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Dialect Of The Early Beings (SERIOT LANGUAGE) / My Take On The Doctrine Of Trinity And Those Saying Jesus Is God Almighty! / Demons, Angels, Vampires Etc // Extraterresterials, Aliens, Ufos - Same Thing! (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 4:54pm On May 04, 2016
How on earth did u construct this story? How everything matched from beginning to end. nice flow and great work there filled with suspense...you need to think of building a career in writing season movies
I have no idea... Eartum asked me to translate what had been written and this is what I get, hence any typos you observe. Also my mission is to make the truth known and remain unknown except on the internet according to prophecy.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 5:16pm On May 04, 2016
I have no idea... Eartum asked me to translate what had been written and this is what I get, hence any typos you observe. Also my mission is to make the truth known and remain unknown except on the internet according to prophecy.
waiting for the next chapter though....
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Nobody: 6:56pm On May 04, 2016

Please read my post again or can't you read? Sometimes i wonder how people can quote a post without even comprehending what i said or were you in a hurry to reply?

read a post before replying anything that comes to your mind next time

Mehn... If I replied with the exact stuff on my mind everytime, omo... People will read 1 post for pages. Calm dafuq down.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by johnydon22(m): 7:58pm On May 04, 2016

Mehn... If I replied with the exact stuff on my mind everytime, omo... People will read 1 post for pages. Calm dafuq down.

I'm sorry boss was just a bit amazed you didn't see where i said it was Nonsense.

I only applauded the evily creative mind it took to conjure it all up so eloquently and beautifully entertaining

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by swaggzo(m): 8:10pm On May 04, 2016
I have no idea... Eartum asked me to translate what had been written



Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:34pm On May 04, 2016

He told me he is the son of the real God whom no one has ever known before.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 8:48pm On May 04, 2016
He told me he is the son of the real God whom no one has ever known before.
How did he tell u, where did u meet him..?
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 9:12pm On May 04, 2016

How did he tell u, where did u meet him..?
I was partially out of consciousness while I was searching for the truth about the real God, because the ones in all the religious books appear to me as fake. Then Eartum visited me and told me that he is the son of the real God who made the Big Bang.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 9:15pm On May 04, 2016

I was partially out of consciousness while I was searching for the truth about the real God, because the ones in all the religious books appear to me as fake. Then Eartum visited me and told me that he is the son of the real God who made the Big Bang.
ok, pls continue the story
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 6:22am On May 05, 2016

1. While I was in the thing which was like the pipe of Largas, I remained still. I couldn’t move my body, for it was even like the liver of a fish which Eartum had told me not to eat because he had suspected it was what killed his daughter Giobis in the feast made by Nymphidis many years back.
2. I was conscious of everything in this place. I remembered vividly where I was coming from. I could even tell how many days I had stayed in here. And I had not even turned my body ever since I got here.
3. Now it was about a month according to my intuition which I did not know how it all come about. I saw no sun nor moon to make my calculations of time with. But I just felt I had spent up to 27 days in here.
4. I felt comfortable and I wished I should just remain how I was. I kicked suddenly, not knowing what had pulled at me. Then I began to hear a voice in my ears, saying, Jasheb, it is I, Nymphidis. Remember all the things I told you and make sure you fulfill them all. Baptize the people in the waters and tell them of the ultimate baptism which is to come, because I cannot claim any soul to myself forcefully but by their own freewill.
5. Let them accept my fire by being baptised in the water first. Then I shall have access to their brains and continue to use it after they are dead. Then they shall not have control over their own brains after death, but shall see the fire I shall put in them forever.
6. Also, listen, Jonas shall be your name and you shall baptise the people with water. But Faulkin shall come later to set up the abomination of desolation by the establishment of the drinking of his blood and the eating of his flesh; which shall even cause many of the people who do it to remain dead to the use of their brains. And many of them shall even be weak and poor in the spirit. And I said it shall even make many of them die prematurely and cause many to remain barren for life. Many of them shall even be sick and be carried from one sanctuary to another for cure and deliverance.
7. But I tell you the truth, they shall not have cure, except for some who shall be saved by the power of coincidence. Now whenever anyone of them is about to be cured by the wave of coincidence, I shall lead them to my sanctuary and they shall be cured there. Now know this, Jasheb, for every cure of the homos, the power of coincidence operates like once in their lifetime. Maybe two or three sometimes. But with such few occurrences they shall praise my name and give glory to my name.
8. Now I have also taught Faulkin the best of my illusions. Remind him to use them to convince the whole world. Now the order of the world shall be changed because the daily sacrifices established by Melchizedek and Moses shall be ended by the abomination of desolation which shall be brought up by Faulkin who is also called Yeshua, which is craftiness.
9. Jasheb, you shall return to me after you have fulfilled your mission. And I shall welcome you again to dwell with me on my holy hill because you have walked uprightly and faithfully before me like Dauod who is a man who does exactly as I want him to do.
10. Dauod hated the blind and the lame with great hatred, according to my heart also. And I sent him to kill them in their multitudes. He also sent others to kill them and I was satisfied with him and blessed him.
11. Now Jasheb, be prepared to come out of the womb soon, because you shall be born before Yeshua to prepare the ground for him.
12. Now I began to feel pain at my backchamber, but I could not say anything. Then I heard the voice of Nymphidis immediately, saying, Jasheb, for the cure of the disease at your backchamber, you shall be eating only honey and locust.
13. And you shall also fast along with it. Then shall your pain be suppressed?
14. Now I knew I was in the womb. I soon began to rotate in the womb and my head turned upside down. Then I began to come out of the womb. My mother agonised so much for me and I felt the pain myself.
15. When I was out of the womb, the people began to rejoice. And I tried to speak but I could not. Then did they name me Jonas.
16. Now when I had begun to grow, I took up my mission as a baptizer. And because I acted in a very moral way, I was loved by many people; and my baptism was preferred to the baptism of others like myself. But for mine, it had another purpose.
17. Now, in this new body of an homo-erectus, I could not go against anything I had been told by Nymphidis, perhaps he had mingled my liquid power with the berry which made one see knowledge in another way.
18. And I saw only the things I was told by Nymphidis as the right things. Then I baptised the people, telling them that another will come and baptise them with fire later.
19. Now I began to see a homo approach me. And I asked, saying, who are you? Then he said that he was Yeshua, but I doubted him at first. Then I said, if you are the one, then why do you come to be baptised of me? And he said, it is for the fulfillment of all which had been sent.
20. Then did I baptise him. Immediately, a dove flew over his head, whose appearance was like that of the dove of Largas. And I heard the voice of Nymphidis as it said, this is my son, Faulkin. Then I believed that he was Faulkin.
21. Now some of those who are my followers began to depart with him and I did not take any offence. Then Yeshua increased in wisdom, for he had read many of the wise-sayings of Krish, who was also called Krishna, a reincarnate of the son of God who was called Vishinus.
22. Now I heard much of the amazing things which Faulkin did among the people, how he fed them with fishes and bread which were multiplied. Then I remembered the words of Waldis which she told me some thousands of years back.
23. Now I heard that Faulkin turned water to wine and also walked on the surface of the waters. Then I knew that they were those things which Nymphidis had taught him. For with the power of his illusions he had done all those things.
24. Now did Justus which was my follower before tell me the mighty deeds of Faulkin, Yeshua. And I said, they are the things he was taught by his father. And Justus told me how he had cured many diseases and had raised the dead and had also sent out demons from people.
25. Then I smiled because I knew by what means he was doing all.
26. Then Faulkin was put to much questions by those who write books, which were the people who used the urim to change the world, like Esias, the prophet who conquered the nations around him by the use of the urim,which were the written words.
27. And also like Zecharias another prophet of urim, who said that all nations of the earth shall gather at Salem to worship Yahweh. But I knew how to make urims, but I did not because it was not my mission to do it, except the ones I had made that I shall rescue all souls from the fire of Nymphidis which he had promised to establish as soon as Faulkin had been dead.
28. Now I began to hear that he also raised those who are dead. And I laughed within myself, saying, he only forced out their souls from the valley of the shadow of death to do their second life on earth again instead of the chumorld or the clumoid.
29. And when I heard that he also cast out demons, I said in my mind that he had learnt the knowledge of Beelzebub. For no demon existed but in the brain of a demented one. And anyone who can speak words that can touch the centre of the brain of a demented soul is capable of sending out that which they called demon.
30. But Beelzebub was the first of the angels of Nymphidis to discover how to calm the brains of the demented such that they do not act like mad fellows anymore.
31. Now the Spirit of Poverty which Nymphidis sent was it which made people appear possessed with demons. And no rich person shall be possessed with it but only the poor people who had piled up much superstitions and stories they had heard every now and then into their brains. This shall even be much if the deluded souls are also highly emotional.
32. Now Nymphidis shall operate very much with this delusion and only his followers who knew the knowledge of Beelzebub shall be able to silence the demented souls by calming down their brains.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by joe4christ(m): 7:21am On May 05, 2016
I have no idea... Eartum asked me to translate what had been written and this is what I get, hence any typos you observe. Also my mission is to make the truth known and remain unknown except on the internet according to prophecy.

