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HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz - Literature (2) - Nairaland

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Missmossy(f): 12:24pm On May 08, 2016
Interesting piece,keep it coming As for a twin name Diana and Dianne.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 3:14pm On May 08, 2016

The sudden
absence of Stephanie's body heat next to
me made me shiver and i remember we are still in the Freezer.

"I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have done that," I

"No," she said, and I could hear
her move closer to me, her arms
wrapped around my body, "I
wanted it to happen. I've wanted
this to happen for a long time,
but..." Stephanie trailed off, and I could
tell she was just as nervous as I
was. "What if the power comes
back on, and someone finds us...
You know..."
This time I was the one to laugh,
but I tried to sound reassuring
as I spoke. "The first thing
Mikel is going to do is count
the tills. It'll be a bit before
anyone checks the freezer, and
we can slip out before they do." I
paused, and let my own arms
wrap tightly around her, "And
besides... We need to keep our
temperatures up. I'd hate to
freeze in here."
Steph tittered, and I knew I'd
won her over. "Keeping our
temperatures up, huh? Is that
what we're doing?" I felt her lips
along the underside of my jaw,
and turned my face down to
hers, enjoying how soft her lips
felt against mine.
Her tongue pressed against my
teeth, and I opened my mouth to
let it in. Our mouths writhed
against each other, as her hands
roamed my back. I let mine drop
down to her ass, cupping a
cheek in each hand.
"Oh, really?" she giggled playfully,
breaking the kiss.
"Absolutely," I replied, more
confident now as I groped her
more firmly.
Her hands slid down my back, till
she had a hold of my own rear.
"Oh yeah?" She gave my cheeks a
squeeze, and this time I had to
laugh at her playfulness, till her
hands slid around to my front,
and grasped my manhood
through my jeans. "Holy poo!"
she stepped back from me for a
second, and I wondered what
was wrong this time. "Is that
thing for real? It must be huge!"
Her hands were then fumbling
with my zipper, and despite the
cold air, when she pulled my
dickson out, it stood tall and
firm. It was a little odd, doing this
in the complete dark, but it just
seemed to add to the eroticism.
"Mmm, I can't wait to see this in
the light!" she declared, gripping
it around the middle. Her fingers
weren't able to make it all the
way around, and despite myself, I
was grinning from ear to ear
(not that she could see it).
"Why, thank you!" I told her, the
words turning into a moan, as
the cold air surrounding my cocckk
was wonderfully replaced by the
warm, wetness of her mouth.
Placing my hands on the back of
her head, my moans grew in
volume, matched only by the
slurping, sucking noises she was
I could feel her saliva dripping
from my balls as her tongue and
soft lips slid up and down my
shaft. Every time she pulled away,
the cold air would immediately
cool where her mouth had been,
only to be re-warmed a moment
later, as she swallowed me back
into her mouth. The eroticism of
the whole thing was starting to
get to me. Unexpectedly she
pulled away and pinched me at
the base of my cocckk.
"I know your close, but not yet." I
think she stood up, and I heard
her fumbling with her clothes,
before she gave a sharp yelp.
"Damn, it's COLD! Hurry up and
slide that in me before the saliva
freezes. I need someone warm
against me."
Blindly, I groped my way
forward, till I felt her ass facing
me. I grabbed my large meat, and
started to rub the head against
her already sopping wet slit. We
both moaned at the contact, and
I couldn't stand the cold much
longer, so I gave a shove, feeling
the tip of my dicckkk punch past
her inner labia.
Steph grunted
saying, "Holy fvcck, that thing's a
beast! Hurry up and warm me up
with that thing. I'm freezing!"
Obligingly, I started moving my
hips back and forth, slowly
sinking deeper and deeper into
her hot crevice. I kept my hands
on her hips, and helped move
her against me, as we slowly
screwed in the pitch black
freezer. After a few minutes, I felt
myself hit her deepest parts, and
she grunted again.
"Okay stud, fvck me hard now!"
Her words were like music to my
ears, and I picked up our pace.
"You are TIGHT!" I exclaimed, as I
pulled all out but the head. Her
pvssy seemed to clamp down
hard on me as I did so, only to
suck me back into her, till I hit
bottom again and again. Some of
me was still outside her, but I
was more worried about hurting
her, than trying to get completely
in her.
"Ung... Thank... You..." Steph
grunted in time to my thrusts. I
felt her stand upright, as her
hand snaked to the back of my
head, and pulled my lips to her
turned face.

