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APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:46pm On Dec 19, 2014
The challenge facing us as Nigerians is whether we have the will and courage to unite to radically reform, modernize and move our nation forward – not looking backward to the failed policies and practices of the past. It is no longer a question of choice but of will and courage!

This Manifesto outlines our side of the social contract with the people; what APC will do to change Nigeria. We cannot do it on our own, we need the people’s consent and participation. Below we outline Eight pledges for a better Nigeria. They form a new, honest contract with Nigeria.

During our first term in office, the APC government will:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Create 3 million new jobs a year through public works programmes and shifting the economy towards value-added production will be our primary economic target.


Employ at least an extra 100,000 police officers and establish a properly trained and equipped Federal Anti-Terrorism Multi-Agency Task Force to destroy Boko Haram and any form of insurgency.


Introduce an immediate pay rise and improved conditions for all five security services


Adopting a zero-tolerance approach to corruption – rooting out dishonest public servants and imposing tough sanctions including jail sentences.


Provide interest-free loans for university/technical school students who meet the required entry qualifications. We will fund this by providing guarantees to the banking sector and by absorbing the interest.


Introduce a free daily school meal for all children attending primary school.


Introduce the first phase of direct conditional monthly social security payment for 25 million of the poorest Nigerians


Create a network of local health centres providing free services and drugs such that no one lives more than 5km from help.


Create a more equitable distribution of national revenue to the States and local governments because this is where grassroots democracy and economic development must be established.


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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:48pm On Dec 19, 2014

The APC’s Commonsense Solution:

We will:

Create new job opportunities through a massive public works programme especially the building of a national railway system, of interstate roads, and ports. These projects must commence early in the life of the new administration.

Establish a new Federal Co-ordinating Agency – Build Nigeria – to fast track and manage these public works programmes with emphasis on Nigerian labour.

Target the creation of 3 million new jobs a year through industrialization, public works and agricultural expansion.

Diversify the economy through a national industrial policy and innovative private-sector incentives that will move us away from over reliance on oil – into value-added production, especially manufacturing.

Revive textile and other industries that have been rendered dormant because of inappropriate economic policies.

Reinvigorate the solid mineral sector by revamping our aged mining legislation and attracting new investment.

Develop a new generation of domestic oil refineries to lower import costs, enhance our energy independence and create jobs.

Work with state governments to turn Northern Nigeria into Africa’s food basket through a new system of grants and interest free loans, and the mechanization of agriculture.

Encourage and promote the use of sports as a source of job creation.

Make Nigeria an IT/Professional/Telecom services outsourcing destination hub, to create millions of jobs.

Fill the huge gap in middle level technical manpower with massive investment in technical and tradesmen’s skills education

All foreign contractors to include a plan of developing local capacity (Technology transfer).
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Jtmanager(m): 12:48pm On Dec 19, 2014
no b go b this so ?
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:49pm On Dec 19, 2014

The APC’s Commonsense Solution

We will:

Coordinate more effectively the work of the numerous Federal healthcare agencies.
Immediately increase the proportion of Federal spending on healthcare from 5.5% to 10%, with the aim of bringing it to 15% by 2020.
Build a network of local and mobile clinics providing free health services and drugs, with the aim ensuring that no Nigerian lives further than 5km from a free clinic.
Improve life expectancy through a grass roots National Healthy living Programme.


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by mrvitalis(m): 12:49pm On Dec 19, 2014
this is simple solution ...that will work if implemented and exactly what we need .
.but i didnt see
and roads ....housing and improvement in the industry revolution which jonathan started
am voting buhari ..but he must explain this areas to me


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:50pm On Dec 19, 2014
Guaranteeing Free Education

The APC’s Commonsense Solutions

We will:

Triple education spending over next 10 years, from the current 8.5% to 24.5%.
Commit to the eventual eradication of illiteracy by guaranteeing and enforcing nine (9) years of compulsory basic education to every Nigerian child, as the minimum level of formal education. This commitment includes, Tsangaya, Nomadic and other special education.
Reinvigorate technical and vocational education nationwide by giving adequate material support to schools. This implies the review of the 9-3-4 system.
Introduce a National core curriculum for all public schools, setting out the minimum standards.
Prioritize the improvement in quality and quantity of teachers and healthcare professionals with improved infrastructural facilities, enhanced working environment, better conditions of service and merit-based reward systems in recognition of their foundational and critical nation building responsibilities.
Primary Education

Introduce free daily school meals for all primary school children
Decentralize management of primary schools to parents and communities.
Secondary Schools

Undertake a major national programme of secondary school construction and repair funded through Public Private Partnerships. Tax incentives will be provided to businesses who participate in this programme.
Phase-in a free school meals programme after it has been established in primary schools.
Raise the transition rate from primary to secondary schools to at least 75% by 2019
Restore teaching of Nigerian languages in secondary schools
Establish six centres of excellence to address the needs of special education
Phase-in the provision of communal internet-ready desktops at all secondary schools in the nation by 2019.

Launch a programme for the redevelopment of teacher training colleges.
Establish no less than 2 Local Technology Institutes (LTIs) in every state in the nation.
Ensure the full optimization of the capacity of existing technical, vocational centres and tertiary institutions, and expand where necessary or establish new ones.
Focus the new (LTIs) on providing free training courses to our youth and unemployed in the basic skills necessary to sign up to the infrastructure public works programmes that we are proposing.
Establish a standing committee of pertinent government ministries and agencies and representatives of the private sector in order to shape educational curricula to our needs and realities of the global economy.
Embark on vocational training, entrepreneurial and skills acquisition schemes for graduates along with the creation of a Small Business Loans Guarantee Scheme to create at least 1 million new jobs every year, for the foreseeable future.
Ensure a greater proportion of expenditure on university education is devoted to Science and Technology with more spaces allocated to science and technology-oriented courses.
Emphasize and encourage closer relationship between town and gown. Universities to relate with local industries and focus research on advancing and promoting local technology.

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:51pm On Dec 19, 2014
Housing and Urban Renewal: Decent Housing for All

The APC’s Commonsense Solutions:

We will:

Establish a National Housing Policy in co-operation with State governments with a target of raising enough finance to build up to 1 million new houses a year over the next decade.
Develop new urban planning schemes through this Authority both in existing cities and new model towns to meet housing needs.
Create an obligation on private housing developers to build or contribute financially to the building of social housing projects as part of the planning approvals process.
Create a mortgage market by reforming land ownership to give ordinary Nigerian easy access to title deeds.
We propose to give an opportunity to as many Nigerians who want to acquire their own homes through government-championed housing development funded by an affordable nationwide mortgage system
Promote rural development to arrest/curtail rural urban migration.

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:52pm On Dec 19, 2014
Tackling poverty: Creating a Safety Net for Every Citizen

The APC’s Commonsense Solutions:

We will:

Create a phased Social Insurance Scheme to assist certain groups in the population with social welfare payments through a phased programme, starting with:
Young People under 30 and the unemployed
Senior Citizens over 70, the disabled and armed service veterans.
All remaining categories.
Ensure that retirees receive their gratuities on the effective date of their retirement and that thereafter pensions are paid as and when due.
Appoint a Federal Ombudsman for People with Disabilities to combat discrimination against the disabled.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:54pm On Dec 19, 2014
Keeping Nigeria Safe

The APC’s commonsense solutions:

We will:

Boko Haram:

Urgently increase the capacity and capability of Nigeria’s military, police and other security agencies through the employment of additional personnel, provision of modern equipment, and a commitment to professionalism, merit and excellence in the respective services to meet the need s of our growing population;
Work with our neighbours to use military force to destroy those factions of Boko Haram who refuse to lay down their arms.
Use both military and non-military means to secure the release of all those who have been kidnapped by the insurgents.
Introduce a time-limited partial amnesty for rank-and-file Boko Haram members who have been coerced into the group in return for laying down arms and participating in a programme of reintegration into society.
Establish a compensation scheme for victims of the insurgency
Address the underlying problems of unemployment, poverty and social injustice that caused the insurgency through a Comprehensive Economic Development Programme for affected states and communities
Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to address human rights abuses that occurred during the insurgency as well as the fundamental issues that underlie the insurgency.
Rigorously enforce Agreements, Treaties, and Regulations seeking to limit and reduce the incidence of illegal trade in and movement of small arms across the West African sub-region and into Nigeria.
Supporting the Security Services

