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10 Reasons Why Many Nigerian Ladies Lie About Being Virgins / The Seven Virgins: A Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 10:24am On Jul 24, 2015
Hello peeps, i'l be dropping anoda story here in d evening, i want u al to get ur fingers crossed and am stil on ''ECLIPSE OF SOULS'', so go read dat while u wait.. Currently working on


Re: Three Virgins by Oahray: 10:28am On Jul 24, 2015
Hmmm... She's a writer. Nice. Lemme read your other stories while I wait.
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 8:16pm On Jul 25, 2015
Chapter one.
'Wedding bells!!!'Helen sprouted out loud as she came out of the bathroom staring and smiling warmly at her wedding dress, she wiped the drops of water dripping from her hands and adjusted the dress on her perfectly made bed making it look as if it were worn by a bride.

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 8:17pm On Jul 25, 2015
that's the introduction, who is following me here? I need u guys to carry go...


Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 7:46am On Jul 26, 2015
She picked the white flowing dress and examined it thoroughly, having noticed some places where adjustments are needed, she hurriedly punched her phone and dialed her personal designer's number to know if she was home, luckily, She was home, she wore her bra and a blue tank top over a bumper shorts, she had been warned not to go around the town anyhow as she would be getting married in some weeks, she always spent her day either in the office of the event planner she hired or the spa shop, she picked her keys and gently folded the white gown into a clean white box, she drifted to her blue corolla car parked downstairs, opened the gate and entered the car, she zoomed out and sighed as she saw the congested traffic miles away.

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 1:38pm On Jul 26, 2015
It took Helen some hours to get through the pathetic traffic, she muttered some words to herself and diverted the wheels to her soon to be Mother in law's estate, she had dropped the wedding gown with her designer and headed towards the william's, soon she would soon be called Mrs williams. She smiled warmly as the thought flashed down her belly forming tiny butterflies.
Tomilola read out audibly to her friends who were sitted within the four walls of her room

"To God be the glory
We the families of
Dr&Barrister Mrs Godwin Adetunji
Colonel&Barrister Philips Dominic
Cordially invite
To the
Solemnization of Holy Matrimony
of their beloved children
Engr. David Dominic
Dr.Tomilola Adetunji
Date:18th August 2015
Venue: The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Redeemers parish, Lekki Phase 2, Lagos
Reception follows immediately at
Goshen event hall, Ikoyi, Lagos
Wedding theme:Fuschia pink and Royal blue
Bride's Friends:Fuschia pink
Groom's friends:Royal blue
Strictly by Invitation
Her friends cheered out excitement etched on their faces, Funmi glared at the golden letterings inscribed on the invitation card
"Tomi dear, I envy you o, The creme de LA creme will surely be in attendance" Funmi said
"Of course, what do you expect of my wedding" its a marriage between classy and well to do people "Tomi said searching her wardrobe to show off her accessories imported from the state....

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Re: Three Virgins by Queening: 2:44pm On Jul 26, 2015

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Re: Three Virgins by Queening: 2:49pm On Jul 26, 2015
that's the introduction, who is following me here? I need u guys to carry go...
i think u made a mistake with tomi and helen
Re: Three Virgins by OloriAbefe(f): 3:13pm On Jul 26, 2015
#following....but you got me confused. Helen &Tomilola??
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:53pm On Jul 26, 2015
#following....but you got me confused.
Helen &Tomilola??
not At all, just keep ur fingers crossed, we are having three brides, three virgins, welcome on board
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:54pm On Jul 26, 2015
#following....but you got me confused.
Helen &Tomilola??
not At all, just keep ur fingers crossed, we are having three brides, three virgins, welcome on board
First is Helen
Second is Tomilola
The third will soon get in, Rebecca
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 4:26pm On Jul 26, 2015
i think u made a mistake with tomi and helen
there are three different brides in dis story, u cn also follow me up on my first story (Eclipse of souls)
fnx a whole for following
Re: Three Virgins by mzzkismet: 4:48pm On Jul 26, 2015
*grabs a chair #following
Re: Three Virgins by Nobody: 10:42pm On Jul 26, 2015
Ronnie - Because say you be babe, I will be here.

