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I Caught My Husband Cheating, I Can’t Forgive Him And I Won’t Leave! / Letter To My Husband To Be Read By Nurse Titi (A Piece On Domestic Violence) / The Mistake That Killed My Husband (2) (3) (4)

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How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 5:33am On Oct 05, 2015
I felt my blood boiling as I watched my husband dancing with her. By her, I meant Sophia Edo – a tall slim woman. It was at Gilbert Nwachukwu’s home as Gilbert celebrated his new position as Commissioner of Police in Lagos. My husband, Micheal worked as an Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of administration, and often we got invited to fancy parties and dances. Sophia was a crime reporter and knew a lot of the police officers that shake things up in Lagos state. She was always at the parties as well and that’s where she’d met Michael (my husband) and I.

At first, I noticed Michael’s eyes looking at the pretty young reporter. Sophia seemed to be staring at Michael as well. It was all innocent flirting at first. I tried to be open minded thinking that my husband would never cheat on me. Michael had grown up in a loving and respectable family with good morals. I did trust my husband but didn’t trust the 30-year-old Sophia. Sophia was very pretty, I had to admit. Any man would probably die to go out with her.

I wasn’t ugly at all. I was a bit older than Sophia being 38 years old and had shoulder length black hair and soft white eyes. My body was kept very nice by going to the gym almost every day and watching what I ate. My husband Michael was 41 and very handsome. His hair was jet-black and eyes was soft brown. He too kept fit for his job and for himself.

I leaned my head against a wall sipping on my third glass of wine. Michael and Sophia were dancing almost cheek to cheek and laughing. I could see Michael whispering things in Sophia’s ear making her blush. I noticed all the other guests at the party staring at me wondering why in the world I wasn’t the one dancing with my own husband.

After dancing with Sophia, Michael looked across the room to see me – his jealous wife. My eyes pierced at him. He knew I was angry. He excused himself with Sophia and made his way over to me – his wife. He had to admit I looked quite stunning in my long red velvet dress that was low cut showing off my nice small cleavage.

“You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself,” Michael said sarcastically to me.

“I’m not. If you danced any closer with that woman, I would have thought you’d be f^cking her right here in front of everyone.”

Michael sighed. “Felicia, let’s not go through this again. I told you, she’s a friend that’s all.”

“Oh a friend? Yeah I really buy that.”

Michael grabbed a glass of wine as a waiter passed by and took a long hard sip.

“You have to trust me. You know the way I am with women.”

I had to admit that it was true. Ever since I’d been married to Michael for over 18 years, I’d seen the way he flirted with other women. I couldn’t figure out if it was just his charming ways or if indeed he was not a one-woman man. I’d held on to the marriage because I was in love with him. I was crazy about him. How could I not be? I felt lucky at times knowing he’d chosen me and not some other woman to marry. I knew a lot of married men cheated but yet they still always came home to their wives no matter what.

“I know the way you are and I am getting tired of it. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face when you were out there dancing with that… slut.”

Michael put his glass down. “She’s not a slut, Felicia. Why do you think every woman that talks to me or is a bit nice to me is a slut?”

“What do you want me to think? I mean would you like it if I were dancing with other men?” I asked.

(To be Continued in Episode 2…)

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by galadima77(m): 6:23am On Oct 05, 2015
Aint clicking that link jor! Sticking to NL

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by Nobody: 6:37am On Oct 05, 2015
Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 9:48am On Oct 05, 2015
[Continued from Episode 1…. ]

Michael shrugged. “It wouldn’t bother me Felicia. You know I trust you and you should trust me.”

It was then I knew it was hopeless talking to my husband at that party.

Heading back home we drove in silence. I looked out the window most of the time staring into the darkness of the night. I still felt angry with Michael for dancing almost the entire night with Sophia. He’d talked to Sophia more than he did with me.

We pulled up to our parking lot, and Michael put the car on park still not saying a word. He got off the car not bothering to say a word to me. I walked back into the house trailing my husband. I felt guilty for feeling jealous but then again I had every right to be jealous. My biggest fear had always been to lose Michael to another woman. I couldn’t have that. Throughout the years I began to understand why many women stay with their cheating husbands, to hold on to a marriage.

