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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by CuteTolex(f): 8:28pm On Jul 30, 2015
WOW, this is just too much to take in, who would have thought of Elliot as the mystery man behind all this, Crixina, I must say this, U re one or the best writers on Nairaland. And for me, this stories is one of the best action romance story have ever read on Nairaland.

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Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 12:24pm On Aug 01, 2015
Thank guys, i will try to update today.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Galaxdiva(f): 1:11pm On Aug 01, 2015
Pls do,we are waiting@crixina.....
Hey guys,Am advocating this story for front page...pls try and check it out...
cc: ishilove,lalasticlala.... Thank you
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Oppy4God(f): 5:48pm On Aug 01, 2015
Pls do,we are waiting@crixina.....

Hey guys,Am advocating this story for front page...pls try and check it out...

cc: ishilove,lalasticlala.... Thank you
seconded grin
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Dotun42(m): 6:36pm On Aug 01, 2015
I recommend this book its free to download. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/555089
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Felinize: 7:42pm On Aug 01, 2015
Pls do,we are waiting@crixina.....
Hey guys,Am advocating this story for front page...pls try and check it out...
cc: ishilove,lalasticlala.... Thank you
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 3:40pm On Aug 02, 2015
I stood in front of suite 15 in Fresia’s palace, my heart beating, can I do this? I thought, before I pressed the button, the door swung open, I jumped into his arms, and he held me tight,
When the receptionist told me it was you, I couldn’t believe it; he shifted back while still placing his hands on my shoulder to gaze at me, as I looked into his eyes, I fought the urge to just explode, maybe at least confront him,
Are you okay Alice? I mean why are you here?
You know why I’m here, the inner me spoke, but I shut it off,
Elliot, I’m okay, but I won’t be for too long, we have to get out of here, I said as I somehow managed to fake the fact that i was panicky,
Where are Jerry and the rest? We have to get out of town, go somewhere, I started pacing,
Relax! Calm down and talk to me, what is going on? How did you get here? I thought Lucas had you on lock down,
Aren’t you listening to me, Elliot, he knows about us, I started crying, while he rushed to my side,
Alice, calm down and talk to me, Elliot said drawing me back to himself,
This is my fault, I should have listened to you, I shouldn’t have gone to meet Lucas, he knows about us, he knows everything, he will hunt us down, Elliot, he is going to kill us all, I said, as I broke into loud sobs, while he kept patting me on the back,
You know what?
You are a little bit agitated, you have to relax, I promise you, nothing will happen to you or anybody, nobody will hurt you okay, relax, he said, moving me slowly to the bed, for a moment, I wished all these acts he put up were true,
Can I get you anything to eat or drink? No, please just listen to me, let’s get out of this place, I’m begging you, Lucas is capable of anything,
Try and relax, we will talk about this later.
I couldn’t relax, I kept wondering if Elliot had bought the act I just put up, I kept wondering if he is seeing right through me. now that I know the truth, I have to put up my best act, besides Lucas was right, the only way I could face Elliot without spilling my guts to him before time is dealing with my feelings, accepting the fact that I loved him and he played and betrayed me, it wasn’t easy, but I had to do it fast before Elliot figures out I know the truth.
Be yourself around him, like you were before, Lucas urged me four days ago, I didn’t have a choice.
Let me get you something to eat since you have refused to sleep, Elliot interrupted my thoughts, giving me a soft smile,
How could he be these two persons? I thought as I forced out a smile too, but I was so scared of getting poisoned that I asked for cereal, corn flakes to be precise,
You are different, even your diet has changed, he said smiling, my pulse raced a bit, am I failing at this? Is he beginning to notice the changes, I thought,
Stay with Lucas for one day and I swear you will be different, I said acting like it was so bad, but if it was that bad why did you keep telling us you were fine, he asked with a tone of curiosity, because Elliot, I couldn’t afford leaving Lucas without getting answers, if not, the point of being there would have been defeated, I didn’t want you to be disappointed, I said reaching for his hand and stroking it tenderly, he squeezed it in a manner of assurance,
Don’t worry, you are safe now, okay, he said, did he hurt you in anyway, he asked again,
No, if by hurt you mean torture, he did not, but psychological I was hurt, I saw a lot of things in there that almost drove me nuts, I said pretending to want to cry,
It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t cry please, don’t talk about it if it hurts you, the important thing is that you are safe here,
Elliot, no, we are not, aren’t you listening to me, you never even asked how I got here?
Lucas found out about us, the tab, he planted a chip on it, he locked me up in a cell for weeks so he could get me to tell him about you guys, he knew I wasn’t alone, though I didn’t tell him anything, but he found out his own way, Elliot he is planning something big, I said sobbing as he quickly rushed to my side holding me tight, but I shoved him slowly away, he took my parents, Elliot he f..ucking took them,
How are you so sure? Did you see them? He asked,
No, I didn’t, but after he found out about you guys, he released me from the cell and said if I ever tried to run, he will kill my parents and all of you, Elliot, before I left, Lucas told me he is keeping me there for a purpose, he said in three days it will all be over, I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do anymore, he monitored my calls, he kept an eye on me,
How then did you escape? He asked, handing me his hanky
The first two weeks after he brought me out of the cell, he put security on me, and threatened me, so I figured out the best way to go about this is to end his trust and assure him I won’t leave, I did and bit by bit the security tension was reduced, besides he traveled, that gave me time to plan my escape, but three days ago when he came back, I didn’t have a choice, I just walked out of the club, nobody stopped me, nobody questioned me,
Elliot, that’s why I think Lucas will come after us, maybe this was his plan all along, he wanted me to run so he will use me to get to you, now I have led him to you, Elliot, I’m so sorry, I just didn’t know what to do, I started crying again,
Alice, it’s okay, you did good to have left, I might not have been able to protect you there, but now I can, it’s good you came back, he said hugging me, I will call Jerry and the rest and asked them to leave the beach house immediately, besides I missed you, I was so worried about you, I almost asked Jerry to come in, since we didn’t hear from you, I’m so glad you are back,
He lifted up my chin, so that I was looking into his eyes, and gave me a wet kiss, the kiss didn’t feel different, it felt the same way it did some time ago, I kissed him back, the kiss was almost leading somewhere, when he broke free, I have to call Jerry and the others.
Oh God! Is he convinced? I thought, I remembered Lucas and I deliberating on what to tell Elliot four days ago,
When he asks how you got away what will you say? Lucas asked,
I will just tell him I just did, or what do you suppose I say?
Elliot isn’t stupid; he might suspect something is up, so you need to be convincing enough, Lucas stated, I chuckled,
What? He asked, I remember Elliot preparing me like this, on what to say, how to act around you, I just feel I am being tossed around, I said frowning,
I understand, that’s why I am asking you to let me handle Elliot, Lucas said sounding a bit frustrated, no, that’s the point, I objected, I want to make my own decisions from now on, I don’t want anyone telling me what to do or where to go, because in the end, I end up getting deceived,
Are you sure you are ready for this, because you are raising your voice again, Lucas pointed out, I am, I quickly snapped because I didn’t want him putting off another day because he thinks I am not ready, okay, so what do I say? I asked,
The best lies are often the ones closest to the truth, tell him everything except the part where we know he is involved, Lucas said,
After that what happens? I asked.
I couldn’t get Jerry on phone, so I spoke to Steve, they should be here by tomorrow; Elliot’s voice interrupted my deep thoughts,
Why can’t they get here today? I queried sounding worried, But he just smiled,
Alice, relax! You worry too much, they can take care of themselves, they will be here by tomorrow, I managed a soft smile, but he kept starring at me as his soft smile began to disappear, he face looked more serious, so I walked up to him,
Why did you just stop kissing me earlier?