**SORRY FOR THE BREAK. Thats all what i could type at once with the browser am using***

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 3:18pm On May 08, 2016
Interesting piece,keep it coming As for a twin name Diana and Dianne.
dats nice. But am afraid it came a bit late. As i have already make use of stephanie and stacy. Maybe i will try and stuck it in, as the story goes on.
But Thanks mate.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 3:37pm On May 08, 2016

In this position, it really
felt like I was going deeper into her Va*gina, but
that was only because I was now
also sliding in and out between her thighs.
With her back pressed against
my frontside, I brought my hands
around to her front. I found Steph's
clit with my right hand, and slid
my left up under her shirt.
Upwards it traveled, till I felt the
bottom of her right bra-cup, only
to slip under it, and get my first
feel of her firm bre*asts. They
seemed to be about the same
size as Tina's tits, but when my
fingers found her areola, Stephanie
went crazy. Bucking hard against
me, her moans grew in volume,
muffled against my own teeth
and gums. Her juicy hole clamped
down tight on me, and quivered
as she came, sending her hot
liquids dripping off my scrotum.
It felt too good to hold back
anymore, and I let loose inside
her without thinking. My fingers
pinched her clit and nip*ple hard
as my whole body locked up,
except for my spewing cocckk. All I
could do was stand there, as
shot after shot of my jism filled
up this hot little brunette.
When the waves of pleasure had
finally stopped crashing over me,
I finally came to my senses.
"Oh, poo! I'm so sorry! I meant to
pull out!"
Steph laughed her beautiful
laugh, as she pulled away from
me. When my cocckk left her, there
was an unmistakable sucking
and then a 'pop' sound. I felt her
hand on my cheek a split second
before her lips brushed against
mine. "Relax," she told me, "I'm
on the pill, though I definitely
didn't expect to be doing this
tonight!" She laughed again, and
just then the lights came on, as
the power was restored. I got my
first good look at her, her blue
eyes were sparkling, and her
chest was still heaving, but
between her legs was her
hairless crotch, and as I watched,
some of my cum dripped out of
her, and fell into her panties,
which were still up around her
I looked back to her blue eyes,
and noticed that they had gone
large, as she looked at my crotch.
Even softened as it was, it was
still impressive.
"I got all of that in me?" She
asked in wonder, but I couldn't
lie to her.
"No, only to about here," I
indicated a spot a bit more than
halfway. "We'd better get
dressed and out of here." I
reminded her, and was
rewarded with her blushing as
we both got dressed. She gave
another yelp when my cold cum
in her panties touched her
nether-lips, but otherwise
dressed in silence.
I poked my head out of the
freezer door, and took a breath
of warm air, checking to see that
the coast was clear. We both
stepped out quickly, and not a
moment too soon, as Mikel
came around the corner a split
second after the freezer closed.
"What are you two doing here?"
He demanded. "I sent everybody
home a while ago."
"We got locked in the freezer,"
Stephanie exclaimed, and I worried
that Mikel wasn't going to
accept it, as he looked at us
"Well, you aren't going to get
paid for the time you were in
there. Only to the time I let
everyone go for the night." He
finally told us, and we both
decided it was time to get out of
Outside the storm had drastically
lessened, as I walked Stephanie to
her car.
"I'm glad I have tomorrow off. I
don't think I'll be walking
straight for awhile." I could feel
my cheeks burning as she told
me this, and could only smile in
response. "I definitely want to do
that again, but next time let's do
it in a warmer place, and maybe
I'll be able to get all of you in
me!" We kissed again, and then
made sure we had each other's
number, before I watched her
drive away, still in awe at what
had taken place, and I'd never
had to use my ability.
The drive home was slow, but
seemed to be over before I knew
it, with my mind on the events of
the last couple days. I still
couldn't believe that I had this
new ability, or even that I had
now screwed two very attractive
women. In a daze, I walked up to
my apartment, into my room, and
exhausted fell into bed, still fully
I slept fitfully, a simple question
repeating itself in my head:
you the one?".
Sometime past midnight, blue
lights woke me up