Once I finished locking up, I found Victor drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. He looked at me and nodded his head.

“This night would have been perfect if only you hadn’t acted like such a child Felicia.”

My eyes saddened. “I’m sorry. I just hate seeing other women practically clawing you.” I said.

Michael walked away again leaving me alone in the kitchen. I followed him to the bedroom and he was beginning to get out of his party clothes. His hard chest and stomach were exposed making me aroused. His trousers came off next until he was left with his dark blue boxers and nothing else. I just stared at my handsome husband. A smile began to form on my lips.

“What?” Michael asked frustrated.

“I want to make love,” I said softly.

(To be continued in Episode 3…)

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 10:16am On Oct 05, 2015
[Continued from Episode 2…. ]

Michael kept his eyes on on me. He sat down slowly on our king-sized bed. I reached behind and began to unzip my long dress. The dress slowly became loose falling off my shoulders and down my chest moving down to my long slender legs. Michael stared as I stood with my lacey red bra and matching red panties. Red was my color indeed.

“Now that’s the way I like you,” My husband said playfully.

I giggled and slipped out of my red heels letting the dress fall to the floor completely. I walked slowly towards my husband. Michael opened his arms out to me. He wrapped his arms around my tiny waist and kissed my flat belly very gently. I watched my husband kiss me downwards towards my honeypot and his hands tugged at my panties beginning to pull them down. I eased back a bit letting Michael slip my red panties down my legs. I shaved that morning, knowing he loved me to be baby smooth. My panties came off and his hands went to unhook my bra from behind.

“I love you,” I said softly as my bra slowly came down my shoulders and fell of my chest. My brown nipples were pert.

“Mmm don’t you look delicious? Lay back here baby. Let me arrange you,” My husband rasped.

I felt my heart flutter and lay on the bed. The feel of the satin sheets made my body tingle. My husband leaned down and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. Our tongues met slowly gliding against one another. His hands went down to touch my breasts. He began to tug and pinch each nipple as we continued to kiss.

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 12:38pm On Oct 05, 2015
[Continued from Episode 3...]

I moaned in my husband’s kiss. He always managed to excite me no matter what. He broke our passionate kiss and moved his mouth down to my b**bs. He took turns sucking and licking my nipples. I loved his hands all over me. His touch was so warm and strong. He stood up and took his boxers off showing me his huge thick erection. My mouth watered.

“I need that in me,” I whispered.

“You shall have it my dear. But first I want to taste your honeypot.”

I blushed and spread my legs open giving my husband full access to my p^ssy. He got on his knees at the edge of the bed and kissed my thighs slowly. I could feel his hot breath getting closer to my cunt.

“Ooh gosh! Lick me!” I moaned.

Michael stuck his head between my legs and spread my p^ssy lips open letting my swollen clit peak out. He ran his tongue slowly up and down on it teasing her. I squirmed on the bed.

“Yes! More! Lick me faster! S^ck my clit!” I screamed out.

Michael obeyed and let his tongue flick fast on my aching clit. His lips clamped it as well making me moan and beg for more p^ssy eating. He loved the way I tasted so sweet and myt juices were so warm coating his lips. My smell was completely intoxicating.

“Oh honey I need to cum! You’re going to make me cum!” I cooed.

Michael slipped one finger inside my moist hole letting me get more pleasure. I felt my body quivering from his tongue and lips. I didn’t want to cum so soon but I couldn’t hold back. My body tightened and L felt my body explode.

“Arrrhhhhgghhh! Mmmmgghhhh!” I cried out as my body shook violently.

Michael could feel my cunt muscles constrict on his finger. My juices oozed out slowly letting him lap them up. He raised his body up and kissed me letting me have a taste of my own sweet Honeypot.

(To be continued in Episode 5… )

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 1:22pm On Oct 05, 2015
[Continued from Episode 4...]

We kissed hard and with passion. I held my husband close never wanting that moment to go away. My heart raced and I felt my body weak from the intense orgasm.

“Baby, see what you do to me?” I said playfully.

My husband laughed wickedly and raised his body up. He put my legs on his chest and looked at my pretty face. “We’re not done yet sweetheart. It’s my turn to cum. I’m going to shoot my load in you.”