Dont bother trying to convince anyone cos 98% will not believe you, they would assume you cooked it up.
But i believe you, i just cant explain why. My whole being just testify of your writing to be true.
Your write up is extra-ordinary, there is no way a human intelligence could have concorted something as such as this to have perfectly match.
Continue jare, i dey follow your write up.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by nnamdiosu(m): 8:07am On May 05, 2016
Got it from Eartum. He told me that they are all the sealed scrolls which have been kept for our own world.
bros...these are just doctrine of demons. eartum and his kind are demons deceiving with their interesting literature.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:22am On May 05, 2016

1. And it came to pass that multitudes of souls began to come to me for baptism, such that Arod, the ruler of the land began to feel that his position was not secure because I have turned many people to myself. And he ordered that I should be arrested. Then was arrested and taken to the palace of Arod.
2. And Arid commanded me to stop baptising people, but I refused, saying, that is what God has sent me to the earth to do.
3. And a time came when Arod was having a feast that he was impressed at the performance of his daughter. And he asked her to name whatever she wanted. And Arod’s daughter said, I don’t know what I want. I shall ask my mother.
4. Then did she ask her mother who instructed her to ask for my head in a tray. Then Arod refused to grant it to her because the request was childish. But his daughter persisted and her mother with her, because I had corrected Arod’s wife herself to make amends of her ways, because she had left her first husband to get married to Arod, which is evil according to the teaching of Faulkin.
5. Then Arod was compelled to do what he had promised, because it was a law in the land that no ruler of the people was permitted to break a promise. But Arod consulted his illusionists instead. And he said, which of you can make an illusion to see Jonas as if his head had been cut off his neck.
6. Then did Nash and Marti rise to say that they could. Then the king asked Nash to do so. Then did Nash take his illusion flame and released its content to the air. Now this he did to erase some parts of the visible rays from the eyes of the observers.
7. And Nash asked that I should be on my knees and I obeyed him. Then Nash placed the tray before my neck such that my head appeared above the tray, but behind it.
8. And no one saw the part of me, below my neck down to my feet.
9. But Arod rejected it because my head appeared to be behind the tray and not on it. Then he said to Marti, will you try your own method?
10. And Marti bowed his head before the ruler and brought out the flame from his hat. Then he sprayed the flame. Then he framed two arcs together, which had space at the middle of them. And a whole tray came up with a circle at its centre. Then he detached the trays again and fixed my head in between and then clipped them back.
11. Now I was ordered to move along with Marti, who held the edges of the trays between his hands. And he took me to the hall in that way. And no one saw from my neck downward but only from my neck upward did they see in the tray.
12. Then the people made merry, because it was fun to them. Then after the feast was over, I was sent on exile by Arod, who said, I spared your life because of the love I have for you. Now return to the desert of Zab where you said that you came from.
13. Then Arod gave me some food and water and wine, which things I took with me to the desert. And after eating and drinking all of it, I was famished. And when there was no food to eat, I fainted after seven days, for I had dried up to the bone. And my skin was like the skin of the rough rock.
14. Then I began to remember what Nymphidis said, having told me that he had made the completion of his hell fire whose fire could never be quenched.
15. Then I lay still in fright. Then my soul left my body.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by nnamdiosu(m): 8:37am On May 05, 2016
How on earth did u construct this story? How everything matched from beginning to end. nice flow and great work there filled with suspense...you need to think of building a career in writing season movies

Evey thing fits perfectly becos it was written by very intelligent demons who conspired to attract men with mystery. depart I warn you from this doctrine for it is none other than a doctrine of demons. Jehovah is the one true God almighty, besides him there is no other. He alone is almighty. Jesus Christ his only begotten son, begotten not made is the Lord of all for at the mention of his name every knee must bow...including the knees of the demons who penned this interesting but deceptive doctrine.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:40am On May 05, 2016

bros...these are just doctrine of demons. eartum and his kind are demons deceiving with their interesting literature.

do you know why I said Jehovah was appearing demonic to me? Because I read my Bible through and discovered that he is the one who committed all the sins he said no man should commit, while the snake, dragon, devil, Satan, dragon, Beelzebub and Lucifer he all blamed were not presented in the Bible itself as commuting any serious sins.

Well...here are the things I found out in the Bible that Jehovah did: 1. he raped a virgin. 2. he committed murder. 3. he commanded incest 4. he commanded genocide 5. he supported killing the blind and lame 6. he hated someone 7. his name is Jealous. 7. he sent diseases upon Egypt whom he has never revealed himself to 8. he rained down fire to destroy a whole nation with their innocent babies. 9. he sent lying spirits into the mouths of innocent prophets. 10. he sent Evil Spirit from heaven to Saul. 11. he tempted Adam and Eve and when they fall he decided to create fire for them and their innocent offspring. 12. he looks like a demonic dictator. 13. all his followers didn't invent a single thing, but scientists did. 14. Christians killed millions of scientists because of Jehovah. 15. he predestined Judas Iscariot for hell fire. 16. he killed about 70,000 Israelites which did not offend him.
17. his book(Bible) mistakenly pointed him out as SATAN which we have been looking for(bible reference later). 18. he killed Uzzah because of a single reflex action of touching the Ark. 19. he destroyed the whole world (with all their innocent children with flood). 20. he talks to much(talkativeness). 21. he blamed the death of his son on everyone in the world who did not even know when it happened. 22. he commanded Hosea, one of his prophets to marry a prostitute. 23. he hated Saul because Saul did not totally destroy a Nation, but spared their animals. 24. he threatened to destroy anybody or any family or any nation which does not come to Israel to observe the feast of tabernacle. 25. yet he did not know that one scientific invention will come into being, BECAUSE CHRISTIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD KILLED THE EARLY SCIENTISTS WHO SAID THAT THE EARTH IS MOVING, CONTRARY TO THE BELIEF OF THE BIBLE THAT THE EARTH HAS FOUNDATION AND IT HAS FOUR CORNERS.



Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:51am On May 05, 2016
Lamentation Of Jasheb In the Fire (Written as a picture of the real experience he had while in hell Fire)

1. Where is this? O my soul!

2. Oh! Oh! the fire of Nymphidis is real!

3. Ah! my flesh! my bone!

4. What is my offence? I have killed no man.

5. How do I deserve this great fire?

6. The smoke! the sulphur! (coughing).

7. Even a murderer does not deserve this.

8. Is this not hotter than the core of the earth?

9. The fire of the volcanoes cannot stand this!

10. Ah! my flesh! O! worms!

11. They don't die! they sting!

12. What wrath is this?

13. Ah! can the heat of the sun be compared with this?

14. Is this the righteous judgement Nymphidis claimed?

15. How does he judge little matters with graaaveee punishment? Fire forever!

16. Yet he is not God but one of his sons!

17. Ahh! my heart is burning!

18. Aah! Aah! Aah!
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 10:55am On May 05, 2016

Evey thing fits perfectly. Becos it was written by very intelligent demons who conspired to attract men with mystery. depart I warn you from this doctrine for it is none other than a doctrine if demons. Jehovah is the one true God almighty, besides him there is no other. he alone is almighty. Jesus Christ his only begotten son, begotten not made is the lord of all for at the mention of his name every knee nysc bow...including the knees of the demons who penned this interesting but deceptive doctrine.
Oh my! why? now make his story even more true. But fear not, if the bible is the true story of history, it sud not be afraid to stand the test of scrutiny
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 1:17pm On May 05, 2016

this part could not be uploaded. I have the summary:

When Jasheb was in hell, he was all alone for sometimes. Suddenly, thousands of souls poured down to meet him in the fire. He endured the fire for sometimes because he wished to save some of the homo-erectuses which he believed would be welcomed to hell fire as soon as Faulkin (Yeshua) dies. So he waited in the torment of the fire. Then immediately Faulkin died on earth, he appeared in the fire with thousands of his homos who have also died before the hell fire was finally made. Now Jasheb cried out the name of Domino Reverad and his soul was captured to the Valley of the Shadow of Death, so also did all the people who heard him and they all escaped the fire.
Now only Faulkin was left in the fire, crying, Father, Why have you forsaken me? He did not know earlier that he was also going to be a victim of the fire of his father.

