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The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 8:46pm On Aug 01, 2015
All Rights Reserved

This work exclusively belongs to the Author, and is protected under copyright laws. The title, thoughts, plot, characters, settings, quotes are properties of the author. No part of this work either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise. Contact the author at Clementayo@gmail.com

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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 8:47pm On Aug 01, 2015
DISCLAIMER: This story is a made-believe work of fiction. All the characters are figment of the writer's imagination, and it's not in any way related to anybody, dead or alive.

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Re: The University Village - A Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 9:24pm On Aug 01, 2015
Nice. Following

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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:52pm On Aug 01, 2015
Chapter 1

6th, Jan, 20**

The street was lone and void of people who normally tour the route to their various destinations. This was quite unusual considering the influx of students and indigens who frequents the ever busy stadium road, which serves as a pathway to other areas of the town.

Femi thought to himself. Suddenly, he saw a human figure from afar approaching towards his direction, and without the use of rocket science, his modus operandi interpreted her to be a female. The closer she walked towards him, he was able to get a clearer view of her physique. The beautiful young lady was walking majestically with a well calculated step, notwithstanding the restless wind which stroke her hair from side to side. Her beauty had totally captured his attention, Femi felt butterflies in his stomach. A thousand thought crossed through his mind in a split second, he resolved to making an attempt towards knowing her as a brilliant idea popped into his head. Coincidentally, the lady kept staring at him as she walked closer as though they had known each other from time past, and just few inches before she walked passed him, Femi swerved into her pathway startling her, she was obviously taken by surprise.

They both halted, gazing at each other frantically into the eyes without uttering a word. Suddenly, she attempted moving aside until she was interrupted again as Femi kept blocking every of her move. This routine lasted for a while before she succumbed to his game while giving him an inquisitive stare.

"Please, pardon my manners." Femi said breaking the silence. "My mom positioned me to bring home the most beautiful girl I have ever met for marriage, I was searching for her until I found you. And I won't let go unless you follow me home." He added with a tone of finality, coated with a cute wink.

The lady was marvelled by his level of confidence and humour put together, since the prospective bachelor was quite young to get married, considering his age. She thought to herself, as her lips suddenly curved into a smile, and then an uncontrolled laughter ensued.

"Are you serious, or you're just trying to be funny?" She finally spoke with a huge grin on her face. She looked even more prettier this time.

"I've never been so serious. Time is tickling and mama won't be happy." He responded with a bigger grin on his face.

"Hold it, mummy's boy. It's funny how you intend to marry someone whose name you don't even know" She retorted.

"My apologies ma'am. Lemme guess. You must be Isabella by name." He asserted.

She gesticulated by shaking her head in the negative. "How about Gloria?" Nope! She replied. "No doubt you must be Patience Jonathan then" Femi said playfully.

"C'mon, must you always have to be funny. My name is Odunayo. And I'll marry you on the condition that you won't kill me with laughter." Ayo replied twerling her hair stylishly.

Femi was elated with euphoria as he thrusted his fist in the air, his joy knew no bound as he attempted to hug her, but immediately he opened his arm, she practically disappeared out of sight, leaving Femi stranded with awe. Then, he fell into deep oblivion.....



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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 9:54pm On Aug 01, 2015
Nice. Following
Welcome on board my able comrade. It's been a long time, where have you been?

Next update coming up tomorrow.. Goodnight!
Re: The University Village - A Story by adegwurulez(m): 10:20pm On Aug 01, 2015
welcome back amigo!
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 11:08pm On Aug 01, 2015
welcome back amigo!
Thanks rulez.. It feels good to be back..
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 11:12pm On Aug 01, 2015
Therock5555, Winnie1950

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Re: The University Village - A Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 12:28am On Aug 02, 2015
Welcome on board my able comrade. It's been a long time, where have you been?

Next update coming up tomorrow.. Goodnight!

I've been around and u?

Okay. Expecting!
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 5:13pm On Aug 02, 2015
Chapter 2

It was a beautiful morning. The atmospheric condition was relatively cold prior to an heavy downpour that fell a day before.

After several tossing and turning, Femi had finally woken up from sleep, he stared at the wall-clock located at the centre corner of his room and the time reads 11:35am. He heaved a sigh of relief, and had a flashback as he began reminiscing about his stressful journey to school the previous day.