I felt my lovehole aching for my husband’s rooster. “Yes! Please do. f^ck me good!”

Michael grabbed his hard on and aimed it to my cunt. He slipped it in fast, I was so wet. My p^ssy grasped his rooster nicely and he began to thrust his hips fucking my hard the way I liked it.

“Hmmmghhh damn you feel so good. I know I’m going to cum so fuckin’ hard in your p^ssy,” Michael groaned.

The room was filled with moans. I loved having him inside of me. He always made sure to put his rooster deep inside of me making me cum every time. I loved the way he bleeped me so fast and full on passion.

Michael was thrusting harder now and going so fast it was making my tits move around violently. He reached down and pinched my sensitive nipples hard making me almost yelp. I felt that hard rush once again. I wanted to cum.

“F^ck! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum on your c*ck!” I wailed.

“I-I’m cumming too! Cum with me baby!” Michael grunted.

We both came simultaneously. I felt my husband shoot his cum inside of me. It was three or four hard spurts followed two lighter ones. I loved feeling him unload all his cum inside of me.

Michael collapsed next to me – his wife breathlessly. We kissed again and I snuggled up against my husband. I ran my hand all over his sweaty hard chest and smiled. I had him good. I knew I’d taken his mind off Sophia Edo. Or at least, I hoped so.

(To be Continued in Episode 6…)

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by aprilwise(m): 6:57pm On Oct 06, 2015
Another masterpiece is here again, the story title got me thinking. Anyway ride on

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 7:42pm On Oct 07, 2015
[Continued from Episode 5...]

“I told you a million times that he’s no good,” Isioma, my sister was saying the next day over breakfast. I had told her about the previous night when Michael was dancing with Sophia.

“I’m not going to leave him Isioma. It’s easy for you to say because you’ve never been married. You don’t know a single thing about marriage.”

Isioma took a sip of her Lipton drink and scoffed. “I may not know about marriage but I know about keeping my dignity.”

I sighed frustrated. I loved my younger sister more than anything, but I was tried of having Isioma always tell me to leave Michael and talk bad about him. Deep down I knew Isioma was halfway right though.

“He’s just a charming man that’s all. He can’t help it if women flirt with him.”

Isioma rolled her eyes. “Yeah that’s a lame excuse. Felicia, you’re his wife and he should respect you enough not to be flirting with other women. He doesn’t seem to respect you at all.”

“That’s enough Isioma I don’t want to talk about this. I’m telling you that I’m never leaving Michael no matter what. I love him and that’s that.”

isioma eyed her me cautiously. “Just make sure you do the right thing. Don’t stay in a marriage just because you feel you have to.”

“I’m not. I love Michael. I’d do anything to keep him. I’m not going to lay back and let any woman take my husband. Oh no! I’ll fight for him.”

isioma shook her head. “Sis, you are hopeless.”

[To be Continued in Episode 7.... ]

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 8:41pm On Oct 07, 2015
[Continued from Episode 5...]


“Well now if it isn’t my favorite police officer!” Sophia squealed as she opened her front door.

Michael – my husband smiled wickedly at his mistress and stepped inside her house putting his hands all over her body. He kissed Sophia’s lips and neck full of passion. She put her arms around my husband pulling him closer. Sophia giggled as she felt his hot breath all over her skin.

“Whoa! Slow down there officer,” she laughed.

Michael growled holding her tight keeping her from escaping his embrace. “I’m not going to slow down damnit! I need you, Sophia!”

He picked her up and carried her over to her bedroom. It was their usual Bleep fest on Saturday mornings. Michael worked on Saturdays until noon, but he always lied to me that he had to stay at work every Saturday till 6pm. Sophia’s little body fell on the bed and Michael began to take off his uniform. Sophia looked up at him smiling with her white eyes glowing. She let her fingers begin to untie her robe. She was completely naked underneath.

Michael almost froze for a moment. He loved looking at his lover’s naked body. She had big supple b**bs with large dark nipples. Her p^ssy was almost shaved having only a small strip of soft hair proving she was a natural slut. He gulped and licked his lips.

“You like what you see?” Sophia asked playfully.

