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Re: Three Paths by olashas(f): 10:28am On Mar 05, 2016
I knew it from the onset. It just had to do with his bruised ego.

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Re: Three Paths by jaybiz007(m): 10:38am On Mar 05, 2016
It is quite imperative for a wife to be submissive to her husband.
Great job fantasyisland.
Re: Three Paths by stuff46(m): 10:41am On Mar 05, 2016

Lol... She couldn't have expected any reconciliation from that meeting she had with her husband with her sister playing the advocate. Why did I say this? :

1. She dint want to go

2. She lied to her sister. You don't lie to the person that wants to help you settle issues like this and expect a positive result. Perhaps, if her sister knew the truth before the meeting, maybe just maybe she(isioma) would have presented the case to Charles better.

3. She knew the possiblity of her sister getting to find out about her lies. That's why she had that cold feet in number 1.

My observation::: She had already made up her mind long before the meeting with Charles to rat Nat out. And her emotions were stable compared to when she first heard what Nat did. The meeting only added very little salt to her injury grin ( the salt being her sister getting to find out which she knew would happen in number 3 shikina) grin

I think only her sister knowing is of little harm compared to what the result would have been the case had Nat not only told her hubby the next say and he might be more raged to the extent Pfizer family meeting.

All thesame she Is the biggest looser.
Re: Three Paths by fretfingers: 10:50am On Mar 05, 2016
Moral::: You don't lie to those that would help you solve a serious relationship/family problem...

Stuff46 d point I made in my last post... See how it surfaced in these last updates shocked grin wink tongue cheesy lipsrsealed smiley


Re: Three Paths by pryd(m): 11:03am On Mar 05, 2016
''I don’t know why Charles took it like that but that’s the man you married. It's your duty to study him and know what he can and cannot take. Some men wouldn’t have carried that grievance on like that but unfortunately Charles did. Charles is who he is after all''

Salient lessons! No gender has the exclusive right to brood. wink
Re: Three Paths by ncChigo(m): 11:32am On Mar 05, 2016
I'm really really happy 4 Ebube.. smiley
Re: Three Paths by virtuedagirl(f): 11:56am On Mar 05, 2016
Thank God that finally there is light at the end of the tunnel for Ebube.
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 11:57am On Mar 05, 2016
Awww....sister's love...
As for Ebube and Charles, what we consider minute and irrelevant are what in the actual sense, hurts the most...
Now Ebube has one person to seek forgiveness from(they both need to apologize to one another though) is Nat...
Nat, so far is still my favorite character.

Fantasyisland, Thanks for this wonderful piece.
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:00pm On Mar 05, 2016
Thanks to my amazing readers. I will make this part 3. The beginning of part 2 is from after university. I forgot to make note of it then.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:01pm On Mar 05, 2016

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Re: Three Paths by milanseedorf(m): 12:04pm On Mar 05, 2016
Following following. more grease to your elbow. thanks for this great masterpiece
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:05pm On Mar 05, 2016

6 months later

It was a different setting, in another place in time.
Blossom heard a honk and looked outside her window. She had just returned from another grueling class but her day was far from being over.

She was proud of herself though, she aced her last test and it was no mean feat for a pure art student who had moved to the sciences. She could not wait to tell Cosmos all about it. In the meantime, she admired the view from her window and smiled at the small cactus plant by the corner of her house.

She could barely believe this was her life now. Sometimes she still pinched herself to believe this was true. Like her husband once said, everything was good in America. Well her new friend in church told her it was not so good once she got used to it. But right now, Blossom didn’t care. It was the second month of their relocation and everything seemed just fine.

She opened the fridge and it was always cold. She didn’t have to worry about lack of cold water or the power going out. However there was something else and she had been getting used to. It was work, work and more work but it wasn’t so bad once the check hit her hand. Soon she would have to head out again for her evening shift at the large mall. For now she worked at the deli section of a large retail shop.

Sometimes it was confusing with the food and stuff
but she was definitely getting the hang of it. She had crazy colleagues at work but they were most helpful and certainly friendly. Some were old while others were young but they had one thing was common - they didn’t take life seriously. They swore a lot and spoke in the same manner - that fast, head
spinning, rrrrrrrrrr curling manner she was fast getting used to.

Most times the younger tattoo loving colleagues used weird terms that her kids were picking up too and the amusing thing was that it was always said in unison eg "aww! Ouch, that's gotta hurt, I wanna, I gotta, Awesome! Cool! Crazy! Weirdo! Grab a drink, grab a this, grab a that...


