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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by marischerry(f): 7:13am On Aug 29, 2018
whaoo welcome back and tanz for the update

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by kenigwe18: 11:35am On Aug 29, 2018
Hello World grin
Jessuuuuuu!! @repogirl you just made my day
Iam starting again

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by oluwaseun15(f): 11:40am On Aug 29, 2018
Welcome back @repogirl and thanks for the update

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by AndyGlobal: 6:36pm On Aug 29, 2018
Maybe I should join the queue.
Just saw this. Kip it up hun

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by marischerry(f): 9:41pm On Aug 30, 2018
welcome back rapogirl and tanz for the update

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by repogirl(f): 6:10pm On Aug 31, 2018
Chapter 15

Eleven years ago

Ezinne was in her room taking a look at her project work when one of the maids knocked her door.

“Ezinne.” She called

“Yeah, Helen...What's it?” Ezinne asked.

“Your coursemate, Mofe is here to see you.” She said and Ezinne sat up immediately. She hadn't expected him at her place. She'd assumed he would be with his aunt at the hospital for a while and she had planned on joining him later but he was here instead.

“Let him come up.” She told her knowing the girl probably disapproved but it was none of her business. Her boyfriend was here, she thought with a slight smile.

By now the staff would have guessed she and Mofe had something going on and that Ekene had been dumped. She knew they gossiped about her affairs but didn't care. As far as she never heard whatever they said, she was fine.

Setting her laptop aside, she quickly took off her hairnet and shoved it in a drawer, running her hand through her weave to straighten it. She was in a satin camisole and shorts, probably a little too casual and exposed to be receiving a guy in but she didn't care.

This was Mofe and the plan was to entice his eyes anytime she could. She loved when his beautiful almond eyes glazed over as he stared at her when they made out. She wanted his touch, she'd missed it and if seeing her in her semi sultry negligee turned him on, so be it.

He was probably too upset about his aunt to be turned on anyway, she thought.

She sat down on the bed awaiting his arrival, then deciding against it, she lied down. No, that was a horrible idea, so she got up instead and walked to the door.

When he knocked, she opened the door to see his broad, tall form. A hint of a smile on his face. She doubted she would ever get enough of his good looks.

“Mofe what are you doing here? I thought you would be with your aunt.”

His gaze roamed over her casually, stopping at the exposed tops of her breasts as he replied. “I came back to pick some things,I'll be staying with her overnight, and of course I brought your phone. I found it in the apartment, on the desk.” He handed her the phone and she took it from him, their fingers brushed and he caught her hand, holding on to her.

“Ezinne….I…I'm not sure how to thank you for...” He began hesitating a little, but she stopped him by pulling him to herself.

“You don't have to thank me for anything, Mofe..” She told him.

“Zinny, you saved her life. Had it not been for you, she might have…..”

“No, you don't know that…” Ezinne stopped him, but he continued.

“I do Ezinne! The doctors said it was close….You should have called me...You almost missed your defence.. you got me quite scared. What if you had missed it? .”

She smiled. “You stalled for me...Somehow I knew you would. The guys told me how you waited till you were last and spent almost an hour stalling.”

He smiled, “I would have stalled for the whole day if you hadn't shown up.”

She laughed, “and what would you have been talking about?”

“I don't know...The history of computers if I had to.” He replied and they both chuckled.

He wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him, his expression turning serious. “I owe you so much Ezinne…..”

“No you don't, Mofe…. Don't be silly, It's a family friend's hospital, I will settle the bills…. I,.”

He shook his head, “I cleared them already.”

“You did what!” She exclaimed shocked. “But… I thought you were saving up for your studies. Won't this affect it.”

He nodded still looking at her amusedly. “It will set me back but I'll be fine…” he slipped a warm hand behind her neck caressing her nape which felt so good. “If I don't make it up, I could always defer for a year. Spend some more time with you….”

She shook herself from his hold and stepped back into the room, telling him, “No, you will not defer, Mofe! You can't do that.”

“I can't?” He asked following her into the room and closing the door behind him.

