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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 2:27pm On Apr 04, 2018
Chapter Eighteen

1. In the 129,842nd year of the homo sapiens era, Runesocesius was born to Endovelicus and Ataegina, who were already worshipped as gods and goddesses in those days, in the land now found in Portugal.
2. For Endovelicus, he rose to the godship position by his ability to speak to the people and hypnotise them such that they saw him in their dreams communicating with them.
3. Then he was so highly respected that whenever he touched their heads, they readily fell to the ground, while he said that he was healing them.
4. For Ataegina his wife, she rose into the godship position when she discovered four springs located in a very hidden part of the land.
5. So she was called the goddess of the spirings.
6. When Runesocesius began to grow, he took iron and made a javelin-like weapon with it.
7. Now he was reverred by the people for his invention, which he threw at wild animals for games and hunting.
8. He made many javelin-like weapons for his people with the iron too, then they went into the forests to hunt.
9. However, Endovelicus restricted their activities in the forest, saying, if you kill all the animals in the forests and bushes, which ones shall we reserve for our descendants?
10. So Runesocesius and other hunters were given the times and seasons when they would go for hunting.
11. This was decided by Ataegina, the wife of Endovelicus. And Endovelicus himself made rule, saying, no hunter should kill more than two animals at every visit to the forests and bushes, so that we could preserve them alive for our descendants.
12. Runesocesius also started a game of javelin throwing and dodging, where ten javelin throwers were arranged and a dodger, wearing a shield, was placed at a position facing the throwers who made him their targets.
13. In the game, Runesocesius was the only one of them who was not touched by the thrown weapons, yet he was also the best aimer of the dodgers.
14. His throws were very fast and always hitting their targets.
15. When Endovelicus and Ataegina his parents were old, Runesocesius said to them, let us form a bond of trinity, so that the people would worship us together forever.
16. For a bond of three people in one person would be stronger than those having no bond.
17. So Endovelicus was known as the father god, the creator. His wife Ataegina became the mother god, representing nature. Then Runesocesius became the son god.
18. Now when they all died, their worship continued for eighteen centuries after.
19. Chilenga was a male homo sapiens born in the 132,579th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Zambia.
20. Now when Chilenga had called upon Nyambe, whom the people believed as the creator of the world, he was fed up when his prayers were not answered.
21. Then Chilenga said, I will curse you god Nyambe and if you kill me after cursing you, I will see your face in your abode.
22. When Chilenga had spoken much against Nyambe, he began to feel guilty as one who had blasphemed God.
23. When he slept in his great emotional state, he found himself in another realm.
24. Then he saw one who appeared to him, saying, Chilenga, you have come to where you want.
25. This is Nyambe standing before you. Now do what you have sworn to do to me.
26. When Chilenga heard this, he bowed before him and said, the atmosphere of this place is peace, O lord.
27. How is it possible to fight war in a place of peace?
28. I will stay here with you and worship you, rather than going back to the earth where I suffer boils all over my body without cure.
29. Now Nyambe said, your time is not up on earth yet. You have only come here because of your excessive emotional state.
30. Now the truth which you seek, I will tell you. Indeed I Nyambe am not the creator of the world, but I am among the recreators of it.
31. The world was created by that thing which I will not explain to you now because the time for it to be universally known is not here yet.
32. But the son of truth will reveal it when due.
33. When the world was rid off the beings of the past, your species began to exist. Then I was recreated into it upon a mountain, then I married many lowland-dwellers, one of whom was named Nasilele who gave birth to Kamunu my first child.
34. I was recreated to recreate the world, until a far distant time when the world would be brought back to its default manner.
35. The beliefs which we create upon the world are the things which recreates the world and its thoughts, ideologies and philosophies.
36. And all these things become the realities of they who live in them. For even nothing was remembered of me many years back, until a thousand years ago when another man like you made me known again to the people, adding his own individual reality to it to make me great before the people.
37. But the universal reality shall be made known in the days of the son of truth, the child of history.
38. Now return to the earth and declare me not as the God Almighty, but as a mountain-dwelling man.
39. Tell them not to pray to me, but to go into the bushes and forests, because the cure to all their problems have already been provided by nature.
40. For in this era, we gods have no say in the health of the people whenever we do not live among them.
41. But only nature, a part of God, can choose what will occur and what will not occur. And no soul can influence nature.
42. And as for you, Chilenga, if you tell them all these things, a land shall be named after you in the future.
43. So Chilenga's soul returned to the earthly realm and he declared what he had seen to his people, but the priests and other worshippers of the land chased him out of the land for blasphemy.
44. Now after a year, a disease struck the land and many of them began to die, yet they prayed to Nyambe and the other gods for cure to their diseases.
45. When Chilenga heard what had befallen his land, he returned with herbs of all kinds and said to them, I have come to treat your diseases.
46. When he had treated them, they said, who are you? Then he said, I am Chilenga whom you banished last year.
47. You wonder, saying, where are the sores and boils all over my body? I cured them with the herbs also.
48. For as I have said before, the natural things are the things which make healing in this era.
49. For it is a waste of time calling upon the gods to cure you of your sicknesses and diseases.
50. Now Chilenga taught them how to fetch herbs which could cure all manner of diseases. Then many herbalists began to exist in the land, using herbs to fight the diseases which came against them, rather than running after the priests of the gods for help.
51. Now Chilenga was accepted and worshipped as a god; they also recognised Nyambe as the first man, who became the first god also.
52. But for God Almighty, they claimed to know nothing about it, according to what Chilenga had taught them.
53. However there were still some who continued to believe that Nyambe was the God Almighty rather than the first man of their land.
54. Now the worship of Chilenga lasted for seventeen centuries after.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 3:49pm On Apr 04, 2018
Chapter Nineteen
1. Jobana was a female homo sapiens born in a land now found in the modern day Pakistan.
2. She was born in the 135,719th year of the homo sapiens era.
3. She was very beautiful and gentle. She was also very humble such that her good characters attracted many to her.
4. When the males of the land treated most of the females badly, they could not do the same to her because of her appearance and manner of life.
5. Everyone in the land loved her and often went to her for counsels and guidance.
6. Now Jobana kept herself a virgin until her death and the people worshipped her as a virgin mother.
7. When Jobana was seventy years old, her beauty still surpassed the beauty of many young ones of the land.
8. She died at the age of seventy years, but the people worshipped her as a goddess of beauty for nineteen centuries after.
9. Achilles was a male homo sapiens born in the 138,467th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Greece.
10. In his days, when he was just born, many lands around them assembled to destroy the land where Achilles dwelt.
11. They said, let us go against Sparta and kill them all, because we have heard that they have begun to train their children for war from birth.
12. If we allow them to achieve this, all their children will become great warriors and come after us.
13. They will take our lands by force. So five lands came to do battle with Sparta, but they did not conquer because the people of Sparta were strong.
14. Now when Achilles was found to have some deformities in his foot at birth, the people of his land said, this child is not fit to be trained in Sparta.
15. Let him be left upon the mountain to die or let him be placed in a pot and left on the sea.
16. So they took Achilles and put him in a pot. Then they set the pot on a forbidden river to float and be carried away.
17. However, his mother Thetis went into the forbidden water and swam after the pot when no one was observing. Then she fetched the child out of the pot.
18. When Thetis was coming out of the water, some people found her and feared that she was a spirit, because it was believed that no mortal human would survive in it.
19. Now Thetis went into a land not far away from Sparta to dwell. There, Thetis gave him all the training which he would have received in Sparta.
20. She even made him stronger by giving him a harder training. He went to the top of the hills to stand with his head for a long time.
21. He broke hard stones with his hands to make his bones strong. He also fought wild beasts to make his muscles very strong.
22. Now Thetis often visited Peleus her husband secretly to tell him of how the child was doing.
23. And Peleus went to take babies who were considered unfit to be trained in Sparta. These he took away secretly from the top of the mountain where they had been abandoned to die, for he wanted to save their lives.
24. Then he brought them to Achilles his son and Thetis his wife to train them up.
25. Now Achilles and Thetis trained two hundred and fifty one children from birth till they had become adults.
26. All these were the children who had been condemned to death by the rulers of Sparta, saying, these are too weak to become warriors of the land.
27. Now when ten lands came against Sparta and made a fierce battle with it destroy it, Peleus went to seek the help of Achilles, saying, come and help Sparta, for it is currently in a great ruin.
28. So Achilles went after seeking the consent of his mother. He took a hundred of his warriors with him.
29. Then he fought for Sparta and conquered the warriors who came from ten surrounding lands.
30. Then Achilles was honoured.
31. However, his feet gave him a awkward look, being disfigured from birth.
32. He also fought many other battles and won in those days.
33. However, his mother warned him to stay away from war when he was fifty years, because she said that she had a dream that he was killed in a battle.
34. But Achilles said, it is honorable to die in battle for your land, rather than dying on your bed for your own self.
35. So Achilles went to do the battle. Then he was shot with a arrow on his right feet, just on his heel. Then he lost much blood and died.
36. But his worship went on and on, and the people often believed that his spirit went with them to fight every battle which they went to fight, including the battles which they often fought with Troy, Parthenon and other towns and villages around them.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 6:24pm On Apr 04, 2018
Chapter Twenty

