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Veil / Sequel: Behind Her Veil / Behind Her Veil (ebook) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 8:06am On Sep 05, 2015
You must indeed be a dreamer,as your name portrays. so this is what you've been doing online right? Lateefah must here this. Lil

Swerve and leave zeenat for me (single)
funny you. Hw is zaria.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:08am On Sep 05, 2015
mattkent you just too gud more ink to your pen, more data to your phone. I cant even guess what the next scene will be lyk. Keep the update coming.

Thanks bro!
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:09am On Sep 05, 2015
Dis z really grt, ama kip ma fingers,arms,toes, nd legs crossd wink

hehehehe smiley

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:15am On Sep 05, 2015
Someday you'll sacrifice your pride and go below yourself just to help someone that only you can help, and in the process of helping, it will yield into something unexpected and divine for both of you. Others may never know the truth but only you do and thats all that matters.

That week, Sadiq sent a number of messages to Vanessa via sms, whatsapp and bbm but she didn't respond. He visited her at The Walter's but she refused to see him.

Though her accusations did hurt him, every bit of it, but he refused to get angry with her as a result of the memories of the past years.

Jennifer took that as an opportunity to be around him. Her constant visit had even surprised Sadiq's parents and when asked about her he just said;

"She's helping with the fan mails"

At least that's what he thought!

"I'm the non human!" Jennifer, making a ghostly demonstration like a scary witch as her braided hair fell forward and covered her face.

"Yeah right! You aren't even scary" he said, fidgeting with his phone.

"But I'm the non human, I'm serious!" she said with a disappointed face.

"You are very funny!" smiled Sadiq.

She was all around him. When he looked at every direction she was there, helping with one thing or the other. If she was away she made sure she was the only one he was chatting with or
sometimes even speaking on phone with.

He wasn't aware of her plans, or how she was building a temple around him till little Asma'u made it obvious to him.

"You have Zeenat, you said on T.V that you are with Vanessa, now you are with Jennifer too? I don't understand this thing, dad only has one wife!" she pouted her lips.

"You won't understand, this stuff is too much for your small head"

Another evening Jennifer visited. Unlike all other days when he would be unmindful, this time he observed her.

Why would someone just decide to commit themselves to you... a string must be attached someway!

"What are you doing?" he threw the question at her.

"There are a lot of fan mails to be replied... We need to call the publishers to provide more hard copies.. and there are several..." she said while tapping on the P.C.

Sadiq pulled her hand away from the keyboard. "No..really... What are you doing?" he spelt it out to her.

She rested her back on the chair and sighed." I just want to be here for you...i have always wanted to be" she shot a glance at him.

"What do you mean"

"You know" she replied.

He moved back and the thought of what Asma'u told him formed a smile on his lips.

"I'm seeing someone. I trust you can respect that? Moreover you are Vanessa's close friend, that'll be weird! To me you're just a friend too" he said, making sure he passed the message on.

When someone puts you in that friend-zone, and consider you not worth dating, it means you've become this nonsexual entity in thier eyes, like their sibling or a key holder!

She roused angrily, "after all this time I've been helping is this really what you'll say?"

Another Vanessa scenario coming up!

"I didn't ask for your help, and i can't cheat okay?!" his voice more louder. Thankfully his parents were not at home.

She paused for a moment, the look on her face wasn't readable.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, you must be going through a lot and i just added mine. Please disregard everything i said" she said with utmost sincerity..

"I'm glad you've come back to your senses!" he walked away to get a glass of water.

She made funny faces behind him as he left.

"Lets see what Zeenat will think about this video" she muttered in a mysterious tone, searching Sadiq's phone contact list. She wrote down Zeenat number, searched Youtube, and sent a video link to her.

She typed a message below the link "Watch this and thank me later. From a caring stranger"

A beautiful personality will guide you but a beautiful lady without a beautiful personality won't guide you, she will drive you insane without a map.


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:26am On Sep 05, 2015
Weeks later, just when Sadiq thought things would get better it got worst.