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:23pm On Mar 05, 2016
Suddenly her older children began to yell from the bedroom and she hissed. She climbed up the stairs a bit and yelled at them ''what is going on there abi
should I come up there and twist your mouth?''

Suddenly it became quiet again then her phone began to ring. It was the landline and she ran to get it ''hello'' she sang in a breathless tone. The line was quiet for some seconds before someone from her
past spoke ''sup chic''

For some seconds, she was stunned. When she finally got her voice, she asked ''how did you get this

''It’s a small world after all''

''What do you want?''

''I hear you are in the country now so…''

''What is wrong with you this woman? Don’t call this number again. I'm going to block you the moment I
drop this call. I want nothing to do with you. I don’t
need you in my life and let me remind you, this is America not Nigeria. They take stalking seriously in this part of the world. Don’t let me involve the authorities. Belinda…I swear I will if you call one more time''

''I'm sorry if I called at the wrong time''

''It's always going to be a wrong time with me Belinda. It's been months and if you still don’t get it, then I can't help you. I am over this thing and you need help. You are beyond redemption…''

''I'm sorry if I'm intruding but I just thought to…''

''No you shut up and listen, I'm happy with Cosmos and my kids. Never call this line and don’t you ever
contact me again'' Then Blossom hung up and stared into space. Some seconds later, she reached for the phone and blocked the number. She was shocked Belinda had managed to get her number or even know she had relocated.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:51pm On Mar 05, 2016
Suddenly the door began to rattle and Cosmos
stepped in with their son, Junior. He ran to meet her and she picked him and twirled him around ''did
you have fun at the day-care today?'' Blossom asked.

He began to babble and she laughed at him. She dropped him on the floor while he scrambled for the staircase ''easy now Junior'' Blossom yelled. She
smiled at her husband and they kissed lightly ''how was your day?'' he asked.

''Good until just now''

''I almost asked. You had this worried look when we
first walked in'' They held hands and sat on a couch and Blossom told him about the call ''are you
okay?'' Cosmos asked in concern.

''Just stunned that’s all''

''Have you blocked the number?''


''Then don’t worry about it. You did the right thing and you just have to be persistent with it. If I need to step in I would but you're doing just fine'' He smiled at her then tapped her shoulder and stood up from the chair ''what's cooking?'' He asked.

''What would you like? Mac and cheese?''

''Chei! This woman don’t kill me oh! I'm thinking correct swallow and one kain soup and you're talking Mac and cheese. C'mon lets go and see what you have in that kitchen of yours'' Then Blossom got up and the pair began to gist about the day's events.

As she spoke, Cosmos sat on a high stool and
watched her. She brought out several containers
from the fridge and continued to talk about school, her lecturer, friends and her test results.

Suddenly she stopped in mid sentence and whispered ''I love you''

''And I love you more'' Cosmos replied. He walked up to her and they held hands and kissed tenderly''

''Eww!'' Nkem and Chichi sang at the same time and the pair broke away ''that is rude'' Blossom announced.

''Daddy welcome'' Nkem sang. ''Mummy what are we having?''

''Something traditional; something that reminds us of home"

"I'll have pizza then..."

"Me too" Chichi replied.

"No you won't!" Cosmos replied. "That's no food, its not nutritious enough!"

"But cheese, meat and tomato is healthy"

"Stop it!" Blossom replied "and don't talk back to your daddy. You are in America but you are first a Nigerian besides that's refined meat, frozen cheese and tomato paste. How is that healthy?"

"Oops, sorry" Nkem replied.

"Pizza is for another day, now where is your brother?''

''He's right behind…look at him''

''Get him, everyone sit at the table and let's talk
about our day. Dinner is almost ready'' Then the
children continued to chatter and entertain their parents.


Re: Three Paths by Adasun(m): 12:55pm On Mar 05, 2016
sometimes i thought belinda case is natural bt why did she usually appear when things are moving fine.?

I thought as much nd wounder why charles never took da pastor's case serious,bt now i knw

even i would be greatly disappointed if my wife take our sexual life outside our home.