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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 3:41pm On May 08, 2016
I think i need to start skipping most of the sex scenes in this story. Am afraid the Moderators of this forum will soon lose their patience and probably send this story to the Adult section.
Or what do u guyz think?
Continue with the sexful scenes and risk being send to the adult section or i should start skipping most of it.?
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Kaycee625(m): 11:07pm On May 08, 2016
The sexful scenes are the most interesting and intriguing part, don't skip please,
Am quite surprised how a lady could be so explicit with such sexy scenes. Thumbs up, you remind of the woman who wrote fifth shades of grey

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by donobecs(m): 6:12am On May 09, 2016
nice write up.following
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:07am On May 09, 2016
The sexful scenes are the most interesting and intriguing part, don't skip please,
Am quite surprised how a lady could be so explicit with such sexy scenes. Thumbs up, you remind of the woman who wrote fifth shades of grey
Thankz dude. U kind of got me blushing there, for u to compare an amateur like me with Erika mitchell, thats an honour. I hope u enjoy the story to the fullest.


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:23am On May 09, 2016
This coming update was an experimental work by my Brother . He was trying to convince me to write this story in a pidgin dialect, because of the too much stress of checking the dictionary all the time for rhyming words. But we later conclude that we both Suck at it (i mean pidgin). That was why i had to delete the first update of the story.
Now, the story continues.
Sorry for the inconvenient. Best of love from your Amateur writer. QueenLIZ
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:48am On May 09, 2016