Kizzmet - I hope nobody else comes. Then I will have 2 ladies to myself.

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 2:22am On Jul 27, 2015
Rebecca walked into the tastily furnished sitting room, it was painted in one of her best colour, Lailic, she opened the kitchen door and it gave way with a loud thud, she helped herself to a glass of milk and walked back to the sitting room switching on the TV set that stared blankly at her, the sleeveless ash gown she wore clung unto her hips making them fully accentuated

"Hello girls, Am home" Rebecca announced. She removed her 6 inches blue heels and crossed her legs in warm comfort, She was worried as her two sisters never came down to welcome her as usual, she had been used to some weird but sweet welcoming in the past weeks since the girls learnt her wedding would be coming up in a couples of weeks, It then dawned on her the girls might have gone to see her mom, Yemisi who they usually called Yemzy who lived in the outskirt of Lagos, she heaved in blessed relief as she packed her Shoes up the stairs hoping to have a sweet nice peaceful sleep for the first time in two months.


Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 2:24am On Jul 27, 2015
guys, we are now having three brides to be, dont get it jacked up.. fnks for following
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 6:14am On Jul 27, 2015
David sat on the other edge of the bed faced down, now it was a week to his wedding and he didnt know how to face his problem, he dialed Collins' phone, it was switched off, Collins was the only person that knew about this problem of his, he shoved away the thought from his mind and called his bride, Tomilola, after a long talk with her, he wished her a nice night rest blowing mid air kisses all over here, he also reminded her of the banquet that would take place the eve to the engagement, she sent a kiss to him too and the duo slept like newly born babies, despite what was on David's mind, he managed to calm himself down and conclude he would see Collins at the banquet and discuss the problem with him.

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 6:31am On Jul 27, 2015
Becca yawned out loud, she rolled to the other side of the bed, she got up to empty her bowels and quickly cleaned her sparkling whites, Rebecca Johnson sure had a nice set of teeth which sparkled any time she smiled, she had well defined curves and firm succulent breasts, She heard the rattles of dishes and knew it was the girls washing or probably cooking, before she could reach a compromise, the tasty aroma of toast bread and omelette reached her nose, she swallowed some saliva and strolled to the kitchen
"Bride of Saturday, you are up!" Hannah teased jokingly tickling her chin
"And I guess that's the way to greet the latest bride in town" She said putting her hands on her hips
"Good morning Miss" Janet said smiling warmly."Mrs Very soon dear"Becca added, she served herself and drifted to the kitchen, she sure had finishing touches to put to some things today, she enjoyed her breakfast and had a warm bathe, she dressed up elegantly in a sleeveless orange top over a green pant trousers, she clutched a green purse to herself, she wore a nice orange flat shoe since she was having a lot to do the way, wearing heels would be a pain on the thighs
"Awwwwn!!You are looking beautiful sis" The girls chorused in unison, they walked her to her car and wished her a beautiful day, she zoomed out and headed towards Funke's house, her chief bridesmaid welcomed her and she felt homely. they talked about a lot of things, suddenly Becca popped a question that amazed Funke, she shifted a bit on her seat and answered
"I have known you for years, Don't tell me you still have your virginity in between your thighs"

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 7:00am On Jul 27, 2015
"Funke, I am!" She said, Funke burst into an uncontrollable laughter, She finally stopped and calmed Becca telling her her wedding night would be one she wouldn't forget in a hurry, she began making preparations for her wedding night she bought a beautiful white duvet and white covers, She bought a nice pant and nightie. The moment she had always dreamt of would become real in some days, Her husband would finally break her innocence. She smiled to herself and drove to some places to have herself cleaned and her face treated, she spent a lot of time doing her manicure and pedicure and finally came out looking ravishing with curve shaped fingers, she drove home excitement etched on her face.

Tomilola settled for a nice tube wedding gown that clung onto her curves well, she picked a white wedge and a shiny lace white veil, she had a pair of ivory clip on earrings and a nice pendant chain for her wedding, everything and everyone was prepared for the wedding, her traditional outfit too was colourful and well sewn to her taste but her problem now was Jackie, her heart pumped more blood than usual each time the thought of Jackie ruining her wedding flashed her mind, her friends ensured her Jackie wasn't going to do anything, she relaxed her jaunty nerves and prepared herself for the banquet the next day.
Preparations were also Rossy at Helen's side,she had everything in place, she had gone to see the pastor for final prayers and counselling, she got home very tired and received the shock of her life when she read the words written on a white paper carefully placed in between her gate, she sensed trouble miles away.