24. Then did Eartum appear to me and say, Jasheb, come with me into the moon and share your experience with me. For I shall write it in a scroll, because the time is approaching when the Otem of this world shall make the truth of the universe known, according to the saying of Daniel, whose scroll Faulkin had stolen from him to rewrite and make him appear as if he was also one of his own followers like Daoud, Esias, Oshea the husband of prostitute, Elias the murderer, Elisha the killer of multitudes and many of his other wicked prophets.

25. But Noe, Job and Daniel the righteous prophets of ours have all lost their scrolls to Faulkin who deceptively stole them from them to rewrite them.

26. Now all the realities in their originality do I have recorded by my satellites. And I shall reveal it to Eartum of this world and of the worlds to come, to make them known to everyone of them. Whether they believe it or not, they should not forget the name of the real God of the universe called Domino Reverad.

27. Now Jasheb, the kingdom of Reverad shall begin at the 1290th year after the death of Faulkin, but shall not be made public until the 2016th year after the death of Faulkin, when the Otem should have been located. According to how Daniel had said it. And the dominion of Domino Reverad shall be an everlasting dominion to the world in its own time until that world will go into extinction for the existence of another world.

25. And this world shall know peace thereafter until its end shall come for the next world to come.

26. But when I wanted to say that Knoliud's scroll given to me was lost, Eartum said, keep still for there is no scroll given to you physically but spiritually through the brain.

27. Because every true scroll is not given physically but spiritually.

28. And this shall be the mistake of Nymphidis in the world to come. For he shall make his scribes write scrolls of different volumes.

29. And the things in them shall have many errors when they shall be compiled.

30. But for the scrolls that shall be sent to the brains of all the Otems of the world, there shall no error be found except there shall be the changing of the position of the sun at Reverad's discretion.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemdomino: 2:23pm On May 05, 2016
FIRST JOB(Written by Keltiel the scribe, a friend of Job)


1. Before the manifestation of Faulkin (Yeshua) to the world as the saviour of it, all these things has happened, which I bear record of.

2. I am he who has fled from the face of Nymphidis, the God of war, who is also called Jehovah and Alla, the author of confusion and Satan, which was spoken of by Job the servant of Reverad.

3. Did Knoliud not promise Job to do his two lives on earth, according to his demand? Now the soul of Job shall not be transported into the Clumoid or Chumorld because he demanded from Reverad to have the rememberance of his name forever on earth.

4. Behold, the soul of Job is hovering in the valley of the shadow of death until the end of this world.

5. Now Job shall have evolved into an homo sapien before returning to the next world.

6. Who is Job? He is my friend.

7. I shall now declare unto you the story of Job.

8. He was the homo of the land of Chaleb, who lived in Uz. Job was he who made the first attempt to establish the kingdom of Reverad on earth.

9. Now was Job not a descendant of Earthus and Jehovah? Yes, he was one of the seeds of Earthus and Jehovah, which she bore for him at the time Faulkin arrived from his long self-made exile from the land of his people.

10. Now the land was still called Farthidis when Job was born. This is the genealogy of Job. Jehovah gave birth to Waldis which was dead. Then he gave birth to a son and a daughter millions of years after, and they both had wings like their father.

11. His son he named Marmidis, whom he also called Cherubim and his daughter named he Seraphim.

12. Now did Cherubim and Seraphim flee from the land of their father after the hunt for Earthus in the ocean.

13. It was Cherubim who came up with the idea that they should flee from their land, according to what they heard that their brothers and sisters did millions of years back.

14. Now, Cherubim fled to the land of Chaleb with Seraphim. And he began to live in a little land called Uz.

15. Chaleb, the owner of the continent had set heads all over his land.

16. And in the land of Uz, the king was called Vargas. And he loved Cherubim and Seraphim so much that he gave them much land and much beasts to keep.

17-19 (hidden to avoid ban)

20. Now after Earthus had been greatly injured by Jehovah and two of his brothers, which were Largas and Ephradite, the three sons of God agreed to make a paradise in the cloud.

21. They would call it the third heaven, because Reverad had made the first and second heavens some billions of years ago.

22. And the intention of Jehovah was made known to Job while he was in a strong meditation (for Knoliud did visit him in his meditation and made known to him the true God, Reverad).

23. Because in those days was Jehovah forcing the homos to worship him, declaring that he was God.

24. Now was Job richer than even the king of Uz.

25. And in strong meditation, he would demand his wishes and they would come to pass in the reality. For that which Job did was the wish of Reverad to all living being, because it is by meditating that the world could be transformed and not by sacrificing and drinking of blood and eating of the flesh of Yeshua, the son of Satan.

26. Now at this time did Jehovah begin to demand the sacrifice of beasts to him among the homos, introducing to the world a concept of sin, saying, you have to make sacrifices to me for your sins or else I visit you with death.

27. Now was the revelation of Jasheb coming to pass, because Jehovah had sent the Spirit of Death and Hell into all parts of the world already.

28. And it was invisible, killing the homos which would not die naturally except being forced to die, which were called Anakims.

29. Now the homos created by the sons of God were almost wiped off the surface of the earth at that time by the Spirit of Death and Hell, which would kill the homos and capture their souls in a big cage until the completion of hell fire would be made.

30. Now Job's family remained untouched by the Spirit of Death and Hell, because he was greatly protected by the use of his brain.

31. Jehovah had sought to hurt him, but could not, even until the day Knoliud visited the world again and sent a message to Jehovah, saying, Reverad the father of the universe had asked him to come back to the second heaven above the sun to correct him of his ways.

32. But Jehovah refused to follow after Knoliud to the anystenx. But he rebelliously disowned Reverad, saying, who is Domino?

33. If he created the heavens, I can do that too. Behold, am I not making my own paradise also with Largas? And it shall be called the third heaven after the first heaven called the Alkervum Auriem and the second called the Anysxtens.

34. There shall we live after its completion.

35. And we shall set up many mansions in it.

36. And in it shall few homos live with me, because I will only have mercy on whom I would have mercy and cast the others into hell fire which I am making, even now.

37. And Jehovah beat his chest hard, showing his arrogance.


Chapter Two

1. Now Job saw, while he was in a strong meditation, that all the sons of God flew to the anystenx.

2. And when they got their, they worshipped an unseen one. Then a voice sounded like whirlwind, saying, Nymphidis, why are you here? Did Knoliud not tell me that you sent a report that you have disowned me as your father? And I have sent to him to give you a change of name, which is Satan.

3. Jehovah replied, I am here to ask of you why you should interfere in the affair of the homos which we created. They are not your creations, but ours.

4. Now is Job not an offspring of mine? For he is the grandson of Cherubim and Seraphim my children whose souls I have now trapped until the completion of my paradise in the cloud.

5. Now why do you hide Job from the face of my spirit, the spirit of Death and Hell?

6. Is it not already a long time ago, yet Job is not yet found? But all his sons are seen of my spirit, because they do eat of my sacrifice, through which I monitor their souls, but they are not useful to me.

7. Now the unseen one remained silent such that Jehovah began to feel ashamed of himself.

8. Now, before Job returned from his altered state of consciousness to prevent evil, all his children had died already.

9. However, Job refused to serve Jehovah, who is Satan, according to the revelation he saw.

10. And Job entered an altered state of consciousness when he was of age (yet looking like a youth), and his soul did not return to earth again, but remained wandering in the valley of the shadow of death, waiting for the advent of the next world.

Chapter Three

1. Knoliud appeared to Job in the valley of the shadow of death and said, Job, the true worshipper of Reverad, the greatest user of meditation.

2. Welcome to these valley called the shadow of death.

3. Then Job began to see all his wrong conceptions about his world.

4. And Job saw the benefit of using the brain. And he saw the world where he left that it was now filled with great mansions.

5. And Job knew that the works were made by people who used their brains critically.

6. Now Job perfectly understood why he was the richest man in his own time. This was because he used his brain to generate wealth by meditating and getting to an altered state of consciousness, which involved no noise, contrary to what Satan (Jehovah) had taught.

7. Job also discovered many cures to the diseases caused by the tiny creatures of Chaleb.

8. He discovered that no follower of Satan can cure any disease of the world through their noises, but the only thing they could do is to make use of the illusional skills taught them by their father called Satan.

9. Now Job saw that without the doctrine of Jehovah the devil, the world would exist and be better, but without the people who used strong meditation, the world would remain like when the big bang first came without inventions.

10. Again, he saw that all who had invented all the great things of the world practised meditation and not noise-making, which they called prayer to Jehovah or Allah, the devil himself who created evil.