Lights flashing across my
closed eyes woke me

"the idiot is awake," a harsh whisper
sounded in my room, " be quick,
silence him!". Another voice boomed out from my room.
A thick hand covered my mouth,
and it was only then that I
decided to try making noises and raise any hope of waking Dennis or be silent for ever.
More hands grabbed me, and
held me down, as the one with
the flashlight came closer to me,
and turned the light so I could
see his face.
It was Richard.
"Looks like it's payback time,
nerd," His eyes were cold in the
beam coming off of his flashlight,
and in a panic I reached for his
switches. His fist was faster, as it
connected with my jaw, and I
saw stars.
* * * * * *
My jaw was the first thing I felt
as I woke up. An odd moan
sounded from somewhere, and it
took me a few moments to
realize it was me. My mouth
didn't feel right, and I soon
realized there was a gag
between my teeth. Keeping my
eyes closed, I hoped to fool them
into thinking I was still out, but
my muffled moan had already
given away the ruse.
"Looks like our little nerd has
come back to us," I heard
Richard's taunting voice come
closer to me at the same time I
felt his switches approaching.
"Looks like he needs a little
encouragement to WAKE UP!"
Richard punctuated his words
with a fist to my gut, a split
second before I could move his
switches. My eyes bulged, as all
the air in me was forcefully
expelled, and my stomach
writhed in pain. With my eyes
now open, I could see that I was
in someone's unfinished
basement, tied to a support
beam, my arms behind me.
"Good. I'm glad to see you're
back with us," Richard's voice had
become menacingly cold. "We
want to have a little talk with
My eyes were still watering, and I
was trying to gather enough
wits together so I could start to
weaken him, when his next blow
hit the side of my ribs.
"Enough Richard," I heard a
sweet familiar voice, but it only
sent a chill down my spine. What
was Tina doing here?
"Enough? Enough!?" Richard
blustered. "It will be 'enough'
when he has paid for what he
did to you."
I used the distraction to focus my
thoughts, and flipped his
'bladder' switch, and started
pushing on his 'weak' switch. I
had to get out of here.
Richard turned his attention back
to me, and there was no
mistaking the malice in his eyes.
"That won't work this time,
freaky idiot." His punch this time struck
the other side of my ribcage.
Thankfully it was weaker, though
it still hurt, and even brought an
embarrassing sob out of me.
Had my switches failed me? I
wondered through the pain that
was wracking my body. No, I
saw, I could still feel the switches,
and they HAD moved. Looking
through my pain filled eyes, I
could see that his pants were still
dry, but something seemed odd
about them.
"Hit 'im again, Richard. Make the bastard
freak pay." For the first time I
realized that there were others
around. John Terry, Darren bent, Jarmie vardy, Harry kane, and Dan Peters (sorry for snatching some few names from the soccer world), were
also witnessing my humiliation;
all of them on the football team,
and all friends of Richard.
"I want to hear him confess," one
of them said, and the others
Richard yanked the gag out of my
mouth, and I worked my mouth
painfully, my jaw throbbing. "Tell
everyone what you did to my
girlfriend. Tell them how you
raped her, and MAYBE I'll go easy
on you."
Rape? I hadn't RAPED her! I
thought. Looking to Tina, I saw
that she was looking at the floor,
refusing to look at me. What had
she told them? "I didn't--"
Richard's right hook caught my
jaw, but it was too weak to do
me any harm than move my head, though it
still hurt where he'd struck me
"Don't lie to us, freaky idiot. Tina, come
tell him what you told us." Richard
looked to his girlfriend, but she
just continued to look at the
floor. "Tina?"
"Tina, tell them I didn't do it!" I
pleaded, and I felt a switch move
as I spoke, but I couldn't tell
what or where. I remembered
her switches and I started
moving the 'guilt' and 'concern'
switches I'd made that first
night, and was relieved to feel
them move in the opposite
direction I'd done then.
"Come on, Tina. Confront your
rapist. Spit in his face, and show
him you're not afraid of him."

