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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 5:54pm On Oct 17, 2015
Sammy u re a gr8 writer, one of d best in nairaland keep up d good work, # need a welcoming update#
Thanks for lionising me. WE ARE ABLE story is out in printed form now and marketers are needed. Can you help to market it? cheesy
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by marischerry(f): 9:32pm On Oct 17, 2015
waiting for more update
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 8:12am On Oct 18, 2015


Blossom was dying with jealousy. Her sister kept on achieving while she kept on losing. She gave her brain much work, thinking of just one thing--how to make Bella suffer for all her loses.

Each time Benson called to ask of her children's performances in school, Blossom would act as though she was still attending MBC.

Blossom and her mother had planned the way forward. They had arrived at the conclusion she would commence with S.S.S 3 class as soon as a new session began.

"Blossom don't worry because all things work together for good. I shall enroll you in a bigger school where they pay millions of naira per session. You will be happy you left MBC, I bet you."

"That will be cool mum!" Blossom was excited. She couldn't wait for the summer holiday to end so that she would start the school as her mother promised.

Bella and Benjamin didn't stop composing and rehearsing more and more songs. John had also written many songs. He would send the lyrics to Bella's phone to work on them. He would also send the voice recordings to her, even though they always sounded very bad because of his voice. However, as soon as Benjamin and Bella had taken it up, the song would turn out to be a very melodious one.

Bella and Benjamin's names were already synonymous to music in their church such that Blossom began to come late to church so as to miss the choir renditions.

"I will make sure she lose her voice," Blossom determined wickedly.

Bella got a call one day. It was Christie on the line.

"Christie, long time. How are you doing?" Bella spoke excitedly.

"Speak French with me," Christie instructed. "Or don't speak at all."

Bella was shocked that Christee now had much confidence than herself speaking French. She was far better than even herself the teacher.

"Christie, how did you know so much of French?" Bella exclaimed.

"It was a long story, Bella."

"I am ready to hear it, so go ahead. I know you have sufficient airtime to speak with me for hours without interruption."

"Of course I do have, always, but Bella, this is not something we could discuss on phone. Would you mind coming to VGC?"

"VGC? What for?" Bella asked. She had heard the name of the place before but people said it was on the Lagos Island.

"That's where I live!" she said. "Would you mind coming to pay me a visit someday?"

"Yes!" Bella said.

Bella and Christie reached a compromise. Bella would pay her a visit at VGC. They had chosen a date.

Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Nobody: 7:44pm On Oct 18, 2015
this update is just like when you were given just one piece of akara made with honey; of course you will want more
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 12:06am On Oct 19, 2015
this update is just like when you were given just one piece of akara made with honey; of course you will want more
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Pukka36(f): 1:37am On Oct 19, 2015
Just when I was thinking it was an updatecry
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Nobody: 6:18am On Oct 19, 2015
Just when I was thinking it was an updatecry
i tire ohh
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 7:48am On Oct 19, 2015
[b] Bella left for VGC at the fixed date. She loved the sight of the estate. She met a young girl and asked how she could get to Road 28, which was the address given to her by Christie.

"Road 28? Okay, that would be the road opposite the last bus-stop. You have to take a shuttle bus there," the girl said, pointing at some distances away.

"Okay, thanks," Bella said. As Bella wanted to depart, the girl stopped her and said, "Do you know you have to collect a pass from the welcome centre?"

"No, I don't," Bella replied.

"Oh sorry I forgot to tell you that earlier. Just keep to your right, you'll see the welcome centre before you get to the shopping complex."

"Thanks so much," Bella said. The girl smiled and said, "No thanks. Bye."

Bella walked a few metres and discovered the small structure where guests could collect passes before they could go into the estate. The structure was constructed with metal painted white. There was a big and bold display on the structure- VGC WELCOME CENTRE.

Bella entered and demanded a pass.

"To where?" a young vibrant-looking lady asked.

"Road 28, C433."

The lady checked her computer to check if the address was available. She gave her the pass, a little paper with a signature and some text.

"Are you going to see a friend?"

"Yes, Christie. She's my friend," Bella said.

Bella walked away from the WELCOME CENTRE. She saw a car park just after the welcome centre. Then she saw the shopping complex. It was large and fascinating. Bella wanted to see for herself how the interior of the complex would look like.

She saw a supermarket, a cyber cafe and a large hairdressing saloon. She watched for some minutes and decided to take her leave after picking one of the handbills from the several ones placed on a concrete extension jutting out from the wall of the supermarket. She read the content of the handbill:

EBIAG HOME LESSON SERVICES. We offer the best home lesson services nationwide, with experienced tutors to groom your child/ward, help them discover their talents and develop them. Call: 08138410839. EVERY BODY IS A GENIUS(EBIAG).

Hmm, this EBIAG is everywhere," Bella thought.

Bella had heard so much about VGC so she was going to take some selfies and post them on her timeline on facebook and also instagram. Bella took some selfies and then began to leave the shopping complex.

Few metres ahead stood the security officers. A turnstile was also there to allow one person in at a time. Bella presented her pass and they let her pass.

