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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:25pm On Jan 06
In September 2014 while attending a 7 day Personal Development mentorship class, I decided to proceed on a 30 day gratitude challenge.

I made a deliberate attempt to blog on gratitude for 30 days.

I began to be grateful to God each day for every blessing or lesson in my life and I wrote or shared about it everyday for 30 days...

Miracles happened...

I gained momentum, clarity and Power

I touched another realm that is best explained when experienced...

This year, I have decided to start early, at the beginning... This January and I decided not to go on the gratitude journey alone..

Yesterday, after my post we had about 15 people who showed interest already, I will share the details of the challenge, which starts on Saturday with these great people.

If you still want to join us on this challenge please type "YES" in the comment section and I will share with you details... I am leaving the window open for 24 hours from now...

Challenge details
From and including: Saturday, 6 January 2018
To and including: Sunday, 4 February 2018

Emmanuel Ayeni

PS. Type Yes in comments to join in
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:26pm On Jan 06
The Gratitude Challenge Begins...

I am excited that the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge begins today, and we have over 20 people joining in this already.

I shared the details with everyone who has joined this journey in my closed facebook group at THE BILLIONAIRE MASTER CLASS and in the Whatsapp announcement room.

All will be shared with the HASHTAG #GratitudeChallenge2018

Emmanuel Ayeni
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:27pm On Jan 06
Day 1 of 30 : I am Grateful for my Home...

Today I am grateful for my Home... after checking that the subject of Gratitude today is HOME, I did a quick look up in the dictionary and see what I found, the word has over 6 different meanings.

Home is your dwelling place, where you currently live or stay, where you are raised-your parental home, your native land or country, a place of rest or refuge and above all I love the quote added by wiktionary "It's what you bring into a house that makes it a home.

Imagine homeless people, who are destitute and we're raised by nobody and who mostly knew no love, imagine leaving work after a busy day at work and hectic day in traffic but with no where to call home. This has not been our lot.

I have grown up in unique backgrounds and everything has brought me into a better place.

I am grateful for the home where I was raised, my wonderful parents, exposed my siblings and I to essential life skills and values of godliness and diligence.

I am grateful for my own home, my lovely wife Jumoke and our wonderful son Daniel and the peaceful ambience of our home here in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am happy because all has been great and we are becoming better and better by the day.

I am grateful and thankful for my home.

What are you grateful for today?

Emmanuel Ayeni



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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 12:17am On Jan 09
I am Grateful for Nature...

No matter where you live, you must have been close to nature in many ways than one.

If you have ever been close to nature as much as I have been or in more ways, you can not but agree with me of the need to be grateful and thankful for Nature.

The beauty of the entire creation is laid bare in nature and this shows the handiwork of God the Creator of the entire Universe.

Everything in nature from vast bodies of still waters that I overlook right now and the boisterous sounds of waterfalls are great works of nature.

I love waterfalls, nature is replete with so many around the world. I have heard of the Victoria Falls here in Africa, I like the Olumirin waterfall in Osun state,Nigeria and I have been there a couple of times.

The rising coastal tides of beaches in Lagos Nigeria, the memories of learning to swim as a child in one cold river under the hot afternoon sun after school, a walk-in the woods with colorful butterflies kissing the sweet scenting flowers and being blessed with the sights, senses, to enjoy it all leave me grateful and thankful for nature.


#Financialfreedom� #Motivation #inspirational #personaldevelopment #growth

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:43am On Jan 10
Thank God for the Sunlight..

Today I am grateful to God for something I see everyday.

Everyday I wake up, I see the Sunlight lighting up my world.

Everything takes its light or life from Sunlight.
The Moon does not have a light of its own but derives its light from the sun. Plants receive their much needed light from sunlight, indeed I am grateful for this.

It will be so unpalatable to imagine a world without sunlight, even light from the sun powers up our homes and businesses today through solar technology.

Everyday we are alive to see the sunlight is a reminder of hope life and living and for this we are thankful and ever grateful.

Emmanuel Ayeni



#Financialfreedom� #Motivation #inspirational #personaldevelopment #growth

Emmanuel Ayeni is a Lifecoach, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of 3 books.
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:53am On Jan 11
Post for Day4of30.

Today I am grateful to God for something I do everyday.

I have been blessed with the gift of hearing and voice with which I listen and speak everyday.

Through speaking, I communicate with people around me, at home or at work.

The blessing of speaking enables me to exchange thoughts and ideas with my audience, and to also ask for feedback.

Speaking opens doors to favourable outcomes through result oriented conversations.

We all speak everyday and for different reasons and at different levels.

I speak for meaning and for results, many of these times I get paid to speak.

In fact, we all get paid for speaking sometimes, one way or the other.

You speak at an interview to get hired, you speak to customers or clients or project team members. The mere freedom of speaking is awesome.

I love speaking and I am grateful to God for the freedom and gift of speaking everyday.

Emmanuel Ayeni

Day 4 of 30 #GratitudeChallenge2018

Emmanuel Ayeni is a Lifecoach, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of 3 books. Contact him to speak at your seminars, trainings or conferences at +2347033875827

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 10:32am On Jan 14
Great day everyone. I understand we have over a thousand viewers

I will appreciate your kind feedback on this thread, I want to serve you better.

Kindly leave your feedback.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:16am On Jan 19
for Day 5 of 30 #GratitudeChallenge2018

I am Grateful for Transportation..

Imagine a world with no transportation, we won't be able to move people or goods from place to place. See, without transportation continents remain unexplored, business or civilization will be at a low ebb and travel near impossible.

Transportation helps us go where we would have never gone before, meet people we would have never met and move all things imaginable.