“No you can't. Why won't you just let me help? You never accept my help…. Even the laptop I got for you after your last one was destroyed, you've never used it. Don't think I don't see it in your wardrobe untouched…. I hope you don't plan on giving it back to me because I won't accept it….. instead of using it,you still borrow people's computers. I've never said anything but I think it's about time I did. Mofe! This stops now… you have to accept my help from now on.”

He stood all the while staring at her, arms crossed over his chest and wearing a serious expression.

“Aren't you going to say something?” She asked.

“I'm supposed to say something? I thought you just gave a decree and I wasn't sure if I was to argue.”

She rolled her eyes and he chuckled. “I'm serious Mofe. You need to let me help.”

He sighed dropping to his knees and squatting down in front of her, he took her hands into his. “Ezinne, you do too much already. I'm a typical African man who believes in taking care of his lady…. Call me proud but I can't sit back and allow you take care of me… you are my girl Zinny and I owe you so much already…. My aunt owes her life to you….”

“Don't say that Mofe …. You owe me nothing, I only did what anyone else would have done.”

“You almost missed your defence, Ezinne. You don't even know what you did...You could have had to repeat the year. You did it for my aunt...For me Ezinne.”

She shrugged seeing the emotions cross his face, this meant so much to him.

“I'd not been thinking about my project at the time... I'd just done what needed to be done. I….” She began but he cut her off when he suddenly took her lips with his in a searing kiss.

She wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him to herself. He put his hands on her waist, lifting her onto the bed.

“I hadn't planned on this. I'd only meant to drop your phone and leave...” He whispered as he nuzzled her neck, kissing her along its nape. “What you do to me Ezinne…. I think I might be in love with you.”

Ezinne froze on hearing his last statement,

Just then there was a quick knock on her door. She would know that knock anywhere,it was her dad's.

Quickly, she got up, pushing Mofe off her she whispered. “That's my dad.”

“Ezinne?” Her father called.

“Yes dad, gimme a minute Pls.” She called at the door before turning to Mofe who was comfortably lying on the bed. “Get into the bathroom.”


“Heyyy!......Keep your voice down. Why? That's my dad. You think he would be elated seeing his daughter making out with a guy?”

She saw his face fall and didn't know what she'd said but she didn't have the time to contemplate his feelings.

Without a word he got up and made his way to her bathroom and she got up also and made for the door.

Opening it she said, “hello dad… I didn't know you were back.”

He was in uniform so he was coming from the office.

“I just came in briefly to take something, I'm returning now but I wanted to talk about last night. I know I might have come out a little harsh but you do know I want the best for you, right?”

Ezinne didn't want to get into it with her dad here with Mofe so close. She knew he was a stubborn man and liked to get his way all the time so she decided to let him believe she was okay with his plans.

“Yes, I know dad.” She said quietly and his features brightened thinking he'd finally gotten through to her.

“Ekene loves you so much, Ezinne. He called asking about you today and I had a conversation about how he treated you the last time and he swore it would never happen again.”

Ezinne resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“I told him you would give him another chance. We are all human and we all make mistakes.”

She just stared at him wordlessly, really holding herself back from speaking. Did he seriously expect her to give Ekene a chance? That would only happen when hell froze over and even if it did, she doubted she would still give him half a chance.

“I have to run now. I'll see you in the evening.” He said and Ezinne closed the door, resting her back on its smooth wooden surface.

It was wiser not to fight with her father over anything concerning Kene. In the end he couldn't forcefully marry her off so she wouldn't waste her energy getting into a fight with him over something that would never happen.

She walked to the bathroom, pushing the door open.

“Mofe.” she called.

He stood at the wash basin looking at his reflection in the mirror that hung above it. She got a strong vibe that something was wrong.

“Mofe… is something wrong?”

He shrugged. “I don't know… you tell me.”

“What?” She asked wondering what he was talking about.

“Are we going to pretend I didn't hear what you and your dad were talking about?”

“Mofe, that was nothing. We both know Ekene and I are over.”

“It's obvious your dad doesn't.” He pointed out.

