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Real And Rugged Story / Rugged Life In Sec. Sch. / The Rugged Puzzies )-iamscope-( (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 9:29am On Dec 12, 2014

Waiting 4 500 views bro, u knw na


Alrighty bro
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Aliyuozioma(f): 12:40pm On Dec 12, 2014
nice story following
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nimk(f): 2:29pm On Dec 12, 2014
No updates since undecided

O ga o...dicefrost
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 4:22pm On Dec 12, 2014
No updates since undecided

O ga o...dicefrost

He's not going to update till he's got 500views, can you drag the people you are following here pls wink

Just for them to view ni
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 4:24pm On Dec 12, 2014
I won't comment yet. Still following

Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nimk(f): 4:24pm On Dec 12, 2014

He's not going to update till he's got 500views, can you drag the people you are following here pls wink

Just for them to view ni

I dont av many followers o .

and also you can check out my story...Laila grin
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 4:47pm On Dec 12, 2014

I dont av many followers o .

and also you can check out my story...Laila grin

Sure ma'am...checking it out right now, till dicefrost updates
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nimk(f): 5:57pm On Dec 12, 2014
[quote author=Crocz post=28821612]

Sure ma'am...checking it out right now, till dicefrost updates[/quote

thnks cheesy
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 6:22pm On Dec 12, 2014
[quote author=Nimk post=28823434][/quote]

Nice story you've got there!...I like it very much but you need to improve on the level of details of events, try to describe things and situation better such that your readers' imagination can capture or visualise as if they are there...that's what dicefrost does!..I know you'll get there, you can learn from these guru writers and someday, you might be better than 'em

I seriously like the story line, if dicefrost lay his hand on this, he'll murder it...let's keep it away from him loolz grin
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 6:23pm On Dec 12, 2014
It's 500 already dicefrost!
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Fearcom(m): 6:27pm On Dec 12, 2014
You have a Creative Mind@Op. Welldone
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nimk(f): 8:43pm On Dec 12, 2014

Nice story you've got there!...I like it very much but you need to improve on the level of details of events, try to describe things and situation better such that your readers' imagination can capture or visualise as if they are there...that's what dicefrost does!..I know you'll get there, you can learn from these guru writers and someday, you might be better than 'em

I seriously like the story line, if dicefrost lay his hand on this, he'll murder it...let's keep it away from him loolz grin

Its not that easy to type also I'm typing it from my head not that im following a script so it makes it harder....and its a freestyle...i just put it up for fun jare maybe thats why
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 9:02pm On Dec 12, 2014

Its not that easy to type also I'm typing it from my head not that im following a script so it makes it harder....and its a freestyle...i just put it up for fun jare maybe thats why

It's good actually...most writers are driven by passion

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 10:51am On Dec 17, 2014
Guyz i'm sorry, it ll take a while before i update this story. I'm having little dificulty with my tablet.... Pls bear with me
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by labaski(f): 12:37am On Dec 18, 2014
Guyz i'm sorry, it ll take a while before i update this story. I'm having little dificulty with my tablet.... Pls bear with me
ok daddy
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Donmarshal11: 8:24am On Dec 18, 2014
Nice one. Update pls...
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 9:31pm On Dec 19, 2014
Saw the title and knew it will relate to campus cultism.
I'm following sha
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Jenchi(f): 11:03pm On Dec 20, 2014
Nice update, pls update.
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by scooby650(m): 10:11pm On Dec 22, 2014
Slow update kills
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Psalmwise(m): 7:52pm On Dec 24, 2014
chai tory Dan start
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Crocz(m): 9:14pm On Dec 25, 2014
Dicefrost!...was expecting an update as a xmas gift
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by whizqueen(f): 9:23pm On Dec 25, 2014
Dicefrost!...was expecting an update as a xmas gift
You jes spoke my mind.
Pastor dicefrost datz telling us about christmas should give us a christmas gift na Update dis story abeg tongue
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 2:55pm On Dec 30, 2014
I'm back. Updates ll come on Mondays Wednesdays and fridays....... Thanks for following
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 8:41pm On Dec 30, 2014
Episode 4

Femi looked around, cold shiver ran down his spine as he saw the gun, and the two boys behind him. He looked at Funke, hoping she would intercede on their behalf. She was more concerned about her own safety than anyone else.

