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Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 3:08pm On Jun 17, 2015
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 3:09pm On Jun 17, 2015
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 4:15pm On Jun 17, 2015
Wunmi: who's Jennifer?
Kolade: Huh??
Wunmi: scrollup & read again
Kolade: wch Jennifer?
Wunmi: am askin d *??* Who is she?
Kolade: iono
Wunmi: y did u call me jennifer?
Kolade: Oo..I remember. Am sorry.
smiley wink
Wunmi: who d hell is she? Stp
Kolade: She's just 1 girl like that.Iono how she got my pin o.
Wunmi: Rili?
Kolade: Sure. Y wud I lie 2 my baby?
Wunmi: aiit. Open d gate.
Kolade: wch gate?
Wunmi: Am at d gate of ur house. Don't delay me..

Kolade was worried. He didn't invite her over today. He had some other plans. He scrolled through his phone, found Jeniffer's name and deleted the chats. He went to his calls and deleted Jeniffer on the dialled numbers as well. How had Wunmi found out about her? He had made such a foolish mistake. He shouldn't have called Jennifer's name at all. He didn't want to open the gate, he called the gateman, that one was going to bear the brunt of Wunmi's anger.
Wunmi stormed into the compound and headed towards the building. She saw Tutu on the porch. Why was Tutu home on a Tuesday around 11:16am. Kolade had told her Tutu only came home on weekends and went back to her apartment on Sunday nights. She went over to her and took a seat by the table Tutu was resting her head on.

"Sister. Tutu, good morning."
Tutu raised her head reluctantly and faced Wunmi. "Thanks dear. How are you?"
"I'm fine. Is there any reason why you are home today?" Wunmi asked.
"Not really. I just have very little to do. You came to see Kolade. I don't think he's taken his bath." Tutu was digressing.
Wunmi got this and said "You don't want to chat. It's no problem. Say 'hi' to Jide for me. Bye." she smiled and walked into the house.
Tutu smiled back. Wunmi was a mind reader. Kolade wasn't so lucky. Tutu laughed. She knew Wunmi wouldn't let any mistake Kolade made go easily. He actually needed someone tough like her. Wunmi saw a figure lying on the sofa in the sitting room. She was about to hit it when she realised it was Kayode, Kolade's twin brother.
"Wat's up?" she asked without pleasantries.
"Nothing much. What's wrong with you. You look angry. Kolade is in trouble, right?" Kayode asked.
"Yes. Where is he?"
Kayode laughed. "Iono, check around."

Wunmi walked away and headed for the stairs then came back when she heard the sound of cutleries. That had to be Kolade. Food was his arsenal. He wouldn't want to talk to her until he finished eating. He was trying to buy time.
Wunmi headed to the kitchen and served herself a plate of food , then joined Kolade at the table. He was quiet. There were no words spoken by either of them for about 2 minutes.

"Ok. I give up. What did I do?" Kolade offered.
Wunmi just stared on without answering.
"Jennifer is Boye's friend. She's just forcing herself on me. I don't really like her. Its you I love."
Wunmi still didn't reply.
"Stop being silent. Say something."
"I didn't ask for any explanations. I don't know why you are telling me all these."
"You didn't have to ask. We were chatting on bbm and you sounded mad about Jennifer. When Garuba opened the gate, you almost hit him with the gate cos you tot it was me."
"Where's your phone?"
He gladly handed it to her, deliciously enjoying the feeling of not getting cut. ...or not.
"I know you wouldn't go through the pictures. Why do you even have two phones?" She showed him some pictures on his phone. The screenshots of the chats he had with Jeniffer, plus the calls he had made with her some days ago.
"You don't really like her, Kolade?? and you told her you love her and you even said you are single."
Kolade was cornered.
"Whenever I receive a call from Vincent or Tomiwa or Chibuzor, you flare up, claiming I cheat on you with them, and you very well know they are just friends. You know I would never cheat on you. Why are you doing this?"
"I don't know what to say." Kolade replied.
"The last time I came here, when mumsy was around, I was looking at your pictures when her message came in. Sorry I read. Still, you are a cheat. You don't even know how to cover your tracks. You don't check your pictures, I munched them since then and hoped you would see and delete them but you didn't. Kolade be very careful with me." Wunmi threatened.
"..I...I'm not cheating on you." he offered and ducked immediately she threw her fork at him.
She went over to him, grabbed a large part of skin on his tummy and pulled roughly. She hit his tummy again.
"Mean girl!" He groaned at her. He was glad her anger had eventually reduced.
"Silly ass. You are going to pay." she smiled. The smiled had an evil meaning to it.
He smiled. "How much?"
"Haba, y now? I'm not working. You expect me to steal??" he asked.
"You are asking me that? You want me to smash my i-phone and take yours." she threatened.
"Don't even go there."
"You have to pay. I didn't ask you to cheat. That's the rule!"

