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Can A Man With AS Genotype Marry A Woman With AS Genotype? / Can A Male With AC Genotype Marry Female Of AS Genotype. Nairalanders Plz Advice / Should Ac And Sc Genotype Marry (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by dakmanzero(m): 1:34pm On Apr 28, 2007
@ibbfan, love should take a back seat when innocent lives are at stake

@spoilt, we will become friends again when either you

(a) apologise.
(b) give proof that sickle cell anemia is like a headache in the first world.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Mustay(m): 6:39pm On Apr 28, 2007
@ topic- yes. It's all about making informed decisions devoid of sentiments. The problem in this part of the world is that opponents and proponents capitalize on sentiments despite the realities of today's happenings. Make a thorough research online and see a medical expert on options available and if none of the available remedies suit you, back out. Okpula!
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by spoilt(f): 2:13am On Apr 29, 2007

@ibbfan, love should take a back seat when innocent lives are at stake

@spoilt, we will become friends again when either you

(a) apologise.
(b) give proof that sickle cell anemia is like a headache in the first world.

you have a lot of waiting to do! cool
still dont know what i did or said wrong!
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by dakmanzero(m): 9:15am On Apr 29, 2007
I'm not waiting.

I told you I'm not holding my breath.

And I have no problems about[b] not[/b] associating with a person who says such wicked things and remains unrepentant.

For the record, my apologies were for my outburst and implied threats of violence.

I have no apologies about considering your words as wickedness because they are.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by BIKINI(f): 4:12pm On Apr 29, 2007

        ALL THE BEST
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by queensmith: 9:12pm On Jan 15, 2011
Yes definitely why not!

theres a 1 in 4 chance that u will generate ss babies

SS is at worse when combined with other diseases so Its best to visit a geneticist to check any potentially harmful diseases in your family history

and you can always adopt if your fears are too high
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by seuncaxton: 11:02am On Apr 22, 2011
Am in 4 years relationship we  found out like 5 months ago that we both AS ,but my Girl is accusing me of looking for excuse to give up and that's why i insist to get the Geno type test ,she wont understand , I really love her but scared of
taking the risk ,she is a very wonderful Girl
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by montykarl: 2:18pm On Apr 26, 2011
There is nothing God cannot do if you believe in Him. But, if ur faith cannot
carry you then go for another person.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by awuf2008: 6:34pm On May 02, 2011
please stop right away or else you will get what you will nurse for the rest of your life. Meaning that, there is a possibility that you will have a child with SS.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Soglad(f): 11:23am On Jan 06, 2013
I‘ m in dis situation now. My partner belive we can ve 3 children witout SS.yes we can but who knws if de first will be SS. So on dat note i disagreed wit him and insist we end de relationshp. This is de second time it is happening to me.I need ur prayers. Thanks.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Hencybaby(f): 3:08pm On Jan 06, 2013
There is another drug for sicklers apart from Nicosan the name is drepanostart it can be taking both adult and children
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by bernaron: 12:01pm On Feb 12, 2013
A friend just called my attention to this topic and I would rather suggest that those advocating for faith should rather channel their faith to the fact that God can lead them to someone else who is not a carrier. It makes no sense bringing a child to the world to suffer. I see it rather as being wicked and selfish.
If truly you love the person you should be kind enough to let him or her go. Love is about giving, God so loved that he gave.
Let the person be able to get a good life, a life where he or she wouldn't have to spend the rest of his/ her life worried of crises and burial of a child.

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Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Chinex2306: 11:15am On Oct 22, 2014
I don't think its ideal. Cos if yu eventually do get married, there's every possibility that one of yur kids would be SS. And I don't think yu would want to live yur lives in guilt seeing that child going thru crisis and pain.

But if yu want to go on sha and yu know yur up to the task, its yur choice and good luck with that.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Beync(f): 1:05pm On Oct 22, 2014
I know one couple that took the risk, the first two male children r AS. the woman began to worry her husband for a third child cos she need a female but he refused. Unfortunately the man had succumed to her emotional demand and got her pregnant again. The last time I spoke with the woman, she knew within her mind that the fate of that unborn child is somethin to be woried about. She must be regreting her action now cos she sound very akward with d preg.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by lillyjane(f): 11:46pm On Oct 22, 2014
Do not take a decision yet until you read this http://www..com/health-sickle-cell-anemia