How do you mean? He asked, you just used calling Jerry as an excuse to walk away from me,
What’s going on Elliot, talk to me,
Did Lucas…errm…
Have sex with me? I completed his statement, yes, he replied shyly,
I chuckled, No, he didn’t, he never even asked for it, but he did try to set me up with one of his clients,
And guess who that was? Hon. Abass
What? The commissioner for…
Yes, exactly I replied, we both laughed, Elliot you won’t believe what our so called public figures and leaders do behind closed doors, I initiated a conversation which we both dwelled on to avoid the pain I was feeling inside, I was trying so hard not to spill my guts, which I think I might have succeeded, I was looking forward to the next day where things will blow over, I hoped and prayed that everything go as planned. For some reason, that night, Elliot refused to get in bed with me, I didn’t give much thought to it because truth be told, I don’t think I would have been able to bear the thought of us having se.x, not after knowing him for who he is, though I wasn’t quite sure of why he had chosen to do this. I couldn’t just wait for the next day to come.
As we sat at breakfast table, we talked about how the day would be,
You will stay here, I will go into town to check on a few things, make sure Jerry and the rest get here in time, then we will all think of what to do, Lucas cannot keep riling us up,
What do you mean? I thought we are leaving town, I asked,
This is no time to leave town Alice, you didn’t when the going was tough, when you had no idea of what to do, why do you want to now?
You want to abandon your family now? Do you even know what is happening to them right now especially after you ran away, a guy like Lucas is dangerous, it’s time to fight, no more running, Elliot seemed more angry than he was yesterday, his mood had suddenly changed, just then his phone rang,
My breath was instantly raised, I suspected the hour had come as he picked the call walking away from me towards the bedroom; I strained my ear to listen to his conversation,
What? Yes, yes, I will be right there; I knew it was time,
Look baby, I have to get into town right now, a friend is in trouble, I will be right back,
Is everything okay Elliot? Yes, everything is fine, I will be back before you know it, and he rushed out. That was my cue. I waited some minutes, and then I headed out too.
Stop! Stop! Stop! I urged the taxi driver, I knew Elliot was heading to the ware house, I didn’t anticipate he will be stopping somewhere, i was surprised to see Lucas’s cab guy immediately I stepped out of Fresia’s palace, what the hell are you doing here?
Get in, Lucas sent me, he is already in the ware house, and our guy is half way there, I jumped in the back seat.
Why is he stopping, I asked the cab guy?
‘There are many entrances to heaven’, he quoted Lucas; Lucas must really have a lot of influence on people around him, we watched from a distance as Lucas stepped out from the car, looked around as if he is possibly trying to see if he was followed, then he turned into a road that wasn’t tarred,
What are we waiting for, follow him, I ordered the cab guy,
No, Lucas asked to wait for his call before we proceed,
Why didn’t he tell me all these? I snapped as if I was talking directly to Lucas, in exactly ten minutes, Lucas called,
He says we should take the main entrance into the ware house, then when we get close we wait for his call again, a part of me began panicking, I had a feeling that if we aren’t careful, this might get messy, we waited outside the ware house as Lucas had asked, I kept pacing because I didn’t know what was going on, I was anxious, at a point, I couldn’t wait anymore, I marched towards the ware house despite the cab guy’s attempt to stop me, when I got closer, I heard voices, the gate was opened, so i tiptoed in, but the voices coming from the large empty hall stopped me, I realized that Lucas wanted us to take the main entrance because he knew Elliot will take the back road, he wanted us to get there almost after Elliot got there,
Silas! Silas! Silas are you there? Elliot called out as he stepped into the warehouse, I quickly ran to the back where I could see and hear clearly, I was surprised to see Silas gagged and tied up to a chair, I guess Elliot was too, as he rushed to drag out a concealed hand gun that was tucked at the back of his waist, but there, was Lucas already pointing a gun directly at his head,
Well, well, hello there brother, Elliot said grinning,
Brother? What does he mean by that?
Is about time you showed up, I was beginning to think you wouldn’t, I mean after all this time, long time, no see brother,
I am not your brother, Lucas said clenching his teeth and tightening his fist around the gun, off course you are, but I’m sure we will have time for a family reunion much later, you know if you shoot me, a lot of things will go wrong, first a lot of people will know what an evil murderer you are, like Alice for instance, remember you tried to kill her after you kidnap her and her parents, she escaped, and….
Really? You think so? Lucas interrupted him,
I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked in,
You see, I didn’t think so, Lucas said smirking at you,
Alice, what are you doing here? Elliot acted surprised to see me,
Shut the fu…ck up you son of a bitc.h, I said gritting my teeth as I tried to fight the anger that was building up, but Elliot just started laughing hysterically, then he stopped abruptly,
What were you two fools thinking? That I had no idea that you knew about me and you, he turned to me, and you came running back yesterday, oh! Did you really think you were fooling me?
From the moment you walked out of my beach house, I had a contingency plan, when you started feeling comfortable with Lucas, I knew something like this might happen, so I was prepared for this, so don’t think for a second that any of you played me , rather I played you, Elliot said bursting into a hysterical laugh again,
So it was you, it was you all this time, I said as tears flowed down my cheeks, you killed Evans and framed me up,
Where the hell are my parents? I screamed running towards him while Lucas rushed in and stopped me, still pointing the gun at Elliot,
Oh Sweetie, don’t take it personally, this had nothing to do with you, you were just a pun in my chess game, off course you couldn’t have even seen the truth even if it was starring you in the face,
You used me you bastard, I screamed
Oh! That wasn’t hard; you gave up yourself to be used,
Now sit down! Sit down, Lucas ordered him pushing the other chair to him, he reluctantly sat down,
Do you guys even have a plan?
Oh! Was it to come here and kill me? He began laughing hysterically again,
One more word from you, I will fu…cking put a bullet through your mouth, Lucas snapped angrily,
No, you won’t, Elliot snapped back, Lucas pulled the trigger, for a second there, things were about to go sideways when Elliot quickly added,
Not if you ever want to see Gloria again, we both retreated when we heard Gloria, Elliot stood up again, pacing
Lucas what would you tell your dear beloved aunty, she loves you like her own son, all she knows is that her only child went to visit her cousin, how would you explain that her only child died in you care, especially when she gets her corpse with a note that said
“I was killed because of my cousin Lucas” Elliot said in a way that infuriated Lucas, as Lucas punched him in the face,
Where the hell is she? He screamed,
Lucas wait a minute! What is really going on here?
First, he called you brother, now he is saying Gloria is your cousin? Can someone tell me please?
Oh! Alice, poor Alice, I was always honest with you, Lucas didn’t tell you? Elliot said,
Tell me what? I snapped,
Shut up you son of a b.itch, Lucas ordered
No brother, let’s talk about this; I’m sure Alice would love to hear this,
Lucas here is my brother, I mean half, but he is still my brother,
I am not and will never be your brother, Lucas screamed as he pulled the trigger,
You won’t if either of you ever want to see your loved ones again, Elliot said in a serious manner, I had never seen that part of Elliot, so he was really the devil all along,
You always fall for the Amateurs brother, like Naomi, he grinned, Elliot said, you knew Naomi? I asked,
Lucas is really keeping you in that dark, isn’t he? He began laughing hysterically again,
Oh! But at least I figured out Alice and now she knows the truth about you, what was the point of all these anyway?
What was your plan? Send her to stab me in my sleep? Lucas mocked,
No, brother, unlike you, I see what others don’t, I take my time, kill you? No, I wouldn’t need to send someone to, she was there for something bigger, but it turns out she wasn’t useful, so I really didn’t care anymore,
And what was that? Lucas asked,
Don’t worry; have got another mole, it turns out I couldn’t use Naomi either, she also outlived her usefulness,
How do you think I knew about Steve, Jerry and Gloria, how do you think I knew you were getting uncomfortable, he turned to me and how do you think I knew about all your lame plans.
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 3:41pm On Aug 02, 2015
I had never seen Lucas so shaken the way he was, we both couldn’t believe our ears, I had this all planned out, so now why don’t you tell me about your own plans.