11. Again, Job saw that Jehovah was only clever but not wise.

12. And all his followers in the next world were not wise also, because they were forewarned by Belteshazzar, who was also called Daniel, that Jehovah (Satan) shall shift from one abomination to the other.

13. For the first abomination would be the offering of daily sacrifice which would be cancelled by the second abomination that would be set up by Yeshua, who is also called Faulkin and Jesus (to the world to come).

10. This second abomination is what shall be called "the Lord's supper", which is the drinking of the blood of Jesus Christ and eating of his flesh to damnation in the hell fire of Jehovah.

11. For it is this thing that shall brainwash them and make them serve in the churches where even all their pastors are criminals.

12. Now this is where the foolishness of the worshippers of Jehovah shall be made known. Their pastors and prophets shall do the homos no good, but shall make themselves rich.

13. Yet the richest people and the inventors of the world shall be the users of meditation.
And because of the cruelty of Jehovah, many would think that there was no God. And those who thought so shall even do great things, helping humanities.

14. And the people of Jehovah shall depend on these inventors for the magnification of their voices and the transmission of their images and the training of their voices and the functioning of their gadgets and the light of their sanctuaries and the fashion of their sanctuary and the construction of their sanctuaries and everything, but the inventors shall not need anything from these pastors and prophets to survive.

15. Then when sicknesses shall strike the pastors and the rich people of the churches, they shall fly them in plates to the continents of those who used meditation to lay the foundation to the cure to sicknesses, but when the poor members of the churches shall be sick, they shall run from pillar to post, from churches to churches for cure.

16. And they shall die in their sicknesses and diseases.

17. Now one thing that Jehovah is good at is the art of piracy and fraud. This did he do to make everyone think that Daniel was his servant by mutilating the scroll of Daniel and rewriting his history to make it seem that Daniel was his servant.

18. But the wise shall understand that Daniel was not the servant of Jehovah, because it was Eartum that is the spirit of God that first moved upon the face of the water of the earth at the beginning of the creation of the first world. And it was Eartum who also stood upon the waters of the river with his hands raised to the first heaven and swore by God that this prophecy shall be kept unheard until this time.

19. Did Eartum not sware by God with his hands raised to heaven? Yet Jehovah, the devil, in his cleverness came to establish through Jesus, that no one should sware by God with the intention of covering up this prophecy given by Daniel.

20. That is the work of Jehovah, the greatest book piracy of all time, who had changed many things in the scroll of Daniel before the time Eartum said that it would be made known to the world.

19. Now this is the method that Jehovah taught in praying to him. He said, through his son Jesus, shut your windows and your doors in praying to me.

19. But how did Daniel make his request known to the giver of the brain, called Reverad? He opened his windows to allow air into his head.

20. In this shall you know that Daniel is not a servant of Jehovah, the devil.

21. Now, did Daniel not hear that the beginning of the reign of Domino Reverad shall wait until a time and times and half a time when he shall have accomplished the scattering of the power of the hypocrites who said they are holy?

22. Now, tell me, who are the 'holy people' so called? They are the servants of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed who have made the greatest bloodshed ever under the pretence of serving God. But no, it is the devil called Jehovah or Satan or Yahweh or Allah they had been serving.

23. Now this is the beginning of the scattering of the powers of these 'holy people'.


1. Now Job saw far into the next world. And he saw the hidden things. And Job saw how the homos of the next world had evolved into beings of great intelligence.

2. And Job saw how the home sapiens began to form their gods after they had thought greatly. For all the gods of the world of Job had left and only the memory of them were put into the brains of the home sapiens.

3. Now Job saw how the homo sapiens made themselves to be governed by these gods again. These gods were the sons of God of the time of Job. But now they were very many.

4. And the homo sapiens killed themselves because of their gods. Now in the world seen by Job, all the gods were harmless because only in the farther part of the brains did they exist. And only those who separated themselves from other people to think deep could get them out by writing about them.

5. Now the world which Job saw was peaceful until a homo sapien thought deeply and wrote from his brain those things which a son of God named An had done in the world of Job, but after the death of Job.

6. And when the homo had written down those things done by An, he began to control the people around him, saying, An is he who made the world.

7. Now others also went into separate places to meditate deeply. And they also began to write that which they came upon in their brains. And they wrote, saying, An is not alone. For we have also seen two others who are Enki and Enlil.

8. Now did the people enforce the worship of the sons of God upon their followers. And war began to break out, but it was not as great as the war which Jehovah had caused in the time of Job.

9. Job also saw how a homo sapien who named himself Adam, began to think greatly. And it was he who found Jehovah in his thought when he was deeply meditating, finding an answer for his existence.

10. Now in those days, whenever a homo discovered himself, he would be surprised. Then such homo would stay still with his eyes shut, thinking deeply for days without food. Then he would come about a story from the past world, which had been hidden in his memory at his own creation.
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1. The age of the universe is unknown by no one because Reverad and it co-exists.

2. But the universe has no planet in it when it was formed.

3. And some billions of years away from now did Reverad make a bang to occur, which brought the planets and many other bodies to life.

4. The sons of God exists before the bang, because Reverad made them before any other thing.

5. Now the priests (sons of God) were instructed to make findings of all the things made by Reverad the God of the universe.

6. And they made their findings in different planets.

7. And seven sons of God made their findings on earth. Their names are Jehovah (Nymphidis), Chimides, Euchlydes, Eartum, Chaleb, Largas and Ephradite. But Murmoh,which could have been the eighth did no findings at all.

8. These were of great stature and broad visions. For they can see as large as a whole city at once.

9. And they have sights that can see things which were billions of times smaller than the smallest thing the eyes of the homos could see.

10. So also are their ears very sensitive.

11. Now Jehovah was he who began to create an atmosphere of evil, altering peace while himself was regarded as peace.

12. And his warring strength waxed stronger than that of all the sons of God. This strength did he get through his cleverness.

13. But the more clever he becomes, the less wise he also becomes.

14. And when his cleverness has grown to a huge height, his foolishness became highly conspicuous even among the homos which he has created. But he claimed that his foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of even all the other sons of God and the homos.

15. And Jehovah adopted a son whom he called his Only Begotten Son.

16. And in the land of Jehovah, the author of peace so-called, the greatest number of war was recorded and shall be also recorded in the next world to come. For war shall be a perpetual thing in the land of the god of peace.

17. And at the time of the great bang exists only one female whose name is Earthus. And the earth was named after her by the seven sons of God.

18. Now there arose a great fight among the sons of God over Earthus, the only female soul.

19. Jehovah got her and she was his wife until the time he gave her up to be the wives of all the other sons of God also.

20. This did Jehovah do to make every living soul think that he is an advocate of peace.

21. But when Earthus went with Eartum into the moon to play love therein, Jehovah stirred up the other sons of God to fight against them.

23. Now when they returned from the moon, Jehovah and the other sons of God sent Earthus away from the earth, whose dominion was given to her by Domino Reverad himself during the great bang.

24. But Eartum did not forsake Earthus. And he made her to dwell with him in the oceans.

25. Then a time came when the homos in the land of Murmoh began to have redness of eyes. And they blamed it on Eartum and Earthus who went to the moon and returned.

26. For they said, Eartum and Earthus brought the fire of the moon into our eyes.

27. Now they came after them to punish them and kill them.

28. And they found Earthus outside the ocean already in labour. Then Jehovah commanded his dragon to devour the son that would be born of Earthus for Eartum.

29. For Knoliud the knowledge of God had himself declared that Apollyon shall be the name of the unborn child who shall rule the world with a rod of iron, punishing the people of the land of Jehovah for a time, times and half a time.

30. And a time came that Jehovah went a-hunting for Earthus again, because in his first hunt, she escaped narrowly with her son by the help of Eartum.

31. Now Eartum and Earthus had returned to the ocean where they inhabited. And Jehovah went in a big ship made of gopher wood.

32. And they got Earthus but Eartum pulled her back with all his strength. Then was she dissected. Her waist down to her legs went apart from her torso and her hands.

33. And Jehovah hung the body of Earthus on a tree to kill her, but Eartum came for her and in a twinkling of an eye they had escaped to the moon.

34. Then after some years, Earthus and Eartum flew back into the ocean by night. And her torso landed into the body of a friendly fish, the phibioses.

35. And the head of the fish was ripped off by the momentum of the falling body of Eartum.

36. And the body of the fish cleaved to the body of Earthus. Thus did she have the tail of fish.

37. And after then, she reproduced, giving birth to children of her kind, having tails of fishes also if they were females.

38. But the males looked like their father, Eartum.

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1. And it came to pass that a lover of Earthus arose. And his name was Jasheb of the land of Chimides, which was also one who went with Nymphidis and Faulkin and Deganis to the fetching of mother Earthus when she was dissected.

