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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Fernandowski(m): 11:47am On Jun 21, 2015
A very nice story but pls dear u hv to update as frequently as possible
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by mrham03(m): 2:21pm On Jun 22, 2015
well done op but pls update.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:31am On Jun 23, 2015
"Nene please don't misunderstand my intentions" I ran to the far end of the compound and sat on the bench where passers-by can see me at least until Pepe and others return. I had contemplated leaving immediately but that would earn me raised eyebrows.
"I only wanted to be your friend" he said coming towards me. I made as if to leave and he stopped in his strides. I eyed him and continued staring ahead. The fear of what could have happened if that God-sent woman had not interfered in his evil plans sent cold shivers down my spine. And I recoiled from the fear of the aftermath.
"Remember you promised not to say a word to anyone" he said his eyes begging me to understand. Mr John had never been regarded as a saint in school because rumour has it that he has a lot of girlfriends though no one had seen him with any. Even though he has a good reputation with academics, his seemingly love for women has placed a dent on his image. I never believed all those rumours until now. I glanced at him rooted in the same spot.
"It is a shame that a teacher that is supposed to guide and protect is the one that is trying to destroy." I hissed and stood up apparently tired of waiting for Pepe and co.
"Nene please don't say anything to the principal or anyone. I promised never to repeat such again"
"I wouldn't even give you the chance to think about it again" I said to myself and continued while he kept staring after me.
"What took you so long" I said to Pepe who obviously wasn't looking too happy.
"Trying to separate a fight. Miss tigress didn't realize that all hands are not eqaul" she said referring to Ego. I looked at Ego and the bruised mark at the side of the face said it all. I helped Pepe to pour the water into drum, dropped the bucket and gently pulled her to the road leading to our house amidst protest by Mr John that we should stay for breakfast.
"Breakfast my foot" I said to Pepe's hearing and she looked at me quizzicaly expecting an explanation. I kept mute.
"Nene why are you behaving funny"
"I don't believe you. Your action is saying otherwise"
"Believe me its nothing"
"Is it about Mr John?" She probed not yet convinced.
I thought about telling Pepe but remembered the promise I made to him. And besides telling Pepe would mean telling every other person because another ear might eventually get to hear it. I thought about how mother would react if she hears about it. In as much as I felt the need to expose Mr John but how many people would believe me if it eventually goes public. And would the school believe my side of the story since Mr John is the second best teacher in the school.
"You can share your thoughts you know" Pepe said squeezing my hands. I looked into her face and smiled inspite of myself.
"Its nothing girlfriend" I lied again.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by nimat158(f): 2:52pm On Jun 23, 2015
thankz for update
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 3:12pm On Jun 23, 2015
I had barely settled down into my seat after morning assembly when our class monitor said that Mr John requested for my presence in the principal's office. My heart skipped a beat. Could it be that he had gone to fabricate a report against me? Did I even commit any offense? I closed my locker my mind made up for whatever it is. I walked to the office grudgingly in trepidation. I knocked on the door of his office and opened it when I heard "come in".
"Good morning Sir" I greeted the short, astute man that appears to be in his late fifties.
"Good morning Nene, you may have a seat" I heaved a sigh of relief for his offering me a seat. If I had done something terrible, I wouldn't need a seat to explain my self.
"You had been chosen to represent your class in the inter-zonal quiz. Mr John told me that you are the best in the class and so the mantle fell on you to represent your class". At this I showed some sign of terrible shock. Although I could come in as an average student, I was not the best nor even close to the best. And Mr John could have easily it seen just by looking at the scores and comparing the results. Why he had chosen to label me as the best student remained a big question begging for answer. I didn't know how to refute his claim before the principal. The principal might see it as disobedience. I looked down on my hands as if it held the answers to my questions.
"Any problem?"
"No Sir"
"Good you go and get yourself ready. The competition will come up in a month's time and we can not afford to lose the prize." I nodded.