William and Ben fell on their knees and began to plead. It all seemed to fall on deaf ears, as the obvious leader of the gang seemed to be primarily concerned with Femi.

"so you are a tough guy eh" he said, tugging femi's shirt a little.
Femi stood still without resistance. He knew he could get shot if he says the wrong word, but his pride would not let him apologise.

The brief drama going on attracted the attention of a group of boys seating a few tables away. They were involved in a serious discussion, with empty bottles of alcohol littering the floor around them. One of them got up and walked towards Femi.

'is there a problem here? " he asked, looking towards the gang leader.

" if you know whats good for you, you would stick your nose elsewhere" the leader replied, moving closer to him.

"i like the smell of this, so i'm keeping my nose in" he replied.

At this point, william and co recognised him, it was Frank their roommate. He had been drinking too, and noticed what was happening. He recognised Ben's voice, and knew the danger they were in.

The other boys drinking with Frank moved up to the scene, brandishing weapons of different categories. Some had small pistols, others had jack knives and clubs.

William looked around the scene, he was terrified to death. At that point, he noticed that the pub was beginning to empty slowly. The was sign of an imminent war, and those who would rather not be a part of it were finding their way out. But William and his friends were right in the middle of it. A drop or two of urine passed into his trouser, as he struggled for composure.

The presence of a familiar face with a friendly army brought little hope. Femi wore that look of boldness on his face again, as if he had been given a lifeline.

"lets go, this isnt over, 'we go meet again" he said, as he moved away with his boys.

Frank turned towards william and co,

"get out of here now" he ordered, pointing at the gate.

The trio, turned around and headed straight for the gate.

'stop, i'm coming with you' frank walked briskly behind them, as they hurried out of sight.

The journey back to the hostel was much quieter. The taxi man focused solely on his driving. He never turned to look at the faces of his four passengers. Experience had taught him that it was safer not to get involved with the night passengers. The less he knew about them the better.

Frank spent most of the journey looking at the rear view mirror, and over his shoulder. He has been in this town for a little more than three years. He knew fully well everything that could happen.

They got off at the school gate. Frank handed the driver a thousand naira note, for a journey that would have cost less than two hundred naira during the day. They walked slowly to the hostel.

It was 10:43pm when william and co entered their room. The night had been eventful, they were all tired and slightly drunk except william. He had sipped his drink cautiously and fearfully.

"what 'tha' hell did you guys think you were doing out there? " Frank shouted at them, immediately after locking the door.

" bro calm down, that idiot was trying to steal my babe right in front of me. I would have taken him there one on one" Femi replied, with his usual pride and confidence.

A mischievous smile flashed across frank's face, as he pulled a bar stool from the corner to sit on. He waved at Femi to take his seat on the bed too. He thought for a while about the easiest method to pass his message across.

"you see, you guys got lucky today. Lucky that i heard your voice back there.You would have been dead. I ll forgive you because you are freshers. "

Femi let out a hiss, interrupting frank's speech. He hated being addressed as a fresher, let alone one that could be pushed around. It was a dent on his 'swag'. He had no further interest in listening to frank. He fell back on his bed, hoping to sleep off.

Frank continued, with that mischievous smile hanging on his lips

"Ben i know your type. But let me tell you something, there are two types of students in this school. You are either a rugged man or a jew. If you are a rugged man, be rugged for yourself. If you are a jew, know yourself and stay out of sight. You are only to be seen and not heard. A jew like you has no business in 'supreme' after dark. There are other places where you can have fun met for kids. But stay away from supreme, area 1, and club zero for your own gud. They are no place for jews! A word is enough for the wise" he declared, before climbing up go his bed.

"who rugged, na for him pocket, i cannot be intimidated" Femi responded, with similar venom in his voice. He hissed again and turned, facing the wall.

Frank stared at him for a minute and shook his head. He let out that mischievous smile again before retiring to bed.

William and Ben exchanged glances, before lying down. Both of them kept their eyes wide open, recounting the events of the evening, and how it could have ended differently.