Carry out a national security audit to determine the state of affairs, capacity and capability deficits in our armed forces, police and other security agencies.
Improve the security forces – in return for increases in funding, modernized equipment and more personnel they will be kept to new higher standards of accountability, openness and professional management.
Urgently review the management structures of the five security services – the Police, the Army, the Navy, the Air-Force and the intelligence services.
Introduce an immediate pay increase for all five security services.
Immediately commence a capacity building initiative for the Nigerian Police and Armed Forces to improve their professionalism and service delivery
Increase personnel levels in the Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force and other Security services to meet current challenges and ensure that they are well trained and equipped for their constitutional responsibility.
Urgent review of death and disability insurance to a minimum of N1m (One Million Naira) only, from the current level.
Accountability & delivery

Create a Federal Anti-Terrorism Agency (FATA), with properly trained and professional staff combining elements of both the Police and the State Security Service, which would be fully accountable to the National Assembly to conduct anti-terrorism and counter insurgency operations.
Develop, promote and implement a public accountability framework to enhance the operational autonomy and efficiency of the military, police and other security agencies in the discharge of their constitutional mandates.
Devolve the oversight of local policing, including the nomination of the State Police Commissioner and management of the prison service to the state.
Establish a Federal Police Complaints Authority and Ombudsman to provide a transparent process for ordinary Nigerians to raise complaints over police conduct.
Promote peaceful and harmonious coexistence by ensuring that Nigerians are free to live, work and worship in any part of the country without let or hindrance, and introduce legislation to outlaw inflammatory hate speech.
Protect the country against external internal aggression and enhance our national security through stricter control of our borders while maintaining strong, close and beneficial relationship with our neighbours and other countries.


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:55pm On Dec 19, 2014
Sports & Culture: A Vibrant Nigeria

The APC’s Commonsense Solutions:

We will:


Review the structure of major sports in consultation with the major stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan of action to revitalize the sector.
Encourage developers of estates and large-scale building projects to assist government in combating the dearth of sporting infrastructure and facilities in order to provide some community sporting facilities.
Provide private sector co-operation with tax incentives to make sporting provision.
Establish world class academies and training institutes and ensure that Nigeria occupies a place of pride in global sports and athletics.
Encourage School sports competitions as potential sources of talent identification, nurturing and development.
Establish world class sports academies and training institutes and ensure that Nigeria produces world class sports men and women.

Assist the entertainment, arts, and creative industry with incentives and an enhanced copyright regime to fully develop the sector into a world-class movie industry that can compete effectively on the world stage.
Establish a series of ‘creative industry hubs’ with full infrastructure facilities such as high-speed internet facilities and design studios as low-cost incubators for new creative industries and artists.
Promote and aid indigenous languages at all levels and for all ages.
Support the already vibrant Nollywood film industry and the music sector to reach new heights and compete internationally.
Develop and strengthen the value link-chain of the culture industry to deepen the industry and provide jobs.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:56pm On Dec 19, 2014
Building Modern Infrastructure

The APC’s Commonsense solutions:

We will

Restore the production of national development plans to promote investment in key national and state infrastructure projects.
Establish a new position within the Presidency who will be mandated to coordinate all government actions aimed at achieving the National development objectives.
Revamp the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission into a new agency promoting both foreign trade and inward investment – invest Nigeria – and place it under the Ministry of Trade, Investment and Industry.

Undertake an urgent power audit of Nigeria’s energy needs.
Ensure Nigeria meets all its power needs within the next ten years.
Encourage power generation companies to build a new generation of power plants.
Extend our national and regional power grid and gas pipelines to improve energy generation, transmission and distribution across the country.
Increase Nigeria’s refining capacity so that we can shift more of our gas supply to domestic power stations to end erratic power supplies.
Expand the rural electrification programme and promote the use of independent ‘off-grid’ renewable energy schemes for isolated communities.
Encourage development of sustainable renewable energy taking account of regional factor endowments.

