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Black Monday - A Crime Fiction / "Mohammed Ali At The Ring-side, 1985" - A Poem By Wole Soyinka / The Day The Clouds Turned Red (crime Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Slimzjoe(m): 3:38pm On Feb 26, 2015
In with my BYC Pants and White Canvas and Rap of Eskay

Uthman gimme Lighter Jor.....make we Blaze Dey Follow Oga Dee grin
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by KingzPen(m): 3:38pm On Feb 26, 2015

Why should I write something that we already know? I am passing accross a different message.

Boss, there isn't any new story again o... None... We writer must get more creative to weave around the old ones... You can tell the story in another way, and not necessarily everything that happened in the year... Writing about what people know makes them love your story the more cos they will easily relate...

My 2 kobo again...

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 4:43pm On Feb 26, 2015
Ekasö sir,bawo ni?
Nice one dear,i really enjoyed the crumbs U gave Us.
Give Us the loaf!
And please keep it on,shogbo?
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Spongia1(m): 5:03pm On Feb 26, 2015
No problem oga mi, i understand

I understand everything that you are trying to say. Its not like I am tampering with the historical fact. As a story that was based on my imagination, I am just making use of the civil war to pass accross a message of what the war looks like. Its the civil war in my own imagination.
And moreso, using 1965 and everything that happened during the war feels somehow from my own perspective. Why should I write something that we already know? I am passing accross a different message.
And mind you, starting the story this way is just to let the readers see how the soldiers fought to uphold the unity of Nigeria and how they were treated afterwards and the reaction of the soldiers.
CIVIL WAR 1967 is different from the civil war 1985 in this story. I don't intend to write something that might lead to bad blood from my Igbo brothers.
Chimamanda writes exactly as it happened then cos her story revolves around the war. Only 10% of this story revolves around the war, the other ninety is about the present day Nigeria. But to clear the air, I'll just edit everything that has to do with the civil war.
Thanks once again.
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 7:02pm On Feb 26, 2015
Oga D9ty7, you be baba o. Well done.
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Niwdog(m): 7:28pm On Feb 26, 2015
Stroll in with my chilled orijin and palm karnel

Pls d9ty7 if the story will dent the image of igbos, i advice u use another tribe that's nt in a existence
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 8:41pm On Feb 26, 2015
Make I kia kia register my presence

Oya, Oga dee, Continue
register mine also
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by stuff46(m): 9:38pm On Feb 26, 2015
Help me with one bottle of orijin abeg my use de cool before update go come
Stroll in with my chilled orijin and palm karnel

Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 10:13pm On Feb 26, 2015
This story is not aimed at denting anybody or any tribe's image. What other tribe can I form in my head? Will it look real to you, if I import a non-existent tribe?
And moreso, according to the story, they are being cheated, they've been neglected in the affairs of the nation, they want to stand on their own, what's denting about that?
If you have personal problems with the story, you can please click the unfollow button, because I don't see why you should use what you think to judge other people. I am writing this story because I want to write it, not because I am Igbo or Hausa.
One Nigeria is what crave for, and the unity that we have enjoyed over the years by the grace of God will continue to be sustained.