1. Luwabi was a male homo sapiens born in the 140,000th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in the southwestern part of Nigeria.
2. The name of his father was Alabi and his mother was Folubi.
3. Luwabi began to behave like an adult when he was only ten years old. He learnt incantations and panegyrics from his father.
4. When Luwabi took red clay, he began to make signs on rocks and flat stones.
5. He also took banana leaves which had become dry and kept them, laying them upon one another.
6. Then he had a heap of them, as high as an average adult.
7. Then he took the leaves and made signs on them with ink which he made from the mixture of many coloured plant extracts.
8. Now Luwabi made ten thousand signs and wrote them down in the dry leaves. All these signs had meaning attached to them in the language of the Yoruba people.
9. When Luwabi read the words he had represented with signs, the people were surprised.
10. And they said, only an orisa can do this. Then they respected him because he had coded many moral values and words of enlightenments in his writings.
11. He had written five thousand proverbs and wise sayings. He had also written three hundred songs.
12. Then they said, this is the return of Ifa to the land.
13. Now Luwabi began to say, with words, the world will change for the better, yet with words the priests of the gods will gather undeserved wealth.
14. With words, the dreams of the people will be made sweet, yet with words the so-called witches and wizards make you see them in their dreams.
15. Words are the weapons of the past people whom you deified, yet with words can they be made to lose their worship.
16. With words are the minds of millions of souls enslaved and with words alone shall their minds be set free.
17. He who knows many words will not fear the threats of another word-user. But he who knows few words shall bow to the threats of another who knows more words.
18. Curses and prayers are words which the humans use to send the wishes of their minds to the universe.
19. They are like the stones which a blind man throws at a mango fruit at the top of a very tall tree. They can either go in vain or by coincidence achieve their purposes.
20. But their are divine words which are few. These shall never go without fulfillment.
21. Let everyone not be swayed by the words of his neighbour such that he forgets to use his own thinking faculty.
22. Or else such one shall become a slave to his neighbour in his mind.
23. Now Luwabi lived for seventy-seven years, teaching the people morality, settling disputes and writing proverbs in dry leaves.
24. Now when he rejected to be called an orisha, they called themselves his children( omo Luwabi) and gathered before him to hear his wise words.
25. In all these, Luwabi did not extort the people nor impose some tasks or obligations on them.
26. Rather, he rejected gifts, money and all forms of good things which they willingly offered him in exchange for his wise sayings.
27. In all these, the priests and seers of the gods hated him because many people did not go to their shrines for help anymore in the days of Luwabi, therefore the offerings and sacrifices which they received from their subjects ceased.
28. After the death of Luwabi, the people comtinued to call themselves children of Luwabi, trying by all means to make themselves as moral as he was.
29. However, with the passage of time, the character of Luwabi began to go hidden and his leaves of words were left to waste away.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 10:58pm On Apr 05, 2018
Chapter Twenty-One
1. Ayelala was a female homo sapiens born in the 144,401st year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Nigeria.
2. In those days, those who threatened and cause others to dream about them were many in the land.
3. They made incantations and when the fearful ones listened to them fearfully, their incantations worked on them.
4. Many young children whose brains were not fully developed fell victim of them and through fear, many evil befell them.
5. Now Ayelala was one of those who fell victim of the torments of the supposed witches and wizards who scared the people of the land.
6. When she was only eight years old, an old woman said to her, your mother is my enemy, therefore you will not do good in life.
7. Since the day Ayelala heard her statement, she began to fear her threat so much that she unknowingly began to build a reality of the old woman's threat in her dream.
8. She saw the woman in her dream daily, chasing her, strangling her and even pressing her.
9. Now Ayelala feared death so much that she often fell sick. Even when she was sick, the image of the old woman would appear to her in the dream, saying, you will die. You will not make it in life.
10. Then Ayelala could not sleep in the night because of fear. She always weep into sleep and saw only nightmares at the closing of her eyes.
11. When she had reached the age of thirty, no man approached her for marriage because they had heard that she was under torment by a witch.
12. When the old woman who threatened her died, she thought that she was already free, but when she slept that night, she saw the woman chasing her in her sleep, saying, you must join me.
13. At the age of thirty, Ayelala suddenly said, it is time for me to face my challenges. If I die, I will not be the first. But for me to live in fear continuously, I forbid it.
14. Now when Ayelala was about to sleep again, she said to herself, if I see Ajiun in my sleep today, I will not run for her.
15. So when Ayelala slept, Ajiun appeared in her sleep. Then Ayelala said, do you come to chase me? Is it not he who runs that another can chase?
16. When Ayelala remained unmoved, the old woman held her by the neck, but she pulled off her hands and twisted them. Then she held the old woman by her neck and shoved her hard.
17. Then the old woman began to run and Ayelala ran after her. Then she began to fly and Ayelala flew after her.
18. Now she awoke from her sleep and was amazed, saying, this is a great dream. How soon did I start chasing my chaser away only because I charged myself before going to sleep?
19. When Ayelala had continued doing this daily, it worked for her such that she said, life indeed is a mystery.
20. When she continued to chase the old woman in her sleep every night, she soon discovered that it was not a universal reality, but a reality which she had created by her own mind.
21. She knew that all the dreams from the time when the old woman was squeezing her neck to the ones when she was chasing the old woman were created by her own mind.
22. Now to be sure of this, she said before her sleep, let Ajiun come to me as a friend. So it happened two days later when she dreamt of her.
23. Then she said, this is a great mystery. Then she went out to declare publicly, saying, if you are tormented by witches and wizards, come to me and I will free you.
24. So thirty-two people came to her. Then she asked them how it all began and twenty-five of them said that they were first threatened to death by some elderly ones and even by little children who said to them, if you sleep you will see us. If you go south or north, you will see us.
25. And since the time when they heard the threats, they had been seeing them in their dreams tormenting them.
26. Now Ayelala went to see all the people who had been accused. Then she said, threaten no one in this land anymore, else I will fight you physically and psychologically.
27. When some of them saw the seriousness in the gestures of Ayelala, they agreed with her, but some refused to listen to her.
28. These continued to threaten people to make them fear and have their brains confused.
29. Now when Ayelala had found some commiting suicide or doing all manner of hurt to themselves because of the threats they had received from a supposed witch, she gathered her followers and went after the people in their gatherings, in the place where they shared ideas of how to make people scare them.
30. Then she and her followers killed some of them and scattered the others, saying, let your own evil be upon your heads, for words of threats are more evil than murder and an evil thinker is worse than a terrorist.
31. So those who used threats, cowries and all manner of fetish things to scare the ignorant people of that land fled from Ayelala all her days, but they went to other places to continue their evil.
32. For the courage of Ayelala, she was worshipped as a goddess in those days for many centuries after.
33. Then also, the wise ones used her name to make people confess the evil which they had done in secret. For everyone feared that her spirit, even in death, was capable of fetching out and punishing evil people.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 1:23am On Apr 08, 2018
Chapter Twenty-Two
1. Khan was a male homo sapiens born in a land now found in the modern day India in the 148,289th year of the homo sapiens era.
2. He had a very large area of land for farming. He was also a owner of many elephants which he had tamed.
3. Now Khan married five beautiful wives who were good dancers and they all had children for him.
4. His first son became an illusionist who had sleight of hands.
5. The second was a female who could sing very well. She sang so much that many young women learned and mimicked her voice.
6. The third child, being his favourite son, was a comedian who went about to do things which made people laugh.
7. Now for the wealth of Khan and for the kind of talented family which he had, the people saw him as a god and deified him.
8. So he became the ruler of the land and many people wanted to name their children after him, even after his death.
9. Ceneck was a male homo sapiens born in the 152,009th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Slovakia.
10. In his days, many neighbouring land struggled to take over his land.
11. Then he charged the youth of his land, saying, let us fight to win this land Dusotca for our ancestors so that they will be proud of us.
12. So Ceneck went after the land which gathered against them and fought.
13. Now the people of the land had thought, saying, we will not take five draw of breath before we will destroy Dusotca and take their land for our own.
14. So they went together being eight hundred warriors altogether.
15. But Ceneck said, we are fewer than them, for we are only two hundred men.
16. Therefore we shall not go together to battle with them. Rather, we shall go in group of five men each.
17. So Ceneck grouped the two hundred men into groups with five men in each group.
18. And he said, hide in the bushes and in the hills and strike them when you sight them.
19. Shoot the arrows and throw the stones. Then they shall come to seek you, but you shall set traps of thorns and pits covered with banana leaves and there they would fall.
20. So Ceneck and his men dug pits in many places in the footpath along the bushes.
21. They also set thorns everywhere. Then they hid among the hills and shrubs, awaiting the passing of the warriors of the land called Vojna.
22. When the Vojnites passed through the borderland of the two lands, the warriors of Ceneck struck them with arrows, stones and fire.
23. In this, a dozen of them died while some of them went towards the direction of the shots and entered traps.
24. So did the fighters of Dusotca defeat the Vojnites, according to the strategies of Ceneck.
25. And they lost only twenty fighters when a gross and a dozen of the Vojnites died and many of them were captured.
26. Now with the intelligence which Ceneck manifested, he was revered as a god in those days till the tenth century after.
27. And his name was assigned another meaning, which was 'the victorious'.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 2:09am On Apr 08, 2018
Chapter Twenty-Three
1. Tanko was a male homosapiens born in the 155,317th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Chad.
2. His father was a hunter who left his land of birth far east to dwell with his wife in the lonely land.
3. When Tanko was twenty-eight years old, he had built up his muscles, carrying many heavy weights.
4. Now a young elephant came close to the path where humans followed and intimidated them.
5. Then Tanko stood fearlessly until the elephant had attacked him.
6. Then they fought until the elephant was tired. Then he pushed it down and cut its skin with an ancient knife which his father pulled out from a rock.
7. Now the people who saw how Tanko killed the elephant fell down and worshipped him as a god.
8. Then they begged him to set up a kingdom and rule over them, so that he would be able to protect them from attacks from enemies and wild animals.
9. So Tanko set up a kingdom and ruled over twenty people at the beginning.
10. Then when he was very old, being a hundred and two years old, he ordered for the counting of every human in his kingdom.
11. Then they numbered up to nine hundred and fifty-four.
12. So Tanko died, being deified in that land which is now found in Chad.
13. Malaika was a female homo sapiens born in the 158,674th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Burundi.
14. She was a good-natured person, who spent her time feeding the poor and those who were plagued and abandoned.
15. Malaika was always in the company of the physically challenged people such that she became very popular among them.
16. And they called her an angel sent by the gods to them.
17. When those who had smallpox were sent out of the land, Malaika went after them and fed them, not caring about her life.
18. She gave them all manner of fruits and herbs for their health.
19. When she had stayed with the destitute for ten years, she began to feel within her that she had contracted a disease.
20. So she departed and went far into a cave to dwell for the rest of her life.
21. When the people did not see her anymore, they said, the angel who came to us in human form from the sky has returned to the sky.
22. So they reverred her as a goddess in human form for many years after her departure.
23. Then her fame spread to surrounding lands.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 4:50am On Apr 09, 2018
Chapter Twenty-four

