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E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:40pm On Mar 15, 2015
It's been awhile.

So I decided a comeback with this thread.
I just hope it excites your reading fantasy.


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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Shynaboy1: 4:52pm On Mar 15, 2015
Oya Let's go..
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by apholaryn: 8:17pm On Mar 15, 2015
wlc bak...oya let's do it.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:01pm On Mar 15, 2015
Episode 1

I woke up with a slight headache,I reached out for my phone,it's 1 am,and my battery is down to five percent.
Damn! Can this get any worse?
Finally after dozing off at about 11pm the day before,now I'm up by 1 am,my phone is down,I can't even fiddle with it.Don't get your hopes up,I sneered at myself,we have been having issues with light for a week now.

I laid down there eyes wide,while thoughts came flooding into my head

How could he do this?
No,he didn't,he's just messing with me,ok our relationship may not have been perfect,we had lots of fights,insults abuse(both physical and verbal)breakups and makeups,but in all,it was what made us unique.we always had each other no matter what or so I thought.

Ok that's Evans.
Evans and me have been dating for three years now.
Early thirties,tall,with a well built body,dark in complexion which really compliments his white teeth and bulky bright eyes.
He may not be every woman's dream,but every waking woman just might be glad to have him.

I guess what people say is true the beginning gives an intro to the end.

Dressed in a coral blue tank top with a black jean and a pair of gold colour flat sandal,I rushed out of the house with my phone glued to my ear,the other hand dragging the envelope,anyway it's the girl that's supposed to deliver this envelope to my sister in another town calling to tell me her bus is almost leaving the park.

Hastily I dash out the street,now this silver coloured corolla just coming out of a petrol station bumped into me,in less than two seconds,I am sprawling on the street,but the driver was fast enough to hit the brakes that the impact wasn't much.

It took me three minutes to find my feet through the help of passers-by who already formed a mini crowd,while the driver was busy trying to gather the contents of my envelope and my phone,I worked straight to him at once,before my brain could act,my hand did.

This stranger held left eye for what seemed like two seconds,perhaps recovering from the slap and also calculating his next move,and like a bear he launched himself towards me,when some concerned people from the mini crowd stopped him.

Only God knew what I would have looked like after the encounter
Are you drunk at about 9am?
Or are you still recovering from that of last night?
I ranted

You must be very stupid,I guess you are even too dumb to know you are supposed to look in all directions before crossing,he replied.

You are an id..iot,thank your stars I'm unhurt,you would have been rotting in a police cell slowpoke,I fired back while parking my belonging,

I halted the next available tax and headed home.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by apholaryn: 10:55pm On Mar 15, 2015
continue o...op...me like it.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 10:27am On Mar 17, 2015
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:02am On Mar 17, 2015
Two weeks later,I'm at this ATM spot trying to use my card,but for some reason,it is telling me my financial institution is currently not blah blah blah...,I'm frustrated again,just when I turn round to exit the ATM spot,I'm face to face with this guy.

I froze for a second,I guess it's true what they say it's a small world,
God!what do I do right now?
Keep your calm,not that he's going to kill you here,it's a public place remember?
He took this bold but slow steps towards me,our eyes locked and for the first time I noticed he was handsome,dressed in a white T-shirt and faded blue jean,I almost lost it when he got close,fear is a terrible thing,but for some reason my brain was more focused on his looks,the scent of his cologne and his confidence.

"well well we meet again" he said
I let out a smile mixed with fear, in a not so aggressive manner I replied,I could have sworn my voice was shaky

I'm Evans,stretching out his hand for a handshake,lets talk over dinner tonight,9pm,I will pick you up.I was overwhelmed with his confidence,but I wasn't about to show that,so slowly I drew my hands from his.

Pick me up?I shot back,you must really think I live on the streets,he gave me this you-have-no-idea grin,he moved past me a bit and said

See you by 9pm Alice
Errrm! whaaat!did you just...how did you know my name?
But he was already punching the keys on the machine,I wasn't about to let him feel in control so I left without any other word.

Well,that was three years ago,and that was the beginning of a good relationship up until three weeks ago,precisely valentines day.
I looked forward to that day,it was the first valentine Evans and me will be spending together in three years.
First year I spent it teaching a bunch of disinterested students up north how to recite the alphabet,that was my service year,crap!so Evans and me had to make do with phone calls,finally in the heat of night when folks are gonna be "orgasmi..ng" 10 to 20 times,I had to make do with se.ex chat,well I still had a perfect valentine.

Second year,for some reason Evan's boss decided to be a devil by taking him the day before valentine on a 3 day business trip,I never liked that man,so we made do with a post valentine get together that was interrupted by his friends.crap!

So I made sure not even pharoah was going to mess our third year valentine and first ever together for us,so i laid out excuses for him ranging from boss to parents to friends.

It was going to be perfect...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:33pm On Mar 17, 2015
I called Evans by 4pm the day before valentine,I realised he was still in the office,I frowned,as if he could see my face from the other end.

I hope you remember the excuse I gave you for your boss,incase he tries to be a devil again.
I got it babe he said,so I tried to joke around a bit,so how's tomorrow gonna look like?
Let me call you back baby,he said,I could feel the not-now-if-you-want-me-tomorrow-let-me-work-now vibe on his voice,so I quickly said my call you later and hung up.

PHCN was too good,I guess the caught the valentine vibe too,I had been seeing a movie all day,so I hit the play button and continued watching breaking dawn of the Twilight saga wondering how a girl will fall in love with a vampire and even want to be one,I guess that's true love.

Whatever! Anything to enhance my love mood,time flies when you seem to be having fun,I didn't even realise this until I was startled by the vibration from my phone,I picked it up.

Hey babe,were you sleeping,Evans asked he sounded tired,no still seeing a movie,though I was now drowsy but determined to finish up the movie I saw after breaking dawn.

Are you just comin back from work,I enquired,yes I just got home,he replied,are you still coming over? He added,
Hmmm no,I think you should get some rest as we won't be getting much tomorrow,I teased,he gave me a tired giggle,then we both said our goodnights and I love yous,then hung up.

