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Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 3:41pm On Mar 06, 2016
nice and making sense.
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:31pm On Mar 06, 2016

The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned
into more weeks. The rain came down in torrents, the trees swayed to the drum of mother nature and time walked on by. And so it was for everyone, they got on with their life until an event occurred. And when this 'thing' happened, two people decided to put aside their differences and meet.

The venue for the meeting was an upscale restaurant on the island. Ebube was the first to arrive. She was supposed to eat indoors but one look at the white tables and chair lazing outside was enough to pull her out. She promptly got up
from her chair and made her way out. It was windy
day, but it was just okay - light wind like you
needed after the blistering sun. Ebube sat at the top
floor and looked around, the view was breathtaking.
She could see the powerboats swaying by the side of the water.

Their colour was a dull white and she wondered how strong they were. Any doubt about their efficacy was soon laid to rest once a couple got
on board and the driver took it out for a spin. Ebube shuddered as the boat came alive and zoomed
off. She shuddered because she couldn’t imagine
taking a ride across that body of water. It was not
because it was in Lagos, for even if it was in Miami or Bahamas, she would have still been scared. She
hated water, river, beach, stream, sea, ocean and
indeed anything that was submerged by a body of
water. She always preferred the view from afar.

Then almost immediately, waiter in a well tailored suit walked by and dropped a menu for her ''evening ma, would you like something to drink?'' he asked. Ebube looked at him and smiled. He looked like her specification; tall, dark, handsome, well spoken (with a rich baritone) and somewhat vulnerable. Well vulnerable because he seemed like he was out of place - like a fish out of water. It appeared like he would look better in a black suit in a corporate environment. It seemed like he was a graduate who took this job because he couldn’t find a better one.


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:37pm On Mar 06, 2016
She wondered what his story was. Some
months back, she would have jumped at him. She
would have taken the menu from him and brushed against his palm. She would have done it in a way that would leave him confused. He would have been unsure if she did it on purpose or if it was an innocent act.

But that was a long time ago. Ebube had repented
and she was sticking to the straight and painfully
narrow path. She had sworn never to return to her old ways and so she smiled at him and stated she would wait for her friend before making her order.

About 7 minutes later, a familiar face stepped though the sliding doors and her mouth hung wide open. It had been about 6 months since she last saw Nat and it was great to finally see her again.
The pair had only started talking about 2 weeks ago
and ever since, they had not stopped. Nat was the first to make the call and on that day, Ebube was shocked at how well they communicated. It was almost like nothing had happened; like there was never a break in transmission ''look at you!'' Nat
yelled in excitement.

''You've eaten a frog'' Ebube shrieked. "Why didn’t
you tell me about it and we've been taking in the past two weeks.

''I wanted you to see it yourself. My pastor says you
don’t announce pregnancy, you see it''

"Oh for Pete's sake Nat"

"I missed you and this your Pete expression"

''Oh Nat I missed you too. You are back with your
pastor gist and girl, you look absolutely beautiful. It’s wonderful to see you looking this way. I've always imagine how it would be and finally I get to see it''

''Thank you''

''How far gone are you?''

''About 18 weeks''

''The IVF thing finally went through?''

''No. funny enough, it happened naturally"

"Wow! So what did you do differently?"

"Funny enough nothing or maybe I was more relaxed. I prayed as usual, exercised some more but to be fair it wasn't like I did something I've never
done before. I think I was just at peace with myself.

"Its amazing right?"

"More than amazing; it was just your time girl. I'm
truly happy for you"

"Thanks, anyways let me finish
the gist. We sha continued with our earlier IVF plan but this time, we wanted to do it aboard. We had even planned the visit, booked the appointment, gotten the visa because Ken's had expired. We even paid small money then I got sick that month. A trip to the doctors and voila, here we are. Master Jesus did
it, I tell you I'm still in shock''

''Jesus is great. I follow you shout Master Jesus -
natural conception''

''As natural as they come''

''Can I touch your bump?''

''Of course silly! I'll be mad if you didn’t'' then
Ebube got up and touched her tummy. Almost
immediately they began to laugh as they took their
seats; it was a sight to behold but the only person missing was Belinda. As though Ebube knew what it was, she began to tear up.