My husband could only nod. His c*ck was throbbing desperately wanting to be inside his lover. He finished removing his uniform and stood naked. His rooster was sticking out and Sophia’s eyes widened. She loved to look at his engorged member.

“See how much you turn me on? Damnit Sophia I’ve never been so turned on by any other woman!” Michael grunted.

Sophia bit her lower lip and blushed. “Well then, come get me. I need to be f^cked so good right now Michael.”

He slipped his hand down and began to play with Sophia’s p^ssy. He lightly pinched her clit with his fingers and massaged it. Sophia felt as if she was in heaven. His touch on her p^ssy was making her squirm and want more.

“Ooh that feels good! Keep playing with my p^ssy!” She yelped.

Michael took turns rubbing on her clit and fingering her wet p^ssy. He wanted to make sure she came first before he began thrust his c*ck in and out very slowly enjoying the feeling of a tight little honeypot. He rubbed her clit harder feeling it swell up in his fingers. He flicked it fast with his fingers feeling her body tense up. Her arched and she felt her body shake.

“I’m c-cumming! Oh Michael! Feel me cum!” Sophia screamed.

Michael felt her juices sliding down his fingers and then began to thrust his hips hard making his c*ck ram into her p^ssy fast and hard. His balls were slapping up against her lovehole and his balls began to throb sending hot long shots of sperm into his lover’s p^ssy.

“Arrrghhhhhh f^ck! I’m cumming too! I’m fuckin’ cumming!” My husband was panting as each shot of cum spurted out of his aching c*ck.

“Gush! That was f^ckin’ incredible!” Michael said breathlessly feeling his c*ck soften and slide out of Sophia’s honeypot.

“I love you,” she said softly after a few seconds.

Michael didn’t hesitate. “I love you too.”

She turned her body until she was on her back. Michael traced his fingers on her b**bs.

“Michael? Are you planning on leaving Felicia – your wife soon?” Sophia asked.

[To be Continued in Episode 8…]

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 10:28am On Oct 08, 2015
[Continued from Episode 7...]

Michael looked uneasy. “Yes eventually, but-” He was trying to say to Sophia.

“Ah I knew it. You want me to continue to wait longer. Well you know what? I can’t.” Sophia snapped back at my husband.

Michael looked confused.

“That’s right I can’t. As much as I’m in love with you, I can’t spend my entire life waiting and hoping you’ll leave your wife.” Sophia had also said.

“Sophy, please try and understand me.”

“No Michael. I’m tired of all this fooling around in secret. I want everyone to know I’m with you.”

My husband sighed and laid back. He was in love with Sophia but feared leaving me. After all i had been through with him for 18 years. He had seen other women besides Sophia but once he met Sophia, he couldn’t see other women. She was an incredible woman and he couldn’t deny that.

“Listen, I’ll talk to Felicia tonight and I’ll let her know.” Michael told his mistress.

Sophia’s green eyes widened. “Really? Please tell me you’re not lying.”

Michael kissed her forehead. “No I’m not. I will talk to her tonight. I don’t love Felicia the way I used to. Ever since I met you, you’re all I can think about.”

Sophia felt her heart flutter. She wanted my husband ever since she first laid eyes of him and she wasn’t going to stop until he became


“Was there a lot of traffic? Is that why you’re late?” I asked as my hsuband walked in.

Michael groaned. “Oh please Felicia don’t start now. I just got in after a long days work.”

I moved closer to my husband. “I know I’m sorry. I just worry you know.”

He sat down on the kitchen table and looked up at me – his wife. “Stop worrying about me Felicia. Listen we have to talk.”

I didn’t feel good about the conversation I was about to have with my husband. I sat down with him on the table. I looked at him full of concern.

“Felicia I’m leaving you,” Michael said flat out.

(To be Continued in Episode 9…. ]

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by queenjoe(f): 11:09am On Oct 08, 2015
nice story...enjoyn every part of it..pls more update


Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 6:25pm On Oct 08, 2015
[Continued from Episode 8...]

I didn’t move. I felt frozen. “W-what?”

“I’m leaving you. I can’t be with you anymore. This marriage is nothing but you always checking up on me and acting so jealous.” My husband said.

