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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 6:59am On Jun 07, 2015
thanks crixina but am still singing Olivia Olivia twist
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 1:12pm On Jun 09, 2015
sadHmmmmm,she has gone off again,abi?
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 1:29pm On Jun 09, 2015
crixina pls are we on production break? sorry updating break #bringbackourupdate
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 5:33pm On Jun 09, 2015
crixina pls are we on production break? sorry updating break #bringbackourupdate
I guess I'm just tired of giving the same excuse,but seriously the last few days have been busy for me. I miss updating myself, but tomorrow I will. Bear with me pls.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 5:34pm On Jun 09, 2015
sadHmmmmm,she has gone off again,abi?
no she hasn't, I'm updating tomorrow.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by jefywizy(m): 4:14pm On Jun 10, 2015
crixina crixina crixina..hw many tymz i cal ya? dis is not jxt a mere story o..dis is a live movie(in ma brains) u ar outstanding. u av gat my attention 24/7..i realy admire ur constructions..am kinda hard to impress..i swear u blew my mind away..i do write ups too..bt dis! is a one in a life time stories av gat frm naira land..i realy want to suprise u by Gods grace wit sumtin gud 08161905997 pls cal or beta stil whatsapp me i wil be hapi for life to be a frnd to rare ink genious like u..i nor get choice o..i av to follow u..thumbs up for u my lady...ehen n do wel to continue am already in luv dnt break my heart

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 9:31pm On Jun 10, 2015
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 9:44pm On Jun 10, 2015
cryInfact ehn...................................told u she has gone off again na#nah hapi joor!
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 10:02pm On Jun 10, 2015
I can't wait to finish this piece,it's just that I don't want to rush it, I want to achieve what I had in mind when I started it. I left my first piece halfway because of this same problem TIME CONSTRAINT. I promise to finish this one. And I want you guys to bear with me, cos you won't regret you did.

Sincere apologies, to makeup, I will try to serve you a good morning recipe.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by jefywizy(m): 8:08am On Jun 11, 2015
hands croxed...mouth shut...eyes wide open 24/7...fone charging 99%..phcn i dunno..#Anticipating#...am waiting! bt sumfin tels me am nt a good waiter coz i dnt work in restaurants.. lolz ;Dhands croxed...mouth shut...eyes wide open 24/7...fone charging 99%..phcn i dunno..#Anticipating#...am waiting! bt sumfin tels me am nt a good waiter coz i dnt work in restaurants.. lolz
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 7:33am On Jun 12, 2015
We all sat in the living room in silent, I didn’t know what deepened the silence more, the fact that I was about to put myself in harm’s way or the fact that we were all listening to a love song by Taylor Swift, but for the first time in the little while we have stayed together, alcohol could not drain our fears, even though we all acted tough, but I knew it was serious when Steve decided to make fruit juice just to occupy himself, first, Steve doesn’t ever leave his laptop, second, bourbons are the best code breakers, he always told me that each time I gave him that look as if to tell him that he drinks too much, Even Gloria sat quietly pretending to be lost in a fashion magazine, I could see the worry on their faces, not that I wasn’t too, but I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t backing down, backing down would mean that I might have well killed my own parents if anything bad were to happen to them, I shuddered at the thought as I broke the silence,
Hey guys! I might not have said it well, or I might have lacked better words to express it, I’m so grateful to you all for all these, I know we still have our doubts but I promise everything will be fine, Gloria was the first to respond, giving me the tough girl act,
I’m not worried, I taught you well, unless others didn’t, she said trying to lighten the mood, you can never fail in deception if I’m your tutor, I can’t say that about your fighting skills, can you even boot a computer? She said teasing Jerry and Steve who both returned a smile, but Elliot was all straight face, he was the most worried,
We shall see about that, Jerry said putting on a mischievous face, I instantly knew he was about to do something mischievous, because he kept rolling the juice glass in his hands and pressing his lower lip, the next thing he did was throw the glass in my direction and surprising I ducked it to the utter amazement of everyone in the room, the glass hit the painting on the wall and splattered making everyone jump out of their skin, even my heart leaped a thousand pieces, but I wasn’t surprised it was Jerry, the guy who fired at me last week claiming he’s perfecting my ducking skills.