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 7:11am On Feb 27, 2015
The whole of Enugu which has been adopted as the capital of the new soveriegn nation of the East Nigeria has in the last five days experience massive take over. While the president of East Nigeria, Major General Ben Maurice had in a press conference after a stalled meeting with the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, expressed his desire to make the Udi Army Barracks in Enugu the government house, while Nsukka will house other government offices, ministries, parastatals to mention few. And this had prompted the Chief of Defence staff to order the men of the Nigerian Army to lockdown every boarder into the two cities and also keep close watch on the boarders. And since the battalion led by Captain Mark Anthony arived the Udi which was had only Orji river dividing it with Akwa, a city in the old Anambra kingdom. And in the intelligence report submitted, it was clearly stated that the rebel soldiers could be based in Anambra, considering that fact that, Udi is the first stop while entering Enugu through the Orji river, which was why the millitary has intensified the level of their defence and several successes has been recorded even though the entry and exits have been blocked succesfully, but the rebel soldiers living in Nssuka, Udi and other towns were doing a lot more harm than good.
Nsukka, being the centre of attraction in the whole of Enugu was located up north and it was bothered to the north by Ibagwa-Aka and to the east by Obollo-Afor which bother Enugu from Orukpa, a village in the present day Benue state and the old North central zone. Another millitary teams has been put in place in Nsukka to bring to an end, the activities of the rebel soldiers which threatens the national unity.
Mark Anthony was addressing his team and from the look of things, they were all angry and in a foul mood.
"I understand all your grievances and I must say it is good that you are protesting and threatening to boycott the way. But it is worthy of notice, that in everything we do, Nigeria should be the first, not our almost empty bank account or our wellness. This battle is our collective reponsibility and until we win this, we would dance to no new tune."
"We need equipments, we need food, we are starving. Is that too much to ask for?" A section of the assembled officers chanted.
"The government is about to sign a arms deal with the United states of America and sophisticated weapons would be procured." Mark explained and watched the reaction of his men, but they remained indifferent about the latest information.
"This what we were trained to do. Lets join hands and uphold the unity of this country." He went on.
Just then, the quiet forest was disturbed by a loud noises above them. Mark turned to look at what was making so much noise, and what he saw made him do what every right thinking millitary personal will do.
"Take cover everybody, its a chopper." He commanded as he himself took off and went to hide behind the only amooured tank in the camp. Other soldiers took cover by hiding inside the camp tents, others hid behind sacks of grain which has been thier only source of food.
A minute later, sacks were be thrown from the choppers numbering up to three onto the ground.
"Hold on everybody." Captain Mark ordered. His greatest fear was the sacks and bag turning to something else. He knew the rebel soldiers could decide to attack them from the air, even though the chances of the rebel soldiers using air strike is very slim, but one couldn't rule it out.
Five minutes later, the choppers flew off and the camp experienced calm and quietness. Soldiers were whispering silently, all looking at Mark's direction for the next line of action.
"Someone check out the sacks." Mark ordered and watched as a young recruit walked towards the first sack, opened it and smiled.
Inside the first sack was a locally processed garri and the second had arms and amunitions from the 1940s, but regardless of how outdated the equipments are, its better than not having any at all. Inside the third sack was other rice and other foodstuffs.
The whole camp became rowdy as the soldiers all at once attacked the sack of garri and were eating it raw without thinking of even drinking water which was not yet available in the camp except they drink from the polluted, Orji river.
Mark stood a few metres away from them as he watched loads of garri being wasted on the floor. Truely, hunger is a very bad thing.

--to be continued--

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 7:30am On Feb 27, 2015
i will keep praying for you,Nigerian soldiers. Just win.

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Lilyomi(f): 7:36am On Feb 27, 2015
Prettydiva is tooo fast. Anyway let me note things down as they wl determine wat wl apn in da story's future.
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 8:40am On Feb 27, 2015
Dances a new bluckbuster muzik into thread, D9, D9, D9 D9ty7, he don come again, he don show.
Enjoying it already but Broh, I dey see some grammatical blunders o, try ammend am BUT, I'm JUST SAYING THOUGH!
Stuff46, abeg find Me frontseat, abeg. Chai, who do I chose o, I need beau, harjiborlar10, need a session of counselling with u o.
Chinweblinkz, Girltee1, make una show like angelina jolie, I sense I'll need company!