Am nt a one minite man sha,even tho am a virgin cheesy cheesy


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 12:57pm On Mar 05, 2016
Okiemute was in her store located at Ogorode Road in Sapele. She was talking to a customer who had just bought some snacks ''...tell your mother I said I got her text but she needs to balance me for the last time before she can place another order''

''She said she has finished paying you''

''She has not but don’t worry I'll call her myself''

''Aunty what of Cass?'' the young girl asked.

''She is at her day-care''

''Okay bye aunty''

''Bye greet your mother for me and tell her to
hurry up with the payment. Weekends are very busy for me and if she does not clear the balance, I will by pass her. Tell her I said I will by pass her'' then Okiemute chuckled as the girl skipped away.

It had been quite some time since she left Lagos but she was coping just fine. She never thought she
would find herself in Sapele again but it was not so
bad after all. The most important thing was money and she was making it here. She could definitely do better in a place like Lagos but she had decided to remain some more at least until her daughter had grown up a bit. She had all the help in the world and she was saving money for now.

Some of her biggest clients were the wedding planners, brides or people who were celebrating one event or the other. Sometimes she made mad
money when she organized her small chops training class. The other day, she had about 7 students and she charged them ₦10000 per head but that was because she added cocktails and
smoothies to their training. She was quite good at
what she did plus she usually traveled to Lagos to get the latest hands-on training once something new came up.

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Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 1:04pm On Mar 05, 2016
As a matter of fact, Okiemute was not doing badly
for herself and had even contemplated moving out of her parents home but they refused. They felt she was better off living with them until such a time a she got married. As Okiemute thought of these
things, her phone began to ring and she hissed once she saw who the caller was. But the call
was relentless and she finally picked ''hello'' she
greeted in an annoyed tone.

''How are things?'' Ken asked.

''I bless God; he is keeping us''

''I saw your missed call earlier in the day''

''Yes. I don’t like calling but just so you know, a new term is about to start''

''Have you spoken to her principal?''


''Did you have a word with the proprietor of Cassandra's school?''

''Not yet but what for?''

''Because if you did, you would know I've already discussed with her and paid the fees''

There was silence for sometime before Okiemute laughed and continued ''so what are you trying to do by by-passing me? Are you trying to say I will eat my own daughter's school fees? Abi na me nor want education for am? Am I not educated myself? What kind of mother will I be if I pocket her school fees?''


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 1:12pm On Mar 05, 2016
''I don't know what is bringing this leg oh besides I didn’t by pass you. I only paid for her school fees like I'm expected to do, that’s what you expect isn't it?''


''Am I lacking in anything else?''


''You are saying whatever now then later I will see missed call. When I call back, you will tell me school bag is thorn or socks has hole! Does that even make sense?"

"So let my child, your child, the child of a man like you go to school with worn socks?"

"I've advised you to call my mother when you need anything. You don’t have to call me all the time for these little things, that’s what we discussed isn't it? We are adults so let's act like adults would''


''Don’t create confusion in my home over small things like this. I cater for my daughter and if
you need to remind me of school fees when the current term is not even over, then speak to my
mum about it. She is a stone throw from you and you and know it. If you call her, she will answer. If you need to speak to her for whatever reason, you
know where she lives in Warri. Let's be mature about this thing. Give me a call when there is something important concerning my daughter''


''By the way, is it not this break I get to see her?''

''Who?'' Okiemute replied in a belligerent tone.

''Cassandra, my daughter''

''It is not this one!'' Okiemute spat out. ''That is not what we discussed. It is the long holiday in September I said''

''Okay no worries then. I will give you a call closer
to that period so we can arrange the logistics''


''How is everything and your parents?''

''Like you care''

''Okay. You want to be mature about this - fine. Take care and please remember to call when…'' then
Okiemute cut the call while he was still speaking and hissed like a snake.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 1:19pm On Mar 05, 2016
Almost immediately, she smiled as a gentlemen
approached her shop ''customer, come nah'' she yelled.

''You get cold malt?''

''Very cold, blocked, cold one, chilled one, my fridge is very good. My freezer too; I even sell ice block here. Enter. You want something else? I sell snacks too'' then the man smiled at her and strolled in ''I thought you were angry just now" the man began. "I say make I nor vex you further''

''Ahh! Vex for customer? No oh! Sit down abi you want to buy and go…come…'' Okiemute yelled at another customer. ''Come what do you want to
buy small girl?'' This time around they were 2 small
children coming back from school. Suddenly her day was busy and she liked it. It was particularly nice when the children closed from school and stopped by her shop to buy buns or puff puff ''Oga don’t be angry''Okiemute announced. ''Let me quickly sell for them''

''Don’t worry; they are small children. I have a good feeling I'll spend some time here'' the man replied. He looked at her fingers to be on the safe side and was pleased it was bare. She was free he imagined but just to be sure, he would ask.