Commit to an urgent reconstruction of all interstate highways that form the backbone of Nigeria’s road transport network as a way of reconnecting Nigerians back with their country to make road travel the pleasant experience that it used to be.
Commit to a strategy of ongoing rehabilitation and maintenance programme that will ensure that all existing federal roads are safe and motorable.
Embark on a National Infrastructural Development Programme that will ensure the construction of 3,000km of Superhighway including service trunks and building of upto 4,800km of modern railway lines.
Encourage and financially support States with sprawling urban centres to embark on intra city metro lines and bus systems
Improve and modernize our aviation infrastructure, ensuring all our airports and aircrafts are compatible with international safety standards.
Renovate, enlarge and modernize the nation’s ports to cope with growing maritime traffic.
Construct two deep sea ports
Create a functional inland waterway transport system.
ICT and Mass Communications

Build a national information superhighway by developing a fibre optic network
Establish tax-free ICT parks for technology companies with full infrastructure, centred around university clusters.
Promote the creation of a new ICT Techno City through PPP with international investors
Prioritize electrification of schools and colleges as a key first step to increasing the nation’s technological capacity
Use ICT for outreach education in fields as diverse as health education and farming extension.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:57pm On Dec 19, 2014
Creating a Value Added Economy

The APC’s Commonsense solutions:

We will:


Create a National Policy as part of the NDP that will identify and promote the growth of industries strategic to our overall economic growth and security, and rooted in our natural resource endowment.
Create six regional Development Agencies covering the country with representatives from the Federal government, States and the private sector to manage a new N300 billion growth fund.
Work with the banking sector to increase the funds available to businesses and also encourage an expansion in the micro-finance sector
Introduce robust local content legislation to ensure creation of domestic capital base in export industries
Guarantee robust property rights to encourage investments.
Support industry by creating industrial hubs with vital infrastructure and technical, business and extension advisory services
Protect and respect labourer’s right to organize, guaranteeing the rights to collective bargaining in good faith by law.
Promote new skills, equip our youths for a modern economy through a network of Local Technology Institutes to provide free training courses to the unemployed.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by OKDnigeria: 12:58pm On Dec 19, 2014
All these things are also in PDP manifesto.
so why shld I be excited?

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 12:58pm On Dec 19, 2014
Restoring Good Government, Effective and Efficient Public Sector

The APC’s Commonsense solutions

Tackling corruption: We will

Create a functionally independent anti-corruption agency, with adequate and predictable funding and full prosecutorial powers and free from political interference.
End immunity from prosecution for sitting politicians
Reform budgetary & accounting procedures – including publishing all the meeting minutes and service performance data on government spending over N100 million at Federal and State and N10 million in local government.
End all private jet and first class foreign travel for government employees.

Strengthen and operationalize the Freedom of Information Act
Create a functionally independent and well resourced Electoral Commission which is free from political interference.
Audit all government workers to remove all ghost workers from government pay roll.
Introduce a legally enforceable code of conduct for all public officials, including elected representatives with stringent sanctions.
Seek to amend the Constitution to require Federal & State governments to publish the minutes of their meetings, service performance data and spending items over N100 million for State and Federal Government and N10 million for Local Governments.
Enhancing Federalism

Devolve control of policing and local prisons to the states and give the right to nominate State Police Commissioners to the Governors
Expand the role of the Council of State to act as a consultation and negotiating forum between the Federal and State governments to agree on joint economic and social initiatives.