“Mofe, I didn't want to get into a heated argument with him over nothing, let him think what he wants. We both know you have me.” She stepped closer to him, taking his hand in hers. “You have me...And I have you.”

He pulled her closer to him but she could tell something still bothered him.

“I felt you go still when I said I might be in love with you...Why did you do that?” He asked quietly staring her in the eyes.

She had almost forgotten his passionate declaration a few minutes back. It had taken her by surprise.

“I...I didn't expect it, that's all.” She stammered.

“I've had feelings for you for a really long time Ezinne...And now having you to myself finally, it's unbelievable. You still don't know the depth of what I feel…. If I had the means now, I would get married to you and just start a family with you already.”

She laughed. “Surely you don't mean that. Mofe, you're only in your mid twenties.”

“Yes, but I think I'm old enough to know what I want..... and of course I want you for the rest of my life. Right now and always.”

His words melted her. They were so good to hear, she knew he meant every word of it and she wanted that too. She wanted him. “Forever and For always.” She told him and he nodded.

He smiled placing his forehead to her’s. “Ezinne for Mofe, forever and for always. That's what we'll put on the wedding invitations.” He said with a small smile and as he brushed his lips over her’s, he added, “let's kiss on it, seal the deal.”

“Mofe Johnson, Did you just propose?” She murmured against his lips.

“I don't even know...I was just looking for an excuse to kiss you.” He said drily and she giggled, playfully hitting him on the chest.

“You know you don't need one. My lips are all yours MJ….just place yours on mine and we are good to go.”

“Like this?” He asked placing his lips gently upon hers. She moved her’s in accordance to his slow rhythm wrapping her arms around his shoulders and as she enjoyed the sensual feelings his kiss invoked upon her body, they sealed the deal.

“And no I did not just propose, but when I do, I'll have a beautiful ring for you. I do hope it would be one with a huge rock on it.”

She smiled, “Even if you gave me a plastic ring today, I would accept it.”

He smiled, staring at her with admiration, “Ezinne Onu, just when I think I know you, you surprise me even more.”

“Maybe you don't know me as well as you think you do, Mofe.”

“Maybe I don't.” He agreed “But so far I like what I know…. Ezinne, as much as I'd like to remain here with you, kissing and all, I really need to get back to the hospital. I'll be staying the night, relieving Eric for a while.”

He stepped away from her and she instantly missed his touch but managed to hide it. “Sure, it's okay. I might join you later. Is your aunt awake now?” She asked.

“Yes, she is.” He said as he walked over to her room door. “She would really love it if you showed up. She was asking after you.”

“I'll be there.” She promised.

He smiled at her, raising his hand to caress the side of her face lightly. “Thankyou.”

“There's nothing to thank. I know you would do the same and more for me. Now go already.” She said placing her hands on his rock hard chest and pushing him out side her door as he chuckled. “Do I cover up and walk you downstairs?”

“No please, don't bother…. I'll see myself out.” He said leaning forward to place one last kiss on her lips before straightening up.

“Later...Babe.” He said finally, turning to walk down the hallway that would lead him to the stairs.

She was sorry to see him leave and wanted him to be with her for a while longer. She knew he would stay if she asked but she knew when to pull back and let him do what he needed to do.

How would she cope for the next two years? She wondered.



Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Cheks5(m): 7:41pm On Aug 31, 2018
nice more update please


Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by AmaUwana(f): 10:29pm On Aug 31, 2018
Eiyaah!!!! the pains and memories

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by repogirl(f): 5:52am On Sep 01, 2018

Mofe woke up with a jolt from the dream he'd been having. Her again. Ezinne.

It had been more of a memory than a dream. A memory that racked up guilty feelings within him.

He really shouldn't have kissed her last night. Now the tortured dreams were back. He'd dreamt of kissing her and recalling the promises he'd made to her all those years ago. Just when he thought he’d gotten a hold on the dreams, they seemed to be back with full force. Was it being away from her that brought them on or was it because of their brief relations last night? He wondered and couldn't decide.

“Are you okay sir?” The female flight attendant asked.