Well in that case, I will just have to torture Silas here, who I’m sure after a few touches; he will flinch and start talking, Elliot’s face instantly changed,
He doesn’t even know where they are, Elliot said,
Then before we knew it, Elliot swiped his gun and shot Silas in the head,
What the fuc…k, I screamed,
Uh! Uh! Now he can’t talk anymore, Elliot said with no emotions as Lucas pinned him down on the chair holding the gun up to his head,
I knew you would do that if I provoked you, and you did, so now I can do this, Lucas whistled, Emmanuel and two policemen walked in,
What is this?
Are you sure you really want to do this? Elliot said, but he didn’t seem shaken at all,
You are all so going to be sorry, Elliot screamed, I watched as they cuffed him, dragging him out, but before he was taken out,
He turned to me, Alice, you have no idea what you are doing, you know what they say about two elephants fighting, I will see you in court, but before he was dragged out, I placed my arms around his wrist dragging him back, then I moved closely to him, so he could feel my breath,
Alice, are you okay? Lucas ran towards me,
Don’t! I snapped,
Fine, Max is waiting outside, please go straight with him to the Pent house, I will meet you there; I walked away without even looking back. As it turned out, it was a horrible day for me.

Tell me everything! I want to know everything, I snapped at Lucas, who was sitting in the living room of his pent house with a glass of whisky, after the day I had, I deserve to know everything,
We are suppose to deal with this together, Elliot is your brother and Gloria is your cousin? and you didn’t think I deserved to know all that, I said pacing, but Lucas just sat there ignoring me, Lucas, you need to say something, he stood up and wanted to leave, but I blocked him,
Lucas, you aren’t going anywhere until you start talking,
We are brothers okay, he screamed, we are all fuc…king brothers and when I mean all, that includes Evans,
So you see, my life is fu…cking twisted, he said shoving me aside, and headed to the bedroom, I couldn’t believe what I heard, did he say Evans?
Which Evans? The one I knew which is dead and was killed by Elliot whom I thought was an angel not until today and which also happens to be Lucas brother who I now just discovered is Evans’ brother too?
I found myself sitting on the floor, and then pouring down my throat the whiskey Lucas left on the table, i didn’t know when I passed out on the floor there. I was awaken by the chills from the floor, it was five A. M already, I rushed into Lucas’ bedroom, he wasn’t there, but few minutes later, he came barging in all sweaty,
Where have you been?
Alice, listen to me, I know how desperate you are to have answers, but this sh.iit is no more about you, in fact I will appreciate it if you let me deal with problems of my own too, but just so you know, Elliot is coming after me, I needed to make sure he has nothing on me, because sooner or later, this whole place is going to be invaded, and I don’t want to be caught in the web, you heard him, he has a mole, which by the way I’m going to find out soon enough,
Wait! I don’t understand, but Lucas don’t you think we could help each other, work together, if you just tell me everything, we have a common enemy, believe me this is all a puzzle and every piece matters, so I think I am one of those pieces, Lucas please, I just want to know what I’m dealing with here,
Okay, fine, but think of this as a problem that started about thirty years ago, you might want to take a seat, he said twitching his lips.
Elliot, Evans and I share the same father, but different mothers, Evans’s and Elliot’s mums went to the same university; they were all final year students when my father met Evans’ mum, everything was fine until my jerk of a father started sleeping with Elliot’s mum, Evans’s mum never knew, but when she did, she was hurt and heartbroken I guess, but they were already out of school by then, ready for national service, by the time she knew it she was already pregnant, she kept it from my father and everyone, she cut all ties with him, she made sure she never saw my father again, my father is an opportunist, he didn’t care about Elliot’s mum, he just wanted to get close to her family money, Elliot’s maternal grandfather was the assistant inspector general of the police force as at the time, it was all good, until the big fish came along, my mother, though she was schooling in the states then, she came around for vacation, that’s how my opportunist father met her, when Elliot’s mum found out, she told him, she was pregnant and tried to tie him down, but my father bluntly refused, denying the pregnancy, because he saw a bigger opportunity, my grand dad was the head of customs, besides he was smuggling drugs and all sorts of things, when my grandparents discovered my mum was pregnant too, they threatened my dad into marrying her, my dad saw it as a win situation, because my grandfather got him into the customs service, introduced him into the drug business, but problem was that my mum and him, they never liked each other, so he extended his hate to me,
Lucas paused, I could see the pain in his eye, as he walked over to the refrigerator, bringing out a bottle of scotch, for once I was beginning to understand what he was going through, so I stood up collected the bottle of scotch from him,
It’s six A.M, water will do, I said as I took out a bottle of water and gave to him,
So how did you know all these? I queried, I never did not until three years ago, like I said my father and I never saw eye to eye as I was growing up, so I was closer to mum’s family, they introduced me into the family business, I started making my own money at a tender age, I only visited my mum once in a while in my father’s house, on one of those occasions, I met a guy who worked as a gardener, instantly something didn’t feel right about him, I mean he was good looking as a young guy, spoke good English which showed he had some form of education, but he worked as a gardener, I asked my mum about him, he told me how nice he was, and how my father likes him, he even had access to parts of the house workers did not, handling some of my father’s building projects, anyway the feeling was mutual because the day my mum introduced me to him, I saw that look on his face, for a guy like me who has had his fair share of criminal activities, I recognized that look, so I paid close attention to him, but I wasn’t really convinced until the day I caught him snooping around my father’s study, opening documents, tampering with his laptop, he seemed like he knew exactly what he was looking for, so I had him followed and investigated,
Let me guess, that person was Elliot, I asked
Yep! He replied, taking another gulp of water, I realized he was following my father, asking unusual questions, so I got my guys to dig up some stuff on him, it turned he was the son my father denied years ago, so I followed Elliot’s every lead, which also led me to me to a woman my father was always seeing in secret, sometimes they met outside the state, I became more curious, i broke my father’s password, hacked into his system, read the mail he exchanged with this mystery woman, there were lots of them, pregnancy test result from years ago, Evans’ medical records a lot that further pointed me to the truth, I guess my father wanted to meet him, get to know him, but the woman won’t let that happen, she was scared of what that might cause, though they were careful enough not to divulge some information, but I pieced it all together, I guess Elliot might had known that too, that was why he was following her too,
At first I was so angry that my father was busy fathering bastard children around, he wanted to meet Evans, yet he hated me all my life, I could see that pain again in Lucas’s eye, he tightened his muscles as he spoke, but I looked at him with reassurance. he was relaxed again as he continued, so I paid professor Anthony a visit, I threatened that I was going to publish the story, then tell Evans, she begged me not to, she told me everything, I went to my mum who also confirmed some parts of the story, all the puzzles were fixed, truth be told Alice, I hated Evans, I hated Elliot, I wanted to kill them both, I was so angry and filled with hate,
The first time my hatred for Evans began fading, Lucas paused,
What? I asked, with anxiety, but he looked at me straight in the eyes, was the day his silver colour corolla ran into a girl, and he went out to apologize, the girl didn’t go easy on the slap, Lucas added. Instantly my eyes watered, my cheeks hurt from the efforts I put in to control the tears that was building up,
You saw when Evans and I first met? I asked with a voice that was breaking from the tiny sobs, but he didn’t reply, he just stood up and entered a combination code on the wall which opened a safe, he brought out a box of pictures, I could have sworn I had seen my entire life in the last three years before me in pictures, he brought out another file containing the pictures he took of Elliot following Evans, some were pictures of him, some were pictures of Silas trailing Evans, tears ran down my eyes as I saw Evans, it was as if he was still alive,
Off course, you won’t want to see these ones, they were pictures of Evans and Sarah Johnson, I looked at them, but I didn’t feel pain anymore, I missed him in that moment, I wanted him to still be alive even if it meant being with another woman,
But for what is worth, I think Evans was happy and in love here, he raised a picture of me and Evans, than he was here, he raised a picture of Sarah and Evans, I guess he was just with Sarah for the money, he was truly the son of his father, a Michael after all,
Your father’s name is Michael? I asked,
Yes, why?