"Young girl, how are you doing?" one of the security officers asked jokingly. Bella replied that she was fine and moved on. She saw a black shuttle bus just ten metres ahead. Luckily for her, she was the last passenger to get in. As soon as she got in, the bus took off. All eyes were on Bella when she got in. She discovered such and wondered why everyone was looking at her. She soon discovered that it was because of her comeliness. She was looking more well-bred than the rest of those in the bus. Some of them would have been wondering why she decided to take a shuttle bus instead of being picked by a car into the estate.

The conductor demanded transport fare and Bella gave him a thousand naira note.

"Ajebo!" the conductor screamed. "You wan kill person?"

"What?" Bella asked ignorantly. "How much is the tee-fare?"

"#50," the conductor said. "Where I go see change give you now?"

"I don't know," Bella replied. She wondered why the transport fare was so cheap.

"Take," the conductor gave her back the money. "Don't worry okay."

"Thanks," Bella said. Just then, a young lady brought out #50 to pay for her.

"Conductor, have this," the lady said. "For the little girl." A young man too was already putting out a #50 note, but he had to keep it back since the lady had already paid for her.

Bella felt loved in the shuttle bus. Somebody had even engaged her in a conversation, asking if she was sure of where she was going.

"Road 28," she affirmed.

"That is the last bus-stop, so don't worry," the woman said. The woman herself would get down at Close 54. When she was alighting, she gave Bella a business card.

"Give it your parent," the woman said in an heavily accented village English. "That is what I do."

Bella had no chance to tell her that she didn't live in VGC before she alighted. When Bella looked into the business card, she discovered that the woman was performing as a housemaid for whoever wanted her service. Bella smiled. How soon did housemaids start having business cards? she thought.

At the last bus-stop, Bella alighted. The lady who paid for her earlier alighted too. She stopped Bella and said, "How are you, young girl?"

""I'm okay. Thanks for paying my t-fare the other time."

"No thanks, what's your name?"

"Bella Benson," she replied. "Would you need that?" The lady smiled and replied, "Just to know; my own name is Sandra. I teach French. I have a student living right on this road and I teach her very well such that she's planning to go to France to study there, because she's enamoured with the language already.

"French?" Bella asked.

"Yes, French is what I teach. Here's my business card in case you or any other person would need a French home teacher."

Bella collected the business cars and asked, "You teach Spanish too?"
"Em...no, or you have someone who wants to learn it?"

"Not really!" Bella said. "I don't live here."

Bella and the lady departed. The lady was actually going to road 38. She crossed the road to the other side while Bella kept staring at her. When Bella turned her face back toward road 28, she was shocked to see a young man standing in front of her.

"What?" Bella asked impulsively in a response to stimulus.

"Didn't you recognise my face?"

"Yes I saw you in the shuttle earlier."

"I wanted to pay your transport fare but she was faster."

"I know," Bella said. "Thanks for the nice gesture." The young man smiled and said, "I am Olaitan. I teach in that big school close to the VGC ESTATE MANAGEMENT office. Do you know the school?"

"I don't," Bella said.

"It is just close to the Estate Management building on the road just opposite the entrance gate where the security checked your pass the other time."

"Okay," Bella said as she wanted to leave. She was bored already.

"Em please let me just...just give you this...in case you would need a home lesson teacher. I teach Chemistry and Physics."

"I don't do science," she said. "I'm just in J.S.S 3."

"Oh! Awesome! You look big for your class. I was thinking you would be in S.S.S 2 or something."

"Okay," Bella said. She had collected the businesd card.

"But some schools offer Physics and Chemistry in J.S.S 3. Does your school not do that? We teach science in the school where I teach."

"No we don't do science in the junior classes. Let me go now please. I'm in a hurry. My friend would be waiting for me."

"You are going to visit a friend?"

"Yes," Bella said and began to take her leave. When she had walked away like twenty metres, she turned back to discover that the young man was still on the same spot, staring towards her direction.

"Strange, Bella whispered. She had just gotten to the entrance of Christie's house.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by rodhy(f): 8:14am On Oct 19, 2015
viewing dz topic, sammy04real lolzzz, update more and stop viewing abeg, buh NYC work bro
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 8:21am On Oct 19, 2015
viewing dz topic, sammy04real lolzzz, update more and stop viewing abeg, buh NYC work bro

Na wa o! How will i post without viewing? Anyway, I am in the mood to keep updating today but my phone battery isn't in d mood. It's low now. Just wishing PHCN restores electricity on time.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 8:41am On Oct 19, 2015
Choi! I just sighted 3Dimension in 3D. Wow my friend, it's quite a while! How are you doing?
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 10:30am On Oct 19, 2015
[b] Bella called Christie to tell her that she was already at her gate. Two minutes later, the gate opened by itself. Bella got in and saw Christie coming. She was the one who clicked the remote control to open the gate.

Bella saw some CCTV cameras installed around the house. They had none in her home, but her father had planned to get some installed before he left for Italy.

Christie hasted to Bella and gave her a hug.

"Bella, is this you? I thought you won't make it here."

"I just have to," Bella said. "But this place is too far from Magodo. Have you been coming to school from here all these while?"

"Not really," Christie said. "We began to live here just eight months back. My father got a job at Chevron drive and then, we had to relocate here. Hope you saw Chevron Drive on your way here?"

