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Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 - Literature (3) - Nairaland

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by therealbabe(f): 10:37pm On Sep 16, 2015
Hey Guys, I submitted a story for the TSD Short Story Challenge.

The number of comments and views would increase my chances of winning. So kindly visit the link below, read my story and drop a comment. God bless you


When are you updating next
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 10:43pm On Sep 16, 2015

When are you updating next
Today's update is ready, bit I'm having issues with my Blogger App. it's my custom to always post on the blog first. So I'll update tomorrow when its rectified
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Afz9095(m): 10:58pm On Sep 16, 2015
Abeg update
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 1:02am On Sep 17, 2015


** 10am **

Segun and his men stood up from their seats immediately they sighted the minister approaching with his two bodyguards. They walked closer to welcome them, one of Segun's men collected a small luggage from the short bodyguard.

'Officer Segun Kayode sir' Segun displayed his ID card and bowed in respect to the minister.

'Oh officer!' Nnamdi Okafor exclaimed cheerfully, extending his hand to Segun for a handshake. 'How are you doing?'

'Fine sir, how was your flight?' Segun asked smiling.

'Wonderful' the man replied and looked around like someone searching for something.

Segun was quick to figure out what he searched for and he pointed out before the man asked, 'the car's over there sir'

'Ok, Beautiful' Chief Nnamdi smiled and nodded. The party journeyed the short distance to where the cars were parked.

Segun and one of the Chief's bodyguards sat in front of the jeep while the minister sat at the back. The rest of the party took the other car and followed closely behind.


'Welcome Boss' Cole greeted, standing up as Tarasha walked gently in with Benny.

'Thank you' Tarasha answered, she took a glance at the fried rice Cole was eating and then dropped a USB device on the table. 'We planted the tracker on the Jeep as they made their way into the airport. You'll monitor their movement when you're done with your food'

Cole covered his food and stood up at once, 'I'm done already, I'll just tell Aisha to pack away the left over'

'Huh?' Benny made an unnecessary sound as he opened back Cole's food and threw the remaining meat into his mouth distracting Tarasha and Cole.

'Sorry'Benny apologized, he gulped down a cup of water and hurried after them to the computer room.

'I think he's on his way to the pharmacy' Cole said aloud after a minute, he pointed at a blinking green light moving on the map displayed on the screen, as the GPS tracking receiver App opened.

'Ok, he's working according to the schedule. I remember Dr Hammed told me...' Tarasha joined in, she paused and recalled her last meeting with Dr Hammed.

**flashback: 25.11.2030 **

'Good morning sir ' Samantha greeted, smiling as she took her seat in Doctor Hammed's office.

'Good morning Samantha' he replied, smiling back. 'I saw your book here on Friday and I was told by the receptionist that you came. So why didn't you wait to see me?'

'Sir?' She narrowed her eyes as she stared at him in surprise. 'I was here and we met'

'We met? No, we didn't. The only thing I saw here was your book in my office' The Doctor returned the surprise look, which later turned into a frown.

'Sir? I was here, right in your office. You told me you were a little bit tired and needed to rest, that I should return today' She refuted.

'Oh! I did that?' The look on the doctor's face changed to a confused one.

'Yes, you don't remember?'

'Off course I remember' Dr Hammed aloud, making a futile attempt in using a smile to cover up his confusion.

Tarasha chuckled.

'I really had to sleep that day because I used a particular new drug' He added a lie.

'Oh! I see' She smiled. 'So have you gone through my work now?'

'Yes, I did go through it but I noticed that the research is not completed yet and does not hold any valid conclusion' he answered.

'I'm about to complete it sir, I just thought I should share it with you so that you can help me further...'

Dr Hammed's phone rang, he motioned Tarasha to stop talking before he picked the call.

After speaking for about a minute, he ended the call and got up hurriedly. 'Sorry, I have to go check something now, if you like you can wait here or come back later'

'No problem sir, I'll come back' She replied and got up from the seat, proceeding towards the door.

'Please, I think I need your help' the Doctor called back. 'Can you help bring this bag along to where I'm going?'