"Do you have any question?" I nodded again since my mouth refused to function.
"You can go, goodluck!" I left the office wondering why Mr John chose me of all persons. Is it to cover up for the incident in his house? Surely he should have other means of rewarding me than setting me up for a quiz competition. Or is he meaning to disgrace me because he must have known that I cannot be compared to the firebrands from other schools. I thought of going to the staff room to confront him but fear won't let me. I sat in my chair thinking for a possible solution for my predicament.
"Nene" that was the class monitor again.
"Mr John requests your presence in the staff room"
I eyed him icily for being the bearer of this bad news this morning and he shrugged and made for his seat, bearing a hurt expression. I felt angry at myself for transfering aggression onto the poor boy and made up my mind to make up for it later.
"The staff room was filled to the brim as teachers chatted happily about their areas of interest instead of going for their classes. I greeted them and walked to the far corner of Mr John's table.
"Good morning Sir" I said more out of obligation than respect.


Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by drtwist(m): 5:27pm On Jun 23, 2015
I think mr john lost his respect the moment he approach you for sex...... Any I'm back to following you bumper to bumper. More ink to your pen
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:41pm On Jun 23, 2015
"Good morning Nene" he answered, his face still buried in the book before him.
"You sent for me"
"Yes I did" he said without lifting his face from the book. I stood for a while yet he didn't say anything. I was almost growing weary with impatience when he cleared his throat and pretended to be searching for something inside the table-drawer.
"This man obviously thinks that I have the time in the world to stay at him" I almost thought aloud.
"Sir we are having a class" I said to distract him.
"Your first lesson is Integrated science and your teacher is still sitting over there". He said pointing at teacher blessing who wasn't showing any sign of going for her class. She seemed much more interested in the gossip she is sharing with the other teacher than her class that I almost hissed.
I ignored her and concentrated on Mr John who wasn't saying anything as to why he called me.
"Yes?" He answered feigning ignorance. It was then it became clear to me that My John was doing all these to punish me for not letting him have me. If not, what else would have explained his keeping me standing for so long.
"Silly man" I cursed in my mind as fear would not let me voice out such a statement.
"The principal must have told you about the quiz competition and you had better be ready to win the trophy. Do what ever you can to obtain the price because we cannot afford to lose. Else the disgrace will be only on you" I bit my lips to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill in millions as it became apparent that Mr John had set up.
"Any question?" He asked enjoying the look on my face.
"I won't let him see my tears, I won't let him see how helpless I am. Whatever it will take, I will do it" I said to myself and stomped out of the staff room, a new surge of determination and hope coursing through my being.


Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by nimat158(f): 10:14am On Jun 24, 2015
Trust in god nene
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Jummyjagz(f): 8:56pm On Jun 24, 2015
Getting juicer!
Nice job ma!
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 5:52am On Jun 25, 2015
Getting juicer! Nice job ma!
Tnx. Glad u like it.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 10:41pm On Jun 25, 2015
I opened the mathematics textbook for the fifth time in one day and closed it almost immediately when I could not solve any of the exercises at the back of each topic correctly. I had managed other subjects with little difficult but mathematics seemed like a thorn in my flesh. Udozie had even pulled me through some topics yet I can't still get them on my own. I had contemplated going to meet the principal but I know deep down he won't let me off the hook as the competition is barely a week left. The other option would have been meeting my mathematics, Mr John to get some guidelines but that is a story forgotten.
"Maybe I am never meant to know mathematics or maybe am cursed". I thought staring at the textbook. Mother's words had slowly began to get to me. She had never supported me to go for the competition, always emphasizing that there are much more brilliant students in my class and that I should let them represent the school.
I never told her about the incident in Mr John's house and so she never suspected that there is more to the competition than I am making her to understand. I packed up my books and decided to seek for an easy way out.
"I am going to Pepe's house" I said to Dera who was busy making a small cage for the little bird he caught yesterday. I had wondered what he thought of geeting outof the little bird for putting himself through so much stress.
