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Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by balogz(m): 10:52am On Mar 23, 2018
Hi,I just paid for my visa fee today and it was mistakenly posted under business or tourist instead of F category would this be a problem when scheduling for visa interview appointment. Thank you
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Dasilva92(m): 11:51am On Mar 30, 2018
Hello LagosNIV,

I was interviewed at lagos consulate on tuesday 6th March 2018, everything went well and I was given a 221g white paper on it administrative processing was ticked. The VO handover my passport and i20 back to me but held my company's bank statement and sponsorship letter.
The VO said my application needs further administrative processing and that they will get back to me in 3weeks.
The following day I checked my status on CEAC and saw refused. The following Monday I got a mail that my application was refused under 221g of which i was not told to submit any extra document. I noticed a verification mail was sent to the company where I work and the person in charge respond well to the email.
Till date status remain thesame and it's over 3weeks already.
I decided to send an email requesting for my status on Wednesday and the following day I got a mail that my application has been refused under 214b that I couldn't provide evidence of strong ties so I should reapply.
On my i20 classes begin on 7th may 2018 and the first available appointment date I could get its Thursday April 26th 2018. Please I'm seriously in need of your advice @LagosNIV @AbujaNIV.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by adeyato1959: 1:05am On Mar 31, 2018
Thank you bro!
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by hemekhar(m): 10:50am On Apr 02, 2018
Hi @LagosNIV

Is it true that having a virgin passport can be an enough reason to get denied?
I have friends planning on going to Ghana this weekend just to avoid this. Is it worth it?

Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by shaddy1k: 12:38pm On Apr 06, 2018

Hello victor4u,

The issue with the DS 160 is something that is handled by CGI and I would recommend to your friend to check in with them here (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ng/ng-niv-appointmentschedule.asp) - they should be able to help with the technical aspects of the interview scheduling.

As for the documents, students MUST show their I-20 and their SEVIS fee receipt - the rest is up to the discretion of the officer, but 95% of the time, no further documentation will be asked for during the interview for students. Students must show that they are qualified and credible and have a concrete plan for returning back to Nigeria when their studies are over.

Student Visa Team

Dear team, please I will be applying for a student Visa in the next 2 months if I get any good funding offer from the US by the end of the month and would want to even start preparing just in case.
Honestly, I have been working for some time now in a lowly paid area for some time now, a meagre salary which is usually paid over the counter. However, I have been able to save some little money at a microcredit firm and would like to find out if I could take the savings bank statement from a microfinance firm to the interview? Also, I will be glad for your assistance in helping me identify the documents, items or expressions to convince the VO that I plan to just go and improve my life through education in the United States in order to be gainfully employed afterwards. Thank you in advance for your counsel. Regards.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Daslimo: 12:56pm On Apr 10, 2018
Please house,

I was interviewed for f1 visa at Abuja embassy on thur, 5th April. I have been checking my visa status since and it shows "administrative processing" case created is still the same 5th April. How long should I wait more? Do I leave this city for where I base (enugu) or should I hang around more ?

This situation seems quite frustrating, help please
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by ecoleco: 11:31pm On Apr 10, 2018
Good day to you and thanks for the help you provide on this thread.

My family's F2 Visa was approved on March 27th, 2018 at the US Embassy in Abuja. I am planning their entry to the US by end of July. This is to allow me complete my current apartment lease in the US which will end first week of July and then rent a family-type apartment. Also the kids in Nigeria need to complete their academic session which would end in July.
However, I heard about the 90-day rule which requires visa holders to enter the US not later than 90 days from the date of visa approval. March 27th to end of July is surely more than 90 days. Does this rule affect F2 visa holders? Are they suppose to enter the US not later than 90 days?

Thank you.