'Of course sir' she smiled and hurriedly collected the bag from him. The Doctor carried another bag and led the way.

They took the elevator and headed for the tenth floor, continuing with their discussion as it moved

'I'm taking this to the conference room where we're having a meeting on Thursday and Friday before the conference' he said.

'Wow! I believe it's a meeting with the speakers' Tarasha guessed.

'Yes you're right. On Thursday we have a meeting with the country's minister of health and the commissioner and the company's board' He continued as they stepped out of the elevator. 'And on Friday we have a meeting with all the speakers including the foreign guys'

'Good... ' Tarasha said as they walked on to the room.


'It was then I planted the bug in the conference room. So keep monitoring them Cole, we might get helpful information from their meeting' Tarasha concluded with Cole and turned to Benny who stood with his arms folded and his back rested on the wall. 'The real job begins this evening two hours before the Ghanian minister arrives'

'Yes, I know. I'm prepared already' Benny added confidently.

'But where's your cook?' Tarasha asked, raising a brow. 'Didn't you tell her she's gonna work with it us?'

'Yes, let me get her' Benny walked out of the room and returned a minute later with Aisha.

'Good morning' Aisha curtsied.

'Hey! I heard you're a very good cook?' Tarasha replied on a lighter mode.

'Yes, I try' Aisha replied back smiling.

'Good' Tarasha smiled, she surveyed Aisha's from head to toe with her eyes and asked, 'do you use guns at all? In case there's any need to'

'Yes, I do. I'm not a novice, I also go on little operations' Aisha answered.

'Okay, we're working as police officials for this operation. "We" includes me, Benny and you, Cole's main job is here. We will get everything we need by this evening' Tarasha explained. 'Our job is to secure Ghana's  minister of health and escort him to Chief Nnamdi Okafor's house when he lands in Nigeria'

Aisha's mind was filled with questions as she listened, she waited for Tarasha to stop before she voiced out her concern. 'I've been briefed already about the job but I don't understand our main mission there, are we taking the job as real police officers?'

'No, we'll take care of the police officers assigned to the minister first. Your job there would end immediately we get to Chief Nnamdi's house and  you'll return here immediately'

'So what's the real...' She stopped abruptly, the look on Tarasha's face warned her against asking any more question.

'They're in the pharmacy now' Cole spoke aloud, diverting their attention to him. 'The car is no more in motion'

'Okay, just call me once the meeting starts' Tarasha got up from her seat and walked out of the room.

Aisha stared at Benny's face inquisitively for a moment, she hissed and walked away when he stared back at her, pretending not to understand what she wanted.

Benny laughed loudly, watching her backside bounce as she went away, he patted Cole on the back and took a seat beside him.

'This girl doesn't know we're working with someone different now' he made jest of her. 'She was expecting me to tell her something the Boss has hidden from her'

'Don't mind her' Cole added. 'We already gave her the rules here, she'll have herself to blame if she messes up'

'She won't mess up, she's not a kid' Benny assured.

** Two hours later **

'Have they discussed anything useful to us yet?' Tarasha walked into the room, fixing her gaze on the screen, the Derl Pharmacy meeting transmission was on.

'Not really' Cole answered, 'but I still think you need to hear what they're up to'

'Okay' Tarasha took a seat beside Benny and listened carefully.

'... all of these monies would be paid into your account directly and you have to transfer our own share to us within seventy two hours later' Dr Umaru was seen explaining. Six men, neatly dressed in suits were seated at the edge of the long conference table, the minister of health was seated at the middle of the table.

'That's no problem' Nnamdi Okafor replied. 'What I'm saying is we should calculate the money now, so that there'll be no arguments when the money is shared'

'The total is about one billion naira' Dr Umaru began breaking down the figures. 'In organizing the conference, we used only a hundred million out of the three hundred million the Federal Government gave us for it'

'That's just two hundred million, where did we get the rest from?' The inquisitive Lagos state commissioner put in.