"His bssiness anyway" I concentrated on the task ahead.
I watched Pepe rinse the plates while glancing occasionally at the corn seeds that was being sunned to scare off those mischievous fowls.
"Let me help you watch over the corn" I offered
"Oh thank you"
Pepe threw the fodders to the goats that were bleating incessantly inspite of the time of the day and joined me.
"How is your preparation coming along" she asked wiping her hands on her dress.
"Very bad. I can't seem to scale through this mathematics. I am thinking of faking illness to prevent myself from being disgraced"
"God forbid that you will fake ill. You can do this you know"
"Pepe I can't. Can't you see that I am not intelligent enough?" Pepe held my hands forcing me to look at her.
"You can and you will. Anyone can be brilliant and represent our school and that person has to be you. Let's get down to writing out the formulas. It will be easier for you that way". I hugged her a new surge of hope flowing in my inside.
"Thanks for being my friend".
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Dayo4real12: 9:02am On Jun 27, 2015
Nice one, love dis story. please update
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by SHEYOR(m): 9:28am On Jun 27, 2015
Nyce writeup...keep dem kumn...
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 9:54pm On Jun 30, 2015
I couldn't stay for the morning assembly as the competition is due to start by 9:00am. Three representatives from my school including myself were accompanied to the local government center by Mr John. Each person representing one class for the junior secondary class. The principal had given us a thorough lecture on good mannerism and success. And his last words kept ringing on my ear even as the coordinator read out the rules and guidelines for the competition.
"Failure is a thing of the mind. Once you have termed yourself a failure, there is no miracle that can save you. Only you can save yourself." So he said. We waited for a while for the competition to begin and I used that opportunity to recite the formulas I crammed to myself.
"The questions will border on English Language, Mathematics and General paper" the coordinator continued as I tried to avoid Mr John's gaze who obviously had his eyes on me for the past five minutes. Whatever he intends to achieve by that.
"Section 1, you five seconds for each question. Bonus question attracts extra two marks. CHS your question?"
The first section ended with C.H.S. topping our school by two points. It wasn't bad at all but we need more points to top them in the second round if we have any hope of winning the competition. My hope was dashed after we went down to fourth position after the second round and the disappointment that was boldly written on Mr John's face wasn't helping matters at all. I ignored him and concentrated on making the best out of the competition.
"Section three offers you three seconds for each question" the coordinator's voice rang out again. After a short while, she announced for a five minutes break in order to compute the results. I kept telling myself that our performance was fair enough in the last section.
After the break the result was announced and we came second. I heaved a sigh of relief and boldly stepped onto the podium to receive our price as the first runner-up. And the good news was that we will get an opportunity to compete in the state finals. I smiled triumphantly at Mr John who was trying very hard to maintain a happy appearance.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Ragner(m): 11:21pm On Jun 30, 2015
Am with you ma'am.....I Just wish you could make this Updates More than it is currently....

You're doing good here

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by arcnomec(m): 7:18pm On Jul 01, 2015
Nice piece of work..........its articulating with it rhythm..........kudos

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by will007: 7:49am On Jul 02, 2015
A problem is an opportunity in disguise.
Beautiful story

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 7:42pm On Jul 10, 2015
I kept smiling as the principal congratulated and encouraged us with a clapping ovation by the students. I had never tasted victory this way and I must confess that it felt really nice. I never knew that success could be achieved by people like me in such a manner. All thanks to people like Pepe who saw the success giant in me. I scanned the faces of the student for her and she winked at me and raised her thumb in "up you" style. I smiled again.
"I have this confidence that you people will achieve greater feat in the state finals" that was the principal.
"With good amount of hardwork, we will come out better. Once again congratulations to the participants". The student cheered and the teachers took time to congratulate us. Mr John shook me hurriedly and muttered a disgruntled "congratulations". He struggled to keep a happy face as I glanced at him from the corners of my eyes.