"Yes I do," Bella said. "Just after the toll gate if you are going from here."

"Exactly, Bella come in, come in."

Bella entered the chaise lounge. It was more spacious than her parents'. Christie invited her to the dining table and served her some drinks.

"Bella, you didn't ask me why I invited you here."

"That's true!" Bella exclaimed. "Why do you do that?"

"I have a very long story to tell," Christie began. "Do you know that Mrs Onyeka came here asking me to return to MBC?"

"Really?" Bella was enthused. "Tell me more!"

"I told her I am gone for good, Bella."

"But why didn't you return? That would have boosted your ego over there at MBC."

"I won't return because I'll be travelling to France this summer!"

"France? Why France?" Bella was surprised. She was expecting places like U.S.A, England or any English-speaking European country.

"Because I'll be studying in France. I just fell in love with French and all I was thinking was French and French all the time, disturbing the whole house with it such that my daddy had to ask if I wished to study in a Francophone speaking country and I said yes. Bella, you won't believe I can speak French fluently now? J'adore le francais!"

"Good!" Bella was surprised. "But did you learn it all by yourself after we stopped learning it together?"

"I got a home teacher," Bella said. "She teaches me for just an hour a day--three times a week. She'll soon be here to teach me today. Maybe she could teach us both together."

"Bella smiled. Christie wondered why she was smiling.

"What's that, Bella?"

"So Sandra is coming to teach you today," Bella said confidently.

"What! How did you know she's the one I'm talking about?" Christie looked at in awe. She had no inkling how her friend got to know her teacher.

"I can see through your heart," Bella said, laughing.

"Be serious Bella, how did you know?"

"I won't tell you until she comes here," Bella insisted.

"Alright then, I hope she comes on time because she is such late comer."

The bell rang suddenly and Christie held the remote control and pushed the button on it. She was sure it was her French home teacher.

"She's here," Christie said. In a jiff, the teacher entered and saw Bella. She was the lady who gave Bella a business card earlier and introduced herself as a French Teacher.

"Welcome lady Sandra," Bella said with a smile. The teacher as well as Christie were shocked.

"Bella Benson, is this where you were coming?" she asked and Bella nodded in the affirmative.

"You know each other?" Christie asked.

"Yes," Sandra said. "We met in the shuttle bus earlier."

Christie now understood the riddle: Bella actually got to know that Sandra was Christie's French teacher as a result of conversation she had with her earlier.

Miss Sandra taught the two girls together. She had a tough time teaching them this time around as gargantuan questions hit her from right and left. But all was fun while it lasted.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by 3Dimension: 11:45am On Oct 19, 2015
Choi! I just sighted 3Dimension in 3D. Wow my friend, it's quite a while! How are you doing?
Boss... I've been incommunicado on Nairaland jare. but i do come on and check my Fav authors. how are you doing? and what is happening with ebiag . com? its been offline for sometime now?
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 1:00pm On Oct 19, 2015
Boss... I've been incommunicado on Nairaland jare. but i do come on and check my Fav authors. how are you doing? and what is happening with ebiag . com? its been offline for sometime now?
challenges upon challenges bro, but all is well anyway.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by 3Dimension: 1:21pm On Oct 19, 2015
challenges upon challenges bro, but all is well anyway.
All is, and will be well definitely.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 10:10am On Oct 20, 2015
[b]After Miss Sandra had left them, Christie suggested they had a tour. She called on her father's driver and asked him to take them around the VGC for sight-seeing.

Bella and Christie sat comfortably at the back of the car.

"Put on the AC," Christie commanded and the driver obeyed at once. Soon, they were on the road. They passed through Road 2 and Christie began to point out the owners of the houses they saw.

"Senator Anita lives here," Christie said. "She is a representative of Lagos State in the House of Rep." Bella had no idea who she was talking about.

Christie pointed at the exorbitant mansions of other great personalities in the countries. Many Super Eagles ex-footballers also lived at VGC.

Later, they got to a very serene part of the garden city. Then Christie pointed at one building and said, "Bella, see! Mister Johnson, please park here."

Bella began to stare at the building. It was eye-catching as well.

"Who's that?" Bella asked.

"The Vice President lives here," Christie said.

"Wow!" Bella exclaimed. "Maybe I'll convince my dad to come have a home here too."

"Good idea, Bella," Christie said. "Here's a nice place to live. You'll enjoy the ambiance over here. Just tell him. I'm sure he won't hesitate. There are still vacancies here your dad could purchase. It's safe living here."

The driver took them through a route which made them pass before the Estate Management Building. Then Bella saw a big school almost opposite the building.

"I guess that's the school Mr Olaitan was talking about," Bella said. She had told Christie about her meeting with the man earlier.

"Yes, that's it. Isn't it beautiful?"

"Beautiful! I love the structure!" Bella said as she peered at it. "Maybe when we relocate here I'll be attending too. I hope they run the British Curriculum here."

"Sure they do," Christie said.

The driver took them out of the estate to the express road and stopped at a point where she could board a bus. Bella had to wait for a BRT bus again. It would be the second time she would be in a BRT bus.