I finally went to bed at a quarter to midnight,I guess I slept all through,cos I never realised until Evans woke me up by 7:45am

Rise and shine baby,our date begins now,at that instance,it seemed like I had been awake for hours already,I jumped out of bed.
Oh! I have to call my mum,she is always calling on days like these when I'm not around her,part of me feels she does it on purpose to make sure I'm not out of line.so I might be out of line today,so i have to make sure she doesn't call by calling her first.
The call was barely lasted for a minute,I hung up and jumped into the bathroom
I was ready in about one hour,dressed in a green polo and a black jean with a black pair of black boots,I tied my hair in a pony tail leaving the fringe dangling over my forehead,my makeup was too light,it became pronounced,I reached out for my black purse while I took one last look at the mirror,it was one of those days,I didn't need to be told I look good.

I headed out.

Evans lives in a one bedroom flat,a little bit away from the centre of the town where all the hustle and bustle of the city happens.he hates noise.
I alighted from the taxi.I couldn't wait to get in,he must have seen me approaching,cos I barely rang the bell,when the door swung open.

He was on boxers,smelling of aftershave and cologne mixed up,even the air in the house was fresh,furniture was rearranged,the settees were placed in a circular form.

What's going on here? I asked raising my eyebrows in surprise,but he ignored my questions,then he pulled me towards himself and gave me a bear hug
Then he whispered"you look great"as if those words accompanied a need,I felt a bulging down south,then he started planting tender soft kisses on my neck,

Oh oh! Like a chain reaction,fire started building up inside of me,he kissed from my neck till he found me lips,he parted them slowly while his hands kept moving up and down my back.

Damn!he is good with this lip thing,not wanting to hasten things,he moved from my lips down to my neck again,while I let out a soft moan,he shifts me slowly till im resting on the door,he finds his way back to my lips while his two hands are sliding up and down my bre..asts,delaying for seconds at the nip.ple region.
God I was lost!I kept sliding my waist down to feel his bulging,but he kept moving away slightly,he didn't want to rush this.
I was hot inside already,I guess he saw my desperation,he took pleasure in that,he gently slides my polo up with his right hand locating my left ni..pple,I let out a loud moan.
He gave me that cocky smile,Evans always knew how to work me,most especially in moments like this,I wasn't about to die of thirst in the midst of plenty water,so I had to bring on my own mojo to get what I wanted.

I pushed him away a bit,while I took off my polo,unhooked my bra,two heavy things fell off like they were waiting to be rescued,Evans gaped at them like a kid with a large ice cream bowl,he rushed and cupped them both with his hands,he was now breathing fast,before I knew it boxers were gone.Damn! He looked good like this,he unzipped my flyers,while we both forcefully tried to drag down my jean.

Damn! Jeans are killjoys,as soon one side was out,he noticed there was nothing under,he murmured"you are a beast"with killer smile,he lifted one of my legs and came in at full length,while we both let out moans.the moistness of that place launched him into quicker thrusts,soft moans turned to loud moans,in about ten minutes we were both on the floor helplessly.

He turned and whispered "you are a beast"I laughed out loud...


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 4:32pm On Mar 18, 2015
I managed to lift myself from the floor,it just occurred to me that I haven't eaten breakfast.i was now as hungry as a bear,coupled with the activity we just embarked upon.
I dashed into the kitchen,Evans made noodles with diced chicken,but now it was past cold,cos we couldn't tame one desire for the other.

I dished it so we both sat bare bodied on the parlour floor eating,feeding each other,giggling about not so funny things,then Evans popped open a chilled bottle of Carlo Rossi which he took from the freezer,he always knew all the little things that made me happy,soon we pushed aside our plates,and went into a deep session of kissing which ignited a new flame.

Yes,we made love again,this time we took it slow and steady,exploring all sensitive parts,I was more in control this time,i made good use of mouth,and before I knew it,he was dripping all over me,we hit the shower,spent more time there enjoying the feel of the cold water against our intertwined bodies,when we finally hit the bed,we were drowsy.

God!we had slept for over two hours.we decided to see a movie,something romantic,we couldn't really make a suitable choice,so we ended up watching por.n,we weren't even 10 minutes into it,we got caught up in the euphoria,and had another wild session which lasted for 30minutes and 10seconds,not that I timed it,but with the extraordinary things we did to each other,it couldn't just have been 30minutes.

Ok get dressed,we are going out,cos if we keep ourselves locked up here,they might pick our corpses tomorrow,Evans teased after we both came and panting like we finished a relay race.we both got dressed,and it occurred to me,that my phone hasn't rang all day,where's my phone?
It's on the table in the parlour,I switched both our phones off,I didn't want distractions.
I smiled as we both step out of the house,we took a walk,and decided we visit the city park which on a day like this will be filled with guys like us.we weren't disappointed cos it was as we predicted,but it was fun though.

We bought icecream as we both sat at one corner in the field talking about everything but the future,it hit me then that by the end of today,a lot of futures will be wrecked,defined or built and I wondered which category I will fall into,but Evans interrupted my thoughts when he planted a soft kiss on my cheek,I did same to him and we both giggled.

It was 6:30pm when we finally left the park,we both brought our phones on,I got a couple of messages from some admirers,and a lot from my service provider too,Evans got tons too,he decided to put a call to his friend Kenneth who just told him he got into town with one of his numerous girlfriends a new one to be precise.
I never really like Ken as we called him cos I always thought he might influence Evans with his womanizing lifestyle,but he always had a way of making me laugh plus he throws around alot of money especially when he is trying to impress women,tonight is one of those nights since we are all hitting the club later by 8pm.

So Evans and me both had to rush home and prepare for the big night,
ken arrived later at about past 8 in his Range rover sport,he is a big boy,working with one of the oil and gas firms,and lots of family money,with his pretty girlfriend seated in front,he always did like them light skin and tall,soon we joined them,Ken hugged me,and we all exchanged pleasantries and necessary introductions.
We headed to the club...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:21pm On Mar 18, 2015
Pls forgive every typo,grammatical and sentence construction error.

Comments are welcome.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:13am On Mar 21, 2015
On a normal Saturday,9pm would have been to early for most club lovers,but this Saturday was no normal one,the hall was halfway filled,though just few people were on the dance floor just twerking to the cool jams flowing.

We spotted an empty table for four at one corner of the hall,we made ourselves comfortable,Ken's company was unnecessarily quiet as she kept fiddling with her phone,I had no choice but to follow suit since both our companies were engrossed in the discussion,as soon as we sat down,they played the gentlemen role by asking what cared for,after a while we unanimously agreed to start our night with Red Label.