Jennifer started to call his phone. Wunmi answered the call.
"Hello??" Wunmi asked.
"What's wrong with you Wunmi?" Kolade was angry.
"Hello?" Jennifer asked.
"Hey. Jennifer right? You are the 'other girl', the one he runs to whenever and leaves whenever. I am having a good time with my baby. I don't want your calls disturbing me. Okay?"
"Who's this?" Jennifer asked again.
"Stop being a LovePeddler! Bye." Wunmi ended it, pleased with herself.
"Why did you take the call?" Kolade demanded angrily.
"Why are you snapping at me?" she asked, handing the phone to him.
"You have no right to pick my calls."
"Sorry !!" she rolled her eyes.
"I'm mad at you. I'm not even paying any money again."
"Eeehnn?? Don't even go there. Abi your wire dey spark?" She gesticulated.
"No need to act razz. I was joking. But seriously, stop picking my calls, I don't like it." he continued.
"I don't usually do it. This's the first, and its in your presence and you are crucifying me already." Wunmi was close to tears.

She went up to his bedroom and lay in his bed.
Kolade was frustrated. He had done something wrong again. He preferred her angry than sad. He really liked Wunmi. He wanted Jennifer too. Jennifer would have to wait, till later. Maybe at night. He would be more careful.
"I'm sorry. Stop crying." he got into bed beside Wunmi, holding her waist.
"Lemme alone." she said.
He put his hand around her waist again.
"Don't touch me." she removed his hand.
Jennifer was calling again. Kolade checked the caller ID and ignored it.
"Who is it?" Wunmi raised her head.
"I didn't check." he lied.
"Check and take the call?"
"I don't want to take it cos you are here, angry and sad." he lied again.
"No. It's ok. I'm fine. Pick the call." she sat up.
The ringing stopped. He was glad. Then it started again.
This time, Wunmi had crossed her legs and was looking at him.
"Kolade, who is it? Jennifer?? Tell her you have a girlfriend!" She snapped, ready for a challenge.
"Stop this noooow." he drawled.
"Is she your new girlfriend? Don't lie to me. Why can't you pick the call in my presence?"
Kolade was silent. He got up from the bed and walked away.
Wunmi stood up too. "I'll make this easier for you." she said and walked out of the room.
"Wait! Hold on! Where are you going?" before he could reach her, she had gone downstairs and out of the house. He left her and went back into the house. He dialled Jennifer's number.
"Where are you?"
"Am at the gate of your estate. I've been waiting for you since. Under this hot sun."
"Sorry. Wait for me at that restaurant, MEGA CHICKEN. I'd be there in a minute." Kolade rushed to bathe himself. He should have done that since he didn't want to keep Jennifer waiting. When he came out of his room, he saw his mum, fully dressed, heading down the stairs, about to go out. He wanted to step back, out of her view and back into his room, to avoid her questions but he was too slow. She turned and looked up at him.
"Good morning, Mum."
She murmured a reply and looked at him from feet to head. "It's quite early for your head to be out of bed. Where are you going?" she checked her wrist-watch. "11:58am. Awake and dressed." She said, waiting for an explanation.
"I'm going out." He said.
"Obviously. ..where exactly are you going?"
"To see my friend." he frowned.
"To see my friend." she mimicked scornfully. "That's the only thing you do. Nothing else! You can't reason." she tapped her head in gesticulation. "Use your common senses. Think of relevant things to.."
He started to grumble.
She came closer and raised her hand. "Maä fo èti è. What are you saying?"
"Nothing." he lowered his head.
"Better. You better be sorry or I'd..."
"Mummy I'm sorry. I know what you can do.." he moved closer to hug her.
"Don't placate me." she moved away from him and continued down the stairs. He followed her.
"Mummy, where are you going?"
"Mama Dami's place. I need another Chef. This Kamson woman....." she shook her head.
"Benson drove daddy. How will you go?"
"I can drive myself."
"Ok..."he carried her bag and was looking for some money.
"Kolade, stop that, it's rude." she shouted.
He returned the bag and said "I'm Sorry ma." after taking four one thousand naira notes.
"Mum, where are you going?" two pairs of eyes rested on Ronke.
"Arrest me now." she replied Tutu and Kayode. "Take care of the house Adetutu."
"Nope am going out."
"Kayode?" she asked.
"Am going out too."
"Make sure you all are back before 5. Especially you Kola."
"Mum?" Tutu called her attention. "Even me?... I will come whenever I want."
"And me too." Kayode said.
"Stop acting like a kid, repeating everything Tutu says." Kolade wanted to start a fight.
"Who has your time? Ode!" Kayode replied.
"Okay, kill yourselves. Am out." Their mother said and left.
"I wish I had a sister." Tutu heaved a sigh, then snatched the TV remote from her gentle brother, who just smiled and sat down to watch anything she wanted to see.
They all sat to watch TV. Kolade's phone rang again. He had nearly forgotten Jennifer was waiting for him.
"poo!" he said.
"Stop cussing!" Tutu ordered.
"Sorry." He said as he rushed off to meet Jennifer.