Christie waved goodbye to her when she eventually got one. They would miss each other again as Christie would be flying out of the country in August.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 2:51pm On Oct 21, 2015


Frank could no more restrain himself. Even Fiona was feeling that she needed to be with a man. Money would not be a problem, therefore they thought it wise to have their wedding as soon as possible.

Frank suggested December but Fiona suggested September.

"Wouldn't that be a short notice?" Frank thought but Fiona thought it wouldn't matter.

"Do we need crowd to be couples?" Fiona said. "Even if it would be the students of MBC alone that would come, the whole place would be filled up since they would still be on vacation."

"Nice thinking you've got there, Fiona. I'll try as much as possible to convince my people," Frank said. "What about you, Fiona? What are you going to do to convince your own people?"

"Lol," Fiona said and laughed. "Even if we chose to have it tomorrow, my family wouldn't hesitate. My mother is aging and she wants to a grandmother any moment from now."

"How old's she?" Frank asked.

"Fifty-Seven," Fiona said and smiled. Frank laughed.

"And you call that ageing? I wonder what you will say when she clocks 70."

Immediately, the couple-to-be swung into action, producing countless Invitation Cards. The wedding would take place on the 12th day of September.

As soon as Bella and Benjamin were informed, they began to work on a song they would present as a special number that day.

Blossom had also heard of the wedding which was slated for September, just a month away now. She wished the wedding never took place.

Blossom discovered a strange key amidst the bunch of keys owned by Bella. She was curious to know who owned it.

"Oh! That's a duplicate of Miss Fiona's key," Bella said genuinely.

"You duplicated her key without her awareness? Oh no! That's too bad!" Blossom said as if she was serious.

"Not at all big sister," Bella said. "She gave it to me herself."

"For what?"

"Free entry and exit to her house of course."

Blossom had a plan. She would duplicate Miss Fiona's key. Blossom made sure Bella was in the bathroom before sneaking into her room to have the key. She made a print of the key on a bar soap and left home with the soap. She was up to something bad as usual.

Blossom made the duplicate of the key and proceeded to Miss Fiona's house. She carefully gained entrance into the compound and went straight for her door. She turned the keyhole around with her key and it gave way successfully.

Blossom went through Miss Fiona's documents. She found her birth certificate as well as her First degree University certificate. She smiled. She had also discovered a large brown envelope. She would search its content too.

Blossom held the B.Ed certificate of Miss Fiona between her palms. She was going to tear them apart. As she was about to do that, she began to hear a sound at the door. Blossom was awestriken. She was not sure of where to go.

Bella and Benjamin entered the house. They had chosen Miss Fiona's house as their rendezvous for a music rehearsal. They were practicing a song very hard--the one they would sing at Fiona and Frank's wedding ceremony scheduled for the month after.

Bella began to set the musical instruments while Benjamin was looking for its adapter to connect it with the source of electricity. They were both backing the door. Just then, they heard a sound coming from ths door and turned around simultaneously.

"What was that?" Benjamin asked.

"I should rather ask you that," Bella replied. "Seems like someone is in here with us."

"Who?" Benjamin asked.

"I guess they are the kid detectives, Michael and Jenny."

"Do they have the key?"

"They sure know how to get in and out of any place, those crooks. Miss Fiona told me of how they had once scared her out of life in here. She came home and found them in her kitchen and bathroom."

"That's amusing," Benjamin said. "Let's go find them," he concluded. Bella and Benjamin went round the flat for some minutes, scattering the house in search of Michael and Jennifer, but they couldn't find them.

Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 3:32pm On Oct 21, 2015
[b] Blossom heaved a sigh of relief as she left the compound of Miss Fiona, unspotted by no one.

"Ah! Almost!" she breathed heavily as she stepped into the taxi she had just stopped. "Thank God for the door. It shielded me from those idiots, else I'd be in soup now."

Blossom had Miss Fiona's credentials. She grinned when she saw her very good grade.

"All will soon be a wasted effort," she whispered to herself. She was eager to get home to do 'jungle justice' to all the documents. When she checked the brown envelope, she found many photographs in it.

"So Fiona's dating someone else," she said vindictively. "I'd rather use all these against her. That wedding mustn't take place."

The rehearsal was serious. Bella and Benjamin ensconced themselves wholesomely in it. They had gotten a very pleasant song they would use as a special number that day. They could not wait for September 12 to dawn.

The duo began to take their leave when it was getting dark. Miss Fiona only met them at the gate of the compound.

"You came to my house today?" she said.

"Yes as you can see."

"I should have kept some toast bread and milk in the fridge for you if I knew you guys were coming," Miss Fiona said in a sorry manner.

"Never worry Miss Fiona, we hate something more than toast bread today," Benjamin said, smiling.

"What? What did you guys eat?"

"Music," Bella said. "It is the food of the soul," she smiled. Fiona hissed playfully and began to leave them. She was so worked up as a result of the rigorous preparations she was making for the wedding ahead.

Blossom locked herself up in her room to peruse Miss Fiona's documents. She held them again to tear them into pieces, but then she heard a voice. It was a voice coming from deep down her heart.

You can make a hell of cash from this document, the voice said.

How? Blossom thought and tje answer came. That man in the photographs could be impersonated. Fiona will spend to the last of her dime to make sure Frank knows nothing about that man.