It was served with a bucket of ice,we sat there sipping away as the dance floor starting heating up with more people,I could see Anita,Ken's company from the faint light nodding,wow! She is loosening up,it must be the alcohol.

Evans and Ken's discussion kept growing from normal voices to whispers from time to time,at some point Anita reached out for my hand,inviting me for a dance,

Does she know I'm a terrible dancer?,obviously she is good at it judging from her gestures,that's why she wants to enjoy my frustration,but I obliged anyway,as we hit the dance floor,both guys smile at us.

At about 2pm,I was already in my 7th alcoholic planet,the guys were in their 5th or so,Anita well was in her maybe 100th,cos she had used the ladies room six times already in two hours,four of those she had puked her entire intestines,

Can you blame,we had consumed two bottles of Red label and two bottles of Carlo Rossi,we just had to leave.
As for me,I was seeing a million people in the hall,I felt like I was carrying about ten blocks on my head,my legs were shaking.

I roll over as my eyes open,everything is strange,
Where am I? it took me five seconds to realise I am on Evans bed,wearing his shirt,what the hell happened last night?
Last thing is remember is Evans voice in my head telling me I will be fine,maybe I passed,what about Anita and Ken? Did Anita pass out too? I was still processing all these when I realised Evans is not even on bed,

I managed to get out of bed,my head was still fussy,I walked towards the parlour,but I paused cos I heard Evans' voice.he was obviously on phone

"baby listen,pls just hear me out,I understand,I know you have tried,wait! Wait! listen!,I know you have been patient,but I promise I will soon end this,I know we are supposed to be together yesterday,I promise I will make it up to
you,I love you so much".

My legs grew weaker,now I know it wasn't the alcohol anymore,but what i just heard,Evans talking to someone on phone?
Who could possibly be at the other end? My stomach ached,i could feel the heat moving to my face,then eyes, i let it out as hot tears graced my cheeks.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:26pm On Mar 29, 2015
Episode 2
Jerking back to reality,I realised how far one could travel back in time with thoughts,I had relived our entire 3years of relationship in 4hours.

My phone had finally gone off, i could feel the morning sipping in through the curtains,i could feel my brain in my head,the headache had increased,i managed to get up,reached for the lamp,switched it on,the light illuminated the room,causing my eyes to go dim for a while,my eyes soon got used to the illuminated room.

I let my eyes stray slowly to the wall clock,it was 5am already,i rushed into the bathroom,I needed a cold shower to ease the pounding headache I had.
It's been 2months since I realised Evans was cheating on me,I pretended to have heard anything,went back to bed and left the next morning,not giving Evans a clue to what I have learnt.I started avoiding him,hoping he will press on to find out what's going on,but he didn't,seemed like he even used it as an opportunity to avoid me too.

I braved up and decided to confront the man I loved,expecting him to deny it all,but he looked me in the eye and said

"yes Alice I have been seeing someone,Susan and me go way back,I know it's a lot to process right now,but..."
Before he could finish the last sentence which I suppose would have been more disastrous than it already was,I moved slowly away,while he tried to hold me back,but I asked him to stop with a hand gesture,I found myself sitting on a pavement by the roadside weeping uncontrollably.
I started stalking Evans on social media,after he stopped calling me,anger soon became fear,I was just at that point wishing he could just come back to me,I got curious,I wanted to know about the woman who has taken my man

Was she more beautiful?
Rich? Secured career? Etc
I just wanted to weight the competition or understand the attraction.Thank God for the 21st century,with the social media craze,you could stalk from a smartphone.

I made sure I followed him closely,slowly I unravelled the mystery woman,she was annoyingly pretty,light skin with nice set of teeth that enhanced her already captivating smile,I soon realised she just came in from Canada where she was studying,well her facebook page didn't say much,but said alot.
But something interesting caught my eyes.Her name.
She was Susan Larry Jameson,
Larry Jameson?
I felt my stomach turn,I couldn't tell what it was,fear or anger.
Is she the daughter of?
I scrolled down,
Ha! I gasped at a picture I saw,I clicked it,enlarging it to a more visible size,
It was Susan with another handsome guy in the middle,A woman in her fifties to the right,and Larry Jameson to left,they all looked so happy,the picture was tagged"family is everything"

It was now obvious,but I wanted to be convinced I scrolled through the comments which were over sixty,without doubt now I realised that Susan was the dear daughter of the famous Larry Jameson.


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:30pm On Apr 02, 2015
well,for starters,Larry Jameson is the founder and Chief executive officer of Jameson group of companies.
But for smart folks,currently he is worth thirty billion US dollars.He owns pharmaceutical companies,media houses,private universities,transport companies across the country.

Recently he extended his tentacles to ICT,he bought over Siecom,the leading Service providing telecommunications company in the country,those are just the investments the common people know of,he holds a PhD from Harvard Business School,I should know all these cos I got fascinated by this man when he delivered a lecture two years ago at my convocation ceremony on Youths:A necessary catalyst for building the Nation's economy,he was delectable in his speech,captivating the audience with his flawless grammar with a touch of humour,I still remember the resounding applause he got as he ended his speech and walked back to his seat.

I took interest in him since then.so to say he is rich and influential is a plain joke,he is phenomenal,I don't know why I wasn't interested in his family life not untill now.

With that simple discovery that I didn't just lose the man I love to another woman,but to the daughter of Larry Jameson was more painful than the stab of a thousand knives to my heart. I tried to console myself.
I stayed away from social media to avoid all traces of my dilemma,I was tempted to call a thousand times,but the feeling was mostly accompanied by fear of the unknown,at this point,he wasn't even calling anymore.i locked myself in,indulged in so many different things to get my mind off the obvious like watching movies,reading books,games,switched off my phones,bring it on again,wishing to at least see a text message from Evans that will tell me that it wad all a big joke,that didn't happen,out of anger and disappointment,I switched off my phones again.

After three days,I didn't know when I found myself in Evans's place,there was this Mercedes C class parked outside,a range rover sport,I immediately recognised that as Ken's car,I saw Evans's car too,so I knew he is around,as I approached his flat,I hear laughter,sounded like there were more people,my guts told me to walk to the door,while my brain told me to turn back,

I ignored my brain,I looked a bit undressed,I haven't made up in three
days,for my purpose there,I didn't really
think I needed makeup.i muttered some courage and knock,I could hear a pause inside from the laughter,I knocked again,before I could knock again,the door slides open and I'm face to face with Evans.

