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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 5:53am On May 19
Chapter Fourteen
1. MIquel was a male homo sapiens born in the 281,428th year of the homo sapiens era, also called the 1428CE.
2. When MIquel was a little child, he began to have a strong feeling that he was not a male, but a female rather.
3. In those days, he associated more with the females rather than the males. He held his sexual organ in between his laps to hide it so that it would appear like a female sexual organ.
4. When his parents noticed this, they reported to the bishop. Then he took MIquel to the church which was at Valencia so that he could be prayed for and delivered from that which they called demonic possession.
5. When they had prayed for days and fasted to help Miquel, they returned him to his parents, assuring that he had been changed.
6. Now Miquel continued to think and behave like a female child. He also spoke like a female and his voice sounded feminine. He loved to put on clothes belonging to his sisters and also felt the need for female genitals.
7. Now when his parents had called him again, saying, are you not aware that a male who puts on the garments of a female is an abomination to our god?
8. Know also that if you do not cease to do this, you will be executed by the church someday.
9. Now Miquel said, I am not a male, but a female. I feel strange whenever I put on a male cloth and I think that our god would rather want me dead in a male clothing rather than in a female's clothing.
10. You gave me a male name Miquel, but a female name Margarida appeal to me, therefore I will henceforth be called Margarida.
11. Now Miquel was continually feeling that he was a female, therefore when he had left his father's home, he bore holes in his ears and wore earrings.
12. He also bought only female wears and fixed clothes on his chest so that he would appear like a female. He also painted his lips and fingernails.
13. Then he left the place where he was known to live in another part of Spain.
14. Now when Margarida was of age, he thought that he should get married, so he listened to one of his suitors who was a devoted member of the church at Valencia.
15. Then he said, I am a female in my soul, but a male in physical appearance. Let my secret be kept and let our proposed marriage not be stopped.
16. For as I could remember, you did convince me that our god spoke to you in an audible voice that I am the right life partner for you.
17. Therefore if indeed our god told you this, then you should know that it is his will for us to get married. I have had many suitors previously, but they all sodomised me and left the relationship.
18. But for your own case, since you say that our god told you that I was the woman for you, then you should by no mean reject me.
19. Now when the man heard this, he reported the case to the church and they came for Miquel. Then they said, you have gone against the law of our god.
20. For he commanded that a man should not wear the things which a woman wears. Why do you do these things?
21. Then Miquel said, you only see my body and not my soul and you judge me based on my body only. For in my soul, I am a female, but I am trapped in this male body.
22. Then they said, you are possessed by a stubborn demon. For our god cannot make a mistake to create a female soul in a male body.
23. Then he said, I do not know this, but I know that I am a female and not a male. I feel awkward putting on a male dress also.
24. Now when Miquel was being tortured by the church at Valencia, they required that he produced the names of his past suitors who had sodomised him. Then Miquel said, if I provide them, some of your clergies will be affected.
25. Then they said, we do not care who will be affected or not, but we will bring everyone to justice. For we must cleanse our land so that our god does not visit us with this plague again.
26. For if we do not relent in killing the Jews and the Muslims in this land to purify it and make it holy, why then should we not kill the clergies found wanting also.
27. Now when the torture was fierce on Miquel, he revealed names of fourteen suitors who had sodomised him.
28. Now these are the names of the people who had sodomised him; Gonzalez, Thiago, Hernandez of Zaragoza, Pedro of Marlloca, Alcantara, Pummel Alonso, Alexandro, Matthias of Marlloca, Mateo a deacon of Valencia, Pablo Soares, Santiago, Manuel, Fernando Alba and Antonio the priest.
29. Now they sought for all these men and found them, except for Hernandez of Zaragoza who was already dead and Pablo Soares who had relocated to Italy three years earlier.
30. Now there was great argument within the church, because some of them practised sodomy also. For Mateo and Antonio were clergies found to be associated with Miquel.
31. Then the two men found guilty said, if you choose to execute us with this man Miquel, then you should be ready to executed two-third of the Catholic clergies. For you are aware that only a few of us do not engage in this act.
32. Now they agreed among themselves to execute the other ten men along with Miquel. So they paraded them in the market square and tortured them extremely.
33. And as for Miquel, he was publicly made naked so that everyone could see his manhood and know that he was a man. Then they made him wear a male garment which he had not put on for many years.