Blossom smiled. She would keep the certificates instead.

Miss Fiona was disappointed to see her rooms scattered.

"This is too much!" she exclaimed. Everything was no more in place. Her wardrobe was left opened. Her drawers and shelf were scattered. She couldn't believe her eyes. In fury she dialled Bella's number but it was not going through. Just then she discovered that her certificates were no more in the place she kept them.

"Where are my credentials?" she exclaimed in unbelief.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Ibukunholuwa(f): 5:38pm On Oct 21, 2015
Oh oo!Bloosom benson nawa 4 u.Tank God she didn't tear d credentials into piece
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by buoye1(m): 7:07pm On Oct 21, 2015
And this foolish blossom is gradually becoming a nuisance......

I don't like her character

I know say na story... Just ranting grin
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Missmossy(f): 9:23am On Oct 23, 2015
This Blossom is so heartless. Keep it coming cheesy you are doing a wonderful job.


Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 3:45pm On Oct 23, 2015
[b] Fiona drove straight to Bella's home. She found her in the sitting room and made her complaint. Blossom was listening to their conversation from the corner of her room, grinning widely.

"Bella, why did you guys scatter my things?"

"Scatter your things? No we didn't," Bella said rashly.

"Then who did?" she spoke fiercely. Bella recalled the scene at Fiona's home and exclaimed, "Oh! It was true we did that, but it wasn't intentional."

"How?" Miss Fiona was confused. "Now some of my things are missing; can't find my credentials, including my University certificate! Did you take them?"

"What!" Bella was stunned. "How could we do such thing?"

"So who did it? It was you guys I saw in my house, isn't it?"

Bella placed her right index finger on her forehead as her eyeballs gyrated to the beat of her heart. Her throat went dry like a desert. She was short of words.

"Y-you c-can't find your credentials?"

"Yes Bella you heard me!" she spoke harshly. "Please do restore those things back immediately 'cause it's no time for joke. As you can see, I'm striving all day to make my marriage a success. No time for child's play now."

"But I didn't take it!" Bella insisted. "Have you called Benjamin to ask? But I'm sure he didn't too."

"I have called him but he denied taking anything. But if you two didn't take it, then what were you looking for to turn my house upside down that way?"

Bella told her the mystery of the sound at the door and how they had been searching in vain without seeing anyone.

"You heard a sound at the door? A sound like someone was rushing out of the door?"

"Yes, we do," Bella affirmed.

"Then that must be Michael and Jennifer!" Fiona deduced immediately.

"That was our thought too, since they were the ones you once told me got into your house without your consent," Bella said.

"Remember they entered Mary's room too back then. It's definitely the two kids! But what trick are they trying to do with my certificates?"

Fiona left Bella's place in sadness. She could not go to any of Michael or Jennifer's place because it was late already.

Fiona didn't take it softly with the two kids the next day. She was in Jennifer's house as early as 7:30am. Jennifer denied visiting her house, let alone taking her things. Fiona didn't believe her.

Jennifer's parents were disappointed in their daughter. They blamed her for bumping into her teacher's room earlier.

"Jennifer, you and Michael are to blame. If you haven't done this to her earlier, she would not be suspecting you at all now," her mother said.

Jennifer grumbled and sulked. She hated being blamed for what she knew nothing about.

"But that was the only time we did that and she didn't complain that anything was missing then!" he exclaimed.

Jennifer's father suggested that her daughter should take Fiona to Michael's house to ask if he was responsible for the missing certificates. She did but Michael denied it too. They both went with her to her home to search everywhere, but the documents were nowhere to be found.

Michael and Jennifer asked Fiona if anyone had her keys and she confessed, "Bella has one, but I'm sure she couldn't have taken them. She has confessed--herself and Ben--they said they knew nothing about it."

"Does anyone else have your keys?" they asked further.

"No one except the two of you," she said. They were taken aback by her confession.

"But we have returned the key to you!" Michael exclaimed.

"Believe you me Miss Fiona, we haven't been here since that day!" Jennifer exclaimed too.

Fiona didn't want to make it a loud issue. She was scared of telling Frank about it because he could take a very drastic step that could cause more harm.

Fiona decided to manage the issue herself. She kept things to herself. However, she was not convinced that Michael and Jennifer didn't have the documents.

While Fiona was getting very worried. Blossom was busy making plans on how to exploit her ex-teacher. She had met with some swindlers and they had agreed to help her out.

Blossom had many photographs of Fiona's ex-lover. They were many in the envelope she stole from Fiona's house. She fixed her eyes at one and read:


Now she knew the name of the ex-lover. His name was Mark.


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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Nobody: 4:18pm On Oct 23, 2015
[quote author=SammyO4real post=39282656][b] Fiona drove straight to Bella's home. She found her in the sitting room and made her complaint. Blossom was listening to their conversation from the corner of her room, grinning widely.

"Bella, why did you guys scatter my things?"

"Scatter your things? No we didn't," Bella said rashly.

"Then who did?" she spoke fiercely. Bella recalled the scene at Fiona's home and exclaimed, "Oh! It was true we did that, but it wasn't intentional."

