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Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 1:17pm On Nov 13, 2014
I just have the passion for writing but I know that I'm not that good. Who cares anyway? Besides I'm not a literature student that needs to perfect his/her writing skills: not that we (science students) don't write report to perfection. We only do it well when the need arises. So if you are thinking of bashing or correcting my grammatical blunder...... Hmnnnnnn ; like I have rightly said "who cares anyway?". The choice is yours. Thanks Guys!
Let us make it more formal (Smiling).

All Rights Reserved:
This work exclusively belongs to 'HAZARDOUS' also known as Ikoko aje egun jeran (hyena that eats both meat and bone).
As for copyright..... I'm just doing it for pleasure and attention. If you think you like any part of my write up, you are free to do whatever you like with it, even without acknowledging me. "Who cares?"

This is my first story/write up; Appreciation is needed in terms of likes and comments.
Thanks for your time. Smiling face!

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by cokacoola(m): 1:24pm On Nov 13, 2014
We are cum-in

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 1:25pm On Nov 13, 2014
I was sweating profusely after Iyabo's mum barged into her room and caught us doing the unexpected. I tried explaining to her that it was not what she thinks, though they say seeing is believing but it can also be deceiving (trying to calm her).

She just kept shouting 'mo daran mo daran' meaning "I'm in trouble''. Still feeling guilty and trying to beg her to please lower her voice (after all she's over 18 and not a "V" sef). She just kept shouting until her eldest daughter (Motunrayo) rushed in to confirm what the noise was all about.

Immediately she saw us..... she passed out and that was when I knew the gravity of what I had done. Iya Motunrayo and Iyabo were trying to bring Motunrayo back to life while I looked at the women (family) that I had slept with (even Iya Motunrayo sef) in a confused state. Which made me to reminisce about my simple way of life then.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by Nobody: 1:29pm On Nov 13, 2014
Spreads leather

Op following

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 1:42pm On Nov 13, 2014
I was not brought up this wild(my thought).

I was raised in a family of Five. comprises of two boys, a girl and our parent. one thing I noticed about our family is that people keeps complimenting our parents that we are cute. But in reality, we truly are.

My Dad is a disciplinarian, so growing up with him was tough. Actually he's a top ranked Custom officer but he would have passed for a MAJOR GENERAL in the army because of his strictness and protocol.

He was very strict that he does not entertain children from our neighbourhood. The only children allowed by my Dad into our big house were the children of a custom officer like himself, Mr. Adeboye. They lived next street to ours. People say 'great men think alike'.... I can say yes to that when it comes to the way these military men treat their children.

All work without play is now a daily routine to us. From house to school... school to house.... house to church... church to house, that's how we spend our week and the same routine goes for every week. Little did I know that all this is about to change in a jiffy with Bidemi Adeboye (daughter of the Adeboye's)

Bidemi Adeboye changed my perspective to life. We were so closed that our parents were beginning to suspect that we were dating. But they couldn't do anything, rather than hope that's not true. We became fond of each other that if we were of the same gender, she would have been passing the night in our place and me at her place too.

I was 17years old then and Bidemi was 16 but She would have passed for a 20 year old girl. She is tall and has all the right curves at the right place.

One unfaithful day in my room, We started playing and I told her that I always feel jealous when other guys look at her with lust.

Bidemi: really

Me: Yes....(my heart beating fast) I think......

Bidemi: what?

Me: (staring away) I think I like you. And I will like to..... never mind, I don't think it can work

Bidemi: I like you too... what do you mean about not working out?

Me: (still staring away) our parents. They would skin us alive if they get to know.

Bidemi: (now Smiling and moved closer to me) that's if you tell them.

Me: (I dey craze ni) hmnnnnnn

She now puts her hand on my cheek to turn my face towards her and planted a light kiss on my lips. It was my first kiss and it felt like an electric shock all through my body. I was too shy to say anything. Just looking like mumu that lost his phone. She kept asking me ;'Femi what's wrong with you? You are too quite oooo." I told her that I am fine.

Checked the time and I suggested we should go over to her place to check on her own family too (that's why they never suspect anything). She said "Okay' and we left for her house.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by Patoskid(m): 1:46pm On Nov 13, 2014
Where ma matress dey oo

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 3:32pm On Nov 13, 2014
On our way down to her house. I was still pondering if it's real or not. She kept on asking different questions.

Bidemi: Femi, what's wrong with you?