At first he thought Zeenat was just busy that's why she couldn't respond to his calls and sms. Its been two days and no words from her.

He didn't know whether to worry more about V or Zee! The third day after sending a voice note to her, she replied with a text message.

"How foolish do you think I am? So I'm just a second choice for you when you're in kano? Don't ever call me again!!!" Message ends.

The minute he saw the message he knew she had seen the show. Possibility was that a station had repeated the show over there and she saw it!

How would he convince her that it's not true, how? What kind of big mess has this book caused!

He stepped out, stopped a bike and dropped at bar beach. The sea breeze always comforted him, but he didn't come for that, he had decided to burn all the hard copies of 'Who is she' novel by the sea side.

Let it go back to where ever it came from! It has already cost me two important people. The thought hovered over him as he watched the books lit up in flames.

After he had done that, he sat by the rocks with his headset in his ear, watching the waves move back and forth.

How pathetic can this get?!

"I knew I'll find you here" a voice said from behind him as a hand pulled off the headset from his ear. It was not the best of face to see, but in this situation, and this moment of isolation, this face brought a pang of joy to him.

"Jennifer! What are you doing here?" even as he tried to look confident, his voice gave him up.

"I stopped over at your place and no one was at home, tried your number but said switched off" the breeze blew her hair backwards and her face looked a lot prettier than the last time he saw her.

"My phone was on airplane mode, sorry about that" his voice softer than it use to be.

"Its okay" she batted her eye lashes.

Why was she looking so brutal! Brutally pretty!

She sat down on the sand. "So she still isn't talking to you?" she asked.

"No. Tried calling her, not responding" he replied.

"I heard she travelled out" the breeze blow the words to him.

He glanced at her, "really?"

"Yes. And her last status update on Facebook had 'Paris' as the location" she informed him.

He looked away, letting his gaze settle on the wave that formed ahead. He was sad for sure. How could she just allow a single misunderstanding destroy everything.

"You know what?" asked Jennifer excitedly as she rouse up.


"Let's have some fun" she said, her eyes glowing and showing how eager she was.

"I'm not sure....." he replied and Jennifer grabbed his phone from him before he could complete his sentence and she ran off.


Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 10:31am On Sep 05, 2015
He chased her till he caught up with her.

They panted, "didn't that make you feel good" asked Jennifer, stopping to catch a breath.

"I didn't know you can run this fast"

"That's because all your attention has been on Vanessa" she said, glanced at him and he was silent as they walked along the rock sides.

He thought about what she said and he kind of agreed with her. All she has always been to him was being a good friend but he alwaysshut her out. Maybe she deserve his friendship more than miss attention seeker Vanessa does.

They sat under a shade. The hot afternoon sun was unbearable.
"Okay so here is what we will do. I'm going to ask you some questions and you are going to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind" she said excitedly.

This girl, she's up to no good! Wake up Sadiq!

"Okay" he answered, even though he thought it was a bit inane.

"How do you feel?"


"You're not depressed?"

"Not really"

"But you're not so happy?"


She sipped the glass of mango juice. Wiggled her hair.

"What's your biggest secret?"

He gazed at her. Even if he had a secret, the fact that its a secret alone means he can't divulge it, especially not to her.

"I have none"

She gave him a look and continued.

"What's the biggest lie you've told?"

"Biggest lie? Its probably when i lied on t.v that I'm with Vanessa"

"No.. The biggest lie you told is when you said you have no secret. I know you have so spill it" she said

Since she insisted he decided to tell her his most trivial secret or the one he feels she can't use against him.

Or so he thought!

"The only secret i can remember now is about Zeenat. She thinks i loved her from the start but she had no idea that it was out of pity i said yes to her. But eventually i fell madly in love with her." he spilled it to her.

Well well! I can see Jennifer rubbing her palms under the table!

She smiled. "That wasn't hard now, was it?" she asked

"No. Actually i kind of feel relieved telling you" he admitted.