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 9:11am On Feb 27, 2015
The time was 2am and the snores of about one hundred soldiers could be mistaken for tha roaring of a lion. Mark was seated somewhere in his tent listening to their snores and trying hard to supress his laughter. It was more fun when his listens for five seconds and tries to attribute a particular snore to a soldier.
Today was the second night he didn't visit his family. He had made it a point of duty to always return home every night or most times in the morning as early as 2am to spend a little time with his children and also to offer emotional support to Grace who was growing lean by the day. Who wouldn't loose weight? When you are expected to take care of two little kids when a war is ravaging the city and the barracks in which they were and also thinking about her husband who was leading a millitary troop at the war front. She couldn't sleep at night, for the fear of one of her chidren crying and alerting the rebel soldiers who thought no one was in the house and also praying for her husband's safety against all odds. And also, the latest attack on her shop is enough to make her become as lean as a broomstick.
He felt the urge to run out of the camp and head back into the city to check on his wife, but there was no means of transportation except for the millitary vehicles provided for every camp and to drive the vehicle, one must be prepared to die because, mere shutting the door, could alert the dead. Not to talk of starting the engine. Everything about the vehicle represents noise. And returning to Udi on foot could also mean death, because the journey will take him at least an hour by foot and by the time he finished checking on his family and returns to the camp, he was sure to run into a group of the rebel soldiers who would show him no mercy before pulling the trigger on his head.
The best he could do for now is to keep praying for his family and do all he could to bring an end to this war.
His heart flew into his mouth immediatly he saw a torchlight flash against the canopy used to construct his camp tent. He silently crawled towards the entrance and peeped, only to see about fifty soldiers standing at strategic location laughing.
"Useless Nigerian soldiers, they don sleep." One of the soldiers said.
There was no way Mark could alert his colleagues without alerting the rebel soldiers who have taken over the campsite, so, all he could do now is to watch what they had to do. And slowly, he crawled out of his tent and hurried into the bush behind.
"Drag them all out of the tents." The commander of he rebel soldiers ordered and immediately, his colleagues set to work.
Mark couldn't explain what was wrong with his men. He couldn't understand why non of them woke up despite the loud voices of the rebel soldiers. Maybe the garri they ate during the day had affected them. He concluded, but he drank from the garri too and here he is still awake.
"You have so many things on your mind, your family's safety. You can't sleep." His subconscious mind told him and he quite agreed. Afterall, the majority of the men with him are bachelors, while the few married ones are either from the South or the North where there families are or they simply don't just care about the welfare of their families.
And as if his subconscious mind spoke to the sleeping soldiers, just before the rebel soldiers could bring out ten soldiers from the tents, the others rose up and attacked the rebel soldiers. They came out all hard on them, such that they hit them unexpectedly which forced the rebel soldiers to retreat. What can fifty soldiers do to a hundred soldiers who were just waking up and the first thing on their mind was to make use of the guns in their hands.
As the rebel soldiers fled, the men of the Nigerian Army followed them and the gun battle continued. As the rebel soldiers killed one Nigerian soldier, the Nigerian soldiers killed two rebel soldiers.
Mark Anthony from where he was hiding knew what to expect from the rebel soldiers, because as an experience millitary man, he knew the first thing that they(the rebel) ought to do was kill everybody on the campsite, rather than waste time laughing at the sleeping soldiers. But from the look of things, he knew the rebel troops were trying to lure his men into a trap, probably a waiting thousands of soldiers laying ambush some where.
"Back off!!!" He ordered as he ran out of his hideout accross the campsite and at once, his men stopped and the rebel troops escaped.

--to be continued--
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 9:19am On Feb 27, 2015
Bajinotu kan fun awon goons mi
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 9:35am On Feb 27, 2015
am getting scared oo
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by omotayo9177: 12:05pm On Feb 27, 2015
am getting scared oo
fear fear
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by shankies215(f): 12:54pm On Feb 27, 2015
*enters quietly nd sits at d far end wit lilyomi....*sips my Chapman tushly
Fire on!

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by harjibolar10(m): 1:08pm On Feb 27, 2015