Dr Umaru cleared his throat and continued, 'we were given five hundred million for Lee Cho's products but we are only paying one hundred and fifty million for it. We're only buying half of the required quantity and Lee Cho is giving us at a subsidized rate. Ken Benson is also giving us his drugs at a subsidized rate, we're getting four hundred million from his own deal'

'That makes it nine hundred and fifty million naira' Nnamdi put in, he stared at Dr. Umaru suspiciously. 'I was expecting much more than this'

'That's all, this administration is so tightfisted' Umaru added again. 'Not everything we requested for was given to us'

'It's okay, let's determine everyone's share right now...' Chief Nnamdi was saying

'Wow!' Tarasha distracted the other viewers, thinking aloud. She turned to Benny and asked, 'is this not the same minister that everyone speaks of as incorrupt?'

'He is' Benny answered softly, looking baffled. 'I'm as surprised as you seeing that he also involves himself in dubious deals'

'Our country is really messed up,  even the most trusted ones are corrupt too' Cole joined.

'Well, I think your country people would love to see this video later. Make sure you keep a copy' She instructed, standing up from her seat. 'And also take note of any other information that may be useful for us'

Tarasha who was already bored walked away, leaving the Cole and Benny to watch the rest of the shocking revelation.

...to be continued


Hey Guys, I submitted a story for the TSD Short Story Challenge.

The number of comments and views would increase my chances of winning. So kindly visit the link below, read my story and drop a comment.  God bless you



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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 1:04am On Sep 17, 2015
Abeg update
Done sir
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Afz9095(m): 7:08am On Sep 17, 2015

Done sir
Tanx, u re a great writer,continue d gud work
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Nancywealth(f): 5:05am On Sep 18, 2015
Nnamdi Okafor is a wolf in sheep clothing. thanks oyinprince for the lovely update.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 11:56am On Sep 18, 2015
Nnamdi Okafor is a wolf in sheep clothing. thanks oyinprince for the lovely update.
. @ Nancywealth. How are u doing? U are my NL crush. I wanna communicate with u
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 9:57am On Sep 19, 2015
@ Oyinprince,
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:59am On Sep 19, 2015

Tanx, u re a great writer,continue d gud work
Nnamdi Okafor is a wolf in sheep clothing. thanks oyinprince for the lovely update.
@ Oyinprince,
Nnamdi Okafor is a wolf in sheep clothing. thanks oyinprince for the lovely update.

Thanks you guys.

Updates coming in few minutes
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 10:08am On Sep 19, 2015

'It's time to leave guys' James motioned his team members at exactly five pm. He got into the first car, a Bently Jeep with a stout officer who sat at the driver's seat, while the other four officers , two males and two females got into the Camsol. 

The stout man started the car engine and mumbled some words to James before they led the way out of the station compound, the Camsol followed behind.

The minister's plane was expected to arrive in Nigeria by six pm, but it was just few minutes after five pm when James commanded his team to leave for the airport. Though the distance of the airport to the station wasn't much, it only took fifteen minutes to drive there, James like every professional insisted on arriving the airport and getting settled very early before the minister arrives.

They had just gone a few distance away from the station when James' phone rang, he discovered that it was a call from one of his team members who was in the other car following them. He glanced back and couldn't find the Camsol behind them anymore, several cars had come in between them now.

'Where are you? Why are you guys driving slowly?' James inquired.

'I think one of the tyres is bad sir' the officer replied. 'I think something sharp pierced it on the road'

'You guys should fix it and join us at the airport as soon as possible, is that clear?' James ordered.

'Yes sir' the reply came in a faint voice, the call ended.

James and his partner continued to the airport without them, they arrived at the airport not more than ten minutes after.

Before they came out of the car, James called back to find out where the rest of his men were. He got a negative reply, no progress had be made, instead more fault had been discovered in the car.

Officer Segun's call came in when they got to the arrival hall,at exactly thirty minutes past five pm.

'Hello Sege' James hailed, addressing officer Segun by his nick.

'Good day sir' Segun voice replied cheerfully. 'We just dropped the minister home now and we're about to leave'

'Okay, are you sure he's not going out to anywhere else today?' James asked.