Michael Rajah?
That’s him! He said in a mocking tone, oh my God! The current head of customs, I know your father, when Elliot and I were… yes, I know Alice, that was my father and Professor Anthony talking at the funeral, Lucas completed my statement.
Oh my! He was the man in the custom suit, Professor Anthony told my father that someone came threatening her, I guess she must have described me to him, my father instantly suspected me, few weeks after Elliot was killed, my father almost killed me and my mother literally, thinking I did it, she locked up my mum for days, Lucas said as he stammered, his voice broke, he could no longer talk, so he paced for a while, that was the first time, I told anyone about Elliot, I had to tell him everything, he was so devastated, he tried to be there for Evans’ mum.
It was my fault,
What? I asked,
I could have warned him earlier, I could have protected him, I didn’t know Elliot was capable of such, I should have protected him, he said trying to hold himself together, Alice, he was my brother, after watching him for a long time, the way he treated you, the way he went about his life, my hatred was just gone, all I just wanted was a brother, a friend, he was different from us, it’s no wonder my father loved him, but I failed, I never even got to know him. Tears sprang up again in my eyes as I listened to Lucas talk, he did have emotions after all,
I will take that scotch now, he said as he stood up, swallowed his emotions and walked the refrigerator.
That’s why we have to walk together to take this son of a b.itch down once and for all, I said, my courage had suddenly returned with full force,
Since he couldn’t do this the dirty way, he will go to court,
Then we will fight him in court, I mean look at all these evidence, we could gather all these and use it against him, I insisted,
You don’t get it, do you? Elliot’s maternal grandfather is retired, but he still has some guys in the government, Elliot’s mum is married to the minister of justice, a position he got because of his father in law, now there are after my family, yesterday my father called that he is missing some important documents, they want to finish the fight they started years ago, my mother’s family home was attacked last week,
Why? I asked,
I don’t know, but fortunately my grandparents were both away on vacation in London,
Lucas’s phone rang, he picked it up immediately, then when he dropped, that was Emmanuel, Elliot was granted bail yesterday, his lawyer will be paying us a visit tomorrow,
How… his lawyer?
Paul Dylan, have you heard of him, he is the best in the country; Lucas said looking a bit shaken,
Actually I have. I replied,
Elliot is one step ahead, we have to move too, if not this guy will run us over, we were still talking when we heard some noise from the living room, we rushed out, it was Max and some of Lucas’s guys,
What is going on? Lucas asked,

Guys from the National drug law enforcement agency are here, they say they have a warrant to search the entire building, and there are not just here alone, some guys from the military are with them, they say it’s precautionary measure,
Let’s start from the basement, one of the agents said, he looked tough,
What? There is no basement, Lucas replied, are you sure about that? Another asked,
After what seemed like a long argument, we were all led to the basement,
THE TANK to be precise, Lucas’s little lab, I was almost going to faint, Elliot is really winning, but Lucas was awfully quiet, he maintained a straight face, when the lab was finally open, it was as empty as the word empty, not even a shard of glass, I was so confused, could it be that we were somewhere else,

All the test tubes, vacuums, everything was gone, the agents went round, even into the inner room where Lucas had stocks up his delivery, everything was gone, I turned to look at Lucas, but he still maintained a straight face, even Max and his other guys seemed surprised too, they checked other basements, but they were all cleared out,
Officers are we done here? Lucas finally spoke; they talked for a while and then they left,
Lucas what was that? I asked when we finally got back to the pent house,
Those guys were tipped off, not many people know of the basement, he said angrily,
I beg to differ Lucas, A lot of people do,
Elliot was right about the mole; I need to find out whoever that person is,
Lucas, it’s we now, not I, and I think I have a pretty good idea. I said but first I need to cool off from all these, it’s been a long morning.


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this is da bomb like hiroshima op pls keep it up ishilove pls fp
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Lucas stop freaking out, pacing and getting agitated won’t help, when you act like this you can’t think and when you can’t think, you can’t help me, I said sounding a little selfish two days later as Lucas paced in his private lounge,
You think I don’t know that, this is the third call I’m getting from my aunt today,
But what happened all these months, why wasn’t she worried when she didn’t hear from Gloria?
Elliot’s twisted version was that she was on the outs with her folk, I asked,
Unfortunately he was right, okay, now I get it; the best lies are always the ones closest to the truth, I quoted him smiling, he gave me a soft smile too which didn’t last,
It’s true, Gloria left home, about seven months ago, after she came back from the university of Sussex with nothing except a growing drug habit, when she got here, it got worse, my aunt and her father were really mad, so they reacted as parents, she left the house to come be with me,
Uh! Uh! Isn’t that like a fish being taken from a pond to a river, or how do they say it now, from frying pan to fire, I said interrupting and teasing Lucas,
What do you take me for? I’m not that bad, besides I wouldn’t do that to my cousin or my aunt, that’s the closest to family have got, he felt a little bit relaxed as he sat down gulping the water he left on the table,
In those few months with me, I saw my cousin change, somehow I ran a personal rehab for her, it worked, I saw her drug problems gone, I didn’t even know she was always snooping around, putting pieces together until she confronted me about Elliot, she already knew a lot, she offered to go in with Jerry and Steve, but I couldn’t let that happen, but she was too stubborn, after what she did to Peter one of those days when I asked no one to allow her out of her apartment, I knew she could take care of herself, I guess she had been learning all that stuff in England rather than studying, besides I had Jerry and Steve keeping their eyes on her, I feared something like this might happen.
I chuckled,
What? Lucas asked
Gloria, Jerry and Steve, they were all so good at what they did, there was this weird vibe about them, one minute they act so close, the next they are just this different people.
Where are you going? I asked as Lucas stood up walking briskly out of his private lounge,
To the technical room, I need to go over those footages again; there must be something in there about Elliot’s Bleep…ing mole we skipped, that’s the only lead we have for now,
Lucas, Trevor and his people have gone over those stuff, besides there are thousands of them,
Exactly, that’s why we must have missed something, besides an expert will do the job better,
What do you mean?
Steve and Jerry are on their way, he said still moving ahead of me,
Lucas, this is no time to look at obvious places, you won’t find answers there, think outside the box, Elliot and his mole must have taken the security cameras into consideration, fine, it’s a good thing Steve is coming around, he might help, but we have to have alternatives, I told you I have a plan,
Isn’t it about time you said it, he snapped, Lucas was obviously agitated, I knew he cared about his cousin, listen, remember my parents are in this too, so I understand how you feel,
How about Naomi?
What? Lucas asked like he wouldn’t think Naomi could do it, no, she isn’t the one, he replied,
Why, we are talking about a mole, so it wouldn’t be one of the cleaners or the cook, we are talking your closest people here, if you really want to find out the truth, you have to start from the likes of Max, Naomi, Adeline, Amira…
Stop! Stop! I would have known long time ago if any of these people were involved,
Would you? I asked, if there’s anything I have learnt from Elliot, it is that you don’t know sometimes know people even the ones you think you do, if you have doubts about this, let me handle it, every single person that has access to you must be involved in this and when I mean every single person, that includes Jerry and Steve.
What? He asked in surprise, but I just looked at him, nodded and took my leave.
