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Shadows Of Death (the Girl-god) / Shadows Of The Green Part Two / Chasing Shadows. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 10:07am On May 19, 2016
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 8:39pm On May 19, 2016
Wake up! Everybody wake up!
Habeeb ran as fast as his legs could carry him, falling down in the process but which seemed to have little or no effects on him. He kept running, screaming on top of his voice.
Wake up ! It killed them! They are both dead!
In no time, the students got out of bed, wondering what was happening. Some laid still on their mattresses, thinking someone is just out to play pranks on them. Stuffs like that are very in common in camps…
Lanre was one of the boys who first ran out of the tent, followed by the class rep and some other boys.
Class rep: Habeeb! What is going on, why are you screaming?
Habeeb; (breathing heavily ) It’s….. It’s… they are dead…. they are dead.
Lanre: Who are dead?
Habeeb: John….john and shade are dead!
There was a gasp in the air as he said it. Someone shouted “ Jesus” and some girls had started crying already.
Class rep: Is this a joke Habeeb? This isn’t funny!
Lanre: Let him speak! Habeeb, please tell us what you saw?
Habeeb: I saw them go into the bush, John and Shade! I already knew what they were planning to do so i decided to follow them, just to watch…. when they bent down, it came out of nowhere and attacked John, cutting his head off! (Gasping ) there was blood everywhere!
Lanre: What attacked them?!
Habeeb: It was a shadow! Black with the darkness it moved fast, it killed them both!
Everyone began fidgeting, girls were crying, the guys were pacing around, trying to hide their fears, there was chaos as everyone wants to speak at the same time.
Class rep: What do we do now?
Uche: I say we go into that bush, find that bastard and kill him ourselves
Temmy: You dummy! Didn’t you hear it was just a shadow? You want to fight a shadow with your fist??
Everyone started talking again, noise erupting and growing louder!
Lanre: Shut up! Shut up everyone!
Everyone kept quiet immediately!
Lanre! Let us stop arguing! Two amongst us are dead already! I had a bad feeling about this place and you all knew that. So now i say, we all go into the tents, pack our bags and get the hell out of this Godforsaking place now!
He said that and kept quiet but they were all too confused and afraid to move. They all stood still in their positions, waiting for someone to lead.
Lanre: (Shouted angrily) I said MOVE NOW!!!!!
Everyone scampered around into their tents, packing their luggages as fast as they could. No one said word to another. Everyone single one of them lost in their individual thoughts.
Lanre sighed, looked up and saw Kamoru.
Lanre: Mr. Kamoru! Ni bo le gbe bus si (Mr. Kamoru! Where did you park the bus?)
Kamoru: OWa labe igi ni beun (It’s parked under a tree there)
Lanre: Se e le logbe wa sibi ( Can you move it a little closer to this place)
Kamoru: Ehn (Yes)
Lanre: Ejo, egbe wa (Please, move it here) Abi kin tele yin ni? ( Or should i come with you?)
Kamoru: Rara o! Emi okunrin meta! Kosi ewu ! (No o! I’m a real man! No problem)
Mo nbo ni sin ( I’ll be right back)
Kamoru hurried away towards the place bus was parked earlier when they arrived. Lanre didn’t need to do any packing, he had left his luggage in the tent just the way he packed it in the morning, he went to the tent and get it, most of the boys were done packing.
Emma: I told you all that we are going to die on this trip!
This time, no one argued with Emma nor tell him to shut up! They simply thought about the possibility of what he just said and fidgeted the more.
Everyone set out in front of the tent, looking at Lanre to tell them their next step.
Lanre: please everyone! Try and relax, okay? Kamoru has gone to bring the bus closer to this place, i’m sure he’ll be back any moment from now.
Mary moved towards him and placed her head on his shoulders, she was silently weeping and greatly overwhelmed by fear. Lanre tried calming her down, kissing her on the forehead, Kamoru has been gone for five minutes now, he should be back already, he thought to himself.
Kamoru slapped himself at the back of his neck to kill the mosquito that just bit him. He still didn’t understand while those students were leaving in such a haste, he knew they were arguing, some were even crying but they all spoke English, a language he didn’t Understand.
Just 6 weeks ago, his uncle had come to the village and brought him to Ibadan, he had never gone to school nor attain any formal education. All he knew was farming and fishing. For 2 weeks, his uncle had taught him how to drive the big bus and he was able to perfectly drive it in 5 days. Since the trip to the camp site wasn’t so far, his uncle had suggested he drove the students, though this wasn’t his first time of taking people on a trip.
He had enjoyed watching the students, they all had something in their palms that they constantly pressed with their thumbs and spoke into. Some of them even had something that they cover their ears with and would be shaking their head and dancing. They all spoke and shout every time, they shout “Awwwww” when they are happy, they shout “Ahhhhhh” when they are angry.
But when they started shouting this night and spoke their language, he knew something was wrong but he didn’t know what it was. He had been instructed to get the bus closer and that’s what he’ll do.
He got to the bus, brought the key from his pocket and as he tried inserting it into the lock, it fell off his hand, unto to the ground .
He cursed under his breath, he had no lights, though the moon shone above the sky. He bent down and began searching for the keys. In a flash, someone dashed quickly behind him, he stood up immediately but saw no one, he waited a few seconds to confirm no one was there so he bent down again.
Luckily, he found the keys this time, unlock the bus and got inside. The wind was cold and chilly, he shook his head, let out a deep breath and started the engine, it cranked and clicked, coughed out smokes and went off again.
Kamoru looked around, he hasn’t been driving for long but he knew the battery couldn’t have gone down that fast. He tried again but this time, it started, he revved on the accelerator excitedly but when he tried to move, the car tires seemed stucked on something. Someone knocked on the bus, he had no idea which direction it came from nor who it was
Kamoru: Ta ni yen ke? (Who is it??)
Silence…. he stretched himself up, looked around but saw nothing.
As he turned around the steering wheel, he heard it again, this time, it wasn’t a knock but a bang, one which sent him jumping out of his seat in fear, he was sweating now, his hands fidgeting. He decided it was time to leave so with a doubled effort and speed, he sat down, changed the gear, this time wanting to reverse the bus.
The front tire rolled, but only on a spot. Only one thing left to do; he has to go down and check which direction he needs to steer the bus, so he won’t keep digging a bigger hole around the tires.
He took a deep breath, slowly opened the door, peeped around and got down, practically tip-toeing, he moved to the front of the bus, bent down and examined the tires.
He had left the door open so fear ran cold on him when he had the door shut itself. He tried to turn around but slipped and fell on the cold grass.
In a flash, he saw the bus revearsed itself to a distance. It stopped and the headlamps came on, almost burning his retina. Impulse sets in and he screamed as loud as he possibly could.
Kamoru: Egbami oooooo! (Help me!!)
In that instance, the bus jerked forward with full speed. Kamoru tried standing up and running but a twig held him down, the grasses wrapping around his legs so tight, resisting his movements.
All he could do was whimp in fear and prepare for impact. He felt the excruciating pain of the bus on his feet, then the knee ,to the hip… the last thing he remembered was his ribs crushing in, as all went dark.
Back at the camp, they all waited, running out of patience. Halimat opened her mouth to protest and that’s when they saw the lights of the bus, it honked and packed, signaling they should come closer.
Lanre: I told you all to relax, Kamoru is here with the bus now. Let’s move!
Everyone hurried towards the bus, some shoveling their way to get in the front, just to enter the bus as fast as they could…. Only if they knew who…or what was on the driver’s seat.
~To Be Continued ~