"what are you doing here"?he asked with a not so good tone,I could feel anger suppressed in it, we need to talk I fired back,before he could say another word,I pressed in,walked to the parlour where everyone was,I saw ken,Dean and Sam,three of Evans's good friends and two other ladies,one I recognised from the picture I saw on facebook.
This must be "la princesse" my mind informed,I managed a hi everyone with a smile that didn't go beyond my lips,I could see the look of uncertainty and curiosity on everybody's face,I didn't wait for a response for any body,I fired up another question that really needed no answer rather to register a feeling.
What is everybody so happy about? I had just activated my b.itchy self,I turned and walked straight to the kitchen,got a glass,came back and I went straight to the vodka on the table in their midst,poured it,almost filling my glass,poured it down my throat,anticipating a quick reaction,which will help my course.they were all staring at me in bewilderment.

Dean managed a"it's very nice to see you Alice",before he could end his words,I fired back same here,I started sweating almost immediately,a reaction in my body,I felt an unnecessary boldness,I turned to the lady I recognised from facebook,
Sarah right?its very nice to finally meet
you in person,with an outstretched hand,she hesitate for a while,my hands are still outstretched,then reluctantly she shakes me,I squeezed her hands with a look on my face that sings there is trouble,Evans rushes to drag my hands off hers and says Alice please lets talk outside.

I didn't realize that there are vodkas that could act up in less that ten minutes if taken in an excess quantity,I staggered laughing foolishly,No Evans we can talk here where we would understand ourselves better where Sarah here could gain so much from right Sam?I asked now looking in Sam's direction,They were all now aware that there was about to be a storm in paradise...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 6:44pm On Apr 02, 2015
Pls continue
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 2:10pm On Apr 03, 2015
I staggered again and almost tripped over the other lady which from her position showed she was yet another of Ken's company,she tighten her grip around Ken's arm,
Let me formally introduce myself I said looking in Sarah's direction I'm Alice,Evans's girlfriend,she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something,
I'm not done,I cut in,the one whom he has spent three bleeping years with,I emphasized each word as if to send a message.

That's enough,Evans said angrily,pulling my arm,he shoved me away,get out he added,while the Dean rushed to calm Evans.I exploded,anger mixed with frustration and alcohol,I rushed back to the table,grabbed the almost empty bottle of Scotch,broke it on the table,but before I could perform the next action,two strong and firm hands held me,overpowering and pinning me down to the floor,I struggled to move,by this time,voices were raised,neighbours started lurking around,I screamed
you,son of a bi.tch,you really think you have do this to me and get away with it,you wrecked my life because of some rich bi.tch,are you that shallow,by now Sam and Dean are shielding and pulling me to the door to prevent me from Evans who is now so enraged,threatening to beat the living daylight of me,I screamed at the top of my voice from the door,
Hey!bi.tch he doesn't love you,he only wants your money,I was acting crazy,offcourse I was losing my mind.

I always knew Sam liked me in a way,whatever way it was,cos of that he was one of Evans's friends,I respected so much,Alice what's really going on? I always knew you to be strong,Sam said,with those words tears began building up,then dropping slowly,neighbours who didn't know gathered around asking questions.

I'm going to take you home now,Sam said in soft voice that only brought momentary comfort,he went back inside retrieved Ken's car keys,and held me gently walking me to the car.

We both didn't say anything to each other until I got home,as he dropped me he asked if there is anything he could help,I shook my head,making a No gesture,as I turned to leave,he said strong women are known to take the highroad,go take care of yourself, you will be fine,I nod.he drove off.

My head began spinning,I knew I needed help,I reached for my purse and took out my phone and scrolled down to a contact I have been avoiding to call for days.Rosie!

Rosie and me go way back in school,beautiful,intelligent and calm,the exact reverse of me.
I met Rosie in our final year,I remember going to dispose waste at the back of the hostel,there was this pavement where a girl was seated crying her eyes out,so engrossed in her tears,she didn't notice when I approached her.

I knew if I had to get her to tell me what's going on,I had to go beyond the sympathy level,
"you look awful" I said with a stern look on my face,suddenly she paused and looked at me,I guess she was wondering look who the hell is this stranger with a bad mouth,she stood up to leave,I stopped her then said,I stay in room 23,if you ever want to share,I walked away without looking back,two days Rosie showed up in my room,looking worn out but more beautiful than the first day,she sat on my bed,and told me a very funny story of how her boyfriend has been abusing her,the last straw that broke the camel's back was when Rosie walked in on him with another girl,she tried to ask questions but she was beaten black and blue,the marks were evident on her back which she showed me,so she decided to end it,but he kept harassing her,the night before I met her crying,the guy asked to talk to her,when she went,he beat her up again and collected her phones.

I asked so many questions which proved to me she was naive in the relationship thing,so at that moment,she may have found a shoulder to cry on,but I found a protégé to coach,I gathered all the information I needed about this "azz" of a guy,who he is,where he lived,his routine and how he operates.
I took out the extra sim card I have for missions like this,
Then I went to work...


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 8:36am On Apr 04, 2015
Babe ur doing a good job... More greese but pls feed me more
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:41am On Apr 06, 2015
hello,am I unto Kelvin,I said
yes please,he sounded polite,who am I speaking to?
Not important right now,but I must say,you clean up pretty nice,nice jacket,but that silly beard just makes me hate you all the more,I sounded harsh.
"who the hell am I speaking to you"? He asked,scanning his environment,
Uh uh!if I were you,I wouldn't cross over to the other side,you might just get hurt,I added as he tried to rush over to the other side in order to access his office building,he paused suddenly.

Wow!I thought to myself,this is working,at least I tested him there and it worked,he didn't cross just like I ordered,I ended the call,watched him pace for a while,then with a speed of light crossed over,dissappearing into his office building,I waited for about 20minutes then came down from the storey building where I staged my drama,retracting the sim from my phone,I dis appeared into the adjoining street.I walked straight to the mud house behind one of the famous churches in town,the mud house is known to some as the most powerful house in town,hence the nickname"white house",it offers services to various kinds of people,from criminals to pastors,as I got close,two rough looking guys approached me,one from the front and the other from the back,circling me,the one in front of me had this large scar across his face to show for his years of guardianship according to Magdalene.