1. Ayushman was a male homo sapiens born in the 164,776th year of the homo sapiens era.
2. He was made a god because of his patience.
3. In those days, in a land now found in India, Ayushman was very slow to react to issues which could make him angry.
4. Rather, he would set his eyes at the sky and look into the blue of it.
5. Ayushman also helped to guide and counsel many young people and his counsels worked well for them.
6. When Ayushman died, the people celebrated and deified him for ten centuries.
7. Abdenegro was a male homo sapiens born in Ethiopia in the 172,567th year of the homo sapiens era. In his days, he tried hard to restore peace.
8. And he did so through songs, stories and words of advice.
9. He condemned tribalistic and ethnic battles and advocated peace and co-existence.
10. Abdenegro went far distance into many lands and tribes to speak of peace.
11. He died when he was sixty-five, but he was not forgotten for the next fifteen centuries.
12. Glanvil was a male homo sapiens born in the 175,379th year of the homo sapiens era.
13. He was born in the 178,653rd year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in the U.S.A.
14. Glanvil selected fourteen stones with which he juggled.
15. He was the father of those who juggled in those days.
16. He would juggle his stones from one land to another without missing a stone.
17. Those who saw him said that he was a spirit walking in the bush.
18. When Glanvil was juggling before many audience in a particular day, a man threw many stones among the things which he juggled, yet he did not miss a catch or give up.
19. Rather, he continued to catch his stones and rethrow them while leaving all the other stones the man had purported to confuse him with.
20. Glanvil taught the people how to juggle in those days, and it became an entertainment which they loved to do, besides hunting, singing and dancing.
21. When Glanvil died, the people mourned him and worshipped him, even till the twelveth generation after.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 6:36pm On Apr 09, 2018
Chapter Twenty-Five
1. Manawo, who was commonly called Manowo, was a male homo sapiens born in the 178,418th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Poland.
2. In those days, Manawo went to battle and conquered all the lands around him.
3. He conquered seventeen lands altogether and ruled over all of them.
4. Then the kingdom was named after him, and he was made the king of the kingdom formed.
5. Manawo selected seventeen governors to govern all the lands which he had conquered.
6. But he ruled over them all as the god of the amalgamated kingdoms.
7. Manawo died when he was seventy years, then the kingdom collapsed.
8. However, his worship was sustained for ten centuries after.
9. Kriminel was a male homo sapiens born in the 181,457th year of the homo sapiens era in a land now found in Haiti.
10. Kriminel was a giant. When he was young, he bullied on the weaker ones to collect their possessions.
11. When he went about, stealing, his father disowned him.
12. Now Kriminel planned many crimes, including the stealing of the golden mask of the gods.
13. In this manner did he steal the mask; he wore a mask to the temple where the mask of the gods was hid.
14. When the guards saw him, they received order from the chief priest, saying, go after him, for that is the mask of the gods.
15. So fifteen guards left their post and chased him. Then he entered a tunnel and they followed him.
16. When he had come out of the tunnel from the other end, he blocked its mouth with a great stone and returned quickly to the temple of the gods.
17. Now only three guards were left. These people he killed quickly and gained entrance to the innermost part where the mask was kept.
18. So Kriminel took the mask and fled.
19. When the guards returned, they presented the mask which they had pulled off the face of Kriminel.
20. When the chief priest of the gods saw it, he cried aloud, saying, this is a trick!
21. Kriminel has returned to take the original mask. Surely he has tricked us all.
22. He has lured you guards away so that he could reach the real mask easily.
23. Now go and find him. When you have brought him, he shall be sacrificed to the gods.
24. Now Kriminel went to the land who was the arch enemy of his land and said, I have brought the mask of the gods of Vudun to you.
25. Now arise and make war with them. Their defence is broken and they are weak.
26. So the people of the enemy land followed Kriminel to do battle with his own people.
27. But the father of Kriminel led the war for the Vudun.
28. When the father of Kriminel saw his son, he said, why do you do all these things against your own land, son?
29. Why do you take the mask of the gods and give it to our enemy?
30. What has Vudun our land done against you to deserve all you have done against it?
31. You have murdered three guards and injured some. You have made us sweat when there is no war.
32. Now Kriminel, look straight into my eyes and tell me the offence of our land against you.
33. Then Kriminel raised his voice and said, you, father are the cause of my anger against my land.
34. When I did not know what moves me to steal and do evil, you did not help me find it out.
35. But you sent me away instead, such that I had no one to rely on.
36. Then I said, it is time to turn the land upside down. Behold, I have stirred up your enemies against you.
37. The mask of the gods have I given them. Therefore there is no going back.
38. When Kriminel's father heard what his son had said, he fell down before him and said, truly, you have been declared a murderer and one who needs to be killed.
39. But I assure you that your transgression shall be forgiven you if you fight for us rather than against us.
40. When Kriminel heard this, he went forward and hugged his father, weeping.
41. Then one of the enemy warriors shot an arrow, but his father turned him away and took the arrow instead.
42. When Kriminel saw how the enemy land had shot at his father, he charged at them singlehandedly and killed many of them in anger.
43. Then he retrieved the mask of the gods. But his father did not arise from the ground.
44. So Kriminel joined the warriors of his land to destroy the warriors of the enemy land, such that none of them was left alive.
45. Then he took his father and buried him with tears. He was also made the chief judge in the land, to judge the transgressors and those who committed crime.
46. In the days of Kriminel as the judge of the land, the crime rate of the land reduced so much, because they feared him.
47. So he was deified by the people and worshipped for ten centuries after his death.