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Re: Shadows....... by Nenye75(f): 10:51pm On May 19, 2016
Great.. Following Bumper to Bumper...
Re: Shadows....... by kingphilip(m): 11:06pm On May 19, 2016
Austin nice update
Following jejely
Re: Shadows....... by tizblink(m): 11:09pm On May 19, 2016
Mahn kill 'em small small jare. A lil torture would do

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Re: Shadows....... by FlourishBliss(f): 7:00am On May 21, 2016
Hope Lanre will b saved......
Kuduz.....nice piece , more skillz 2 ur talentz awaiting more horrific scene.....
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 10:26pm On May 27, 2016
Sorry for the delay friends.... Updating soon. #Anticipate
Re: Shadows....... by joanee20(f): 11:38am On May 28, 2016
Sorry for the delay friends.... Updating soon. #Anticipate

Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 11:59pm On May 28, 2016
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 8:31pm On May 29, 2016
Shadows (episode Six)
This is me. I’m here. I’m shifting the words that you’re reading, altering them from whatever this person wrote.
I’ve been here for awhile. For as long as you can remember, anyway.
Sometimes I say your name as you’re falling asleep, or whisper urgently in your ear. Do you remember the time that I screamed, throwing panic through you and setting your heart racing?
That was fun.
You’re wondering who I am. That’s only natural. Of course, you already know.
I’m you. I’m the real you. I’m the mind that existed here before you stole my body, before you forgot about being a parasite.
I’m the child who looked the wrong way, asked the wrong question, saw the wrong thing… but I’m not so little any more.
You may have forgotten me, but I’m still here. I’ve always been here.
I’m going to get out.
Love From
Lanre: Everybody wait! Wait a minute… Something is not right!
Classrep: Lanre! What is it again? Everyone is scared already, you don’t need to freak us out the more.
Emma: You said we all need to leave this place and then you’re saying we should wait now that the bus is here!
Temmy: Just shut up! Lanre what is it?
Lanre: I don’t know. Something is not right, i can feel it! …… Kamoru! Please step out of the bus…..
There was silence, the ones closer to the bus began to take a few steps back. Lanre called again.
Lanre: Kamoru, if that’s you, please step out of the bus!
Still no response, now they are panicking, not knowing whether to run or stay. The bus was their only way out of the camp, they are too far out into the bush to start walking.
But there they were, beside the bus, not sure who drove it and no one wants to find out.
Uche: Guys! I say we move closer to the bus and check who drove it
Halimat: Is like this Ibo boy has a death wish or something….Move closer now, were boy!
Daniel: We can’t just stand out here! What if Kamoru didn’t respond because the bastard is asleep
Timothy: Good point Daniel! Very good point. Why don’t you go in there and wake him up then…
Mary: Lanre! What do we do?
Lanre: emmm… who has a torch? We should see him from here.
Lanre was handed a torch, the class rep, Emma and Uche began to move closer to the bus. Moving real slow and quiet… the rest stood very closely together, clutching their hands and bitting their lips in fear. Lanre pointed the torch towards the driver seat and there was Kamoru, with his head on the steering, his position suggesting he was fast asleep.
Emma: Hehehehehe…. You see! The guy just dey sleep ni jor.
Emma entered the bus. As the rest began to move forward, he called out again.
Emma: (Shivering) O lord God that commanded the holy spirit to impregnate Mary!!
Lanre: What!
Emma: Blood guys! Blood! There’s blood everywhere.
Emma stood at the entrance, everyone too shocked to move, looking at him as he was trying to explain what he had seen. Their lamps and torchlights directed towards him, waiting for him to talk.
As he opened his mouth to speak, the hand grabbed him on the shoulder, they all saw it. Emma knowing only the corpse of Kamoru was with him in the bus let out a loud scream….
Everyone screamed too. They all spreaded out, running in different directions, most of them screaming as they ran deeper into the bush.
Lanre held Mary’s hand as they ran. There were both tired now, breathing heavily. They stopped and looked back, no sign of anyone.
Lanre: O God! He has gotten what he wanted! Dammit! He wanted us to spread out so he can attack us one after the other. (Looks at Mary) Are you okay Mary?