Re: Behind Her Veil by Royal58(m): 10:40am On Sep 05, 2015
devil in disguise

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Bamilizy(f): 11:21am On Sep 05, 2015
Re: Behind Her Veil by Bamilizy(f): 11:23am On Sep 05, 2015
devil in disguise
really a devil in disguise.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Abuklaw(m): 2:54pm On Sep 05, 2015
funny you. Hw is zaria.
Zaria is fine dear friend. Preparation for exam is getting intense
Re: Behind Her Veil by lovelygurl(f): 3:48pm On Sep 05, 2015
This Jennifer should stop all this nonsense joor!
Re: Behind Her Veil by Idrhas(m): 4:47pm On Sep 05, 2015
Zaria is fine dear friend. Preparation for exam is getting intense
Are u an ABUsite
Re: Behind Her Veil by Abuklaw(m): 6:04pm On Sep 05, 2015
Are u an ABUsite
Yes I am bro. Are you one too?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 6:09pm On Sep 05, 2015
Are there girls like jennifer?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Idrhas(m): 6:14pm On Sep 05, 2015
Yes I am bro. Are you one too?
Yeah bro! U14 and u?
Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 8:02pm On Sep 05, 2015
Zaria is fine dear friend. Preparation for exam is getting intense
Thats gud bro. Barakallahu fihi.
Re: Behind Her Veil by horlabhympey: 9:03pm On Sep 05, 2015
So interesting..Oliver Twist grin
Re: Behind Her Veil by ernie98(f): 9:08pm On Sep 05, 2015
whats jennifer up to? undecided....nice story kip the updates comin
Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 11:19pm On Sep 05, 2015
Why jennifer not now. And u sadiq cant u be a man

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 9:47am On Sep 06, 2015
Nna mattkent no update yet?

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ysadiq(m): 2:55pm On Sep 06, 2015
Waiting 4 more update matt

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Re: Behind Her Veil by ablatgraphicplus(m): 3:47pm On Sep 06, 2015
hmmm Jennifer, daris God oo, all this very good bad thing you are doing. following...


Re: Behind Her Veil by ekene57: 5:59pm On Sep 06, 2015
Pls finish wot u started.........suspense ain't healthy

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Re: Behind Her Veil by heemah(f): 6:44am On Sep 07, 2015
Mattkent!!! Mattkent!!! Come and update ooo..Don't let what happened on 28th of March repeat itself oo... lol.
Anxiously waiting tho.
Re: Behind Her Veil by missuniverse(f): 7:18am On Sep 07, 2015
yeh,I agree with heemah,
Cos if it does repeat itself,u (mattkent) ,yes you!! would be d one to foot the bill

for ur information, twas my sister's bday, & just like asmau; she makes requests dat might drive sme1 crazy

last warning! !!

by d way,good morning

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:56pm On Sep 07, 2015
yeh,I agree with heemah,
Cos if it does repeat itself,u (mattkent) ,yes you!! would be d one to foot the bill

for ur information, twas my sister's bday, & just like asmau; she makes requests dat might drive sme1 crazy

last warning! !!

by d way,good morning

Sorry for the delay. What was her request?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:56pm On Sep 07, 2015
Mattkent!!! Mattkent!!! Come and update ooo..Don't let what happened on 28th of March repeat itself oo... lol.
Anxiously waiting tho.

Honestly sorry for the delay...I had to work on some things.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:57pm On Sep 07, 2015
Pls finish wot u started.........suspense ain't healthy

Aiit bro. I'm baq.
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 4:59pm On Sep 07, 2015
Can u guys permit me to post one post a day?
Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 5:01pm On Sep 07, 2015
The previous day Sadiq got a call from Eze. He was grumbling and complaining about something. Actually Sadiq intentionally decided not to pay attention to what he was saying due to the fact that when he had called him, seeking advice as regard Vanessa's issue he couldn't help. He was preoccupied with Sara!

But seems like now, his ship with Sarah was getting attacked by pirates, and the only pirate we know is the memory of Jojo!

