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Re: Flow For Rank by ojoawo(m): 11:26pm On Jan 18, 2013
Yeah ojoawo doesn't spit freestylez, like criously... U̶̲̥̅̊ ever seen Gucci give free shirts?// y'all need to sit tight, killa is the hostess of this free ride and infact ama monoflow and show Mikuz how Ƭõ̸̳͡ flow some real tights// Tiz tai(tzty) make some wack ish mistype// and each time starts his lines with riff raft expecting Ƭõ̸̳͡ hit right//claiming his flow is Phenomical, buh all I hear is unCAPITAL diss tracks// the only killer verse you know was stoned Ƭõ̸̳͡ death i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Mik'z verse//u dish trash, wanting Ƭõ̸̳͡ pick fights// buh think right else U̶̲̥̅̊'ll retire cos Ʊr earlier flows all freak starts// with full wacks, Your rhymes all speech farts, U̶̲̥̅̊ can study me untill U̶̲̥̅̊ get this(diss) right// not fightin any kid's fights, aint Kymwhite who's b*tched white with Slea that she neva fair only distract// this height of flow makes falls and hits hard// real fact, it cleans and swipes all b*tchss a.ss// and over ђεƦe I vet y'all know A̶̲̥̅♏ a real cat//
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 11:35pm On Jan 18, 2013
Lolz killa verse sick one their.. Aite i see you..

Think he's ima class? Lemme spare lines/
Sit back and take note while i rhyme fine/
He's a joke boy.. When he spits, he get laughed-at/
Coz all hiz wordies outplayed and scattered/
Now feel facts as i enlighten diz nerd/
I move the crowd soon as my cyphers hit the thread/
Plus generous coz bars bring bout blood"SHARED"/
He can't take the lead/ i'l slice his neck and en'ROLL" his mind if he wanna be "HEAD/
And think ibime is better coz he gat a CD?/
Am still ontop like the case...datz why Niqqaz feel me/
His bars weak yeah/ they cause no damage lyk toy guns/
Am more of a gladiator.. I battle with immortals/ ichie and ayamanabo are my wack sons/
Sick from the start/ known to slay vets infact/
He got a feelin he can diss me/ prolly coz he's a crack wack/
Twill be no problem... When i divide him like maths/
He aint "seeing what's coming" lyk eejaculation from the blind/
Coz ion needa "wreck a moderator" just to rip off his MIND/ -mynd
For tryna step up/ mikuz will get popped up/
Drop his body in the street lyk passengers reaching their bus stop/
Only time i "bit" lines was when i was helping dj5naira/
So quit stressing sshit coz we'all know you "Faker" than pHone products of china/
I'l rip off his vocal organs.. Making him lose his diction/
Mikuz is beyond wack..hiz "rap life" is dead lyk airmark's ambition/
So y'all give me applause coz i tried schooling diz nucca/
The closest he ever got to "PRO" was tryna play "evolution"... ssucker/ pro evolution soccer
I gat sick lines.." My flow is power" fool/ too high for him to test// -powerful
Ibime is my fan.. mikuz aint close to top3 while i spit best/
Even his girl trips soon as i open chest/
Plus i must be "ffucking sick" coz i "come first.."
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 12:23am On Jan 19, 2013
Ma favourite track. . . . I spat this track on a phucked up Mic. . . .but niggas still know who the Monoflow King!


See lyrics below:

Ibime: Make una leave matter.
Whilst Monoflow minions argue about who monoflow the worst, Monoflow King would have posted some monoflow audio to end all monoflow debate but Plunder.com swallowed up all ma monoflow audio files and I have no back-up, so make do with the text version of ma monoflow exhibition on Exhibit D:

The road is narrow/ but my foes are cold and shallow/ so Im loading barrels/
My bow and arrow. . . broke ya bone and exposed the marrow/
Im Moses, Pharoah/ A chosen Afro. . .
Known for composing holy carols/ with the soul of a sparrow/
Behold my apparel/ It’s fit for a King/
When Im singing a hymn/ The wisdom I bring. . .
. . rock ya boat. . . like full masts. . . with a shift in the wind!!/
If my verse dont glisten and bling, nigga listen again!/
. . . pay heed to the scripture within/. . . let in sink in ya skin!/
I don’t care if you live in the gym/ with muscles ripped to the lim/
Ill give you a blistering fist to the chin/ thatll condition ya peripheral vision to spin/
I’ll flip in a min/ and draw ya blood with the prick of a pin/
. . . then deliver ya limb. . . in a ribbon. . . as a gift to ya kin!/
The position I’m in/ is to manoeuvre my troops/ in pursuit of the loot/
Y’all calculate ya money. . . but I supercompute!/
I spit truth in the booth/ though Im rude and uncouth/
Faggits scooping his poop/ cos this dude is a fruit. . . and a loser to boot!/