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by mrvitalis(m): 12:59pm On Dec 19, 2014
woo this is what we need
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:00pm On Dec 19, 2014
Reforming the public sector: Public Financial Management

The APC’s Commonsense Solution

We will:

Public Spending

Gradually increase public spending to 30% of GDP over our first term in office.
Redirect public spending priorities to increase the proportion of public spending invested in capital infrastructure to 50% from 32% by 2025.
Use the increased capital spending to fund a massive programme of public works to rebuild and extend our infrastructure – with some projects jointly funded and managed by the private sector through PPPs.
Introduce a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan for Northeastern Nigeria to tackle the long-term economic causes of unrest.
Establish a N300bn growth fund administered by new regional development agencies focused on providing investment for local value-added production.
Gradually increase spending on social welfare programmes such as health and education to around 35% of spending from their current level of 15%.
Modernize our poorly-equipped and paid security forces by a phased doubling of security spending to 15% including an increased in their wages.
Ring-fence funding for the anti-corruption agency & electoral commission that will help keep our public life clean.
Improve efficiency by shifting spending within public agencies from back room administration to frontline services – guaranteeing that at least 50% will be spent directly on the public.
Phase out the practice of government officials obtaining medical treatment abroad at government expense.
Towards a lean and effective government

Establish a Presidential Task Force to reform public services – a key role will be to review the number and functions of bloated and unnecessary parastatals to reduce duplication and ensure they are fit for purpose.
Co-ordinate most or all of work of the eight federal health bloated and unnecessary parastatals through a single body – Healthcare Nigeria.
Set up two new Federal agencies to drive our infrastructure development programme – Skills Nigeria and Build Nigeria.
Create six regional development agencies focused on providing investment for value-added manufacturing and agribusiness.
Reform the management and funding of the water sector to create State Water & Sanitation Authorities.
Expand the role of Council of State to become a forum for agreeing joint initiatives between the Federal and State levels of government.


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:01pm On Dec 19, 2014
The APC’s Commonsense solutions:

We will:

Oil & Gas

Ensure the passing of a workable Petroleum Industry Bill
Restructure the NNPC into more efficient, commercially driven units, strip it of its regulatory powers and enable it tap into the international capital market.
Strictly implement the gas master plan and legislation to end flaring by gathering, processing and transmitting all of our associated and non-associated gas for domestic use such as power generation, production of fertilizers and petrochemical products.
Fully develop the petroleum sector’s capacity to absorb more of the nation’s new graduates in the labour market. The sector will produce more home-grown world class engineers and scientists.
Establish an independent Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority.
Review structure of Joint Venture Companies & ensure transparent tendering process managed at arms-length from Federal Ministers
Establish modern oil refineries to increase the flow of oil and gas products to domestic consumers
Use market mechanisms to shift the gas supply towards domestic production to end power shortages & reduce dependency on imports
Introduce strong local content legislation & create domestic supply chain.
Create favourable policy guidelines to encourage massive private sector participation in the establishment of petrochemical industries.
Solid Minerals

Revise Nigeria’s mining legislation to end its ambiguity, providing for a transparent tendering process for mining rights.
Provide a fixed percentage of revenues in guaranteed benefits schemes to local communities.
Proactively promote international and domestic investment in the mining sector through:
Policy consistency
Elimination of Corruption
Investment Incentive framework
Guarantees of property rights
Amendment of the Land Use ActEnding our Reliance on Oil & Gas

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:02pm On Dec 19, 2014
Agriculture and Land: A Green Revolution

The APC’s Commonsense Solutions:

We will:

Land Reform

Introduce major land reforms
Empower farmers and others to unlock the enormous wealth in land through marketable title deeds through a new system of freehold and leasehold leases ending the requirement to seek the government’s permission to use your land to raise credit.
Provide incentives, including matching grants to encourage states to achieve this national objective.
Amend the constitution and Land Use Act to create freehold/leasehold interests in land along with establishing a system of matching grants for states to create a nationwide electronic land title register on a state by state basis.
Modernizing Farming

Modernize the sector and change Nigeria from being a country of self-subsistence farmers to that of a medium and large scale-farming nation
Guarantee a world indexed minimum price for selected crops and thereby guarantee farmers and adequate minimum price for their yields from which they can sustain their operations and have a dignified livelihood without fear of poverty.
Make agriculture an engine for economic growth and job creation by investing in companies that wish to open local value-added processing plants for food and other agriculture products.
Encourage farmers to form co-operative unions to take advantage of economies of scale and sign contracts with local processing plant operators.
Introduce a new system of low interest loans and grants for farmers to mechanize their farms
Work with the states to expand technical extension services to provide practical advice and support to farmers on mechanization and modern farming techniques.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Reptyle(m): 1:03pm On Dec 19, 2014
@ OP