I never really knew this place existed not until yesterday when I had finalised the lady stage of my plans for Kelvin,Rosie's boyfriend,Magdalene is known in the hostel to be a mental case,she is involved in all kinds of vices,so I decided to approached her,she didn't disappoint,she told me about the mud house,the guardians,and taught me the basic language,which as she said all fell into place.

The guy behind asked "Who is the point guard"?his hoarse voice resonating through my body,I was a bit shaky,but I remember Magdalene's words about composure,so I mustered some courage,my lips still quaking,I said Lena according to Magdalene,I guess that was her code name,I could read the relaxation in their eyes

"Purpose of visit"The guy behind fired again,at that point I realised two other guys approaching our direction,one of them walked past me,letting his shoulder brush against mine,I turned,but I couldn't even look into his eyes cos there were blood red and fierce looking,so I turned to the guy who threw the question,then replied
"Two sacks of snow"I could see a bit of surprise on their faces,and that gave me some amount of satisfaction,after a long pause,he replied
I dropped an unnecessary bold sum of money on the ground,the other guy who gave me the fierce look threw something in a brown envelope to the one who asked all the questions,he handed it over to me,i hurriedly collected the package,I was about leaving,when a firm hands pulled me back,it was the guy that stood in front,I stopped

"Discretion and caution is advised"he said,at the point,I understood why he didn't talk,his voice wasn't intimidating enough,he had a feminine voice,I guess what he lacked in voice,he made up in looks,with that I turned and walked away,headed straight to Kelvin's place.


Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 5:58pm On Apr 07, 2015
Getting into Kelvin's house was easy,but not been seen by the neighbours was the well not so was part,I had to think really fast,if there is one thing I didn't want,it was getting beaten at my own game,that does not happen.

I had less than 4hrs to do what I have to,I waited patiently for the last of his neighbour to leave,which from my routine check for the last week shows that he does later than other two, that is kelvin and a certain banker. though he left eventually,I still had his wife who doesn't work to worry about.

I slipped into Kelvin's side of the flat,scanning the environment,all I could hear was the sound from "housewife's" kitchen,I quickly removed a key from my back pocket,slipped it into the lock,it fit,I turned it twice and
Boom! I watched the door slide open slowly,I entered,
Hmmm!nice place,at least he was good with interior decorations,though it was not so big a place,but he sure knew how to make it look homely.i locked the door from inside,surveying the entire place,just then I heard footsteps approaching,then a voice

Mr Kay! Mr Kay! are you there?
I froze,my heartbeat skipped ten times faster,I kept calm,I could tell it was the "housewife",Kay! She called again,then after looking at the door for a few seconds,she walked back,i exhaled,i have to get out of here real fast,i carefully picked out the two sacks of "snow",tucked them safely into an old carton that once contained a pair of shoes,then i placed the carton back on the wardrobe,then i took out the other stuff,well that was just a shred of red cloth tied round a doll,,then I produced the little knife from my purse,stabbed the doll at where the heart should be,then laid it carefully on the centrepiece.

I was done,I had to get out undetected too,I was so sure "housewife"will want to be watchful,so I watched until I couldn't quite hear a sound from the kitchen,I slipped out,locking the door hurriedly,As I walked out of the compound I thought to myself how the risky every chance I'm taking is,from replicating Kelvin's spare key from Rosie's purse to breaking and entering,which by the way I convinced her to return to Kelvin along with all his belongings in her possession,which was only to avoid messing up my grand plan.offcourse she did.

Those thoughts along brought a wicked smile on my lips as I found my mission sim,fixed it in my phone and made another call,

Hello kelvin,I got a surprise for you,then ended the call,took out the sim again.

I waited for another two hours,before I saw Kelvin leaving the office,I followed not making it obvious,I could see him from a distance being conscious of his environment,
I thought to myself so all the tough guy act was to cover up his cowardice nature,a wicked smile crossed my lips,he got home,when I was sure he must be opening his door,I took out my sim and placed another call,

This time he was a bit brave
"listen up whoever you think you are",then he almost choked on his words,when he screamed "what the hell"
I took my chance now
Oh!I told you I have a surprise,that is just to show you that we can get to you whenever we want,oh! By the way nice place you got there,but I think the curtains are too tacky,
"who the hell are you"he retorted
Now Kelvin,that's not all I have for you,check the shoe box,I gave him time to open up and check,before I continued,I'm sure these drug law guys will have a field day with a dealer who pretends to be a consultant,

"what do you want"he managed,his voice betraying his words,
Aha! That's the question I just needed,
Stay the hell away from Rosie,don't see her,don't threaten her any more,I'm giving you three to one week to see to it,or you really don't want to know.

I could feel his fear over the phone,he was unusually soft,I was expecting a harsh confrontation,for a bully and a beast,but he let his guard down and I felt triumphant as I removed the sim,placing it back in my purse where it always belongs,smiling with a sense of accomplishment.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 8:31am On Apr 08, 2015
Nice update expecting more
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 7:48pm On Apr 08, 2015
I was washing outside a week later when Rosie came smiling
Guess what,she said,I can't,what's going on I asked,
Yesterday Kelvin asked to see,when we met he apologized and promised he will stay away if that's what I really want.
Wow! That's goodnews I suppose,I said trying to compose myself so as not to give anything away,yes it is,but that's not like kelvin,he sounded sincere,you know like he meant it
That's so unusual,Rosie added

Rosie,people change.i tried to sound optimistic,but she gave me a mischievous smile,
What? I asked
I know you had something to do with Kelvin's sudden change,I rushed to defend myself,but she cut in
Whatever is it you did Alice,thank you,I'm grateful,
But I...,trying to sound defensive,she cut in again,I'm just glad he's off my back and you have it now.
I blinked and smiled,yes Rosie I do have your back always.

Rosie and me had gotten so close,she wad the intelligent and straight one,I was the smart and mischievous one,we complemented each other,though she was a law student and I read communication arts,she did most of my assignments,since I wasn't keen on books,I wish I met her earlier,maybe I would have graduated with a good grade the way she did.