“Yeah... er… I'm okay.” He replied sitting up, snapping himself out of it.

“We will be landing shortly. Would you like something to drink just before we do?” She asked with the customary polite smile.

“No, I'm fine.” He said dismissing her with a wave. He needed to get himself together for Eve. He couldn't have Ezinne on his mind when he told Eve that he finally wanted to tie the knot with her.

This was the wrong time to be dreaming about the promises he'd made to Ezinne when they had been younger. Not now when he had was about to take such a big step in his life. He prided himself on being a man of his word but what sort of man was he really?

He told himself he couldn't be blamed for what happened between them. What they had was gone thanks to the external factors who had contributed immensely in ruining it. Now all he and Ezinne had was history.

They were history but thoughts of her still plagued his mind? He asked himself. Dreaming about her sent blood gushing to a certain part of his body and he couldn't be in the same room without meaning to pull her to himself, feel her body against his as he kissed and did other things to her. Clearly what they had wasn't historic but there was nothing to be done about it. He knew who he wanted to be with.

She was Eve, the woman who always put him ahead of herself. The woman who had clung to him for years now patiently. He had been with her for longer than he and Ezinne ever were. She deserved this. She deserved him.

He sounded like he was doing this out of pity. Pity for Eve, he thought. Sighing, he realised he wasn’t sure about anything anymore.

How could he still want her this much? Just a few weeks back home and she had him in a fix over her like this. He probably should never have gone back to look for her.

'Then you would have kept being haunted by her and you would have not known about Azora.’ his mind's voice reminded.

Azora, he smiled as he thought about his beautiful daughter. That was one beautiful thing he'd done with Ezinne, and he still marvelled at how she could have kept her from him all these years.

Thinking about what she'd done got him mad at her all over again. There was nothing more to consider, Eve was the one he should be with. She didn't get him riled up and angry like Ezinne did.

She would be surprised to see him, he thought recalling how Eve’s face brightened when she was taken unawares or by surprise. He recalled how happy she’d been when he had surprised her with the engagement ring. The custom made rock on it had cost a few million dollars but he knew her real joy was that he’d finally committed to her. He knew she had been sort of insecure, probably fearing he wouldn’t be able to move past his issues and commit to her. He’d really surprised her but when he’d not been forthcoming with a wedding date, she’d begun to worry all over again.

Now they still had a few unsettled issues but he was very positive they would move past it. He recalled their last fight where she hadn't believed Azora was his and had insisted he did tests. She had ignored him since then and he could only hope she'd calmed down a bit and seeing him back would put her fears abed.

He wasn't sure why she would feel threatened by him having a kid with Ezinne. It didn't change anything. He was going to do right by her like he'd promised and not even his tortured dreams or wanting Ezinne would change that. She had shown over the few years they'd been together that she was committed to him and their future. She had nothing to fear.

Suddenly the thought, 'Ezinne for Mofe’ flashed through his mind and he recalled he'd once made same promises to Ezinne.

“Water under the bridge.” He muttered deciding to do something else other than mope about his complicated life. He needed to send a few messages, let some people know he was back, that would definitely occupy his mind for a while and block all thoughts of Ezinne for now.

It was past the end of day at the centre and Ezinne was tired out but refused to leave until she was done going over the staff lesson notes for the coming week. Thoughts of a quick shower and short nap before dinner plagued her but she purposed to only leave the office when she was through with work.

The centre had employed more staff and that should have eased her work load quite a bit but someone had to supervise the staff. Mofe had employed a new Principal but she had stayed on director of studies. The centre was her project, she had invested so much into it and she was going to directly supervise the staff even if it was tedious.

The new Principal was quite good at his job. He had experience managing previous rehab centres similar to hers. She got along well with him as he was really good with the staff and students. He was a real hard worker and Ezinne could tell he was passionate about what he did.

She’d had a heated debate with Mofe over retaining the position in the centre and had won. He'd expected her to let go of her heavy work schedule but she hadn't agreed. Might be foolish but she believed no one would do the job better than she did. Mofe had given in but had gotten her the Principal to help her out. What he didn't know was that even with the Principal, she chose to have most of the work pass through her desk. She just couldn't sit back and let someone else make all the decisions concerning her students.