I blame his gay parents/ his fans stay jeering/
. . while Im raising the roof. . . like walls. . . thats weight bearing/
My pace searing/ cos Im moving at speeds that you couldn’t place gear in/
. . .not unless you wanna break ya steering!!!/
You think your mate is caring/ and you make the greatest pairing/
You space staring. . . at work , wondering how her day is faring/
Quite romantic!/ but you’d be hype and frantic/ with ya face flaring/
If you could see me at your place, tearing . . .the lace she’s wearing!!!/
I fight with the spirit of a great Barbarian/
Racist Aryans/ flee when I make an appearance/
Im space peering/ communicating with Aliens
And they tell me the date of invasions nearing/
They need me make a clearing/ but first I need to take the bearing/
That’s the danger that I place this sphere in/
Cos Im homicidal for real. . . and Im way past the stage of caring/

Im hearing many snakes in the grass/
Im making bitches Crackle. . . so Im labelled as Brash/
Still, I pose the questions you’re unable to ask/
I can play with the stats. . . . so lets table the facts. . .
You say that Im wack/ but no debate I can rap/
cos. . . Im off the hook. . . and you were raised on the rack!/
The AK's that I pack/ were made in Iraq/
and I use acidic flows. . . as my base for attack/

I make nations collapse/ when Im going to war/
A blow to ya jaw. . . would put ya phocking dome on the floor/
I put my verses on display. . . so you know that Im raw/
but eyes haven't seen . . . .what Im holding in store!!/
I could open the door/ but Im too greedy to share/
Im bout to blow this place. . . .like a helium flare/
Im known for blowing weed in the air/
so there's no reason to stare. . . if I ever fall asleep in my chair/
In a season of cheer/ I find no reason to share/
I tax niggas. . .and not even Caeser compare/
I defeat ya career/ so it's me that you fear/
I give birth to ya depression. . . when I breed ya despair!/
I instruct you how to rap. . . and my teaching is clear/
cos niggas need an e-manual. . . and Jesus is here!!!!/

Phock a back and forth/ I grab a sword/ and slash ya chord/
I flow remote control. . . standby. . . as I channel thoughts/
My hand was forced/ cos niggas refused to pass the torch/
Y’all faggits softer than Asher Roth getting his salad tossed/
Im a man of war/ you’ll get blown in seconds/
Rappers make bold confessions. . . till Im loading weapons/
I dont entertain gimmicks/ or rappers with lame lyrics/
And my verses are fly. . . cos I spit in plane English!/

Im sick with the nouns/ to the tip of my brow/
Married to rap. . . so every verse I spit is a vow/
Got intelligence that Martians mirror/
Pierce ya heart and liver/ with a dart and quiver/ Pardon mister/
Nigga/ Nigga/ my dogs in the pits/
I stand between the sun and earth . . . and cause an eclipse!/
In a coliseum/ I fought for freedom/
against an all seeing/ horde of demons/ and horned legions/ and defeated em/

Yeah its quite frightening/
I drink white lightning/ to make my night brighten/
We used to fight fair, but now he’s Mike Tyson/
and I like fighting. . . . but now. . . . I might knife him!/
I fight Vikings/ Pirates and Buccaneers/
I don’t phocking care/ as long as Im tucking flares. . .
. .in my back pocket/ A mack rocket/ make his @ss hop it. .
back to his pad. . to shut his door. . . and padlock it!/

Man stop it! You killing em right now/
I think its fair to say they feeling it right now/
I illuminate minds with the lyrics that eye drop/
Cos when the light stops/ the blind get led by a Cyclops/
My raps ignite/ when I fracture mics/
bring wax to life/ even under candlelight/
If You aint feeling the fact, I got the bragging rights/
Then go phock yourself like a hermaphrodite/