'He's going nowhere else' Segun answered with confidence. 'He returned home early to wait for Honorable Mensah, he was told the plane left Ghana already'

'Okay, we're in the airport already to wait for him'

'Ok sir, I just thought I should tell you I'm leaving'

'It's alright, just remember the job continues tomorrow. You should be with him whenever he's going out officially'

'Alright sir' The call ended.

James did not hear anything from the rest of his team members until five minutes past six pm, the same time when the minister arrived, the call came in before the minister came out of the plane.

'Where are you?' James demanded angrily.

'On our way sir, we'll get to the airport in the next three minutes' a voice responded shakily.

'You better do or you'll be sorry for yourself' James snapped and cut the call. He was too angry to notice the officer's shaky voice.

'Welcome sir, I'm officer James' Officer James welcomed Mr Mensah, displaying his ID card.

'Thank you' the minister replied, flashing his teeth, the stout officer took the man's small luggage from an airport attendant. 'Please take me one to Honorable Nnamdi's house immediately

'Oh yea sir, this way' James motioned the man forward, and followed behind, directing the man as they walked. The stout officer hurried to the park to drive the car forward to cut short their guest's trekking.

As they drove out through the exit gate, James spotted the Camsol car at the entrance, trying to sort out their entrance with the security officials at the gate. The stout driver waved to the driver of the other car and motioned them to turn back and follow their car.

Officer Tunde, driver of the Camsol who was the same person who communicated with officer James through the phone, drove in through the entrance first before making a u-turn to hollow the exit.

In no time, the Camsol car was following closely at the back of the jeep. James got a glimpse of them through the side mirror, he felt like coming down to discipline the juniors but had to compose himself because of the Ghanaian minister.

They drove into Chief Nnamdi's compound after twenty minutes, the compound wasn't a large one, the distance from the gate to the main house wasn't far.

Chief Nnamdi was spotted sitting under a shade in the compound waiting for their arrival, with one of his guards standing beside him. He smiled on sighting the Ghanaian minister's car drive in, he stood up from his seat and began walking slowly towards the park.

The Bently Jeep followed the direction  to the car park given by the guards, but the Camsol car made a surprise movem..

...to be continued


Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 10:26am On Sep 19, 2015
The Bently Jeep followed the direction  to the car park given by the guards, but the Camsol car made a surprise movement.

The car drove violently straight to Chief Nnamdi's direction, clearing the two guards who stood before the man, the first gunshot from a uniformed policewoman behind, hit Chief Nnamdi's personal guard.

Bang! A noise divided the attention of the other guards in the compound, before they could take any step, another explosion hit the house through the gate, creating an opening for the assailants' escape and killing the armed security men at the gate. Three more gunshots were heard and the Camsol made a turn and sped out unhampered through the destroyed gate.


Cole tucked back the grenade launcher into the bag and threw it at  the back seat. He sighted police officials rushing in their vans to attacked Minister's house, two of the police cars followed the directions of the escaped Camsol. He selected a rap music album on his car's music player before he started the car engine and drove out of Alex street.

The plan had worked out perfectly well; Tarasha, Benny and Aisha had left the office to a restaurant beside the police station before three o'clock. From there they monitored the movement of Inspector James' team via live transmission of the police activities to their tablet device.

Cole had hacked into the police control room server undetected, through a method Tarasha taught him, transmitting the video records in the station to Tarasha's device.

And the Camsol didn't just develop any fault, the back tyre was deflated by Tarasha while Benny and Aisha waited for the police officials to come to request for a tyre change at the mechanic workshop compound close to the station. The four officers except the driver were induced into deep sleep and locked inside the mechanic's shop alongside with the mechanic and his several apprentices. The driver of the car was hypnotized temporarily with a pin pierced into his arm.

Tarasha, Benny and Aisha after repairing the car, disguised and changed into the uniforms of the officers. The officer driving the car was returned to his normal state after the hypnotized pin was removed and forced to continue driving to the airport. He was also forced to keep reporting false information to Inspector James.

Cole did the job of monitoring Inspector James' movement on the road and reported live to Tarasha, then he returned to Alex street and waited at a reasonable distance to Minister's house from where he launched the grenade to the gate.