"How?" Miss Fiona
nice story.....sammy plz tellme ur site so i cn finish ure story..hm tired of reading nd stopping
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 7:06pm On Oct 23, 2015
[b] Mary was with Fiona, discussing when a phone rang. Mary scrambled for her phone which was on Fiona's glass table. It was not the one ringing. Fiona knew it was hers definitely. They had the same ringtone.

Fiona reached for her purse and picked up her phone.

"Hello, who is on the line?" Fiona asked.

"Mark," the voice said.

"Mark? Which Mark is that?"

"Do you know any other Mark aside myself, Fiona?"

"Mark? Your voice! It has changed! Sounds more harsh now!"

"Of course yes Fiona. That's a very good observation. I changed because you made me change, Fiona. You drilled a hole in my tender heart and left me. You left me without looking back, after all we have been through together. You evacuated me from your heart but you still remain in mine. You turned my world upside..."

"Stop all these, Mark!" Fiona yelled. She was already emoting. Her eyes were almost going to secrete some tears. "I thought it was a mutual consent--I mean our departure."

"What mutual concept, Fiona? There is nothing like mutual concept here. You are simply inhuman, Fiona. You nailed the core of my heart and breezed away. You plucked my front teeth and hammered my forehead with everlasting migraine. You left me worse than I met you. You are so so cruel!"

"Mark! Please stop it!" Fiona bleated. Her voice was shaky, sounding like the sound of water running down from a tap. Her countenance had been defaced with a glint of confusion. Her eyeballs hovered around. She sweated profusely.

The line went dead when she was about to say something more.

Mary adjured Fiona to speak to her. She didn't understand what was going on.

"Fiona, talk to me. Who was that?" Mary asked curiously.

"Mark, my University fiance."

"Oh! Mark! I thought you two broke up few years back."

"Yes we did, but now he's just called me to tell me that I broke her heart. You would need to hear his voice right now--sounds like under the influence of alcohol and Indian hemp."

"Ha! That poor boy must have been smoking since you parted ways with him."

"But why calling me now? Why now when my wedding is just a month ahead? Mary, I'm scared."

"Better not be, Fiona. You guys have to settle things once and for all, okay. Do call him back and speak things through."

"You mean...I...I should call...?"

"Yes, please do!" Mary instructed.

Blossom smiled.

"So why did you cut the call, Moses?" Blossom asked the person who was calling Fiona.

"She will surely call back," Moses smiled. Moses was around 22 years of age. He was a friend to Murray, Blossom's boyfriend. Murray and Moses were both into the swindling business. They had done a lot of it with much impunity. They hadn't been caught once by the Crime Commission.

Moses was tall, physical and with a long, curly hair like that of a woman. He always had an earring on his left ear. He belonged to a cult. Moses was an undergraduate in a private university. He was in his final year. He had only come home to spend his first semester break when Blossom discovered him and began to flirt around him without Murray's knowledge.

Murray would not have allowed Bella come close to his friend if he knew. Himself was too skeptical about Moses his friend. He dared not enthrust anything into his hands.

"How sure are you that she will call back?" Blossom said, but then Moses' phone rang. It was Fiona.

"Hello Mark, please I don't understand you. What's going on? I thought you would have moved on long ago. As for me I have moved on since then."

"I can't move on Fiona. I can't move on without you. How could I?"

"But you could have told me earlier than now, because my marriage is just around the corner. Why is all these coming up now?"

"Your marriage is September 12 I know. Next month, isn't it?"

"Jeez! How did you know?"

"Well...leave that for now Fiona. What I know is that your marriage won't hold!"

"What!" Fiona screamed. The line went dead again. Fiona called and called but no one picked it up.

Blossom struck palms with Moses. She was happy at the happenings.

"What next Moses?" Blossom asked.

"When next she calls, we shall start blackmailing her. Ha! ha! ha!" Moses displayed his 'thirty-two'.

A knock was heard at the door. Blossom and Moses suspected it was Murray.

"Go and hide somewhere," Moses whispered to her. In a swift, Blossom had rushed out to find somewhere to put her head. As rightly conjectured, Murray came in.

"Maga has paid Moses!" Murray said.

"Paid! Wow! Do you mean the Indonesian man?"

"Yes, I just received an alert of #500,000 this morning!"

"That's huge!" Moses screamed. "I'm glad to hear that!"

"Let's celebrate it!" Murray said gladly. "I wish my gal could join us here to have fun. Let me dial her phone. She'll be glad to hear the news."

Moses spotted Blossom's phone just on the table beside him. Swiftly he reached for it, wanting to put it off before Murray dialled it. He was late as the phone had already begun to ring. Murray was shocked to see Blossom's phone with his friend.

"Is she here?" Murray asked in bewilderment. "Moses, tell me what you're doing with Blossom's phone. Does she come here all alone by herself?"

Moses was speechless.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 3:10am On Oct 24, 2015

Michael and Jennifer visited Bella in her home. They wanted to be sure she was not the one behind Miss Fiona's missing documents. Luckily for them, Benjamin was with them too. Blossom appeared at the parlour to greet them. The way she smiled to them was very unusual.

"Oh! My sister's friends are here!" she exclaimed. "Mummy, come and see Bella's friends!" she shouted as she hasted towards her mother's room.