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Chapter Twenty-Six
1. Gleti was a female homo sapiens born in the 183,290th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Benin Republic.
2. When Gleti had pondered the mystery of the world, her state of consciousness changed and she began to see herself flying above many humans.
3. She found many eyes gazing at her while she flew. Then she awoke from her trance.
4. When she fell into trance another time, her consciousness was trapped in a source of light like a star.
5. Then her source of light cast shadow of many other sources of light.
6. Then the sun appeared and cast the shadow of the moon upon her own star.
7. When Gleti awoke, she began to make her unimaginable explanation, making drawings of it on rocks and molten iron.
8. She drew rays of sunlight which fell upon the moon and how it cast the shadow of the moon on many stars to hide them from being visible at night.
9. Then the people wondered at her high imagination and deified her.
10. Then she was deified for eighteen centuries after her death.
11. Qat was a male homo sapiens born in the 187,764th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Vanuatu.
12. When Qat was six years, there were earthquakes and many other natural disasters which killed his father, Tagaro, and many of his father's wives.
13. When his father had died, all his half brothers said, let us take him and kill him, because he was the favourite child of our father when he was alive.
14. So they took Qat and beat him until he had lost consciousness, then they said, he is dead.
15. So they left him and went away.
16. After two days, Qat regained consciousness, but he had lost most of his memory.
17. However, he remembered only the time when there was a terrible earthquake and volcanic eruption.
18. He saw how stones and rocks were shattered when the earthquake occurred; how valleys and seas were reformed; but he did not remember that he had a father or any brother earlier.
19. Qat began to live in the bushes until he had become a man, then he began to establish a kingdom when some people began to join him.
20. Soon, his brothers discovered that he was still alive, so they came to make war with him, but he killed some of them and held the rest of them captive.
21. Then those whom he held captive said, we are your brothers, but he said to them, I do not know any brother or human father.
22. But my father was a great rock which was shattered. Then from the shattering I came forth as a living being.
23. When his brothers heard his confession, they said that he was mad.
24. So Qat took the land of his brothers and ruled it along with his own land.
25. Then he declared, saying, I am a god and it is necessary for you all to know this. I came out of a rock to create the valleys, islands, seas and all manner of things.
26. So they saw him as a god and a spirit even after his death. Then when he had died, one of his brothers named Atoga was set free by the people, according to the will of Qat while he was sick.
27. Then Atoga married Marawa, the first wife of Qat and had children.
28. And Atoga said in those days, Qat is not the only person created by the shattered rock called Tagora.
27. Rather, we were twelve altogether, six of whom hunger and neglect had killed in the prison.
28. But Qat did repent of his harsh treatment by setting me free.
29. So the people of the land believed the latter story as the story of the creation of the world, but they continued to honour Qat for many generations.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven
1. Honoyeta was a male homo sapiens born in the 190,000th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Pacific Island.
2. He was a snakeman, who carried snakes all about, to the amazement of the people.
3. Now Honoyeta had nine snkes which he had trained. They walked all over his body without biting him.
4. When Honoyeta went into the forest to catch more snakes, he got lost in the forest for twenty-two days.
5. In those days, his snakes went into the village to find what they would eat when they did not see their owner.
6. Then they killed chickens which were reared by the people. They swallowed eggs also.
7. They also bit many people to death. Then it was declared, saying, kill the snakes whenever you find them.
8. So they killed almost all the snakes of Honoyeta and cut their bodies to pieces.
9. When Honoyeta eventually found his way back to the land, he cried aloud, saying, I shall take my revenge upon you.
10. You have killed my shelter, my cover, my life, my all.
11. In the same manner will I kill your children and the things which make for your souls.
12. So Honoyeta became a terror to the land, killing them one after the other, secretly.
13. Then he became the talking point of the whole land for thirty years.
14. And some people bowed down to worship him at the call of his name.
15. When Honoyeta had died in the forest where he dwelt, the people still worshipped him, believing that he was immortal.
16. They still feared to come out of their houses at dusk, because they believed that his spirit was roaming the land at that time to kill people.
17. So he was worshipped for ten centuries after his death.
18. Buruku was a female homo sapiens born in a land now found in Ghana.
19. She was born in the 193,583rd year of the homo sapiens era.
20. When Buruku began to grow into a full-blown adult, she began to find a purpose for her life.
21. Then on a day when her emotion was at its peak, she found herself in another realm in sleep.
22. Then Earthus appeared to her and said, it is your time to go and create a new manner of thought in the minds of the people of Africa.
23. Now Buruku said, I do not know anywhere called Africa, but the village of Dugu alone is where I know.
24. Is there any world more than this? When Earthus heard her, she laughed, saying, the world of the ignorant people end within the scope of their eyes.
25. But the size of the whole earth is billions of time more than the scope of the eyes.
26. When Buruku heard it, she was surprised. Then Earthus held her and they levitated. Then Earthus showed Buruku an imperfect sphere and said, look at that sphere, it is the earth.
27. Then she showed her a little shape on the sphere and said, that is Africa, mostly occupied by the people of black skins.
28. Now look at that little spot in the shape, that is Dugu where you dwell in.
29. Samoa, Waga, Ame and other lands which you have not heard about are also the other dots which you see.
30. But Buruku, listen now and know that your name shall be well-known, not just in Dugu, but in many places of Africa and even in the whole of the sphere called Earth.
31. When Buruku awoke from her trance, she returned with great knowledge, including a new language.
32. She also returned with the history of her land and told the people the origin of many histories which had become myths to the people.
33. Then she declared herself as the representative of the consciousness of the earth.
34. So she was worshipped for many centuries, even after her death. And her worship, as well as her fame, went into many lands of Africa and to the world.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight
1. Morrigu was a female homo sapiens born in the 195,219th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Scotland.
2. In her days, there were wars and unrest in her land called Ghaisgeak
so much that every child born had little or no chance of growing up into a teenager.
3. Now the males in those days were trained at childhood to be able to use the weapons of war, but the females were not.
4. But Morrigu arose and spoke, saying, we females cannot watch while only the males do everything in the land.
5. They are the rulers, the warriors, the hunters and all things. But we are forbidden to do anything.
6. This is not right.
7. When the rulers of the land heard the protest of Morrigu, they took her and kept her in bounds.
8. There she wept and spoke ill of nature, saying, you are unfair O nature.
9. You give power to one gender over the other. We are left to do only one thing, which is child-bearing.
10. The men do everything. They climb the mountains, go to the forests to hunt and tell us to keep silent in public places.
11. This is not right, O nature. When shall the females have power to rule? When shall female warriors emerge?
12. Take my life nature, because I do not want to exist anymore.
13. When the great height of the emotion of Morrigu had raised the rate and intensity of her heartbeats to dangerously high level, she fell out of earthly consciousness and her state was altered.
14. Then she found herself before a great light, but great peace engulfed her.
15. And she said, where am I? Then the light said, this is where you have brought yourself to.
16. Some of you bing yourself here by expressing very strong emotions of self-pity, anger, sadness and even love.
17. Now Morrigu, you are here, but you will not return how you came.
18. You get angry with nature because you do not know that nature did not say, let the male be in control of the female.
19. Rather, it is the beliefs of the people that set the rules and regulations.
20. Nature has not said that it is a taboo for a woman to be a hunter or a mountains climber, but it is the beliefs of the people that say that.
21. Nature has not said that people who died and fall short of the judgment standards of the gods will burn in a fire, but it is the beliefs created by people like you that has made that do.
22. And it is not a crime against nature for anyone to create a belief.
23. However, their is a universal reality, independent of any world beliefs. And he who shall make this known is many years far apart from you.
24. And only after him shall the creating of beliefs become much more ineffective. For it is not possible to taste honey and then go back to the eating of bitter poison, saying, the poison is sweeter than honey.
25. So Morrigu, do not worry over nature, rather, change what you deem fit for change.
26. Now I tell you this thummim, a time shall come when queens shall rule over the people in your land. And this shall begin with you and your sisters.
27. And your name, Morrigu, shall have a new meaning, which is 'The Great Queen'.
28. And many female rulers of many lands shall be called after your name.
29. So, Morrigu awoke from her trance and before she could blink her eyes twice, Badb and Macha, her younger sisters had broken into the prison where she was kept.
30. Then they took her away to escape.
31. Soon after, Morrigu and her sisters had a land which they ruled over, because they were the first to be in that land.
32. Then the rulers of their former land said, we have heard that the woman who blasphemed us has found a kingdom with her sister.
33. Let us go and conquer the land and take up that kingdom.
34. When they said so, fifty female left the land and went to tell Morrigu and her sisters the plots of their people.
35. Then Morrigu charged the women to go into the place where the weapons of the land were kept and take away the weapons at night.
36. So twenty of the fifty women went and took away the weapons after dominating the few guards on duty.
37. When they had brought the weapons to Morrigu, they arose at dawn and went into battle with the Ghaisgeaks and won.
38. And they took over the land and ruled it. And the fame of the three sisters who took themselves as one in purpose spread far and wide.
39. And there were revolutions in many lands in those days, such that queens emerged as rulers of many lands where the revolutions were successful.
40. Now the queens of many lands named themselves Morrigu, which to them meant 'The Great Queen'.
41. So Morrigu was worshipped alongside her sisters for many centuries after her death.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine
1. Ogun was a male homo sapiens born in the 197,345th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Nigeria.
2. In his days, there was a heavy rain in his land. The water bodies also overflowed their boundaries and destroyed houses and people.
3. Now Ogun was concerned with the happenings of those days, so he climbed to the top of a hill, as well as other mountains climbers.
4. There he was lost in a deep meditation and a revelation of the past unfolded before his eyes.
5. In the revelation, his consciousness was in another body entirely different from the one which he had at the moment. That was his body in the past world.
6. In that body, he saw how he took the rocks and melted them with intense fire.
7. Then he moulded then to different shapes and made tools from them.
8. When Ogun awoke, he said, I will try this. So he did it and made different working tools, including cutlasses, hoes, spears, daggers, rakes, diggers and axes.
9. Then he said, our lands are flooded because we could not make ways for the rain water to pass through.
10. So they dug ponds and made gutters with the diggers.
11. They cleared many parts and made the waterways clear.
12. While Ogun taught the people all these things, he demanded for dog meat, for he said, a calabash of palmwine and a chunk of dog meat is a source of inspiration to me.
13. Ogun also fought many wars in his days, because surrounding lands invaded his land.
14. He fought the war of Konileogbele, the war of Ajido, the war of Alagbede and many others.
15. Then Ogun was worshipped as a god for many centuries and many philosophies were developed around him.
16. And many panegyrics were formed to praise him. And all blacksmiths of the land and beyond worshipped him, because he was one who made their jobs possible.
17. He was also the one who fought for them when the farmers and hunters fought with the blacksmiths over the matter of superiority.
18. And through him, the work of the blacksmiths was called 'Agbede' because they were the ones who made farm tools and hunting tools for both the farmers and the hunters with the use of iron, rather than the former use of stones.
19. And by so doing, the hunters and the farmers could perform their works more effectively.
20. Guan-Yu was a male homo sapiens born in the 198,692nd year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in China.
21. Guan-Yu was a lover of peace and a hater of oppression.
22. He wept whenever he heard of crimes and unjust killings.
23. When Guan-Yu was taking his crops about to trade them for gold and precious stones, he found a damsel weeping behind a tree, being tied to the tree with a rope.
24. When he had approached her, she said tearfully, my name is Feng-Mian.
25. I was fetching wood when three men took hold of me, had forced sex with me and tied me up.
26. Now when Guan-Yu heard her confession, he was very grieved. Then he set her free.
27. But the people who tied her down saw Guan-Yu and went after him to kill him.
28. However, he managed to escape with injuries.
29. Then Guan-Yu went and joined himself with the warriors of the land, saying, I shall not watch the bad people overcome the good.
30. When he became a warrior, he fought and won all the battles which he fought.
31. When a man of his land Xi, went and killed another man, who was of the land nearby called Chun, the people of that land came against the murderer and killed him, because he killed their own first.
33. Then the people of the land of Xi prepared for a fierce battle against the people of the land of Chun.
34. When Guan-Yu heard it, he said, there is no need to go to war. We have found out that our own citizen killed the other man first and stole his treasures.
35. Rather than going to war with them, let us call for peace, because by so doing shall we save lives.
36. So Guan-Yu called for peace and the planned battle did not happen.
37. In those days, Guan-Yu was well respected for his discretion and right judgement of situations.
38. Then he was deified and worshipped for many years after his death.