William in particular vowed not to relive the 'clubbing' experience. He wanted to stay far away from 'those kind of people'. He decided that he would get in touch with the pastor that accosted him few weeks ago.

He thought for a while, before he slept off. Tomorrow ll bring its own challenges, in this jungle that was stuck in.


Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 8:43pm On Dec 30, 2014
Episode 5

William got up early, as was his custom back home. The time was just 5:45am. All his roommates were still asleep. He knelt down beside his bed to say his usual morning prayers, not minding the irritating snore from his roommates.

William's 'noise' woke Ben and Femi up. These two were not particularly religious, but they did not attempt to stop william from finishing his morning ritual, for fear of being called demons.

Femi spent most of his growing years in a boarding school, religious activities were restricted to Sunday church service. On the other hand, religion was never a part of Ben's life.

William rounded up his prayers after an hour. Femi and Ben were quite fed up with the 'noise', as they both sat up on their beds. The three exchanged greetings before setting out to prepare for lectures.

William was quick to notice the pace with which everyone went about their morning routine. Boys walked to and fro the hallway, holding buckets and gallons of water. William had his bathe and dressed up in a hurry.

Everyone in the room except Frank dressed up on and left for lectures. Ben and Femi were in the faculty of natural science, while william was in the faculty of engineering.

William strolled along the faculty building lazily, taking his time to look around and familiarize himself with the engineering building. He took note of every turn in the walkway to avoid getting lost on his way back.

The faculty had several buildings, all out dated and in need of renovation. The walls were nearly covered with posters and banners. Some were campaign posters, others advertised talent hunt competitions. William had no interest in any of it. He looked at the sign on each building, hoping to find his lecture hall.

William walked in rather late, the classroom was almost filled to capacity. The air inside was hot, stale and stuffy, he could instantly feel the difference in temperature when he walked in. A crowd of nearly two hundred had been 'sardined' in a fifty seater capacity hall.

He looked around, hoping to find space before the lecturer arrives. The class was largely made up of boys, there were only about five girls in all. William sat beside one of them, without acknowledging her presence or showing any regard.

The lecture began as soon as william had settled down. Mathematics had always been his a favourite, he had no problem catching up with the lecture. He solved the class exercises with much speed and accuracy.

The girl beside him couldn't help but notice william's genuine intelligence in solving mathematical problems. She was struggling with the same questions. Many times, she just ended up copying his work, hoping she would get a grab of it.

As soon as the lecture ended, william got up to take his leave, he couldn't bear the stench and stale air in the hall anymore. He packed his belonging on the table and made for the door. A voice from behind interrupted his exit.

"hey, are you leaving already? " she asked, trying to make her feminine voice sound as pleasing as possible.

William turned around, for the first time he took a careful look at the girl beside him. She was a complete ebony beauty, her dark and fairly big eyes sparkled to give grace to her smile.

Her neatly done braids complemented her oblong face and narrow jaw. Her smiling face revealed the dimples in her cheeks. She was beautiful indeed. William took his time to examine her completely. Normally, he would lose his composure to his shyness and timidity, but the friendly smile on her face warmed william's heart, as much as it settled it.

"i was just going to get fresh air outside" william replied, with more confidence than you would expect from him.

"can i join you" she asked, already getting up before william could reply.


They both walked out of the classroom, into the corridor.

Dr Afolabi the mathematics lecturer was just outside the classroom, he had stopped to answer a call before heading to his office. He was raining insults on someone at the other end of phone, with his 'thick' yoruba accent.

William and his new found friend walked past him towards the shade of a mango tree in front of the classroom building. They sat on a giant root under the tree.

"i'm lillian by the way, or lilly"

"william" he replied in his usual manner

"oh, i can call you willy then. Lilly and willy, sounds nice."

William chuckled a bit, he felt butterflies in his stomach.

"you seem so good in mathematics, i really hope you can give me private lessons please" she asked, tugging his arm slightly.

"yes sure, i mean i would be glad to help" william replied, sounding thrilled.

Lilly was the only female he had been able to speak freely with, without becoming a nervous wreck. Maybe it was because of her charming smile, or her free spirit. Either way, william knew he had found a friend. She had made an offer that he was all too happy to accept.