Mary: I’m sorry Lanre! I brought this on us, i should have listened to you, we shouldn’t have come. I’m so sorry.
Lanre: Mary! Look at me! You didn’t this was going to happen okay! Right now, Let’s focus on finding everyone else.
Mary: Lanre! Please don’t leave me!
Lanre: I will never leave you okay? I promise! We are both getting out of here alive! Now hold me and Let’s find the rest.
Mary: Okay…..okay..
Helen, Halimat and some two boys.whose name were KC and Tobi, had ran together, far from the others
Helen: Hey hey…. boys wait! Does anyone of you dummies know where we are?
KC: I don’t know! Tobi, do you know where we are?
Tobi: No i don’t o
Halimat: Okay….so what’s the plan now?
Tobi: Wait…. why are you girls asking us what the plan is?
Helen: Haha…are you not Men? In fact i ran towards this direction because i saw you two are macho and would be able to protect us.
KC: Hahaha…. pritect you? Why should we protect you?
Helen: You are men and we are ladies.
Tobi: Abeg! You people have been shouting gender equality on social media for a while. So no one is protecting anyone. “What a man can do, a woman can do better” is that not what you people say?
Helen: Oh Gosh! Of all the boys we could end up with, we ended up with perverts.
They are froze when they heard movements a few feet away.
KC: Who is that??
Helen and Halimat held each boys as tightly as they could.
Tobi: Lady…. take your hands off my neck! The fact that I’m scared of some black guy killing me doesn’t mean you should strangle me to death.
They heard the movement again, getting closer to them, rustling the bush out of the way. It was louder now, very loud and closer. Before they could say a word, two images jumped out of the bush, right in front of them. They all screamed.
Uche, Daniel and Timothy took off together. They had no idea how far they had ran but they knew they are farther into the bush now. Each had a lamp on their hands, sweating and breathing heavily.
Uche: we should have stayed and fight!
Timothy: Oh really? So why did you run? From where i stood, i noticed no one ran as fast as you did.
Daniel: Don’t mind him, in fact, he was the first person to run.
Uche: I was searching for a weapon, a big wood or something
Timothy: And you still haven’t seen any? Running this far out into the bush
Uche: Na you sabi! All that running has disturbed my stomach. Let me clear my bowels.
Timothy: Ode! You mean say you wan poopoo
Daniel: Hahaha… the mumu kon dey Behind am…. abeg just take your poopoo go that side.
They laughed at him as he held his stomach and ran behind a tree.
He knew his friends would try to play pranks on him so he walked a little farther. He could still hear their laughter but he was sure he was far enough. He unbuckled his belt, pulled down his trouser and got down to business.
He felt so relieved, he must ate too much. His mind drifted to the issue at hand, somehow he had made everyone believe he is some “brave heart, fearless and courageous ” man but deep inside, he was probably more scared than the girls. He had never ran as fast as he did when he saw the black hand grabbed Emma.
His mind raced faster when he remembered he had been the one who kicked the guy out of the bus. Suddenly, staying alone wasn’t the best idea anymore. He knew he had to go back to his friends as fast as he could.
The wind started blowing, suspiciously colder than before, he wasn’t hearing his friend’s laughter anymore so he grabbed his lamp, flicked the switch but the light wouldn’t come on, he tried again, still no light.
He stood up, pull up his trouser slowly but precise. Some whistled behind him, he turned but saw no one. He heard the sound of someone walking but he saw no one, he looked around, he had no idea which direction he had come from. The sound was getting louder, like the person was getting closer. He began to move…. some grabbed his foot and fell, head first into his sh*ts. His face was covered in it, he tasted some in his mouth too.
He quickly got, totally disgusted, he coughed and spat on the floor. The smell choked him up. His eyes were shut as he tried to wipe it off his face, when he got them opened, he it, right in front of him, real close and totally dark. It was dark everywhere but the image was just darker than anything he’d ever seen.
He threw himself to the ground, falling on his back, the shadow stood, looking at him as he scampered off the ground and making a run for it. Uche was screaming now, calling on his friends but no one answered.