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Re: Three Virgins by buccal(m): 11:25am On Jul 27, 2015
Re: Three Virgins by OloriAbefe(f): 1:51pm On Jul 27, 2015
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:37pm On Jul 27, 2015
Helen was terrified, she read the note for the one hundredth time, waves of fear sprung down her throat, she could feel her feet above the earth surface, she hastily changed into a comfy dress and headed to her mom's home. she barged the door open and saw her mother baking a cake, her mother was a good baker, she had taken interest in baking while at school, She fell on the couch and sighed heavily.
"Darling, you didn't tell me you would be coming" Her mother's voice brought her back to the present
She showed the note to her mother, her mother gasped in awe, twin tears escaped Helen's face, she burst into fresh tears soiling her blue gown. She refused to be consoled, Her mother too was deepened in thoughts, why would someone wish her daughter bad luck when her wedding is already nearer than near.
Helen jolted as she turned facing her sisters laughing hysterically, She was more than confused, hot tears formed a pool in her face
"Naughty girls, what's the meaning of this? Are you happy with what is on ground"? Helen's mom asked surprise flustered in her face too.
Hannah and Janet rolled into an uncontrollable laughter, this time Helen glared at them with a long awkward stare and was about walking away when the girls called back, her mother watched in amazement, she was confused herself
" Dint you just say you say a note that sounds threatening to your wedding"Hannah asked teasingly
"Yes i did and I guess you guys are extremely happy at it, listen good, I don't want to ever see you In my...." Before Helen. could complete her statement, Janet quickly made a rapid confession of how they had played on her intelligence and went ahead dropping a note which read "Hello bride, Get ready for a bombshell on the 18th".
" We are sorry, we just wanted to see your reaction "Hannah apologized
" And I guess you are satisfied now, ain't you?"
"Helen, we are deeply sorry, It was Hannah's idea to do it and come to mom immediately"Janet quickly added
" Oh!No wonder you visited surprisingly after a long time"Her mother said.
Hannah and Janet apologized to their sister and promised not to ever scare her bones out of her body, they ended up laughing like a big family, Helen ate her Dinner at her mom's and zoomed off into the already cold night, She sighed in comfort and relief as she sped off.

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:57pm On Jul 27, 2015
Tomi dressed in a tube red gown, she clutched her red purse and quickly wore her red Shoe.
It was her wedding eve, She ruminated on the kind of life she would live with David, David had been caring and understanding, He had supported her greatly during her Days In the medical school, She smiled as she remembered her first kiss with him, now, tomorrow holds the night he would take away her innocence. she would finally be made a woman by the one her heart treasured
Funmi's voice brought her to the present. Funmi gasped when she saw the beautiful gown worn by Tomi which accentuated her wide hips well, she was a sight to behold. Funmi had her make up done for her and helped her make her hair stylishly in a way that fell in ringlets, she beckoned on her friends and told them to get ready as clock struck 7:45pm, the banquet was scheduled to start by 8:00pm, no bride would want to get late to her banquet, the other ladies finished dressing nicely too, her friends were all dressed in yellow, she stood out as the bride and was extremely looking ravishing, she had this erotic smile that could drive every man crazy, they hopped into the car with Funmi on the wheels, they sped off to Plaza event hall.
Numerous cars were packed in the hall's large compound, light shone every where, Slow music blasted from the speakers , the cold night soon turned erotic as people trooped into the hall all because of David and Tomilola, People had a lot of shots at the beautifully decorated reception that led to the hall, The hall itself was a sight to behold, it was decorated in red and white as the night was all about two love peddlers, Tomilola was above the clouds. The Air conditioner switched on added to the romantic moment, the Entering of David and Tomi was in a grand style. "Ada Ada " sang by flavour was played and David was seen searching for his bride every corners in the hall, the crowd cheered out loud, laughter rattled round the hall, soon the D.J rocked another song and the hall nearly collapsed as people cheered noisily and happily when David carried Tomi and pressed a sweet kiss on her lips, the duo later sat on the beautifully decorated white couch which was on a high podium, different coats of colours flashed from the light that cycliced on the tube of the hall's ceiling and the programme began, soon Tomi started feeling uneasy as the thought of Jackie ruining the most wonderful and romantic night she had ever had flashed her mind, she shifted on her seat and David asked, is there anything you are worried about?"
Tomi turned to reply but for the first time in her life her voice failed her, a tear escaped through and she felt like the ground should swallow her when Jackie walked in, Her face lifted up, David traced her stare and in not less than a minute, he sighted his sister from afar. All attention was shifted on the tall young lady who stood desperately hands akimbo at the hall's entrance.