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Chapter Thirty
1. Amel was a female homo sapiens born in a land now found in the country called Somalia in the 199,531st year of the homo sapiens era.
2. Amel was very beautiful and strong. She also loved to do the things which the males did, but she did not allow the boys to soil her virginity when she went about with them.
3. However, she was very shy and reserved, such that those who were not among her peers could hardly know her.
4. Now when Amel had grown to the age of nineteen, the king of the land asked for the gathering of all the virgins of the land.
5. Then the king pointed at Amel, saying, this is good for a wife.
6. When Amel heard this, she began to run away. Then three of the king's guards chased her all around the land for many hours without being able to catch her because of her speed.
7. When they got tired, they went to report the matter to the king.
8. Then the king sent all his guards, saying, go and find her and bring her to me.
9. So they searched everywhere for her and caught her eventually.
10. Then the king said, why have you bothered the king and the whole kingdom? Is it not a honour for you and your family that the king has asked for your hand in marriage?
11. Now Amel said, I do not want to be a queen. Let the honour go to any of the virgins who attended the selection process.
12. When the king heard it, he was furious. Then he said to his guards, lock her up until she is ready to accept me.
13. When the king sent that she should be brought back to him after two weeks, Amel insisted that she did not want to marry the king.
14. Then the king called for one of his counsellors called Nidar, saying, come and advise me, for all the things I have done did not work.
15. Then Nidar said, O king, this damsel does not want to be seen by many eyes because she is shy.
16. But you, O king are famous and by your fame, she would be known to many. This is her fear.
17. Now let her go, then you will fight to earn her love naturally.
18. Now the king listened to the advice of Nidar and allowed Amel to return to her home.
19. Now daily, the king sent flowers to her through his guards. He also sent food to her.
20. Now when Amel went to the river to fetch water, her waterpot was carried away by the water, but a man jumped into the river and took the pot back.
21. Then the man filled the pot with water and gave her.
22. When Amel had returned home, the man followed her home and said, I love you, damsel.
23. Amel also began to love the man. Then when they had loved each other intimately, the man removed all the things he had put on his face to make him appear different.
24. Then Amel saw that it was the king. Then he said to Amel, will you marry me?
25. Now Amel fled and the king chased her, but he could not catch her. Then when he was tired, he held his chest and fell to the ground.
26. Then Amel returned with a bowl of wine and offered him, saying, yes I will marry you.
27. Then the king was very happy, because he had gotten his heart desire.
28. So Amel became the queen of the land and also overcame her shyness because the king also overcame his pride.
29. In those days, the people of the land did running games for fun and Amel was always the winner anytime she competed.
30. Until the age of forty-five when she stopped running, no male or female could run faster than her.
31. So the people worshipped her and prayed to her for speed even after her death.

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Flood Era
Chapter one
1. Between the 195,000th years of the homo sapiens era and the 230,000th year of the homo sapiens era, there were heavy rain in many parts of the world, such that even the desert places had much rain.
2. And there were flood in many parts of the earth, sweeping away many vegetations, animals, plants, village settlements.
3. However, the heavy rain did not get to every part of the world, rather, it was heavy in the Northern parts of Africa, Middle east and in some parts of Asia, South and North America and Europe, while some parts did not get it.
4. Now the population of the world had risen to 927,568,216 before the storms, heavy rains, bad weather and heavy snowfalls reduced it to about two-third again.
5. Then the population of the homo sapiens became 619,316,546 at a particular date in the 230,000th year of the homo sapiens era.
6. When the water on the surfaces of the earth in those days had dried up, many histories were lost.
7. Many histories drawn on rock surfaces were washed away, as well as many inscriptions made on mountains and rocks.
8. The deserts and wildernesses of many lands had begun to become vegetative when the ground had been wet and many rich soils had been deposited upon them and the decay of animals and humans who died upon them also nourished them.
9. Now many who were born in those days had no history to connect with, because some of their parents had died when they were still very young to be taught history.
10. This era was the era when many deities began to be demonized and given the characteristics of spirits.
11. And the fear and anxiety of the humans were more than ever before in those days.
12. However, plants grew better than before and many began to farm, rather than hunting.
13. Now also, the people sought to attach meaning to the natural excesses of those days, therefore many storytellers began to arise.
14. Each of them told of the causes of the occurrences in his or her own way and those who heard him or her were convinced.
15. However, the things which they said were not perfectly similar, because they did so according to the gods and goddesses which each one worshipped.
16. And there were claims by the worshippers of various gods that their own gods or goddesses sent down the excess rainfall and windstorms.
17. However, there were very few in different lands who stood out and said, nature is bringing change to the face of the world.
18. Now in those days, those who could tell stories of their own gods or goddesses as the bringer of the calamities of those days were worshipped as gods or goddesses themselves.
19. This was also the period when the ground was very soft for digging, such that many dug the earth for water, hidden artefacts, treasures of gold and other mineral resources.
20. In those days, more than twenty thousand gods and goddesses were forgotten, because many of their images had been washed away by water.
21. Also, when the people migrated from one settlement to another, the characters of some gods were merged when they had similar attributes.
22. And a god of war of one land was seen as the same god of war of another land whose people had immigrated into its land.
23. And ten or more gods were merged into one, such that nine or more deities were forgotten and one was left.
24. During this period, many people left the North of Africa and went to seek new habitats in Asia and Europe and in some other parts of the world.

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Flood Era
Chapter Two
1. Now in this era, a very relatively few people were deified as creators.
2. Rather, they were called the revealers, prophets and priests of the formerly existing gods and goddesses, yet some of them were killed for declaring themselves so.
3. Also in other parts of the world where the excess rainfall, windstorms and other natural excesses did not get to, fewer people were deified too, because it had become almost impossible for anyone to call himself a god or a goddess and not be killed for blasphemy.
4. Also, many things which made the people deify themselves were already seen as ordinary things, rather than extraordinary things.
5. The climbing of mountains, swimming in the large rivers, taming of wild animals, using of incantations to weaken the brains of the less developed, oratory, sleight of hands for magic tricks, speaking new languages, shooting arrows accurately, juggling of stones;
6. digging pits to get water and climbing out of them, conquering in battles, moulding pots, making fire from different sources and many other things which people were deified for in the past had become ordinary things to the people.
7. So whoever manifested such skills were no more seen as gods and goddesses in those days. Rather, they were seen as the messengers of the existing gods and goddesses.
8. Some of them were seen as the sons and daughters of the gods.
9. Then many people began to arise and call themselves sons, daughters, messengers, writers, singers, eyes and even the words or mouthpieces of the gods.
10. The number of people who called themselves any of these names in the whole earth from the 201st millennium to the 230th millennium of the homo sapiens era were 5,239.
11. In Africa, there were 912 of these people; in Europe, there were 2,003.
12. In Asia were 1,271 while in South America, there were 391 and in North America, there were 423.
13. In Australia, there were 239 of such people. All these were deified as demigods all over the surface of the earth.
14. And they made beliefs which are called faiths, realities or the philosophies of the gods or goddesses who inspired them.
15. And there were some who brought the philosophy that the earth was created by a fish.
16. Some said that it was created by a snake. Some said that a monster created the world.
17. Some were of the opinion that the world came out of water, while some said that it came out through violence and destruction.
18. Then the differences in the beliefs or self-made realities of the people caused strife, hatred and wars.
19. And the people made their gods and goddesses great by speaking great and fearful things concerning them.
20. And by so doing, many deities were spiritualized and demonized to make them look more powerful than they really were, historically.
21. And many deified people of the past were placed in the sky by the testomonies of the people who spoke about them.
22. And they made them appear omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and such like to the people who worshipped them.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Lordcenturion2(m): 8:24am On Apr 11, 2018
OtemAtum if Earthus, Atum or the rest can talk to homo sapiens in their sleep, I think yahwe and Allah do talk to some imam and pastors in their sleep as well in their dreams or what do u think?

