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Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 5:31pm On Nov 04, 2010
DBR Ez on the isht. . . . .that's dopey dope. . . . .

Elbereth, i see u bro. . . .U' aiite. . . . .Ill on bruv. . . .

Ibime could u pls try and be wack for just a sec. . . . I dont see any possibility in wat i just said .RFLMAO . .U's the bomb man. . . .u's the bomb
Re: Flow For Rank by maniakz: 5:49pm On Nov 04, 2010
drop ur flow & do not rank only.
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 6:20pm On Nov 04, 2010


Here bro. Lots of sh*ts goin' down here, drama et al.
Plus (would you believe) I got near-dissed by some airhead with cotton wool for a brain.

Hmmm. . . . .


I mean. . . what's up wit these teenagers these days? Their manners so crude.

One line. . . .Take 'em shoes off ur mouth n quit running ur mouth Bitch

Now i'm livid

Aiyo! Get ma quill ink-filled
Me gon' long jump this quietude, it's ma track n' rap is ma field
N1gga deal me the deal u all stuffed to the gills. . . . . .
. .with pills u'sa phucking sickler homie u aint ill
U know Fakerz are alwayz Haterz of the true Playerz
Sho i come latter but render u former like M.C Hammer
Yoh! Address me the 1st 2 words in the Lords prayer
Beef is done, I'm serving any1 like the blind waiter
If u cant spit. . . . .  this piece u sho can swallow
A lead u can follow. .  . 'tmight lead to the gallow
I warned ma flo is raging torrent stay with ur shallows
U'te too close i'll open u up so all can see ur inside is yellow
Bust ur phucking melon that way i know watcha thinking
Stick ma dik in ur brain n phuck watcha thinking
Confess the pain is excruciating when i tongue-whip
Jeez! Ma tongue gottabe spiky, cos i dont slip it when i run it
Watch Out! I'm laying ma shit down dont trip on it
Ur girls crotcha hole drip on it
Like decimal i'm still on point, With all these A.C i'm still burning
Fly over rocks yet i leave a print on it
Call me a pregnant crab way i deliver shell with rage
U aint delivering nada, u's like a phucking pansy marriage
Check this mirror image of stone age stryna rattle ma cage
An ignited grenade is aboutta fly, i lock it up i his rib-cage
There's Jello-wannabe-tough, feining son-of-a-gun
Now i'm blasting pops at kids, I'm gone, using DBR's siggy oNe

Now wat,. . . . , . . .
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 6:47pm On Nov 04, 2010
A walk down the old lane. . . .n here i found some old piece of mine

I done paid terrible price, it's high time i purchased a difference
Call me a sinking coxswain how i exercise all reasonable dilligence
Ma presence? It reaches out like the scent of burning incense
Nairaland's Historical Evidence lends it's credence to the pestilence. . . .
. . . .Bars i done fence arround 'em Cretin Rap Students
Now i'm lyrically resourceful, i unleash ma dicck n fucck prudence
This lines might appear belated/
But Isht i done stated aint unrated + Crude aint close to outdated
Brains like excavator, yall dig this, isht aint gotta be annotated
The sick me aint enervated/
I'm fully fledge, clamping down n leaving weaklings ill-fated
Way i soar above the date ya'll can tell Crude be updated
Herad Igloo plaintiffed out, said Bad-backside Crude flow too cold
Doc's like "On the Contrary, he got furnace down his throat"
This Busters mission is busting the mic n leaving lips busted
But haters full to the brim with mockery like G's-Clipping-Musket
Lyrically i ride Retards out, it's ma duty dont grease ma wheels
Tsk! I aint in the Spirit to blind-Swing that Dagger one a-piece
Fucck the game staying gridlocked/
Ya'll gon' let me thru like needle in the course of it's patches work
Was NL' a cobbler? cos therein i was polished, n true matter of fact is
I'ma shine so bright that to see me u gon' need a friggin sunglasses
This aint no diss piece, it's ma lyricography thesis
To all newbies, like blank pages skip over any playa haters critics

Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 10:25pm On Nov 04, 2010
I make em throw they hands up, like they holding a sign/
Peace to my nigga Crude, cos his flow is refined/
And when Im on the mic/ niggas dont wanna fight/
I never bitumen. . . I flow lighter than Bonny light/
Was kinda sad today/ cos my man Brock passed away/
but thats the game of life that we have to play/
Now he chilling up there with Jam Master Jay/
showing Biggie and 2Pac his new rap display/
Back on AHH, he was the first guy to battle me/
I beat him. . . but he kept coming back like a salary/
And we got to develop a strong mutual respect/
Battle raps? He was known to put losers in check/
But enough about sad things, lemme spit that raw crack/
Im sure that/ niggas who call my bluff. . .will get called back/
And I wont accept no answer machine/
You wanna be a star. . .cross me. . . I cancel ya dream/
Im a lyrical thespian/ having 3sum with ya chick and a lesbian/
cos I ride whores. . . like Olympic equestrians/
Y'all stans are really wack/ The fans aint feeling that/
You need to change ya style. . . if you plan to be in rap/
I plan to have y'all faggit niggas smacked/
cos y'all really aint dope. . . y'all just Canibus re-hashed!!/
I spit conjectures. . . y'all understand it as a fact/
You spit truth. . . nobody cares. . . its standing that you lack!/
I spit like Cannons in Iraq/ plus I push a caddi/
eating Behind like candy/ cos chicks know Im a sugar daddy/
Some niggas throw in-sult when they murder the mic/
but when I throw in-salt. . . Im preserving his life!!!/
I spit something to drool/ He aint hot, he just covered in wool/
His rhymes should get the red flag. . . cos they nothing but bull!/
I burn his @ss/ Drive over with a converted Jag/
and flip a nigga under the axes. . . like an inverted graph/
I hope you learning fast/ I keep it hot like a Thermoflask/
Get rich or die trying?. . . Id rather murder cash/
so phuck the click you claim/ cos Im equipped with aim/
to make you think outside the box. . . when I spill ya brain!/
You'll get singed with flames/ for tryna battle a vet/
I drive my point home. . . and I aint even hammer it yet/
I got a screw loose. . . put my spanner in check/
If he fight like a bytch. . I put my hand on his neck/
Im commanding respect/ in every sphere of endeavour/
I whip his hide, till Im tearing the leather/
My adversaries fear that Im clever/ Put ya head in a dresser. . .
. . . close it. . . then ask how you bearing the pressure!!/
You aint hearing the lecture/ so Im stressing the point/
I bless and annoint/ everytime I step on a joint/
I engrain greatness. . . y'all niggas just corny/
but I aint gotta brag. . .cos ya girl blow my trumpet for me. . .when Im Hot!/
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 11:11am On Nov 05, 2010
if i say im fukkin nice. .it dont mean im fukkin 9ice/
i aint gay/. .it just mean im soo fukkin nice!/
so watch your watch carefully n u can tell it's ma time/
and cos it's ma time. . it fukkin means the Watch's mine/
time is money. .mine is fukkin xpensive . . Hublot/
so now e'rbody wanna fukk wit me. . u sluts/
im a-head. . y'all behind me like tail. .escort/
no thrust. .y'all deliver wit no Force. . ex cop/
wordplay is ma export. .ship it witout passport/
bring luck to the game im NL hiphop mascot/
padlock . .when i pen, case closed . .matlock/
i stunt hard. . these sissy niggaz strut . .cat walk/
guess i blew up quick. .premature detonation/
tryna be me. .u wont last long. .premature ejakulation/
ma wordplay oration. .charity nature's donation/
lyrical ma higher location. .troubles your low rap vocation/
3D . .vivid picture . .so phuck all u Stereotypes/
U think u dope u wanna fite?. .i dont banter with neophytes/
u[i] zero byte[/i]. .im tera, the truth. .NIKE. .right answer/
look-im-here. . ill in your[i] bone[/i] niggaz. . blood cancer/
make u prankster air your tot. . when i slash tru your scalp/
he just a biro tart. .i pen pyro class. .too hot i blow up thermoflask!/
i dont preserve . .i kill worm when i throw in salt/
got so much in store. .mesmerizin with wordplay assault/
but his wordplay kinda-garten. . s[i]h[/i]!t is so elementary/
and that's complimentary. ./
scream despoil. .like im comin at u wit no right of entry/
some say they thespian, equestrian. .they just circus prancing pony/ grin
I pen real graphic horror . . in a trojan horse. . leave y'all glancing gory/
your life a sob story. . im dikkin your hos to reenact a bangin story/
but dont be dismayed . .u'l still one of ma handy hommie/

Re: Flow For Rank by mykali(m): 3:20pm On Nov 05, 2010
, me too sabi spit oh  angry  cheesy

make i just throw one freestyle

check. . .