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by sammybhaws(m): 5:45pm On Jun 17, 2015
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 5:07pm On Jun 18, 2015
Jennifer was red with anger when he got to the restaurant.
"I'm really very sorry. I swear I didn't mean to delay you. Have you ordered any meal?" he stupidly asked.
"I've been waiting here for over 30minutes. See the time. 12:17pm. What kind of rubbish is this? It's the first day and you can't even keep to time."
"I am sorry once again. I'll make it up to you."
She calmed a bit. "Is that your car?" she pointed out the window at his black car.
"Thank God. I don't have to walk under this sun again."
"I'm at your service." he smiled.
"By the way, who's the girl that picked your call?"
"ahh.." he laughed. "It's my sister. Don't mind her, she acts like that once in a while." Kolade continued.
"She should better be careful o. Me, I don't take rubbish from anybody." she warned.
"So when are we going?"
"Going where?" she asked.
"To my house now." he urged.
"Abeg let me eat first... I want Fried rice & chicken, salad, chicken&chips, burger, beef shawarma and a bowl of Ice-cream and..errm..don't worry nothing else. Oh! Please cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and the normal milky ones and one hot dogs please.....I like pies. Meat pie and chicken pie.that's all. In take-outs."
"...Are you that hungry??" Kolade wondered and looked at her gaunt frame.
She smiled in reply.

This girl is sick. He thought to himself. How would this lepa girl finish everything? Or did she have a hungry family to feed?
Even Wunmi wouldn't order this much as long as she wasn't the one paying.
Abeg carry Wunmi go one side. He paid for the food and they both carried it into the car, then he drove her to his house.
His mum had warned him several times about bringing strangers into the home, but thank God she wasn't around.
"Is this your house?" Jennifer asked in wonder.
"My folks house." he offered gladly.
"It's very big and beautiful. How many rooms does it have?" she asked eagerly.
"6 up, 3 down. Let's go to my room."
She willingly followed him.

In his room, she walked around gawking shamelessly then went back to sit on his bed. She had almost finished the bowl of ice-cream when Kolade took it from her and set it on the table.
He pulled her up from the bed and kissed her then began to nuzzle her neck. She responded instanly and start pulling up her short free gown,then fell back into the bed. He joined her.
He was glad she didn't pretend not to know what he wanted. She had completely pulled off her gown when He pulled off his shirt. He stared downed at her sexy body. She was so soft and tempting. She took one of his hands and placed them on her boobs. This was the point of no return for him. He quickly got up to look for a condom.

"You don't need a condom. I'm clean. I go for a check every month."
Eeeehhnn.. See dis one o. She wan hang pikin for my neck? She wan die here. He thought to himself then said,
"I'm clean too, but I just need to use it." he said. He found what he was looking for.
She undressed completely and waited for him to come closer. ...

15minutes later, after two rounds of sex, he was exhausted. He sat Unclad to the waist, barely covered by his bedspread which had functioned as a blanket, and briefly glanced at his bed companion. He smiled. She was an expert.
She looked back up at him and suddenly felt vulnerable. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom.
"Pass me a towel, please."
He took it to her. He carried his blackberry, and started to charge it.
His other phone showed he had several whatsapp messages from his friends. Boye, Ernest and Gbenga. He checked them and replied them. They were texting to remind him they wanted to meet at the cinemas by 1pm. It was 1:33pm. He hadn't checked his phone since. He would meet them there.

Jennifer strolled out of the bathroom clad in the towel, picked up her undies and gown then walked back into the bathroom.
He wondered why she was shy. He laughed. What was she still hiding from him?. He got down from his bed, entered the bathroom and decided to take a shower.
She was fully dressed and handed him the towel.

When he came out of the bathroom, she was scrolling through his phone. He frowned. Nobody had the right to his phone except Wunmi. How can this one just come one day because they just shared an intimate moment, and start snooping around his things. She was already clinging.
"What are you doing with my phone?" he demanded.
"I was just looking at the pictures o. Abeg no dey shout for my head." she finished.
She brought out a piece of gum from her purse and started to chew noisly. She rolled her eyes at him.
He collected his blackberry phone from her. Then his other phone started to ring. It was his brother.

"Dude! Wat's up?" Kolade asked.
"Where you dey?"
"I am at home."
"Is anyone with you?"
"Did you have a fight with Wunmi? I just saw her now in one dude's car."
"What car?"
"White. Nissan Exterra."
"Okk. Its her cousin's. She told me about him he's taking her and her sister out."
"Sounds true. I just saw her sister in the back seat. Sorry for disturbing you o. Guy, who you dey with?"
"Story for another day." He ended the call.
"Let's go." he said to Jennifer.
She had finished brushing her hair and started to wear her shoes.
"I like your phone." She pointed at his blackberry Z10.
"Thanks" He was already tired of the phone. Everyone was getting it.
"Is it only 'thanks' you can say? Won't you say you'd buy my own?"
"You want me to say it?"
"Say it and do it."
He laughed. "You are kidding. Let's go."
She continued to chew the gum loudly. Then she turned back and said "I am falling in love with you."