Immediately Nat got up again and they hugged again ''I'm so sorry for everything'' Ebube began. ''And just before I sit and start acting all cosy, I did something silly. I'm terribly sorry but I have a confession to make and I can't pretend it
didn’t happen. I didn’t mean to…''

''Hush! I believe we've spoken about it already…''


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:43pm On Mar 06, 2016
''No. It's this issue that happened with your husband and…

''He told me about it. Forget it. I don’t want to dwell in the past and dig up silly things we did. It's not just
you, I'm sorry too. I'm sorry it took this incident to
bring us back together. I'm sorry for everything that
happened that night…''

''No. It's not your fault Nat. We were to blame. It was wrong and I was selfish. I can't even blame Bel again; I take full responsibility for all that happened. I'm so sorry…''

''It's okay. Let's leave everything in the past. It’s a
happy day''

''Oh yes it is. It’s a day for reconciliation, catching
up proper, baby talk, good food, good drinks and of
course recalling beautiful memories''

''I'll try to keep it in line with the aforementioned
and if I slip up blame it on the hormones'' the pair
held hands across the table and began to chatter.
They spoke about everything under the sun. The
waiter came around again but they asked for water
and dismissed him. They continued to talk until a
Caucasian (probably a manager or head chef) came
around. It was then they decided to take their order
''let's order before they think we are women of easy
virtue'' Nat whispered. She coughed once and lifted the menu and Ebube began to laugh again.

It was fun seeing Nat as she once knew her. She
sounded like her former self – light, chirpy and
free. It was also great hearing familiar terms the 3
friends once used. When one of them made a certain comment, the rest would burst out laughing.

There was always a story behind it and instinctively
everyone would recall the incident. For example, the story behind 'women of easy virtue' was quite
simple but embarrassing. While they were at the university, they had gone out to enjoy one of Nat's bounties. Unfortunately, no sooner had they sat down when a fat man walked up to them and asked them to leave his establishment. The friends refused to leave. Instead they brought out their
school ID card and Ebube began to quote law.

Immediately, the man became more incensed. He continued to shout and insult them in Bini.
On that day,Nat was the first to get up and pack her bag in horror. Ebube continued to quote the law while Belinda raised her slippers and continued to display. All the while, the man kept shouting ''women of easy virtue, don’t spoil my market, women of easy virtue, leave here!'' and that
phrase would never fail to amuse the three friends.

Shortly afterwards, Natasha and Ebube finally made
their order and the waiter walked away. Some minutes later, he returned armed with their meal. Ebube had pasta with some creamy sauce while Nat had good old jellof rice ''do you like yours?'' she asked.

She noticed Ebube frowning for most of the meal and she felt sorry for her. 'Pasty is a tad soggy but the sauce is okay" Ebube replied." I like the fish too''

''You dey try oh! I don’t want anything that would upset my tummy. I can't fit shout!'' then Nat raised up her glass of juice and...


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 9:54pm On Mar 06, 2016
announced ''let's make a toast''

''With your juice?''

''We can toast with anything silly besides you have something fancy. I'm jealous but soon I'll be sipping on
something strong again''

''Your time will come but for now enjoy ya juice'' then Ebube lifted her glass and asked ''what shall we toast to?''

''To friendship, family, good health, our kids, the baby and Belinda''

''Yeah to Bel'' they clicked their glasses and Ebube looked away. Her eyes were filled with sorrow and a tear ran off. Immediately, Nat reached for her hand and squeezed her finger
''it’s okay dear'' she whispered.

''I never got the chance to ask or maybe I was too
scared to find out over the phone. What were the circumstances? I mean you touched on some parts but…''

''Zanex, loads of zanex and some other medication she was on; mostly for depression. It was a lethal cocktail; she knew what she was doing''

''I can't believe it'' Ebube replied. She shook her head and wiped another tear then she continued ''she was the strongest person I ever knew. She was calm in the face of opposition. She rarely complained about what she was going through unless she had reached her breaking point. She rarely took things seriously. She was a bloody good fighter and she was never scared to walk alone. You couldn’t beat that girl down and you couldn’t make her conform
with the crowd no matter how hard you tried''

''True that''

''Remember how her parents tried to make her stay in the science class yet failed? That was as far back as JSS3/SS1 and that girl wouldn’t
budge. That’s the Belinda I know not a depressed or suicidal person''

''I know. It's so sad but you know those guys over there are thorough. She didn’t get those drugs off the street corner or have someone crush it into her drink. She took
them on purpose - suicide. I got in touch with Phillip (Belinda's younger
brother) via Facebook and the story is solid. She was even attending counseling to help with…''

''That's not the friend I know! A flipping shrink?''