Me: Nothing.... It seems I'm not feeling too fine

Bidemi: I have been asking what's wrong with you before we left your house but you refused to tell me. Pele(sorry).

Me. Ose (thank you)

Bidemi: maybe we should go back to your house so that you can rest a little.

Me: no oo! I will be fine, besides we are almost at your gate.

We got to her house and she shouted Abdul(their gateman).

Abdul: coming small madam (opens the gate). Welcome back.

Bidemi: Who's at home?

Abdul: nobody ma. Kikelomo just come back from school and she talk say she wan go check her fwends.

Kikelomo is Bidemi only sibling and she's 19years of age and a student of unilag, studying philosophy. You would have thought that they were twin because they so much look alike.

We entered their compound and went straight to her room. Immediately we entered, she went to get paracetamol for me. I took the drug but deep inside of me I know that not even a whole pack of paracetamol can cure what is doing me. Now I'm now feeling much relaxed. Then I called her name

Me: Bidemi, can I ask you some questions?

Bidemi: sure

Me: you know I like you

Bidemi: Yes and I like you too (giggling)

I kept quiet for a while and she asked that... is that your question?

Me: Yes but there's still more.... why did you kiss me?

Bidemi: (felt embarrassed) because I want to.... (staring away)

Me: I have always wanted to kiss you but something keeps stopping me.

Bidemi: (now Smiling) really

Me: Yes.... can I kiss you?

Bidemi: (amused) yes.

Me: I want it to be special.... can you please close your eyes?

Bidemi: Okay

I dragged her to her feet with her eyes already closed. I moved closer to her. I placed my lips very close to hers and I could see that her breathing has increased with so much pace. (didnt kiss her on her lips). Moved my lips and planted a kiss on her forehead... planted another on her left cheek..... another on her right cheek...... then I planted one on the pointer of her nose.

Her breathing increased when I slid my lips down from her nose down to her lips and waited for a while. She knew my lips was very close to hers and she has already shaped her mouth for it. Now she's visibly shaking. She moved her lips towards mine, I withdrew it when it was about to touch mine. She opens her eyes and I kissed her before her opened eyes could form any image in her brain. We kissed for almost 5 minutes before we broke off.

We kept quiet for 5mins, still sinking down what happened.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by mesoade(m): 5:24pm On Nov 13, 2014
*Climbs iroko tree with my snuff*
*Sniffs snuff*,OP carry Go

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by sexymoma(f): 5:26pm On Nov 13, 2014
We are cum-in
shocked no vex abeg you don spoil finish grin

Please we are waiting... what happened next wink

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 6:08pm On Nov 13, 2014
She broke the silence and said that was my best kiss ever. I looked into her eyes and I said 'same with me'.

Bidemi: I think I'm falling in love with you

Me: me too

Bidemi: I always knew that there's something hidden about you.

Me: How do you mean?

Bidemi: How many girls have you knocked out like the way you did to me when kissing me?

Me: (looking down) actually, you were the first person that I would kiss except kisses from my family members

Bidemi: Oniro (liar)

Me: I'm serious

We were still arguing when Kikelomo barged into the room.

We greeted her and she responded very warmly. She just kept talking about her life in school (bla bla bla). She just couldn't stop(hush... mood crasher).

Bidemi and I occasionally winked at each other but mindful about the presence of her sister. I checked the time and I told them that I have to take my leave before my Dad had me hospitalised for coming home late. We all laughed.

They both saw me off to the gate and I waved them goodbye.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:06pm On Nov 13, 2014
I got home very happy. I went straight to the bathroom to shower. Got on my bed, picked my phone and I saw that Bidemi has sent me a text. The text read "I wish what happened today could happen every other day. Just want to check if you are home. Missing you already. Bidemi loves you. Hmwammm!"

My mind skips after reading the text: I know that I love her but with those two military men around (the love no go grow). I dialled her number and she picks....

Bidemi: Hello

Me: hello

Bidemi: it's now that you have my time abi?

Me: no oooo! I had to take my bath and attend to some family chores

Bidemi: family chores that's more important than me.

Me: it's not like that (mum calls from distance "femi" ).... maaaaaa.... mummy is calling me. will call you later in the day. better still, let's do night call

Bidemi: (giggling) okay... village boy.... maaaaaa

Me: you are not serious... later jo. love you

Bidemi: love you too (hangs off).