34. Then they cut off his manhood and hanged him while he was facing excruciating pain.
35. So did Miquel die a painful death in the hands of the christians, he who was also known as Margarida Borrás, because he lived as a female boldly when he had a male body.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 7:12am On May 19
Chapter Fifteen
1. When a knight named Joanot heard about the execution of Miquel, he mourned him because he had listened to him in the past, being one of the friends of his father.
2. Now Joanot was also an author of several books, therefore he was interested in the story of Miquel which was quite strange to him.
3. So earlier, he had sat him down to ask him series of questions, saying, is it true O Miquel, that you feel and think like a girl instead of a boy?
4. Then he responded yes. Then Joanot said, if this is so, then you are unique, because I have never found anyone in this way before.
5. Now tell me who your best friends are and why do you associate with them.
6. Then Miquel mentioned names of three females, calling them her best friends who played female games together with him. Then Joanot said, at your age, boys have ego and will not want to their male mates find them always in the company of girls.
7. How do you cope with name calling from your fellow males? For they will call you sissy and all sorts of names.
8. Then he said, only your friend will make fun of you to your face, but since I have no male friends, who then will call me these names to my face?
9. I mingle with the girls like one of them and they have seen me as such. I do not get sexually attracted to them, because we are of the same gender in the soul. But to the boys, I get attracted sexually.
10. How I wish my soul could be transferred into the body of a female so that my problem could be permanently solved.
11. If only our god can transform a male body to a female body, then I would be free from this gender problem. But no one believe me in all the things I say.
12. Rather, they said that I just wanted to disregard the law of our god. I have prayed to our god to transform me into a female, but my prayers are not answered.
13. They say that I am possessed by demons, but I do not exhibit any demonic trait. I am kind and not wicked. I am gentle and not wild.
14. I do a lot of almsdeed and wish that evil will end on earth. I hate to see people being poor, so I have enriched as many as I could, even at this tender age of mine.
15. And daily I pray to our god to transform my body to the gender of my soul so that I could end my misery.
16. But he does not respond to my prayers such that I am already doubting if he exists at all or if he has any power to help me.
17. Then Joanot said, I believe everything you have said Miquel or Margarita and I will write a book concerning this, perhaps in the future, men will think of how to work on human body to correct this error.
18. But I fear for my life that I might be considered an heretic and killed. So I will rather write a fiction as regards this, so that humans could think along that line.
19. For fictions have a way of ministering to the human minds and making them think along the storyline.
20. Now Joanot had not ended the fiction based on Miquel which he had already begun to write when he was caught and executed by the church.
21. Then Joanot mourned, saying, if only this god had responded to the pleas of Miquel to transform his body to a female body, he would have been spared of this death.
22. Now Joanot was angry at the Catholic Church at Valencia because they had displayed hypocrisy in the matter. For it had come to his knowledge that both Antonio and Mateo had sodomised him, yet they were not executed like the rest.
23. Therefore he confronted the church about the matter and they warned him to desist from dabbling in the matter.
24. When the matter had reached the pope Pius II, he threatened to strip Joanot off the title of knight he had. Then his friend named Sergio said to him, whhy do you want to be stripped off your title for this matter? Now you know what it meant for you to keep your title.
25. Then Joanot said, this pope cannot strip me off my knightly title because it was not him who gave it to me, but the pope before him.
26. My title preceeds his papal title so why should he desire to strip me off it?
28. Now the church sent men into the house to Joanot to set all his works on fire, so that he would not publish the things which would implicate them in the case of Miquel whom they had killed.
29. Now Joanot watched many of the fiction books go aflame as his library was burnt by the Christians. Then he lost zeal in writing all over again, because the storybooks which they had burnt up were very many and they had no duplicate copies.
30. So Joanot's voice on the matter of Miquel could not be heard because of the loss of his library of books which was razed by fire.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by GodSaklek(m): 9:17pm On May 23
Hi OtemAtum, I know that u are very busy, hope I can ask you question, please...
This thing has been bothering my mind for long time, please let me know if am free to Ask.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by lyrical(m): 9:23pm On May 23