William and lilly were so engrossed in their conversation, they hardly noticed someone staring at them. Dr Afolabi had just ended his call, he fixed his gaze on lillian and william, with a smug look on his face. He kept his eyes on them for more than five minutes before taking his leave.

"so can i buy my new mathematics lecturer a drink? " she asked, with a smile hanging on her lips.

William obliged, he did not have breakfast before he left for school. An offer of free drink and probably snacks was as tempting as it could get. They walked away from under the mango tree, towards the faculty cafeteria not quite far from the faculty complex.

The cafeteria was still largely empty, as it wasn't time for lunch yet. The chairs were still neatly tuck under the tables, the floor was newly swept. Everything was in it's place. The aroma from the kitchen was tempting enough for the already hungry william.

William pulled a chair and sat, while lillian went to the counter to make their order. He kept his eyes fixed on her behind, as she swayed her waist in different directions heading towards the counter. She soon joined william, sitting opposite him and their conversation continued. They didn't look like strangers to each other, one would think they have been friends for ages. William felt comfortable, even if she seemed desperate to work her way into william's heart.

The waiter soon arrived with their orders. A plate of jollof rice and a bottle of coke for each. William delved in without invitation. The free meal is enough for him that day, since he didn't have much on him.

"so, when do we start our math tutorials? " lilian asked, with a sinister look on her face. She took of her shoes, and began to move her toes around william's leg seductively.

" anytime you want" william replied, feeling a little uneasy. The gentle bulge in his trousers troubled him as they ate on.

They were still very much involved in their conversation when Dr Afolabi walked into the cafeteria. He seemed upset as he walked straight to the cashier at the counter. Lillian ducked a little, trying to conceal her face. William was too engrossed in his meal to notice any abnormality.

Dr Afolabi had his orders wrapped in a nylon, and turned around for the exit almost immediately. He walked away briskly without paying any particular attention to the only customers in the cafeteria.

"Excuse me sir, you change" the waiter called out, rushing to meet him at the door, with some money in his hand.

Dr Afolabi stopped in his stride and turned around. It was at this point his eyes caught a glimpse of the two occupants of the table. He stood staring at them, with that smug look on his face again. His countenance was that of a man who had just been slapped by his wife.

Lillian stared coldly at him in return. Anger and resentment were clearly written on her face as she rolled her eyes away and hissed. The sound of the hiss caught william's attention, he turned around to ascertain who the recipient of the hiss and funny face was.

Cold shivers ran down william's spine as his eyes met the cold wicked stare of Dr Afolabi. He alternated his gaze between lillian and the smug faced lecturer by the door. Lillian looked away feigning disinterest. Clearly there was a lot of history between this two.

Dr Afolabi took a deep breath, drawing enough air to fill his lungs before taking his leave.

"what's with you and him? "William asked curiously

" He is the one that has been failing me, because i refused to be his girl friend" she replied, almost shedding a tear.

"Failing? I thought you were in 100 level"

"this is my fourth year. If i don't pass this time, i won't be able to go for industrial training next semester. You see why i need you to teach me? "

William felt sorry for her, aside from the fact that she had been nice to him, william felt elated to be beside a lovely damsel like lillian. A certain thought began to grow in his heart, he could picture a blissful friendship between them.

What william didn't know is that he had walked into a street fight, one he would either fight or die!

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by Nobody: 9:04pm On Dec 30, 2014
Hello bro! Dicefrost where have ya been all this time!! I've been waiting patiently for this story! Kudos to you bro!
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by whizqueen(f): 10:16pm On Dec 30, 2014
I'm back. Updates ll come on Mondays Wednesdays and fridays....... Thanks for following

Praise da Lord grin
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 5:08pm On Dec 31, 2014
Poor William......well done dicefrost
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by king406(m): 10:12am On Jan 01, 2015
Dicefrost u again cheesy this one seems promising too! Good luck
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 10:18am On Jan 02, 2015
Episode 6

Elsewhere, femi and Ben had just finished their second lecture of the day. Being in the same faculty, they receive lectures together during their first year. They couldn't wait to leave the overcrowded lecture hall. More than five hundred students were crowded in a space of two hundred. It was hardly an ideal environment for learning, the hot air that circulated the classroom carried the stench of wet armpits and mouth odour. Some students sat on the window frames, cutting off supply of fresh air. This looked more like a football viewing center than a classroom.