We soon got everyone into Lucas’ private lounge, one at time, we spent two days doing that so they won’t be any suspicions, some people actually met Lucas, others just went into an empty lounge after about some minutes of waiting, Lucas will call them that he left the lounge, that he is somewhere else,
The logic was simple, we placed Elliot’s photograph on the table, and the mole will definitely react to Elliot’s photograph which there after we will follow up to see who puts out a call to Elliot or any strange number, so far no one reacted, at least no one knew what we were up to, Trevor was also on the list so he wasn’t manning the security systems, Lucas and I were,
This is crazy, Lucas exclaimed as Naomi walked into the lounge,
It’s crazy now because Naomi is in there, I asked,
No, it’s crazy because these guys are all clean; I run a check myself on them,
Okay tell me, how did Elliot kidnap Naomi? I asked,
Does it matter, he snapped, yes it does for two reasons, I snapped back, first I want to know you are not just sentimental, second reason is that I want to decide what to do to her if I ever find out she knows where my parents are, I threw the words angrily at Lucas,
Naomi was good at what she did, she came in here just like Amira and the rest, but she was good, she knew how to deal especially in the drug business, we were on one of those deals, we were suppose to meet these guys on sea to give them the supply, but they had a plan to double cross us, I went with just Max and Naomi on my cruise, things went bad, she took a bullet for me, Alice she almost died, when we got back, she was bleeding seriously, and like with what was her last breath, she told me she was in love with me, that she loved me from the moment she saw me, but I didn’t feel that way about her, but the smart thing to do would have been to say I loved her too, even if it would have been a lie, but I freaked out and just bluntly told her I don’t feel that way about her, I almost lost her,
So when she finally recovered, she asked us to talk about it, but I turned her down again, like a typical woman, she started flirting with men, clients to make me jealous, but I wasn’t, then she started skipping work, when I confronted her, she told me she is seeing someone and she might leave, that someone was Elliot, somehow Elliot connected her to me, before I could do something about it, Elliot had her kidnapped and tortured her for information, that was about the time you were kidnapped too, that’s why that lady told you her name was Naomi, it was to further paint me bad, because Elliot knew somehow you would find out about Naomi, the point is even with all the torture she didn’t give me out,
How do you know she didn’t, how do you know Elliot didn’t somehow get to her, how do you know she wouldn’t even help Elliot to spite you,
Alice, you just have to trust me on this one, besides since she came back, I have kept her out of the loop, just in case Elliot did get to her. When we turned to stare back into the screen Naomi was shredding Elliot’s photograph angrily, I guess we will have to find another photograph, Lucas said,
Fine, I will back off, but if I find out that she is dirty, I will kill her, so now it’s just Jerry and Steve, I said
Good luck with that, Lucas said with sarcasm in his voice.
It was Amira’s turn, she didn’t even look at the photograph, when she noticed Lucas wasn’t in the lounge, she headed for the bar, took out one of Lucas’ favorite scotch and gulped it down,
Bit…ch, she’s always craving that scotch, Lucas said as we both laughed.
What about Steve and Jerry, you do know they are going to react differently, they have seen Elliot before or you didn’t consider that when you cooked up this little plan of yours, it sucks okay, Lucas said, he was right, but we still have to try, they may still react differently,
Is that why you have been avoiding them ever since they got here, Lucas asked, obviously he did notice I was avoiding them,
Lucas, you will forgive me if I’m not so big on trust right now.
Dude! I’m in the lounge, where are you? Jerry asked as he stood staring intently at Elliot’s photograph,
Errrm.. Sorry, I will meet you there right away, Lucas stammered, and then he turned to me, so what now? Steve reacted same way too, so we ended up with nothing, Naya, Vee and the rest were loose ends too.
Jerry, Lucas and I were in the penthouse when Steve bolted in,
So what now, after the little show you two put up there, he said pointing to Lucas and I,
How do you mean? Lucas asked, you think I don’t know what you guys have been up to, witch-hunting? Or should I say mole hunting? I can’t believe you guys would think that I am a mole,
Jerry chuckled, you guys knew? I asked,
It was Alice’s idea, Lucas quickly added, off course it was, she stayed with the bad guy for months and she never figured it out, suddenly her perceptive skills are incredible,
Oh yeah Steve, maybe I’m a little careful because I don’t want to make the same mistake again, I’m sorry if I don’t really trust anyone right now, I snapped,
I’m not asking for your trust girl, I’m just asking you not to point fingers when you aren’t sure, for God sakes, I upgraded most of the systems used in here, and there are airtight, so I was the mole, you wouldn’t even come close to finding out, because it would have been airtight like my work, he snapped back, that was typical Steve, always seizing every opportunity to brag.
You guys are Elliot’s Bleep..ing friends, how do I know this isn’t part of Elliot’s big plan, after all everyone is been lying to me around here,
You don’t, Steve snapped again,
Hey! Hey! Hey! Guys! Calm down, it’s okay, I understand everyone is tensed up right now, but we have to be focused, and this is not how to go about it okay, Alice, I know you are skeptical, but you are not the only one that has a personal vendetta against Elliot, we are all here to work together,
Yeah Steve and Jerry are Elliot’s friends, but I brought them in for a reason, Lucas finally spoke, so I say we all stop this melodrama and work together, yeah right, because if you guys weren’t busy witch-hunting, you would notice that someone has been deleting security footages, Steve said,
Trevor? Lucas exclaimed, I’m not sure, because if he was the one, he would have tried to cover it up, but when I pointed it out, he seemed surprised too, but before Steve could even finish the sentence, Lucas was already on phone, he seemed furious,
Lucas, now is no time to act rash, if you threaten him, or try to torture him, and he isn’t the mole, you will be tipping the real mole off, take it easy, ask him questions, who knows he might flinch,
When Trevor arrived, Steve, Jerry and I left, leaving them both alone,
Ten minutes later, Lucas called us three back, Trevor said some guys from the tech come in to the server room from time to time, but when I pushed he said he has been having a girl over in there constantly,
Who is the girl? Steve asked,
You mean Naya, Amira’s friend? I asked,
I’m so going to kill that b.iitch if I find out…Lucas said, as he breathing plummeted , no, you are not, you are going to let me handle this, I snapped,
Mean while, Steve will try to retrieve those footages, Trevor will invite her over; nothing will change, because we don’t want to risk tipping her off.
Hey! What sup with you? Amira asked as I knocked and entered her room? She was already getting ready for the night, she seemed kind of nervous,
Amira, Are you okay? I asked,
Yeah, I am, I’m just nervous about tonight,
Why? I pressed on, nothing, she replied smiling shyly,
Come on, you can talk to me,
Okay, ever since those law enforcement guys turned this place upside down, there has been no supply,
I asked raising my eyebrow, okay I get it, I know what you mean, even Lucas’s guys can’t even get a hold of it, I’m always so damn nervous without that stuff, I wonder how Lucas wants to keep this place running without that, that b..itch won’t even share some of her stash,
Who? I asked,
Then if you can’t get a hold of it, how is Naya getting hers? I asked
This place runs on connection baby, you meet the right people, you get the right things, but I always end up on my a..ss, I thought Bleep..ing Lucas should give me that privilege, she smirked,
You know what? I will see what I can do, I said,
Yeah! I trust you bae, what’s your deal with Lucas anywhere, has he finally settled for one pu..ssy? She said sounding very vulgar, but I just smiled knowing she was already drunk; I went up to the pent house,
Lucas is your errrm, I stammered then added supply still in circulation?
Re: E. Fantasy(short Stories) by Crixina(f): 8:00pm On Aug 11, 2015
I told you, I packed everything out; I can’t risk it now,
Everything? No one has access to it not even Max, peter…
No, no one, especially not now that we have a mole, he replied with certainty,
Then how is Naya getting her supply?
Naya is getting Mescaline? He asked surprised, and there is no security footage of who is supplying and obviously she is the only one getting it, it’s about time I talked to that b..Itch,
No, I got this Lucas, I told you.