Rushed out to meet my mum. She said that she has already collected GCE form for me, that I should go to the cafe with my elder brother to fill it. I was happy and rushed towards her and hug her... thank you mummy. It's okay, just start reading your books. Ese gan ma. Peck her on her cheek and left.

It's 10pm now.. I dialled Bidemi's number but she did not pick. Maybe she went to bed early because of our proposed night call.
I'm now alone thinking of what might happen if our families got to know about it. Lost in thought... I don't know when I dozed off, only for me to wake up around 5:45am with 22 missed calls on my phone. That was when I remembered that my phone was on silent. Yeepa! This girl go kill me today oooo. I Flashed her just for me to know if she's sleeping or not. She called me back immediately :

Me: Hello

Bidemi: you try oooo... I have been up all night because of you. Look at the time now. Is this suppose to be your midnight call?

Me: I'm sorry.... my phone was on silent because I'm not used to night calling

Bidemi: na me con dey do night call abi?

Me: it's not what I meant.... I'm sorry

Bidemi: it's okay... at least you called. I can go to bed now.

Me : I will make it up to you... bye

Bidemi: bye dear (hangs off)

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by reap40: 8:25pm On Nov 13, 2014
Nice one ops!
continue na

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 8:38pm On Nov 13, 2014
Thanks Guys.... I will be updating tomorrow! got to rest now!
Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by mesoade(m): 8:54pm On Nov 13, 2014
Ok boss . . If na lik dis u dey update evryday. . Peeps go like ur story die
Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 9:39pm On Nov 13, 2014
Yeah.... I will try to update like this, at least until my work leave finished.

Just show some appreciation by commenting and showing some love.


Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by ayuzee(m): 11:17pm On Nov 13, 2014
;DOya Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo i D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ gbadun U̶̲̥̅̊. grin
Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 12:48am On Nov 14, 2014
I slept back and woke up around 8:30am. My kid sister has done all the domestic work. I went to the bathroom for my early morning drills. Collected my the scratch card from my mum, dashed to Bidemi's house for the makeup promised. I had planned of taking Bidemi out (to where I don't know yet). I wore one of my best shirts, a jean and a nice step on. If there's anything I'm proud of, it's my style of dressing. I knocked at the Adeboye's gate.
Abdul: na who be that
Me: na me Abdul, good morning.... is Bidemi in?
Abdul: Mawning ooo, she dey.. (opens the gate while I entered)

On my way in, I met Kikelomo and we exchanged greetings. She complemented my dressing and she asked if I have any plans for the day or appointment with Bidemi (I can't tell her that Bidemi & I have a date). I replied no.
Kikelomo: good, since you don't have any appointment with Bidemi, why don't you act up as my boyfriend to a friends party.
Me: I...... I ...... I have to fill my GCE Form (which kin wahala be this sef)
Kikelomo: hush... but don't worry. we will come back early, besides you can fill it tomorrow.
Me: Okay.. is Bidemi coming with us?
Kikelomo: no.... it is strictly for couples and I don't think she has someone that she would come with
Me: Okay no wahala (I know say wahala Dey ooo) .... when are we leaving?
Kikelomo: next 30 minutes.... let me rush to dress up
Me: Okay, let me use the opportunity to say hello to Bidemi.
Kikelomo: Okay, but be fast about it (rushing to her room)

I knocked on Bidemi's door and she said "enter jo" you wey I don dey hear your voice since.
Me: Good Morning Dear
Bidemi: .Morning love. As cute as ever. Fine boy! Are you going to a party?
Me: No... I mean yes
Bidemi: what do you mean by no and yes? What is it?
Me: I'm going to a party with your sister. She just invited me about 10 minutes ago.
Bidemi: I see.... can I come?
Me: No because she said you can't come (don't want to tell her that it's a couples party)
Bidemi: Okay (looks sad). .. so you had already planned this party since yesterday. You prepared all dressed up for a party and you now lied that she invited you today.
Me: (dint want to tell her about our date) it's not what you think. I really want to stay with you but if I choose to stay back, it would bring her to be suspicious of us.
Bidemi: and so what.... I saw the way you were looking at her yesterday (now tears rolling down her cheek). I know that......
Me: (cuts her off) stop it. It's your sister we are talking about here. What do you take me for? (angry mood activated). A random player. I'm going to the party weather you like it or not. (stormed out of her room).
Bidemi: (now crying) that's what you guys are good at.... running away.