What was that for? Elliot screamed, while Gloria and Steve eyes were wide open, Jerry looked at me feeling satisfied, I gave him a smile, he looked to Gloria and gave her a look that clearly meant he was gloating, but Steve just started clapping,
That was quite impressive and crazy, Elliot just quickly got up, is this a joke to you guys? Because it isn’t funny to me, he was furious, relax! Tough guy, we know what all this means, the truth is we are all scared because we are not just putting Alice’s life in danger, we are putting ours too, so rather than sit here and pout, we can all make light of this situation, Alice should be the one fretting here because the success of this operation depends on her, so calm down, she said holding Elliot’s hand urging him to sit down, but his eyes was still fixated on me, Gloria immediately turned to Jerry, I’m in the mood for some game too, bring it on, Jerry said chuckling,
She stood evoking her confident and authoritative self, she turned to me,
Alice, if Lucas throws a pool party, and all those hot bitches are on some smashing hot white bikini, don’t kid your yourself, Lucas won’t notice your skinny ass when he has some big asses in his head, so how the hell do you get him to notice you?
What kind of bleeped up question is that? Jerry asked in a funny tone, while Steve just started laughing in a way that even irritated Gloria, but she kept still and said Alice urging me to answer the question, in a matter of seconds the room was still, they were all looking at me expectantly, I kept calm, then with confidence I answered,

Two options, I will either defy the dress code and wear something you know less revealing, then sitting at a corner drinking fruit juice while girls in bikini jump around him. Steve was the first to interrupt, how does this get his attention, I rescued Gloria who was already looking like him as if he just asked a foolish question, because guys like Lucas are used to all of that, wine, parties and desperate women, they are freaked out when they see a woman that defies all that. I saw the look of triumph and satisfaction on Gloria’s face, while Jerry and Steve nodded, Elliot who was resting on the couch sat upright. And what’s the second option? Jerry queried,
I go sophisticated, most women are easily intimidated around other women, I just need the right tools and the right timing, super hot bikini, and a super hot intimidating face, then I walk up to Lucas and offer to buy him a drink, Guys like that are often dazed by such guts from women.
That might walk for even me, Jerry said sounding impressed, Gloria was beaming with so much satisfaction. Elliot decided to talk for the first time, So Steve are you not going to show what genius tricks you have taught super woman here, his tone was mocking,
Steve smiled and walked up to where I was sitting, where’s your tab? He asked me, I quickly knew what he was up to, I picked it up from the table, Alice is going to show you one of her favorite games, I clicked a few keys, and all their phones ring at the same time, Steve and I kept smiling as if we are riding our first toy cars,

Jerry walked to the table and picked his phone, Gloria retrieved her from her pocket, Elliot’s was on the dining table, this is a call from you Jerry, Gloria said, and this is a call from you Elliot, Jerry said,
What the hell is going on? Elliot said seeing the number on his screen, Gloria, he said turning to her, pick the damn calls guys, they all did,
We turned the tab so they could see it, we had conference and tapped their calls, when they all said hello, it resonated in the tab I was holding and the voice recognition highlighted each of their names
Like Elliot-hello! Jerry-hello! Gloria-hello! Now, Gloria say something, Steve ordered,
She did, the voice recognition registered Gloria- who am I speaking with?
They were all impressed, as Steve kept murmuring how awesome he was, all Alice here needs to do is get all some numbers from some of Lucas’s goons, so she can always eavesdrop,
What if Lucas finds out? Elliot asked dropping his impressed countenance, Steve configured it in a way that if anyone tries to tamper with the software either electronically or physically, anybody apart from me, it gets scrambled automatically, I added, Steve walked back to his laptop with an air of satisfaction.
Great work guys! But no one has told me what will happen if Lucas buys all these and decides to make her his personal…
LovePeddler? Gloria interrupted, yes, yes that, what will happen then? Elliot, when someone goes undercover, they anticipate every move of the enemy, they leave nothing to chance and they use every weapon they have to protect themselves, if it ever gets to that, Gloria is an adult, she can handle herself, after all, it’s just sex, Elliot springs up from his seat like a raging wolf, and pulls me by the arm dragging me to the room, come here, we need to talk,
He launched me into the room, pushing me to wall, while he stood in a way I couldn’t move,
What the hell do you think you are doing? You want to sleep with the enemy? You want him to feel every part of your body? You want him to own you like he own his other whores,
Breaking news Alice, you are not a LovePeddler, and it won’t be right if he treats you like one, if you are okay with that, I’m not, and I will not let that happen,
Relax Elliot, I said as his voice kept plummeting like he was about to lose himself, that is not going to happen, how are you even sure of that? He asked leaning closer, I could feel his breath on me, I felt that familiar reaction in my body,
Why does he always have this effect on me? I relaxed, I no more try to wriggle out, my pulse plummeted, I guess he noticed the effect, because instead of stepping away, he pushed further closer to me,
I don’t what this madness is all about, believe me I have tried not to care that much, I have tried not to want to protect you, but just the mere thought of you in danger scares the crap out of me,

Alice Daniel, it’s hard for me to say this, but I have feelings for you and it will kill me if Lucas should do anything to you, please abort this plan, and I promise I will try my best to make all this right, I will find your parents and make sure they are safe, I promise, he said his eyes begging with a cozy voice I had never seen. The hairs on my body were all up, everything down south of my waist reacted thunderously, Elliot finally declares his love for me, this guy that I would have done anything for three years ago just to have him to myself is right before my eyes, declaring his love for me, I thought. The look in his eyes did not lie, he really meant every word he said, my body was heating up, I wanted to walk away to tell him I do not accept his own plan, but I couldn’t because it felt like he was some electromagnetic wave, I couldn’t resist him anymore, in one swift, I dragged him to myself, and took his lips as we kissed hungrily ripping each other clothes and kept falling on each other finding our way to the bed, we didn’t realized when we rolled over from the bed to the floor chewing every part of each and blocking the outside world while we savoured every passion in between.