mykali'z back in here/. . . to rap wiv flair
i show up and see these niggaz scamp wiv fear//
they nod they heads and agree as i declare
that i'm a king in here/ who iz it that myk won't dare??//
i'm packed wiv 'flair'/ so i bring the 'light' in here
niggaz who'z battled me now live in dark despair//
cuz i attacked wiv spears/ lyrical swords hacked & seared
they heads off. . .and everybody laughed & jeered//
i'm a monsta/. . . . some sayz i'm a lyrical puncher
cuz i leave ya body bruised like we in physical combat//
whatever ye say you done/ nigga i visibly done that
'intellectually' you'z 'behind' me/ you pitiful ''dumb azz''//

mehn. . .that's the best i can do for now sha. . .lol
Re: Flow For Rank by Crude(m): 4:38pm On Nov 05, 2010
Dbr Ibi
Re: Flow For Rank by nellaluv(f): 5:29pm On Nov 05, 2010

I don't battle b¡tches.
dude, that was harsh, lmao grin


I see beef brewing up, so my verse is a sideshow/
Lemme warm the crowd, before these two make the mic glow/
I spit that Hydro/ like Kainji Dam/
but they wanna cut me short like a pygmy man/
Im holding 60 grand/. . .thats just my layback fare/
And I aint talking Naira. . . lemme make that clear!/
Hungry niggas claim they know me from way back where/
hoping I remember. . . so they can take that share/
Hungry chicks wanna dance so I can spray that there/
but I only spray one's. . . no matter how they shake that rear!/
I prevail and move mics/ They dont hail what you write/
so skip the stories son. . . cos its tales by moonlight/
This frail baboon might/ get impaled by crude spikes/
Confra this, confra that. . . they never sailed like two kites/
Thats why I copywrite it/ so niggas'll pirate/
cos if they like it/ I know they gonna bite it/
but if you bang for real, throw ya sets on three/
Elbereth v DBR. . . and the bets on me!/
I offer DBR at 7 to 2/ to sever this dude/
but Elbereth is even odds. . . if he get in the mood/
So its a close fight, niggas better double or nothing/
Last bet. . . £100. . . these mothaphockas is bluffing/

yea yea yea blah blah blah, show off tongue tongue
Re: Flow For Rank by elbereth: 7:32pm On Nov 05, 2010

Hehehe. .smbody dey try himself for here.
let me just TALK to u. . grin

Been away for a bit. .and the zone just got u lames/
told y'all we not the same. .i go against u grains/
E wants a shot at game. ./so he dik ridin ma fame/
i scourge with flame. /.bad choice if u wanna make a name/
wat a shame. ./dawg u hungry. .sad u aint got no pedigree/
t'will be unfair if u the rat they gonna pair me wit/
seekin moment of glory. .i leave this rodent gory/
u got no potent story. .with your lil docent poetry/
wanna die in a hurry. .this aint the moment for it/
u versus me?. .your skill makes no cogent offering/
b!tch . .i come a long way. .so ma dik. .get off it. .
fit r whole body it ma shoe. .still wont be a force fit/
this impotent dik head wanna fuk wit a pro/
but i do courtesan . .while u just a cheap skate ho/
no question this aint no battle . .just a warnin shot/
at your hottest u wudnt score a point while im warmin up/
drum it up. ./u kno ma wordplay crashes like high tide/
beware. .Beef from me is always seasoned with cyanide/
u wont just bite the dust . .i leave u in hall way chewin granite/
im nice guy. ./but test me. . n i serve u beef from a mad cow/
so this lil light of urs. .aint gon let it shine. .a blackout!


Nikkur. . .that was devious. Lmao.
Okss. . .i'mma see if i could rival that in a moment.
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 8:52pm On Nov 05, 2010
@ Mykali, I see you stepping your multi game up tremendously. . . I recommend Kool G Rap for accelerated learning course. . . I learned to compose multis by listening to Kool G Rap Roots of Evil album. . .