Femi had boarded a public transportation bus from check-point in Okene at 5pm. The vehicle later developed mechanical problem along the Adogo-Ajaokuta Road as it began to overheat. The driver who was the first to observe heat protruding from the engine of the vehicle had informed the passengers as he parked along the side of the Road. He made to open the engine cover and after several trials and errors, he discovered that the fan belt of the vehicle had become cut. He looked around him from where he could sought for help, just then he realized that they were stucked in the middle of nowhere. The highway was surrounded with bushes on both sides. There was nobody on sight, no houses and most importantly, no mechanic workshop nearby. Then, it dawned on him that they were gonna be around for a while. The driver went back to inform his passengers about the development, telling them he would need to locate the nearest village, in orded to inquire where he could find a mechanic workshop from where he intended to buy a new fan-belt. This didn't go down well with the passengers as most of them made some inflammatory remarks, considering that actual time and when they would eventually arrive at their destinations. The driver, however, pleaded with them not to be upset and asked for volunteers who would accompany him as they embark on that ultimate search.

A male passenger including Femi volunteered to go along with him as they started treking. About 30mins later, the trio sighted some disperse houses in Adogo village, they walked towards a particular house where they met an aged man probably in his 60s, and after explaining their ordeal to him, he informed them that they had only one local mechanic in the village who doesn't sell fan-belt. In a bid to alleviate their problem, he offered to convey them to Ajaokuta with his motorcycle, which is about 10mins ride from Adogo. Fortunately, they were able to procure a new fan-belt immediately they got to Ajaokuta. Indeed, they were gleeful but time wasn't friendly anymore, as it was already 6:14pm. They hurriely mounted the bike, whilst riding swiftly to their vehicle, and that was when it began to rain heavily. They had no choice but to relinquish themselves to the wrath of the rain, but that was after they had kept their perishable items which could be damaged by water into Femi's water-proof handbag. At exactly 8:00pm, they reached their vehicle and fixed the fan-belt. The driver offered to pay the aged man for his help, but he rejected the money and prayed for them as they continued with their journey.

The aggrieved passengers who were already shivering as a result of the cold were insulting the driver for not putting his vehicle in good condition before embarking on the journey. Femi who knew the stress the driver had gone through, kept mum, and even decided not to collect his remaining change from the driver. It took them another two hours to arrive at Anyigba, the host community of Kogi State University.

Femi alighted from the vehicle, collected his luggage and food items from the boot and beckoned at an okada man to take him to Freedom Quarters, which happened to be his Lodge. A fellow female passenger who appeared impatient to wait for another bike literally begged to sit with Femi and he obliged reluctantly.

The okada man was riding at top speed before they were accosted at "Our Lady of Fatima Lodge" by the dreaded vigilante group. Femi had just moved from frying pan to fire.....



Re: The University Village - A Story by LogoDWhiz(m): 6:02pm On Aug 02, 2015
This is getting interesting!
More updates please!!!
Re: The University Village - A Story by ritababe(f): 6:34pm On Aug 02, 2015
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 6:52pm On Aug 02, 2015
Chapter 3

Atleast four men attached to the vigilante group had reprimanded them on their way, pointing torchlight to their faces, which brought their journey to a sudden halt.

"Hold it right there, and step down!" One of the men fired.

The okada man obeyed, and parked his bike, he walked towards them while Femi and the mysterious lady followed him slowly at his back.

"Where una dey come from by this time?" He enquired with a straight face.

"Sir, I'm just performing my duty as a bikeman." The okada man blurted, but before he could speak further, a thunderous slap landed on his face. The sound of the slap sent cold shiver passing through the veins of the lady, as she almost urinated on herself. Femi was shocked, but as a man, he decided to keep cool.

"You no answer my question, you com dey blow grammer for me.. Na you go school pass abi?" The vigilante fired back without expecting a response.

"Agba oo... Agba!!, Abeg I be una pikin, make una no vex, na these two people say make I carry dem from unity square." He said pointing to Femi and the lady while holding his face using his other hand. The okada man must've wooed them with the little igala dialet he had spoken, because immediately he said that, they practically let him be, and then focused on Femi and his counterpart.