''I know, all those things we used to laugh about. Remember how we used to say, sit on my couch
and I'll be your doctor Phil?''

''Or your shrink''

''Yeah those good old days'' Nat concluded then she picked up her hanky and dabbed the corner of her eyes.

''And that’s why I believe something horrible happened to her. Belinda would never have seen a psychologist on her own. I'm sure it was those depressing session that pushed her to the edge. Someone needs to go through that shrink's tapes or notes. Those stupid questions they ask; tell me about yourself, close your eyes and imagine a time when bla bla bla. Stupidity at its peak!''


''I mean we are Nigerians and we don’t get depressed. Life on its own in this place can be depressing. Even if you are rich and you look outside your tinted window, it's depressing out there. Nevertheless we tug on''

''Yeah we do''

''I mean we are depression personified; depression cannot depress us. Depression sees a Nigerian and
flees. Depression is learning work where I am sef.
That’s the spirit of a proper Nigerian'' Nat smiled at her but didn’t say anything else. She didn’t quite believe all Ebube said because she had seen depression in its rawest form. Depression had looked her in the eye and smacked her in the head.

She knew Ebube was emotional so she decided to allow it go. Meanwhile Ebube continued to lament ''I don’t know why she relocated sef, she was doing very well here. Then burial in Port Harcourt?''

''I know it’s depressing right?''

''Why didn’t they leave her in Texas? Bel hated Port
Harcourt. Gosh, I wish they even considered her. I
don’t think her parents understood her even to reach death. They would have done a better job
burying her in Benin. Bel loved her time there and
she would have chosen it over PH for sure''

''I quite agree but this one is beyond us. I hear it was done pretty much straight away, body arrives one day and interred by the next day. Just family members"


Re: Three Paths by eitsei(m): 10:12pm On Mar 06, 2016
Belinda is dead? embarassed oh no!! I don't want her to die yet cos I believed she would still change but I was wrong
Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 10:14pm On Mar 06, 2016
"Sad that they couldn't reach out to us"

"Phillip was most apologetic when I said the same
thing. Well it's her family after all and we've got to
respect their wishes.If they chose to fly her all the way from the States, then who are we to judge? They also lost a daughter, their only daughter and that’s huge!''

''Sometimes I feel guilty though; I kind of know why she went there and I feel if that stuff didn’t happen with us, she wouldn’t feel the need to leave. I know she was contemplating leaving after that Blossom’s issue but that was just talk. Unfortunately after that our incident, that stuff made her flee. It was too
much too soon. She lost Blossom then she lost her
friends; oh gawd! I'm plagued with guilt Nat"

''Oh don’t blame yourself Ebube''

''Oh Nat I do. I can't help it. Sometimes I wake up
from this dream and it's all before that stuff ever happened. I mean right before that night. If I could go back in time, I know what I wouldn’t do''

Nat pointed a finger at her and spoke in a harsh tone ‘’Listen, we have all made mistakes. I made mistakes while in school, you did, Belinda did, Ken did but look where we are today. The problem is when you err and sit there. If you can forgive yourself, move on and better yourself then you are a victor. At one point, I found myself in the rot but I
got up, apologized, dusted my dress and moved on. Now if Belinda couldn't do that, it's not
your fault. You can't put that load on your head unless you want to join her. Ebube, you are not responsible for Belinda's demise''

''I guess that's what I'll have to live with. The guilt then the fact it was not my fault. A never ending path down this black hole that leads nowhere''

will be better with time - I promise. Don’t do that to
yourself’’ ‘

are you sure they checked well? Did they do like an autopsy because they are loads of crazy folks in this world''