2. And it was at the time of Jasheb that a great revolution began to take place on earth, because he led many to the oceans to drink of the water of it and worship Earthus.

3. This thing which was not pleasing to Nymphidis. And he determined in his heart to destroy all the homos at that time and set up some new homos which were more upright.

4. Then, Nymphidis had sent seven spirits all over the world. These spirits sat on invisible flying horses to cause death, one after the other.

5. But Jasheb himself had been captured by him while all these happened.

6. Now did Nymphidis introduce a concept, which he called 'holiness' instead of the ones unanimously agreed upon by all the sons of God earlier, called 'righteousness'.

7. For righteousness was it which makes one do the right things without being coerced to do it, but holiness is one which makes one do the things which an enforcer of it wants.

8. But the righteous ones were those who wanted to do what was right even when no eye was watching them, but the holy ones were those who did what they did because they felt that some eyes were watching them.

9. Now, Nymphidis was an enforcer of holiness. And he would kill multitudes for not being holy.

10. Even from the land of Ephradite to the land of Chimides did he kill them, and the sons of God could do nothing about it.

11. But he spared those in the land of Largas, because they were now friends.

12. Now, Largas began to dwell with Nymphidis in the large court of Nymphidis, which he made very large, with a garden beautifully constructed in it. And his seat did he set upon a great mountain, with twenty-four seats surrounding it.

13. Then did Nymphidis make canker worms, palmer worms and caterpillars and sent them to the land of Ephradite to cause famine.

14. This he did to take revenge on Ephradite his brother who made his land to explode in volcanoes.

15. Now Nymphidis called these things his great armies. For he said he would not send any of his own homos to do battles anymore.

16. Then he marked about one-hundred and forty-four thousands of his homos for destruction in his land, which he had joined with the land of Largas and was now called Philargas. These shall he send into his unquenchable fire at its completion.

17. Then at the centre of Philargas did Nymphidis and Largas and Faulkin form a new species of homos, which were very much smaller than the long-lasting ones they had made earlier.

18. And these stood erect and had almost smooth bodies, like the bodies of the sons of God.

19. But the other sons of God did not know these.
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1. Then the seven winged homos which were in the court of Nymphidis held seven trumpets in their mouths. Then Largas came among them with a container, which appeared golden and filled with incense.

2. Now Nymphidis had also established a concept of praying, which would replace the use of meditating to a very large extent. This shall be used by those who are said to be holy.

3. Then Largas burnt the incense as the homos made their prayers to Nymphidis who sat on the throne.

4. Now Largas filled the container with fire and threw it with great strength out of the court of Nymphidis.

5. Then it landed in the land of Ephradite, where many homos still practised meditation instead of prayers.

6. And the fire exploded greatly like thunders and lightnings would do in the sky.

7. And the earth quaked greatly, leaving behind a great devastation.

8. Now the seven angels with trumpets in their mouth began to blow their trumpets one after the other.

9. Then when Michael blew his trumpet, Largas cast much ice mixed with the blood of dead homos towards the land of Chimides and Chaleb where much forests were. Because Chimides was the one who planted trees in abundance.

10. Now the grasses dried up in the land of Chaleb and Chimides, which accounted for one-third of the trees of the earth.

11. Now did Gabriel blow his trumpet and a great mountain was set on fire by Largas and uprooted. This was cast towards the continent of oceans. And it landed in a sea, which immediately turned red like blood, killing many sea creatures.

12. Then did Yuriel blow his trumpet. Then from space fell the remnant of the molten publum kept in space, which was made into the shape of a star.

13. This was named wormwood by Nymphidis before.

14. Then it fell into the waters. And the homos in the continent of Chimides, whose source of drinking water was the sea, drank it and died of poisoning. For the water was made bitter.

15. When Raphael blew his trumpet, a great darkness fell upon the earth, because the moon stood right between the earth and the sun, such that the moon casts its shadow on the continent of Murmoh for a space of eight hours.

16. Now did Largas fly around in the court, rejoicing for the evil which was done to the earth. And in enthusiasm, he ordered the fifth angel to blow his trumpet.

17. And Eartum, who was in the moon got angry because it should have been dark in the part of the moon where he was. And Earthus who was there with him was scared that the sun would fall into the moon, because it looked like day at evening time.

18. Now did the anger of Eartum get hot. And he said, Earthus, you see that Nymphidis is provoking me.

19. Why did he hold down the movement of the moon such that the sun remained focused on the same side of it for this long?

20. Now is the time for Apollyon's star to be let down into the land of Philargas to take revenge.

21. Did I not see the evil done to all the other continents of the earth, including ours?

22. And Earthus pleaded with Eartum to keep his calm and be patient, but Eartum said, no! is Apollyon not already of age? Did Knoliud not give Apollyon the key of the knowledge to open the pit made by Nymphidis, which he had kept scorpions and locusts and worms in abundance?

23. Now let Apollyon go and fight the homos of Nymphidis himself with the evil creatures.

24. Immediately, Eartum released the star of Apollyon and it fell as soon as Abethethibou, the fifth angel had blown his trumpet.

25. Then Apollyon's star fell into the pit and the shape of the star was the key to open the pit itself, because it fitted into the lock of the great pit itself.

26. Then a great smoke from the pit covered the air. Then everywhere was dark, because the smoke had covered the rays of the sun.

27. And Apollyon commanded the creatures not to hurt the grass of the earth but only those people who had the seal of Nymphidis called Satan, on their foreheads.

28. And they did not kill any of the people in the land of Philargas but only tormented them for some months.

29. Then the homos of the land of Philargas ran about without help. And they sought death but could not find it.

30. Now these are the description of the shapes of the locusts; they were like horses. And they had crowns on their heads. Their heads looked like the faces of male homos.

31. And their hair appeared like the hair of Earthus. They had long teeth and breastplates made of iron, according to the fulfillment of the prophecy of Knoliud that Apollyon shall rule the earth with a rod of iron. This did make Nymphidis make no attempt to fight back and rescue, because he had great fear for iron.

32. Now they flapped their wings and their tails were with terrible stings.

33. Now Nymphidis was angry because of this. Then he commanded the sixth angel to go into the river Euphrates and loose his four sons which he had held captive in the river Euphrates. Raguel sounded his trumpet afterwards.

34. And the first son would do battle for an hour, the second for a day, the third for a month while the fourth would do battle for a year, to destroy one-third of the earth.

35. Then did the angel mobilise a great number of homos who sat on horses. They had fire and sulphur, which was a symbol of the hell fire of Nymphidis.

36. And the heads of the horses were like the head of Faulkin. Then fire and smoke and sulphur issued out of their mouths.

37. And they had tails like the serpent, which was one of the servants of Nymphidis.

38. However, the few homos left on earth refused to serve Nymphidis, but did what they felt right in their eyes.

39. For they said, it is better for us to die and perish than to serve and worship Nymphidis, that wicked son of God, who has intended to establish his belief through violence and force.

40. Then Jasheb, who was partially unconscious in the court of Nymphidis, saw Eartum come down from the moon in anger. For his face was red like the sun.

41. Then he had a book in his hand. Then he put a foot on the sea and the other on the ground. Then he cried angrily and his voice sounded like thunders into Jasheb's ears.

42. Then Jasheb took a scroll to write down the things which Eartum said, but he commanded him not to write it.

43. But he raised up his hands to heaven and swore by Domino Reverad that the earth would cease to exist not long after, because of the great violence committed by Nymphidis. For Eartum wished the earth would cease to exist within the same billinium in which they were. For already they had recorded about three billiniums on earth before.

44. Then Eartum commanded Jasheb to take the book. When Jasheb had taken it and had eaten it, it tasted sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach.

45. And Eartum said to Jasheb, this is the same thing I will give to Daniel the righteous one of this world, who shall arise among the homos that is to come.

46. However, before you shall tell this things to the species of the homo-erectus, another homo of Nymphidis, who is a star-gazer, would have declared a false version of it. For he shall see it in my satellite above and shall think that the things are shown to him from the heaven of Nymphidis. Then shall he add more to it and proclaim it in the sanctuaries of Nymphidis.