register mine also
No lele ma'am
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Shebarh(f): 4:28pm On Feb 27, 2015
dis story is kinda boring.. but am not going to stop reading it
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by snowhyt(f): 6:48pm On Feb 27, 2015
**walks in quietly** where i'm i goin 2 sit nw dat d place is filled?? lemme just manage my small mat.
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 7:43pm On Feb 27, 2015
Major General Ben Maurice was addressing a press conference outside the government house in Lagos with several mean looking soldiers flanking him on both sides and even at the back.
"I know everyone is anxious to know the outcome of my meeting with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and I must tell you that the meeting went well. We have decided to work together as two neighbouring countries and with our recent independence, trade within the West African community will be encouraged." He began.
"But sir, the men of the Nigerian Army claimed to have locked all the bothers into the eastern states, basically Enugu which is the capital of the region." A journalist asked.
"The East Nigeria republic is a soveriegn nation. So many treaties has been signed. Economic, trade, security to mention a few. To avoid illegal immigrants into our country is the reason why the Nigerian government decided to come to our aid." Ben Maurice replied.
"And moreso, if the Nigerian army decides to lockdown the boarder out of Enugu and Nsukka, what about the boarder into Enugu? I mean if we can't access Enugu through Anambra and Nsukka through Benue, we sure can enter through Abia and Ebonyi. Or what do you say to that? At least, they are under our jurisdiction too and the boarders are not on lockdown." Ben Maurice asked.
The journalists all exchanged confused looks. They were addressed by the Vice president of Nigeria early in the morning and he claimed that the government is working tirelessly by empowering the millitary to make sure the rebel soldiers are not allowed massive entry into Enugu and they should be choked inside the less populated Anambra where they are based until they surrender. Also in his words, the vice president said that the president of the new soveriegn state would be at the government house in Lagos to discuss with the democratically elected president of Nigeria.
"But sir, just yesterday, a group of soldiers attacked the House of Assembly in Nsukka and fifteen lawmakers were killed. What do you have to say to that? Are these soldiers from your country or are they just being uncultured and heartless?" A female journalist asked.
General Ben Maurice jaw tightened.
"Get her out of here? Smash her camera and make sure she doesn't return home the way she left home." Ben Maurice ordered his soldiers and before anybody could react, the lady journalist was already being dragged out of the conference room.
After successfully harassing almost half of the journalists in the room, Ben decided to leave, even though he didn't want to leave, but when he recieved messages from the President of Nigeria, he had to respect the fact that he is in a different country.
Before the President of the federal republic of Nigeria could address the press one hour after Ben Maurice left, there had been calls from different sections of the country asking the president to resign, sice he couldn' uphold the unity in the country and allowed himself to be compromised.
There were calls from the international community commending the president for granting independence to the Eastern region. According to them, it is a very bold step to take and the addition of another country would allow the diversification of the Africa's dwindlling economy. Such that while Nigeria would focus mainly on Agriculture, the Eastern region would focus mainly on Petroleum and natural resources. Thereby, enriching the African community.
The president was quick to deny such claims and during his one hour press conference, he spoke with anger. He spit fire as he spoke, one could see fire in his eyes as he addressed the press who he gave no chance to to ask quetsions for he had drafted twenty five possible questions for himsefl and he answerd them all. In the end, he made the decision that Ben Maurice be expelled from the Army and stripped of all his ranks while he further commended the Nigerian Army for the good job they had been doing so far.

--to be continued--
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 8:24pm On Feb 27, 2015
Today is the 25th of December 1985, exactly twenty five days that the North eastern region came into existence. And within those twenty five days, several things had happened. While, the Nigerian government continued to strengthen the army by providing them with arms, increased salary packages and encouragement, the International community put their weight behind the East Nigeria republic. Big countries such as, Russia, China, France to mention a few. And while Britain was caught in between two countries who were once under her once, the British prime minister adviced the two countries to meet and reach an agreement that East Nigeria would gain her independence, but in the international scene, they would be seen as one. Just like in the case of Great Britain which consists of countries like, the united Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Scotland to mention a few, but political elites in Nigeria refused and as a result of the pressure mounted, the government backed out of any intended talks with the Eastern region.
The only country that backed Nigeria was the United state of America who after the Eastern region Bank produced the ER dollar, the US government claimed she would not recognise the currency in the international market and therefore, the ER dollar was devalued even before the money was officially launched.
And while the Nigerian soldiers has over the days recaptured few of the villages under the jurisdiction of the rebel soldiers, towns and villages like, Awgu, Ezeagu, Isi-Uzo have all been recaptured. Therefore, the rebel soldiers are massively in charge of Anambra which was serving as their base and government house.
Grace walked out of the house with a bucket full of water and headed towards the backyard.
"Good morning Mummy Eniola." A young lady greeted her.
"Yes o, Aunty Ifeoma. Merry christmas to you." Grace replied.
Grace and her children had to exit the town of Udi when the rate at which soldier's families were been targeted, even when the Nigerian government announced its intention to give amnesties to the rebel soldiers, but it seem they already made their minds up.
Grace on her part considered her marriage with Mark Anthony a history because the last time they talkes was on the 10th of December and every attempt made by her to contact him all proved fruitless. At some point, she travelled all the way from Nsukka to Udi just to see him, but she was not allowed entry into the Barracks.
"Mummy Eniola, I am inviting you to our church for a christmas dinner." Ifeoma said giving her an invitation card. Certainly, she must have been thinking for a long time because she didn't know when Ifeoma left the backyard and entered the house to fetch the invitation card.
"I'll come." She replied smiling.
A minute later, she had emptied the content of her bucket and had washed it, refilled it with the water which ran from inside the University and returned into her room where she would no doubt be spending the whole day sewing the clothes she was given by her customers and also making sure that her children enjoyed the christmas day even though this is not the kind of christmas wished for her children.
Mark Anthony in the last fiteen days had enjoyed himself as a newly promoted Colonel who now sits in the comfort of his office while the millitary troops face the rebel soldiers where the war is very hot. But, he wouldn't sit in his office during the day, because according to the training he went through, he was told that as a soldier, there should be no office when there is war. Everyone in khaki should move out enmass and fight the war to the end.
And while Mark led the war from the front, he was allowed to return to the barrack at every 6pm where he would pass the night and join them the following day. This routine has been in place for a week now and its seemed to be working because, the troops feels more encouraged when they see Major Generals in their midst, when they recieve calls from the president every morning. They had successfully sent the rebel soldiers who were moving with impunity in cities like Nsukka, Udi to mention a few away and those regions are rebel free except the city of Anambra which has been taken over by the rebel soldiers and with an act of brutality, civillians were being killed and soldiers alike.