That shocked him. "Love?"
"Yes, I'm in love with you."
"The feeling is mutual." he said then circled her waist with his hands and kissed her lips.
She shed a tear and He pretended not to see it, opened the door and slid out of the room.
She followed quickly and walked behind him. Women were a puzzle to him.
They knew how to cry whenever they wanted something and made anyone believe whatever they said.
"You're walking too fast."
"Sorry." he slowed his pace. When he got to the car he opened the door then got into his seat.
He stretched over to open her door for her. She sat down quietly and didn't make a sound. He was almost driving out of the estate when she talked.
"Don't forget the money."
"I didn't forget." he drove to the nearest atm and withdrew 15k. He counted three thousand out and gave her the remaining. They had agreed on 10k. She stuck it in her purse immediately, incase he changed his mind.
"Thank you."
"It's nothing. So, around where do you stay?"
"Oke-Afa in Isolo."
"I know that place. Its not far from here."
"Who's Wunmi?"
"Huh?" he didn't expect it.
"Wunmi, who's she?"
"That's my bestfriend."
"You have a female bestfriend? Cool. Can I meet her?"
"No.. Not yet."
"Why not?"
"Let me talk to her about it first."
"How do you know about her?"
"Your phone now."
"I don't like when people go through my phone messages."
"I didn't read any messages o. It was only the pictures. I swear." he knew she was lying.
"Should I take you home or you'd drop here?" he asked when he got to the bus/stop.
"Home. Just get to the end of this avenue.then you turn right. Its the fourth house on your left."
"This place is Ok. Fine houses."
"Yes." she agreed proudly.
He thought against it after driving further down the avenue and stopped in front of the house. He bent over to kiss her one last time.
It was a long day for him.

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by Rolayo93(f): 12:49pm On Jun 19, 2015
where is d rest embarassed cry.....i need to read it grin
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 1:40pm On Jun 20, 2015
Dedicated to Rolayo93
Tutu was in her studio when she finally decided she wouldn't bother hoping Jesse would call. He hadn't called since Saturday evening. She didn't call too.

"Ooooh! I am so dumb!" She remembered she had switched her phones off. She rushed to get them out of her bag.
She turned them on. The i-phone showed received IM's first then the blackberry. 12messages from Jesse, 2 from Kosi, 2 from 2other people on the i-phone, 3msgs from kosi, 2 from Jesse, 13 from other people on her blackberry contacts.
She read Jesse's messages first.
He had been at her apartment on Sunday and Yesterday. Kosi's messages were about her seeing Tutu as soon as possible. She called Kosi.

"Babe, you need to be here ASAP. July 6 is around the corner."
"Sure I know. I've been calling your line since. Where has Jesus taken you?"
"It's Jesse and I haven't been with him."
"Ok, whatever. I'll be at your office by 2."
"How are you possibly going to get here in ..." she checked her wrist. "7minutes?"
"Watch me!"
In about 10minutes, Kosi was at her office. They walked towards the studio at the back of it, cleaned two chairs and sat.
"Your birthday is next week Monday. Mine is in two weeks." Kosi announced.
"Geee. Thanks for reminding me." Tutu said with sarcasm.
"Let's celebrate it together." Kosi beamed again waiting for a reply.
Tutu's mind had wandered off.
"What's wrong with you, Tutu?"
"I need to get a new car now. I like the 2012 Nissan JUKE." she smiled.
"Why do you want to get a car again? What happened between you and Jesus?"
"It's Jesse, for christ's sake and Nothing happened. I miss driving. I'm tired of hiring cabs. Waste of money."
"Are you sure it has nothing to do with him?"
"Yes, sure."
"Ok. That's by the way. Our birthdays..." she said waiting for Tutu to talk about it
"Our birthdays." Tutu laughed.
Just then, Jesse burst in.


Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 1:56pm On Jun 20, 2015
Just then, Jesse burst in.
"How did you know I was here?" Tutu asked angrily. She'd have Moji's hide for this.
"Oh..boy! This is going to be good." Kosi whispered to herself .
"That's not the point, Tutu" Jesse ignored her. "The point is I have been worried sick about you. You switched off your phone for days, I sent you several messages, I had been to your apartment and here twice.. I had to tell Moji to let me know when you'd come."
"Her loyalty is to you now. I guess you'd be paying her salary."
"Tutu, stop the digression." he turned to Kosi. "Could you give us a minute, Please?"
"Oh, sure. No problem."
It was sure a problem because it took 'the unwilling Kosi' a while to leave the studio and head towards the office.

"Kosi, I'm sorry. I'd be right behind you." Tutu offered. When Jesse shut the door after Kosi had left, she continued. "Her wedding's next month. I called her in for her dress fittings."
"I don't need to know that."
"You are wasting her time." Tutu complained.
"I'll make it up to her. Now, back to us. Why did you switch your phones off?"
"I wanted to. If you were really concerned, why didn't you just come to my parents house? I was there since I left your place."
"Well, I didn't think about it." he lied.
"You haven't been doing any thinking lately."
"Are you going to stop being mad at me for no reason?" He asked.
"No reason? No reason?? Then, you say I am over-reacting. You'd be out of the country for over a year and I might as well get used to the fact that you won't be around anymore. So, it's off."
"What's official? Is that another word for break-up?"
"Tutu, stop this. Why are you so mean to me? You know how much I love you."
"Stop saying that, Please. I've been thinking for the past 3 days and a lot of things have come to me. I have several questions for you. How come you don't tell me anything about your family, why don't you want me to know any of your family members? Why don't you want to know mine? Although, you've met my mum, 'by chance' I don't even know your mum. How come you don't have a facebook account? Why don't you want to tell me about your place of work? How come I don't know anything about your past? Did you just come out of thin air? You talk about a sister you are fond of, yet I have never met her or even seen her picture. Or maybe I'm just imagining all these but, I feel I am taking you too seriously or rather you aren't as serious as I am." she rushed the words.