NB: Program start and end date on my I20 is August 2017 till May 2022. Same also for Family's I20s.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by ibk455: 5:56pm On Apr 22, 2018
Hello Lagos and Abuja NIV

How are you guys doing? I want you to guard me more on what to do. I applied for my MSc in mid 2017 for January 2018 admission, I did my F1 Visa interview at Lagos Consulate and I was denied under section 214(b) and the consular told me to reapply again. I had to deferred my admission till August 2018 and I have received my admission letter and I-20.
Now I want to complete my new DS 160, can I answer yes that I have been refused a U.S. Visa on the question page where it says "Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?" Explain?? Please give me some ideals on what I can write in the explanatory box.

Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by julius2825(m): 2:10am On Apr 25, 2018
Hello, @LagosNIV

There was a mistake while I was filling my name in scheduling an appointment for a non-immigration visa. My name in the ds-160 form is 'daodu julius adeleye' but it was automatically fill at the appointment booking page as 'daodu adeleye', without the 'julius'.
Please I need help, is it an issue, if so what can I do. my appointment is slatted for May
Thank you.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by cojunior: 8:19pm On Apr 30, 2018
Hi lagos NIV,

I was given an in-and-out of state tuition wavier together with a monthly stipend in Florida State University for a PhD program. However, the international center of the school asked for a statement of account with at least $8000. I quickly informed my elder brother who resides in the US, he is very ready to sponsor my education, to send his statement of account. He sent it 17th April, 2018 with a balance of over $10,000 from Wells Fargo bank. I have been issued my I-20 and I intend to go for visa interview by ending of May, 2018. I would like to confirm if I would need to collect the recent statement of account since the one I collected will be more than 1 month by time I go for interview by ending of May.

Thanks in anticipation!

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Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by kelzgie: 11:29am On May 01, 2018
Hello everyone ....pls, I applied for visiting visa...to attend an event I was invited for..i have my official invite addressed to the consulate general . But the date of my visa interview is some day in August... Whereas the event is in May.... Pls, what do I do? Thanks
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by 4lee09: 12:14pm On May 01, 2018
pls how will i get a university to apply to in USA, i want to apply for a student F1 visa ,but don't know how to get a university which i will apply to in USA
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by 4lee09: 12:23pm On May 01, 2018
pls i want to know how to apply for university in USA fro Student F1 Visa ,am HND graduate just finished my NYSC and i want to apply for Post graduate program in a Tertiary institution in USA Pls i want to know how i will get the school which i will apply too ,i have tried through google search by searching for a school which i can apply too but too no avail ,i have not be able to get any USA institution ,pls i need the link or direction on how i will get the school which i can apply too thanks
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Nikkydave: 5:02am On May 02, 2018
Good morning LagosNIV,

Am applying for a 6 weeks certification program in school of aeronautics (airline career)USA. Am an experienced banker but want to change career as I needed to run a shift program to enable me attend to my family and other things.

The school will be sending i20 this week and am processing SEVIS as well.

Since its only 6weeks course, hope they would grant me and my two kids visa as I would want them to travel with me since the program is between July/August which is my vacation time. Its self sponsor as well.

Please I need your advice.
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Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by liliberth: 5:24am On May 03, 2018
Good evening everyone one. Please I need help and advice.

I applied for USA tourist visa twice in 2015/2016 there about. Then I applied for Australia visa in 2017 and was denied based on financial grounds and I applied in dec for feb intake but was denied last month saying my reasons are not genuine. Now I want to apply to USA for this September intake, please what do you honestly think the funds are there for me to apply. Please I really need your input on this my case and if anyone can really guide me on what process to do I will really appreciate. Thanks ��
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by sekinatmi(f): 10:48am On May 07, 2018
Hello Abuja NIV,

I am applying for an F1 visa soon and one of my brothers sponsoring is in China and his account statement is in Chinese. Kindly confirm if he needs to translate it or notarize it at the American embassy in China.

Best regards,
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by alayomini: 12:32pm On May 10, 2018
I actually needed to table my case here so as to know where my visa application is getting issues.