The shadow was behind him, he could feel it, he fell down and before he could get up. The shadow grabbed his both his feet and drag him back. Uche twisted and turned, kicking and dragging himself but his strenght was nothing compared to the image dragging him.
He stretched his hands and it reached an object, it was the lamp! He flicked it on and this time the lights came on. He reached it, pointing it towards the shadow.
The shadow let out a low howling and shrieked as the lights came up to him, it shielded his face from the lights using his hands. There were movements from the opposite end, Timothy and Daniel came out.

Uche: Oh God! It’s here! It’s here! The shadow is here!
Daniel: Uche! Relax! Where is it?
Uche: There!! (He points)
Timothy: (Sighs) There’s nothing here bro!
Uche looked up and the shadow was gone.
Uche: I swear it just attacked me! I swear to God, it almost killed me.
Timothy and Daniel looked around but they saw nothing but the bushes around.

Daniel: Well… you’re smelling shits. Let’s get you out of here, find the others and get you cleaned up.

Daniel and Timothy helped the bewildered Uche off his feet and they all moved……………. A few feet away, the shadow stood behind a tree, watching as they walked away…………It laughed!

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Re: Shadows....... by tizblink(m): 11:20pm On May 29, 2016
Well, nice but the rate at which the updates come is just so


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Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 9:41am On May 30, 2016
Well, nice but the rate at which the updates come is just so