By the time I got down again to the club, Naya was already three sixty degrees on the pool, She had a great body, so stripping did look good on her, she was so wonderful there that for a moment I wondered if I could be that flexible, but then again if I was on mescaline, I’m sure I would have been, when she finally made it down, she went straight to the bar which I followed her, I’m sure Lucas and the rest were watching because I knew they were all in the technical room,
Hey Naya! Nice one there, you know I haven’t actually seen you do that before, I teased,
Thanks Alex, she said, obviously high, it’s Alice, can I talk to you for a moment please, and we walked to the bathroom,
Amira told me about the supply, how there is really none going around, but you obviously have some, I want to know how you are getting yours,
What the hell are you talking about? She chuckled and staggered, I don’t know what you mean, if you will excuse me, I have work to do, she tried to walk away, but I dragged her back,
Naya, I know you are the mole, you have been erasing security footages from the server in the technical room courtesy of the access you have through Trevor, I also know that you are giving out information about this whole place to someone,
So what will you do, asks Lucas to kill me like he killed Whiskey? She said through clenched teeth, if anything happens to me, my friends on the outside will make sure this place burns to the ground, she said walking away, and she barely made it out the door when Max and one of Lucas’s guys dragged her away.
Lucas, you can’t lock her up in a cell, when her friends don’t hear from her, there is no telling what they will do,
Your job is done Alice, I can take it from here, Lucas said angrily,
No, because you are putting my parents’ lives in danger, you are putting Gloria’s life in danger too,
Yeah, Alice is right, Jerry added,
What will you have me do then? Lucas asked
Let me talk to her, I said convincingly
Fine if by tomorrow morning, she doesn’t talk, that b..itch will … Lucas said walking out angrily.
I opened up the cell, I stood there staring at her, reflecting on the moments I was also in her position, helpless in this cell,
Did Lucas send you to torture it out of me, she chuckled, when you first came in here, I thought you were different, how could you even be with someone like Lucas, what is it?
Money? Or you just love with bad guys, do they turn you on? I thought you were smart; obviously you are dumb like the rest of them,
No, Naya, you are the dumb one because you don’t even know what you are doing, you don’t know who the people you are risking your life for are, I know what I’m doing, and do you know why I came here in the first place?
I came here because of my parents, my family, so whatever I’m doing, the risks I’m taking, I’m doing it all for my family, so you would understand if I do something rash,
Lucas must really be stupi.d , in fact all of you are, to think that everyone here is as stup.id as you all are, when I heard you guys were looking for the mole, I knew sooner or later I will be found so i told my friends and they arranged a bit of an insurance in case you tried anything funny, so killing or hurting me will only end up exposing you guys for what you really are, heartless criminals
So kill me, kill me she screamed,
So what is the insurance he said he had put in place, did he ask you to trust him like he ask me to, did he tell you, he was going to protect you like he told me, I asked moving towards her,
Who are you talking about? She asked,
Did Elliot lie to him like he lied to me, I asked screaming,
Who the hell is Elliot? She asked, but the anger in me had already reached the surface as I got close to her, held her by the hair, now listen to me Missy, I twisted the hair while she screamed,
Elliot has my parents, and I swear if anything happens to them, I will burn you alive, so you better start talking now, but before I knew it Jerry rushed in dragging me out, that’s when I realized it had gone too far,
So much for let me talk to her, Lucas said in a mocking tone.
The next morning, I still insisted on talking to her,
Have you come to strangle me again, she asked, but I ignored her, opening the cell door wide,
No, Naya, I have come to make you an offer, two offers actually,
The first is tell me everything I need to know and I will let you walk out of this cell, talk Lucas into letting this go,
I’m waiting to hear the second offer, she said mockingly, but I walked towards her slowly, then I bent before her,
Or I take a drive to Fifth Avenue, what’s her name,
Blessing? She is pregnant right? About five or six months right?
You will stay the hell away from my sister b..itch, she snapped, getting up, I pushed her down,
Oh! so you do care about your family, or doesn’t that insurance include your family? If you are willing to do everything to protect your sister and her family, you will understand how far I will go to find my parents,
So tell me where the fu..ck Elliot is keeping my parents?
I don’t know anything about your parents; I don’t even know anything about an Elliot, I have been spying on everything here and reporting to a guy who pays me a whole lot of money, all I needed to do was give out somes information, erase our meetings from the footage, while he pays me money in return,
What’s this guy’s name? I asked,
I don’t fucki..ng know, she snapped,
You are lying!
I said I don’t know, he just comes and goes like every other person,
Where do you guys meet?
In my apartment mostly,
Just then Steve appears at the door, come on, we found something,
I think she is telling the truth, Elliot might not have risked coming here, I think it’s someone else, I said as we all gathered in the pent house,
I managed to pull some of the footages, the images are distorted, so I couldn’t really get the face, this was all I could get, Steve said pulling up an image on the screen,
I don’t think that is Elliot, I said, we all agreed it wasn’t Elliot,
Skiter said he got something, Lucas spoke,
What? Skiter was working for you too, I asked,
Not really, he was working for Elliot, but Elliot gave him up for a reason, he thought I will be ruthless enough to kill him, he wanted Skiter dead and he thought I would help him do his dirty job, after I made Skiter understand that, he was willing to spy on Elliot for me,
How can you trust him? I don’t because I had someone spy on him, and so far he’s been doing a great job, so I understand what you did there with Naya, I understand the power of persuasion,
Skiter said ever since Elliot was released, he moved to their mansion in hilltop estate, they doubled up security, though some friends are allowed in so he couldn’t really figure out which of them might be working with Elliot, but there was a particular guy that came in more than three times in the last week, he wasn’t so certain until this guy was allowed in by Ten P.M last night, that would have been the second time he came around yesterday,
He just sent this picture; he enlarged it on the screen,
Holy shit! I screamed,
Jerry, Lucas and Steve all asked in unison what?
Kelvin! I spat out the name,
You know him? Jerry asked,
Yes, I do, Elliot is really one twisted guy, I said as the anger resurfaced, get Naya up here.
Naya identified Kelvin as the guy she has been meeting.
How the fu..ck do you know all the criminals in the world? Steve teased, he was dating my best friend, after I told them of my encounter with Kelvin, they all stared at me in surprise.
You broke into a guy’s house and blackmailed him with hard drugs, and I thought I am the devil, Lucas said smirking, obviously Elliot must have known about it,
Or I might have told him, I added,
Guys, I need to take this call, it’s from Gloria’s mum, Lucas said leaving with his phone, well, we were trying to upgrade our systems and make it un-hack able especially now that we have found our mole, and I hope we can muster a little trust now, Steve said winking at me with a smile which I returned back as he walked out.
How are you feeling? Jerry asked,
I don’t know what to say,
Alice, you are really a strong woman, I have never met a woman so courageous and brave like you, with all that has happened, you are still this tough, even after finding out about Elliot, you are one hell of a person, your family is so lucky to have you, a child that will fight to the death for them, I admire that,
I blushed, because I hadn’t heard those nice things in a while,
Thank you Jerry, no, I’m serious, I mean a daughter that will risk all, a friend that will go that far to blackmail a guy to save her best friend, you are one tough cookie,
That doesn’t count, I was crazy back in school, we both laughed, but the big question is how you guys did it, put up a good face for months with Elliot, I asked,
It wasn’t about Elliot Alice, it was about you, we were all there to protect you, he said, I felt that blush come back again,
What did he do to you guys?

Not me directly, it was Steve, about three years ago, Steve wrote this algorithm for a telecommunications company, it was big, I’m talking millions of Naira, it could have launched him to a new level, but some days before he was to meet with the telecom guys, robbers broke into Steve’s family home stealing everything, in the process Steve’s dad was shot in the leg, they made it look like it wasn’t about the algorithm but we knew better, what we didn’t know was who did it, a year later the program was launched by the telecom company, Steve wanted to sue them, but that would have meant a whole lot of money, it was only when Lucas came along that he introduced us to an insider who told us who sold the algorithm to the company, Steve cannot still recover from it, that was Steve,
For me, I have never really liked Elliot, so when Steve told me about Lucas, I gladly accepted the chance.
I stood up walked to the bar, pouring us two glasses of scotch, here is to bringing Elliot down, I raised my glass,
I will drink to that, Jerry raised his too.