"Oya make una two come here!" Another of the vigilante men said with a tone of command. "Wetin be time now?" He added asking none of them in particular.

Femi looked at his wristwatch to check the idea of time, and it was after the hour of ten. It's a norm in the town for people not to be caught wandering or lurking about at night, otherwise, the person(s) may either be apprehended by the vigilante or another group of security forces dubbed "Enter Bus." This is as a result of incessant criminal activities and burglary being perpetuated by unsuspecting hoodlums, especially at a region, called the back of NTA. Femi then told them that himself and the Lady were travelling together, before their vehicle got spoilt on the way, still, his lamentations fell on deaf ears.

The first vigilante man who spoke asked the girl, if she knew Femi but she denied him blatantly. She claimed not to know him before, even saying that he had only requested to help her get home as it was getting late, and since they were both heading towards the same direction. On hearing what she had said, Femi was beyond shocked, his good deed had suddenly turned around to haunt him before his very eyes. The vigilante men seemed to have believed what she said, so they asked Femi what her name was, but he couldn't provide an answer as he never bothered to ask her in the first instance.

Then they told the Bikeman and Lady to go, except Femi who was left behind to explain his initial intention with the lady whom he was only trying to help. One of the vigilante men even claimed that Femi had planned to take her to his Lodge and then rape her.

Thereafter, they asked him to take off his shirt and roll on the muddy floor, he obeyed and did as he was told; he was also made to frog-jump for about thirty close intervals without taking a break. Femi was sweating profusely while being punished. A thought crossed through his mind to run away, but on a second thought, he changed his mind seeing the local guns which they were carrying, as that would only complicate issues. After completing such heinous task, they requested for his student 'I.D Card', and after showing them, they allowed him to go, but not after they warned him never to keep late night again.

Femi could barely walk properly due to several internal pains in his joints. He had to drag his foodstuffs on the floor along with him considering the weight, as he was left to walk alone to his apartment.

He was furious, vexed, and unsatisfied as he wished for someday when he would see the lady who made him go through such pains. She was definitely going to suffer a reprisal payback. He said to himself inwardly as he made a sinister smirk......


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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:35pm On Aug 02, 2015
Welcome, Ritababe.. The first lady!
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:36pm On Aug 02, 2015
This is getting interesting!
More updates please!!!
More updates coming up tomorrow...
Re: The University Village - A Story by ritababe(f): 7:38pm On Aug 02, 2015
Welcome, Ritababe.. The first lady!
Re: The University Village - A Story by Therock5555(m): 9:48am On Aug 03, 2015
Therock5555, Winnie1950
present sir
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 10:03am On Aug 03, 2015
present sir
Oga boss... You're highly welcomed
Re: The University Village - A Story by sEGXY2(m): 10:26am On Aug 03, 2015
Abeg mark my attendance, i present O...........wait o! U should have started the story in sexuality section, where u have more readers.
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 10:59am On Aug 03, 2015
Abeg mark my attendance, i present O...........wait o! U should have started the story in sexuality section, where u have more readers.
You're registered!

The story isn't entirely about sex...
Re: The University Village - A Story by Therock5555(m): 6:33pm On Aug 03, 2015
Oga boss... You're highly welcomed
nice work dude
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:00pm On Aug 03, 2015
Chapter 4

Femi was a 200L student, studying sociology and anthropology, in the prestigious kogi state university. He was good-looking, tall, dark in completion, with a well built body coupled with a nice facial beard.

At about 12:00pm, his mind transported back to reality. A gleaming sunlight suddenly illuminated his room prompting him to blink his eyelid in reaction to the beaming sun. Femi lived alone in a self-contain apartment, he decided not to have a roommate for confidential reasons. He had a queen-sized mattras on the southern flank of his room, a portable reading table and chair, a trolley, a mini-generator, an L.G home-theater, and a blue rug which was also the same colour of the room. He was quite comfortable staying alone but something was missing, he didn't have a stable girlfriend, as he preferred 'sampling' eventhough he never considered himself a player. In his words, he was yet to meet that particular girl who would turn him into a loverboy.

It was a season of new things; a new year, a new beginning, a new academic session and a need for new restitutions. On new-year eve, Femi was at home with his family members. His parents and siblings were preparing for church where they intended to break into the new year, but Femi choosed to remain at home. He had never liked attending church with his family, simply because his parents attended a small church which was monopolized mainly by elderly people.