Things were going fine till Sarah started mentioning Jojo's name almost every time. At first Eze thought it was just a phase which would pass away in no time, but it didn't. She was missing Jojo and the main reason being that Jojo is her first love!

They say first love never dies but true love can bury it. If Eze's love can't help Sarah bury the memories of Jojo then just maybe he isn't the one for her, therefore he needs to let her go.

But the problem is that Eze have never been this serious in a relationship. He has always been the player type, par say. Falling for Sarah has been the greatest thing that have ever happened to him in respect to 'ships' and knowing that he has fallen for someone who hasn't gotten over her ex was a big blow to him!

To make things worse, Sarah travelled back to Jo'burg last week in order to get ready for her trip to other countries for her movie shoot. Now, the distance between both of them coupled with the
fact that he knows she'll cross path with Jojo over there, killed his morale and so he decided to make a rash decision.

He decided to sink the ship!

First he needed an excuse for her to be angry with him. Something to make it easy for him to say 'lets break up'.

So one evening in between their endless chat she had asked him if he'll like to make her his wife in the nearest future. It was probably a trick question by her or just one of those things to say when you have nothing else to say.

It didn't matter, all he wanted was to let her go, to let the lady who had done an unprecedented thing to him by digging a hole into his heart and enclosing herself inside. That's how much he adored her, or how low and high he has fallen for her. But her heart was somewhere else even when she assured him that it wasn't.

"I don't think that can happen" he replied her. Hoping to get her upset.

She replied back, though her text didn't suggest whether she was upset or not. She asked him why he didn't think it can happen and she tried to make him see why is was possible.

For a moment Eze almost got subdued by her and was at the verge of not sinking the 'ship' when Sarah then mentioned Jojo.

"Please can we take a break?" he replied her, paying no attention to her last message. Is it that she can't survive a day without mentioning Jojo's name?!

"You want to quit chatting?" she asked. Unsure of what break he meant..

"No. I mean i think we should take a break from this relationship" he replied.

Seeing the text, she was shocked. For a minute she didn't reply.

She scrolled up their chat history to check if she had said anything that warrant his sudden change but she didn't see anything.

After confronting him and still he didn't change his mind she started to imagine that he was probably dumping her for someone else. She was very hurt! Though he didn't realise how hurt she was because he was under the impression that ending the relationship
was the best thing for her.

From that point things really changed, it wasn't like before and it didn't seem like it would change either but Eze didn't mind, all he wanted was for the lady he has fallen for to be happy with the person that brings out that happiness in her.

The bitter truth is that you'll never be able to know how someone feels about you, their love or hate or trust for you, you'll never know how real it is because they will keep you guessing, till you finally lose hope and that's what happened here....he lost hope!

It wasn't a pleasant day. Not for her, not for him. And it hasn't been a pleasant month, not for Sadiq nor for Vanessa or Zeenat!

The only person having all the fun is the brutally pretty Jennifer.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Nobody: 5:03pm On Sep 07, 2015
Sadiq travelled back to Kano. Even though he was excited to see this family, he wasn't sure how Zeenat reaction would be. But he didn't need to guess anymore, she explicitly showed him her reaction without holding back.

The second week was when he finally saw her passing by. Usually she would smile and wave and approach him but in this occasion it was like he didn't even exist, like he wasn't even standing there. She passed by without paying attention to him, although she definitely did hear him call her name.

It certainly shocked him. For him, one thing he couldn't do is try to convince someone about his innocence. He rather let go than try to convince or cook up stories. As he watched her go, he knew it was impossible for him to forget her and it was impossible for him to convince her.

Lectures started fully and he decided not to pack into campus. Going from home seemed like the best thing.

And it surely was.

Have you ever left your home to another home and it still feels just like home?

In school things were rather weird. For instance, Sadiq realised that he was hungry for attention. He wasn't sure if it was the environment that caused this or it was miss attention seeker that
poisoned him with it. Although it wasn't just him, his clique were clamoring for attention, every single one of them. But what they finally got was totally unexpected.