My mic devour/ At the righteous hour/ when I fight the power/
Dropping bombs. . . . like Dwight Eisenhower!/
They better hide and cower/ when Im gripe and sour/
‘fore I strangle em. . . and dangle em. . . from the Eiffel Tower!/
Im the hardest trooper/ sparking Buddha/ and massaging hooters/
Sharper than the shooter. . . that martyred Martin Luther/
I process Mathematical steps like Cauchy-Euler/
And I always bring The Final Solution. . . like Nazi Fuhrers!/
They say Im Moctezuma/ The Greatest ruler/
I tutor/ women on the Karma Sutra. . .like Jacob Zuma!/
Orally. . . you claim seniority. . . but rap horribly/
So morally. . . . my superiority. . . gives me authority!/
I rap zanier/ and attract mass mania/
From fans that pack stadia. . .from Arabia to Tazmania!/

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Re: Flow For Rank by dj5naira(m): 4:54am On Jan 19, 2013
All I see, Mo' stiff prewrittens . . . No Flow In/ forced wordies . . . y'all regurgitating/

You barefooted sprinters run the game on skimpy dress/ with Achilles heels but I got no weakness/
You wouldn't be George of this Jungle . . . liftin' bars from the forest/

His style is fake . . . but I drop world-class firsthand/
Amputate his right arm . . . leave him pennin' with his second-hand/
Even Opa Williams will sigh at yo Jokes . . . cuz they all bland/
'Nite of a Thousand Laffs' is what comes to ev'ry oNes mind/ each time you land a verse/ or your quack Re-Tracts/ which aint sublime/ plus are all ill-timed!/

I aint DJ Snoop . . . but they know ma punch as Da Damager/ that could wreck ballers and they manager/ hurt villains & Scar Venger/
Coach the dweebs with both oars in water . . . like Ah Sane Wenger/

Claim you drop poo, but the doctor report's statin' your choleric/
You won't scribe Great . . . even if you sailin' on a scholarShip/

So sick . . . that NE-YO could attest im critically ill/ even if you act a legend with mystical thrill/ you can't flow sicker . . . takin' dose of clinical pills/

My flows digital . . . you jes a hummin' clown/
You don't buzz light here . . . only mimickin' a 'Dull Bee' sound/

Intellectual einstein . . . but we'll call this Albert, a big Phat fool/
The day you pen d.ope is the day Mr Biggs quits fast-food!/
Re: Flow For Rank by dj5naira(m): 8:08am On Jan 19, 2013
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 8:21am On Jan 19, 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKUZ.. Lolz na today u click 34.. Mehn you dan old oh.. Enjoy
Re: Flow For Rank by Daphantom: 10:01am On Jan 19, 2013
sleakid: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKUZ.. Lolz na today u click 34.. Mehn you dan old oh.. Enjoy

Lmao! Happy birthday bro.. WULLNP
Re: Flow For Rank by 6ixpaq(m): 1:09pm On Jan 19, 2013
Ibeme i just downloaded exhibit D ,the shit was f+cking dope, but i couldn't hear you clearly the mic f+cked it up, damn respect man...
Re: Flow For Rank by Rapmaestro(m): 3:55pm On Jan 19, 2013
-'BAD BOI' no 'DOPE' call
him 'DOPE-SH?T'
-just wanna save him
off embarrasment of 'XCUSES' dat are 'FLIMSIES'/
-got a 'BAZOOKA' 2 get
his brain 'SHOT-DRILLED'
-yo gonna end up dead,4 ur 'BURIAL' i'm sure i'll b 'BILLED'/
-since u are making ya
-i've gt d kul phaze..but
u've turned on my
-ama pounce on ya lyk
grizzlies on LION SEAL