"Blossom has changed," Benjamin said gently. Jennifer put up a frowny face and said, "How could you be so sure?"

"I go with Jenny," Michael said. "Human beings could be pretending."

"And I go with Ben," Bella spoke. "Blossom has changed so much now. You would need to see how she cares so much about me."

"Care indeed," Jennifer said and hissed. Just then, Blossom and her mother returned to the parlour with some fruit drinks in a tray.

"Hey welcome Bella's friends," Mrs Lucia greeted them. "Nice seeing you."

They replied her. She instructed them to go ahead and gulp the juice before them. She began to take her leave and Blossom left for her room too.

Michael and Jennifer didn't take the drinks until Bella and Benjamin had done so. The kid detectives didn't sip too much eventually. They were being meticulous.

Jennifer asked them if they did take the credentials. They replied 'No!'

"Does it make sense at all for any sane person to take her certificates?" Benjamin said.

"It can't be useful for any other person, so why must someone in his or her right senses take it?" Bella added.

Blossom was listening to their conversation from her hiding corner. She hissed at Bella's words and whispered, "You are the one not in your right sense not myself."

"Bella, are you sure no one knows about the key of Miss Fiona in your bunch of keys?" Michael asked.

"No one," Bella said without any deep thought. Only myself and Ben knows that."

Blossom had frozen with fear where she was. She cursed the two kid detectives in her mind. They might get to the root of the matter sooner than later the way they were dishing out their questions.

"But you said you heard the sound of someone absconding from Miss Fiona's house," Jennifer said.

"Yes we do," they replied.

"Then someone was definitely there," they reaffirmed.

"Have you ever been looking for Miss Fiona's key among the bunch you have?" Jennifer asked.

"Never," she replied. "Not for once."

"And have you ever felt it soapy to your touch? I mean that particular Miss Fiona's key?" Michael asked.

"Not for a second," Bella said.

Jennifer and Michael sighed. They could not go further in their investigation because all responses made by Bella were from the 'no' side. They had to depart without any tangible substance to hold on to.

Blossom sighed where she was. She had been holding her breath tight for a while, with the thought that her sister could mention her name. She remembered how she had etched the key shape into the soap back then. She had cleaned the key with a piece of cloth before returning it to its place, else it could have felt soapy to Bella's touch.

I am lucky I painstakingly cleaned that key that day, Blossom thought.

Fiona was not spared of trouble. She feared greatly for what Mark could do. The last time she called him (Moses), she was informed that she would not have a successful marriage ceremony:

"Mark, please what do you want from me? I definitely can't come back to you because I have found my true love."

"True love indeed," Moses said. "He will jilt you in the end, as soon as he knows that you are having an affair with someone else."

"Mark you are wrong!" Fiona said. "I have told Frank about my past affair with you. He also knows the reason why we left each other..."

"What reason did you tell him?" Moses wanted to know.

"You know of course, don't you? You caused it all, Mark. You said you must have a sexual intercouse with me before our marriage. I said I cherish keeping it until our wedding day. You said you can't wait till then and we unanimously parted ways."

"Of course I know," Moses said. "But it was such a foolish step you took, Fiona. Can you now tell me to my face that you still have it intact till now?"

"Yes of course!" Fiona spoke firmly.

"After two years that we've parted ways?"

"Not two, but four years now," Fiona corrected him and he said, "Oh! How time flies!"

Moses was careful not to be too forward. He wanted Fiona to spew more and more facts about her relationship with Mark. So with that, he would have more access to information about their relationship and build on that.

"Anyway...Fiona, you must jilt Frank or else I will make him jilt you."

"You can't!" Fiona said. "He loves me more than anyone has ever loved me."

Moses laughed.

"That love was because Frank didn't see you having another affair or double-dating. But now I'll make sure he believes that you are double-dating."

"Funny," Fiona laughed briskly. "It's like trying to make a make-believe expert believe that a make-believe is real. By the way, you don't even know him so there's no way you would get your lies across to him."

Moses burst into laughter.

"Who said I don't? Ha! ha! ha!" he laughed on and on. "Everything about you is on my fingertip. Ask me how I got into got your credentials and many of the photographs we had together!"

Fiona was dumbfounded. She hadn't even related the missing certificates to Mark. She stammered when she wanted to speak:

"M-Mark y-you mean y-you came t-to my house to have the credentials?"

"I didn't say I came to your house myself to have them, Fiona, or did I?" Moses began to laugh again.

"M-Mark, let's meet," Fiona said with a shaky voice. She was already getting scared. "Let's talk things over, please."

"We don't need to talk anything over, Fiona. All you need do is pay some money to my bank account and that solves it all."

"Are you sure?" Fiona was enthused.

"Yes...and you'll get your certificates back too."

"Like how much are we talking about...just to save my upcoming marriage anyway. I'll do it."

"Pay #500,000," Moses said. "And you'll get your credentials back too."

"What! That's way too much!"

Fiona and Moses haggled for a while. In the end they reached a compromise. She would pay #150,000 into the account Moses would send to her later.

Blossom and Moses shook hands happily.

"Yes, we are having upper hand," Blossom said.