Awww.... Sorry man! working on that
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 9:57am On Jun 02, 2016
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 2:15pm On Jun 02, 2016
Shadows (episode Seven)
Lanre: Hey hey…..Relax guys! It’s just us!
Tobi: Damn! You almost killed us with fear! What are you guys doing appearing from the bush like that.
Lanre: We heard you arguing so we figured you’re one of us.
Helen: Oh my God! Mary, I’m so glad you’re alright.
Mary: Me too. How are you guys? Is anyone hurt?
Halimat: we’re all fine. Alhamdulilah!
Lanre: Did you guys see anyone else?
Tobi: everyone ran in different directions, It’s difficult to find people now. We’re just lucky we found eachother here!
KC: Guys! I say we get out of here now!
Lanre: No! Not yet, we have to find the others!
Kc: Are you crazy? There’s something out there killing people in this forest!
Lanre: And that’s the more reason we need to find everyone and get back home safe!
Tobi: You’re talking about finding like 20 people in the dark, in a forest as big as this??
Helen: 22 people
Kc: You hear that? 22 people!
Lanre: This is what he wanted! For us to split up, so he can kill us one after the other!
Kc: He? What do you mean “He”?
Halimat: Do you know who killed Kamoru, John and Shade?
Lanre: You all should have figured that out now… you should know it’s the cat guy
Tobi: No! I think it’s the forest. This place is definitely haunted by evil spirits
Helen: So you think we did something to piss them off?
Halimat: It’s definitely the cat guy, he looked really fetish.
Kc: Dude was just a drunken bastard who was a little melodramatic
Mary: Cat guy or Evil spirits, i don’t care! Something or someone is killing people! Can we just decide what to do and get out of here, please?
Kc: I say we go home!
Lanre: Not without finding the others
Kc: Guess we have to take a vote then.
Lanre: Good. If you think we should find the others move to the right! If you think we should find our way out of here, to the left.
Mary was the first to move to the right, she knew she must back up her boyfriend no matter what. Halimat joined her immediately. Tobi moved to the left where Kc was standing. Helen stood exactly at her position, not moving an inch.
Lanre: Helen…. what is gonna be?
Helen stood looking at both sides, Halimat kept gesturing unto her to come with her.
Helen: Well…. Tobi and Kc are good looking guys!
Halimat: Are you kidding me! You’re making your decision based on guys? Helen!!
Helen: shut up! I came to this camp to hook up with guys! If i’m going to die today, i should sex before going.
Mary: Helen! I’m going to slap some sense into you right now!
Kc: Let her be! You made your decision and we’ve made ours!
Helen: …..and Halimat… goodluck dying a virgin (laughs)
Tobi, Kc and Helen took off in the direction they believe would take them back to the village.
The rest, Lanre, Mary and Halimat looked on till they were no longer in sight.
Lanre: Okay guys! I believe we’re doing the right thing. We can’t leave our colleagues behind!
Halimat: Yes we know. I believe most people ran towards that direction (She points)
Lanre: Ok then. Let’s go!
They left with their lamps in hand. There was a full moon in the sky. That, and the lamps allowed them to see clearly. They walked as closely together as they could. Each lost in their individual thoughts, each wondering whether they are doing the right thing or just walking ahead, right into their graves.
Daniel: Guys! Do we even know which way we’re supposed to go? We could be going deeper into the forest as a matter of fact.
Timothy: So what do you suggest? That we stay put in a place till morning?
Daniel: That wouldn’t be a bad Idea.
Timothy: (sigh) Uche what do you think??
But Uche wouldn’t say a word. He has been quiet for the past 10mins, since the “thing” attacked him! Neither Timothy nor Daniel believed his story, they both even laughed at him. He kept looking around at intervals, just to see if the thing is still following them. Where was it dragging him to? Uche thought to himself. Why not kill him at that moment? Why drag him around?
Timothy: Uche!!!!
Uche: (startled) Yeah… yea??
Timothy: C’mon bro! Haven’t you been listening to what we’ve been saying?
Uche: Yes i have! I said we shouldn’t have come to this camp!
Timothy: We finished that conversation about 8 mins ago.
Uche: Oh!
Daniel: Uche! Nothing is here! You’re just worried.
Uche: It almost killed me!
Daniel: Nothing almost killed you man! All these is in your head! Everyone is just acting up!
Uche: But you saw it too! We all saw it! We saw the black hand grab Emma!
Daniel: We thought we saw a hand! It’s nothing but hallucinations!
Uche: How can you be so sure!
Daniel: Because……
Timothy: (Cuts in) Just stop both of you! Stop right now!
Uche: Daniel….Because what?
Timothy: I said stop! Now keep your mouth shut both of you and Let’s go!
They both did as Timothy said. Uche still worried and Daniel still sure they were all just seeing things that aren’t there. He was so sure of it because he knew what he had done to all of them.
Friday, 6:45pm
Daniel: psst.. psst Temmy….Temmy….Come here quick!
Temmy: Hey DannyLove! What is it?
Daniel: How are you? I hear you guys are cooking jollof rice abi?
Temmy: Yes! Moji and I, plus two other girls sha! Why? are you hungry? I will give you double portion!
Daniel: Oh! Thanks! But not just that. I need you to do something for me and you must not tell anyone!
Temmy: Anything for you ma love!