''An autopsy was done dear; I'm sure I mentioned that when I called. There was no
foul play involved in her death. We've got to admit she was probably
depressed from Naija. The time frame from when she left to when this thing happened was just too short. All those times she smiled and moved around we've got to admit there were deep seated issues simmering underneath''

''Perhaps if I'd reached out to her just once…''

''Unfortunately I didn’t reach out to her too but I'm
glad I made my peace with her before she traveled out. I apologized to her and she knew I meant it. I didn’t even know when she left the country. I didn’t know anything''

''Bel is sha crazy. She mentioned moving to Alaska once and I thought she was kidding. The dimwitt actually moved there!'' then Nat started laughing and this time she didn’t bother to wipe the tears that rolled off her cheek ''I mean she moved to Alaska smack bang in the middle of winter then she began to work in a convenience store. Like who does that? Like who leaves her high paying TV job and goes to man the checkout till in a foreign land?''

''Bel'' Nat replied.

''It's crazy, funny yet sad - very sad. I think of her in her final days and my heart skips a beat. Imagine working a dead-end job in the middle of nowhere while it's freezing cold. Do you have any idea how cold Alaska is?''

''I tire for Belinda oh and she had family out there. You see why I believe this depression theory?''

''Bel was as stubborn as a mule; I'm sure going to miss her. By the way how did Blossom know so much about her life in Alaska? Were they still like an item?''

''Hell no! Blossom told me she lives in Arizona with
her family. They relocated some time at the start of
the year. Apparently, Belinda got wind of it and tried to reach out to her but Blossom rebuffed her attempt''

''You see what I mean by she is a mule? Fancy trying to reach Blossom after all the advice I gave her. She just couldn’t leave that lady alone. Unfortunately that was her undoing''

''I'm afraid so. That was the much Blossom knew about Belinda until her demise. Apparently...


Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 10:27pm On Mar 06, 2016
she got to know so much because Belinda left a will and gave almost everything to the same Blossom. It was then the lawyer abi probate people contacted her''

''Jesus Christ!''

''Blossom was now asking me if we were interested in Belinda's things. She didn’t want nada shipped to her place''

''Oh Lord, rejected even in death. I wish Belinda can wake up and see the folly of her action. See person when she die for; oh what a shame!''

''My dear na so I see am oh! I sha directed her to Phillip but she was not even willing to do that. She didn’t care if the things got lost, stolen or even burnt! I had to contact Phillip and pass on Blossom's number. Her family will definately treasure her personal items''

''I feel horrible hearing all this. This was not a
nobody, she was loved''

''Ebube, I say on that day, Blossom was talking to me and whispering like a small child. Apparently she didn’t want her husband to get wind of anything. She wants nothing to do with Belinda even in death. Can you blame the poor girl?''

''I advised Belinda to leave another man's wife oh! Hmm it is well sha. I don’t blame Blossom because I know the conditions my husband gave me too. I always knew I would not be able to reach Belinda once I reconciled with Charles. It was inevitable and she understood that''

''Talking about your husband, how are things?''

''Okay, we are taking it one day at a time. I told you I
got something else as per work now?''

''Yes you did. Congratulations, company secretary toh bad!''

''Na really. Its hard work but it helps to keep me

''So is Charles back in the bedroom?''

''No but I moved to the guest room and he's okay with it. That's our permanent abode'' then Nat gave her a hi-five and the pair began to laugh ''Good for you, good for you guys'' she remarked. The pair raised their glass
and clicked it again. Then Nat continued with her aproko gist ''so it's safe to say you guys are back on track?''

''Ask me the question well''

''Are you guys having sex?''

''We are doing good there but we still have a long way to go in terms of trust. Sometimes I feel he holds back like I can literally feel him tense up when I touch him. Then at other times it's okay. God, it kills me Nat''

''It will pass - I promise you. As long as he doesn’t push you away''

''There is so much hurt and pain. He doesn’t trust me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get back what we lost - it scares me''

''Don’t be scared. You will get it back dear as long as you remain together and his heart remains receptive. It's going get better someday. He'll
probably never forget just like me but it wouldn’t hurt so much. Love conquers all''

"I guess you're right; by the way, how is the girl and
her baby?"