Ten minutes later, we were looking for every single piece of what we wore, my bra had spiraled somehow under the bed, Elliot was putting on his underwear, while trying to replace the bed sheets which was halfway on the floor,
Have you thought about what I said, Elliot broke the silence, you mean what you said when your brain was already in my pants, anywhere I didn’t have time to think because we were having sex, I replied trying to avoid the topic, okay fine, he moved past me into the living room, I quickly ran after him, it seemed like no one noticed what we were up to, because they were all deep buried in the computer game, our looks gave us away as we stepped in, they all eyed us suspiciously, but Elliot didn’t give them a chance to think of what might have happened.
What plans do we have for our undercover agent here to communicate with us from the inside? But everyone looked at him like he just spoke some foreign language because no one really thought of that. Okay, Steve you are supposed to be the communication training officer, what plans do you have? His tone was mocking,

None Elliot, because it is too risky, if Lucas finds out she is communicating with someone outside, it could be bad, Steve replied as if he was talking to his second in command, which quickly made me think why everybody around here gives him so much respect, well maybe he has some kind of effect on them, I sure know he has one me, I thought as his voice brought me back to the subject at hand,
you guys all thought of huge plans but neglected the little ones? I do have a plan, as I tried to recompose myself because I felt Gloria’s eyes were piercing right through me since Elliot and me stepped in from the room, just when I was trying to get her to like me,
we don’t have to communicate electronically, we can go back to the old fashion way where letters were a thing, I guess you will have to post it via the psycho Lucas’s post office? Gloria spoke for the first time since, but I couldn’t quite decipher her tone because I was busy feeling good about the fact that even the geniuses including the mistress of deception herself couldn’t figure this one out, so I stepped forward and decided to play the tutor for once.
Once the party is over in the club, waste are being taken out the next day, so since I will probably have more access to the club than anywhere else if Lucas buys all of these, I will try to slip in a progress report note in a pack of Dorchester into the waste bin as it is about to be taken out. They all looked at me dazed, but Gloria didn’t always go down without a fight each time the centre of attraction was taken from her, so as usual she taunted,
Great I guess we have to search all the refuse sites in the country and find one Dorchester pack among thousands to find your note, I ignored her and continued, there will be a cross marked with a black pen on such Dorchester packs, and for the refuse site, we just need to talk to whoever moves the waste, no way! It’s too risky, it could go bad, not that we are sure of whoever moves the damn waste, Gloria interjected, Gloria is right, it could compromise you, that’s why I will retrieve the letter myself, but to be discreet, the letter shouldn’t come everyday, it should comes once in three days Jerry said. Nobody really said yes we agree, but nobody really objected anymore, so we knew that was the plan now, Elliot really wanted to communicate, I thought about the last twenty as I head down to the other living room, I need to shower, I announced to everyone.
The next day was normal but different, Elliot kept clinging to my side, ever since the day before he had been like that, making romantic gestures, but I kept bluffing at them because I felt he was just being insecure, he suddenly decided to do all these now, because for some reason he felt like he has to protect me, or maybe he was just too scared of the fact that I would be around Lucas, that made me mad, that he could even imagine me with Lucas for a second, that sick devil that I wanted to put down with all my heart, even the thought made me cringe, so I told him I wasn’t about to take him serious, that he could keep his love for me until I’m done with all that, if I was ever going to be done, but he told me he wasn’t going to give up, that if he as so much sense any danger, he would come in to get me, that’s when I made him promise that he won’t. I wasn’t about to let our uncertain affair ruin my mode because the others were in a happy mode, they began the day with cooking and they all teased me that it maybe my last supper, we once we acted like family, we had a little picnic on the beach, we drank lots of red wine, then threw ourselves into the cold water, we had so much fun that day than we had ever had in the last few months, I was grateful that Jerry taught me how to swim, something I had always wanted to learn. The rest of the day spun around, time flies when one is having fun, at the end of the day, we were all worn out not just from the long day, but too much alcohol.