Transportation has evolved over the years, men first began to move and move things using legs and then beast of burdens, like camels, horses and donkeys then later moved to carts, cars, buses, trains, boats and airplanes.

Indeed, we all now have wide options from land, water and air transportation to choose from, for these we can only be more grateful and thankful.

I am grateful and thankful for transportation.

Emmanuel Ayeni

Day 5of30


#Financialfreedom� #Motivation #inspirational #personaldevelopment #growth #business #billionairecoach

Emmanuel Ayeni is a Lifecoach, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of 3 books. Contact him to speak at your seminars, trainings or conferences at +2347033875827

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 6:20am On Feb 09
Travel Connects my Engineering & Speaking Passion.. Recently I became one of Google's local guides in Lagos, Nigeria. This connects with my passion for Travel and visiting places.
Having done and still doing some installations and configurations of systems: Satellites, Closed Circuit Cameras or PCs across some cities or locations I have never been before, sparks my love for adventure, thrill and problem solving.
I have attended interviews that made me have deep conversions and connections with interviewers because of my openness to travelling while on the job.
Whether I am going to install, configure a new device or equipment or I am speaking, giving a presentation at a new location, I love to travel for work and of course for fun.

As Google's local guide I just made this new review of Obafemi Awolowo Glass House Ikeja on Google Maps #OnGoogleMaps


#Travel #Engineering #Electrical #Telecoms #Speaking

#Engineer #Speaker #Author

#Financialfreedom� #inspirational #personaldevelopment #growth #business #successful #grind #entrepreneur #millionairemindset #billionaire #goals #strategy #passiveincome #workhard #earlymornings

You can connect with me here www.instagram.com/emmanuelayeni_inspires
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 1:43pm On Mar 05
Welcome to Week 10 of 52..

One key thing that will change your life is taking prompt massive action.

The more you wait to take a decision the easier it is to sweep it under the carpet of doubt, procrastination and indecision.

You may have many books, many of us buy many books that we have not read yet.

Do you have plans to read them, do you have plans to share and apply what you learn ?

Many never plan to attend trainings online or offline and the few who do apply less than 10% of what was learnt if applied at all.

Information you do not use will not help you

Knowledge you do not apply cannot empower you.

Our goals should not just be to learn, we must go on to applying.

We must make the knowledge ours and grow in wisdom always through massive action.

We most times plan and plan.. But do we follow through 120 percent..?

When you plan and do not apply you are like the hunter who keeps aiming and never takes that necessary shot at Success.

Remember, Strategy is nothing without execution.

Prompt Massive Action is Great advantage for you. Do it Now

Keep Rising To greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni


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I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

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Get your copy right now
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:39am On Apr 30
Create a Positive Ripple

Welcome to Week 18 of 52..

�It's a great day and I am blessed and highly favored.

Today I want to inspire you to Create a Positive Ripple...

When you drop a pebble in a pond, the ripple spreads all around.

Nothing exists in isolation.

Whatever you do has a very high tendency to affect or touch more people than you can ever imagine.

A word you speak can affect someone whose actions may have an even wider range of effect.

Let's make it a point today to generate positive ripples today and always.

Keep Rising To Greatness!





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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 12:27pm On Jul 10
Welcome to Week 28 of 52...

Use Gratitude.

We are really past the middle of the year, It is in good place to be grateful to God for the precious gift of life.

While you might have read many posts on crushing your goals and working hard on your unrealised goals, I aim to stress our need for more gratitude.

I have gone through a couple of exercises but none has been of greater blessing to me and people around me than constant Gratitude and appreciation to God for all things.

We all can use more gratitude today and always.

Gratitude is the channel through which all great things flow towards us.

Gratitude is a river flowing with much goodness, through the past, present into the future.

Gratitude is God's life line reserved but always open for intimate interactions.

Gratitude propels, recalibrates and recenters.

Everything in the Universe stands in harmony with the law of gratitude .

The Attitude of Gratitude will take you to greater altitudes.

Stay grateful.

Keep Rising to Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni


Emmanuel Ayeni is a Lifecoach, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is the Author of 4 books already published on Amazon. Contact him to speak at your seminars, training or conferences at +2347033875827

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:35am On Jul 15
I Might Be Speaking in Your Area This Week...

I have about 2-3 speaking engagements this week. ( My goal is to have 3-5 every week... smiley )

It was great speaking at Merit Toastmasters Club , Grange Academy , Ikeja GRA Lagos, on Thursday.

I enacted a role play session to teach another dimension of the persuasive selling process: selling through cold calls, I will bring you more helpful tips on this later.

I look forward to speaking on Monday 16th July 2018 at the Annual National Young People's Conference, a Youth Empowerment Summit holding at Ronik Polytechnic Ejigbo, Lagos, during a week-long Conference.

I will be speaking on Capacity Building Platforms by 9am

If you stay around here, It will be a pleasure connecting with you.

It will be a great privilege to also be teaching at the Foundation of Faith Class, a summer class for all Teenagers at RCCG Lagos Province 5 on Wednesday 18th July by 9am. A great sponsor has bought 30 copies of my book Bright Ideas that will be given out to 30 young people here.

If you have teenagers around kindly let them attend this faith based empowerment programmed.

It's great being here. I have been offline for about 2 days due to my smart phone that's being fixed and busy schedules. I hope to be back fully on all social media channels during the week due to work and my focus on my speaking roles this week.

I am currently honoring more invitations to speak and it will be great speaking at your event or to your own people too. Do let me know if you will like me to bring my trainings to your church,mosques, NGOs or youth groups.

Happy Sunday and Keep rising to greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni

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Emmanuel Ayeni

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