The knock on the door interrupted her.

“Yeah, come in.” She called out, taking a break from the notes she'd been reading with her fingers.

“Hey, Madam.”

It was the new Principal, Anthony, as he insisted on being called. Since she couldn’t see faces, she’d gotten quite used to recognising people by memorising things about them their voices, their walk and even their scent. She knew Anthony by his voice and when he stood quite close. Sometimes when he arrived before her in the mornings, she could tell by the slight scent of his male musky perfume in the hallway of the office and it was quite nice.

“Hi, Anthony. You're still around?” She asked. It was about three hours past closing time. Like her, he stayed late most of the time so she wasn't really surprised.

“Yeah, same thing I was wondering about you. I was just leaving when on a hunch, I decided to check on you. Everyone is gone, even Maureen, you know?”

She nodded. “I do. I just had to finish with these notes before leaving. My driver is still around,so I'm not totally alone.”

“You know I already checked out those notes,right? And I was also very thorough.” He said and she nodded.

“I know, I know Tony, they're almost perfect and I can tell you looked at it. I just want to go over again,you know? Just to have an idea the topics the students are presently learning, that's all.”

“Alright ma'am, that's fine but if you don't mind my saying so, it's nearing five pm and it will be getting dark soon.”

“Don't worry Tony, I'll be long gone before then. I'm almost done here.” She reassured him with a smile. Flattered that he cared for her safety when he really didn’t have to worry. Mofe’s personal driver was waiting for her, and from the feel of the man’s biceps when he assisted her into the car, she knew he was no mere driver.

“Alright then, I guess I'll just..,..” His voice trailed off and she heard the other door close. The outer door to the building and footsteps approached.

“Can I help you, Sir?” She heard Tony ask the new comer.

Straining her ears, she heard a very familiar male voice reply him. “Hi, I'm here to see Ezinne Onu, please.”

“You mean Mrs. Ezinne Amah?” Tony asked.

She knew that voice but as the man was quite a distance away and outside her office door,she couldn't place it. Who could this be that still referred to her by her maiden name. She had kept Ekene’s name even after his death but this person didn’t know that.

“Yes, that’s who I meant.”

“Is she expecting you?” Tony asked back and she almost smiled as she wondered if he'd done receptionist work before.

“No, but it's really important I see her.” He replied.

Ezinne closed her eyes, trying to recall that voice.

“What's the name?” Tony asked.

“Eric… Eric Abayomi is my name.”

Ezinne froze on hearing his reply. Eric! Yes, it was him alright. She had probably not recognised it because it was without the usual sneer she had gotten used to whenever he talked to her.

What in the world was he doing here? What did he want? Eric had always hated her for whatever reasons best known to him. Had he come to see for himself how low off the pedestal of greatness she had fallen?

She vividly recalled the role he played in keeping Mofe away from her. He had lied to her all those years ago. Callously, he'd told her Mofe had moved on, didn't want to hear from her and he wasn't sure how to reach him even if he wanted to. He had hit the final nail on its head, made her shut down her feelings for his cousin vowing to herself to keep her baby away from her father and his family.

What did he want now? To taunt her some more? To harass her? Did he think she and Mofe were patching things up and now that Mofe had travelled, he had come over to harass her all over again?

No, she was quite sure Mofe would have told him they could barely stand each other’s presence. They had been quite close back then and she knew they would still be.

“Madam….madam!” Tony called, jarring her from her thoughts.

“Yeah….yeah?” She asked snapping out of it.

“Are you alright?” Tony asked. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Somehow, she had missed him coming closer to her. His voice was much closer than before and she could sense the concern in it.

“I'll be good, don't worry.” She struggled to say as calmly as she could, not at all feeling calm.

“Okay, you have an Eric here to see you, should I let him in here or have him come some other ….”

“Let him in.” Ezinne said suddenly.

“Err… are you sure?” He sounded unsure, her features must have betrayed her. He knew something was wrong.