Re: Three Virgins by shalommeri(f): 4:22pm On Jul 27, 2015
Nix story #following#
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 4:29pm On Jul 27, 2015
shalommeri, welcome on board dear, I'll b updating in d midnight to enable u guys read tomao, while waiting, u cn read my second story Eclipse of souls.. fnks to u
Re: Three Virgins by OloriAbefe(f): 5:49pm On Jul 27, 2015
Re: Three Virgins by mzzkismet: 10:56pm On Jul 27, 2015
hehehe, 3 brides 1 man? Aw re we to explain this, anyways Madame roniex2 got the answer to the puzzle. thanks for the updates

arrowassasin, u've got rivals now, but chill more girls will be coming in so u need not to worry........#selfish guy, and be careful so u won't end up like David

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Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:24am On Jul 28, 2015
hehehe, 3 brides 1 man? Aw re we to explain this, anyways Madame roniex2 got the answer to the puzzle. thanks for the updates

arrowassasin, u've got rivals now, but chill more girls will be coming in so u need not to worry........#selfish guy, and be careful so u won't end up like David
lolz, welcome, its nt 3 to 1 oo, we equally av three grooms too. their names will b mentioned as we move on across d chapters
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 3:28am On Jul 28, 2015
guys, tx fr following Bt this story is twisted so I don't want u to get it wrong, we r aving three brides who don't know one anoda and also three grooms too.
1.David Dominic for Tomilola
odas will b mentioned soon
Get it well before I update anoda one cos its going a long way
Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 8:33am On Jul 28, 2015
The young lady at the entrance walked in briskly, anger narrowed in David's eyes, he glared at his sister for the one hundredth time, nobody knew what she was up to but she had better not try anything stupid, Tomi thought in her mind, Her fear was melted when she took her seat and watched as the programme continued, David's eyes wanted to spit fire but he withdrew his anger, soon, Tomi was asked to sing a special song for her husband to be, She walked carefully to the Microphone's stand and sang a solemn love song which dropped the heart of many, many kissed and hugged their loved ones too, she sang melodiously, she rounded it off by placing a soft kiss on David's cheeks, he felt great, he replied with a long tight hug and a bright smile, The hall soon turned to a dancing floor as people swayed their hips and danced in unison to the music which blasted from the speakers, David was no where to be found, he should be seen dancing with Tomi but he was no where in sight, Tomi's heart began skipping as she went in search of her soon to be husband,The clock had already struck 1:00am but the hall was still full and people were dancing and enjoying themselves
"How am I to tell her this night that I have a .... " David yelled out loud at his friend
"Shhhhhhhh... even the walls have ears" Collins replied shutting him up
"Take it easy man" He added
"Shes innocent" David said curtly
"and how do you mean?" Collins asked curiosity etched in his brows
"Shes a virgin, that lady had been looking forward to her wedding night, How would she feel if she founds out that...." Before David could complete his statement, a Soft touch held him back, he turned to see Tomi standing behind him
"I have been looking for you sugar" She said.
"Ooh, sure?" David asked flashing a Mr cool smile at her, The trio walked back to the dance floor and prepared to leave, it was past midnight already and they had to sleep in order not to have their eyes heavy during the service at dawn, they bade their friends a goodbye and disappeared into the night.
Helen at her own end had everything settled, her visitors were around and the whole house was full, she had gone to bed around 10'00pm after making sure everything fell in shape,she had also gone to her parent's room for prayers and also hugged her mother tightly as thou he belonged there, a drop of tear escaped her mother's face but she quickly wiped it off. she finally went into her room and finished packing her luggage and suitcase, said a short prayer and slept.