"I have many reasons why things are the way they are. I just want them like that for now. I don't want to rush things."
"I'm not rushing you or asking you to propose to me. It's even too early for that. All I'm saying is you haven't shown any signs of commitment towards me."
"Tutu, its safer that way, when I get back, things will be better between us."
"Hehe...." she laughed sardonically. "I'm not going to wait for you. I'll meet someone else. Gosh! We've been friends for over two years and I don't even know you. You hide too much of yourself."

Just then, her phone which had been ringing two times earlier, rang again, interrupting her. She rushed to receive the call. It was her mum.
"Honey, pls come over to the hospital."
"Hospital?? Why? Who's there??"
"I had a little accident. Its the same family hospital. I just want you here before I pass out." The call ended.
"Who was that? Is ur mum in the hospital?"
She didn't bother to answer Jesse and dashed out of the studio into the office. Kosi was no longer there.
"Your friend left some minutes ago, ma. She wants you to give her a call when you are through with Mr Akinyele."
Tutu ignored Moji and rushed out of the office. Jesse was right behind her. In the garage of her office was a 2014 range rover sports car. She walked on to stop a taxi.
"Get in." Jesse ordered, calmly.
She ignored him and flagged down a cab.
Jesse asked the cab man to go then he said.
"Your mum is in the hospital, let me take you there myself. Besides, you left your purse in the studio."
She looked down at her hands.
"How did you get the car?"
"Its a long story. Lets get to the hospital first."
"I won't get in until you tell me."
"Stop being stubborn. I'll carry you if I have to."
She still didn't budge.
He gently pulled her away from the road and towards the car.
"Don't touch me. I can walk myself."
He spread his arms apart and stepped back.
"Open the door." she ordered.
He complied then walked around the car and took the driver's seat deliberatelty brushing his arms against hers.
"Can you be any faster? Start the car. My mum's in the Hospital and she needs me there before she faints."
He started the car and drove out of the parking lot. He drove fast but, carefully. He knew the family hospital, he had gone there twice when Tutu was really sick during the 2years of knowing her.

They got to the hospital in less than 15minutes and got alighted from the SUV.
She walked to the reception and asked a nurse who looked familiar what room her mother was.
Jesse was right behind her.
"Mummy..." Tutu cried as she ran to hug her mother. Her mother talked fine but didn't look fine.
"It's just a little cut near my head and some scratches on my arm. How are you my dear?" she asked Jesse who had greeted.

Tutu examined her mother's bandaged head. It didn't look like a little cut. It was more like a deep long cut on the left side of her head and some other cuts on her left arm.
"How did this happen?"
"I was on my way home from Dami's mum's house. You know? For a new maid. I parked to recieve your dad's call. When I was about to start the car after I had ended the call, a 14yr old boy was behind his dad's car and as he was reversing, he hit me.."
"Silly boy! Does his father know?"
"Yes. He actually drove me here himself. It's a little thing. I just wanted you here. I was lonely. I didn't know you'd be with him." she smiled as she turned to Jesse.
Jesse smiled back at her.
"See? Am ok. The doctor says I can leave tomorrow morning. He needs to observe me. Like I'm a lab rat."
she laughed again. Alone this time. Then she pinched Tutu.
"Ooouch! Why?"
"Am sorry. I didn't know you were busy. Let me call my husband."
Tutu rolled her eyes. "I'll call Kay..... Kayode, wat's up? Where are you?" she asked after he had picked the call. "ok, drive over to the hospital, mum's here.....which other hospital do you know??..make it snappy! Bye."
"Your dad's coming." her mum supplied.
"Kayode's coming too with Kolade."
Jesse shifted uneasily in his seat, then stood up.
"I.. I have to go ma."
"Why so soon?" Ronke asked with worry.
"There's somewhere I have to be." he moved to the door then hesistated before saying "Tutu, come."
Outside the door, Jesse held Tutu's hands and said. "There's a lot of things I need to explain to you about me, but now's not the right time. I have to go."
"Why? Because my whole family's going to be here soon? Why are you hiding from them? What's wrong with you??" she was in tears again.
"I'm sorry baby, but I have to go." he kissed her forehead and ran off.

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by mariamferanmi(f): 4:08pm On Jun 20, 2015
Nice story u got here!! just saw dis n I decided to read but not disappointed at all it quite a lovely story, I wonder wat jesse is hiding well waiting 4 d next update.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 5:57pm On Jun 20, 2015
Nice story u got here!! just saw dis n I decided to read but not disappointed at all it quite a lovely story, I wonder wat jesse is hiding well waiting 4 d next update.
Thank you dear. You are encouraging me.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 5:58pm On Jun 20, 2015
Nice story u got here!! just saw dis n I decided to read but not disappointed at all it quite a lovely story, I wonder wat jesse is hiding well waiting 4 d next update.
Thank you dear. This is an encouraging comment.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by tijehi(f): 6:46pm On Jun 20, 2015
Very nice storyline.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by Queening: 7:39pm On Jun 20, 2015
. .
thanks for the update
Re: The Perfect Wedding by toluwanmi(f): 11:15pm On Jun 20, 2015
thanks for d update.more pls
Re: The Perfect Wedding by Madamkilljoy(f): 9:58am On Jun 21, 2015
I've been following and I must say I love your story, dearie. Patiently waiting for the next update.