I woke up the next morning bright as ever, after all it was a Saturday, there was nothing to pack, all I needed was just my tab and my purse which contained a few personal things, no clothes, after all a girl on the run has no time for fancy clothes, I stared out into the deep blue sea and the feeling that I was going to miss the beach house crept into my mind, but I wanted to stay focus for the mission,
Good morning sunshine, I have wiped out every other implicating things from the tab, all calls to us, I have set the call logs to reflect calls to family, friends, every other person except us, the mails and other non implicating things are intact, you know how to unlock the other hidden ones, so you are good to go, Steve announced from the stairs, I turned to look at him, as he gave me a light smile and said good luck, Elliot had decided that we leave early so I could rest in his suite in Fresia’s palace before we hit the club, while he will go into town to find a way to get me the ticket. In about twenty minutes I was ready, Jerry came around and gave me a bear hug, then whispered into my ears,
Lucas doesn’t stand a chance, I smiled, up until last month, this guy was a freak to me, but things had changed in the last month, I walked to Gloria who kept her face straight, she still wasn’t ready to let on that she was going to miss me and that somehow we had become friends,
Thank you again Gloria, she nodded and we both smiled, Steve just nodded to me and I nodded back as Elliot and me climbed into the yacht and sailed away leaving the beach house and that the people I had spent the last few months with.
That feeling was indescribable…

The metal door creaked open, but I didn’t move because I was too weak, my eyes were closed, but I heard the sound of his boot close to me, he bent beside me and I could perceive the stench of cigarette and alcohol from his breath, in a second I felt something cold in between my lips as the parted them and the liquid pour into my mouth, as I quickly opened my mouth wider swallowing taking a mouthful that made me choke,
I’m finally tasting water after three days… Episode 6…

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 7:37am On Jun 12, 2015
i tried to upload yesterday like i promised, but the network was terrible, i'm sorry guys for the delay, this is a piece i would complete in a week in a normal circumstance, but i just have a lot going on, i'm glad i can still manage to upload.
sincere apologies. i didn't edit o.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by jefywizy(m): 5:26pm On Jun 12, 2015
i tried to upload yesterday like i promised, but the network was terrible, i'm sorry guys for the delay, this is a piece i would complete in a week in a normal circumstance, but i just have a lot going on, i'm glad i can still manage to upload.
sincere apologies. i didn't edit o.
edit ni...shey b na we dey read am..we complain? abeg
fire down jor my dear crixina..we dey feel u..more grease to ur elbow....skibo! cool
i tried to upload yesterday like i promised, but the network was terrible, i'm sorry guys for the delay, this is a piece i would complete in a week in a normal circumstance, but i just have a lot going on, i'm glad i can still manage to upload.
sincere apologies. i didn't edit o.
edit ni...shey b na we dey read am..we complain? abeg
fire down jor my dear crixina..we dey feel u..more grease to ur elbow....skibo!
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 6:26pm On Jun 12, 2015
grin but am ugly for more ooooo

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 10:17am On Jun 13, 2015
I'm back light blackberry without charger. So addicted to crixina story, ride on dear.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 8:53pm On Jun 13, 2015
I hv set up my dinning table since 6am up till now no meal to dine
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Anilove25: 6:21am On Jun 14, 2015
This is a Master piece,I ve been glued to my fone since I stumbled on this great work. I want some more. Nice one..
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 9:58pm On Jun 14, 2015
Guys I have been trying to update for days now, my network is pretty bad, but I'm still trying, I hope it works tonight.

Sorry about the delay.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by fabulousbrainzz(m): 10:25pm On Jun 14, 2015
Guys I have been trying to update for days now, my network is pretty bad, but I'm still trying, I hope it works tonight.

Sorry about the delay.
take your time
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 5:03am On Jun 15, 2015
Episode 6
The taste of the chilled water sliding down my throat seem to have revived every living cell in my body as I opened my eyes slowly to a the usual bright, my brain was the first to respond as it began immediately to process so many thoughts like,
Did I pass out? Or maybe I was just too weak, I tried almost immediately to speak,
What time of the day is it? I asked not sure if I heard my own voice clearly, I was really not myself, of all the things in the whole world I could have said, I had choosen to ask that, I guess the man before me also thought it was a stupid one as he didn’t reply, but he just stood there starring at me,
Okay, please, let me out of here and I will tell you whatever you need to know, I will tell you who led me to you, I said trying to muster every strength I had to sound convincing, he moved slowly towards me, then dropped the remaining water in the bottle in front of me, I rushed grabbing it and draining the content,
That wasn’t hard? Was it? He said chuckling, now start talking or you wouldn’t even need to worry about water. I cleared my throat, as I sat up on the floor leaning against the wall,