Ben wasn't the least bit worried about the learning condition, he was more preoccupied with his personal appearance. The heat sweat trickling down his face will absorb his powder. He had left home dressed to kill as usual.

He was in front of the mirror this morning brushing his 'mohawk' for more than ten minutes. The gold chain on his neck sparkled as much as his wristwatch. His starched designer shirt, looking as crisp as paper hugged his body perfectly. His trousers were penciled to perfection, with the bottom end just hanging above a pair of 'paul smith' shoes. Ben was indeed 'dressed to kill'. He loved to step out in style, and the constant inflow of cash from his rich parents aided his lifestyle.

The lecture couldn't have ended quicker for Ben, he had to get away from the heat and smell in the classroom. But most importantly, there was someone he had to talk to.

He spent most of the lecture time scanning the classroom, looking for any approachable female. His eyes caught sight of a light skinned girl at the other end of the classroom. She had a slim figure, just the type Ben likes. He spent the remaining time perfecting his plan to 'get her'

It all seemed set as the lecture ended. Ben stood up and walked outside in a hurry. He positioned himself outside the classroom, waiting for his 'subject' to appear. He had all his lines stored up in his brain already.

Moments later, she emerged from the classroom with a group of friends. They were three in number, all stylishly dressed. They talked and laughed as they walked by. Ben followed.

"hey ladies! " he called out as he approached them from behind.

The trio turned around. Ben could make out their faces clearly. They were quite younger than him, fresh secondary school leavers perhaps.

" hi" one of them replied.

"i'm Ben and you are? "

" sandra, oso and omon" the replied one after the other.

Omon was the one that caught been attention, she was light skinned and slim with a decent height. A well endowed teenager. Ben excused her from the midst of her friends to utilise his wooing skills.

Their conversation lasted for more than five minutes, as Omon's friends waited in vain. She soon returned with some cheering news.

"he wants to take us out" she declared, to the excitement of her friends.

Ben joined them, as they walked towards a popular restaurant within the school premises. Ben had never been inside the restaurant before, he had no idea how expensive it would be. But he was confident he had enough money. The girls were just as ready to test how much he really had.

They were greeted by the aroma of food. The cool air occasioned by the air conditioning system was in stark contrast with the classroom they were coming from. The restaurant wore a simple but elegant look. It was owned by the school's cooperative society.

It wasn't particularly busy, save for three boys having lunch at one end. They were deeply involved in a conversation, and paid no attention to Ben and his entourage.

They walked towards a set of chairs and a table. Ben pulled out seats for each of them, before taking his own seat. The waiter approached and took their orders.

As they waited for food, Ben displayed his electronic gadgets on the table. He had an iPhone, a galaxy tablet and an mp3 player all visible on the table. He hoped they would impress the girls.

The waiter arrived with a tray in hand, it contained quite a lot. Four plates of fried rice with chicken, three big packs of hollandia milk and other items for desert. He also dropped a piece of paper containing the bill. Ben picked up the bill and smiled. Four thousand five hundred naira was nothing to him. He took out his wallet from his pocket, brought out lots of naira notes. He must have had close to ten thousand naira in one thousand naira notes. He counted five pieces and handed it to the waiter, and the rest inside the wallet.

"Don't worry about the change" he said, patting the waiter's hand slightly.
The waiter thanked him and walked away.
Ben left the wallet on the table, purely for aestethic effects.

The three girls looked on with excitement on their faces. Ben was having the desired effect on them. They looked quite thrilled and largely impressed by his 'fat pocket' and 'gadgets'. However, they were not the only ones who were impressed by these qualities.

Just as they were about to start their meal, the three boys approached Ben's table, walking slowly and confidently without a care. One placed his palm on Ben's shoulder, squeezing it to cause little discomfort, while the other began to 'harvest' the items on the table into a plastic bag. The third simply stood behind the girls, with a jack knife in one hand, and the other hand clutching something.