48. This is the prophecy of my five sense organs when my eyes are open, and not the knowledge of Knoliud.
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1. Now the whole earth was almost empty of the homos which were created by the seven sons of God at the beginning. And Nymphidis and Largas thought to make a pit which shall have no end to cast the souls of any homo who disobeyed their rules. Then they called on Deganis who was very skilled in calculation of numbers. Now Deganis was of age on earth, almost like ages spent by the sons of God themselves on earth. But he was not old in countenance and appearance.
2. For Deganis had calculated before how the weight of something had much to do with the force Mother Earthus had planted in the ground. He had also told Nymphidis that the moon had something in common with the waters of the earth. Nymphidis first doubted him on this, but when he remembered how Eartum, the son of God who loved the waters, also loved the moon so much, he believed Deganis' sayings.
3. And when Nymphidis was surprised to see that a bale of wool, which was as large as a handful of his mighty hands, was so light that a little stone was heavier than it, he also asked Deganis how possible it was.
4. And Deganis checked the two things closely and said, maybe there are more spaces in the wool than they are in the stone. For the weight of space is like nothing.
5. And Nymphidis looked closely into the wool and the stone and then he saw that Deganis was right.
6. And Nymphidis made Deganis his counsellor. And when Nymphidis could not make the unquenchable fire which he had thought to make, he asked Deganis how to make it. Then Deganis said, only in a place without the breeze that supports life can you make such.
7. And Largas said, Deganis, you must be ignorant of the teaching of Ephradite. Did he not say that the same breeze needed for life is also needed to keep a fire burning? Now how can we make fire in a place without that breeze? Will the fire not quench in a short while?
8. Then Deganis said, I made my calculations that there could be such place which is naturally hotter than the fire itself. And I make my guess that such place could be the place befitting to cast the souls of the dead people into forever.
9. And Nymphidis said, then where is such place located? We must go there immediately.
10. Deganis replied, the answer is in the statement of Ephradite himself who said that if you go higher, within the stairs of the earth, you will be feeling cooler. Then I thought also, saying, if you go lower, you could be feeling hotter.
11. Then Deganis said, if only we can dig a pit which goes straight through the earth, then we could indeed make a pit that has no end. These confused Nymphidis and Largas and they asked him to explain.
12. Now Deganis searched for something which had the shape of the earth, but did not see. Then Largas said, did Reverad not tell us that the round things in our scrotal sacs are the model of the planet we dwell in? Now shall I fetch mine and you shall teach us what you want.
13. Then Deganis collected one of the testicles of Largas, which was elliptical in shape, and he pierced it through with a sharp object, saying, now the hole made through this thing is the same way the hole of the pit shall be. And indeed there is no bottom and there is no top in this hole which I have made.
14. Now for the earth, it rotates, therefore they which had gotten to the centre of the earth shall rotate with the earth in the hotness of its centre, and they shall not be able to fall freely down because they had not much force to flow through the materials at the centre of the earth. But only heavy things can fall through it and come out at the other side.
15. And when the two sons of God had heard this, they said, then let us try it to see how it would work. Now the mass of the whole earth had been calculated by Eartum before, but no one had taken him serious.
16. Then was Faulkin sent to steal the scroll which Eartum had written. And he search for it for almost half a decade. When he got it, he brought it to the sons of God. Then they began to go through it, because they needed to make an object which would penetrate the earth.
17. And Deganis calculated the force it would take to push something through the earth to appear at the other side like a sphere which was pierced through by a sword.
18. Now did Deganis make his calculation and arrived at a very great force.
19. Then he said, the force needed is so great that it would take the forces of six sons of God who are moving with a very great speed. Then Largas and Nymphidis gathered all the homos in their land to themselves, except the homo erectuses which were at the centre of the continent. And they made an object with diamond and other materials, such that it was a thousand times harder than the diamond itself.
20. And the base of the object had some rooms. Then about two million homos and both Faulkin and Nymphidis and Largas and Deganis held on to the great machine which was made. And the machine lifted them to a very great height in space and turned downward.
21. And the other end of the machine was a great drill, which was propelled by the force of the great machine. And the machine entered into the earth with great unimaginable force, which was the combination of all the forces of the people and the two sons of God.
22. Now as soon as the sharp edge of the machine had touched the tip of the earthcrust, many of the people jumped off it through the windows, but few of them went into the crust with the force of it.
23. And many died in the belly of the earth. Then did the force of the great machine drill the earth through and came out in a great ocean in another continent.
24. And many of those who jumped down the great machine died off., for they landed on the surface of the earth with much speed; only the winged ones among them survived the flight.

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1. After the great destruction made by Nymphidis, all the sons of God, except Largas and Nymphidis, became angry and departed the earth to speak of the evil deeds of Nymphidis to Reverad in the Anystenx.
2. For they were greatly distressed by his unending wars.
3. Then did Reverad say, you gave Nymphidis the power to control you, because you gave him your blessings and wrote good urims about him. In the cleverness of Nymphidis did he pronounce a blessing on you, but what did you do in return? You gave him a blessing each and he has the strength of seven.
4. Did I not foresee this and send Knoliud to you earlier?
5. However, I tell you, no one shall destroy Nymphidis but he shall do so to himself.
6. He has established a belief that shall abhor the use of individual brain which I appreciate, but he has set leaders all over the earth to enforce his laws.
7. Now in only one way can you beat him, and that is through the way of knowledge.
8. Hear this, leave the earth for Satan and Lucifer, for I have given Nymphidis the name Satan and Largas have I given the name Lucifer.
9. Have they not dug a pit that seems to have no end, where they have thought to cast the souls of the dead into until the completion of their unquenchable fire?
10. Now shall I say this, the pit which they had dug shall they themselves be the partaker of it. For they shall strive against each other for power and fall into the pit.
11. And they shall be in it for a thousand years and there shall be relative peace on the earth in those days.
12. Then when they shall return, Largas shall be turned against Nymphidis; and Nymphidis shall send Faulkin to the earth to win it for himself and Largas shall do the same, sending Murhamid from his own land to publish a new belief to regain the homos to himself. But when the words are to be gathered, which are written by the supporter of Nymphidis, they shall also gather the ones written by the supporters of Largas with them. And there shall be confusion on earth until my kingdom shall be revealed, which is the kingdom of knowledge.
13. Now in this shall those who observe the book of Nymphidis know that Satan himself is divided against himself; his books shall be filled with direct contradictions such that many shall prefer to believe that there is no God after reading it.
14. For when Nymphidis shall manifest himself as God among them, he shall move the people of his land to write the history. And he shall use the name God for himself.
15. Now when Nymphidis shall inspire Daoud to write the things in his own time, he shall do it. But Largas shall move another homo to write the same history. Then shall be confusion in facts and figures.
16. For where Daoud had used the name God to qualify Nymphidis, Largas shall put it in the mind of Denima, the daughter of Joab to use the name Satan to qualify him.
17. And also the figures shall be greatly different that many shall read it and begin to doubt if God ever existed. But those who feared Nymphidis as God shall never give any of these unending errors a second thought.
18. Now how shall you beat Nymphidis? It is only through discoveries. Now go forth out of the earth, everyone of you, and explore the universe.
19. Then return to teach the homos your findings.
20. But I tell you this, when you shall have made your findings, teach the homos the knowledge of the universe you have gathered. Then shall they know more than Nymphidis himself, because he is one personality with a single brain, but you are five with five great brains.
21. Nymphidis beats you to craftiness but you shall beat him to knowledge, because he has refused to now make findings about the universe according to my desire. And he does not know that he is no more wise.
22. Then Eartum asked, saying, why did you say that we are five? Are we not six? Is this not Chimides and that not Chaleb and beside him is Euchlydes and Murmoh is over there with Ephradite. Why then did you say that we are five?
23. Then did Reverad say, the fifth person is Murmoh and I know that he would not go with you to do the exploration of the universe.
24. While the words were still in Reverad’s lips, Murmoh said, I will not go with them because I need much rest now. For Nymphidis' wars weary my soul greatly.
25. Then did Reverad say, your continent shall be the least among all continents if you chose to neglect them. Because your presence in their midst is a source of courage to some of them.
26. Now if you neglect them, shall the people of Nymphidis not take over their lands without any form of restriction? Now I tell you what shall happen, the people of the continent of Nymphidis shall easily take over their lands and only one part of it in the east shall be left alone, because they shall have willingly accepted the belief of Faulkin before the years of taking over of the lands in the continent of Murmoh.
27. And for half a century and more shall they take many of your lands until the year one thousand, nine hundred and sixty years after the death of Faulkin.
28. That year shall many of the lands be released from their oppression. And the foundation of my name shall also be laid in the same year by the homos who shall name their businesses after my name, as also the calculation of time shall be named after my name on the earth. Yet no one shall know this until Otem shall bring the truth in its entirety to the whole earth.
29. Then did Murmoh say, let Nymphidis do as it pleases him, but here in the Anystenx shall I remain with my God to keep him company.
30. Then did Domino laugh when he heard it. And he said, do as it pleases you, Murmoh.
31. Then Reverad said, at the return of Nymphidis to the earth shall he have multitude of the sons of God to contend with. For they shall be in their thousands all over the surface of the earth.
32. Now, Ephradite said, O great Reverad, I know the cause of all the violence of Nymphidis. It is because of Earthus. For I perceive that he is jealous over her. Now O Reverad, make for all of us our own wives so that we do not have any reason to be jealous of each other.
33. And Reverad said, that which you speak is not the reason for the violence of Nymphidis. Rather, he lacked the character called tolerance, which makes everything in the universe to co-habit.
34. Is the sun not hot on the planets? Yet they all tolerate it and even revolve around it. But I tell you, in tolerance is great benefit. For you shall learn the good ways of others and do away with the bad.
35. I tell you, if Nymphidis had tolerated you all, the earth would not have experienced any war. But Nymphidis and his followers have no space for tolerance. For they love to kill and destroy. But I tell you, some faithful followers of Nymphidis shall even tolerate others, because they allow their reason rule over their zeal. But the zealous ones shall lose anything which is called reason, sending people to the fire which they had even tried to prevent them from.
36. For when you shall say to someone, do no evil or else you shall die and go to the fire, such refuses to do away with that evil, but because you lack logic and reason, you behead him, sending him to that fire you were preventing him from going. Is this not absurd?
37. But I tell you the truth, none of those killed shall be in the fire, but in the place of correction shall they go.
38. What you believe is what you are. He who makes fire for an abode shall himself live in it and those who believe in it also.
39. Ephradite my son, now that you have asked of me to give you wives, I shall do it for you according to your wish. It shall not be long when many like Earthus shall be found all over the face of the earth. Now see if the jealousy of Nymphidis shall be gone by the multitude of choice that could be made.
40. But I tell you, Nymphidis himself has changed his own nature into that which sees jealousy as a good thing and takes pleasure in boasting about it.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:26pm On May 06, 2016
1. Now had Nymphidis and Largas killed the homos which had refused to worship them in the lands. But few of them remained. They had also killed many of the homos living with them in the city of Nymphidis around Eden. For they did this at the report that those ones went to lie with both male and female of the homo-erectus which they made and also taught the people of the land much knowledge which was different from that of the tree of knowledge in Eden.
2. And the ones which they did not kill did they exile from the city; even Semihazah who was well favoured by Nymphidis was also exiled from Eden.
3. And those ones went to continue with the homo erectuses to lie with them and make children.
4. And Nymphidis had determined to destroy all the long-living homos which had a lifespan like that of Jasheb, so that the new species of homos which he had made and had kept them secretly at the centre of his continent could take over the whole earth. Because he did not want any made homo to contend with him for age.
5. Then he proclaimed all over the earth that the time had come to make peace with all the homos all over the surface of the earth.
6. Now because all the sons of God were not with their creatures, having been to the Anystenx, all the homos of the lands listened to Nymphidis' advice and gathered at Salem, which was a place where Melchizedec had ruled over. And he said, come over to my city for a great feast.
7. Then did Nymphidis and Largas make a great feast for them with fishes and sea creatures.
8. Then all the homos which came to the feast fell to the earth and died after tasting the sea creatures. But only few escaped, but with acute pain.
9. And Nymphidis and Largas gathered up to about five hundred and fifty thousand of the dead homos and burnt them to ashes.
10. And Nymphidis said, now shall my homo-erectus take over the whole earth. For it is now almost empty of souls.
11. But Nymphidis had spared Jasheb, which was also one of the homos of the past. He also spared all the twenty-four favoured ones in his court and other past homos in his court, which had the stature of a giant.
12. Then did Nymphidis send message to Noe, which was one of the homo-erectus in his court. Then he said, go and fill up the whole earth, because it is almost empty. But when Noe gave the message to his fellows, they laughed at him.
13. Then did Noe bring message to Nymphidis, saying, the people of the land are rebellious. For they have been heavily taught witchcrafts and sorceries and magia by some of your sons, the giants which do come to pay us visit.
14. And the people had said that they don’t need you, because they have powers now to be on their own.
15. Then was Nymphidis angry with his homo-erectus. And he promised to destroy them all with water.
16. Then he made this known to Noe, saying, have I not planted the gopher tree in the east? And is it not light enough to sustain you and some of the animals which I have created? Now go and get the wood and make of it a great vessel, for I shall destroy everything I have made, except yourself and your family.
17. Then Noe went and did as Nymphidis had said.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:52pm On May 06, 2016