--to be continued--

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Mourin(f): 8:47pm On Feb 27, 2015
ride on d9ty7
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 8:51pm On Feb 27, 2015
hun hun. This is getting thougher
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 9:00pm On Feb 27, 2015
December 28 was a day that Grace would not forget in a hurry. Reason being that, early in the morning, Colonel Mark Anthony, her husband had addressed the country and declared Udi, Enugu and Nsukka safe and habitable. The news was greeted with joy and Grace was particularly happy that she would reunite with her husband and make their marriage work one more time. Even though she was angry because, Mark didn't deem it fit to tell her that he had became a colonel and she had to find out in the news. But love they say knew no bounds, and she was quick to forgive him and looked forward to meeting him later in the day at Udi barracks, a suprise visit she called it, so they can discuss whento return to Udi.
She arrived at the Barracks as early as nine o'clock in the morning and she was urshered into Colonel Mark's office who at the time was not on seat. And before long, Grace was asked to go and meet her husband in their flat inside the barrack.
She happily swayed her hips towards the flat which was a ten minutes drive from the offices, but she decided to walk so as to waste more time and make him restless and impatient. But unknown to her, her decision to trek the distance was the last straw that broke the camel's back because, the fifteen minutes afforded Mark the time to get undressed and at the same time UnCloth the two women in his bed and by the time Grace walked in, the were already at it.
"Mark!!!!" She screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Who is she?" One of the ladies asked.
"My wife." Mark replied. "Let not spoil the fun, she is not important."
"Mark, why? Why are you doing this to me? Mark!!" She cried as she sat down on the floor.
"Mark, whatelse do you want? Can't you stay away from women for twenty five days? Can't you invite me over? I mean, I am your wife and..." She was saying when he cut her shut.
"Twenty five days is not much, but who knows what you are doing over there in Nsukka with those university boys?" He asked.
"Anyways, if you don't mind, feel free to join us here." He said before resuming the ungodly act he was engaging in with the two love peddlers on the bed.
She could take it no more, she was loosing her sanity. She couldn't imagine herself watch three adult have sex and she was begining to feel the heat and the urge to join them, but she needed to clarify some things with her about to be ex husband.
"Mark, what are our chances?" she asked.
Mark Anthony bursted into laughter. "What chances? This marriage has since been over, the moment you left for Nsukka without my consent."
"Mark, I told you I was going to Nsukka and you even sent a car and two soldiers to accompany me." She cried.
"You asked for a vehicle and security. You didn't ask if I want you to go. Anyways, there is no point. Just make sure you take care of my children, I will be back in ten years to claim them, but right now, you have to get out of my house."
She couldn't argue, she just walked dejectedly out of the house and that moment, she kissed her marriage goodbye. The bright future she had dreamt of with her family became unrealistic even though, she vowed that moment to give the best to her children so that when they become well to do in the future, their father's conscience can always prick him anytime he collects money from them.
She felt heartborken and ended the year 1985 as a dejected woman who could not spend thirty minutes without shedding tears. Her children couldn't understand, but Junior the eldest knew it had to be about their father, but he couldn't ask questions, because he had no idea of what to ask.
At a point, Grace blamed herself for her present predicament, because she had been warned by one of her cousins who is also married to a soldier. Her cousin adviced her to divorce Mark the moment he left home for camp, because it was a normal thing for soldiers to cheat on their wives during wars, but Grace claimed her husband can never do such. And while, her cousin's marriage is back, her marriage has been broken and there is nothing she could do, rather tahn live with it.