"Oh yes darling!" Moses agreed. "This is just the beginning. We will render her penniless."

"Lucky to have you, Moses! You are the bomb!" Blossom said as she got set to leave Moses' home.

Moses reminded Blossom not to forget to get Frank's phone number from her sister's phone. They would use that to communicate directly with Frank whenever Fiona would want to prove stubborn.

"Moses, I'm going home. Won't you give me a ride in your car?"

"A ride? No ride for now Blossom. I'm very tired right now. You can take a commercial bus to your home, can't you?"

"Aww," Blossom sounded in annoyance. Moses was not in any way like Murray, her ex-boyfriend who jilted her when he discovered that he was flirting around with his friend. Murray would have sacrificed everything to give her a lift to anywhere, unlike Moses who would find it a great burden to take her anywhere, yet they had both agreed to the relationship they now had.

Blossom was now bent on making Frank and Fiona part ways.

"Fiona's matter made Murray jilt me. I'll do all to make them jilt one another too," Blossom said, grinning. She was on her way to get Bella's phone to search out Frank's number from it. She would give it to Moses to keep the work going.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 4:08am On Oct 24, 2015


Blossom woke up and went to the sitting room. She discovered that her sister, Bella, was fast asleep into a television programme she was watching.

Blossom wanted to go out of the house. Her sisters had gone for summer coaching in their school and her mother had gone to a friend's house. Blossom had obtained the telephone number of Frank from Bella's phone just a day back and had sent it to Moses. She was now going to see him to ask if Fiona had paid the money so she could have her own share of it.

Blossom went back to her room and locked the door with a key. She was about to leave the house. However, she went to the bathroom in order to wash her face.

Bella suddenly woke up from sleep. Something weighty seemed to have landed on her while she was sleeping. She stretched and then began to sit up. Earlier, she was ruminating about Miss Fiona's plight when a deep sleep took her off.

Bella thought of what Jennifer and Michael said. She was brooding over one of their statements in particular:

Bella, are you sure no one knows about the key of Miss Fiona in your bunch of keys?

Bella easily got the right answer to the question right now:

"Yes, Blossom knows about it," she whispered. She had remembered when Blossom was asking her for the owner of that key in question.

Bella was going to dial Benjamin's phone immediately to tell him her latest finding. She wanted to check if Blossom was still at home because she had told her before they slept that she would leave home around 1pm that day.

Bella discovered that Blossom's room was locked with a key. She was sure that her sister had left home. Now she felt she was safe to call Benjamin.

Blossom was about to step out of the bathroom when she heard Bella's voice, calling.

"Hello Ben, how are you doing? Yes...I have thought about the matter. Blossom knows about Miss Fiona's key. She's the only one I told about it. Yes...yes...maybe, I don't know. I'll tell the kid detectives about it and they sure know what to do with the info...bye...later..."

Blossom knew she had to do something fast before they all start suspecting her. She stealthily went out of the tiled bathroom when she heard Bella's footsteps going towards her room. Off she went to see Moses.

Frank had discovered Fiona's moody disposition in recent time. He had asked her what was wrong but she had said nothing.

"I'm fine," Fiona would say. Frank had insisted on knowing what was going wrong with her, but she had said all was well.

The wedding plan was still ongoing, with only three weeks to go. Fiona had been coming to Frank's home often to tidy up the house, since that was where they would both live together after the wedding.

Fiona and Frank had agreed to send the househelp away because she felt they wouldn't need any since she would be available to do the house chores.

Sarah the househelp had been informed of their resolution. She had been in the family for a long time now, feeling very comfortable. Now she had to start life afresh.

However, Frank had promised to give her #500,000 to start up something herself. She would add the savings she had made with it to get herself a shop and an accomodation anywhere she wanted.

As soon as Fiona left Frank's room and got into her car, her phone rang. It was Moses, whose name she stored as Mark...

Benjamin and Bella were off to see Miss Fiona. They were going to tell her their findings, but Bella was feeling it would be a betrayal on her own part if Blossom didn't have any hand in it all.

In the shuttle, Bella said, "Ben, what if my sister is innocent?"

"Innocent you say? You don't have to trust that Blossom. Remember how sly she has been."

"But she has changed suddenly. She is now so gentle that she won't step on anyone's toes."

"Gentleness doesn't mean godliness, I hope you know. Even the devil can be gentle sometimes too."

Bella and Benjamin got to Miss Fiona's house and got in after pushing the doorbell. They found their teacher in tears.

"Miss Fiona, what's wrong?" they screamed.

"Both of you are my enemies," she sobbed silently, pointing at them. They were dumbfounded.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by buoye1(m): 8:00am On Oct 24, 2015
Wow! It's getting more complicated, i don't know why Fiona never told Frank immediately her credentials got missing... It will hunt her later
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by aprilwise(m): 11:02am On Oct 25, 2015
Wonderful story
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Ibukunholuwa(f): 11:34am On Oct 25, 2015
Wow! It's getting more complicated, i don't know why Fiona never told Frank immediately her credentials got missing... It will hunt her later
I agree wit u buoye

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What is happening here sammy?

O ye desert, recieve life in Jesus name shocked shocked
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Sammy, pls the concluded part, what happen hope all is well?

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