One of those days, I didn’t have where to go, after they had arrested the friend I was staying with, Rosie, I walked into this bar hoping to hook up with some guy who could take me home and allow me a place to put up for a while, I met this guy who had too much to drink with his friends, so he kept talking about you to his friends, claiming he works for you in a lower level of some sort, he told his friends about what you do, I guess he thought I was just a mere LovePeddler who doesn’t know shit, but I figured out at once that I had to meet you, the son of a bitch threw me out the next morning, so I had to ask someone to talk to him for me, he insisted they communicated via mails, that you have eyes everywhere. I narrated, keeping my eyes down , because it was as if he was looking into my soul to know if I was telling the truth.
Don’t ever back down, sound convincing, he might want to intimidate the truth out of you, but stand your ground…Gloria’s words a month ago.
You expect me to buy that crap? He said, it’s your choice, but mails don’t lie, or maybe you are not even what he claimed you were, and if you are not, I doubt if you can ever help me, I said in a deceptive attempt to convince him, what’s this guy’s name? he asked, and I sensed he was starting to buy my story, I didn’t get a name, but I heard his friends call him Skiter, besides every mail he sent to me carried that name.
I would love to see those mails, he said sounding almost bought over, though part of me was scared that if he ever saw my tab, his team of technicians might figure all this out, but Steve assured me over and over that it might just be a one percent chance, but what if they happen to have that one percent chance, my thoughts kept struggling as his hoarse voice brought me back to the subject,
I said I will love to take a look at the mails, fine, you should, but you will have to sort it out with one of your bouncers who collected me from me on my way in, claiming that such devices are not allowed in the club, what sort of club does that? I said. He didn’t say a word, he just quietly retrieved his phone from his pocket and spoke few words to someone on the other end, then he ended the call, dialed another number, spoke a few words too, and ended it. He seemed relaxed and in charge, but my stomach kept turning each time I thought of all he did, and all he has even put me through in the last few days, I tried to think of what Elliot and the rest were up to, they hadn’t heard from me since I got in here, I prayed silently that they didn’t do anything stupid because I was beginning to make headway with this psycho. The metal door quickly distracted me as it creaked open, the man who came in earlier with him appeared, he looked more casual than the he was before, in his hands was my tab, my heart skipped a bit, but I kept my calm.

He handed the tab to Lucas, who never took his eyes off me until he started rolling his fingers on the screen, my heart kept thudding as he expression darkened, I could see anger in his eyes, his eyes suddenly turned blood red, as his forehead cringed, my heart leapt, I didn’t know if he was that way because he found out my lies or he was angry at Skiter for giving out all that information, I prayed silently that he should say something, I started considering already in my mind the possible ways this mean man may hurt me, his words from the other day resonated in my mind, how can a sane man wish to hurt another by rape, or slit their throats, has he done it before, I was still thinking dark, when he passed the tab back to the man beside him, he then returned his gaze back to me, it was dark, he took slow steps towards me, I died a thousand death already in my thoughts,
Oh God! This beast is going to strangle me, do I fight? Oh no! don’t try it, you don’t stand a chance, I thought, just when he was about taking the next step, the door creaked open again and a young lady in a white lovely blouse and a black pencil skirt and heels appeared, with a tray in her hands, she was quite beautiful, when she dropped the tray, I realized who she was, a waitress, the tray obviously contained food, because some sweet aroma hit me as she dropped it, without looking at me for a second, she headed back the way she came from. Lucas waited a few more seconds staring at me, he turned towards the door followed by the man with him. I didn’t wait to hear the sound of the door close, I rushed for the food,

A large fresh fish cut into two, well spiced, tomatoes neatly sliced on the side, onions were sprinkled all over, little green vegetables were placed around it, in the other plate was plantain cut into big parts, I didn’t wait a second as I was already salivating, I devoured the food like a hungry bear and in matter of minutes I was filled as if I had not just been starve for God knows how long, I kept the remaining part of the fish, so I could probably take my time to eat it before Lucas comes back to kill me, I reached for the white container that was placed side by side with the bottle water, I didn’t recognize the content, but I read on it fresh milk, I quickly opened the container, It smelt of fresh milk like it was written on the container, I poured it into my mouth, it was so creamy it slide down my throat with ease, I almost choked from the way I drank it hurriedly, I had never tasted anything like that, I turned it over reading the label on the other side, I thought as much, it was a foreign product, totally different from what we have here in the country. In a few seconds, I found myself dozing as I slowly climbed back into the bunk bed and slept off.
The metal door creaked open again, I sat up spooked, I didn’t know how long I had slept, it only took me a few seconds to process the faces of the people that stepped into the room, two of them I recognized, Lucas and the other guy, whoever he was, perhaps a body guard or chief security officer, but the other man was short, with haggard looking hair, blood red eyes like he smoked every second of his life. The way he was dragged into the room made me wonder who he was, I sat up on the bed.

Is this him? Lucas voice resonated through the room, he directed the question at me, as he took out a cigar and lighter from his jacket pocket, I didn’t know what to answer, I had never met Skiter before, I didn’t know what he looked like, but Gloria had made me completely understand that this moment was important and I had to make sure I acted it out, what if Skiter says he has never met me? which was true he hadn’t, what if I end up framing an innocent man and something were to happen to him,? But looking at him at that moment, he didn’t really look innocent, I never liked his face because he kept snarling at me, apparently Lucas must have told him what was going on, then again Lucas may be playing me, this might not be Skiter, but he might just be trying to figure out the truth, without thinking, I said,
Hello Skiter, last time we met, you threw me out of your apartment, but here we are again, I smirked, Lucas eyes darted at once to Skiter,
I don’t know this bitch here, I have never met her in my entire life, I swear to you, Skiter said obviously afraid of Lucas, you mean you pick up women and pass the night with them, yet you don’t recognize them, anyway you were dead drunk, he launched towards me as if he wanted to hit me, but Lucas’s body guard kicked him in such a way that he felt face down,
Jeez! This is really getting messy, I thought as the expression on my face was almost betraying me, but I quickly blocked the part of my brain that wanted to feel pity for you.