@ Nellaluv, 1 luv. Oya spit something.  tongue

@ Elbereth. Go for his head!!!!  grin grin grin

I dey come. . . .Friday night freestyle on the way once I round up couple things. . . .
Re: Flow For Rank by elbereth: 9:39pm On Nov 05, 2010
Let's go. . .

iz you Justin? / your flows remind me of what a woman be/
want a war wit me? don't Bleep wit me/ i am not a human being/
you can be/ whatever the Bleep it iz you want to be. . ./
I still will kill/ grab ya soul outta ya body like you belong to me//

you think i'm scared of you just cuz you'z a Menace wit wordplayz?/
Shut it Dennis/suck my pen¡s/i heard you'z a legend wit pre-intimacy
call me a prophet of doom/ . . . now listen to what the Lord says
''I give you the power to eliminate this nigga who wuz born gay''//

D[/b]is [b]B¡tch R[/b]eally needs to be taught a lesson or two
You throwin' warning shotz? n' you think you'z messin' with who?
Definately/ this nigga knowz he can't be fuckin' wit  . . . [b]E

Cuz i'm an ND boy/ against me/ he knows it'z his END it will be. . .//

I'm blessed with the/ strength to pick you up n' rip you apart. . .
Or i could slice your ballz off/ sprinkle some salt/ n' put in ya mouth/
make you taste ya weakness/ cuz nigga that'z what you'z about/
throw you a BlackBerry for you to come Bold/but you still piss in ya pants//

to whom it may concern . . . oNe.
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 9:51pm On Nov 05, 2010
Freestyle Friday. . . .

I bring truth to the light/ and youth to the fight/
Politically, I move to the right/ and rule from the Reich/
I got chicks infusing my pipe/
like stealth bombers and air-tankers. . . refuelling in flight!/
Im smooth on the mic/ like Joseph Goebbels/
In 2 dimensional vectors. . . the globe's a circle/
My flows infernal/ and my souls eternal/
I pop shells off ya back. . . like a homeless turtle/
I compose a journal/ from the wisdom I've reaped/
from scriptures and sheets/ that were written in Greek/
I've never witnessed defeat/ unless that nigga is Street/
and even then, he didn't find the pyhrric victory sweet/
That aint a stunt he'd be quick to repeat/
They say Ibi elevated. . . I only lifted my feet/
Lemme stick to the briefs/ and get right to the facts/
My lightning react/ faster than Tyson attacks/
The Mbison of rap/ with thoughts that confound/
Try to elevate ya swag. . . and get brought to the ground/
I got so many followers. . . you'll get lost in the crowd/
Im having visions/ of apparitions/ that I saw in a shroud/
Im at an elite stage/ a master of each trade/
Parsons schooled me that turbines spin faster with three blades/
I last through a heat wave/ cos Im cool like that/
after hearing y'all. . . Im convinced any fool might rap/
This is plain sailing, so rig me a mast/
After the summer, Im making sure y'all niggas wither like grass/
If I rap how I phuck. . . then Im finishing last/
. . . but thats only cos I gotta do a victory lap!/
Y'all niggas history. . . WRAP!/

1 Like

Re: Flow For Rank by elbereth: 10:27pm On Nov 05, 2010
^^that was great, dude. Liked the flow of it.
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 11:07pm On Nov 05, 2010
Ibis. .u went in! Nice!!

Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 11:44am On Nov 06, 2010
Typin this on BB was a big tortute!gosh! Ibis u gotta tell me how u do this on BB o. , any error is regretted. .
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 12:00pm On Nov 06, 2010
My life. .Its all bout d mission of decision/
Im chacin after God in pursuit of perfection/
ma attention on his precision to sharpen ma perceptoin/
but Wuld i eva catch up is a critical question/
wat a pressure/uh.quest so precious/
made up mind yeah. .hommie so i just press on/
wait. .made in his image so im chasin ma reflection/
and all these homies chasin me im a god to them/
a gorgeous boo. .2awsome kids. .gonna be there for them/
and yall wanna be me but ma rigors. .dont wanna go tru them?/
generous type. .even  wit shells i aint a bit prudent/
Can skool  all u lames online like ma E-student/ 
 to Whom it may concern^^/

But D chain Is wat y'all embracin/
erasin every tracin. .so its not me they racin/
im d star, pacin'. .u fakes r just star gazin/
I'm the-ruler. .call me Jason/
already bre.a$t d Tape on  Track like we back in the 80s/
now pull up in mecedez/ but had to go tru d hades/
flap wings on d haterz. .the boy so fly now/
livin da life now/ d dream's alive now/
but U tipsy high on livin a lie now/
yall need to lie down/ beta yet Die now/
Cos your life Faded. .need to  say goodbye now/