Please direct me to a chapter that talk about oduduwa
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 10:40am On Apr 11, 2018
OtemAtum if Earthus, Atum or the rest can talk to homo sapiens in their sleep, I think yahwe and Allah do talk to some imam and pastors in their sleep as well in their dreams or what do u think?
It's possible, but it's not as rampant as people testify of it. To get communicated to most times is by getting into a near-death state, but how many people really got to that state?

Please direct me to a chapter that talk about oduduwa
www.nairaland.com/2938907/doctrine-ufos/71 check the last post. I was told that someone already has a complete history of the Yoruba people from the beginning of the homo sapiens era, 270,000+ years ago, but he doesn't know how to get it to the public view yet. So, don't bother much yet. I believe it would someday go public.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Lordcenturion2(m): 10:22pm On Apr 11, 2018
It's possible, but it's not as rampant as people testify of it. To get communicated to most times is by getting into a near-death state, but how many people really got to that state?

www.nairaland.com/2938907/doctrine-ufos/71 check the last post. I was told that someone already has a complete history of the Yoruba people from the beginning of the homo sapiens era, 270,000+ years ago, but he doesn't know how to get it to the public view yet. So, don't bother much yet. I believe it would someday go public.

How did you know that the person got history of yoruba?, and how did u think the person got them.

*secondly, u didn’t say much about olorun..
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 10:47pm On Apr 11, 2018

How did you know that the person got history of yoruba?, and how did u think the person got them.
I was told in a revelation that it is the period of Africa to take charge of the world in bringing deep truth and true history. So if there is a revelation which correlates with the truth, I wouldn't mind accepting it.

Lordcenturion: *secondly, u didn’t say much about olorun..
Olorun didn't come to the homo sapiens world as a human. He was never reincarnated.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Lordcenturion2(m): 5:28am On Apr 12, 2018
I was told in a revelation that it is the period of Africa to take charge of the world in bringing deep truth and true history. So if there is a revelation which correlates with the truth, I wouldn't mind accepting it.

Olorun didn't come to the homo sapiens world as a human. He was never reincarnated.

I know, what am trying to say is that, you didn't say much about him in the first world, u just mentioned him briefly, you didn't write much about him like the rest, besides, who gave birth to oduduwa in first worlds, and you didn't say something about hercules in order to know if he truly exist and the story we red about him and others like perseus.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:41am On Apr 12, 2018

Since 2016 that I have been following the writtens of OtemAtum, I knew that there is no lies in this written..
since 2008,i hav been feeling that am living in a world of lies, then I stop going to either church or mosque because am half of each religions, my mind suddenly refuse to accept all this teaching and something keeps telling me that there are more to what we have been taught,then I reason one day that, bible and quran creation of earth is between 5000 to 7000 years ago but scientists has been discovering many things that was existed about 1 billion years ago , then I started searching for real god in 2012, I can spend the whole day reading many books, going to Internet, searching everything all because I wanted to know the truth, and whenever am home, my mum can't stop pressuring me to go church, raining heavy heavy abusive words on me. An not confused with everything I have been reading either online or in books, even I can spend 24hrs online reading many things, entering many satanic websites... Lol., I think I have been having this kind of feelings maybe because Otem is present in my generation, there was a guy called merlin here on nairalander, he posted something about anunaki or something, I studied his written for 4 days but am not confused then I dropped it not until around March 2016 wen I found OtemAtum written in religion section..

I know that by year 2020, this writtens will come to the notice of the whole world, and it will inspired and motivate people to think and do the right things, I know once it comes to the world recognition, that's when all the world leaders and world super powers will do everything to make the truth stand and protect this our OtemSapien.

A very big thank to Seun Osewa

Welcome to the club, I have been called many names, one which is not palatable at all. People like us are called Ogbanje.

I was scared of dying before I started learning about Otem and the real truth. I embrace the fact that death is inevitable and the beginning of a new journey now. I am more enlightened and I have detached myself from self imposed and society imposed beliefs and I don't argue at all with people or try to make them see the truth in what I am telling them. But they always come back to acknowledge what I have been saying but they are still held in the fantasies of religion. I enjoy my life now than before that I was in the constant fear of the unknown and religious brouhaha

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by charismaticdave(m): 7:44am On Apr 12, 2018
It's possible, but it's not as rampant as people testify of it. To get communicated to most times is by getting into a near-death state, but how many people really got to that state?

Nobody is ready to get to this level to get a revelation from God but I believe that most people that has NDE gave account through what has been stored in their subconsciousness

www.nairaland.com/2938907/doctrine-ufos/71 check the last post. I was told that someone already has a complete history of the Yoruba people from the beginning of the homo sapiens era, 270,000+ years ago, but he doesn't know how to get it to the public view yet. So, don't bother much yet. I believe it would someday go public.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 6:44pm On Apr 12, 2018