What do we do now? I asked as we all sat on the breakfast table,
We wait for Skiter to get back to us, he said he has been following Kelvin for a while now, but he has no leads to a location yet, besides Naya decided to help,
She is what now? A double agent, I asked as we all laughed,
She felt bad for you after we told her everything, well not everything, just what she needed to hear, has you guys talked since then? Jerry asked,

I don’t think I want to talk to her yet, I snapped
I didn’t trust her remorse, so I tapped her phone and kept close surveillance on her so if she contacts or anyone contacts her, we will know, Steve added,
Yeah, that’s my guy, I teased, in the last two days, the tension on our necks had been reduced, I had never seen Lucas relax in the company of anybody the way he did with Jerry and Steve, they talked and laughed, I could really see the man behind the façade, though sometimes he tried not to get carried away by still keeping his distance and tough looks, but I knew better,
We were still having breakfast and teasing each other when Adeline appeared, she always did look good especially with the official look, her tight skirt, with a beautiful shirt and perfect heels to go with it, I wasn’t still sure what her job description was,
Lucas, I’m sorry to bother you, but this came in for you, she opened a file bringing out a letter,
Adeline, couldn’t this have waited, I’m having breakfast for God sakes, Lucas said,
Well, I think you might want to read it now, Adeline insisted,
Lucas quickly ran through it, then chuckled,

What is it? I asked, he just passed the letter to me, it was a court summons.
Oh my God! He is suing you for kidnapping, murder, defamation of…you are to appear before the court on the 22th of November 2014, that’s about a month or two from now,
That should give me enough time to be ready, Lucas said
Oh my God! I exclaimed,
What again? Lucas asked, Elliot is suing just you to court, this says nothing about me,
So, did you want him to sue you too? Steve asked in a sarcastic tone,
No, he isn’t involving me because he intends to take care of me before then, because he knows I might testify against him, I got to go, I said getting up in a hurry,
Where are you going to? They all asked at once, do you really think Lucas is stupid enough to leave evidence for you to find, my parents, Gloria, me, you, Naya, anyone that can link Elliot to all of this , he will try to kill us all,
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Okay Alice, relax, calm down! What are even saying, Jerry asked as Lucas kept grinning as if I was going crazy, so where are you going to?
I know what Elliot is trying to do, he wants to play dirty and clean at the same time, it’s about time, I did the same, and if you know what is good for you, you will wipe that grin off your face, and get all your friends who have been in contact or known about Elliot in, starting with Naomi, I said walking towards Lucas, and with one swift, I dragged out the pistol from the back of his jacket, I know you guys are not okay with my going out, so you will try to follow me, but let Jerry do that instead of Max, I added as I ran off to my apartment, changed into my a jean and Tee shirt with my favourite black boots, I took out a backpack from the wardrobe, tucked the gun in, Lucas had earlier returned my tab, I took that too and a few other items and ran off through the basement.
The air outside felt different, I hadn’t been out much on my own since this whole thing began, the last time I went out was to see Mr. Edgar which didn’t count because that happened in the night, and Lucas still found a way to follow me, I had been spending the last few months of my life with criminals, so finding and tailing someone was one of the skills I picked up, I looked at the recent gold Christian Dior watch on my wrist I found in the my wardrobe last week, it was already eleven P.M, though I confronted Lucas about the watch, he said it was something he does for the girls who work with him sometimes, but I knew that was a lie, when I kept asking why, he feigned the excuse that I had been through a lot in the last few weeks, he wanted to do something nice for me, but he had no idea how to, so Adeline suggested the watch, I couldn’t argue any further, because the watch was damn beautiful. I slid my sunglasses on, stopped a cab and headed for Tasties.
Tasties was a fast food restaurant opposite Paul Dylan LLP, the law firm my best friend Rosie works, well, it was almost twelve P.M, and I knew she would be coming in for lunch at about anytime from that moment, so I bought a bottle of water and went to the secluded part of the fast food restaurant, one thing I always admired about my country was that the crime dies down with the media heat, so it was easy to walk past people, though I still felt like some eyes were poking, they were actually the least of my problems, I was more worried about Elliot sending someone to blow my brains out on the street, I kept staring around to make sure I wasn’t being watched.
Some minutes later, Rosie walked in; I hadn’t seen that face in ages. When I saw her, tiny drops of tears circled around my eyes, she looked so beautiful in her outfit, she looked healthy and happy, for a second there, I was about to change my mind and walk away, but that wasn’t the time to, so I boldly walked up to her, she was already talking to the attendant,
Well, well, long time no see, I whispered into her eyes, she turned and for a second, I didn’t think she did recognize me, but when she looked closely through the sunglasses, her mouth dropped wide open, I could see the surprise in her eyes, then she slowly carried her lunch walking away,
Rosie Wait! I said walking up to her,
What are you doing here? She asked with a tone of resentment,
Are you mad at me right now, because I’m thinking it should be the other way round, you gave me up, I said raising my voice a bit,
You think I had a choice, I didn’t know what to believe, I don’t still know what to believe, I came to see you after you were arrested, I heard some guys broke you out of police custody, and you disappeared for months, no one has heard from you since, I don’t think I should even be talking to you right now.
You really think I did all that? I asked impatiently,
Like I said, I didn’t know what to believe, you remember Kelvin, I know what you did to get him off my back, yeah, Kelvin was a jerk, but I couldn’t believe you could do that either which got me thinking what else you are capable of, I mean you may not have done it, but I’m sure you had friends who helped you.
I chuckled, you obviously don’t know the half of it, Life isn’t that simple as you think, anyway I don’t have time right now, if you really want to know the truth, wait for me at city plaza by seven P.M, I will meet you there,
And why would I do that? She asked with contempt, I took off my sunglasses and looked her in the eye, she was a little bit scared, I held her hands, Rosie look at me, I’m innocent, I promise, this thing is far more complicated than you could ever imagine, I will tell you everything when we meet. I said convincingly, but she withdrew her hands from mine which meant she still doubted me,
Listen to me, you better be there by seven, and you better not come with the police or anyone, I said in a threatening tone,
Are you threatening me? She asked,
Rosie, it shouldn’t be me you should be worried about, you should be worried about these people, I took out pictures that Elliot or Lucas might have taken of us, spreading them on the table before her, honey, these pictures were not taken yesterday nor were they taken last week or even six months ago, they were taken a lot longer than that, so, I’m hoping you will put one and one together,
I could see the fear in her eyes spread through her body, as she picked up each picture, looking at it intently,
I stood up, Seven P.M, city plaza, and alone, I bent down kissing her lightly on the cheek, you look amazing by the way, I whispered as I walked out of Tasties leaving Rosie staring like she just saw a ghost.
When I stepped out of Tasties, Jerry was there with Lucas’ SUV,
I told you not to come, I said as I slid into the front seat, but he just smiled
Where are we going?
To Pristine Medical centre,
What are we doing…wait a minute, Sarah Jameson, I mean how…
Jerry watch the road, I interrupted,
Does Lucas know about this? I mean how are the Jamesons involved in this, he screeched to a stop, Alice, you are taking a risk, what’s your plan?
Jerry, Lucas doesn’t need to know everything, I won’t idly sit while some sick evil bastard kills my parents, I have been with Elliot, you have too, by now, you should know how he makes his move, but it’s obvious you don’t, he is not going to make it that easy on us, that’s why I’m going to get help,
What help Alice? Did you even think this through, because it sounded like you just cooked up this plan immediately you found out about Kelvin, your friend Rosie, do you know you are putting her life at risk, if you were being followed, that means Elliot now knows that you are trying to get Rosie involved so he might try to hurt her,
Listen to me Jerry, that’s why you need to drop me off and go back to protect Rosie for me at least until I get her to listen to me, Elliot is going a long way for this, Kelvin? I don’t know if this going to work, but I need to do this,
I need to call Lucas, Jerry said,
Well you may but not until I’m at pristine medical centre, please I beg of you, go back to Rosie please,
What about you? He asked concerned, I will take care of myself.
