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All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 8:50pm On Oct 06, 2014
A short story by giftforlife
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 9:14pm On Oct 06, 2014
In a town called kobonka naka, there lives a mighty king that has everything a man can dream of, he has money, 3 wife, many sons but he has no daughter, many men will be satisfied with having just sons, but not king shaka he want a princess that he will call his own. This is the only problem that the king have, he has many friends that ask of him.

One day his friend called rashid came to visit him as usual, they went to one of his shade and the king other his servant to serve them wine, as they were drinking, they start discussing about different matters. After some time there was a brief silence, the king broke the word.
king shaka: rashid,
rashid: yes, my king.
king shaka: theres something that have bothering me for some time now.
rashid: my king, please tell me if theres anything i can do to help, i will do all my best.
king shaka: rashid i need a daughter, i need a girl that i can call my own.
rashid: my king, you know only the gods have answer to your problem.
king shaka: if theres anything i can do to get a girl, i dont mind doing it.
rashid: but my king, i know of one man that i think have answer to your problem.
king shaka: and who is this man?
rashid: he is mallam sambo, he is a very strong man.
king shaka: i have heard alot of this man maybe its time i see him, where can i find this mallam sambo?
rashid: he lives in the next village, if you call him now he can be here before the sun goes down.
king shaka: then i guess i should summon him now.

King shaka thanks rashid alot for his services, as his friend leaves he called his servant to go bring mallam sambo.

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Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 9:41pm On Oct 06, 2014
Mallam sambo arrives at king shaka house late, king shaka welcomes mallam sambo entertain him before they start their discussion, king shaka told him why he summon him,
mallam sambo shake his cowries and say to king shaka
mallam sambo: i will give you what you want, but as you know magic comes with a prize.
king shaka: i dont care what the prize is am ready to pay just tell me what it is.
mallam sambo: i will give you something to drink when you drink it you will sleep with one of your wive your wife will give birth to a baby girl 9 months later, but when this child is born, she must not marry in this land or else if she do it will lead to your downfall,
king shaka: you mean she will not marry?
mallam sambo: she will marry but from different land.
king shaka: i see, no problem all i need is a girl to call my princess.

Mallam sambo gave king shaka something he will drink before he sleep with his wife, and the king pay mallam sambo for his generous service and sees him off.

That night the king drank the drug and slept with his wife, as predicted 9 months later, the wife became pregnant and bore a daughter which the king called ofure ( am complete), he said having a daughter is the last puzzle remaining for his life to be complete thats why he name her that.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 11:47pm On Oct 06, 2014
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 6:34am On Oct 07, 2014

Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 7:04am On Oct 07, 2014
King shaka love ofure so much that he gave her everything she needed, he build her own house for her give her bodyguard, he cherish her like egg.

Ofure grew up to be a beautiful princess as a spoilt child that has everything, she is rude to other people has no respect for her elders, she take anything she likes wether it belongs to her or not, and anybody that challenge her end up in jail.
One day, she came from school and went to see her father, her father was glad she came, he saw the sad face his daughter put on and he was concern.
king shaka: ofure, i dont like that look on your face tell me whats wrong?
ofure: father am not happy.
king shaka: what happen, did anybody touch you?
ofure: no father is just that i want to go out, am always indoors let me go out and see whats happening ouside this castle.
king shaka: hahahaha so thats why you are angry, ok i will let you go out, but you wont go alone.
ofure: father just let me go with onah.
king shaka: i cant let you go with just one maid, take baka with you incase anything happen.
ofure: father nothing will happen, i just want to go out as a normal girl not as a princess.
king shaka: but you are princess, go with baka and onah thats the best i can do.
ofure: alright father, thank you for letting me go.
king shaka: just dont stay long ok.
ofure: ok father.
Princess ofure left his father happy as she prepare to go out and see how the world is beside this castle.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 7:38am On Oct 07, 2014
Princess ofure along side with her two servant went to different places, ofure was surprise theres alot of things she dont know about because she is always indoors, she saw a gathering where people gather together paying attention to only one man.
The man is a magician.
magician: i am macanista from morocco, i have been to india ten times, i can see the past and i can see your future.

Ofure wanted to know what her future hold for her, she paid the magician some shilling and ask him to tell her her future.
magician: you are like a bird with no wings living only on one cage, to get your wing you must fly to another cage to get it, but you must becareful no to fall.
ofure: if i dont have a wing how can i fly?
magician: that you will figure out by yourself.

Ofure was confuse, she wonder how she will figure it out by herself, she left the crowd and sadly went home straightly.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by ritababe(f): 8:57am On Oct 07, 2014
I don come, i hope this one go short like the abortion
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Ephhay(f): 10:22am On Oct 07, 2014
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 12:30pm On Oct 07, 2014

i have been waiting for you

welcome ma
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 12:31pm On Oct 07, 2014
I don come, i hope this one go short like the abortion

yes is not long, but my life story will be very long, this one is just to boost my confi

will update in the evening
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 11:05pm On Oct 07, 2014
battery down, will updte tomorrow. sorry guys
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 10:40pm On Oct 08, 2014
Princess ofure didnt tell her parents what happen she kept it for herself, the next day she went out again, but this time she just go to a big river, she told her servants to go that she want to be alone, she left her servant and sat at the river bank thinking about what the magician told her yersterday, she was thinking when she heard a voice from her back.

tamuno: and what would a beautiful girl like this be doing here all by herself.

Ofure was shock, she look back and she saw a handsome man.

ofure: and who are you to talk to your princess like that.

tamuno: oh am very sorry, my name is tamuno, i came here to fetch water, and i saw you all alone here so i thought maybe i can ask you whats your problem, and you are my princess, so what are you doing here all alone my princess.

ofure: thats none of your business, fetch your water and leave me alone, i just want to be alone.