'Hey, over here' Cole shouted, motioning his three colleagues who stood at the front of the restaurant beside the police station, after returning from their successful job.

Tarasha, Benny and Aisha hopped into the car, Benny sitting in the front with Cole.

'Good job Boss' Cole praised, laughing widely as he pointed to a beard hanging loosely on Benny's jaw.

'Damn!' Benny removed the piece of hair and flung it away.


Everything had happened too fast, it seemed like a dream to James as the police medical team tidied up a total of nine dead bodies in the compound.

It all happened in less than one minute, the Jeep that conveyed him and the Ghanaian minister was not even parked yet when he heard the explosion and gunshot sounds. They narrowly escaped the impact of the grenade, the affected area was just a few metres to the Jeep.

The Camsol car already sped out of the compound before he could rush down from the Jeep. The first thing he did was to ensure the safety of Mr Mensah by taking him far into the house.

Chief Nnamdi Okafor could by no chance survive the gunshots, his personal bodyguard was first taken down. Then two bullets was sent into the minister's forehead and other one into his chest, he died instantly.

'Officer James' An elderly policeman called harshly. 'You were here when it all happened?'

'Yes sir' James replied in low tones, feeling greatly agitated.

'You were not just here, the assailants came with you' the man added as he moved closer. 'You brought them in, they were members of your team'

'No... Sir' James stuttered.

'Nooooo?' The officer stressed, looking suspiciously at James. 'You brought the murderers here, you must have known about the plan all along'

Officer James was speechless, he battled within himself to stop tears from dropping off as he watched the Ghanaian minister been taken into another car which was driven out of compound immediately.

'Are you not the one I'm talking to?' The elderly officer snapped angrily.

'Sir, we've got the signal back and the cameras are working perfectly well now' a junior office distracted the elder, trotting towards them with a tablet device in his hand.

'When did you say the signal went off again?' the elder turned back to face the junior.

'It went off by five pm and it returned few minutes ago' he replied, the sound of his breathing was heard as he spoke.

'That means it was switched off during the time of the operation?'

'Yes sir, the cameras didn't cover nor transmit anything all through. That's why it took us time to report the incident to the headquarters' he explained.

'That means someone close to us must have been involved' the man said sternly, turning back to James, he landed a slap on his face.

'I didn't... ' James wasn't allowed to complete his response, he was handcuffed and carried away in the police van.

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 10:29am On Sep 19, 2015

Thanks you guys.

Updates coming in few minutes

Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 10:35am On Sep 19, 2015
Oh this is good
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 11:40am On Sep 19, 2015


In case you missed it last week, Read Part One here: http://youngicee.blogspot.com/2015/09/chapter-five-part-one.html


- Tarasha meets Benny and Cole, two of Nanl Gang's best men



-Nnamdi Okafor is received by Officer Segun and his team as he arrives Lagos

-Tarasha's team begins to monitor Chief Nnamdi's movement.

-Shocking revelation challenging the honesty of Chief Nnamdi is made



- James and his team journeys to the airport to welcome the Ghanaian Minister of health

- Police Officials in James' team attacks Chief Nnamdi's house, killing several people.


Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Afz9095(m): 12:22pm On Sep 19, 2015
Eeyah,i pity officer james. Weldone Oyinprince
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Holuwadharah(f): 12:32pm On Sep 19, 2015
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by missuniverse(f): 7:33pm On Sep 19, 2015
y didn't I see my mention? anyways ,I'm not late

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Feyikemi12(f): 12:00am On Sep 20, 2015
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by honeysplash: 2:24pm On Sep 20, 2015
Following with keen interest... Good work

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 5:59pm On Sep 20, 2015
Following with keen interest... Good work
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Aipete2(f): 11:33am On Sep 21, 2015
Ayam OyinprincePA
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 5:42pm On Sep 21, 2015
oga oyinprince, where art thou?

Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Holuwadharah(f): 5:52pm On Sep 21, 2015
Ayam OyinprincePA
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 8:23pm On Sep 21, 2015
Hi Dara, thanks for following.
For convenience, I'll only update three to four times a week, and I'll try to make the updates long.
Hope you doing great? cool
oga oyinprince, where art thou?
Update is on the way
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 8:56pm On Sep 21, 2015


The news of the minister's death was greeted with great shock and grief throughout the country and the African continent as a whole. Unemployed youths and adults remained indoors that morning, fixing their gazes on the TV screen as circumstances surrounding the minister's death were being unveiled. Workers who rushed to their offices also had their earphones stuck to their ears, listening to the news reported on the various radio stations.

At first, the country's news stations reported that the minister was shot by unknown gunmen in his residence and had been taken to the hospital ,immediately many well wishers and patriotic citizens  began to offer emergency prayers to God for the preservation of the man's life. It was till morning time that it was divulged that the man died immediately after been shot by escorts of the Ghanaian minister. The country's president also took to his Facebook page to pay tribute to the late minister.

'Excellent job done!' Chief Nonso exclaimed, his face beamed with smiles as he gave Chief Gab a high five and took his seat beside the man in the three seater sofa. 'She delivered at the set time'

'Yeah' Chief Gab replied happily, keeping his focus on the TV screen. 'The job was done neatly'

'That girl is good, she did it in a way that the street cameras did not capture anything' Chief Nonso continued.

'Shhhh!' Chief Gab hushed, he increased the TV volume with the remote control. The Lagos state commissioner of police was being interviewed by some journalists.

"The tragic loss of the honorable minister came as a shocking news to everyone of us in this nation including the security forces. What is  more painful to us is the fact that he died in the hands of our supposed trained security officials. But we are doing our best to capture all those responsible for this great offence and we promise to arrest the killers as soon as possible"

"How do you intend to find them?" A journalist posed a question. "We are aware that the security cameras failed at the time the murder took place"

"No, the security cameras were perfectly in shape" the commissioner lied. "We only had a little network issue with the transmission but we're already working towards recovering the files"

"How long will that take sir?" Another question was thrown at the minister.

"I have to go" the commisioner ignored the question, he was being led away hurriedly by the junior officers guarding him.

'Hahahaha' Chief Gab laughed loudly, he tuned down the TV volume. 'The commissioner looks so confused'

'He is really confused' Chief Nonso stood up to pick the bottle of wine on the center table, he removed the cover and poured the liquid into two glass cups.

'Let's toast to our success' He handed a cup to  Chief Gab who stood up merrily. Their glasses met and they took a sip before returning to their sitting position.

'One gone, three more to go' Chief Gab said as he settled back into the seat. 'I'll send Jubril's details to Tarasha today'

'No, not Jubril yet' Chief Nonso opposed, he dropped the glass cup on the table. 'Let's take down Kelechi Edwin first'

'Why Kelechi first? Chief Gab asked with a surprise tone. 'Don't you think we should still leave him to enjoy Rivers State money a little before he dies? I don't even understand why you want him down yet'

'Come on, he has enjoyed enough already'Chief Nonso retorted. 'He's gaining the trust of so many people already, they are beginning to like him for governing Rivers State very well'

'Well, that shouldn't be our problem, the people loved you for governing Abia Statements well during your tenure' Chief Gab argued.

'It is our problem if he continues to gain so much fans, he's done ten times of what I did in my right years in just six years of governing'


'I should have done better Gab, but remember that I couldn't abandon you...'.

'Don't remind me of all that Nonso' Chief Gab cut in. 'I would have done the same, if you were in my position'

'I know and that's why I decided to help you, that's why I saved so much from Abia. I knew we will need it some day' Chief Nonso replied calmly, trying not to heat up the situation.

'Okay, what are you saying now? I don't really understand why Kelechi should be the next'

'Simple, it is very obvious with the way things are going that he would succeed the president if something is not done' Chief Nonso explained. 'I won't be able to beat him at the Party's primaries, so if we take him down now, nobody would suspect be like they would if it happens close to the election period'

'Okay' Chief Gab prolonged the word as he nodded his head in realization. 'You should have explained better. We have to take him out first because he'll definitely step in your way'

'Yea, that's what I'm saying '

'Okay, Kelechi is it then'



Cole laughed loudly as he read the several comments of the previously grieved Nigerians, who now turned around to insult the late minister after seeing the video of the man, where he connived with the Lagos state commissioner and other organizers of the conference to defraud the federal government.