Don't allow Jesse to hurt Tutu, else I'll cry my eyes out.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by teewhysafe(f): 6:37pm On Jun 21, 2015
Nyc update. What exactly is Jesse hiding nah
Re: The Perfect Wedding by beesan(f): 5:51pm On Jun 22, 2015
Nyc update. What exactly is Jesse hiding nah
I guess cos he's from a rich family.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by TEMMYMUJEEDAH(f): 8:03pm On Jun 22, 2015
Thanks 4 ds wonderful story buh am seriously waiting 4 d next update ooo
Re: The Perfect Wedding by teewhysafe(f): 9:07pm On Jun 22, 2015
Yea! Suspectin dat

I guess cos he's from a rich family.
Re: The Perfect Wedding by ladynice: 9:15pm On Jun 22, 2015
am suspecting d same tin he just want to live a normal life
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 3:28am On Jun 23, 2015
Tutu stayed over at her parents place that Tuesday night with her brothers. The next morning she heard the gate open and rushed downstairs to meet her parents.
"Mummmmy... How are you?" she was definitely fine, not with the bandage wrapped around her head which her hair partially covered, for she was frowning and scolding someone sitting in the front seat with the driver. It was Mrs Kamson, the cook.
"It's definitely going to affect your salary this month. You did the same thing last month. Adetutu had to cook the meals and I don't pay her." her mother complained.
"Adetutu, are you going out in that?" her dad asked staring at the skimpy gown she wore.
"Good morning dad." she ignored his question. "I need this car." she said pointing at the car he just got out of.
"Where are you going?" he asked.
"Kosi's house."
"Are you going out in that?" he asked again.
"Duh! Am going out in your car." she grabbed the keys from Benson. " I'll buy myself a new car and you won't have to tell me what not to wear."
"Buying yourself a new car is none of my business. I bought you one, and I wonder why you sold it. Besides, You shouldn't talk to me in that tone. I'm your father."
"Haha.." Tutu and her mother laughed together heading back into the house. They laughed because they both knew Tutu was his favorite and he spoilt her silly.

Rotimi was the soft and friendly parent who never hit any of his children. His wife, Ronke, was the opposite. She rarely let any wrong doing by any of her kids, especailly Kolade, go unpunished. He just shook his head smiling while following them behind.

"Koladeee!! What are you doing in my room?" Tutu shouted.
"Sis, I'm looking for some loose change."
"Is that..?? Are you stealing from me?!"
"Stop shouting now.." he was whispering. "Do you want everybody to hear?"
"I can't even have privacy in my own father's house. I'm going back to my lonely apartment."
"You are always like this to me." he grumbled.
" Yes. All of you! Why?? You guys in this whole house always treat me like I'm not one of you. If Kayode came to your bag, you wouldn't be like this."
"That's because he would ask before taking. You go around people's things as if you own everything. Get out of my room this minute!" she demanded.

Kolade walked out devastatedly and looked as if he was going to cry. Oh. Poor boy.
Tutu immediately felt bad after shouting at him. He was right. She had a soft spot for the youngest in the family, Kayode. He wasn't as stubborn as Kolade who rebelled against every rule mum and dad set in the house. She felt sorry for making him feel unloved. She went over to his room.
"What do you want?" he knew it was Tutu who had come to apologise. He smiled to himself. He would use this opportunity to get whatever he wanted from her.
"I came to apologise to you."
"For sending you out of my room and shouting at you. I'm really sorry."
"Hmph! You always do it, then you come and apologise to me. Always. Because you know I would easily forgive you, but this time around, am not letting it go."
"Ahan? Why now?.. Ok, how can I make it up to you."
"It's cos you know I'm too nice that's why you are asking."he was setting a trap.
Tutu rolled her eyes."hmn! Just tell me, how can I make it up to you? Before I change my mind."
"Money. I was only looking for small change o and you now shouted. Now you'll pay big."
"How much?!"
"I dunno o. If I talk now, you'll be shouting." he noticed Tutu was impatient. "Forty thousand."
"Ehn? You are dreaming! You are sick. Not even on your life!" she said and stormed out of his room.

She went down to join her parents who were already at the dinning table having toasts.
"Are you not going out again?" her dad asked.
"I'm waiting till its 10:30 or 11. They may still be asleep at Kosi's place."
"Let's negotiate it, Sis." Kolade spoke, after following Tutu downstairs.
"What" her parents asked simultaneously.
"Its not your business." Kolade said.
"If you want 40k, you'll have to work for me." Tutu offered.
"ahan.. Y now?" Kolade complained.
"What do you need 40k for?" his mother asked.
"Its between me and Tutu. Sorry." Kolade didn't want his mum to know anything about it. He was terrified she would scold him again .
"He was in my room searching through my bag then, I shouted at him and sent him out of the room. He felt bad, so I apologised and he's telling me I have to pay 40k for damages."
"Forty thousand naira?? ..Ole oshi. Don't give him any money." Ronke said then turned to Kolade. "You can't just sit at home and expect money all the time. You have to work for it. Get your ass off that chair and out of my sight!! Right now! Lazy thing."