"Tomorrow is my wedding day"She said to herself calmly, she quickly glanced at her wedding dress and closed her eyes, sleep drifted her to the unknown but left a sweet smile on the face of the beautiful bride.
Becca ..


Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 9:36am On Jul 28, 2015
Becca rolled from the side of the bed to another, she heard the sounds of dishes and pots rattling downstairs, the lazily rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm and stared at the wall clock.
"Oh! Its 6:30am!!!! Its my wedding day" She screamed her throat out. she hurried out of the bed like a pursued thief, she cleaned her mouth, the door gave way revealing a woman in her early 50's

"Daughter, you are up, Get dressed for the engagement, I woke you up around 5:00am but the sleep had better effect on you, you said you didn't have any wedding to do today and that....."
"What mother!! I said that?"she asked amidst tears.
" Get dressed dear, the engagement starts by 8:00am and the church wedding starts by 11:00am we wouldn't want to delay the officials and men of God"She sat patting her daughter and giving her blessings
Both mother and daughter hugged in quiet joy

In not less than 15 minutes, her friends were gathered in her room, she had her bathe, while bathing, she sat gently on the tube and fantasied on her wedding night, she stared in between her legs and patted her innocence gently, "I'll miss you dear innocence" She muttered softly
Her friends called out loud "Rebecca!, are you there??"
She was brought back from her world of fantasy, she jolted on the tube and answered"Yes, I am"
"We heard the water gushing away from the tap, hope there's no problem darling bride, hurry! its your wedding day!" her friends chorused
She washed herself clean and stepped out of the bathroom
Her friends surprised her with a wedding song and they laughed heartily, Becca's mom heard them laughing and scurried upstairs to hasten then, she spanked her daughter softly and she giggled, she had a breakfast of tomato sauce and sliced bread with fried eggs.

She got dressed, the make up artist arrived just in time she was needed, She did her work perfectly, Becca stood and gazed at the bride in the mirror. she was satisfied with the Becca she was seeing, Her headgear was done swiftly in layers and she looked amazingly elegant in her traditional gold and red outfit, a red bead sat on her neck, this gave a wonderful complement to her outfit.
she clutched her purse and took nice shits with her friends who were all dressed in all silver outfit, their headgears stood graciously on their heads, the bride and her friends flashed their immaculate set of teeth as the photographer took the first shot


Re: Three Virgins by roniex2(f): 10:33am On Jul 28, 2015
Korede Oladipo arrived in his black murano jeep alongside with his friends, his parents got down from their rav4 car and danced to the yoruba cultural rhythm played by the drummers, they danced into the well decorated hall, Mrs Pejumola Oladipo wriggled her hips to the gangan and agbamole beats of the drummers, the engagement commenced at exactly 8:15am, the parents of the groom paid a fine as they arrived behind the scheduled time.
Becca struggled to see Korede, her groom in his perfectly designed agbada, she smiled when she caught his gaze and he smiled back at Her, he blew. a mid air kiss at her which she giggled at, she sent her too and drawled back the curtain, happiness flustered on her face, her friends adjusted her headgear which was now bent in an imperfect way, she gazed at her gold heels which had a red rose flower beautifully placed at the heels, she curtsied and smiled as she stared at her groom .
prior to the Yoruba traditional engagement, The groom's family explained their mission to the bride's family, this was done through the representatives , the alaga iduro and the alaga ijoko got down well with each other, soon, the groom's family were sited
The groom and his friends danced into the hall with 'shoki' hip hop song blasting out loud from the speaker, the guests cheered out when Akorede danced in the shoki style along side with his friends who were all dressed in silver outfit and red caps to match, Korede was dressed in a gold agbada and the combination of red and gold cap which complemented his outfit, a long glittering red bead went done his neck, he held on firmly to his irukere which was decorated with red beads, he was asked his mission and he explained that he was there with his relatives and friends to pluck a beautiful flower, He prostrated thrice with his friends and later went to sit down after all necessities had been done. He grinned softly when the Alaga iduro announced that the bride should dance in

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