He noticed her ass jiggling as she walked by to grab a sachet of pure water for someone else. She had a good shape and he liked her already. Meanwhile, Okiemute hurried around and settled the children then placed a bottle of malt in front of him ''let me have egg roll please'' the man replied.

She brought one and placed it in a black nylon and the stranger bit into it ''very good'' he announced. He raised it up a bit and smiled at her ''Very sweet just like the maker'' then Okiemute laughed and asked ''Flattery. How are you so sure I made it?''

''Well I don’t know but I guess so. I just want a channel to chat with you. Come and sit down now and let's talk. You've been on your feet since I walked in''

"Na money cause am" Okiemute joked then she sat down and they began to chatter. It was the start of something new only she didn’t know it then. She didn’t know if he would be like the rest guys who had run off once they heard she had a child. She didn’t want to bother herself with that for now. He was a good looking man. He was flirting with her and she didn’t mind.

She was game, very single and ready to mingle. The man seemed friendly, educated and well mannered heck he hadn’t even asked her out but she could bet he would before he left her shop. She looked at his
finger and smiled then looked again and was pleased there wasn’t any pale mark left by a wedding band but she couldn't be sure. She had fallen for one and she had no intention to mumuishly date another married man ''are you married?'' she suddenly blurted out.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 1:26pm On Mar 05, 2016
''No. I'm not''

''Are you?''

''No but I have a kid though - a daughter'' Okienute had gambled but she had always been a gambler. She looked into the stranger's eyes and watched for the faintest reaction but there was none. Some seconds, the stranger smiled at her and cocked his head to a corner ''I have a kid too'' he finally replied then Okiemute raised her hand for a hi-five and he reciprocated the gesture ''this is going to be interesting'' she announced.

''I think so too. The name is Ogaga by the the way''

''Ogaga the powerful. I like that name. Okiemute is the name, this is my shop and yes, I make my snacks myself''

''The pleasure is all mine'' then the pair shook hands and continued to gist.



Re: Three Paths by Adasun(m): 1:48pm On Mar 05, 2016
till this chapter three is finishing,the word we would be using is "whatever"

fantasy whatevergrin


Re: Three Paths by lumzybo: 2:01pm On Mar 05, 2016
till this chapter three is finishing,the word we would be using is "whatever"

fantasy whatevergrin

I concur #whatever grin

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Re: Three Paths by write2obi(m): 2:51pm On Mar 05, 2016
They all find a way to fix them selfs, except for dear belinda cry

whatever grin
Re: Three Paths by mubzay(f): 3:05pm On Mar 05, 2016
Good one from charles. That's more cool. Na wa for belinda.

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Re: Three Paths by olashas(f): 3:16pm On Mar 05, 2016
Nice to see Okiemute picking up the pieces. Belinda's lack of digniity is worrisome though. Can't she just move on?

Anyways, whatever. tongue

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Re: Three Paths by jaybiz007(m): 3:58pm On Mar 05, 2016
Nice to see Okiemute picking up the pieces. Belinda's lack of digniity is worrisome though. Can't she just move on?

Anyways, whatever. tongue
#whatever... grin

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Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 4:09pm On Mar 05, 2016
Good. Okiemute the baby mama is ready to mingle. Whatever!

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Re: Three Paths by fretfingers: 4:30pm On Mar 05, 2016
cool I unrepentantly refuse to conjugate myself with the whatever bandwagon. undecided

Oh did I jst say it angry embarassed

K. My bad! grin

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Re: Three Paths by gal10(f): 6:25pm On Mar 05, 2016
Charles and Ebube must have some makeup sex ohhh!! Yes iya FantasyIsland I said it!!

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Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 8:15pm On Mar 05, 2016
you are a expecting a miracle, right? grin.....fantasyisland tell us the name of the bitter roots drink he took , as you would inadvertently save some marriages by doing so
Charles and Ebube must have some makeup sex ohhh!! Yes iya FantasyIsland I said it!!
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 4:27am On Mar 06, 2016
Loving this
Re: Three Paths by chii8(f): 7:08am On Mar 06, 2016
Things r falling in place for Oke

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