We were separated by our national assignments after graduation,but we kept in touch always,until we finally came back,rented an apartment and stayed together,we had so influenced each others' lives that I started reading books,making researches,things that weren't my strong suit,Rosie on the other hand became tough,no more the relationship naive girl I knew,she even got mischievous,but ever kind.I missed her though when she left for law school,I visited her a couple of times there.

She came back and got a job with a prominent law firm,which wasn't surprising,she was too intelligent and impressive.she had to move out from our apartment,cos she needed to be close to work,we took turns visiting on weekends.

I kept every detail of Evans saga from her each time we met,cos I didn't want to bother her and I didn't want her views about me to change as she had always seen me to be strong and tough,in charge of any relationship I had

But at this point,I was hopeless,I just needed to talk to someone,so I dialled Rosie's number,she picked after the third ring,

Hey A! What's up,she sounded happy
I tried to control the tears that already started dripping,thereby making my voice sound low,I could hear her happy voice get serious
What's going on? She fired
I'm coming over,I said ending the call
I got to Rosie's place in less than thirty minutes,when she opened the door,I burst into full tears as she hugged me,

She made me cry on her shoulders,when I eventually pulled out of my cry mood,I said
Its Evans
She said I know,I looked up at her,she gave me a weak smile,
I asked how,she said
Alice,you put up a good act of being tough,but deep down,you are still a woman.
She stood up and poured me a glass of fruit juice,I poured it eagerly down my throat,and in five minutes I'm drowsy,
She said come on,pulling me up my feet to the bedroom,she made me lie on the bed
Before I could make up the next sentence,my eyes got heavy and I could feel my body drifting slowly into dreamland...

Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 6:34pm On Apr 10, 2015
Episode 3
I checked the time,it's was 12:30pm,
Good morning or afternoon sweetie,Rosie said from the where she sat with a lot of papers on the table,how long have i slept? I murmured,
Hmmm,approximately 16 hours,27 minutes,she replied again with that mischievous smile,
How could i..i didn't complete my question when she added,oh! I put a little something in your juice,i wanted you to relax and forget about your situation.

Rosie!i exclaimed,don't worry,you will be fine, take it from someone whose heart has been broken a lot of times,sleeping pills are a step forward to healing,how are you feeling? she asked again
Actually I'm fine,Shower then she commanded,breakfast or lunch will be ready when you are out

I did as she said,when I came out,I felt better,she had prepared rice,and we ate together.
Hmm,why ain't you at work,I asked as we ate,I called in saying I will breeze in and out to tender what I'm working on,

Rosie,you don't have to babysit me,do what you have to do,and thank you for being there for me,you are a great friend,I said,
You would do same for me or even more,do you really want to talk about it? She asked,
No,I said blinking away the hurt,okay just know I'm here whenever you want to talk about it,Rosie said.
Thank you Rosie.
Ok I gotta run now,I have some paperwork to drop off in the office I will be back soon,just call if you need anything,she said packing up the files and her laptop from the table,closing the door behind her.

Oh my God!where is my phone?I found it on the table,it was turned off,Rosie must have done that,she didn't just want anything disturbing my sleep,I smiled as I think about how far we have come as friends,how much of a strong woman she has become,
Drugging me?
That's epic,I chuckled
I turned my phone on,I saw 7 missed calls and 3 messages,I guessed that's why Rosie turned it off, I checked the time stamp,the calls came in between 9 and 10am,four of those were from my neighbour Fred,the messages were also from him,while the other three were from an unknown number.
I knew Fred had a crush on me,but now wasn't a good time for him to even start,I read the messages,the content were almost the same,
"why ain't you picking your calls"
"where are you?please call"
"call me when you get this"
What's really going on?why would Fred br trying to reach me,can't whatever he has wait until he sees me,I was a little angry,so I hit redial,but I quickly realized I can't call after the warning from the service operator.
Great! I had to wait for Rosie to get back,I didn't just want to go out,whatever it was could wait,I turned my phone off as I tried seeing a movie.

Rosie soon came back,she was about taking off her clothes when her phone rang,
Hello,yes this is Rosie,
I watched as a frown spreaded across her face,
No she isn't,she stammered,I became more focused on her,I didn't know who it was on the other end,but I just had this feeling it was about me,then I noticed what was a frown on her face soon changed to fear as she dropped the call.

What's going on I asked anxiously,I watched her sit down slowly,her face became serious,
She looked at me,Rosie,pls tell me,what's wrong,
You would be honest with me if there's something going on right? Rosie asked,her voice dropping to whispers
Yes I will,I answered all tensed,what is it?
She paused for a while,looking at me with tears forming at the corners of her eyes,
Rosie you are scaring me,who called you and what is this about,I said getting impatient,
Sam,Evans friend just called,he asked if you are here,so I told him no,cos I just didn't think now is a good time for them to show up,since you are still hurt,so I told him you are not here,
So? I asked

Alice...the tears now streaming down her eyes,Sam said Evans was shot dead last night...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by gal10(f): 9:19pm On Apr 10, 2015
Who killed evans
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:27pm On Apr 10, 2015
Who killed evans
follow up,the plot is thickening.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ThaRuthlxx7: 9:23am On Apr 11, 2015
Pls fire down
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 10:06am On Apr 11, 2015
Mmmmn.....Dis is really serious ooooo, Shot dead? hope dey wont come and arrest her nw.

Crixina U hv a nice nd suspense filled story going on here, following u lyk twitter.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:19pm On Apr 11, 2015
Mmmmn.....Dis is really serious ooooo, Shot dead? hope dey wont come and arrest her nw.