Tutu felt bad for telling her mum what he had done. Kolade would never forgive her.
He stood up and walked away looking downcast. Kayode met him on the stairs and instantly knew he had been the one who had borne the brunt of their mother's anger because he had heard her voice from his room. He was always the one. Sometimes, Kayode wondered why his mother was always harsh towards his twin, then he stopped wondering whenever he saw what next Kolade was up to. He just shook his head and laughed.

"What happened here? World war III?" he asked as he got to the table. Everybody was quiet except his mother who was busy explaining to his father, why she had scolded Kolade, as if he hadn't been there. He was only nodding and furrowing his eyebrows at everything she said to show his full attention was on her.
His mum was at it again. Always justifying herself. Tutu was sober looking. He tried to make eye contact with her but she didn't want to look at him. Her phone started to ring.

"Heeeey...Peju wat's up?" she asked.
"I'm fine dear. It's been almost a month now and I haven't heard from you. I hope there's no problem?"
"No problem dear. Am so sorry I haven't been in touch with you. How's your husband and your baby?" Tutu asked.
"They're fine. You still haven't dropped this your british accent."
"That's how I talk na. How you wan make I talk again?"
"Ehen correct geh. I hear say Kosi wan do wedding. Why you no tel me."
"Peju, you have her number, couldn't you have asked her? Its not my story to tell."
"It's not your story to tell. Keep speaking pho-ne for me o. I dey come your house now."
"I'm not at home. I'm on my way to Kosi's place."
"Whatever. I'll meet you there."
"Tell her that...before she bursts my head."
"That Kosi girl sef. Oya ba..bye." she ended the call immediately.
She missed Peju Peters. She was one of her closest friends in the University, but after she married, she had been distant from all of them in their clique. They were four in it. Kosi, Tutu, Peju and Francis. Francis had always had a crush on Tutu, who never liked him and Peju had been the one head over heels with Francis. Kosi had been the clear headed one among them.


Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 3:39am On Jun 23, 2015
I love reading your comments. It encourages me to post faster. Thank you Tijehi, Queening, Toluwanmi, Madamkilljoy, Teewhysafe, Beesan, Temmymujeedah, ladynice.


Re: The Perfect Wedding by Nobody: 12:15pm On Jun 23, 2015
I'm loving this,always looking forward to reading your post everyday,keepirup.....i#ilike
Re: The Perfect Wedding by MizEll(f): 12:27pm On Jun 23, 2015
Nice story. Waiting for the next post
Re: The Perfect Wedding by ladynice: 1:33pm On Jun 23, 2015
nice update more pls
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 7:14pm On Jun 23, 2015
11. (Extra).
Wunmi checked her phones, then set them back on her pillow. None of them had a missed call or message from Kolade. She wasn't going to call him. He wants to play stubborn with me. She thought. Two can play it better. I won't even miss him. Just because of one stupid Jennifer girl, he's acting like this. She picked up her phone again and dialled Vincent's number.
"Wun-wun, wat's up?"
"I'm gud. Hw are you?"
"Fine Jare. How's that your jealous boyfriend."
"I don't know about him jor. Do you wanna hang out?" she asked.
Vincent was glad he didn't have to do the man-on-the-make game with her. "Yea. Sure. Why not?"
"Ok. Meet me at home I'd be ready by.... 11:30ish..
"Okkk. Cool..Gimme abt an hour. I'd be there."
"Bye." she ended the call and laughed to herself. Vincent, she knew, would do anything for her. He loved her so much, but her love was for Kolade alone. She wished Kolade would love her the way Vincent did. He was even one of Kolade's major rivals.

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by TEMMYMUJEEDAH(f): 7:55pm On Jun 23, 2015
Oh! Ds update s too short oo... Fenks all d same sha + God bless u ma
Re: The Perfect Wedding by mariamferanmi(f): 8:19pm On Jun 23, 2015
The story is just making sense, boumee I can't just get my self off dis thread it rili captivating. Thumb up!!!
Re: The Perfect Wedding by boumee(f): 9:56pm On Jun 23, 2015
Your comments are encouraging, so here's one for tomorrow.

Tutu went upstairs and entered Kolade's room without knocking then closed the door behind her.
"What do you want?" he asked.
"I've come to give you the money."
"I don't need your money again! You had to wait for mummy to shout at me. You like it when she scolds me."
"I'm sorry dear."
"Can you just leave my room?" he ordered.
"Do you really want me to go with the money?"
Kolade stared on at her. He was too angry with her but he really needed the money.
"Ok, I know you can't just dash me 40k. What do I have to do?" he asked.
"Good. You'll follow me to work. I need a handy man or someone who can carry heavy stuff. I need to make some changes around my studio and office."
"Ok. Let me have my bath. Is mummy still downstairs?"
"I guess...Why?"
"Go... I need to have my bath." he ushered her out of his room.