I stood up angrily. “Of course I’m jealous! You’re always flirting or talking to some other woman instead of me!”

Michael also stood up and paced the room. “That may be and that’s why I can’t stay with you.” He muttered at me.

I felt tears swelling in my eyes. My lower lip trembled. “You can’t do this to me. I’ve given you 18 years of my life and this is how you repay me?”

Michael felt his heart ache a bit but he had to do this. “I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you it’s just that I’m in love with someone else.”

“Who? That Sophia bitch?”

My husband almost felt like slapping me but he didn’t. He’d never hurt a woman physically. “That’s enough Felicia. But if you must know then yes it is Sophia. I’m in love with Sophia.”

I laughed as tears fell down my face. “Oh you think you love her? You only f^ck her and that’s all. Was she there for you when you were sick? Was she there for you when you’re mother died? Does she wash, clean, and cook for you? I don’t think so!”

Michael felt angrier now. He walked out the room and rushed upstairs. I followed him. My husband had to get out of the house immediately.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked watching him get a suitcase out of our closet.

“I’m leaving you nfor good, my dear Felicia. I already told you.”

My tears were making me almost see blurry. “Michael please! Stay!” I begged grabbing his arm.

He pulled away and continued to pack his clothes. “No! I’m leaving! That’s final Felicia!”

I sobbed and knew I had no power to stop him. I just sat back and watched him pack his things and walk out the room. Before he left, he looked back and saw me sitting there staring at him.

“I’ll be back for the rest of my things tomorrow. I’m sorry Felicia.”

With that, he left leaving me with a broken heart.

[To be Continued in Episode 10…]

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by aprilwise(m): 7:22pm On Oct 08, 2015
So pathetic. He is heartless

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by OYAY(m): 9:19am On Oct 09, 2015
Michael must surely regret his action. Too bad!

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 6:21pm On Oct 09, 2015
[Continued from Episode 9...]


“If I were you, I’d be celebrating Felicia!” Isioma said to me – her sister.

I sobbed as my sister held me. “Isioma, he’s such an a**hole but I love him! He is my husband!”

Isioma felt so enraged with Michael. He shouldn’t have done that to her sister. He was so heartless!

“Sis, just let it go. Let him go.” She said to me.

I pulled back from my sister’s embrace and wiped my tears. “No. I won’t. I told you I’m not losing him. He’s my husband! Not my lover, or a boyfriend, my husband! Don’t you see how much that means to me?”

Isioma nodded. “Yes I do. I’m sorry but I just figure it’s for the better to let him go.”

“No way. I’m keeping him not only because I’m still married to him but also because this woman isn’t going to do anything for him. I already know how he likes his food cooked or what TV shows to record for him. This other woman doesn’t!”

Isioma hated to see me in pain. “Listen Felicia. I’ve got an idea to help you since I hate seeing you this way. I know a woman. Her name is Mother Agatha and she is a… well… she is a white garment prophetess”

I frowned. “I’m not doing voodoo on him!” I interrupted.

Isioma laughed. “No not that. She might be able to give you something to make him stay.”

“Oh? Like what?”

Isioma sighed. “Well, remember Chukwudi?”

I nodded. Chukwudi had been one of Isioma’s boyfriends.

“Well for a while, he wasn’t performing as good as I wanted him to in bed if you know what I mean? I went to her and she gave me this sort of potion to pour on the bed. That same night Chukwudi and I made love and wow! Let me tell you it was the best f^ck I had ever had!”

I looked edgy. “I don’t know Isioma. That sounds a bit too extreme.”

isioma shrugged. “Oh well then I guess you’ll have to say goodbye to your husband.”

I thought about it and kept trying to push the idea out of my mind. Finally I came up with my own conclusion.


“You’re Mother Agatha right?” I asked the tall skinny 50 something year old prophetess.

The prophetess nodded slowly and never took her eyes off me. “Yes that’s right. Who gave you my contact?”

“My sister did. I really need your help.”

The prophetess offered me a seat on a soft green velvet couch. I looked around and saw tons of candles being burnt. Mother Agatha left the temple temporarily and came back carrying a small bag with blue powder.

I looked puzzled. “Do you know why I’m here? Did my sister tell you?”