Re: Flow For Rank by slimshay(m): 1:09pm On Nov 06, 2010
Yup Slim at it again, its buzzin now, so had to write a verse too. DBR and Ibime ya'll still subbing each other ehn? BB day it seems so forgive my CAPS emphasis. Here goes:

Ya'll want my pin in ere?/ Slim aka come in 1FU4K1NDAR3//
I'm like Da Grin in here/ hot props without being dere//
I'll smack ya grinning ear/ if u mess with my green in here//
Run em thru d cleanin gear/ press n make em crispy. . . clear?//

Ya'll hug ur knees he's here/ Slim is in u really scared
Hey [A] I hug honeys in here/ bees[Bs] see[C] dey call me greeD E bear//
Ya'll see d word play entre d rem?/ hug honey greed n bear?//

Naah, dat was too simple dere/ Ibis curse [hibiscus] u, u FLOWERY head//
ROOTS STEMMED from EVIL's lair/ u killing nuccas BUDDIN flare//
Me I grub dem Em n EMS/ so ya'll can RATE my multi flAIR//
Peel off his black epiderm/ just to av him fight me fair//

See some wan phuck wit DB errr/ aids is real, E beware//
Tryna FUEL d burnin flare/ GASing up my GRILLINin gear// I too like BEEF, very well//

I SPY some SUBliminaires/ rich stealth WARCRAFT worthy spears//
Who wan CON ROW with me ehn?/ PLOUGH him like I'm weavin hair//
Patewo or shuku [chuk u] wat he prefers/guns or blades, I'll clap or scalp his bleeding head//
Re: Flow For Rank by eldee(m): 1:33pm On Nov 06, 2010

I'm like Da Grin in here/ hot props without being dere//

Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 7:00pm On Nov 06, 2010
Hehehe. .Slimshay,good u dropped sth mehn.
I like:eel off his black epiderm/ just to av him fight me fair//

And yes o. .tell dat dude to bware of Aids if he wanna phuck wit moi. .lol cheesy
Good lookin bruv.

Re: Flow For Rank by Mobinga: 7:04pm On Nov 06, 2010
My Eyes!!!
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 7:13pm On Nov 06, 2010
Wetin do ur eye??

Re: Flow For Rank by jamez3d(m): 7:38pm On Nov 06, 2010
Re: Flow For Rank by slimshay(m): 8:36pm On Nov 06, 2010
No mind Mobinga oh, na so e dey faint dey blind evrytime he comes here. . . .hehehe.
Re: Flow For Rank by Ibime(m): 10:25pm On Nov 06, 2010
You aint got no career in rap/ no fear in that/
You on the road to nowhere. . . better peer at the map/
Take some beer and relax/ and stick to the day job/
You'll get passed to glory . . for trying to[i] play[/i] God/
I spit unparalleled. . . cos ya lines cant touch mine/
Cymbals greet my punchlines/ . . so Drummer boy, give it to me. . one time!/
I blast swiftly/ My trigger fingers mad itchy/
so dont get rash with me. . . otherwise get scratched quickly!/
I got ya life on lock, so Ima turn the key/
A wiser man would have learned to flee/ when death is a near certainty/
Y'all lil @ss rappers better stay in ya lane/
My words like lethal dope. . . you die. . if you take it in vein/

My current flow will carry a nigga out to the Great Sea/
so the Underground is his safe scene/. . cos he'll drown in my mainstream!/
I leave ya father dead/ use an axe to carve his dread/
Call me Moses or call me barber. . . cos Ill part his head/
Rip apart his bed/ when I service his wife/
No use preserving his life/ cos he's worthless and trife!/
I got some urgent advice/ Dont swim against torrents/
Im like voltage. . . niggas cant resist whats current/
The rhymes Ive spoken/ show my mind is golden/
If you get a big hit. . . it prolly means ya eyes are swollen/
Its quite clear/ this nigga is deluded to fight here/
If wishes were horses. . . Ima turn into his night mare!/

I spit like Ja Rule. . . not cause he got a nice flow/
but cos Im known to murder ink. . . when I strangle a biro/
So call ya wolves, Im tearing ya goons/to prepare you a suit/
and make you wear wolf. . . like you stared at the moon/
Ya sister know I clandestinely appear in her room/
Phuck her till she screams. . . couldnt care what your parents assume/
Im tearing her womb/ and Im bound to stay long/
and Im sure your neighbours know my name. . . like Trey Songz/
Before I phuck a beat, I wear a packet of "Spit Safe"/
This faggit is bytch made/. . .with six blades/. . trapped in his rib cage/