Are done reading it? So let me ask a question? However you answer is between you and your conscience. If you know there’s a substantial risk, even 25 percent, that you’ll bring a child in the world to suffer serious health problems and a shortened life, should you take that risk? Think about it.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by yileni: 11:44am On Aug 07, 2015
Pls, who is AA and is looking for a wife or anyone that knows any AA guy that is searching. Pls hook me up. My life is a mess, never met,dated or fallen in love with any AA man. Iv had to break up 3 different long years
relationship. The 1st being 5 yrs, 2 years and d most recent. I almost died. Life is meaningless to me right now... AS genotype r more in number compared to d AA genotype. Nt easy to find @ al.... 08077218003

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Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by halfaplot(m): 4:04pm On Sep 02, 2015
So easy to advice people when it comes to this thread!! Anyone ever came across distraught ladies that broke up because of this Genotype ish and they are living miserable "single" lives till date.....y'all feel sorry for them,I bet you.

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Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by showlex4real2u: 7:39pm On Jan 18, 2016
Please anyone here can help out. Come across this beautiful page on Google and I decided to write you for a best positive answer. Because am do curious and at the same time so puzzled.

I'm 28 and I will be hitting 29 this year 2016. I'm encouraged to go do my genotype n blood group test but the result shows wat surprises me a lot cos I don't really know if it's possible or they gave me the wrong result.

The result shows I'm SS, but the I don't get sick, my highest sickness is malaria up till now, I have an elder brother who's SS and we all know him as that he get sick always and my dad always get him treated and a book to guide him with drugs. How come my parents doesn't know I'm SS till date. Is it even position I'm SS and don't get sick till now? And how come will my parent doesn't know about this or is it possible genotype changes?

Please help me out am so confused and my dream gf wife to be is AC and I have never seen her get sick also. We have been dating for 5yrds now also. I really need someone to enlighten me.

Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by femiakinlonu: 1:42pm On Mar 21, 2016
Hmmmn! Having read through all the comments, i feel really troubled for our world. Man naturally likes to live and thread paths that offers no challenge or suggests impending danger. The first question we need to answer is : Why should people marry? Whats the primary purpose of marriage? If this is well understood then one will be armed will the right approach to the genotype issue. Something still surprises me. We encourage the guy above to have faith for another partner yet we dont think it makes sense to have faith to give birth to as or aa. Faith is not "wishing". Faith is a knowing that the outcome will be good. Notice i said "knowing". Now marriage is filled with many unkown challenges. E.g lack of child birth, autism, cerebal palsy, paralysis, sickle cell, cancer, etc. People who encountered any of these challenges never desired it but were eventually forced to live with it. Now isnt it wisdom to set our hearts in positions where we are strong to face any challenge ahead because they will surely come. The point isnt seeking what we term "appropriate conditions for marriage" rather we should have two folkd who see marriage as an opportunity to show our love triumphs over life challenges and difficulties. Our many comments only makes SS folks now living appear hopeless and worthless. Being SS isnt fatal. Its only a call for the individual to reach out to the superior spirit within and live out that victory. Remember when jesus was asked about the man born blind, saying whos at fault. Jesus said no one was to be blamed, but that the situation was there for Gods glory to be manifest. See, we can only enjoy life if we live it by faith. We were created to be driven by the unseen. Today you refuse to apply faith to genotyoe issues. But if in future you are struck with cancer you will then seek faith as the only hope. Be faithfilled folks.


Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by femiakinlonu: 2:07pm On Mar 21, 2016
My apologies. I won't edit my post, however,  If it was in real life there would be no taking that statement back. Also let it be on record that a person belittling the suffering of a sickle cell patient caused an emotional outburst from me.

The feeling of rage you inspired in me had NOTHING to do with the fact that you are a woman. A man who beats women is an animal, but rage is natural. You can't say a man who feels angry at a woman is an animal any more than you can say a man that feels hot is a furnace- I said i would be fighting for my LIFE against it. What I would have done in real life would be to get up, walk out and refuse to see your face for the rest of the day because I would *definitely* feel that strong.

If you felt I was trying to scare you you are missing the point ENTIRELY.

Now, I apologise for the  outburst but NOT FOR MY POSITION. You HAVE to understand that what you said is far worse than careless- it is wicked. Sicklers are doomed to a painful death, one that I have witnessed twice and they spend their entire lives living in its approaching shadow. How dare you compare that to a headache? If you are a decent person at all you *will* apologise. Not to me, because I am not a sickler. I'm not holding my breath for that, anyway.