Crixina U hv a nice nd suspense filled story going on here, following u lyk twitter.
Follow up and find out...
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Nobody: 1:16pm On Apr 11, 2015
geez really love d story nd d suspense cuming wit it. mean while dnt stop dis 1 along d way .....updates pls
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 1:49pm On Apr 11, 2015
I was paralyzed,my mouth went dry,i could feel the blood running through my veins,my eyes popped,my palms went sweaty,while my brain tried to process what i just heard,my legs began shaking,

I held the table to support my feet while i lowered myself to the floor,
Rosie what...,who,errrm,i stretched to find words,but they weren't forth coming,my heartbeat increased,we both couldn't say anything,
I rushed for my phone,turned it on
What are you doing?Rosie held my hands,who do you want to call?
I don't know,i just.....don't do anything stupid right now,she cuts in,the phone was already on,i had three messages,
Call me now!!!
Messages from Fred again,all three said same.Rosie i need make some calls,my neighbour Fred had called,i just need to know what's going on,my voice now shaky,i remembered i didn't have airtime,i rushed into the bedroom,just when i was about changing,my phone rang
It was an unknown number different from the one i saw earlier,i hesitated a bit,then picked with Rosie looking at me anxiously,

Hello,i said my voice shaking
Alice,it's me Fred,i almost didn't recognize hid voice,
Oh! Fred,what's up,what's going on? He cuts in,
At that point,i turned it on loudspeaker,cos I saw Rosie was eager to hear my caller too
Where are you?Fred asked sounding agitated,
I...errm..i am at,Rosie shook her head,signalling no,i quickly understood what she meant,so i lied
I'm not in town,i travelled,my voice almost giving me away,but is there any problem? Just then the call ended,i guess his airtime got finished,
I quickly changed,i got to go Rosie,
Where are you going to?Rosie asked looking all confused and concerned,i will be right back as i grabbed my purse rushing out looking all unkempt,but at that point,nothing really mattered.

I recharged,quickly called Fred,
What's going on Fred?he told me how the police came looking for me early that day,then at about when he placed the first call,some unidentified men came too looking for me,so the neighbours were concerned and they decided they should reach out since i haven't even being around,he asked if there was any problem,i told him no,that I will get back to him,I ended the call and switched off my phone,now my brain was still processing what was going on
But how could Evans be dead?
Why would the police be looking for me,I stepped out of the shop I bought the recharge voucher about to walk back to Rosie's when I saw a police van speeding towards my direction,I stopped,went back into the shop,they drove past me,they headed towards Rosie's compound.
Mt heart started beating again,this time faster,my body quaked as,I moved closer to the compound to have a clear view of what's going on,
I saw three policemen alight from the van,walked straight to Rosie 's apartment,I watched as they talked with Rosie for a while,then I watched as they took my best friend away.

Oh my God!
What's happening!
I now realised at that moment that this war is just beginning...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:44pm On Apr 12, 2015
I was so scared,to say I was more confused was understating the obvious,I didn't really understand how to handle this,but if I was ever going to handle the situation,I had to do it very carefully,I thought to myself,with that thought I walked to the road,stopped a taxi,

Charleston drive,I told the driver without really looking at his face,I settled in the backseat,while he drove off.
I needed to clear my head,to think,to figure out all this,then know the next step to take,
I can't believe Evans is dead,or this could be all a big joke,Rosie arrested?preoccupied with my thought,I walked into an old deserted park that used to once be a hive of fun lovers in the state,but since the government built a new one,it became abandoned only visited by few people,
I sat down at at a far end of a building away from prying eyes,letting my thoughts stray further while waiting for dusk to come,so I can sneak back home,pick whatever I had to,then leave town.

It took forever for dusk to come,it was already 8pm,but I needed to make it a bit late,I decided to trek back home,knowing that could take about a hour or so,I felt tired and hungry,but that wasn't a good time to think of food or anything else than a way out of the mess.for the first time since I got the saddening news of Evans death,I turned my thoughts away from the fact that I'm wanted for his death and found myself weeping for him,

How could he just die like that? Part of me held unto the other thought that kept saying that all these is a just a terrible nightmare I need to wake up from.

I finally got home at about 10pm,everywhere was pitch dark as there was no light,and at that point it dawned on me that word is out already,so people must have left the compound with the police showing up and everything,well it worked for me,cos I didn't want anyone knowing I'm here.

I walked stealthily to my door,slowly retrieved my key,trying hard to make any sound,opened the door,I couldn't see well cos of the darkness,I kicked my feet against something,what could that be?
I needed light,I quickly brought out my phone,switched it on and with the light,I was shocked at what I saw,

The centre table was turned,which explains why I hit my leg,my living room was ransacked,furniture were scattered around,I rushed to the bedroom,my bed was shifted,the pile of books was overturned,the fact that someone or people were here wasn't the issue anymore,but what did they want?
My laptop which was on the table was thrown carelessly on the bed,immediately I sae the laptop,I knew it wasn't a robbery incident,
Earlier Fred said something about the police coming,but he didn't mention that they broke into my apartment,
The realization came flooding all at once,they didn't even break in,i quickly remembered that once i got into Kelvin's place without breaking the locks,
Whoever got in here is not the police and there may be monitoring me,with that knowledge I reached for my backpack,picked my laptop and a few change of clothes,I quickly locked my door and stepped out.

My heartbeat picked up its pace again,I quickly moved without looking back,but as I took the next step,I could feel a shadow behind me,I picked up pace,I felt the shadow moved faster too,

I could feel the heat of my blood,my nerves were about to explode,I started running,what i felt to be a shadow became two men chasing after me,i knew if i ran straight,i might either be shot or caught up with,so i went for the alternative,
I had lived in mason lane for close to two years,so i knew all the short routes.i dashed into one of them leading right out to the two adjoining street and a busy junction,taking the chance of having them confused about which direction i will choose,but i was aiming for where the sound of musical instruments and voices came from,

With one swift turn,i broke into a rowdy church,people were just so engrossed in the dancing that no one noticed my loud panting and sweaty clothes.i could feel the adrenaline rush,my senses were heightened,i managed to get an empty seat,i lowered my self down,just then the pastor spoke into the microphone,

"Hallelujah! The church answered Amen,don't worry people of God,we will have more time to dance,we are here to praise God till dawn"

I captured the word dawn,I looked at the church clock,it was almost 12:00am,I had less than five hours or so to figure out a plan,but for those five hours,I had the church and their all night programme to thank.

What just happened?
Who were those people?
Why would they want to hurt me?all these and more clouded my mind,
But just like magic,something popped up on my mind.i needed to call for help,who will I call?

Elliot...yes Elliot!

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:25pm On Apr 13, 2015
Elliot was my...i don't know know where to place him,I met him some weeks after I started dating Evans,I remember picking some toiletries from the supermarket,when this guy approached me.