They soon bundled into the family Sienna car and left him at home. After a while, he started feeling guilty when his conscience began to judge him. Femi had to search for his long forsaken bible from wherever he might have kept it, he later found the bible inside his luggage. He waited fervently for the blink of the new year, so that by then, he must've escaped most of the church programmes, since his initial plan was only to break into the new year in any bible believing church.

Whilst he waited, Femi decided to compile a list of new year resolutions which he hoped to achieve in the coming year. Amongst the resolutions, two most important habit which he tend to overcome were alcoholism, and womanizing. He honestly wished to have a serious relationship, thereby abandoning the idea of "chop and clean mouth" but all that was to change in a matter of time.

Talking about time, the time was quarter to the hour of twelve before the born of a new year. Femi took his bible and left the house, he began wandering about searching for any nice church around his area that was appealing to his taste, especially the ones which had pretty girls, but his search prove abortive as none could match his expectation.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" That was the next thing he heard, as thousands of people choroused in unison. That was when it dawned on him that his plan had become fruitile, as he stood in the middle of a street not knowing the next course of action. Then he began to walk back home slowly in a dejected manner.

A few miles away from his house, he saw a beer-parlour with people dancing and chanting several jubilating remarks, they seemed elated to have made it into another year.

Femi walked into the bar and ordered for a bottle of beer, the bartender came with a chilled bottle of STAR LAGER and then placed it on the table where he was sitted. It was after Femi had successfully gulped down two chilled bottles of 'Shine Shine Bobo' then he realized that he had already broken one of his most pressing new year resolution barely five minutes into the new year.

Femi staggeredly stood up from his bed and walked towards his door, every atom of pain had suddenly disappeared from his body. He stepped outside and discovered that majority of his neighbours were jet to resume. He then walked back inside the room, picked his phone and dialled Bishop's phone number.

Bishop is not the name of a pastor, neither is it the of a particular Reverend father. It was indeed the self-acclaimed name of a cassanover, a serial player who happened to be his best friend.

"Padi mi, how far na" Bishop said as he answered the call from the other end.

"Brodaly, I dey gallant, when you dey enta skul na?" Femi asked.

"See your life! I dey skul like dis, na yesterday me sha ball in" Bishop replied.

"Make sense. Me sef don resume, I dey show your side right now" Femi said excitedly.

"No bother yourself, I dey come your Lodge already." Bishop said as the line went dead.

Three minutes later, Bishop arrived at Femi's apartment while they hailed each other. Bishop lived at St' Valentine Lodge, which is just a stone-throw from Freedom quarters.

They gisted about the boring break which didn't yield much financial gains, with Femi lamenting about how school was dry since most student hadn't resumed. Bishop came up with a plan to organise a fake birthday bash at his crib, strictly by invitation with fresh girls in attendance. Femi smiled in ecstasy, perhaps, you can always teach an old dog new tricks.



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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:04pm On Aug 03, 2015
nice work dude
Thanks plenty...
Re: The University Village - A Story by kcowen(m): 9:21pm On Aug 03, 2015
#Spread Mat for Ground*abeg shift 4 me,nna mehn dis story go swt grin#Spread Mat for Ground*abeg shift 4 me,nna mehn dis story go swt,sipping my Alomo with Pop Corn

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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 7:24am On Aug 04, 2015
#Spread Mat for Ground*abeg shift 4 me,nna mehn dis story go swt grin#Spread Mat for Ground*abeg shift 4 me,nna mehn dis story go swt,sipping my Alomo with Pop Corn
You're welcome Kcowen...

More updates coming up today
Re: The University Village - A Story by Babham(m): 9:52am On Aug 04, 2015
Re: The University Village - A Story by chade(f): 4:25pm On Aug 04, 2015
waohhhhhh....clemzy is back #hugshim#..... Am loving d story already

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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 4:07pm On Aug 05, 2015

The nigerian university environment is a perfect place where clusters of people from different facet of life are found on a daily basics. If you're probably wondering what a fake birthday means, this concept is almost self explanatory, except for the fact that it's done out of frivolity and obsession with social madness. If you're still confused, then your guess is as good as mine.