I graduated in the year 2015 from a college of technology with Higher nation diploma (Mech. Engr) ,
2016 , I did my NYSC before I finished the program I decide to study in the USA because I had a nice result.

I was not properly informed or I lack good information that I can actually proceed to a master level studies , this make me apply for another bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, quickly I got the admission with my Wes transcript and IELTS score,but my visa was not approved , that way my first visa interview and that was Nov 2016 immediately after my nysc. Then I was 26years of age.

I was so worried that what actually went wrong because I did all the processing myself. I get another money hoping as a genuine student I will get the visa I reapplied the following week but still denied.

January 2017 before the spring class commenced I applied for visa again still denied, all this happened because I lack information. Making 3rd denied on my same undergraduate studies.

So I decided to defer my admission because I don't want to lose it or apply to another school, I got another I 20 for summer class and I applied again for visa , that was may 2017 but still got denied.

Then I consult friend and educationist , I was told am age and my former HND degree which is equivalent to BSC degree might be the major problem of my visa being denied.

2018 now , I got admitted for a master's degree in safety technology and I have a kid with wife also got an engineering job here for about one and half year. The safety program will really help uplift my career profession here in Nigeria so, I applied for visa again on 8th of may but also denied.

Pls kindly spot out where my problem is coming from , could it be that the visa is worries that last year I can with Bsc i20 and this year it MSc I 20.

Pls put me through on how to overcome this issue during my interview, what those the vo really want to hear from me. Thanks
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Hebmis(m): 3:12am On May 12, 2018
Hello Abuja NIV,
I did my interview on the 3rd of May, received the white paper that shows visa approval, had my scholarship letter taken. When I got home I noticed I was placed on Admin processing. The VO said after the interview that I would get my visa in about a week. My status still shows Admin processing last updated on the 8th. My start date was 10th. What are the chances of getting the visa considering my start date has passed. Secondly, if I get the visa but unable to meet up this time can I use it for next entry in August with same school and course? Thanks.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by kecks: 8:03am On May 14, 2018
Pls i will be going for interview as an F1 applicant in earnest, i am a stammerer. is it wise to tell the VO dat i am a stammerer dat i might be repeating sentences? so he doesn't see it as a flaw.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Erac: 11:18am On May 18, 2018
Hello VO,
Is it ok to fill in my ds-160 that I am not employed for F-1 visa application
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by los0550(f): 2:05pm On May 18, 2018
Hello VO, @abujaniv @lagosniv

I am about to apply for F1 Visa. My sponsor is my uncle and he has the sufficient money he intend to use to fund my studies in his Stanbic IBTC Money Market Funds which can be withdrawn within 24hours. Will this be a sufficient proof of funding for the visa interview?

If not, can I take both his salary account(without the complete amount on my i20) and this Money Market Fund statement to show his capability to fund my studies.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by rockcrest4(m): 2:22pm On May 19, 2018
hello every one, I am new here I have gone through the post but I still don't understand..
I am Emmanuel by name currently serving (Nysc) Here in cross river calabar at the office of the state accountant general calabar, I want to travel out of Nigeria for U.S.A.
what are the procedure
my current certificate is HND accountancy..
age 27.. and I will be through with Nysc next month June5.... thanks
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by oratorOdunayo1(m): 1:56am On May 21, 2018
Hello team VISA

If a Dad was written in i20 form as sponsor from a school and after gaining admission, a brother or an uncle decided to sponsor the student. Is it appropriate for the student to go for interview at the embassy with the brother/uncle statement of account ?

Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Toebee: 5:51pm On May 26, 2018
Hello good people. Please I'm in dire need of direction here and I'd appreciate your input in terms of advice on how best I can tackle this issue.
Couple of weeks to my wedding last year, my then fiancé got admitted for her masters in the USA together with a partial scholarship. After much deliberation and considerations, we decided to go ahead with the wedding plans. She left the shores of Nigeria exactly a week after our wedding. The plan was for me to join her there within the shortest time possible. I applied for B1/B2 three months after she left, but was denied the visa. Fast forward to April this year, I also got admitted to the same school my wife is currently schooling and I've started making plans to appear again for another visa interview, of course, F1 this time. My fear now is that they'd always make reference to my failed attempt last year where I stated I was visiting my wife briefly for vacation. It seem as if I don't have strong tie here in Nigeria again since they already know my wife is in the US. All I just want to do is study and leave once done with my master together with my wife. I need guidance on how best to fill my DS160 and how I can defend it on the interview day that I would come back to Nigeria despite the fact that my wife is in the US.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Aronman: 12:44am On Jun 02, 2018
Hello, I studied Accounting during my first degree and am going for my masters in public administration...i worked with a church as an accountant(5yrs).pls I need assistant on how to answer some questions that relate to my masters course.. Pls help a brother biko
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Udohubong85: 9:38am On Jun 16, 2018
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by iceberge: 10:16pm On Jun 17, 2018
hello friemds,

i just recently receieved a phd offer from texas a&m college station. it is a fully funded position in engineering. my i-20 is yet to arrive and my resumption date is late august. can anyone tell me the general timeline for a visa application and what ways i can expidite the process in order to meet my resumption date.

Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by itszomb1: 8:02pm On Jun 19, 2018

I got a traineeship in USA. And I will be applying for J1. I'm a first time applicant and would like to know more about:

- The documents I will be taking along for the interview process;
- Do I need to present an account statement? If yes, will an account statement from a sponsor and mine be accepted together?
- I graduated from my BSc program in 2015, how can I prove my ties to Nigeria. I am not married neither do I have a business I'm in charge of.

Thank you in anticipation.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Entrepreneur25: 11:26pm On Jun 23, 2018
Dear AbujaNIV,

Great work you all are doing here. I am a current Graduate Student in the US, and with two classes left, I will be graduating by December, 2018. I came back to Nigeria for a funeral and some business, and thought it wise to renew my visa even though it was still valid, but had a few days left. Since, I have used the dropbox service with my previous visa, I thought it wise to do a dropbox with the F1 too, especially with about 22 days still left on the visa. However, my passport is yet to be delivered and as at last check, the current status displaying "administrative processing". Here are my timelines

Passport dropped: June 1st
Passport update/received: June 6th
Email sent to Abuja requesting update: June 20th
Passport changed to "administrative processing": June 20th
Date of previous F1 expiration: June 23rd

I had wanted to take a class in Summer II, but now I have to push it to the fall. In all, I have two classes to take to before graduating in December, 2018.

I have changed my return flight to the states twice, waiting on my passport. I had planned a few business travels before the end of the year, and hence the renewal was important. Any update on my F1 renewal will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your update.
Re: U.S. Student Visa (F1, M1, & J1) Forum - We're Listening by Proppie: 3:18pm On Jun 24, 2018
Dear VO, the usefulness of the assistance you are giving in this thread cannot be over emphasized. Thank you so much.

I am currently admitted to a school in US, but I am yet to get my visa. I went for my visa interview on Friday June 22 And I was denied and given a white paper. find attached a copy of it.

Now. I want to reapply, how do I go about it?

During the interview, I told the consular that my sponsor was my guardian, who also is my uncle(i told her my dad is late, and that I've lived with my uncle ever since he died).
Now that I want to reapply, a family friend has asked me to change my sponsor to my mother, who's a politician, but with a lower bank statement, because my uncle has a bank statement of over 100m as against my mother's 40m+.

Now my questions are :

1. Can I reapply and make such changes?

2. What kind of interview questions should I be expecting?

3. What are my chances of getting the visa this time around?

4. Is it possible I'd be interviewed by the same lady? And does that affect anything?

Thank you so much as I await you urgent response, because whatever I do now, will be based on your instructions.

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