Mid thirties,light skin,sizzling handsome,had this movie star charm,and a face that smiled even when he isn't smiling,he was dressed in a black polo shirt and a blue jean,which made his complexion more striking,he strided towards me with confidence,his eyes piercing through my very soul,he had the looks of what most people termed a "playboy"

My mouth almost dropped open,but I flickered on my confident self,I wasn't about to give anything away,at least not so easy,
Hello,you look very beautiful,he said with a voice as killing as his looks,his hand outstretched reaching for mine,
Oh please! That line stopped working a century ago,I replied sounding unimpressed,reaching out for his outstretched hand shaking them,Elliot he added,well Elliot I can't really say if its really nice meeting you,but I'm Alice,I tried to sound as sassy as possible,he chuckled,
Beautiful and sassy I like!he said teasing me,I dare you to give me your number,I didn't hesitate,he brought out his phone and handed it to me,giving me that killer smile,I quickly typed in my number handed the phone back to him and walked away without wanting to hear another word from him.

I got home and told Rosie about it,because of my description of him to Rosie,she nicknamed him charming,he later called,asking for a date,though I just started dating Evans,we didn't really make commitments,so flashing the green light some where else was really a bad idea especially if it's just a harmless date,I assured myself after really guilty about Evans.

I wore a short red gown and a three inch heel slippers,Rosie gave me that stare that says you look great as I left the house heading to La granche to meet my date.I was never really there before,I couldn't believe my eyes,it was a serene and luxurious place,the waitresses were all impeccably dressed,class was written over it,A waitress that was incredibly beautiful with an impressive dentition quickly rushed up to me,greeted me with a warm smile,offering to carry my clutch purse,but I politely refused feeling a little embarrassed as she leads into a smaller section of the hall where there was just a table for two,and there was Elliot sitting,sipping from his glass of red wine,as he saw me,he stood up in a gentlemanly manner.

He was breathing taking in his gray jacket and black trousers,I stilled myself as not to blush,as he shifted my chair and let me sit,before he sat and said I'm glad you could make it,starring deeply into my eyes.

So is this how you impress women,expensive restaurant,expensive wine and all that,I said calmly trying to give nothing away,he smiled again,and I could almost feel my heart leap
Is it working?he asked,
We both laughed and with that,I lightened up,he ordered for another expensive wine I knew nothing about,but was really tasty,he made me talked about myself while he was so attentive.
I felt like having more,I felt like he should just take me home,it must have been the wine,he didn't sound like he was in a hurry,it's unusual to want s.ex on a first date with someone one barely knows,but this guy was turning on so many switches in me.
Finally he dropped me off at home that night,he gave me a peck on the cheek as I alighted from his classy car and walked towards the door as he zoomed off,part of me disappointed that this magical night didn't end on his bed,part of me grateful for the nice gentleman he was.

I smiled to myself as my phone beeped
"message from Elliot"
You looked amazing tonight,can we do this again?
With that I dragged my tipsy self to my room,grateful also that Rosie is asleep and she won't get to tease me at least not tonight...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:00am On Apr 14, 2015
The next morning,I woke up all smiles and happy,rushing into Rosie's room,she was already awake,she gave me that you have to tell me all smile,so I told her how it all went,That reminds me,let me call my hot date,I jumped up happily,what about Evans,Rosie gave me that look again,but this Serious Rosie look.

Rosie I just started dating Evans,we are taking it slow,getting to know each other and you remember we got off on a wrong start,so you can't be too sure of what it is,besides I'm just into a harmless date with Elliot,I said feigning an excuse,Rosie chuckled and added be careful cos I heard charmers are the worst of them all,I didn't understand how the once Soft Rosie grew to be this strong,she didn't really commit to anyone since Kelvin,she became so brave in the face of relationships,which she didn't really except one Eric guy who was more of a friend with benefit.

With that tip from Rosie,I smiled at her dialling Elliot's number,it rang,but no response,I tried three other times,same thing,I convinced myself it was too early to call,I will later in the day,

Though I spent the later part of my day with Evans,but Elliot was on my mind,I remember sneaking into the kitchen a few times to call him again,at some point the number wasn't going through anymore at least not for the next two weeks,I later shared it with Rosie who tried to be positive minded about it,giving me a whole lot of conspiracy theories like losing his phone and all.

Then one morning when I might have readjusted from what ever I must have felt for Elliot,he showed up at my front door,Rosie called from the door,A! Someone is here to see you,I appeared from my room,

There he was smiling to us,I tried to keep a straight face,but his killer smile wasn't helping,it was like my whole universe was reset,so I managed a tiny smile that said more of I'm so mad at you.Rosie happily invited him in,

If you are going to be appearing and disappearing,maybe you should tell so I can just know I'm dati..,I paused,remembering that we ain't even dating,I didn't even what we were,

I'm sorry,I was caught up in a whole of issues,I promise I will be fair this time,he said sounding really compelling,I couldn't just stay mad at him anymore,but I forced it

Really?Rosie cuts in,give him a break,he just apologized,sounding totally hypnotized by this Charming,he walked out to his car and came back with a bottle of red wine,the same we drank on our first date,
Peace offering!he lifted the bottle up at me,I smiled,I like this guy already,Rosie said winking at me.
We sat there sipping wine,forgetting we hadn't even taken breakfast yet,but it didn't matter cos we were carried away by his conversations,the way he spoke,he and Rosie talked politics,he liked the fact that Rosie was a lawyer,so they talked and talked,I felt left out,so we switched to other fields where I could contribute comfortable,
So where are you from?Rosie popped out of the blue,well I would say we are the town natives,he answered but his answer seemed cocky,at the point,I realized he slips off on every conversation that borders on his person,just when i was about throwing another question,his phone rang,he answered with two monosyllabic words,yes and ok.

I'm so sorry ladies i got to run,pressing issues beckons,it was nice meeting you Rosie,took her hand and shook it in a gentlemanly manner,walked up to to me and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead,my blood warmed up,i will see you later,he knew what i was about saying so he quickly added
I promise,and we both watched as he zoomed off.

Rosie,what's really this guy's deal?i don't know but he seems nice and has a good taste in wine,she said sipping the last content in her glass,
I'm serious,i said looking confused,i know ,take your time and be careful,you still have Evans you know,she replied,
I gave her a grin and headed towards the kitchen checking my phone at every interval...

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:48am On Apr 14, 2015
Guys,comments,opinions,corrections and even constructive criticism are welcome.


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