Mother Agatha’s brown eyes met with mine. “I don’t even know who you’re sister is. I see different people each day asking me to help them. I can’t keep track of everyone’s name.”

I laughed nervously. “Of course not. I’m sorry.”

“No need for apologies. The one that needs to apologize is your husband for leaving you.”

I felt shocked that this woman knew this about me. “How did you…”

“I know it all my daughter,” The prophetess interrupted. “Archangels Michael and Uriel are standing behind you…. Chaaaakpurrrru!! Holy!!! Holy!!!!! hmmmmmmmm!”

I was amazed. “Wow you must be good.”

The prophetess handed me the small pack of the blue powder. “Here now take this powder and mix it with liquid, tea preferably or fruit juice but not water because it can be seen in ordinary water.”

I stared at the blue powder. “How much do I put?”

“Just put about two pinches worth and you’ll see the results that same day I guarantee it.”

I felt excited. “Thank you so much!”

Mother Agatha never smiled. “You’re welcome but please just be careful with that and keep feeding it to him slowly over time. Once the bag is finished he’ll be all yours and never leave you again. Holy!!!” She rang her bell 7 times.

I left that night carrying the bag. I knew I was going overboard with all this prophetess stuff but I had to do what I had to do to keep my husband. He’d be back the next day to pack the rest of his things, and that’s where I would get my chance. I had thought to myself.

(To be continued in episode 11… )

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 5:34am On Oct 11, 2015
[Continued from Episode 10...]

***NEXT DAY***

Michael walked into our house feeling somewhat frightened. He expected to see me with red puffy eyes and looking really dressed down, but instead I was sitting in the living room drinking a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout and dressed in a short green and white dress with matching strap shoes.

“I came to get the rest of my things,” My husband began slowly.

I smiled. “Michael, before you leave can we talk? Please?”

Michael seemed baffled. “Talk? About what?”

I stood up slowly walking towards my husband. “About us.”

“There’s nothing to talk about Felicia I already told you that I’m leaving. I’m sorry.”

“Look here have a seat and let me get you something to drink. I just want you to hear me out OK? Please can I at least have that?”

My husband hesitated at first but gave in. “Fine.” He took a seat and looked up at me.

I grinned. “Thank you. Let me get you something to drink. What would you like?”

“Just water is fine.”

“No. Not water, I mean wouldn’t you rather have milk or fruit juice?”

“Felicia, come on now no games!” My husband said frustrated.

“Well I mean it’s just that I think milk or fruit juice would be better since it’s hot this afternoon.”

“Fine fruit juice. You know I don’t like milk.”

I nodded and rushed to the kitchen. I could see him in the living room constantly checking his watch as if he was in a hurry to leave.

“After this drink, you won’t want to leave. You’ll be mine the way you were meant to be,” I said to herself.

“Felicia could you hurry up I need to go soon. Sophia will be waiting,” Michael called out.

I felt angry just hearing that woman’s name. I grabbed the bag of blue powder Mother Agatha – the prophetess – gave me, and did the two pinches as I was instructed and watched it dissolve in the fruit juice. I was about to go out and give my husband the orange juice, when I realized I needed this stuff to work fast. I smiled deviously and poured two large spoonfuls of the powder.

“Here you go,” I said cheerfully handing him his juice.

Michael sighed and took a long hard gulp. I watched and my smile grew bigger as my husband began to lay his head back looking so relaxed.

“Honey? Are you OK?” I asked.

Michael moaned. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m kind of sleepy though.”

“I’ll be right back,” I said getting up and rushed to my room to make sure my makeup and hair was still in tact. I was going to make love to my husband. I needed him.

I dabbed some perfume on my neck and was about to reapply my lipstick when I heard screaming. It was Michael.

I ran out of my room and my eyes widened as I saw my husband laying on the ground screaming his head off.

“Michael! What’s wrong?” I yelled out paranoid.

“I’m burning up! I’m going to fry!” Michael continued to scream.

I panicked I had no clue what was going on. I got on my knees trying to make him stop kicking. His arms were waving in the air as if he was trying to put out a fire.

“Make it stop! Make it stop!” He shrilled.