"You deserve it" Pepe said hugging me.
"I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. Thank you so much" I said returning the hug.
The rest of the day was fun as many students tried making friends with me. Even the senior students were not left as I received series of letter asking me to be their school daughter.
"Ignore them to avoid distractions" Pepe was telling me on our way home.
"There has been stories of how some school mothers lured junior students into being their supe or convinced them to have a boyfriend."
"Supe? What again is that one?"
"Oh Nene you mean to tell me that you don't know? That means that no one has approached you yet. How come? Are you sure you had been in this school?"
"Pepe please tell me now"
"Supe is school mother and school daughter-lover relationship. They commit atrocities behind closed doors"
"Ah Pepe how do know"l
"Of course Prefect Obi asked me to be her supe last term and I refused. She was later caught with a junior student behind the library"
"I remember her" I nodded as the whole incident that rocked the school last term came rushing back to me.
"Better shine your eyes. Don't let them deceive you"
"I will"
She waved at me as we parted ways at the footpath that led to our houses.
"I friend in deed" I said to myself turning one more time to see her to disappear into a corner.

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Dayo4real12: 10:46pm On Jul 10, 2015
Pls continue
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by flaky66(f): 5:52pm On Jul 13, 2015
Update pls smiley
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by nimat158(f): 9:44am On Jul 14, 2015
wow! am happy for nene
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by heftycullolipop(m): 6:24pm On Jul 14, 2015
wao nice write up MORE INK TO PEN *** updaye pls
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 2:55pm On Jul 15, 2015
The day had dragged on slowly as the cloud refused to take a break from watering the earth. It was a saturday so I had hurried over my chores in excitement in order to visit Pepe who had invited me over to her maternal grandmother's place. The thrill at the special treat that her grandmother will give to us kept me aglow as I went through the chores happily. I was never opportuned to have some very special moments with my grandparents as they all died before I was five except my father's mother who had been having mental problem all my life. The last time I heard about her was when a relative of my father reported to have seen her in a neighbouring town two years ago. Mother had grumbled that she deserved whatever comes to her. Though the bitterness behind those words are not yet clear to me but it was obvious that she was not getting along with her very well before she got mentally deranged. She had never been passionate about tales of her mother-inlaw unlike the relish that prevails in the tales of her mother.
"Whatever it is, I hope they forgive each other".
I had my bath, dressed in my favourite skirt, determined to leave inspite of the rain that had lessened and is almost drizzling. I could make do with cocoyam leaves or better still banana leaves since the intensity had reduced. I was locking the door when my mother opened the gate bearing a gloomy expression. It was quite unlike her to leave the shop at that time of the day. Whatever it is that brought her home must be of a great importance.
"Nene you are leaving already. I was thinking that the visit is later in the day"
"For crying out loud its 2:00pm. Which other later is there to it" I almost said to her but instead I bit my tongue praying within me that she won't be an obstacle to my special treat.
"Em..Em I just learnt from Chief Lambert that your father will be returning on monday as his sentence expires today". I almost jumped up in excitement save for the sadness that was glaring in mother's eyes.
"I need you to wash his clothes and fold them neatly in his box but for this rain I don't know how you are going to sun them".
"I will wash them tomorrow because of the rain" I said glad that the rain was still falling.
"In that case tomorrow then". I made a little circular dance as soon as mother entered the house. Finally we are going to have father back again. But the sadness in mother's eyes bothered me . She did not seem elated one bit by the news as I expected. At least she should have pretended to be happy but she did not make any effort in concealing her displeasure with the news. Although I received the news with mixed feeling but I was happy that he will be a free man at least. In the last five years, we have coped very well even much better than when father was around courtesy of Chief Lambert but with the recent development, I wondered if things will ever remain the same again.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Andropod(m): 10:41pm On Jul 15, 2015
more please
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by flaky66(f): 7:34am On Jul 16, 2015
More more more!!!