Bishop was a final year student, also in the department of sociology. Himself and Femi were age-mate despite their class distinction. He was basically fortunate to be admitted into higher institution the same year he finished from high school. Bishop could be very annoying and cocky at times, with little or no courtesy to his attitude. Perhaps, a bad habit he failed to change from time immemorial which seemed to be working perfectly well for him. In a perfect world, he would either bend or break the rules, and still get things done the other way round. Indeed, he was one hell of a crazy nigga...

About two hours later, preparations had kicked off for the bash which was scheduled to hold in the evening for obvious reasons. Bishop called one of his girlfriend, well, maybe not his girlfriend but side-chick and informed her about the indoor birthday party, and also told her to come along with her friends. There is something fascinating about Bishop, which is; his speaking prowess and ability to woo girls even in the most ridiculous circumstance and he hardly gets rejected or humiliated. Maybe he was always lucky, or maybe it's just the strigent trait of a player which he was, or maybe it's the combination of both.

The both of them departed to Bishop's hood where the party was to hold, in no time, the place was well arranged as part of preliminary measure to ensure that the room was in good taste. The first factor to consider was electricity, and due to the epileptic power supply, Bishop bought petrol enough to full his fuel tank, but after emptying the entire content into the engine, the generator which had minor problems refused to start, they collectively ignited the cabrator continuously but to no avail. The generator needed some servicing, but that would delay time, so they opted to make use of Femi's generator instead.

The rave of the moment would definitely not be complete should stomach infrastructure be left abandoned. After several deliberations, a conclusion was reached. It was time to call Bushman. To set the record straight, Bushman isn't the name of a man who stays in a bush. He was a local palmwine tipper who goes about selling his refined 'palmy' on a bicycle. He was knowed to be very jovial with people, which made him a popular icon across the school.

Femi had bushman's number, so he put a call through to him, of which he answered on the first ring. An order was placed, and he was asked to come to St' Valentine's Lodge where they bought 10litres of fresh palmwine. Thereafter, they both went to a Liquor shop where alcoholic beverages of all kinds were sold. The seller came back with an average-sized bottle of Mc' Dowells which was ordered. Then and there, Bishop gave Femi an eye contact, he got the message and paid for the drink. Afterall, Bishop wasn't the only one organizing the party. The arrangement was almost completed, so they made back home waiting for the guests to arrive.

The zenith of the night had gradually began to crave in, both Bishop and Femi were indoor watching a movie on Bishop's laptop, just then a knock was heard on the door.

Bishop stood up sluggishly from the rug carpet where he had sat and made for the door. Immediately the door was let ajar, Suzan barged in smiling sheepishly with guilt written all over her face. Bishop feigned a frown and looked at her with a straight face as though he was upset, then she swiftly hugged him whilst trying to pacify him.

"Don't be offended! We visited a friend of ours, but could not leave there on time" Suzan whispered slightly into his ears. Bishop knew she was lying, but decided to let it slide.

"Won't you usher us into your room?" Suzan retorted slightly raising her voice, which seemed to have leverage the situation.

"Come inside jare, but next time, be on time!" Bishop fired back with a tone of finality, as he opened the door.

Femi had since paused the movie, thereby watching the drama as it unfolds. The three lovely damsels walked in, all clad in beautiful dresses.

"This is my bestfriend, Femi, and meet Suzan my Girlfriend" Bishop did a brief introduction as the girls made for comfy. Femi quickly scrutinized the other two girls who came along with her, and one of them caught his eyes, he fell for her flawlessly.

Everything was going smoothly, but there was a little problem. The guys were outnumbered, and a party of that magnitude would not go down well if the other lady was left neglected. Bishop who always had a mischievious Plan-B noticed the aura, and then a smart idea popped into his head...



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Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 4:09pm On Aug 05, 2015
welcome boss..you don't have to wait any longer..
Re: The University Village - A Story by Clemzy16(m): 4:12pm On Aug 05, 2015
waohhhhhh....clemzy is back #hugshim#..... Am loving d story already
Ms chade...longest time oo, i'm glad you're following the story... #collets hug and pecks her#....grin
Re: The University Village - A Story by Babham(m): 4:31pm On Aug 05, 2015
Still following coolStill following
Re: The University Village - A Story by Timothy3113(m): 4:46pm On Aug 05, 2015

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