The video circulated easily and quickly without need for special publicity since the minister's death news was still trending on the internet that day. It received more than six thousand views in less than one hour after Cole uploaded it with a new YouTube account. Most of the viewers were those redirected from Google search while they surfed to find out more about the minister's murder.

Now the video has reached over a million views in just five hours. Various social networks and forums like nairaland.com and LindaIkeji Blog also aided in the video spread; several comments on these forums revealed that the people were more shocked to discover that the minister was corrupt than they were at his death. Even the President's tribute speech on TV that evening was slightly changed to a speech warning other government officials from involving themselves in corrupt deals.

However, the police authorities vowed to track down the person behind the YouTube account, stating that they were positive that the YouTube account had a connection with the killers. They also encouraged that anyone who witnessed the crime or had any useful information should waste no time in releasing the information to the police.

More reports on various news platforms disclosed that the police officers accused of carrying out the assassination were found laying unconscious in a mechanic workshop, tests conducted on them proved that they were drugged. The policeman who drove the Camsol used for the crime was later found dead in the same car, parked at the front of an abandoned guesthouse.

'Cole' Benny called, walking into the sitting room with a bottle of beer. 'How ya doing man?'

'Hey, you're back' He placed his tablet device on the table and sat up. 'Where have you been?'

'Around town man, remember Boss says we can flex if we want to. She only warned us to be careful' Benny replied, he sat on another chair close to Cole and bent to take off his shoes. 'Where's Aisha?'

'She's gone out, she'll be back tomorrow morning' Cole answered, standing up to take the beer. He walked up to the mini bar in the sitting room to pick a cup.

'She's gone out?' Benny asked like he didn't hear the first time.

'Don't worry Benny, your food has been prepared' Cole laughed as he took a sip. 'I know that's what you're worried about'

'Better' Benny's face brightened up, he stood up and picked his shoes.

'I'm thinking of hitting the club tonight, are you in?' Cole inquired.

'What kind of question is that?' Benny gave him a funny look, he glanced at Cole's phone ringing on the table. 'You know I'm always in'

Cole walked to the table and picked up his phone with his left hand, the cup of beer was in the right hand.

'It's Boss' he whispered to Benny before answering the call. 'Hello Boss'

'Hey man, whats up with you?' Tarasha greeted in a friendly manner.

'Nothing much Boss, what about you?' Cole replied

'Same here, I'm just trying to get used to the country'

'Oh! Lagos is cool, you'll find it lovely'

'Maybe you should have taken me out, instead of staying indoors all day' she said.

'Huh? Me? Take you out?' He was a bit surprised hearing her suggest that he should take her out.

'Isn't that better than staying in all day like you're also new in the country?' She continued.

'Ermm...' Cole stammered, he cleared his throat, trying to gain more confidence. He finally did and asked, 'would you like clubbing tonight?'

'Oh! Not tonight, maybe some other time' she turned down his offer.

'Okay' he replied in a low tone, disappointed.

'Where's Aisha?' She demanded, ignoring the note of disappointment heard in his voice.

'Huh?' The question met him unprepared, it was her first time of ever asking about Aisha. 'She went out'

'Alright' Tarasha said with a concluding note, 'rest well, our job continues on Monday. Goodnight'

'Goodnight Boss'  the call ended.

Cole was lost in deep fantasy for a moment, he wondered what it would have been like clubbing with Tarasha, he wondered how it will feel having her on the same bed with him.

'What did she say?' Benny's voice jolted him to reality.

'Nothing' he returned sharply. 'She only said she'll like me to take her round town next time'

'You??' Benny asked with jealousy showing in his eyes. 'I'm sure she was joking with you?'