-half bread beta dan
none...dude i run a
'BAKERY' -got ma BARZ from ma ARSENAL of
-Ni**a dat brawls me lyk u z lyk playing wit FIRE
-FIRE of HELL from me...takes u 2 da
-machineries from me z 100 percent 'EFFIZY-ENT'(effici-ent)
-i'm sick 2 d core,infact
i'm RAP's patient
-Cos ma LYRIC's ENGLISH z from d QUEEN,got ya brain 2
-i'm married 2 Rap,ring in ma MIDDLE FINGER
-i tend 2 wait 4 ya linez till I learnt dat u a BAD
-I'm abt 2 'stop' d terrorist act in u of 'RAP-ISM'
-got ya ass smacked
and locked in RAP'S
-stupidity is when ya ba2 d MAESTRO
-His hobby z 2 brawl nd make fun of ya FREE SHOWS
-Lyk OLAJUWON 'HACK-HIM '(hake em),just threw ma lines @ u lyk
-we re nt in WWE,u wuld hav gone 2 beg BIG-SHOW
-2 come revenge for you on ma smacking ya WACK FLOWS/..datz nt my sh?t just ma INTRO,if u doubt it,go 2 facebook 2 check ma INFO/. Peace Out.
Re: Flow For Rank by ojoawo(m): 3:58pm On Jan 19, 2013
HBD MIKUZ tha baddest bo$$
Re: Flow For Rank by mistaswag(m): 5:46pm On Jan 19, 2013
MIIKKKUUUZZZ. . . Happy Birthday Boss. . . LLNP Hip Hip Hip HUURRRAYYY
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 5:48pm On Jan 19, 2013
Lolz mikuz dan go flex with big a$$ bbitches.. Forget nairaland today.. Huh
Re: Flow For Rank by khimwhyte(f): 6:28pm On Jan 19, 2013
Happy birthday mikiz.. Sleakid why do you like being raw.
Re: Flow For Rank by airmark(m): 8:11pm On Jan 19, 2013
Happy birthday to you, mikuz/
Lemme take ya on this short friendship cruise/
Enough moet, champaigne, hennessy and local-booze/
All ya friends,haters already hyper-amused/
At least we can see a-day battle-rap-truce/
Cos ya real head and knows how to pull-ya-toolz/

Wish you many happy returns. smiley smiley smiley
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 8:04am On Jan 20, 2013
Haven't done this since like stone ages (lol)......Aghem! Mite sound rusty thou, don't judge me....Leggo

I long jump this quietude, back on track, its ma field
Been married to this barren game, cos nothing it Yields
Me join the race n keep the pace that's so outta space
Entangle cats in net, like i wanna kno 'em Net weights
I thot it's gon be better days on certain dates
But like a car on the wrong turning reverse is the case
Been reading thru lines n rhymes frm various cats
Got me tip off my hat to y'all keeping it hot like that
And other cats with lyrics so slack like jean on sag
They'll call u wack, n u be asked to 4get this game of Rap
Wit love, act broke in hearts and pay 'em no mind
Dikkk-Out, Screw ur game clockwise, tighten ur line
It's my call, i'll take the beef offering, like an idol
U worship me in fear, i can see it in ur eyeball,
This midget can't reach out i'm leaving the game high ball
I dey(day) light, ur dark path ensures ur nite fall
U on Law of gravity, wat goes up comes down
I'm on Aerodynamic can't even bring myself down
I've been keeping my goal, u can call me number one
Mr. King-Kong i'm on top of u, like the crown u have on
My kindda watch is scarce so i aint wasting my time son
Time na money, i'm 4eva counting it like pendulum
I'm shining so Hot, i got these dudes a.$$ baking
Next time i step in he won't run, he stand there shaking
Call for back up, cos too much frm me u'll be taking
But i'll take y'all out, like i'm double dating.......
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 9:32am On Jan 20, 2013
It's my call, i'll take the beef offering, like an idol