It was on a Thursday afternoon, after about three classes, they were having a fourth class. Everyone were exhausted and the boring lecturer made things worst. Chris who was in Sadiq's clique had had enough and dozed off, nodding his head in between snorting. The boring lecturer caught sight of him, stood him up then montioned him to come forward and stand in the front of the class.

As embarrassing as this was for him, it got him something. Just like how Vanessa got her attention from her embarrassing acts, Chris got his from this. From then everyone knew who Chris was and that helped his self esteem somehow.

Three weeks later Sadiq got a call that exam results were out.

"Please don't tell me. I want to see it myself" he said when Tj, Isa brother had insisted on telling him his scores on phone.

He got to the department in no time and his friends were already waiting with smiles on their faces.

That's heart warming!

He needed first class and anything short of that would make him lose the car he was promised. His eyes screened the names till his eyes fell on his name. He moved his gaze slowly and he was greeted by a 4 point!

"Guy lower your voice!" a guy had shot back at him when Sadiq shouted and jumped with jubilation.

It was a 4 point out of 5. That was more than what he hoped for.

All he needed was another first class in this semester and the car would be his!

His friends got first class as well, but there were other first class studs so it didn't seem much like a big deal, but it was to Sadiq because he needed the car.

After sharing the news with his parents, he got this itch to share it with someone else. Someone who he normally tell everything.

Vanessa would have been as excited as he was to hear about his success, that alone inspires him. But that friendship has been lost.

Sometimes some success usually don't feel like success untill you share it with your loved ones.

Talking of loved ones, Zeenat decision to avoid him has been eating him up. Seeing her looking radiant, colourful and modest in her native attire felt like nails were being driven into his heart!

On monday morning he rushed his meal and walked hurriedly to get a bike. A car pulled beside him and the car window rolled down slowly, noiselessly.

"Rushing to class?" her voice rang from within. It was Janelle, the white girl.

"We are course mate, aren't we?"

"Yes and yes" replied Sadiq.

"I'm heading to school too. Come in" she offered.

"Oh no thanks. I'll get a bike down there" he said, pointing ahead.

She looked in that direction and said. "We are neighbors and course mates as well, so i insist. I won't take no for an answer." She smiled.

Sadiq knew he couldn't say no at this point. He jumped in and the driver took off.

Their hands brushed against each other accidentally and a sudden feeling rushed through Sadiq. He had always been seeing her but this particular moment, that particular second their hand touched his memory seemed to have captured something.

It was as though he knew her from somewhere other than here, as if they were connected from birth or were intrinsically connected somehow by memories or path. It felt like he had known her all along from somewhere, somewhere from the past, that didn't exist!

It was weird but it was true.

They had a little discussion, and after he had won an argument about a course assignment, she insisted that he must find time to explain the coding system in accounting to her.

"I will. Thanks for the ride" he said climbing down along side with her as they entered the lecture room. Eyes followed them till they parted to join their cliques.

There were little murmuring and faces staring back at him then at her and at that point he knew that he and Janelle had become the discussion of the week! He didn't need to do any thing to get popular, he got his ticket to popularity just by being seen with Janelle.

More days passed and they constantly accompanied each other to class. On one occasion Sadiq had convinced her to ride with him on Kazim's bike. She was at first scared but later loved it and insisted on frequent rides.

Another day he made her abadon her
Chrysler while they rode on an autorickshaw to school. Her clique didn't like what she was turning to...she was suppose to portray an epitome of wealthy rich white girl and that's what their clique stood for.

"Try to smile and laugh and be spontaneous and try new things. Being all sophisticated is boring and i hate it!" Janelle informed her clique members after they called her and queried her.

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Re: Behind Her Veil by Sageez(m): 5:57pm On Sep 07, 2015
one update a day Please! Owk! Letz make it the way, 2updates a day one in the morning and the other in the evening. Nothing more nothing less. Do we have a deal? @mattkent

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