wanted to blame him for the accident until
they saw the guys on the floor with guns and
masks on their faces.
Chike got off the couch, slipped into his casual
shoe and headed out to JTF office to see the
commanding officer, Colonel Weyinmi.

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Mention: This is the introductory part of your story..
You need to make a lot of frequent and looooooooooooong updates to gather sufficient crowd of followers...
Since your story is a Crime Thriller, you need to dedicate a lot of time and commitment to make it a success..
I also on behalf of This writer, humbly request the honest reviews of the following people..
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