Letting my anger out like that was ill-advised. But freedom has limits that do not extend into the realm of evil, malice and wickedness. If she is free to be wicked then so are armed robbers and thieves. The only excuse would be ignorance but even that is invalid if she does not acknowledge it with an apology. And like I said earlier, not to me. I'm not the one that has to treat every year past 21 like its living on borrowed time.

You keep talking about the pain the ss child feels. Why not emphasise the power available for them to be pain free. What about the several possible pains that comes from sicknesses you have no control over. What if you are struck with cancer? Who will you blame? What will you do? Maybe soon we ll be told that only if AA and AA gets married that there ll be no chance for cancer. Again if traffic experts in lagos tells you the chance of surviving road accidents on our roads you ll be shocked. Does that mean you wont live for work? Death lives with us, pain surrounds us, yet we make faith choices to go ahead with our lives. SS is an issue that should never be a determinant of who we choose to marry.

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Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by ibkgab001: 12:12am On Jul 08, 2016
Boss please order this thread to front page again
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Theocruz: 10:33pm On Aug 18, 2016
You can know the test to perform before marriage http://themdng.com/blog/test-perform-marriage/
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by EbonyCy(f): 11:22am On Feb 22, 2017
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by vinotinto5: 10:04am On Apr 25, 2017
Have you come across the BEST HEALTH SITE in Nigeria? https://naturesgist.com/ . They are certainly the best to me. I came across it via Google and I got the information I needed. I used that opportunity to go through some of their articles, and I saw that they are all unique, comprehensive and amazing. These are kinds of sites I love. If the owners are reading this now, Please I will say GOOD STUFF!!!!! You guys make us proud...
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by zoedicus: 11:03am On Aug 24, 2017
I think this might help....Sickle Cell Foundation of Nigeria is a cool place.
They've got labs and offer clinical services there too. You can run tests, treat leg ulcer, and get genetic advice from them.
Check out the facebook page here -

Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Ericsunday619: 10:09pm On Oct 29, 2017
I'm a living testimony of an AS genotype married to another. To God's glory we have two beautiful girls today who are both AS's. However, I'll like to stress the point that it takes an intimate relationship with God and having faith in Him to enter into such relationships.

On the other hand, a very close friend of mine who is an AS got married to another AS. Well as things turned out it took the wife several years to conceive finally when she did, she gave birth to an SS, but to make matters worse the baby later on died. My brothers and sisters this affected their marital union they had to part ways after many years of marriage.

My advice is to please, pray and seek God's face before you enter into any relationship.

stupid post
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by comradeyahaya: 11:11pm On Dec 16, 2017
yes of couse they can married why because there's 46 character 23 in d man 23 in woman so d child may adopt a for his father s for d mother that's make as
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by Kemine05: 7:09am On Dec 17, 2017
This subject matter is always too sensitive. Yes, with technology, PGD/PGS, couples who are sickle cell carriers can have their own babies. But it is expensive and currently, no clinic can carry out the full process, they send gamete abroad. And that's the reason for the high cost.

I know most intending couples don't like to hear this but if you know, cost is going to be an issue, kindly go your separate ways, don't bring children into an unbearable suffering.

Meanwhile, I will like your answers on this short survey;

Thank you.
Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by ThatKING: 11:08am On Dec 28, 2017
this is a very difficult situation and i empathise with you.sickle cell disease is a very serious condition.the chances of you and your partner having an SS child as you rightly said is 25%.but there is no way of predicting if you will have all SS/AA/AS. or 1 or 2 .In my opinion your options are:

- to go your seperate ways and avoid this dilemna.
-get married have babies and pray for the best
-if you go ahead and have babies,get them screened early and get the best medical care and advice  you can ,to keep them as symptom free as possible if they have SS.
-I know many SS sufferers,some in excellent condition most are not so furtunate-one can not predict how it will turn out.

-here in the uk a pregnant woman can have the unborn child tested for sickle cell and if it is positive ,the couple can be offered therapeutic abortion in early pregnancy( i know this may sound unacceptable to most especially on religious grounds) but some people who have suffered SS disease with friends or relatives,would rather do this than have a child suffer with SS. i'm not sure where you are located but talk to your dr if you want to explore this option.


PLEASE every black person needs to know their genotype before they get into a serious relationship to try an avoid these sort of situations.
I hope you make the best decision for yourself and your partner.
Am AS and Its funny every girl I always loved turned out to be AS. Just got to know my girl is AS this morning

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