“Make what stop? Michael what’s wrong?” I felt tears coming out of my eyes.

“Ahhrrrhhhhhhh!” My husband cried out. He wouldn’t stop shaking.

“I’m calling the family doctor at the Police Hospital in Ikeja,” I said and rushed to the phone.

(To be Continued in Episode 12…. )

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 6:33pm On Oct 11, 2015
[Continued from Episode 11...]


It was a few hours until I finally saw Michael’s doctor come out to tell me what was going on. Isioma stood with me – her sister holding my hand through this hard time.

“Mrs. Okoronkwo?” The doctor called out.

“Yes! That’s me! What’s wrong with my husband?” I asked in a shaky voice.

The doctor looked at Isioma. “Can you excuse us for a minute?”

Isioma agreed and left. The doctor turned back to look at me. His face didn’t look as if he had good news.

“Mrs. Okoronkwo, your husband has suffered some serious brain damage.”

I looked confused. “B-brain damage? How?”

“Does your husband do drugs?”

I frowned. “No, of course not. He’s a police officer.”

“Yes I know he is, but that still doesn’t make him a saint. I’ve know ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Okoronkwo a few years now and I know he’s probably not the type of person to use drugs. I also know that he’s been sleeping with my niece Sophia.”

I gulped. “She’s you’re niece?”

“That’s right. Now if he didn’t take the drugs then you probably gave him drugs.”

“D-drugs? N-no not me! Why are you accusing me?”

“Because the drug you gave him is Toloache. It comes from a plant in Central America, which is used to make one hallucinate. It is often used as a sort of mind control drug. I know Sophia had mentioned to my wife that she was going to be living with your husband and I know you, as a wife could not be so calm about it. Plus it shows that the drug was taken in a large amount not too long ago.”

I thought about the blue powder that the Prophetess had given me. It was drugs not some love potion like my naive mind had thought.

“It shows he’s been drinking fruit juice too which were what the paramedics saw on the dinning table of your home. Now Mrs. Okoronkwo you know you can go to jail for attempted murder on a serving high-ranking police officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the law doesn’t give a hoot whether you’re his wife or not?”

I looked frightened. “No doctor I can’t go to jail. Who would take care of my husband?”

The doctor crossed his arms and stared at me. “That’s what I thought too. I’m not going to have my niece, Sophia, taking care of someone who can’t care for her needs. Now I’m going to keep all this behind closed doors but you have to take care of your husband. If you don’t you are going to jail is that understood?”

“Y-yes. I will take care of him. How bad is the brain damage?”

The doctor shrugged. “Very severe. He will need help being fed, changed, and you would need to keep an eye on him almost every single minute. He’s like a child now. He’s completely helpless – a vegetable. He cannot be without you.”

I closed my eyes and wanted to die.

[To be concluded in Episode 13]

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by walearoy(m): 6:44pm On Oct 11, 2015

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by OYAY(m): 12:49pm On Oct 12, 2015
There you listening to bad advise(woman) and immature act in a relationship(man)

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Re: How My Husband Became A Vegetable by ImanuelJannah(m): 3:56pm On Oct 12, 2015
[Continued from Episode 12...]

Now I would have to suffer the rest of my life taking care of my husband who could no longer do anything for himself – a vegetable. I wanted to report the prophetess to the police authorities but I knew I couldn’t. I was too embarrassed to have sunk as low as I did. I had to take responsibility for my own actions. I had my mind on keeping and she did. The hard way.

Fine, because my husband was a high-ranking police officer, he had a life assurance policy covering him, and the police welfare scheme had been prompt with his emolument and payments, but the lack of freedom I can no longer enjoy because of Michael’s condition is worse than hell.

No unfaithful husband or wife is worth the stress of jealousy. Jealousy in your relationship will always ends in pain and sorrow. If I had known that Michael will ever become a vegetable in my hands, I would have gladly let him move on with Sophia.

I wish I had the courage, to let my husband of 18 years go when he wanted to leave though as painful as it may be I wish I developed enough self-control to avoid the desperation my jealousy led me into.

I told my story so you could learn a lesson or two about jealousy in a relationship.


Felicia Okoronkwo,

Ikoyi, Lagos


culled from www.freshestgist.com

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