"Don't worry Vince. Come on in. It's just me and my sister at home." Wunmi shouted to Vincent who was at the gate pressing the bell.
"Ok." he shakily answered. He was always nervous whenever he was face-to-face with Wunmi.
"Hi" he said to her younger sister.
She rolled her eyes at him in reply then turned to her elder sister.
"Who is this one?" she rolled her eyes again at Vincent who was obviously feeling uncomfortable in the sisters' presence.
"Vincent. My schoolmate. Ex schoolmate." Wunmi turned to Vincent. "Her name's Simi....Simisola."
Vincent just nodded. He didn't dare give his hand for a shake because she looked like she was going to bite his head off.
Simi didn't like him and she was having a field day making him uncomfortable in her territory.
"Where are you going with my sister?" she asked.
"I'm taking her out."Vincent replied.
"You know she has a boyfriend."
"Oh, Simi will you stop it?" Wunmi warned after coming back to them and rolling her sleeves up. "Bye, we are going out."
"Duuh! I'm going out too. With Yide."
"Whatever." Wunmi stepped out of her house with Vincent. "Where's you car?"
"It's at the end of the street."
Wunmi shook her head. "Why did you park it so far from here? Stop acting like ....I don't even know what you act like. It irritates me. Can't you just be normal for once?!" she almost shouted. She didn't apologise. She rarely did.
"I'm sorry... I just didn't want to..."
"Stop being sorry." she cut in, mad at him again.
"Ok. Just walk faster. We'll soon get there." He concluded.
"Sorry. I can't run in this heels." she pointed at the shoes she was wearing. "Neither can I walk. Get the car here." she ordered.
Vincent ran towards his car shaking. Wunmi was just more irritated. He lacked confidence whenever he was around her. She knew she intimidated him and she never stopped being intimidating. He was confident away from her, on the phone or with other people, just not her.

"Let me be the one to drive." Kolade begged.
"Enter the car or you forget about getting any money. Besides, I like to drive."
Kolade unwilling sat beside Tutu
he didn't want to follow his sister out to be with her friends. She needed him to follow her to her studio to carry a portbale stage into the car and some other things they would fix in Kosi's house when she tried her wedding gown on.
"Do you do home service for other people?"
"No. Its just Kosi."
... She didn't answer him.

"See the way you are driving? It's too slow for my liking." Wunmi complained.
"You said you didn't want to be too early for the movie. I'm doing this to suit you. Stop complaining." Vincent was beginning to feel irritated by her tantrums.
"I don't want to see a movie anymore!"
Vincent marched the brakes abruplty, almost causing an accident for a car behind him. "Why didn't you tell me that since??" he was angry. "Stop acting like a child." He didn't even bother to apologise to the driver behind him who had sped off in anger after honking.
"Well, I'm telling you now."
"I didn't force you to go out with me. Stop acting like I called you.You called me."
Wunmi gave him a loud, long and rude hiss. Vincent exhaled deeply, extremely annoyed. He made the next left turn and parked the car on a quiet street.
"What's your problem?" he asked
"It's Kolade. He has another girlfriend." she said with tears in her eyes.
"Is that why you've been acting...crazy? Haven't you already known the type of person he is. He can't last with one girl for 6months."
"We've been together for almost a year." Wunmi offered.
"It's NOT almost a year. It's 8months. I know everything."
"Thanks for making me feel much better." Wunmi said sarcastically.
"Well, why am I the one bearing the brunt of your anger? Why don't you call him and vent?"
"He hasn't called me. Why should I bother?"
"As if you don't want to talk to him. I don't even like him, so I'd gladly tell you to leave him and come over to me."
"I know....let's stop talking about 'it'."
"'It'??" Vincent asked.
"Let's eat." He offered.
"Ok... Just ice-cream."
"I know. Same for me too."
They sat for a while without talking, then Wunmi started to talk about Kolade.
"Hun hunn..hu.... I don't want to hear about him. This outing is for us alone. I know you are angry, but I dont want to talk about him."
"Fine!" she barked.
"You see why I wanted to drive? You almost hit that car."
"He suddenly pressed his brakes. How was I to know? I am not in his car?" Tutu complained.
"Stop honking, drive past him." Kolade was pissed at the other driver. He turned in his seat to rain curses at the driver of the car only to find out it was Vincent, and right beside him was Wunmi.
He turned quickly in his seat, with his back towards them. He was careful enough for his sisfter not to notice.
Wunmi had already found another replacement of him. So fast. Here he was planning to surprise her by sending the 40k into her bank account. Vincent would do anything for Wunmi, that he knew and he wasn't going to let that happen no matter what.


Re: The Perfect Wedding by anasbeaut(f): 11:34pm On Jun 23, 2015
More twist...
.i like it

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by mariamferanmi(f): 10:51am On Jun 24, 2015
Kolade don't wanna loose wunmi and he's being an oliver twist....oloju kokoro *eye insect* wunmi sef she's acting crazy must vincent be d one to bear d burnt rubbish.....

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Re: The Perfect Wedding by Ashraf123(f): 4:30pm On Jun 24, 2015
Gosh!!! This is thrilling, so so interesting, as if I'm watching a movie. Pls madam come nd update o. Nice one!

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