Please do you have a download link for this document?
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:03pm On Dec 19, 2014
Guaranteeing Justice and Human Rights

The APC’s Commonsense solutions:

We will

Human Rights & Justice

Uphold and enforce Chapter IV of the constitution and commit ourselves to the adherence and domestication of all UN & AU Charters and other regional global instruments on Human Rights.
Ensure transparency in the appointment of judges by creating a new Federal Judicial Appointment Commission
Introduce free Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures to relieve the overburdened court system overseen by a Federal Conflict Resolution Commission.
Set appropriate time limits on court case to prevent abuse of the system
Establish state-funded offices of the Public Defender (OPD) for the provision of free legal representation and advice for the poor and vulnerable
Introduce a system of mobile courts to reach more remote communities.
Introduce civil rights legislation with stiff penalties that will protect every citizen against all forms of government infringement of their constitutional and civil rights.
Police & Law enforcement

Train police in their roles as guardians of the constitution
Establish an independent Police Complaints Authority
Introduce CCTV systems in our major cities and towns
Establish a special Federal Anti-Terrorism Unit.
Develop State-level Community Policing.
Protecting Freedom of Speech

Introduce and strengthen legislations which protects and guarantees the right to free speech across Nigeria.
Extend the remit of the Press Ombudsman to broadcasting
Guarantee independence of state-owned media, including oversight of appointment to boards.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:04pm On Dec 19, 2014
Foreign Policy, International Relations and Trade: A strong, more engaged and influential Nigeria

The APC’s Commonsense solutions

We will:

Foreign Affairs

Make the Nigerian national interest the overriding factor in its foreign policy and international relations.
Work to reform global governance in multilateral institutions and agencies.
Strengthen the African Union to become a more effective organization on global affairs.
Engage the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on the basis of equality.
Play a leadership role to develop a MINT (Mexico, India, Nigeria, and Turkey) as a counterforce to BRICS.
Trade, Regionalism and Immigration

Play a leading role in accelerating the implementation of regional integration initiatives of the ECOWAS and the African Continent.
Simplify Immigration procedures to allow for faster application and issuance of visas at all ports of entry into Nigeria.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:05pm On Dec 19, 2014
A fair Deal for Women and Youths

The APC Commonsense solutions:

We will

Improve anti-discriminatory legislation to afford women equality and equity in employment, education and housing. Institute merit-based affirmative action in employment.
Include gender as a component of federal character, and appoint a Minister for Women and Gender in the Office of the President to oversee the implementation of our gender equality and equity strategy
Legislate to protect a woman’s right to own and inherit property on an equal basis with men
Enforce legal protection for the fundamental rights of the girl-child in all areas of religious, social and economic life, protecting her right to life, to shelter, and to choice, and encourage public enlightenment on these issues.
Provide women with greater legal protection from domestic violence and sexual harassment
Provide the police with specialist training on the handling of domestic violence issues
Strengthen coordination between women and youths’ agencies at State and Federal level, both government and NGO, cutting across ethnic, religious or other sectional barriers.
Improve and strengthen support for women and youths’ participation in all sectors of the economy through training and skills acquisition.
Develop innovative ways and means of encouraging women and youths participation in politics.
Encourage local governments to combat female adult illiteracy with education programmes in local languages and provide incentives for the private sector to support these initiatives.
Guarantee women and youths’ participation in governance.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by KayPumpin1: 1:05pm On Dec 19, 2014
@ CHEMALI: GMB, Bo ti e soro o ti wole (If you dont campaign you have been voted). Dnt waste your energy GMB straight.