"You mean the small slut? Oh well that is their
business, me I dey my own lane. The other day, Ken
was moaning about the money he sends for the baby. For my belle, I just laugh. As you make your bed, so you shall lie on it. His business has picked up a bit and I leave him to handle his matter. The other day he was saying he wants to see his mum and the child in Warri. Its got nothing to do with me and I've sworn never to get involved"

"Hmm, it is well oh!" then Ebube looked at her watch and sighed ''I gotta go'' she announced.

''Me too; Ken begged me not to stay out too late''

''Yeah lets go, we'll do this again some other time, say next week or so''

Then the two friends walked out together. Once they got outside the restaurant, Nat placed a hand around Ebube's neck and whispered ''don’t be sad. This is the beginning of better things''

''Yeah, Bel would have liked it this way. Do you know she actually begged me to reconcile with you?''

''Did she?''

''Yeah. It was one of the last things she told me just before I left her house for the last time. Now I think of it, I just wonder. She sort of knew…''

''I kinda know that feeling. So we are back to being
best friends?'' Nat asked. Ebube looked at her and laughed ''best friends for life. We are all we got'' she

Then the pair held their hands tightly and continued to walk on.



Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 10:32pm On Mar 06, 2016
Thank you all you beautiful people. Thanks a bunch. Literature section was cool but we shall collide again at 'where e dey hot' AKA the sexuality spot. Till then...


Re: Three Paths by eitsei(m): 10:44pm On Mar 06, 2016
Like seriously this is the end? Eeyah I wish Belinda would come back from death and the story would continue... All the same well done fantasyland
Re: Three Paths by ibkn(m): 10:52pm On Mar 06, 2016
like seriously... madam fantasyisland you just summarized the end like Nollywood movie..
chai ... so my favorite babe, the strong one had to die. I expected her to be unhinged for a while and get herself back together not die.. as for Blossom selfish conniving babe.. can Collins trust her forever? Nat and Ebube may be friends but it cannot be as before...


Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 10:57pm On Mar 06, 2016
Aww...fantasyisland.... God bless you. my full comment loading
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 11:10pm On Mar 06, 2016
Lessons learnt from 'The three paths'


Oh Bel..I'm so sorry she died lonely and depressed..but she believed strongly in what she thoughts was right..(I'm not supporting homosexual activities) but she never flinched about people's opinion or reaction.
it's a pity she feel into depression(I've been a victim and it's so bad) Nigerians will even make it bad by believing it's spiritual instead of seeking professional help...She indeed got help but twas too late.
Parents should know that each child is different and unique in his own way....if only her parents and loved ones had understood her better...if only...if only


I'm so happy for you. Though you're my favorite character but I won't be biased in my judgement..
indeed there's an appointed time for everything..and God's time remains the best.
I'm happy you took the bold step by confessing you past sins to your husband..the bible says 'he whosoever covers his sins shall not prosper'..
Reconciliation with God and man is a must(lemme not go too spiritual..
I'm happy you did the right thing.
But, dear Nat, when you called Charles, you almost broke another woman's home...don't be too quick to anger...don't act without thinking and weighing your options.
Good you've got your groove back


I'm so happy for you...you should learn not to involve third parties into your home...some issues should be settled between couples in the confinement of their matrimonial home...
You seemed perfect, but we all have our flaws...
And thank God for your kind hearted sisters....sisters rock!!
Then, you made a fool of yourself trying to revenge what your friend did...don't repay evil deeds.
An eye for an eye will only make the world go blind.
So happy for you.

Hmmmmm....you can't build your own happiness on another woman's sorrow..it will come crashing like a pack of cards.
So good you're moving on with life.

You wanted to 'eat and chop mouth' but God saved you from choking..
Stop listening to wrong advise from friends and family. how would you feel if your wife went to test run herself too??
Hold on firmly to your wife..she's heaven sent.

Thank God..you were able to reset your brain eventually...and stick to your husband, not all men can handle discovering their wife's 'dirty little secret' and still love them..
Happy you're happy now.

Typical African man(make una no vex o), not willing to get help yet starving your wife of her marital rights...but thank God you guys settled it..
Ebube hurt you, but the silent treatment almost ruined your home.