Remember it’s either you or him, Gloria’s words…
You lied to me, Lucas said clenching his teeth as he kicked Skiter in the abdomen, he screamed, I swear to you man, I don’t know this crazy bitch, she is the one lying, maybe you should run a check on her, Lucas’s eyes darted to me as if Skiter’s words had hit him, about to convince him to turn the searchlight on me,
so I sent the mail to me? I asked Lucas who was looking at me, Lucas immediately collected the tab from his body guard or whoever he was, then turned it to him,
Do you recognize these mails? Skiter stared at it, the expression on his face changed, he looked surprise to see those mails, because he knew he sent them, but just not to that recipient.
I was right, I said singing the words,

what the Bleep do you have to say? Lucas screamed at Skiter, but he just stammered, man, I don’t understand what is going here?
Tell me how the Bleep you got the blueprint to my entire building and how many damn people you have sold it to? Lucas said clenching his teeth,
I don’t know what you mean man, all these things just seem strange to me, Skiter said as he struggled to make it to his feet, oh God help me, I will blow your fucking brains off, Lucas said retrieving a hand gun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at Skiter, my heart started thudding again, an innocent man is about to die because of me, I don’t want this, I wanted none of this, my palms went cold, i blame Kezy for all these, Lucas said turning to his guy, his point is getting so weak,

Giving fucking classified information to a fucking foot soldier? This is the second time we are having a leak from his end, he fucking recruits touts now to do jobs and hand them classified information too, how the hell did this bastard lay his hand on a fucking blue print selling it to every piece of shit that can offer him a penny for some dope, Lucas screamed, sounding like a commander in the army whose protocol had been breached, Skiter kept trying to argue out himself, but Lucas turned to his guy and ordered, take this prick somewhere and get everything out of him that I need to know even it means cutting everyone of his fingers,
what a devil! I thought, how does he think of these wicked things, he might end up killing him, will I ever forgive myself if that happens?
I could hear Skiter cursing as the big guy dragged him out, Lucas turned to me,
I don’t fucking trust you, I don’t know what you both are up to, but when I’m done with him, I will know, but I hope for your sake, you don’t have anything shady because if I find out you do, I will kill you and your entire generation, he said grinning, until then, I’m not leaving you out of my sight, he turned and walked out, my blood instantly burned red hot “I will kill you and your entire generation”?, he really has my parents, he might be pretending not to know me, he really has my parents, how could he use words like that? I couldn’t contain my anger anymore, as I reached out for the plate beside my bed, picked it and threw it on the wall causing it to scatter in pieces all over the floor, this guy has no idea of how much I can do, I thought.
I didn’t understand what was going on when a young beautiful woman and a man I recognized as one of the men who took me to where Lucas was stepped into the room, this Lucas guy must really have a thing for beautiful women and great bodied guys, maybe it’s one of the criteria for working for this devilish man, do they even know who they are working for? My thoughts were interrupted again when the man asked me to follow the young woman, I did as he ordered, the young woman led the way, I followed, and the man came behind us, it was the first time I left that room since I was thrown in there,