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:06pm On Dec 19, 2014
Protecting Nigeria’s Environment

The APC’s Commonsense solutions:

We will:

Environmental Protection

Commit to the observance of global standards for environmental protection
Strengthen the powers of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and increase its funding to enable it fulfil its mandate.
Initiate and implement a robust policy of combating erosion, desertification, and ocean surge to protect all territories within Nigeria that are threatened by these natural phenomena.
End gas flaring and its attendant economic waste and health hazard within 10 years
Implement vigorously, a comprehensive Niger Delta pollution cleanup programme
Rehabilitate arid areas through afforestation, prevention of soil erosion and land reclamation.
Tackle industrial pollution, especially in Nigeria’s lakes through stricter guidelines and heavier punishment for polluters.
Work to establish a regional framework for carbon trading across the ECOWAS
Scale-up the investment in clean energy sources such as geothermal, wind and solar
Enforce statutory mechanisms for the disposal of human and industrial waste
Enforce statutory mechanisms to eliminate harmful emissions from sources including factories and motor vehicles.
Clean up territories that have experienced and are currently experiencing pollution of land, air, and water
Water & Sanitation

Work with the states and local authorities to establish regional arms-length Water & Sanitation Agencies (WSAs), which will develop 10-year plans for extending and upgrading their infrastructure
The WSAs will develop PPP agreements to source for private investments to improve access to water and sanitation.
Embark on a programme of universal access to potable water, provision of irrigation facilities for dry-season farming and environmental sanitation with recycling and waste reduction.
Establish environmental sanitation guidelines and encourage State governments to reactivate inspectorate regimes, and
Support and accelerate the implementation of regional water transfer initiatives across the country.

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:07pm On Dec 19, 2014
@ OP

Please do you have a download link for this document?

This is the link(it's not a download yet): http://www.apcpressreleases.com/the-apc-manifesto/
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Flets: 1:09pm On Dec 19, 2014

They should include
1. Install toll gates on existing roads like in Lagos
2 1000% increase in school fees
3. Dogs and baboon will soak in blood
4. Spread of sharia through out the country
5. Attend to muslims only issues as Moslems will vote only Muslims as urged by Buhari
6. Stop the attack on Bokoharam because its an attack on northern Nigeria
7. Form a parallel government if we dont always have our way

This is the honest unsolicited manifesto by the APC which was not aimed at sugarcoating policies as listed above. This is the APC we know, the APC we see and the APC we experience at the moment.

This is a party built on lies and starving civil servants in Rivers state whose funds are used to sell a deceptive manifesto.

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:09pm On Dec 19, 2014
this is simple solution ...that will work if implemented and exactly what we need .
.but i didnt see
and roads ....housing and improvement in the industry revolution which jonathan started
am voting buhari ..but he must explain this areas to me

It is all there.

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Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Nobody: 1:12pm On Dec 19, 2014
When will your Presidential candidate defend and talk about this manifesto live on TV?

No one has time to read a long book

It's the digital age, Buhari should announce his manifesto himself

That's the price of running for election in the digital age


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by akoaki(m): 1:13pm On Dec 19, 2014
this is simple solution ...that will work if implemented and exactly what we need .
.but i didnt see
and roads ....housing and improvement in the industry revolution which jonathan started
am voting buhari ..but he must explain this areas to me

" building modern infrastructure....."
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by chemali: 1:13pm On Dec 19, 2014
When will your Presidential candidate defend and talk about this manifesto live on TV?

No one has time to read a long book

It's the digital age, Buhari should announce his manifesto himself

That's the price of running for election in the digital age

Campaign season just started. Take a chill pill


Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by Reptyle(m): 1:17pm On Dec 19, 2014

This is the link(it's not a download yet): http://www.apcpressreleases.com/the-apc-manifesto/

Ok thanks.
Re: APC's Manifesto - What You Have Been Asking For by 4Play(m): 1:19pm On Dec 19, 2014
Thank God I am a British citizen. The sheer absurdity of Nigeria's political discourse never ceases to amaze.

A manifesto that lists a set of uncosted objectives is an insult to any educated person's intelligence. Promises to build refineries, infrastructure and raise spending as a percentage of GDP are abundant but no word on the costs and how this is to be paid for. And these are educated Nigerians.


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