Within a few seconds, his iphone, galaxy tablet and wallet were inside the plastic bag. Ben looked on with horror in his eyes as the one beside him removed the gold chain from his neck. He took his hand unbuckled his wristwatch as well.

Ben remained silent, he knew a wrong word could spell the end of his life. The girls on the other hand were panting, and sobbing quietly. The boy behind them opened each of their purses and took their phones.

They handed a nokia phone to Ben. His hands shook vigorously as he took the phone from him. He wondered what he was suppose to do with it.

"keep it, make sure it is on. We will contact you" the boy ordered, as they walked away briskly from the restaurant.

As soon as they were out of sight, the three girls took to their heels. They barely heard Ben calling out their names. The anger that built up in his heart was unbearable, as he burst into tears. He got up and headed for his hostel, with tears running down his cheeks.
The day seemed to be the Longest of Femi's entire life. The series of lectures and assignments coupled with the heat of the ekp sun had left him seriously fatigued. Streams of sweat ran down his back. His shirt was almost entirely soaked with sweat as he stood in the long queue outside the bursary office.

It was a custom for students in AUU to submit an evidence of school fees payment (usually an internet printout) in exchange for a school receipt. This was Femi's mission here. He was determined to get it over with today. The process was usually energy draining, as students were made to stay on very long queues.

Femi had been in this particular queue for more than an hour. His hunger and frustration were clearly registered on his face. There were just five other people in front of him, so his hopes of leaving soon were high. Nevertheless, he stared straight ahead with a frown of frustration on his face.

Femi was jolted back to reality as he struggled to regain his balance. It seemed as if everyone in front of him fell backwards simulteanously, as if they were pushed. He could hear slight protests in front of him.

"aunty you were not here before"

"what kind of non sense is this"

The voices were soon subdued, but Femi would have non of it. He could deduce that someone had illegally joined the queue in front of him. He stepped out of the line to deal with the situation.

He looked from one person to another, trying to identify the new entrant. His eyes caught a chubby looking girl, with dark shades covering her eyes. Her hair was neatly cut and twisted into tiny dreadlocks. She stood at a reasonable distance from the person in front of her. The boy behind her also gave her a little gap.

"you" pointing at her "you are just coming, go to the back like everyone else" Femi ordered.

She pulled her shades slowly from her face, and shot a cold hard look at Femi. Her eyes were brick red and smoky, her eyelids could barely open. Femi stared at her, without an atom of fear in his own gaze.

"who you be? " she asked

" i said go back" Femi reiterated with a sterner voice.

"if you know wetin good for you, join your mate for the queue" she said, in a calm unperturbed tone.

Her demeanor infuriated Femi. He couldnt swallow such callous behaviour from a girl. He was angry and bitter with disappointment. Alot of eyes were staring at him already, he couldnt walk away and lose to a girl. The boy behind the girl continuously signalled him to calm down , but he ignored.

Femi grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from the queue. The chubby girl staggered a little before regaining her balance.

"na me you push? You know who i be? " she asked, audibly enough for almost everyone to hear.

Femi looked at her and let out a loud hiss. Before returning to take his place in the queue. She moved close to femi and brought her face close to his.

" bros, you don buy market. Infact you don match line" she said coldly. She brought out her phone and dialled a number as she walked away from femi

Femi looked at her and hissed again, his indignation was fairly visible.

The boy in front of Femi listened intently to everything that transpired. He turned towards Femi.

"bros, abeg go beg that girl o, na wahala you enter so"

"my friend face your front" femi replied angrily

The boy turned around without hesitation. He spoke no further to fell. But he was right about one thing, this was 'wahala' indeed.

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Re: Rugged Men......... Story by charijee(f): 12:07pm On Jan 02, 2015
Nice update dicefrost......noticed you used Ben and Femi interchangeably at the queue
Re: Rugged Men......... Story by dicefrost(m): 12:18pm On Jan 02, 2015
Nice update dicefrost......noticed you used Ben and Femi interchangeably at the queue

Dear God cry i thought i corrected that..... Thanks for pointing

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