Where are we going to? I asked the young woman, who gave me a professional smile, rather than give me an answer, she just said come with me, do I have a choice I thought? We took the elevator that opened up into a large pent house, there were three large paintings on the wall, but the elegant lady led me left, while the man went right, they never gave me a chance to seep in everything in it, not just because it was a nice place, but because I needed to be attentive to every detail, so I could at least pass it across to Elliot and the rest, so they could help from the outside too, I was feeling like an undercover agent reporting to her superiors, the young lady soon led me into another apartment, the room was white, the bed was a large one with nice blue bed sheet on it, the curtains were kind of silver white that gave the room a different touch, the flat screen on the wall was showing some good music videos, there was a large wardrobe just close to where the flat screen was, I was still taking everything in, when the lady pointed me to the door, the bathroom is this way, please, she sounded professional, making me wonder what her job description was, I will be back, she turned and left, I opened the bathroom, it was nice and neat, it had a nice hot tub, with different bathing lotions and creams, it quickly reminded me of the bathroom of my captors, anyway I wasn’t surprise because Lucas masterminded the whole act, but I wasn’t going to think about that, I needed a good bath, I haven’t had it in days,
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 5:04am On Jun 15, 2015
Gosh! This guy has a thing for dirty bodies, that was the same thing he did the last time he kidnapped me, but one thing he didn’t know was that I was no more that same girl, I had evolved from the scared girl he framed up to the one that was ready to confront him. I had never been in a hot tub, so I didn’t want to push my luck, I just took a warm bath for the shower, dried my body with one of the many towels monogrammed with horns, I quickly remembered that was the name of the club. I stepped out of the shower walked right back into room, I noticed something on the bed, a piece of paper, it wasn’t there when I left, so I wondered if the young lady must have left it while I was in the shower, but she left before I even went into the shower, so I just picked it up at once and read,
“Wear the red gown”. Damn! Who is barking orders at me? and what red gown, I quickly ran to the wardrobe, it was stocked with beautiful and expensive clothes, a red and blue gown were hung separately, there were nicely made English gowns, looked like one of those ones worn by monarchs, but it was more twenty first century, and off course revealing a little too much, I took time to admire the clothes,
But a thought quickly crossed my mind, this room didn’t just happen to exist because of me, it was more like a guest room, so it made me question how many people had worn these clothes, I cringed at the thought, but a knock on the door startled me, the young lady returned with a small suitcase,
Oh sorry, I thought you will already be dressed, okay now let me help you, she said,
You look great, she complimented genuinely and I knew she wasn’t kidding because that may have been the finest thing I have worn when it came to long gowns, she asked me to sit as she opened the small suitcase, it contained makeup kits, some I knew, others I didn’t, but I just sat still, Gloria was right, these kind of guys think of everything because they consider themselves master of their own world, by the time she was through with me, I knew without being told that I looked like a princess, but my curiosity couldn’t let me sink it all in,
What’s the occasion, I asked, but she mustered up her professional face again, you are going to be having dinner with the boss,
The Boss? I asked to be sure I heard her well, yes Lucas, we call him that around here, she quickly changed the subject, you look very beautiful, thank you, I said smiling, but there isn’t a mirror, before I could complete my words, she turned the door, on the back was a large mirror mounted on it.

I gaped in surprise at myself, I couldn’t believe myself, I looked different, I could see her smiling at me through the mirror, okay, we are done now, we don’t like to keep the boss waiting, she added, I could feel a mocking tone underneath, but she made it sound so professional, she pulled out a silver colour strap shoes from the wardrobe which I didn’t see earlier on and set them at my feet,
What’s your name? I asked, as she pulled open the door,
Adaline! She replied sharply, what! I asked raising my eyebrow, she simply smiled and said we rarely use real names around here, winking at me a little.
She led me through the corridor we came from, into the large space at the penthouse, now my eyes were clearer, I noticed the brown leather couches, all the TV screens were lit up, about four of them, placed at the four corners of the space in the penthouse showing some music videos where the women were mostly naked or under dressed, but I couldn’t quite get the song because the volume was masked by the soft music emanating from the large music player hanging above one of the large screens, the chandelier shone brightly with coloured dim lights, bright enough to see, but dim enough to give the room a beautiful aura, the lady led me to a table which wasn’t there earlier on, but was now covered with a nice white table clothes, beautiful expensive plates were placed on it, with nice silver wares and cutlery, immediately I saw the cutlery, my heart skipped, Elliot was right, he dines like a monarch, expensive bottles of wine were placed on the table too, some I just imagined expensive by the look of the bottle, I’m sure they were foreign, he truly had taste, the young lady ushered me into one of the two seats,
He will be with you in a while, she said as she left, I sat there staring at the bright city light, what a nice view it was, in a few minutes Lucas was ushered in by two men, one was the man that was always with him, the other was the one that came in with Adaline earlier on, they were all dressed in suit, Lucas always looked less evil in suit, he was actually handsome, but I didn’t want to think of him that way, as he made his way to the table taking a seat, the two men stepped aside, he stared at me, while I avoided his eyes pretending to look around, but his gaze was still fixated on me, I turned to him,
You must really think yourself a mini god, you have all these people at your beck and call, people fear you, you seem a master of your own world,
Do you fear me? he asked not giving anything away with his face, but I knew it was a trick question,
Choose your words carefully…Gloria’s words,

That depends, if what I heard about you is true, he cocked his head to one side as if to ask me to continue, but I wasn’t going to let him force words out of my mouth,
Nice place you have here, you like the Greek mythology? I said looking at the three paintings on the wall hung together, they are quiet symbolic you know, considering what you do here, I could see the curiosity burning in his eyes,
And what do you know about them?
I know that is the Greek goddess of pleasure Aphrodite, I said not really stating the obvious which was sex, I pointed to the second then Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, festivities, madness, drunkenness and even drugs, you know what I mean, and then my favourite, pointing to the third one, Athena, the Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom, I could see in his face that he was impressed, a little smile spread on his lips,