Above all, one thing I've learnt in this story is FORGIVENESS....the ability of the characters to forgive and let go of things....to err is human but to forgive is divine.
It took time but they forgave and moved on.

This story has made me missed my 'naughty friends'

FANTASYISLAND...thank you for this wonderful story.God bless you.(hope you don't mind my long epistle


Re: Three Paths by gal10(f): 11:12pm On Mar 06, 2016
Nooooo it can not end!! FantasyIsland pls na.
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 11:19pm On Mar 06, 2016
Too bad to hear Belinda died. From the trio to the duo. This story was excellent to the end. I really appreciate. We are really going to miss you here for now. And till you are back with another bang, stay blessed ma'am.
Re: Three Paths by SexySapphire(f): 11:21pm On Mar 06, 2016
Still can't wrap my head around the fact that Belinda committed suicide. She used to be the strongest among them. I'm sure Blossom's rejection made her do it but I don't blame Blossom, I wish Bel got someone else in Alaska to move on with. So sad.
I'm really happy that God finally answered Nat's prayer and blessed her with the fruit of the womb despite all her atrocities. God is indeed good.
I'm glad Ebube also had a happy ending as regards her family, all thanks to her sister who stood by her.
Fantasyisland, I must confess this isn't the way I pictured the story ending but I love the fact that it ended with a touch of reality. It isn't everyone with a smile on their face that are truly happy and the strongest do have their weak moments as well (R.I.P to Belinda). The grace to always carry on no matter what is what we all should keep praying for. Thanks so much for blessing us with this story Fantasy, may God bless you also and enrich your life. See you at your next point of call.

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Re: Three Paths by eagleeye2: 11:30pm On Mar 06, 2016
Thank you all you beautiful people. Thanks a bunch. Literature section was cool but we shall collide again at 'where e dey hot' AKA the sexuality spot. Till then...
I feel sad that Belinda had to die. She was the only character that accepted who she was, and was never afraid to stand alone.

You could have kept her alive.
Re: Three Paths by princeifynicky(m): 11:45pm On Mar 06, 2016
Fantasy mama, waa gbayiii! ur stories dey always do me yoriyori for belle.... from once upon an island to the unloved wife, to I is for infidelity and now to the Three Paths.... ur stories have always been a hit back to back.. thanks dear....As e dey sweet me for body ehn, I for kukuma come ask ur ppl make dem just give me list shaparly, but I no wan make some ppl for here come dey beef me. Anyways, God bless You real good. Ify cares!
Re: Three Paths by Adasun(m): 12:47am On Mar 07, 2016
whatevercheesycheesy 9ice ending

fantasy u are a bomb.a fabulous ginues.
Re: Three Paths by virtuedagirl(f): 12:51am On Mar 07, 2016
Finaily d story has come to an end,with great lessons to pick up.Frm Wole who left his former work in a bid to escape tight corner when he could have falling & satisfy eb or make her marrige sour by confiding in his boss,to fejiro who forgave greatly,to oki who forgot dat we are accountable to every of our decisions.To d wonderful three paths,bel am never happy it ended this way for u but i learnt i should stand for what i believe but it must be wat is right though,to ebube,when face wit a problem seek solutions d right way don't be too desparate,to nat u must have err in d past but u neva let it stop u from being a better person...i can go on&on.To fantasy u did a beautiful work here,tanks for sharing dis wonderful piece,i appreciate &know u can only get better,more grace ma.Stay blessed

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Re: Three Paths by hottadiva(f): 1:25am On Mar 07, 2016
That was quite a read!!! I've got to admit, it's different from your other stories but I enjoyed it.
Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 6:02am On Mar 07, 2016
My darling Belinda had to die. So painful. This story feels so real. Well done fantasyisland kiss
Re: Three Paths by lumzybo: 6:38am On Mar 07, 2016
Hell NO!!! This is highly unaccepted "in orubebe's voice" this ain't the end we kinda anticipated.

@ fantasy, I sure u meant the end b4 the end.

Bia, come and continue b4 I change my mind. cry

In all, we were all entertained. On behalf of every1, thanks a bunch!!! See ya all some other tym *curtain falls*
Re: Three Paths by olashas(f): 6:51am On Mar 07, 2016
Thank you all you beautiful people. Thanks a bunch. Literature section was cool but we shall collide again at 'where e dey hot' AKA the sexuality spot. Till then...
Awww... sweet. I love the conclusion.