I went and sat down at the living room, waiting for Kikelomo. It seems like ages but she eventually came out. She puts on nice dress that compliment her beautiful face. I told her that she's beautiful and her boyfriend will be very happy to have her. She's now blushing... thanks dear.
I looked towards Bidemi's room and I found her staring at us ( eyes swollen). Kikelomo went closer to her.
Kikelomo: what is wrong with you Bidemi? Why are you crying?
Bidemi: (lied) I dint sleep all through the night because I have a running stomach.
Kikelomo: and you dint deem to tell me.... I'm around now you know
Bidemi: sorry but I'm fine now.
Kikelomo: Okay.... hope Femi told you that we are going for a party?
Bidemi: (looks me with bad eye) yes he did
Kikelomo: good... we are running late. see you later my dear. Bye
Bidemi: bye
Me: bye... (she dint even answer me)
We got a cab and off we go to the party.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by holyboss(m): 1:39am On Nov 14, 2014
Space Booked undecided

Off to buy Bed to spread here or is dir anybodi wt a spare bed rolleyes


Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by reap40: 7:52am On Nov 14, 2014
Next Episode!

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 9:02am On Nov 14, 2014
Thanks guys! Still expecting more comments of appreciation.

Show some love people!


Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 9:08am On Nov 14, 2014
We got to the party around 1:30pm. It seems the party was organised by Kikelomo's final year student (last party). They don't want the event to be too crowded that was why they insisted that you must come along with your guy/babe and I guess it really makes the party more interesting.
Lots of beautiful faces (guys/babes). Kikelomo was busy introducing me to her friends but the girls that got my attention were Motunrayo and Chioma. Their name sank in my head (like super glue) when Kikelomo introduced us.

I was not with a wrist watch.... so I brought out my phone to check the time (2:45pm). I now saw that I had 2 missed calls and a text message (all from Bidemi)... the text reads "I'm sorry about my behaviour today. just don't know what came over me. I'm missing you... don't do things I wouldn't do. 'love you'".
I put back the phone in my pocket as Kikelomo approaches, and she proposed that we danced.
Me: I don't know how to dance... I don't want to dance
Kikelomo: you are joking right!
Me: (Smiling)... okay lets dance.

We moved to the dance floor while the DJ was busy blasting Roll it by p-square. Kikelomo was amazing on the dance floor (no wonder she insisted on dancing with me... shioo). She really roll out her bums that really makes me to think that Kaffy is a learner. She pressed her body all over me and I was really sweating and enjoying myself until a guy from her department excused her for a dance. As I was about to step aside, a girl just grabbed my hands and requested for a dance. Wanted to say no until I saw her face to be Motunrayo (my lucky day).

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by Houseofglam7(f): 9:48am On Nov 14, 2014
I don dey yawn....finish the story jor

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by sendmeonly(m): 9:55am On Nov 14, 2014
Tell us what happened next?
Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 11:10am On Nov 14, 2014
Motunrayo is another epitome of beauty. She's not as tall as Kikelomo but much lighter than her. If there's something that attracts me to her, I guessed it is her bossom... so big and very conspicuous.
While we danced, we chitchat :
Me: I wouldn't have danced if it is another girl that ask me to
Motunrayo: why?
Me: I couldn't resist such a beautiful damsel requesting for a dance when I'm not Mr Nigeria
Motunrayo: (Smiling) you are funny.
Me: Funny ke... I'm serious. The very moment I saw you. I wished I am your boyfriend. I go dey proud well well.
Motunrayo: if Kikelomo catch you hen
Me: (Naija girls with their silly ways of asking if you have a girlfriend). No ooo. She's my childhood friend and a very close one at that.
Motunrayo: guys will always be guys
Me: meaning.....? should I call her so that she can testify to that? (scanning for Kikelomo).
Motunrayo: no need....
Me: can I have your digit?
Motunrayo: sure... 08059******
Me: thanks... (Flashed her number to be sure). I think I have to be going now. Almost 5:30pm now.
Motunrayo: thanks for the dance
Me: it's my pleasure because you really made the party worth thinking about. (moved closer to her and peck her on her cheek)