Brought out a plastic bag with Some contents in it.
Daniel: I need you to add this inside the jollof rice.
Temmy: DannyLove! Hope you’re not trying to get people killed!
Daniel: No no no… Far from it! In fact! I’m trying to make people come alive. When we all eat this thing with the rice! We’ll all be “Alright ” .. If you know what i mean.
Temmy: Hahahaha…. Okay then I’ll do it. Let me quickly go and add it, the rice is almost done.
Daniel: (Smiles ) That’s why you’re my favorite girl in the whole of this school.
Temmy: (blushes ) Hmmmmm.
Tobi: I’m so hungry right now i can eat a horse!
Kc: (Faces Helen ) This guy too like food ehn….
But Helen wasn’t listening, she was lost in thought. She shouldn’t have deserted her friends like that , she knows but she couldn’t stand walking around the forest in the dark looking for people that have probably ran home.
She’s scared. The boys by her side just talk and talk all the time.
Helen: Do you talkatives have any idea where you’re going??
Kc: Yes! I remember this is the route we took when the bus drove us in.
Tobi: Guys…. What is that?
Helen: (startled ) Oh my God! What??
Tobi: That tree!!
Kc: What tree?!
Tobi: That same tree, is that not the same tree we were facing when Lanre and Mary came to join us?
Kc: They must look the same, we left that place over 5 mins ago!
Tobi: But….
Kc: But Nothing! This is a forest and all trees look the same!
Tobi: hmmm…. Okay
They kept walking, silently this time. Each lost in thought.
Tobi was so hungry, he started visualizing a plate of Jollof rice in his mind.
Tobi: Emmm…. Guys, i have a serious question to ask you..
Kc: Ask….
Tobi: Helen, can i ask?
Helen: Just ask your question!
Tobi: It has been bothering my mind for years! In fact, i don’t know what to do. I have asked google but found no answer!
Kc: What is it?
Tobi: Hmmm…. It’s very serious
Helen: We’re listening
Tobi: You can’t tell anyone about the question o. Like i said, It’s been bothering my mind.
Kc: Just ask already!
Tobi: Emmm..My question is .. That green leaf inside Jollof rice, is it meant to be eaten?
They all started laughing, all three of them. It felt really good to laugh and loose up a bit.
Helen looked up, she saw the tree again, the exact same one, no difference at all, everything in place.
Helen: Tobi, Kc… is that the same tree?
Now they stopped laughing as they all looked at the tree they had seen, few minutes ago.
Tobi: I don’t understand! These trees don’t just look alike, they are the same.
Helen: But….what are you saying? Have we been walking in circles.
KC: No! We’ve been walking straight , we haven’t turn or curve a bend at all.
Tobi: We’ve been walking and still end up in the same spot! This is nuts!
Kc: Look!! That’s Lanre’s footprint! He stamped his foot on the ground when we were both arguing about leaving or looking for the rest.
The all moved closer, looked at the shoe print on the ground.
Now they are really scared. They’ve been walking and still found themselves in the same spot!
The wind blew, the branches swayed and the bushes crackled like a burning flame. Fear gripped them all. All three of them dropped everything they were carrying and made a run for it in the same direction.
As they ran, the wind got stronger, blowing against them and resisting their movements. Kc grabbed Helen, pulling her behind him as they ran.
Tobi was in front, heaving and shoving leaves out his way. He stepped on something sharp, something painful that pierced the sole of his shoes.
He couldn’t stand the pain, his legs became wobbly and he fell to the ground.
Kc who was behind him, almost dodged as his friend fell to the ground but it was too late, he tripped and fell, pulling Helen down with him.
Helen reached the ground head first with an excruciating pain. Her movements were slow and weak but she looked around, there were blood everywhere.
Tobi’s head hit a stone as he fell. All Helen saw was blood gushing out from the center of his head..She Screamed in fear, seeing that the head was split in two like a watermelon.
Kc’s grip was still strong on her hands, she prayed he was okay as she looked at him….. but he wasn’t. He had fallen on a sharp stick which pierced his stomach and going out from his back! His eyes were opened but he was long gone already.
Helen started crying, trying to see if she had any injury. So she looked up and there it was….the tree. The exact same tree they had been seeing. Even as fast as they ran, they still ended up in the same spot again. That was when it became dawn on her they were never leaving this forest alive. They’ll all die.
She heard the footsteps approaching, she spun around on the ground, facing up and facing it.
The shadow stood over her, looking down, a large, long and sharp rod on his hands, she couldn’t scream, she didn’t even try to because she knew she was dead already!
The shadow bent over her, took her right leg and raised it up, leaving the other leg on the ground.
She cried, she wailed but it was of no use.
He raised her leg, are two feet further apart….. she pleaded…..
Helen: (crying) PLEASE…… please Don’t kill me……Help me! Please don’t kill me….
Shadow: (laughing ) i hear you like to have sex……
In a split second, the shadow raised the thick rod with a sharp end up. Helen saw it in the air as it came down.
With a force, he pushed the sharp rod right between her legs……
The pain was unlike anything she has ever felt before….. she winced, she gasped……. she took her last breath.
~To Be Continued ~