--to be continued--
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Spongia1(m): 9:14pm On Feb 27, 2015
Another blockbuster in the offing! Oga d9ty7, i dnt want to be a critic buh later I'll point out some areas where you need to improve. Thumbs up man
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by domido(m): 10:28pm On Feb 27, 2015
I want to follow dis story for so many reasons. First becos its from D9ty7 also its a war story and because it has History anditd Didactic. Pls, I advise anyone who witnessd Nigeria Civil war to come in cos I tink I al ready av some questions to ask.
Also, D9ty7, I wanna draw ur attentn to smth. Wen u did d Disclaimer, I thought u shud Twick(is dere anyrin like dat,abeg correct me) d name of d Countries. Instead of Nigeria,u can use smth else and dat of US.
Just ma One kobo.
Am wit u on dis.
Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by hayurmidey(m): 3:28am On Feb 28, 2015

Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by D9ty7(m): 8:22am On Feb 28, 2015
While December 28 happened to be the happiest day in his life, the day he was able to actualise his long term aim, the day, he said it to his wife's face that he wanted out of the marriage, even though he still loved her, but some unseen forces are successfully pulling him away from his loved one, January first was the worst day.
He walked out of his bedroom into the living room where his live in girlfriend was preparing coffee for him.
"Are you set?" She asked.
"Yes I am." He replied as he tucked in his uniform, tightened his belt and picked up his boot to wear.
As he put a leg on the nearest stool, he could hear a voice. A voice that brought tears to his eyes, a voice that slapped him hard accross the face and reality clearly written before him.
"I have come to seek peace." That was all he heard before, the Nigeria's national anthem came on air. The voice unmistakably belonged to Ben Maurice, the man behind the the thirty one days war in the country. The man who vowed to sustain the idependence of the East Nigeria republic, even with his life, has publicly called for peace.
"Now, every soldier can go home to reunite with their families. And yes, Nigeria, we are one."
"so, he is still speaking?" He asked himself.
"Here is your coffee." His live in girlfriend announced and all hell got loose as he pounced on her and beat her until he could beat her no more. Before he angrily pushed her out of the house.
Minutes later, calls started coming in, from friends, families, well wishers and colleagues at work who wanted to know how he took the news. The way they spoke with concern made him feel better, but the thought of the war being over was something that is worth crying for. And four hours later, he recieved a suprise call from Grace, even though he couldn't talk to her. The moment he heard her voice, he just started crying. Just within the space of four days, he lost two important things in his life at present. He lost his wife and the war is over.
"Grace, I love you and I still do." He said as he sat on the floor thinking about the last thirty one days. The war he had thought would take months or if possible years ended abruptly after a month. He could remember the events of the previous day, they still killed hundreds of rebel soldiers as his troops advanced from Orji river into Akwa in Anambra and forced the rebels out of their camp, in another development, the rebel soldiers still attacked Adani and Umulokpa the previous day and took over the two villages.
So, why the sudden change in heart? Ben Maurice still addressed his followers last night claiming the war would continue, but now, the same Maurice within eight hours returned to say he wants peace.
And something that hasn't happened for thirty one day happened five minutes later, the electric bulb in the living room came on and illuminated the large room. And a minutes later, the television slowly came on than despite its screen colour, he could clearly see a peace agreement being signed.
The president of Nigeria and Ben Maurice were standing on either side of a small table inside the presidential villa, Lagos. British prime minister was standing very close to them, as well as a few world leaders. The president of Nigeria picked the pen from its case and signed on a blue paper, there were applause from the background and he subsequently handed the pen to Mauric who collected it and reluctantly after five minutes signed on the paper. The British Prime minister subsequetly collected the pen and appended his signature too.
The three men hugged one another, even though Maurice only wrapped his arm around the president, he made sure he had no other bodily contact with him. And five minutes later, Maurice entered a presidential aircraft which was waiting on the open filed and the helicopter took off.
That was when Mark knew he was at loss, the peace agreement has been signed, Ben Maurice has recieved pardon for causing unrest in the country, he has been allowed to fly in a presidential aircraft out of the country.
And the soldiers who faced the bullets would get nothing in return, even the rebel soldiers.

Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by ritababe(f): 11:32am On Feb 28, 2015

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Re: 1985.... 1987.... 2014--[a Crime Story] by Nobody: 1:09pm On Feb 28, 2015
What to do now Mark. Hmm O su mi oo

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[story] My Life As A Yahoo Boy / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) / Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge

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