I've been keeping my goal, u can call me number one.
ffuck i feel diz.. Nice cypher all together..
Re: Flow For Rank by 3Blac: 10:04am On Jan 20, 2013
Since dix text effotless lem spit it lyk dix. . . . .i'll rest ya case in a dick so cud fink u a pussy/lyk the quar'an writter u shud start from back before u reach a whole-me/so if ya fink ya dope? I'll cast-a-cat nd smoke a cronic/then waste all ya blood even u need a tonic/bt by plugin off al ya text dix dudes remains with no nick/i'll Bleep out the bitch style nd force out tha g's eye xo the only time hez tecks roll is wen i ball out tha bitch line/pull off hez armz if he came with a spade/,throw round tha dude barz if he cums with tha aims/chase in wit bruised ass so the only time he get pity is wen he came wit da aids/lyk a nani's am always rearin dix kid/xo i aint fearin dix gee/ nd y tha Bleep u bearin dix nick?/cux we aint hearin his gist/bt we tearin dix prick/how da Bleep u pearin hez diss/wit mine wen am gearin wit speed/hez a pussy niqqa he shud carin ma dick/or ill throw hez trick/nd blow hez cheek/watch me strangle hez throat leavin hm with a disfigured neck/mangle hez thought,beefin him with a figured text/swell hez lips leav hm wiv a broken legz/put tha bases on hez tecks he still cnt react metalic/bt if i took tha chases to hez head dix dude is found down lyk tha bitchex in bed/i'll melt hez body nd face hez soul with tha bonez/dealt hez studiez nd chase tha foe wiv a hoe/leav him disfigured on the street lyk no one owed/
Re: Flow For Rank by Rayswagger(m): 1:50pm On Jan 20, 2013
itz sunday nd i'm back from church/i'm looking for a pussy to straf/ b4 i take my bath/i spit-sick nd split-kid lyk the holy apostle in britian/i Bleep beat lyk a moda'fucker cuz i win-in-it/dnt try copy my flowz cuz av been-in-it/imma real thug---a thug for life/imma kill this haterz wif my elementary-flow/i'm so cool, u cn call that story-flow/av been in tha hood doing my thingz u can call that history-flow/imma dangerious schemer, i knw u watch me on ur cinema/imma south-folk i Bleep for life/Bleep u haterz wif u waddle flow/kill for me thatz what i'm knw for/spiting metaphor thatz what i'm knw for/i'm gonna waggle in a way u'll fear for real/cuz i'm a mafia lyk my fucking dad, spitting shit lyk my only mum i gues thatz for real/i'm under 18, sum say i'm teen/the way i handle bar call me the real-gee/nd this dayz all these stupid (s) haterz wanna be me/the way i'm flexing bar u knw i dope for myself/i kill for myself cuz high for myself/imma real smoker, a big time junky fucking no joker/imma prime funky droping bad lyric (s)/i gues i'm hungry, i better do drug b4 i snatch a bag/all vis stupid click calling me *click-clack* cuz them body bag/hey! U watch ur back or imma tag/u to my list(list) of death/wif my little baby going bang-bang to off ur breath/imma king i mean thug-mafia, outlawz in the choir singing song of sorrow/i mean i'm hollow me nd my little baby/i neva gat a feeling for a stranger, i'm anger, jst to see u Bleep wif my dady/imma gambler lyk kenny-rogger, i put my baby on ur head jez to watch u cry/these day (s) i wag jez to put a try/my baby speaking gealic u think z dramatic/i LOL jez to see u down dude, cuz i run the town wif my real click/i'm in a gaity cuz i love to see u die/all vis niggaz trynna gain on/cuz my pain z on/


Talkz....Bleep u haterz nd ur fucking linez imma thug a thug...anyone trynna cum near i'll blow ur brain....cuz i'm nigga who kill fast wif my little baby....Bleep haterz Bleep childish click...imma south thug till i die...Bleep murphy Bleep blood Bleep ibime Bleep sleak nd u little bastardz Bleep u too....hoho


Dropz mic....∆spit on ur fucking face
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 7:13pm On Jan 20, 2013
@Sleakid.....ɪ̣̝̇ see u bro....
@3blac....good work......

Peace out.
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 7:14pm On Jan 20, 2013
@Sleakid.....ɪ̣̝̇ see u bro....Thanx FO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я †ђξ ups
@3blac....good work......

Peace out.
Re: Flow For Rank by Emaprince: 8:03pm On Jan 20, 2013
na wa o! been out for some days and sum nitwits been taking shots.especially the already tested and trusted vampires.
okey dokey!

New comers dissing other new comers thinking they be dissing vets/
But so far what y'all presents are line vamps,shrinkling from eating flesh/
And right now I'm drawing a line . infractions will cause u a penance/
I'm sure u wouldn't have the balls . . to cross like penant/

cos I'll rock ur hood/with shots I threw/and leave ur blocks in ruin/
I'm on song,u toddlers on the wrong track . but I'll bring u back to the tune/
You rappers are learning the rope/ . this is my biz and I'm earning the most/
I could battle and conquer real ballers . while showing mercy to foes/

You niggas are cold with fright/cos I've shown a might/that equals Moses type/
You don't want war . cos I'll be making more advances than a man with roving eye/
Dude's a phoney guy/ . biting lines and using it against the owner/
Your rent is over/ . pay up or have the remainder of your life spent in coma/

cos u'll have a bag of salt pouring on ur wounds cos u recycle a lot/
I dont see you as a revelation here . cos i read the bible a lot/
My pupils should be feeling the burden the way I walk with eyes full of guts/
I can take a sabbatical . and still come back with my title untouched/