“Yeah.” She said. She needed to know what he was here for and give him a piece of her mind also. She had to let him know what she thought about his despicable acts all those years ago. This would contribute a great deal to her healing process. She needed this. “Send him in.”



Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Mhizdebs(f): 6:58am On Sep 01, 2018
Thanks a lot girl

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Flames33(m): 12:12pm On Sep 01, 2018
Thank you Repogirl for entertaining me this day... I look forward to reading more of you. You're a good writer.

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by marischerry(f): 5:02pm On Sep 01, 2018
tanz for the update

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Cheks5(m): 5:39pm On Sep 01, 2018
nice writeup i really enjoyed it

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by MhizSuccess(f): 7:30pm On Sep 01, 2018
Nice write up dear

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by marychommy(f): 6:15am On Sep 02, 2018
pls let Mofe met Eva cheating on him with dat his friend he asked to checked on her. Eric what else did he want with Ezinne maybe Ezinne dad called him to finish what he started

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by pweetygiftofGod(f): 1:58pm On Sep 03, 2018
Following this great piece wink

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by coolniks(f): 2:41pm On Sep 03, 2018
Greet piece. Weldone ma

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by MzDarocha(f): 6:06pm On Sep 03, 2018
Thanks ma'am for this update, God bless

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by kristalblaze(m): 11:19am On Sep 05, 2018
this is simply amazing

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by perfectedmee: 8:11pm On Sep 05, 2018

Hi, m kollynx, I will email you.
M interested in one of your stories.

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Omotoyosi98(m): 7:57am On Sep 06, 2018
had to start reading this story from the beginning and I am proud to say I didn't regret doing that...since we re here I hope we won't be starved of regular updates?...
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by teefeh25(f): 3:31pm On Sep 06, 2018
www.pejuamadi.blogspot.com mod i hope i no violate any rule

It's says it's only accessible for people who have been invited and I can't go through the blog because I haven't been invited
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Niwdog(m): 10:09pm On Sep 06, 2018

It's says it's only accessible for people who have been invited and I can't go through the blog because I haven't been invited
who did this
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Fisher400: 2:51pm On Sep 07, 2018
ok when be de nex update
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by BerryAnny(m): 10:13pm On Sep 07, 2018
I've been reading this story for the past two days and I'm happy to finally catch up with you people. Your job gas been nothing short of amazing and I must really commend you for making my last three nights awesome. Repogirl, I must however side with your critics. The updates are too slow and its always frustrating, you know. It's all love and I wish you the very best. Much love Repo. Keep updating please

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Alicapapaya(f): 12:57pm On Sep 29, 2018
Good afternoon repogirl.... Wow, what's happening na... Remember I told you to please sell this story to us so you can move on to next story... Let know what's up with update na.... God bless you.
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Phunmmielurlar(f): 10:41pm On Sep 29, 2018
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by Phunmmielurlar(f): 10:55pm On Sep 29, 2018
[quote author=repogirl post=70786759][i]Chapter 15

Eleven years ago

Plz i humbly request dt u invite 2 me to ur blog(bin fflwin dis story 4 sm yrs now)....d blog says we need 2 ask 4 an invite 4rm u, tnx in anticipation!!!
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by dannybomb(m): 8:14am On Sep 30, 2018
pls let Mofe met Eva cheating on him with dat his friend he asked to checked on her. Eric what else did he want with Ezinne maybe Ezinne dad called him to finish what he started
nollywood plot story, let's see what repogirl have for us though, after all this years, Na now this story Dey enter front page

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Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by FameG(f): 1:08pm On Sep 30, 2018
On front page again and no update yet. These mods's sef seems u pick whichever person u like for frontpage things.
Re: Forever And For Always - Story By Repogirl by kenigwe18: 6:40pm On Sep 30, 2018
Seriously repogirl ima die hard fan of your novels years back. But don't you think you've starved us enough if you truly want us to read ur novels. You can sell it to us ain't a bad idea. When you reopen this thread I thought you done with the novel and we can get it without this suspense. Biko @repogirl I would love if you can consider us.
Much love from here

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