Yaaaaaaay. Let's go back to the sexuality section. Thanks fantasyisland. I enjoyed the story.
Re: Three Paths by Teespice(f): 6:59am On Mar 07, 2016
so this piece has finally ended.

the one thing I learnt here is forgiveness.

RIP belinda.

even the strongest of people sometimes break down when the pressure is too much. I felt she was the strongest character who had her act together her sexual preferences not withstanding. the main reason why I can't and won't judge a homosexual.

happy that okiemute finally took the bull by the horn and got her shit together. you don't play with fire lest you get burnt. also happy that she put aside her pride and ego and made that phone call which I believe turned things around for her.

fejiro remains the matured one. most humans would want to gloat and rejoice at the misfortune of others but not her.

the only reason ken forgave natasha was because he has his own sins too. if he was a "saint" and not dependent on his wife in some way, I guess he would have pushed her out ever since. but I didn't write the story. those are just assumptions.

charles....typical African man. can't blame him for reacting the way he did. not everybody wants their dirty linens washed in public. he reacted the way most men would do especially after hearing from another person how he should keep things alive in the bedroom. brings to the fore that communication is key in relationships. had he opened up to his wife, none of what happened would have taken place.

natasha and ebube.....happy their prayers were answered in the end. friendships without fights and issues cannot be described as being true.

I have learnt a lot. looking forward to reading the next piece.
just the way the unloved wife taught me a whole lot of lessons. I should even go back to read the novel again.

kudos fantasyisland.

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Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:53am On Mar 07, 2016
@Hernyolar, thanks for the breakdown. I nearly did that but was too tired. @teespice and most readers comments, you are absolutely right. The key thing here was moving on, everyone did but Belinda. She just couldn't pick herself up after Blossom's rejection plus the loss of her friends contributed to it. Then the problems with her parents, the fact people didn't approve of her sexuality et al.

Its no excuse to commit suicide and she could have moved on; it a new place with untapped opportunities yet she didn't...

That's a lesson for us all I guess. From Wole's stance to Fejiro's steadfastness(her small pay and unwillingness to compromise finally paid off) her willingness to forgive her cousin even when she could have had a gloating party, to even Okiemute's moving on after realizing her mistake then to the underdog (Isioma) a single mother, the most unlikely person yet she was the one who fought for her sister till the end, a sister who hardly visited her, she may not have been the nicest person to live with but she loved her kid sister in her own weird way...imagine, she was the one who finally got Charles to talk...

I can go on but I guess the main thing for me is letting go and moving on...

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Re: Three Paths by Fantasyisland(f): 7:55am On Mar 07, 2016
@eagleeye2 and all Belinda sympathizers... sorry but that's how the cookie crumbles I guess. Have a good day yall...


Re: Three Paths by Nobody: 7:57am On Mar 07, 2016
Thank you fantasy
Re: Three Paths by eagleeye2: 8:45am On Mar 07, 2016
@eagleeye2 and all Belinda sympathizers... sorry but that's how the cookie crumbles I guess. Have a good day yall...
Good Morning Fantasy. And have a wonderful day.
You a great writer and story teller.
Re: Three Paths by base83: 10:05am On Mar 07, 2016
cry cry cry I will miss this story, I can almost see the characters like I lived the story too... cry cry cry Bel oh Bel like they say sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go. So happy for my girl Nat, truth is she always had a good heart even if she went by it the wrong way. Ebube the sly one; I guess alot of us have that Ebube part in us, the ability to act it out makes the difference... from Wole to the steamy session with Bel, I cant say she is one of my favorite. Fantasy well done all ends neatly tied, thank you can't wait to resume in our regular section. grin grin grin
Re: Three Paths by phemocheee(m): 11:41am On Mar 07, 2016
Thank you fantasyisland
Re: Three Paths by bawelat: 1:26pm On Mar 07, 2016
THANK YOU FANTASYISLAND.i wil be an ingrate if i fail to say this knw,may your FOUNTAIN OF WISDOM never go dry.

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