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 7:39pm On Jul 16, 2015
I cut a banana leaf and made do as umbrella as I walked through the path that lead to Pepe's house. I wondered what kept her as she has promised to come and call me.
"Maybe she is not through with her chores yet" I thought and then I looked up to see a figure coming in my direction. The figure became clearer as it drew closer and I wondered whatever brought him to our side.
"Good afternoon Sir"
"Nene how are you"
"Fine" I stopped to accord him the respect of being my teacher without looking at his face.
"Why are you acting cold? Thought we were friends"
"I wonder what your definition of friendship is" I almost screamed at him but instead I replied.
"Of course"
"You can at least put on a smile" I shot him a look obviously angered by his attitude.
"By the way, where are you going under this rain"
"Same applies to you" I wanted to say but found myself saying "a friend".
"Anyone I might know?"
"Not at all" I made as if to leave to signal the end of the discussion but he pretended not to notice.
"Your scores has improved greatly"
"Thank you. Sir I should be on my way"
"Okay then" I left him still standing, his eyes boring through my back.
"There you are" that was Pepe coming towards me with an umbrella.
"I have been waiting for you at home"
"So sorry about that. Mother always has a lot of things to be done. Grandma must be waiting let's hurry. Your skirt is beautiful, your mother got it for you?"
"Yes" I lied knowing that it was Chief Lambert that brought it on one of his visits. I didn't want to tell Pepe that for fear of how she will take it as tongues had already started wagging that they are having an affair. In as much as I condemn mother's betrayal of trust but I couldn't refuse the gains of such relationship one of which has kept me in school. I had always wished for a better platform of continuing my education other than what is currently presented to me.
"Have you done your Home Economics assignment?"
I heard Pepe saying.
"Yes..no..I will do it tomorrow"
We walked for a while before we heard a wailing voice as we drew close to Pepe's grandma's place.
"Somebody h-e-l-p!" It was her grandmother. Pepe broke into a run and I followed suit.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by donmat06(m): 8:11pm On Jul 16, 2015
nice story u got here....kip it up. Am new here bt I'll try and b kippin up with d story

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by heftycullolipop(m): 10:47pm On Jul 16, 2015
followin up### MORE MB TO UR PHONE

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 10:44pm On Jul 17, 2015
We ran like mad dogs inspite of the rain and the slippery ground, the umbrella obviously forgotten. The weeds that lined the bush path didn't help matters as it was gradually outgrowing the path that one had to jump at a point. We pushed the wooden gate open and dashed in the direction of the voice. Grandma was lying on the wet ground unable to get up. She had slipped and fell on her way to the toilet. We helped her to her feet and led her inside the mud house which served as her room amidst moans of pain from her.
"You came right at the nick of time" grandma said as Pepe washed her leg with a clean cloth and used native balm on the affected areas.
"Grandma this is my friend I told you about"
"You are welcome my daughter. Its unfortunate that you met me in this state"
"I am glad to be of help Ma"
"God bless you my daughters".
We made grandma lie down amidst her protest that she was better.
"What of Nnanna"
Nnanna was the little boy that lives with her.
"Oh that one, he left a while ago moving from one fruit to another."
"This is one of his lucky days all thanks to the rain".
Grandma asked Pepe to mix the abacha in the already made abacha soup. I ran my tongue on my lips in anticipation of this special delicacy oyibo will rather call 'african salad'. I bit judiciously on the smoked fish that topped the dish. It couldn't have gotten any better than this. She had us douse the meal with a cup of fresh palmwine as she reeled out tales on how marriage were performed in their days.