My design is so ill/ I rhyme with no frills/
Battle? Ill break ya bars. . like Michael Schofield/
You better cool it homes/ before my tool is blown/
You better Netscape. . . before I shoot you with my Google chrome/
Battling me's a real hassle/ so feel free to feel shackled/
I school him. . . and put him on suspension. . . like a wheel axle!/
This ignorant peasant/ will get given a lesson/
Ill put money on his head. . . like traditional weddings!/
My soldiers March on him. . . have him calling May Day/
Hell only beat me. . .if he had one wish. . . like Ray Jay/
Ive travelled the world like a phucking pilgrim/
Last time this nigga left home. . . his mother almost killed him!/
You hard as metal?. . . well Im Rumplesteilskin/
Not the childrens fairytale. . . I really rumple steel skin!/
I got rhymes for days, I aint stingy man/
My flow generate whats!!!. . . . like Kainji Dam!/
Re: Flow For Rank by mykali(m): 7:57am On Nov 07, 2010

Which one of those mad lines should i quote? Mehn. . .gimme your YIM joor. let's do business. Next time you wanna waste mad punchlines like these meant for a battle, consider 'selling' them to me first. grin

I saw your 'advice' on KoolG Rap. . .thanx bro.
Re: Flow For Rank by mykali(m): 9:17am On Nov 07, 2010
Sunday Morning Sermon. . .lol

check. . .

These niggaz wanna be totting gunz and pointing pistolz/
they claim they're street disciples/but they ain't read no epistles/
I'm like a Mortar/ spit bombs and hear it Pound on 'em like Pestles/
dead bodies everywhere iz what i see when the dust settles/
Always on top/ these niggaz can never see 'Me Low' like Nestle/
i aint Clooney/ 'Jokerz' 'Jugde' me/ wanna know who the 'Best' be/
don't vex me/ y'all who'z wise enough would not tempt me/
cuz i'm deadly/ end ya bloodsuckin' lives like Wesley/
Niggaz please/ i'm allergic to you wack rapperz/
i'm always in front of yous/ y'all are just back stabberz/
so i'm looking over my shoulders/ tryna stay safe/
but when i attack/ phuck the rubbers/ i don't play safe/
if this rap is a game. . . .then i'm wrecking the console/
Rip the guts out/. . .leave it with an empty torso/
My brain stream thoughts/ itz the reason why i flow so/
9 barz on the mic so now they think i'm faking Modo/
But i'm known to/. . .never 'Decay' like Tonto/
still it's my 'act' that this biitches are prone to/
you wanna battle? Or iz it ya Mom you wanna run home to??/
bring the beef/i ain't a dog/ who'z you throwin that bone to?//
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 9:23am On Nov 08, 2010
Tot i sent this lastnite. .woke up and found it still nestlin/
Sendin barz on BB kinda a lil' bit stressin'/
so Again was reining on the Lord's day. . spittin showers of blessin'/
but a curse to demonic haterz. . they split n cower from wrestlin/

Best thing. .lemme keep it short strait to the point/
dude fartin in circle . .messin around. .your tirade disappoint/
so dont position urself as ma opposition. .nor collide with ma coalition/
or i'ma go greek gift on all your a$ses with ma composition/
they say u strong. .but ma cratos is huper-ballo megaton/
haterz formin voltron. .cant beat ma super biro megatron/

pen pyro megatonne. .u lite it up cos u spit mega wacks/
heard u a Cool G. . sorry dude, but u cannot Rap/
Grandmaster?. .cos i culd ghost u in a cannon Flash/
cannot pass. .give up the fight or get pinned tonite/
i send knives when testin mics. .your chic tastin ma pipe/

while blessin the microphone. .she worship me wit micro dome/
opuscules. .ma skit sweeps your opus. . u in a tidal zone/
he tryna call me out. .but he aint even got a dial tone/
pipe your ho wit alloy barz. .fck outta here wit your xylophone/
u think u got the crown. . b![i]t[/i]ch, to me its a bridal chrome/

Re: Flow For Rank by elbereth: 11:24am On Nov 08, 2010
Hell Yeah. . .