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 6:52pm On Apr 13, 2018
Flood Era
Chapter Four
1. Hayagreeva was a homo sapiens born in the 202,467th year of the homo sapiens era. When the continuous flood had weathered off the inscriptions made on rocks and walls, the surviving homos of the lands found in India began to argue about the identity of their gods.
2. They did not know what to believe anymore because even the priests of the land were in continuous disagreement.
3. They even fought and killed themselves over the differences in their beliefs.
4. Then Hayagreeva arose suddenly and said, I am a reincarnate of Vishnu, sent to bring back all the words which Brahma the creator has spoken in the past.
5. The flood which we experience are the works and manifestations of demons who have come to steal away the sacred words of the creator, Brahma.
6. But I Hayagreeva have this day come to reveal the words again.
7. So the words of Hayagreeva was accepted. Then the things which he said were passed from mouth to mouth for many generations.
8. Then Hayagreeva was named the wisdom of the gods because of the great act he had manifested in the art of word-using.
9. Tiwaz was a homo sapiens born in the 205,313th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Germany.
10. He was a fierce hunter, who went all days killing wild animals. In those days, there was a mighty wolf which had already killed and torn apart six hunters.
11. The wolf was very dark and its colour rhymed well with the darkness of the forest at dusk when the farmers killed many tired wild animals.
12. When the animal had become a very great threat to the people, they began to say, it is a monster. Let no one go near the forest anymore.
13. Now Tiwaz said, I will go and kill that monster and bring it to you tonight. So Tiwaz entered the forest at dusk, with a stick upon which a fire burnt.
14. While Tiwaz was roaming the bush, the wolf jumped at him from behind and pushed him to the floor with the firestick falling off his hand.
15. Now the wolf opened its mouth to bite the neck of Tiwaz, but he quickly took the firestick and put it in his opened mouth.
16. Then the fire burnt the throat and the inner cavities of the mouth of the wolf and the smoke of the fire oozed out of its nostrils.
17. When Tiwaz thought that the animal was already dead, he reached for his firestick in the mouth of the wolf, but it sprang up and bit his hand hard until it was cut off.
18. However, the animal died after biting off the hand of Tiwaz, but he gathered himself up and pulled it out of the forest to the village.
19. When the people saw the bravery of Tiwaz, they were amazed. Then Tiwaz said, I have killed the terror of the hunters for you. My left hand is what I have sacrificed to achieve this.
20. For I had the eyes of the gods when I sacrificed my hand. Then I saw the monster clearly to wrestle it. Now what will you honour me with?
21. Then they said, do we not have eight days in our week? We shall celebrate you in every fourth day, which is the day of the gods called Gottertag.
22. So Tiwaz became the central figure which they celebrated in the fourth day of every eight days of their week. They also called him the eyes of the gods and the strength of the gods.
23. Soon after, many homos exalted Tiwaz above all the other gods of the land. They also said of him, he is the creator of the world.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 8:15pm On Apr 13, 2018
Flood Era
Chapter Five
1. Anulap was a homo sapiens born in the 207,561st year of the homo sapiens era. The name of his twin sister was Ligobubfanu.
2. In those days, Anulap and Ligobubfanu married each other and had children. Then they began to create illusions after they had spoken well with each other about it.
3. Anulap first began to think of creating illusions and magic tricks when he went to the bush and fetched a leaf for his wife to cook as soup.
4. Then his wife cooked it and ate it with the rest of the family, except Anulap who had slept before the soup was done.
5. That night, Anulap awoke hungry in the middle of the night and went to awake his wife, but she was heavy with sleep, as well as all the children.
6. Now Anulap was worried, saying, I hope it is not the work of the leaf which I fetched home for my wife to cook.
7. When he tapped his wife and his children to awake, they did not awake, rather, they all began to sleep-talk. This was a surprise to him because none of them had ever sleep-talked in the past.
8. Then Anulap said, why are you all sleep talking? Then they said, is it not the leaf which you fetched from the bush?
9. Then he said, what did it do to you? Then they said at the same time, it makes us weak and sleepy. Then Anulap said, where is my portion so that I can eat from it and know by myself how it works on the body?
10. Then all the children said, we do not know where mother kept it. Then their mother said, go and check the biggest pot.
11. When they answered the questions of Anulap correctly from their sleeps, he began to wonder, saying, what manner of leaf will make people sleep and still make their ears, thinking organs and mouths active to communication?
12. Then he whispered, saying, this is very strange. Then two of his children heard him from their sleeps and replied, what is strange about this? You asked us questions and we answered you.
13. When Anulap heard this, he was very afraid, thinking that they had all been possessed by demons. Then he said, are you all possessed? When he said so, they laughed and said, father, do not disturb our sleeps. Go and sleep yourself.
14. Now Anulap wondered and went farther away from their mats. Then when he had sat down to look at the soup, he began to hear them all snoring heavily.
15. Then some of them began to speak out all the things they had done that day, pausing their snores intermittently to confess them out.
16. Ligobubfanu said, Anulap my husband, are you sure this leaf which you bring is healthy for food? Will it not be a poison to our system?
17. When Anulap heard his wife saying all the things which she had in her mind and the things she already said during the day, he was very much afraid.
18. Then he said, it is as if I am the one running mad. So he quickly went to sleep because he was afraid.
19. In the morning when Anulap told all his family members what happened in the night, they all said that it was not true.
20. They said to Anulap, we did not talk in our sleeps and the soup we ate was very good to the taste.
21. Then Anulap began to tell each person the things he or she spoke at night and they were amazed, saying, father, how did you know the things which I always think about in my mind?
22. Then Anulap said, you spoke them out when you slept yesterday.
23. When Anulap tested the leaf on three of his children while himself and his wife observed, they discovered that truly, the leaf was capable of hypnotising its victim while making him or her remain at alert to questions.
24. So Anulap and his wife said, we can make ourselves great by this discovery. Let us gather the people of the land and cook for them with this leaf.
25. Then when they have eaten and are tired, they will be hypnotised. Then we shall obtain questions of the things which are private to them.
26. Then after, we shall tell them the content of their minds, which they spoke out in the middle of their hypnotism.
27. So Anulap cut the leaf as much as possible. Then he called a feast in his court. Then the people ate the soup made from the leaf and they soon became weak.
28. Then Anulap went to them one after the other and whispered questions into their ears. Then they replied him.
29. When the feast was over, Anulap and his wife said, we have a surprise for you all. We are the creators of the world and your creators, but we have come in human flesh.
30. When the people heard them, they cried, this is blasphemy and they took up stones to stone them. Then Anulap said to each of the youths who picked up stones, your name is this and that.
31. Your hobby is this and that. Your aspiration is this and that and this is the evil you have done, which you have covered for many years.
32. When he had said so, the people concerned were shocked, so much that they fell before him and worshipped him.
33. Then Anulap spoke the things concerning the other people who were also present. Then they were all amazed because he had spoken the things which were exactly in their minds.
34. So they bowed their heads and called them their creators.
35. Now Anulap did not stop at that. He also went to learn magic tricks of making his wife or his children seem as if they were floating on a stretcher in the air.
36. He also did dance tricks and all manner of ancient magic tricks which the people believed were supernatural manifestations.
37. For many decades, only the lineage of Anulap knew the secret of the hypnotic leaf.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Lordcenturion2(m): 8:16am On Apr 14, 2018
Otem, please I want you to clear something, because people has been trying to find the truth behind all this things ..

*is Djinn [Alujon'nu] real?

* is money rituals real?

*is juju really exist?

*if juju [ogun] is real,where is the sources of those powers?


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 10:06am On Apr 14, 2018
Otem, please I want you to clear something, because people has been trying to find the truth behind all this things ..

*is Djinn [Alujon'nu] real?
Demons are not real. Human's deluded or schizophrenic heads make them up and only to the manufacturers it appear real.

* is money rituals real?
That people need to supply human parts to the ritualists before the money can come is an indication that money ritual is totally a farce. Now the truth is that, Doctors, rich cannibals and other weird people are in need of fresh dead bodies. In fact, the value of a freshly dead person is more than what the person worths while alive. For these sets of people to get these freshly dead bodies, they make use of traditionalists, etc to cover face. The traditionalists tell his clients to bring a human for ritual, he kills the person and gives his body to the cannibalistic moguls, experimentalists or doctors who needs the body. The ritualist is paid a very huge amount of money for supplying the freshly-dead body. He takes a portion of the money and keeps it in a calabash or basket that is covered. He gives it to his client who brought the body to him. He tells him, don't open the calabash or basket until after you have made so and so incantation. If you open before the incantation, you will die or run mad. The man obeys and after opening the calabash, he finds it filled with money.
He spent lavishly, thinking the money won't finish. He returns to the ritualists when the money finishes. The ritualists said, go and bring another person for renewal of the ritual. On and on it goes...

*is juju really exist?
Juju is a trick. Just as religion is fake, yet billions of people believe that it is real, same is juju. It mostly works on those who are fearful and with lower brain development. For example, wear a ring, go close to someone you already know her name but she doesn't know you. Call her name, show her the ring and tell her to follow you or or risk her life. She will follow because she is afraid of losing her life. The juju worked, didn't it? Try same on a white man, he won't follow you, because they have used all those kinds of psychophysical tricks far back 3000 years ago, in the days of their early philosophers and illusionists. They will call you a learner. That was the reason why the 'juju' of millions of our ancestors could not work on the less than 10,000 whites who came to colonise them 200 years ago.

*if juju [ogun] is real,where is the sources of those powers?
The source is psychology(psychophysical power).