Me,the only idol they've got/ . but I ain't claiming second hitler/
But if you seeing me as a light weight,your retina might be sending the wrong signal/
Your whole talent's a charade clown!/ . ranting will leave u with damaged mouth/
Your sublimminals ain't getting any attentions . even if here was a parade ground!!!

how could u cypher with raps/that isn't urs expecting to be rated higher for that?
In real life . liers are fake . and in rap . biters are wack!!!

happy birthday in arrears
Re: Flow For Rank by mailmalc(m): 11:44pm On Jan 20, 2013
Re: Flow For Rank by grcullison: 1:09am On Jan 21, 2013
Re: Flow For Rank by mikuz(m): 8:40am On Jan 21, 2013
Hehehe . . .
Thanks everyone. Really appreciate!

grin grin grin grin
Re: Flow For Rank by mikuz(m): 8:46am On Jan 21, 2013
You're still alive?
Re: Flow For Rank by Emaprince: 10:12am On Jan 22, 2013


Lyk a "pastor fakin resurrection Of weaponz", we all knw u cnt "RAISE"AH"SPEAR"/ U xo ugly,u nid 2 Luk in2 d mirror 2 FACE YA FEARz/ ILLmortalz?.. jst GAYY AFFAIRz/ cs being an "electronic for video Games" b only time I see u MAKE A "PIERCE"/ ~P.S

I ATTACK WIT SPEED AND LOGIC, Call me a "perverted Dentist", cs m Quick 2 bring OUT YA TEETH LIKE SURGERY/ All u do z riciv"High jacks"lyk "Car ROBBERYz", cos am d type that can "stomp on u behind a Work Top" to prov u're a "COUNTERFEET lyk FORGERY"/

Nw dat av GOTTEN UP HERE, u aint GETTIN LUCK HERE/ Cs I wasnt refern 2 a "slumped policeman" wen I say we'd c ur "FALLEN CORPSE"HERE/
U POPPIN GUNz WHERE? Stp 4MIN DRUG HEADz, cs we all knw ur "I Q" is as low as a "BUNGALOW" since u Have NOTHIN "UPSTAIRz"/

lil wondr u aint movn "forward" lyk a "preface", nbdys readn d BLUNDERz THAT U TEXTz/ cos al we do z "sleep on ur flows" lyk u've gat workn PLUMBERz ON UR BED/

xo if u COME BACK, UR DEAD, cos nobody eva "counts On u", evn if u Gat "NUMBERz ON UR HEAD/ -foreword
wen I SPRAY BULLETz, tz best u STAY PRUDENT/ cos u "ppussies" cnt Get Past us... we RAPE WOMEN/

Xo mind ya LAME MOVEMENT, Or get Hit by a STRAY BULLET/ cos d Only Reason u guys'd eva be a "BORDER" 4 us is simply cos u ain't a "DAY STUDENT"/~Boarder

I pull d 8 in ma WAIST OUT, Xo if u guys wants to b "streetwise", i blast ur face Off and Blo ur "BRAINS OUT in public" til d Whole clip z SPRAYED OUT/
Lyk a "bedsheet", leav u LAID OUT, now jujs b taking dia WAY OUT... Cos i just broke "BARS" like "prison BREAK OUTz"//

Real good!
Re: Flow For Rank by mikuz(m): 10:34am On Jan 22, 2013
Ema prince:

Real good!

That guy is drugs! Battle him!!
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 10:55am On Jan 22, 2013
Mikuz wtf.. Go post ya verdict in the T.T.C battle so i knw what next to do...
I aint gat time by my side.
Re: Flow For Rank by Rapmaestro(m): 11:37am On Jan 22, 2013
Re: Flow For Rank by mikuz(m): 2:13pm On Jan 22, 2013
sleakid: Mikuz wtf.. Go post ya verdict in the T.T.C battle so i knw what next to do...
I aint gat time by my side.

WTF!! I think the first three votes should be good enough. It's not a must that all the judges must vote na. Chekina.
Re: Flow For Rank by mikuz(m): 2:17pm On Jan 22, 2013
Deadscrollzz vs Ema prince is no doubt the most interesting battle to watch out for!!

*Mikuz licks tongue*
Re: Flow For Rank by sleakid(m): 2:21pm On Jan 22, 2013

WTF!! I think the first three votes should be good enough. It's not a must that all the judges must vote na. Chekina.
am workin with points dats the importance of the votes... Anyways lemme just work with 3 judges since tiz like diz...

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