1. And now did the other sons of God which went up to the Anystenx all began to hide themselves from Nymphidis, for Knoliud had taught them saying, to earn more respect, it is better to do things without being seen. For when people see you, they shall know your limit. But if they do not, you shall be respected if they only see your actions.
2. And they began to hide in the rays which the eyes of the homos could not see. For they did not want the homo-erectus of Nymphidis to spot them.
3. Then at the time that Noe had finished the completion of the great vessel, which was as big as the one made by Deganis before, he went round the city of Eden to declare to them how Nymphidis their lord had determined to destroy them all with flood.
4. And the sons of the giants laughed aloud, saying, did not Enorach say the same concerning us, that the earth shall be destroyed with flood?
5. But now, O Noe, Enorach himself has gone in a wild hurricane and we know not where he went.
6. Did Zekiel one of the giants from paradise not tell us that our lord shall not destroy us? And we have believed him because it is now a century since Enorach left the earth, which was by our former calculation a millennium.
7. But till these days, the flood has not come.
8. Then they disbelieved Noe because of what Tamiel and Semihazah their fathers had taught them. For it was these same ones who taught them that indeed the days and years were calculated by the movement of the moon and the earth and not by the hovering eyes of Yahweh.
9. And it came to pass, when they saw the strange wood of Noe, they laughed him to scorn and said, can the lightness of these wood carry the weight of this whole earth if we shall decide to come with you?
10. Shall it not be broken by the weight of the whales in the waters and of the animals in the wild?
11. Then did they say, how shall you tame the lions and the tigers and the bears to come with you? Surely they shall kill you and eat your flesh.
12. Then some of them said, we would have come with you but we fear being with the lions and the scorpions and the hyenas in the same vessel.
13. Shall they not tear us apart?
14. And Noe said, come with me, for Yahweh knows how to protect his people. For he has taught me how to hypnotise the wild animals. Shall I not hypnotise them as he taught me? And they shall be asleep for the whole journey.
15. And they said, we do not believe in what you said, because it is not possible to make a homo fall asleep.
16. Then did Noe say, have you forgotten how Yahweh made Gai out of the rib of Hatus? Did he not make Hatus fall into a big sleep and took a rib out of him to make Gai?
17. When Noe had made an end of his speech, they doubted him still.
18. Now did he make a completion of the vessel, which was made to have upper and lower chambers. And it was spacious enough to take the animals and his own family.
19. Then Noe called the animals into the vessels first, using the sounds they make to call them, according to how he was taught by Largas. For Largas was he who taught him sounds.
20. Then he called in the birds and then when he would call the wild animals, he hypnotised them and they all fell into deep sleep.
21. And as soon as Noe had entered the vessel with all the animals and his sons and his daughters-in-law and his own wife, he came outside and shut the door; for he felt that the right thing to do was to perish with the people, rather than saving his own life.
22. Then the rain began to fall, for Nymphidis and Largas had stood over a mountain, pulling down the content of the cloud with an inexplicable force.
23. And the rain fell for ten days, destroying all the dwelling-places at the center of the land of Philargas. And the homo-erectus which were in the land all died, both small and great. And all the children born to the gigantic homos of the past died.
24. Then Noe’s vessel stopped after ten days on a rock, where the waters had not covered up. But Noe himself had drowned with the rest of the people, saving only the lives of his family.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 3:01am On May 07, 2016