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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by 0temSapien: 6:28am On Apr 15, 2018
Flood Era
Chapter Six
1. Aegyptiaca was a male homo sapiens born in the 208,578th year of the homo sapiens era.
2. In the days of Aegyptiaca, the continuous flood which poured into all the lands of Egypt, all the lands found in Tunisia and Libya had caused the loss of the histories of the lands.
3. However, Aegyptiaca set his mind at retrieving the lost history of Egypt and when he was thirty years old, he went deep into meditation and awoke filled with the history of his land.
4. So he gathered the people and began to tell them the history of Egypt from a very far distance away.
5. So the people said, this Aegyptiaca shall no more be called the son of Egypt alone, but his name shall be called the Wisdom of Egypt.
6. Aegyptiaca also made many alterations to the languages spoken in Egypt and the people said, the intonation of Aegyptiaca is better than those of the former times.
7. So Aegyptiaca was worshipped as the wisdom of the gods of Egypt and also the living history of Egypt.
8. Shiffrin was a male homo sapiens born in a land now found in Germany. He was born in the 209,612th year of the homo sapiens era.
9. Shiffrin was one who did many inscriptions on the walls of caves and hills. He also made many paintings too.
10. Shiffrin loved to paint the natural things in his land, so much that he was named the father of those who painted in his days.
11. Then they called him the hands of the gods. After his death, the people of his land secretly did many paintings in his name and said, they are the works of Shiffrin.
12. Then many gathered, paying their resources to look at the mysterious paintings made toimpersonate the paintings of Shiffrin.
13. Arubani was a female homo sapiens born in the 210,490th year of the hpmo sapiens era, in a land now found in Armenia.
14. When Arubani was young, she loved to observe natural things, so she made colours by the mixing of existing colours.
15. Then she went to caves, hills and boulders and made drawings of natural things on them.
16. She also made a painting of Kaldi, the ruler of the land. When Kaldi was upon a horse, he found his pictures drawn beautifully on many stones.
17. He also saw his images which were well carved with gold and different stones. Then Kaldi said, who has done this? Let such be fetched so that I could reward him or her.
18. When Arubani heard the declaration of the king, she went and hid herself, but she was found and taken to the king on the sixth day.
19. Then Kaldi said, according to culture, you know that I, being a king, am a god by authority.
20. Now you shall be a goddess to me and to the land. But I will not touch you until you are mature and ready.
21. So Kaldi took in Arubani when she was only twelve years old, but he did not deal with her as a husband deals with his wife until she was nineteen years old.
22. So many works of Arubani lasted until the days when the flood of the highlands broke and washed away her works, such that only fragments were found.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by 0temSapien: 7:43am On Apr 15, 2018
Flood Era
Chapter Seven
1. Hercules was a homo sapiens born in the 211,171st year of the homo sapiens era.
2. His father, being an ardent worshipper of Zeus, was on a vessel upon the sea between the land now called Greece and the one now called Italy when his wife began to be in labour.
3. The vessel, heading to a land in Italy, began to sway on the sea which began to be ruffled.
4. Then his father Pentius cried to Zeus his god, saying, O Zeus, god of all gods, take control. Calm the sea.
5. Now coincidentally and naturally, the sea went calm and Pentius said, surely Zeus has answered my prayers.
6. So he dedicated the child to Zeus and said, O god Zeus, I shall tell no one that this child belongs to me, rather, it shall be your son forever.
7. So Pentius dedicated his son whom he named Heracles to Zeus his god.
8. Now when they had crossed the sea to the land which is now found in Italy, the people saw Pentius and his wife with a newborn baby.
9. Then they said, O Pentius, we do not know that your wife was pregnant when you brought her some times ago.
10. Then Pentius said, Alcmena my new wife got pregnant before I went near her to mate with her. She, being a virgin, was made pregnant by the spirit of Zeus.
11. For the spirit of Zeus our god met her at the foot of the mount Olympus in Hellas where she bowed to worship him.
12. And the spirit of Zeus made her pregnant, saying, Alcmena, I Zeus shall be the father of the child. And he shall be the son of me, Almighty Zeus.
13. When Pentius had said this, Amphitryon his cousin who lived in that land found in Italy said, what have you named the child?
14. Then Pentius said, Heracles have I named him, according to the command of Zeus my god, who said that the child shall become the beauty of Hera, the great goddess.
15. But Alcmena his mother has named him Alcides.
15. Then Amphitryon said, let him be called Hercules also, for he shall achieve great things and perform mighty feats in all the places he shall be.
16. So the child was also named Hercules. Then he grew up in that land and only returned to Hellas with his father and mother when he was aged fifteen.
17. Now Pentius told Hercules that he was a divine being and Hercules believed the saying of Pentius and began to achieve great feats.
18. When Pentius was old, being seventy years and Hercules was twenty-nine years, they were on a vessel to go to the land where Amphitryon dwelt.
19. Then there was continuous rainfall for nine days. Then there were thunderstorms and the sea became ruffled.
20. Then Pentius cried to Zeus his god, saying, save us O god. Let the rain cease and let the sea be calm. But the rain did not cease.
21. Then the vessel capsized and turned all the six people aboard into the sea.
22. Then everyone drowned and died except Hercules and her mother Alcmena.
23. For Hercules carried her mother on his head and swam with her against the tides.
24. Then he brought her to the bank of the sea after struggling for hours in the water.
25. When Amphitryon had seen them, he said to them, truly you are a divine being O Hercules.
26. For you rescued your mother out of the large sea into which no one had survived when they fell into it.
27. So Amphitryon married Acmena the mother of Hercules and took the child Hercules as his own, making him known as the son of their god Zeus.
28. In those days, there was flood even in the lands in Italy and Greece, but Hercules survived the flood and spoke of Zeus as the bringer of those rain and thunder.
29. So the people worshipped Zeus in fear all the days of Hercules whom they acknowledged as his son.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 12:37am On Apr 16, 2018
Flood Era
Chapter Eight
1. Mahwah was born in the 213,000th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in the U.S.A.
2. The father of Mahwah was Mawewi, who dwelt in a little land in a valley.
3. Mawewi was very kind and gentle. He also loved everyone far and near, telling them moral stories.
4. So people came from neighbouring villages to listen to the things which he would teach them.
5. When they continously said to one another, we are going to meet at the place of Mawewi, the name of Mawewi soon began to be understood as a meeting place.
6. Then paths were created from many villages to link easily with the dwelling place of Mawewi, so that they could learn knowledge.
7. When Mawewi gave birth to his son, he named him Mahwah, saying, let this meeting place not be deprived of visitors.
8. In the days when Mahwah was born, many people came to see him from different places when they heard that Mawewi had given birth.
9. Mahwah was only six years old when Mawewi his father died.
10. Then the people wept, because they could not do without hearing from him.
11. So they said to his son, you are not too little to continue the great works of your father.
12. Now Mahwah was courageous because he had been taught the act of oratory by his father since he began to talk. For his father had said to him, arm yourself with wise sayings and be wise in every matter, in such things alone will you not be juggled up and down like the balls of the jugglers.
13. And by being a master of words shall you be able to lead the people and direct them.
14. For I have received a divine secret in the days of my youth. And the divine secret which I have received is that it is only by words spoken or written that everything could be achieved in the world.
15. And by words in form of codes can great inventions be made. By words will the philosophies of the world be constantly transformed until a time when the god of words will come.
15. So Mahwah spoke great words to the people, words which even his father did not speak all the days of his life.
16. And he made rhymes and poems and spoke in all matter of wisdom when he was only six years old.
17. And Mahwah said to the people, words spoken or coded and symbols are the things by which the world shall be controlled.
18. And there are some words, which when continuously spoken, multitude of people will give all their resources to the speakers of such words because they are sweet to their perceptions and they are triggered into great emotional states.
19. Also, there are words which could change the thoughts of the people of a nation.
20. And by continuously saying a thing, many of the hearers shall submit to the things which are said.
21. Therefore let every child be armed with words from birth so that the swindlers will not be able to use words of mouth, incantations, words in songs and words of vain motivations to swindle them and take away all their resources to leave them poor.
22. So Mahwah spoke fluently and boldly such that they said, truly this is the oracle of the gods.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by OtemAtum: 1:14pm On Apr 16, 2018
Chapter Nine
1. Hetshepsut was a female homo sapiens born in the 216,785th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in Egypt.
2. In her days, she spoke against the superiority of the males to the females.
3. She led the females to make peaceful protests continuously, until it was agreed by the rulers of the land that the females should be treated equally.
4. Then she was made a counsellor in the court of the ruler of the land.
5. Now the counsels of Hetshepsut were so useful and great that the people began to call her the counsellor of the gods.
6. They loved her more than every other counsellor of the land because she kept all matters discussed with her secret.
7. Even the king disclosed secret matters concerning his weaknesses to her and she treated them with wisdom.
8. So the people began to name their children Hetshepsut after her death, for they wanted to preserve her good name.
9. Kahutia-te-rangi was a male homo sapiens born in the 217,129th year of the homo sapiens era, in a land now found in New Zealand.
10. Before Kahutia-te-rangi was born, his father Uenuku went to make war with a neighbouring land and conquered, then he took a slave woman back with him.
11. Now the slave woman whose name was Whetu was very beautiful. Then Uenuku, the father of Kahutia-te-rangi made her pregnant.
12. Then she gave birth todidbaby boy who was named Ruatapu.
13. When Ruatapu was still in the womb, Ngaio the first wife of Uenuku was jealous, because the slave had pregnancy for her husband before her.
14. She gave Whetu a concoction to drink so that the child in her would be destroyed.
15. The concoction did not kill the child, but it was deformed at birth and its upper lip folded upward and affected his speech when he had grown up.
16. When Ruatapu was four years old, Ngaio his stepmother got pregnant and then she had a baby boy also, whom they named Kahutia-te-rangi.
17. When Kahutia-te-rangi and Ruatapu his elder half brother played together, his mother took him away from Ruatapu and warned him not to be found with him again.
18. She said, the son of a slavemaster should not move with the son of a slave.
19. When the hair of Ruatapu was very rough and becoming a dreadlock in his youthful days when his mother had died, he sharpened a little stick to tend his hair.
20. Then Ngaio said to her child, go and take the stick and break it. So Kahutia-te-rangi did so.
21. When Ruatapu had discovered that it was he who broke his stick, he went into the chamber of his brother and took his stick to tend to his hair.
22. Then Ngaio caught him and beat him hard before taking him to her husband, saying, let this boy be severely punished.
23. He has taken the hair stick of his brother who is your legitimate son.
24. Is this not a taboo?
25. When Ngaio continuously disturbed her husband, he said, do to him what you wish.
26. Then Ngaio told a man who paddled a vessel to take Ruatapu and her own son, with other people on a journey through the sea.
27. Then by the middle of the sea, he should throw Ruatapu in the sea and drown him.
28. So the vessel paddler took the two children of Uenuku and two other people in his long vessel.
29. Then when they were in the midst of the sea, he tried to push Ruatapu into the sea, but he held on to the hand of the paddler and pulled him.
30. Then the vessel capsized and all the people drowned except Ruatapu and Kahutia-te-rangi.
31. Then Ruatapu saw the hand which Kahutia raised out of the sea to seek help, because he was almost drowned, then he saved Kahutia-te-rangi from the sea.
32. Then he said to him, do not tell your mother that I am still alive. For she will seek me and kill me.
33. When Kahutia had reached his home, he told his mother exactly what had happened and how Ruatapu had saved him.
34. Then his mother said, do not let another person hear that it was that slave boy that saved your life.
35. Rather, say to anyone who comes to you that it is a great fish that saved you.
36. So Kahutia told everyone that he was saved by a whale.
37. After few days, a heavy rain fell in the land and covered many places, especially the valleys where Uenuku and his family lived.
38. Then Kahutia gathered the people after the flood and said, it is Ruatapu the devil that has sent the flood to destroy you.
39. He is evil and wicked, seeking to kill you, your plants and your offsprings. Therefore confide in me and you will not be destroyed by Ruatapu the devil.
40. So they came to Kahutia to seek protection from him against the supposed attack of Ruatapu.
41. From then onward, they ascribe every good thing to Kahutia-te-rangi whom they called a saviour, while they say bad of Ruatapu whom they called the devil.

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