Tamuno saw the sadness in her face, she knows something is wrong but the princess does not want to tell him.

tamuno: my princess please tell me whats bothering you, i know am not fit to ask you, but i cant just leave you here all alone and let you to carry your burden all by yourself.

Ofure was surprise at tamuno's courage because no man has ever got the gods to speak to the princess like that, princess ofure knows she need someone thats not part of her family to share the burden with so she narrated all what the magician has said to tamuno, tamuno too did not understand the parable, but he told her he will ask a wise man the meaning of the parable, tamuno and ofure gist for a while before they left the river, they plan to meet there again on the next day.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 10:52pm On Oct 08, 2014
Ofure and tamuno continue to meet at the river bank everyday, news get to the king that her daughter is going out with a man, the king was very angry because he knows the princess can never love anybody from that town, she summon ofure to his palace.

king shaka: princess i allowed you to be going out because you said you want to see the town,

ofure: yes father.

king shaka: so whats the news all about that you are going out with a man.

ofure: father he is a good friend i met on the stream, i like him father because he is nice and funny. Since i met him, all sadness disappear from my face.

king shaka: princess ofure you cant like anyman from this kingdom, i cant let it happen.

ofure: but father am starting to love him.

king shaka: thats it, tomorow that your friend will be sent packing away from this village, and will go to a far far place that you can never see him, and if he try to come back he will be killed, and you must never leave this palace again.

ofure: father please why would you do something like that to me, please reconsider

king shaka: my words are final and i will not change it.

Ofure was surprised at her fathers behavior, he thought about what the magician told her that '' she must fly and look for her wing from another town'', she wonder why her father say she must not like any man from this town. Everything became more complicated than before.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 11:08pm On Oct 08, 2014
Since tamuno was sent away from kobonka, priness ofure became more angry and more wicked, she treated her servant badly, she insult her elders.

Ofure grow to become a beautiful woman, ripe enough for marriage, people come from different places to ask of her hand in marriage but she rejected all of them and make jest of them all.

As ofure keep on pushing her suitors away saying they are not handsome enough to marry her, if the one that is handsome come, she will say he is not rich enough he cant take care of her, this continue to happen day after day.

In a far far evil forest, serpents that can turn to human form heard that theres a princess that doesnt want to marry any of her suitors, that she want the one that has everything in the world, and he must be very handsome. So the king of serpent sent one of his snake to go bring the princess for the queen who need a human sacrifice to recover for her illnes, so the snake decide to pay a visit to kobonka naka, first the snake turn into a handsome man and borrow some fine clothes, king serpent also send some other snake, turned to human to be his servant (they help him carry his bags of gold and silver).

They left for kobonka naka, and when the princess saw the man, she told the king she has seen her husband.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 10:35pm On Oct 11, 2014
King shaka was not ok with the idea of giving his daughter to someone they know nothing about, but all the same he have no choice because the handsome prince is the only man princess ofure want, the serpent introduce himself as prince kinte, he bought many gift for the king which he accept, the king sought his daughter again for the last time.

king shaka: my dear are you sure you really want to marry this man?

ofure: yes father, he is handsome, rich and he is also a prince what else could i want in a man if not all this?

king shaka: we have never heard of him before, even his town he said he came from is strange to all of us.

ofure: father i like him thats all that matter, if u refuse to accept him i will not marry anyone else. (she leaves)

king shaka having no other option he decide to hand his daughter to the prince after all he is not from his town, he told them to proceed, prince kinte marry princess ofure, the king bless the marriage.

The next day is the day when princess ofure will leave kobonka naka and follow the prince to his town, her servant prepare everything she will need, and as the day break, prince kinte and princess ofure started their journey to the mysterious land of no return.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 9:41am On Oct 22, 2014
They walk and walk and walk they passed me many town and villages, princess ofure keep on asking him when they will reach his village, and she keep on getting the same reply "be patient we will soon get there".

They left the last village and enter inside a forest, ofure was afraid, she cant turn back because she has gone to far, she cant even find her way back, she asked him again where they are going, prince kinte knowing that the princess cant turn back split the truth out,

kinte: am not a human am a snake and i was sent to bring you for a sacrifice that will save my queen, we need strong wicked soul like yours, and only you have these characters.

Princess ofure was shocked, she tried to run back, kinte overpowered her, he hit her on the head and she fainted.
Re: All That Glitters Are Not Gold by Nobody: 9:55am On Oct 22, 2014
Princess ofure woke up and found herself in a quiet cave, she look around nowhere to go and as she tried to escape through the door, she saw a big snake.

ofure: please spare my life, am not ready to die (crying)

queen serpent: you are a stingy child, you have everything you want, yet its still not ok for you, you want to live in heaven on earth well guess what theres no heaven on earth, after you are dead you will go enjoy in heaven if the door will open for you.

Ofure tried to run but the snake ran after her and caugh her, the snake squized her and started swallowing her, ofure regretted everything she has done, as the snake wanted to swallow her completely, there was a shot fired at the snake, the bullet penetrate the bone of the snake, the snake vomit the princess and run away, ofure was almost dead she didnt even know what happen, the man who fired the gun took her on his horse and speed off.

Ofure woke up in her village, she was surprise she is not dead, her father was very happy and thank the hunter who rescued her from the snake.

Ofure learnt alot of lesson and she now knows that "ALL THAT GLITTER ARE NOT GOLD" she told her father she will marry the hunter who rescued her, since the hunter is not from the village, he give them the go ahead and bless their marriage.


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