So you believe in them? I asked initiating a conversation, oh! my beliefs are wide, I have a collection of them in my library, even that of the Romans, Africans, name them, he said with a little pomposity,
You owe a library? I asked surprised, but he just smirked at me, so am I right to assume that you are a traditionalist? I added, there are many shades of me, some you don’t even want to know, let’s eat, the food is getting cold, he said dismissing the next question I was about to ask,
He uncovered the large bowls, oh my God! I gaped in amazement as the aroma of each rubbed on my nostrils, a pure native delicacy, made with green vegetables, and native spices, “kene” that’s the name I know it as, I’m not so sure of the English name, it was made with dry fish and meat to be taken with wheat. Just the way my mother likes it. I hadn’t eaten that in ages not since I had been on the run It gave me some unsettling thoughts,

What’s wrong? I do hope you like it? He asked gauging my reaction, yes I do, it just reminds me of my parents, I deliberately said that to gauge his reaction too, but his expression was blank, I haven’t seen her since I was framed, next thing I heard, there were kidnapped and I believe it had something to do with whoever framed me up, I said swallowing the lump in my throat trying to keep the pain from coming to the surface, but he just sat back relaxed in his chair looking at me, his eyes cold like he was trying to stare into my soul,
Okay, tell you what! Spend three weeks here or a month here with me, do whatever I tell you to do and I will help you find your parents and clear your name, my eyes popped open in surprise, is he real? Off course he has them, so finding them won’t be a problem, but what is he up to this time? I thought,
So what do you say? He asked

I would do anything to clear all this, so what do you propose? I replied
One step at a time, he said chuckling, now eat! He ordered, we both ate in silence, I loved every bit of the food, after that, he popped open one of the many bottles of wine on the table, poured it into my glass, the wine tasted even better.
So do you play dress up and have dinner with everyone before getting them to work for you? I asked breaking the silence between us,
Who said I was going to employ you? he replied his eyes still piercing me, then I noticed one of his men, the one that came with Adaline receive a call, then went across to the one that was always with him and whispered into his ears, then he walked up to our table, whispered to Lucas whose sudden countenance changed instantly, last time I saw that look was when he was interrogating Skiter, which made me wondered if this was about Skiter, is something wrong? Have they finally uncovered my ruse? But I kept calm as he shifted his seat backward,
I’m sorry but I have to go, I will see you when I’m back, then he picked something on the table which was wrapped in a red velvet and gave it to me, Adaline will take care of you, and almost immediately Adaline walked in, as Lucas and his men walked out into the right wing of the pent house, taking the elevator, they went down, I opened the red velvet and it was my tab, Adaline walked me back to the room where I dressed, though I was worried about what went wrong when Lucas left like that, but at least I will have time to plot on how to get to Elliot and the rest as Adaline told me that she will come back for me by ten pm, she told me we will be going down to the club, but if I needed anything, all I had to do was press the button on the door, with that she closed the door behind her, leaving me to search for an outfit for the club,
The thought of what Lucas was up to never left my mind, I quickly brought on my tab, nothing was out of place, I didn’t know if I should send a quick text, but Steve’s warning rang in my head,
Don’t try to call or text, I’m sure every damn call is monitored, you will get yourself in trouble, so I just laid there lost in the music videos on the screen until my eyes closed.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 2:59pm On Jun 15, 2015
Wow#waiting 4 where all dis is leading#dont get carried away,Alice......Elliot is waiting 4 u outside.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by dayojags10(m): 8:52am On Jun 16, 2015
Wow... Waiting. Though every bit looks like one Hollywood movie,but I don't mind. Kudos dear.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by drtwist(m): 11:35am On Jun 16, 2015
Ok. Nice job from Mama Crixina. Realy want to know your muse in writing. Cos you knw alot of things about the world.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 11:59am On Jun 17, 2015
God help me not to renege on my promise of seeing this thread to the end.

I understand now why most writers are either people who are retired from their career or those who make writing their career, truth is one can't really combine writing with career or schooling.

I apologize to loyal readers of this thread, we might be having delays like this. But if you stick around,we might together see this thread to the end.

#apologetic face#

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by biddieluvzyaho(f): 5:09pm On Jun 17, 2015
Hmmmm,tot I was coming 2 read some lengthy post when I saw ur name#sad face#
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 5:15pm On Jun 17, 2015
Delay is part of d fun, but just try and give us sumtin in ur free time #Iamwithyou#
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by ElvisGee94(m): 6:37am On Jun 18, 2015
Geeeez.... Dis Story has a spell over me......
Good work babe..... Its always good wen a lady writes crime stories..... Babe Keep d good work going.....
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Oppy4God(f): 7:30pm On Jun 20, 2015
u too much e-hug for u.ooya catch it
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 10:27am On Jun 23, 2015
I know u re busy crixina but just try and giv us a little meal,#starving
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Essyprity(f): 12:26pm On Jun 28, 2015
Crixina I hope u r fine. Not seen u in a while.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by murphymakun(m): 10:05am On Jun 29, 2015
no any update yet :-

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