'No man, she was serious' Cole laughed, noticing the jealousy in Benny's voice. He stopped abruptly after something came into his mind, a confused look appeared on his face. 'How the hell did she know I was indoor all day?'

Benny hissed and walked away, leaving Cole to figure out things for himself.




Don got up sluggishly from the bed with a blanket tied round his body and opened the window curtains to have a view of his men working in the compound downstairs. He caught a glimpse of Aisha in his kitchen through the slightly opened door as he slumped back lazily into his bed, she was wearing one of his shirts on her pant.

His eyes met the trousers and boxers he scattered on the floor last night, when he couldn't control his urge on seeing her, after she had gone away for over a week. He remembered pleading with her to come spend the night with him that weekend, his pleading wasn't in vain as he had been compensated with several rounds of sex.

'Hi Don' Aisha greeted, walking into the room with two cups of hot liquid in her hands.

'Hi' he responded, getting up to pick his clothes on the floor, he got into another boxers.

She dropped the cups on a stool and sat on the bed, waiting for Don to join her.

'I made some... ' she was saying when Don gently pushed and laid her on the bed, covering her body with his.

'No coffee is sweater than you' he said and dragged up her shirt, revealing the upper region of her body.

'No Don, it's okay already' She resisted and rolled away. 'I have to leave soon, I didn't take permission to come here'

'Do you have to now take permission to come to me? Remember I sent you there' Don grumbled.

'Come on, you know I have to work by rules of the job' Aisha retorted. 'She has warned us against going out frequently to avoid suspicion from the neighborhood'

'Oh well! I really have to salute you guys for the Minister's job, I wouldn't have believed it wasn't police officials that gunned down the man if you didn't tell me' Don commended as he sat up. 'It was done neatly'

'Thanks, but please no one else has to know how we did the job' Aisha pleaded.

'Of course, you can trust me' Don took a sip of the hot coffee and mocked. 'I'm already overrating you people,It's not that the job was to hard though'

'Hehe' she chuckled. 'Could you have done the job without leaving any traces behind?'

'Yes I would have, I have the best team in Nigeria right now' Don boasted.

'No you couldn't have done it. Do you remember that little Doctor's job we did last?' She asked as she took her own cup of coffee.

'That was just an unusual error' Don defended his team. 'It doesn't mean we're not the best'

'No, it wasn't an error' She argued. 'You did your best in that job but we couldn't just cover up our tracks, we had to poison some of our members before the police took them'

'When are you going to find out where Tarasha lives?' Don changed the discussion, after a moment of awkward silence.

'I don't know yet, no one seems to know. She just appears and disappears'

'And you can't try to trail her?' Don pushed further.

'I dare not, I won't even go far before I'm caught'

'That's a lie, isn't she human? She has just succeeded in creating fear into you. All you need to do is watch and monitor her carefully'

'Don, please I don't want any trouble' Aisha said, looking straight into Don's eyes.

...to be continued


Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Oyinprince(m): 9:04pm On Sep 21, 2015
Ayam OyinprincePA
I neva approve ur application o.
y didn't I see my mention?
anyways ,I'm not late


Welcome Guys.
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by aprilwise(m): 10:13pm On Sep 21, 2015
The first lesson I learn in hard way is never to trust any body. So Aisha has another mission in d house. Working for another person. Good job

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by Holuwadharah(f): 4:07am On Sep 22, 2015
[quote author=Oyinprince post=38246120] Hi Dara, thanks for following.
For convenience, I'll only update three to four times a week, and I'll try to make the updates long.
Hope you doing great? cool

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Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by SPDAZZY(f): 2:22pm On Sep 22, 2015
Nice Update. Keep it up Oyinprince
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by francafrank(f): 3:21pm On Sep 22, 2015
Has anyone read E. L. James Grey? Please can you share?
Re: Tarasha - (An Action Thriller) - Story Of The Month - January 2016 by totalhouse(m): 8:49am On Sep 23, 2015
Oyinprince my man. God bless the ink from your pen. Maybe I should give you a story. Just use your golden touch to structure and build it into a master piece. Always following since 1849.you are greatly blessed my brother.

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