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Re: Shadows....... by donaldphilipizu(m): 10:55pm On Jun 02, 2016
wow so painful.

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Re: Shadows....... by tizblink(m): 12:58am On Jun 03, 2016
Haha! Nice work bro! Helen tho'. What she went through can only be imagined.
#Grace bro #MoreGrace

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Re: Shadows....... by jephthal: 7:46am On Jun 03, 2016
gbam,you are making the story go gaga.i love the story its awesome.

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Re: Shadows....... by Randyblincks(m): 1:56pm On Jun 04, 2016
Oh man...!! see better Horror film, I no even fit finish my Popcorn again... but, I thought the shadow wanted to rape Helen( E 4ck up oh)

My Blinks brother been writing interesting stories from day one... But, Austinblinks, I know, I don't really matter, but. try inviting people like me when you write stories na...

Av been seeing lotta BLINKS lately... sometimes I don't even know if I'm the one reading or other Blinks, una just dae blink cover my eye here.

Nice story.... #goes bkk tew qhostmode#

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Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 1:30pm On Jun 05, 2016
Oh man...!! see better Horror film, I no even fit finish my Popcorn again... but, I thought the shadow wanted to rape Helen( E 4ck up oh)

My Blinks brother been writing interesting stories from day one... But, Austinblinks, I know, I don't really matter, but. try inviting people like me when you write stories na...

Av been seeing lotta BLINKS lately... sometimes I don't even know if I'm the one reading or other Blinks, una just dae blink cover my eye here.

Nice story.... #goes bkk tew qhostmode#

Lolz...How can my blinks brother not matter?! you matter man and thank you for reading this!
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 1:36am On Jun 14, 2016
Re: Shadows....... by tizblink(m): 5:37pm On Jun 18, 2016
What's happening to this thread? Baba you having a busy schedule? Keep us informed bro
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 12:32am On Jun 21, 2016
Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 7:42pm On Jun 21, 2016
Shadows (Episode Eight)
All his life, Emma had never felt the way he felt when the hand grabbed him, choking him and leaving hanging unto the thread of life.
All he heard were the screams of his classmates as his body fell under the bus. Everyone had scampered away in different directions, the pain around his throat couldn’t hold him down. One thing he has learnt in life was, when there’s danger; Run as fast as you can!
That was what he did. He has never ran faster in his life than the way he did after falling and picking himself up.
Moji: Emma! Are you alright?
Emma: Yes….uhm…..No……. I don’t know.
Moji: It’s Okay dear! We’re going to make it out of here alive.
That’s one thing about Moji, she’s always the most optimistic one, never for once believing things can go worst than it already has.
He had seen her fall to the ground as he was running, he reached unto her, grabbed her hand and urged her to continue running. They both ran a few distance when they saw Temmy, Moji’s bestfriend and the class rep. Together they all made plans and decided which direction would get them out of the forest faster.
The class rep has suggested with certainty that they go the direction they are currently treading.
Emma: Uhmm…. Class rep, you’re very sure where going the right way?
Class rep: Emma! I told you already.
Moji: How are you so sure?
Class rep: I follow my Dad on hunting trips, i know my way around the forest.
Emma sighed and let it go. They had only two lamps, the class rep was holding one and Moji was holding the other.
Temmy has been quiet since the whole incident, the only time she had spoken was when she prayed for Daniel, hoping he was alright.
Everyone knows how much she likes Daniel and would do anything to please him.
Emma decided to say something to cheer her up, probably tell her he knows Daniel to be a tough guy and he sure will be alright wherever he is…… So he looked up towards where he believed Temmy had been walking….. but then, she was not there, as a matter of fact, she was nowhere to be found.
Emma: Wait guys! Where is Temmy?
They all paused, looking around and at one another like the other person should know…..
Moji: Oh my God! She was right here before
Class rep: When was the last time anyone of you saw her?
Emma: I don’t know….uh…few minutes ago….5 minutes maybe!
Class rep: Are you kidding me? We’re just 4 and you guys didn’t know where she went??
Moji: Hey! Don’t try to pin this on us!
Class rep: I’m right here walking in front, leading the way so i can get you nitwits out of here and you couldn’t even look out for eachother?? ……. You just stand holding eachother’s hands like that’s the most important thing to do right now!
Emma: Don’t talk to her like that
Class rep: And if i do….what you gonna do about it
Emma: I’ll shut your mouth! It was your idea we all come here in the first place..
Class rep: …..and did i force you to come?
Emma: You chose this place, this stupid camping was your idea….How are we sure you didn’t just lead us here to slaughter us all
Moji: Emma…..don’t talk like that!
Emma: Think about it Moji! Do we even know this guy?? We all call him “Class rep” Does anyone know his real name for sure?
All the while, the class rep stood still , raging on his feet , Moji was trying to calm Emma down and had her back against him. He reached into the sack he had been carrying, reach his hands into it and felt for the cutlass….. His hands reached the wooden handle and he brought it out. Still neither Moji nor Emma saw him, he moved closer towards them, raising his hands up high as he held the cutlass………
Suddenly, There was a scream, a female voice, crying and shouting for help. They all looked towards the direction the scream came from.