1. There was a man of the land of Philargas, whose name was Nimshi. He is also a descendant of Canaan who was the last child of Noe. Now Noe had died and all his sons.
2. And Nimshi was cultivating his land one day when he heard a voice. And it was the voice of Ephradite which he heard.
3. And Ephradite called him by his name and spoke the language which he also understood. For it was only a single language they spoke in the whole land of Philargas, because it was only a single language they were taught by Hatus their predecessor.
4. Now, Nimshi listened to the voice of Ephradite.
5. Then did Ephradite say, I am the one who sent the serpent to Hatus and Gai.
6. That serpent is mine, which I made many centuries ago.
7. Then Nimshi said, is it a good thing that you have done? Did you not let Yahweh send our ancestors out of the land of Eden?
8. Now depart from me before you shall make me fall into the iniquity which you made Hatus also fall into. And for this reason do we now die and also, the land is made hard for us.
9. Then Ephradite said, who told you that the earth is made hard for you by the pronouncement of Nymphidis? I tell you the truth, the land of Eden is a swampy area, that is why it seems so pleasant. But in this part of the earth where he had put you, the land is hard because of the excessive sunlight which fell on it when your lord was bringing down destruction upon the whole earth.
10. Don?t you know that four rivers flowed into the land of Eden to make it watered? Now tell me how such place shall not be a fertile land?
11. Then Nimshi said, what do you want with me?
12. And Ephradite replied, did your lord not tell you that his abode is in the cloud? Now tell me whether you would not want to be with him there also.
13. And Nimshi said, it is not of us to be with our lord in his abode. For we die to cease to live forever.
14. Then Ephradite said, I am not speaking of death, but I speak of building a house whose top could get into the cloud. Then shall you see the glory of your lord in it. Is his mansions in the cloud not built with gold and other shiny minerals?
15. Now when Nimshi heard this, he was tempted to listen more to Ephradite. Then he said, lord, how shall this be possible? You can see that I am only a farmer who knows nothing about laying the bricks.
16. Then did Ephradite say, go and bring your friends with you. And I shall teach you how to make the building.
17. Then did Nimshi tell some of his people. And they chose the land where Abel was killed to build upon. And the voice of Ephradite instructed them how to build.
18. And it came to pass that report got to Nymphidis in the land of Eden through one of the giant homos which he made. And he told Nymphidis and Largas everything.
19. And Nymphidis said to Largas, if these homos should build their lands into the cloud, will they not discover that there is no heaven in it?
20. Then did Largas say, what shall we do to stop them from making progress?
21. Then did Nymphidis say, let us hypnotise them and give them amnesia. Then shall we speak different languages into the ears of each of them. And when they had woken up, they shall speak different languages, each of them, and they shall not be able to continue the building.
22. Now were gathered eighteen thousand souls in the land of Abel, waiting to see the completion of the building whose top would get to the cloud.
23. And Nymphidis came into their midst with Largas, hiding inside the rays which the eyes of the homos could not see. And they blew into their noses a substance which causes sleep.
24. And they all slept off. Then did they whisper into their ears in groups of twenty. And they whispered up to nine hundred languages into their ears.
25. And Nimshi himself was away with Ephradite in the bush nearby. And he was amazed when he found them all asleep. And he wore them up and asked them why they slept.
26. And they answered him in different languages. For one spoke through his nose with his tongue in his cheek and another spoke with the vocal cord vibrating like the sound of a bell.
27. Then Nimshi could not understand what they spoke. Then he was left alone, because he alone spoke a language which none other in the world understood.
28. And when the people had spoken to one another, each of them knew who spoke a language like himself.
29. Then the people began to share their land, because the languages are now many. And then did towns and villages begin to arise.
30. Now Nimshi felt greatly tormented, for he was the only homo-erectus who had no one to speak the same language with him.
31. Then he said, how have I allowed this serpent to deceive me as he did to Hatus and Gai. And my punishment is now to dwell alone in the land.
32. Will it not be better for me to go into extinction rather than to be left alone in the earth without a partner? If even Hatus got Gai as a partner, how much more myself?
33. Then did Nimshi go and climbed a rock, for he would cast himself down from it and die.
34. But when he jumped down the rock, Ephradite appeared to him physically and bore him.
35. Then did Ephradite say, killing oneself is never and can never be a solution to problems in life. It is better to see how things end than to end things by oneself.
36. And Nimshi was greatly afraid when he saw the great stature of Ephradite. And he thought him to be God. And he bowed his face to him, saying, God, why did you save my life? Am I not the one who thought I could find the ways of God?
37. And did I not determine to find out if the paradise you spoke of is indeed in the cloud?
38. Now am I guilty of double death for seeing your face as it is and for also trying to search out your ways, these things which the laws of Enorach the holy prohibited. Did the seven laws of Noe also not speak of these things?
39. But O my Lord, forgive your servant as you forgave Hatus and Gai. Did not the serpent also deceive me as it had deceived our ancestors in those days also? And you forgave them when they asked of your forgiveness.
40. Now, do forgive me also O my Lord. And I shall make sacrifice to you as both Abel and Noe also did.
41. Then did Ephradite laugh and said, I am he who formed the serpent. I am he who also taught you how to make the great building.
42. But now O Nimshi,this is the will of the true God. Or do you think your god is the true one? I tell you no, but Reverad is he who formed us and gave us the commandment to go into all the universe and make findings of all his creations.
43. But Nymphidis whom you call Yahweh is he who has claimed the whole world for himself alone. But we the sons of God knew that we cannot beat him in violence but in wisdom.
44. Now have we decided to punish him by enlightening his own creatures above his own knowledge.
45. I tell you, till this day, Nymphidis did not know the nature of the moon, for he thought it to be a light. And this shall we use to teach him a lesson when we shall take some of your species into the moon by a metallic thing which Apollyon is busy making in the land of Chaleb.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 3:12am On May 07, 2016
1. And thereafter, Ephradite took Nimshi under his wings into the moon. And as soon as he had reached the moon, he believed all that Ephradite had told him.
2. Then did Nimshi also find Earthus and Eartum in the land of the moon.
3. And he was helped to breath by a breeze of which Ephradite had taken in some pipes which resembled the pipe of Largas.
4. Then did Nimshi bow to the ground and worshipped them. But they said, we deserve no worship because we are not God. And if anyone should be worshipped at all, let him be Reverad whose energy is the content of the universe.
5. Then did Eartum say, now Nimshi, you shall return to the earth and teach them some good values and meditation.
6. And you shall teach them how to put their brains to use.
7. Then Nimshi said, Yahweh's faithful ones shall find me and kill me if I do this. Besides, I do not understand the languages which they speak.
8. And Chaleb said, we shall teach you a hundred languages of the earth. Now, also for your safety shall we teach you how to hide in the rays of which human eyes cannot see.
9. And we shall also teach you how to make the ray of the light look like a solid substance. Then shall you use all these weapons for camouflage and self-defense.
10. Then was Nimshi scared. And he did not want to leave the moon for the fear of being murdered for blasphemy by those who live on the earth.
11. Then did Nimshi obey the sons of God and descended into the earth again.
12. And Nimshi did as he was told and he went down to join the people.
13. And Nimshi taught them the flaws of Nymphidis. And it came to pass, that whenever they would want to lynch him, he would hide inside the rays of which he was told to hide in.
14. And Nimshi said, do right things, for that is righteousness. And what is holiness? It is the hypocritical aspect of righteousness.
15. How shall you think that you are holy when even he who created us did not talk about this to Hatus and Gai our father and mother from the beginning.
16. Or what do you think? If holiness is such that is real, why didn't Nymphidis tell our ancestors this from the first day he formed them?
17. Did Hatus not write in his book, saying, our lord commanded us to be fruitful and multiply and fill up the earth?
18. And he did not mention anything about being holy until an afterthought crossed his mind and he did for the intent of ending the species of the giant homos before us.
19. Now I tell you this, the intention of the concept of holiness is to hunt for blood. For anyone who shall speak anything different from what you call holiness, shall he not pay for it with his own blood?
20. But I tell you this by the five senses of my head that a time will come in the far distance that when the homos shall think to set up another belief contrary to the one in existence, they shall do it but in a subtle way, claiming that they are also sacred words of the same God.
21. And this shall put fear into the hearts of those who shall think to probe those texts, because they shall think it as blasphemy to challenge it, even if it is filled with contradictions to the prior ones.
22. And Nimshi said, did I not see the knowledge of the true God in my meditation? And he said to me, it shall not be too long anymore before we shall send Daniel into the world to declare the scattering of the power of the people who called themselves holy but are not.
23. For Daniel shall declare it and the wise shall understand but the wicked people shall remain wicked, killing for the sake of Nymphidis and Largas their gods.
24. And the people took stones to stone Nimshi, saying, you are speaking blasphemy against our God, for God is one and his name is not Nymphidis or Largas.
25. But Nimshi hid himself in the invisible rays. And he said, I am hid from your faces now. What shall you do to hurt me? Did Hatus' book not say that God called his counterpart and said, let us create the homo-erectus in our own image?
26. Is your god speaking to himself?
27. And all the homos who heard the word of Nimshi were silent. And they cast down their stones and worshipped Nimshi who was not seen of them.
28. Then Nimshi said, don't worship me but go and live your lives in righteousness and in truth. Do good not because you are being coerced to do it, but do it because goodness is part of your nature.
29. Or did your creator not form you with the tepex of the sand of the sea?
30. If then the tepex in you has lost its good taste by corruption, how can it get the taste again?
31. It is better to cast it away.


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