E's back . . . ./ to break niggas knee caps with a mean snap~
They askin' iz E mad?/E'z had to munch on 'em like a meal snack~
So they lean back/ain't got no Terror Squad/but they know E'z that~
nigga who don't spit wack/whatever the Bleep i spit/ i mean that~

so now he'z back/ he wanna make me mad/ but i don't need that~
Cuz when i'm vexed i bring the Black Death on y'all like a mean rat~
it seems he wants a war wiv me but he'z fuckin' scared to bring that~
Cuz I bring a herd of Cattle to battle/so much beef/n' he'z scared to eat that~

nigga I'z so dead I put fear in the mind of the Grim Reaper~
i spit deeper/ you'z shallow minded/ you can only spit weaker~
You d¡Ck licker/ niggaz luv the way you suck but say yo' b¡tch'z sweeter~
they luv the way she open wide n' they can put all they d¡Ck in her~

And to every mutherfuckaz who wanna hav go at me~
You can cum at me/just keep yo' fuckin' d¡ck away from me~
Take a shot at me/ you could even point a fuckin' gun at me~
But i'm sure to swing my swordz n' watch yo' blood gush at me~

it'z E' b¡tchez
Re: Flow For Rank by DBR: 1:41pm On Nov 08, 2010
just a quick monoflow thang. .

Its a real fact. .on each track. . i s[i]h[/i]!t crack/
recap. . i am him that brot the real back/
when u luv watchu read. . kno DBR kicks that/
so sit back and relax. . and grab a lil tart/

but test me. . no camera. . i snap your knee cap/
ma punch heavy but swift. . it connects real fast/
alredi breathin heavy? this' a tip tap. .condensed quick jab/
u aint no real cat. .church. .u'z a cheap rat/

ma cheese fat. . but u cant bite. . beliee' that/
u spit wack. . i got alloy. . your barz weak. . kitkat/
verbally i spit dart. . u a toad. . im a big shark/
ma skill barks in thick dark. . this kid quack/

got revved up lyrics. . u need key to kick start/
quicksand. . step to me. . u doomed. . u sink fast/
y'all due for spankin. . u kidz mustav missed dad/
finna give an ill bath. . prep your fur for heat splash/

cos u fake cats gimme itches. . sorry im a bit rash/
real brash. . u aint kickin s[i]h[/i]!t. . u kick bin trash/
nxt will be d bucket. . b![i]t[/i]ch, u stand a big chance/
cos im big dikkin your chic. . redifined d theory "Big b.[i]a[/i]ng"!

im out!

Re: Flow For Rank by slimshay(m): 4:52pm On Nov 08, 2010
Ok quick one:

Show horse nuccas we already show off/ quit tryna show us/
Triads or tribes, no freestyle we still shogun [show guns]/
I show guts/ is why i showed up/ and showed all/ i could show-bust/
So boy/ claiming devil MC, chop projector, u still no fit show God/

Oh God/ u said to hold on/ n watch you go strong/
Cos If I rake, I shove long/ So Lord/ make this hoes stop/. . . .ya dig? . . .hos top/
Uv got no balls/ nucca roll off/ u lost your bearing uv got no nuts [norths]
Rivet[/i]ing flow drop/ thot i told ya'll/ shady so [i]strong/ phucking bolt nuts!!!

Weak a$s crow cocks/ claming strong bars yet no corns [cons]
No ccum [come]/ if u plant nuts you still wouldnt grow balls/
Ma wrist loose, leave your feet bruised/ u broke up/ u need a tow [toe] truck/
Or pick up, Hold on/, seems I dropped a bad line/ like i hong op/. . . . grin
Re: Flow For Rank by mykali(m): 7:33pm On Nov 08, 2010
Monday night rap. . .

Check. . .

i've got mad skills like a 'samba' baller/and i've got my 'Mic On'/
where's the throne/ that'z where you gotta seat the Myk on
They living in darkness/ i step in/ it's like they put the lights on/
y'all know this game can never stay same the day that i'm gone/
they say my rap's so bland/ that i'm nuthin more than ordinary/
Like i give a phuck if y'all are monks in rap seminary. . .?/
i don't live off this shiit/ these lines don't pay me no salary/
not gonna bless no tracks and be just another fuckn wannabe/
But still i wannabe/ as lyrical as Ibime or DBR/
flow deep like Sauron/ and drop lines that's subliminal/
be as Wize as Street' was/ or maybe quite as similar/
and if I can't/ it's over dude/ let the Lord just kill me now. //


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