Moji: That’s Temmy for sure! I know her voice!
She dashed towards the bush and Emma followed her. With the lamp in hand, running as fast as they could.
They saw Temmy on the ground crying, beside her was some boy lying in the bush…. he was obviously dead already but not only that, his eyes had been plucked out and left dangling by his temple.
Emma: Temmy are you alright What happened?
Moji bent beside her, pulling her close in a warm embrace, trying hard to ignore the corpse beside them.
Temmy: i bent down, i swear to God i bent down for just a few seconds and when i looked up, you were all gone. I started running and then i heard you calling me
Emma: Me? I called you?
Temmy: Yea… you called out! You said “Temmy! We are here” i came towards the direction and i saw him…. on the ground, he took his last breath when i got here and that was when i called for help….
Emma: uhmmm.. .Temmy…. I didn’t call you
Temmy: What? You did! I’m sure you did! It was your voice i heard!
Moji: Okay….okay… it’s fine! Let’s get out of here….. and does anyone know who this is? (Pointing to the corpse)
Emma: Yea…. That’s Habeeb! I recognise his wrist band.
Moji: Okay…The more reason we have to leave this place….. Class rep!… which way are we going now?
Silence….. They all looked around for the class rep……. He was gone.
Lanre, Mary and Halimat were walking alone when they saw lights coming from a direction.
Mary: Are you seeing that??
Lanre: Yea! Looks like the lights coming from lamps…. They must be our colleagues
Halimat: Alhamdulilah!
They hurried towards the place and were welcomed by excited voices.
Moji: Thank God! Lanre, Mary and Halimat!! It’s awesome seeing you guys are okay.
Mary: I’ve never been happier to see you guys too. Temmy, how are you??
Emma: she’s a little shaken up. She just saw someone die.
Lanre: Jesus! Who waa it again?
Emma: It was Habeeb! His eyes were gorged out man!
Halimat: (crying ) What’s going on? Who is doing this to us? What have we done to deserve this?
Lanre: I had a bad feeling about these whole thing
Temmy: We should have listened to you. Please…. has anyone seen Daniel?
Mary: (sighed) No we haven’t! We only saw KC, Tobi and Helen
Moji: So.. where are they now?
Lanre: They left us! We had plans to come looking for the rest of you guys but they wanted to leave.
Emma: Bad idea! The best thing for us right now is to stick together. John, shade, Kamoru and Habeeb were all probably alone when they were attacked and killed.
Mary: That’s true! But someone grabbed you while we were all together…
Lanre: To scare us off and split us into smaller groups
Emma: So they can silently kill us..
Temmy: Looks like it’s working…..
They all went numb at the obvious realization that someone is planning to kill them all.
Lanre: What about you guys, have you seen anyone?
Emma: We were with the class rep but we lost him. He and I argued about something, i think he got pissed off and went away.
Halimat: There’s something i have to tell you guys about the class rep?
They all looked at Halimat in anticipation of what she was about to say. She had her head down, visibly shaken and fidgeting. Trying to find the best words to use amd tell them what she saw the class rep do….
Halimat: Back at the camp before all this, i saw him……..
Timothy: (cuts in) These mad people are alive sha!
Everyone turned around to find Timothy, Uche and Daniel walking towards them. Temmy who couldn’t hide her excitement ran towards Daniel and they held eachother tight in a warm embrace.
Temmy: DannyLove….. I’m so glad you’re okay!
Daniel: I’m good Temmy! Hope you’re not hurt in anyway…
Temmy: No! I’m fine.
The rest of them hugged and shook hands. It felt so good seeing their colleagues. They all stood still for a while, making plans on what to do next. They agreed to stick together, go in search for the others and after that would all make their way back to the bus.
Lanre was excited and looking around, he counted that there were 9 of them, Mary, Moji, Temmy, Halimat, Daniel, Uche, Timothy, Emma and himself.
He silently said a prayer in his mind, hoping none of them would get hurt again.
They bagan walking, making sure the four girls were in the middle. Every single of them were trying to remain focus, there were no rooms for mistakes now. They need to watch eachother’s backs.
In a safe distance, right behind a tree was the shadow, stalking them as they move, it couldn’t get any closer because most of them had a lamp in hand…There was too much lights.
~To Be Continued~
~ AustinBlinks

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Re: Shadows....... by horlawharley(m): 9:36am On Jun 28, 2016
Nice bro.continue o

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Re: Shadows....... by horlawharley(m): 9:41am On Jun 28, 2016
FP things now o.........

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Re: Shadows....... by Gracito(f): 1:44pm On Jun 28, 2016

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Re: Shadows....... by Lorlaahlozz: 5:42pm On Jun 28, 2016
They should have just said sorry....nice story nd captivating.
Buh update is taking long oo
Re: Shadows....... by Osyxcel(m): 6:01pm On Jun 28, 2016
They should have just said sorry....nice story nd captivating.

Buh update is taking long oo

U ehn...

Where have you been?
Re: Shadows....... by Lorlaahlozz: 8:16pm On Jun 28, 2016

U ehn...
Where have you been?
out of the world

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Re: Shadows....... by Bobolayefa(m): 12:45pm On Jun 29, 2016
oga Austin whats up na... na 3times in a month you dey update?

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Re: Shadows....... by AustinBlinks(m): 4:05pm On Jun 29, 2016
Updating tonight..... sorry friends

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Re: Shadows....... by Gracito(f): 8:39pm On Jun 29, 2016
Updating tonight..... sorry friends
please mention me,na beg I dey beg o

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