Then I moved away. Turning on my searching mode. "Kikelomo". I saw her and I silently told her that we have to be going. She was surprised when I told her the time. Thank God for our Parents, I am very sure that she wouldn't complied leaving because the party is interesting.
We left the party very hungry. it's one of those school party that it's only drink that would be surplus. I still have the money that I intended using for Bidemi. I suggested that we get something from KFC.... we got some snacks and Vanilla Ice cream. Got some for Bidemi too. I paid. We sat down to eat our food while we chitchat.
Kikelomo: thank you very much... you don spend money oooo, on top say na me invite you.
Me: (Smiling) it's okay! I really enjoyed myself, you deserve the accolades
Kikelomo: Hmnnnn! You are hot you know.... people kept asking me about you. I told them you are my friend.
Me: really
Kikelomo: yeah... Chioma even requested for your number and I gave it to her.
Me: why na? You supposed ask me na
Kikelomo: mabinu... she insisted since I told them that you are available. I'm sorry. Besides I saw the way you were looking at her when I introduced you people.
Me: (dis gal na witch oo) it's okay. Let's rush up and leave.

We finished eating and I carried Bidemi's takeaway with me.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by olaabiola: 12:16pm On Nov 14, 2014
Nice story....I am waiting earnestly for the continuation ...Bless you

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by Patoskid(m): 1:45pm On Nov 14, 2014
Az e de hot

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 2:23pm On Nov 14, 2014
Thanks guys!
Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 2:24pm On Nov 14, 2014
We got to her house around 7pm. I envisage to enter so as to say hello to Bidemi (I dey fear). We met her mum in the living room. We both chorus our greeting.
Me&Kikelomo: Eku ile ma
Mummy K: Ekabo... look at the time you people are coming back.
Kikelomo: we are sorry ma.. It's the traffic. Ema binu
Mummy K: and Femi... you now see Kikelomo for only a day... you now forget your friend Bidemi abi
Me: it's not like that ma.... we explained to her when going (feeling guilty). that's even why I entered to say hello before heading home. Is she in her room ma?
Mummy K: Yes.... and you Kikelomo, go and off all those things you put on and come and assist me in the kitchen.
Kikelomo: Yes mummy (not happy)

I left for her room reciting short prayer within me. I knocked but got no response. I entered and I saw her sleeping. I knew that she's not sleeping, maybe she dint just want to see me. I called out her name "Bidemi"... she replied.. yes. You guys are back.
Me: Yes... I got you some snacks and ice cream. (handling over the nylon to her)
Bidemi: thank you.
Me: I'm sorry about everything today. It's something I'm even ashamed of thinking over again.
Bidemi: it's okay... just that a lot went through my mind today. and if this is what being in love is all about ; I think I can't stand it. Today was hell.
Me: I'm sorry.... it's almost 8:00pm... I think I got to start going... will call you in the night to explain how the party went to you. (kiss her on a lips)
Bidemi: Okay... let me see you off.
We got to the gate and I waved her good night. I got home 8:12pm. Thank God that my small god(dad) is not yet back from the office. He works at Tincan island, apapa. He comes home anytime after 8pm.
I sneaked into my room, avoiding my mum because of the unfilled GCE form. I locked myself from inside... thinking about the whole event when Kikelomo's call rang on my phone. we started chatting.

Me: Hello
Kikelomo: Hello, I hope you are home now.
Me: Yes... thanks for today.
Kikelomo: no ooo... I should be the one thanking you.... you made my day special. I always envy my friends but with you around today.... the tides turned. You need to see them when I was with them.
Me: really... but what is so special about me that made them to be so hush like that? (call entered... Bidemi's call)
Kikelomo: You are cute.... besides every gal would love to have you as her boyfriend.
Me: (giggling) hmnnnnnn.... including you I presume (Bidemi 2nd call enters)
Kikelomo: Hmnnnn... why not but I don't share what is mine..... guys like you usually have many girlfriend.
Me: I don't have any girlfriend except for the one you gave me.
Kikelomo: Chioma abi?.... okay oooo

Bidemi's calls keeps beeping while I was on the phone with Kikelomo. I discharged her and dials her number.


Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by mesoade(m): 2:44pm On Nov 14, 2014
You need to be arrested for putting a nigga in suspense . .


Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 2:49pm On Nov 14, 2014
Sowie boss... updating very soon. two more updates then we will call it a day for today.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by omorttee4u(m): 3:02pm On Nov 14, 2014
Sowie boss... updating very soon. two more updates then we will call it a day for today.

Keep it rolling guy. Nice write up. Jah bless your ten fingers. Sit calmely waiting for the next update.

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Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by sexymoma(f): 3:27pm On Nov 14, 2014
Let someone tell this guy we are waiting angry

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