Nairaland has always been where i get the headline summary of practically everything! Registered on the 14th oct 2008, (12years�) though am not a huge active fan of NL.. I only remember coming here anytime am bored!

I went psychic 2017! (Man smoked Colorado! DnT try that shii bro)..... the intervention of a psychiatric home brought me back to my senses after three days! According to my “blood” who witnessed it all, he said and I quote “those three days... I couldn’t look into your eyes because all I saw was �, you never slept for those three days and you was always checking your wrist watch which you broke later, then you always destroy digital devices, we had to hide our phones and laptops from you”.....
(Myself cannot account wat happened those three days! ITS JUST BLANK THREE DAYS!!)

Summary be say I Dey psychiatric home for about 7 months because I relapsed twice! Now what I understood was that EVERYBODY IS MAD! YOU JUST HAVE TO PRETEND THAT YOU ARE NOT! BEFORE YOU CAN BE RELEASED! ���
And to survive when you are out! You have to MAINTAIN AN OUTWARD SANITY. Or else bro... they throw you back in chains!!!!

The story too long that till today, he hasn’t finished the story, he just recounts what happens when it hits his memory so even till today.... the story never complete.,..

Back to the matter! After reading this DOCTUFOS!!!
I knew this was exactly why NL Has stuck with me!

I hear some people bring in religion into this.....

Bro! This KNOWLEDGE cuts ACROSS RELIGION GOVERNMENT EDUCATION CULTURE AND WHATEVER MAN MADE CONSTRUCTS WE HAVE BEEN BORN INTO! (highly logical and like they say, real recognize real) there is this gut feeling like “yeah, that’s true! But our overgrown ego wouldn’t allow us reason properly)

I understand too that it is hard TO IGNORE AND REFUSE A BELIEF SYSTEM that’s been established in your SOUL by your PARENTS TEACHERS SOCIETY RELIGION which when you look deeper you find out that it’s main purpose is DIVERSITY OF THE ONENESS!

Now think man and be LOGICAL.... ( what if our parents were wrong, OMG � and they taught us the wrong ideas )

I understand this because I had a similar experience and one sweet thing about this experience is that you get to find your actual PURPOSE ON EARTH! That’s just a tool for you to connect and pass the message!

Mine is not to write.... but rather to sing.....
I was given the gift of “MELODY”. I call it “compensation for your madness�” because each time I get mad.... I just start singing.....lolz

If you dey doubt check out on YOUTUBE my first song after I recovered “ YUGO - LAMBA (unofficial video) ��� (I don use style do promo) sorry @otem!!! When I blow!!!! 30billion for your account! I don’t even want to know you now till I have the money!!!!
Instagram... king_yugo17

Am taking my time to write this! It’s not easy!
So atleast give @Otem applause instead of attacking..... there are just two ways....
Read and believe
Read and disbelieve

All I know is I have read it and thank God for bringing me here!!!

BTW one guy @xioxing talked about 14million choiiiiiiiii check my song and let’s work Biko... I no need record label ooo and na EXACTLY WHAT OTEM IS WRITING HERE.... THATS EXACTLY MY SAME PURPOSE ONLY IN A MELODIOUS WAY...


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Oluromantic(m): 2:43pm On May 25

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