"In our days, it was never heard that a maiden came to her husband for the first time broken. She will either be made to pay a price to appease the gods and the lands for twelve moons if the husband has forgiven her or be sent to her father's house with a show of shame. But the faithful maiden will receive a gift that will be sent to her parents in appreciation for keeping her womanhood. So, every maiden treasures her womanhood and would not violate it till the she marries. There was this story of Ego who had already given out herself to another man before she got married. On her first night with her husband, she made him drunk and to save her from the shame. She succeeded in deceiving her husband but for the gods that exposed her. She paid dearly for it. So my daughters, even our type of marriage rites has faded keep yourself so that you marry as a dignified woman." Nnanna came in as we were preparing to leave. Pepe instructed him on how to apply the herbal lotion on grandma's knees. We bade grandma goodbye promising to come visit next time.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:46pm On Jul 22, 2015
I opened father's box of clothes for the third time to ensure that everything is in order. I had washed the clothes the previous day before folding it neatly. I had tried ironing with the charcoal iron but my strength only saw me through two shirts and so I decided to fold them instead. I glanced in mother's direction as she sat staring into nothingness, her jaw propped up in one hand. She had been that way since I returned from school without making any effort to do something else. She hadn't even bothered to go to the shop today. The long face she bore over the weekend following the news of father's homecoming hadn't eased up either and this worried me. Is it that mother would rather have father stay in the prison forever? Because her expressions hadn't been anything but happy since saturday afternoon. I picked a broom to sweep the room.
"Nene hurry up, we are making soup"
"Yes mother"
I swept the room hastily a little bit angered by mother's supposed laziness. She had been at home all day without making the soup probably because of father as she had made the soup alone in similar situations for Chief Lambert. I brought in the firewood from outside the compound before I lit the fire.
"Nene I have told you to stop putting too much water when boiling cocoyam" she said reducing the water that was in the pot.
I stared at her in confusion as she added almost the same quantity she threw away. The gate swung open and mother mistakenly splashed some water into the fire courtesy of her unsettled mind. Dera entered bearing a small jerry can. Mother inhaled deeply and her facial contours seemed to relax a little.
"Mother, Pa Ibe said he heard that father will be coming back today and so asked me to give you to keep for him".
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by calmie(f): 10:30am On Jul 23, 2015
@clarakings, I hope to read the next update soon
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 12:13am On Jul 25, 2015
Mother collected the can from Dera, opened it and inhaled the freshness of the palmwine before handing it over to Dera to take inside. Pa Ibe had been one of Father's regular callers and friend and had not ceased to ask after him since he was imprisoned. He had even attempted to visit him unlike some of his so-called gambling and drinking mates. Such is life. After the father had with Uncle Fabian in the bar, none of them even attempted to sympathize with him in the police station. Instead they had hidden away for fear of being arrested by the police.
I pierced a cocoyam seed to check its softness before bringing down from the fire. Mother had for a while relapsed into her melancholic mood and I decided to leave her to her fate and concentrated on the great task of making the soup since mother was not showing any sign of interest. Bitter-leaf soup used to be father's favourite and I hoped it still is. I pounded the cocoyam with so much force that mother did not fail to notice.
"Nene do you want to bring down the neighbourhood?" Mother thundered obviously angry. I replied by going slow on the mortar. Dera emerged from the room and joined me in the kitchen carefully watching my expressions.
"Let me help you with it". He offered and I gladly dropped the pestle to attend to something else.
"Is it true that father is coming back today?" He paused for an answer
"So I heard. Mother made mention of it. I keep hoping that we will be a happy family".
"We were never happy when father was around. And besides we have fared well in his absence. At least you continued schooling. I wish he never comes back......
"Shhhhhhh..." I hushed him.
"Do not wish such a terrible thing for father. Remember he is still our father and besides he is a changed man at least from the last I saw of him".
He appeared to ponder over what I said for a while and then sighed.
"Till he returns". He said finally and then resumed the pounding.
I shared a little of Dera's fears in that how father's homecoming will affect us all. I glanced again in mother's direction and this time lingered on her eyes which were becoming misty and my heart went out to her. Mother had been warm and accommodating since father's sentence and now, it appears that the news of his coming back is gradually turning her into a woman she once was; a bitter woman.


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