I stood outside pristine medical centre, classic private hospital, off course, what did I expect? It is owned by one of the richest family in this country, even the security at the gate was an eye opener to what the inside would be like, and I knew that getting in there alone was a risk, so i made a call ahead of time.
Sam was waiting for me by the gate, he quickly threw his arms around me when he saw me, Sam I’m so glad to see you but we don’t have much time, just make the call,
Sam called, but the phone rang the first time without response, Alice, you do know she is a very busy person,
I know, just try again,
Sam, how are you doing? I’m so sorry, I’m busy right now, I just came out of surgery right now, and I have another in two hours, I signaled to Sam to tell her that it will only take a while,
Sarah, I know, this will only take a while, it’s about Evans, Sam said, I could hear the pause on the phone,
Okay, where are you? She asked,
I’m at the gate, why don’t you come in; I will meet you in my office, No, Sarah, I can’t, security might not let me in, especially with the surprise I came with,
Can you please come down? Sam requested stammering
What’s this about Sam? She queried skeptically, Sarah please I know it’s weird, but please just trust me. She ended the call.
Maybe she isn’t coming, Sam said,
Or maybe she might be coming with security, Shit! I exclaimed, let’s shift away from here,
We walked into another building few meters from the hospital gate, I watched closely, few minutes later, she walked out alone, I looked around to make we weren’t both being watched, then I crossed over to her,
When I got close to her, she looked like she saw a ghost, that was the second time I was getting that look that day,
Hi, my name is Alice Daniel, I said, taking off my sunglasses,
She took her phone from her pocket showing it to me, I pressed just one number on my keypad here and the entire security force in this building is on you,
What the hell do you want? She said,
Sarah Jameson, I’m not here to cause any trouble, I’m just here to tell you who killed Evans, I need your help,
Do you think I’m stupid, how dare you come here to lie to my face, she asked with her voice trembling like she was trying to hold back the tears building up,
I don’t expect you to believe me, I didn’t even hear Sam walk up behind me,
Sarah, she is right, she was framed, Sam said in a soft tone, Sam how could you even believe her?
What are you doing with her?
The person responsible was arrested about a week ago, Sam said,
What? She seemed surprised,
Why did I not know this? Who is the person?
I promise I will tell you everything if you can meet me by seven P.M later today by city plaza, it’s a long story, but you might want to hear it,
You expect me to trust you? She asked,
No, Sarah, I expect you to trust yourself, it’s entirely up to you, besides if you don’t show up, that means I can’t help you too then,
What is that suppose to mean? She asked,
See you by seven P.M, Sarah Jameson, I got to go Sam, I will see you later, I ran off calling the next available cab as Sam walked Sarah back through the gate.
My next stop was the chemistry department of my university, I knocked at professor Anthony’s door and entered, she didn’t even lift up her head to look at me, classic lecturer technique, I was sure she hadn’t still recovered from her son’s death, she was pale, Sam told me what she is going through,
Ma, I need to talk to you, I finally said,
About what? She asked without still lifting her face up,
Ma, I’m Alice Daniel, she was spooked, she lifted her face up and looked at me for like few seconds, then she got up, walking slowly towards me,
Ma, it’s about Evans, but before I could say any other word, she hit me across the face, my son was killed because of you, she said amidst tears, I held my face as the stink sunk,
No, Ma, you are wrong, he was killed by his brother, she sank back into the chair crying, I know, I know, it was my fault, I should have told him the truth, I should have protected him from my mistake, it’s my fault, she broke into a loud cry,
That was when I realized she struck me because she was in pain, she blamed herself for Evans’ death. I walked to her side holding her and comforting her while tears also went down my cheeks,
Michael told me everything, he also feels I’m in danger, so he wants me to leave town, she said wiping the tears,

Ma, he is right, it’s too risky, Elliot might come after you, he is a sick person, I said,
No, I’m not running, this man took away my son, I’m not going to let him run my life, if he wants to take mine too, he can’t come do it.
But Ma, Just when I was about to persuade her more, a student knocked and came in,
We are ready for you Professor,

Dear, I have to go; I have a class to teach, she said gathering her things as she we both walked out of her office, I hugged her and promised to see her again soon as I stepped out of the department, Jerry was there waiting,
I told you to watch over my friend, I said authoritatively,
Rosie is fine, we need to go.
Lucas was already at the basement entrance waiting, I came of the car, from his face, I could tell I was in trouble,
Don’t even start please, I said as I walked past him,
Alice! Wait up, you don’t pull a stunt like that and expect me not to ask questions, you just bolted out of this place without telling anyone of your plans, I thought few weeks ago, you asked me to trust you, and I have been honest with you, what was today all about? Do you know you didn’t just risk your life; you risked all of our lives, including those you went to see?
Alice, I’m talking to you, you can’t just ignore me, and he held my arms,
Lucas, where is that fire you had in you when I first came in here, remember how you threatened to kill me a couple of times, why have you suddenly gone soft, Are you being sentimental because he is your brother?
Oh! Alice, don’t be ridiculous, he snapped, I’m being careful,
Careful? Tell me your plans Lucas, Elliot is five steps ahead of us, and you are still being careful, look, if you are not ready to get your cousin back, I will definitely get my parents back with or without your help whatever it takes, if you will excuse me, I have a meeting by seven, I shoved him aside heading up to my apartment.
By six thirty, I had freshen up, changed into a short black gown, but still wearing the same boots I wore earlier, Lucas, Steve, Jerry were in the Lucas’s private lounge, I was surprised to see Naomi,
Where the hell had she been? I thought, but that wasn’t my business, as I stepped in, everyone went quiet, I could see that look in their eyes, I felt myself blushing, Lucas dropped his glass, walked up to me in a way that he was so close I could feel his cologne on me, I shifted an inch back,
I’m coming with you, he whispered, Jerry is too, it’s either that way or you are not leaving this building, I saw already that I couldn’t win that particular time, so I yielded, I climbed into the back of the SUV, and in less than twenty minutes we were in city plaza, we waited in the car for about fifteen minutes neither of the party showed up, just when I was about getting frustrated, Lucas asked me to get down, I didn’t know why until we walked a bit from the car, I could see Rosie sitting on concrete that served as chairs in the plaza, she looked even more beautiful in the night light, she was wearing a short gown too, and a flat sandal, I saw Lucas dial a number, at the same time Rosie looked into her phone, then turned, as she walked up to us, I could see the surprise on her face, I was surprised too,
You! She pointed to Lucas, what’s going on here?
Lucas, do you know Alice? Rosie asked,

You two have met before? I asked, just when we were still trying to figure out what’s going on, another SUV pulled up, I saw Sarah step out, but she was with someone, they walked towards our direction,
Hi, Connor, Lucas said shaking hands with Sarah’s company
Hi, Sarah, he hugged Sarah, kissing her on the cheeks,
Alice, this is Sarah and Connor Jameson, and this is Rosie, Alice’s friend, he made the introductions, grinning and winking at me mischievously, we were all confused,
I guess we should head to Bells, or Connor do you have some other place in mind? Lucas asked,
I think Bells is okay, he replied,
We will be right behind you, Rosie will join us, Lucas said, holding Rosie by the hand,
Lucas, what’s going on? Rosie asked, but Lucas kept smiling mischievously at me, when we all got into the SUV, Jerry and Lucas both gave stared at me and laughed, I knew I had been played.
We turned into a certain place called Bells, off course, it was classy, anywhere Lucas or the Jamesons choose to go would be classy, before I could say Jack, a table for Six was set, Lucas ordered some expensive wine,
Okay, now that we are all seated, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here, I snapped,
Yes, I would really love to know, Rosie added,

You asked me to meet you here by seven, maybe you should be the one telling us, Sarah snapped,
She asked you too, Rosie turned to Sarah, and did you ask her to meet you by seven?
Rosie turned to me again, what the hell is going on here?
Yes, maybe Alice should enlighten us; Lucas finally spoke still having that mischievous smile on his face,
I had a feeling it was going to be a long night.
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