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 8:11am On May 09, 2016
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tina looked up at me then, but dropped her gaze back down again. "I-I..." Tina trailed off. Two hands grabbed my head from behind, and turned my face towards her. Their fingers dug into my cheeks and temples as the hands held my head firmly. For a moment I debated on using my switches to stop this whole farce, but stopped myself. I had to clear my name first. I was no rapist, not now, not ever! "Look, Tina, the nerd is helpless. He can't hurt you," Dan's voice said right behind me, as I pushed harder on Tina's 'guilt' switch. "I can't," she finally blurted. "Man, you must've done a number on her, nerd," Dan said. "That's okay... We'll do you even worse, I promise." "No!" Tina yelled, and every eye in the room turned to her. Richard went over to console her, but she shook him off. "I lied," she confessed, tears streaming down her face. "He didn't rape me." Her voice had gone tremulous, and she buried her face in her hands as she sobbed. "What are you saying?" Richard asked; confusion painted across his face. Tina looked at him then, and I could see anger in her red rimmed, tear stained eyes. "I'm saying I fvcked him, and enjoyed every minute of it." Everybody's jaws dropped but mine and Tina's. Richard just had a pained look on his face. "I seduced him, but felt guilty about it, so I lied to you. But I can't... I can't let you do this to him, when he's innocent." "Like hell he's innocent!" Surprisingly it was Dan who made the statement, and not Richard. "He still screwed with your girlfriend, Rich. I say we teach him a lesson, and make sure he never touches another man's girl again." I felt the man's fist hit my right kidney hard a moment after he released my head, wracking my body with pain all over again. I'd like to say I took it like a man, but it HURT! "No, Dan." Richard's voice was barely a whisper, and I wasn't sure if I'd heard him right, through my agony fogged brain. "Untie him." He turned his back on Tina, and faced the rest of the room. "It's one thing to beat up a rapist, but I won't hurt a man whose only crime is being seduced by this slut." "Richard, I..." Tina reached for Richard's shoulder, but he yanked it away from her. The large man walked up to me, and stared me in the face. I could see that he hated me still, but I had to give him some respect for his actions. He helped untie me, and I turned to face the room. I knew it was wrong, but I felt like I needed to get revenge. I quickly made two new switches in each man, and Tina. I flipped the first, and watched as their eyes grew large, and their bodies became completely paralyzed. I walked up to Dan first, and had to look up at him, as Tina was the only one in the room shorter than me. I reached up with my right hand, and pinched the base of his neck where it met with his shoulder. Simultaneously, I flipped the second switch, and smiled as he fell asleep. To everyone else, it would look like I'd given him the Nerve Pinch. A truly geeky revenge. I looked to Richard's other four friends, and couldn't bring myself to do anything to them. Sure they had helped kidnap me, but none of them had struck me, only watched. I released their 'paralyze' switch, and told them to go. To a man, they fled that small basement, beating each other out of their way, in their haste to get away from me. Turning back to Richard, I felt my anger flare up again, until I saw his eyes. They say the eyes are the true mirror to the soul(a Nigerian Quote), and if that were true, Richard was in hell. There was no fear in his eyes, only pain, and hurt, and betrayal. "Go," I said quietly (I felt that phantom switch move again), before I could change my mind, and released him too. As he ran up the stairs after his friends, I noticed that his pants seemed a little bulky around the waist, and thought he must be wearing a pampas. No wonder his pants had stayed dry. Finally it was just me, Tina, and a softly snoring Dan in the dim basement. I debated on giving Dan a few kicks, to pay him back for the kidney punch, but realized that the fight was out of me, after seeing how broken Richard had become. Turning to Tina, I released her, and watched as she crumpled to the floor, crying. "I'm so sorry," she sobbed, her face once again buried in her hands. "I didn't know they would take it this far." "Get up," I demanded, my voice as cold as the storm had been earlier today. She looked up at me, and I felt my anger rising again.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 4:10pm On May 09, 2016
* * * * * CONT****

Tina had told them
that I'd ra*ped her. Truly I had
used my switches to turn her on,
and make her pvssy wet, but I
couldn't control her mind! I
didn't force her to do anything.
And for that, I had been
kidnapped, tied up, and beaten.
Thankfully my name was clear
now, though I wondered what
the others would say of the
aftermath. I said,

"get up!".

As I
spoke, I finally found the
switch that kept
moving without any effort from
me. It was a switch in Tina; the
one I had used to make her wet
every time I spoke, but now it
was working on its own, without
my control.
Slowly Tina stood, and I tried to
be patient, but I was still
seething inside.
"Nick, I'm so sorry--"
"I don't want to hear it," I cut her
off. "Right now, I am in a lot of
pain, and have no idea where I'm
at. I need you to take me home."
Oh, how it galled to tell her that,
but I really had no clue where I
was, and didn't feel like trying to
walk through the snow, till I
found out. I was just glad that I'd
fallen asleep in my work clothes,
shoes and all.
"O-Okay..." Tina stammered, and
followed me up the stairs. "I'll
take you home. It's the least I can
Damn straight, it's the least you
can do, I thought, but didn't say.
The night air was frigid as I
stepped outside, and followed
her to her car. Every step hurt,
and every breath was a chore,
but none of it compared to the
pain I'd suffered from overusing
my ability.
The drive home was short, and
Tina continued to prattle on
about how sorry she was, and
how she would make it up to me.
I just closed my eyes, and let her
talk, wishing I could use switches
on myself, so that I could block
the pain.
When she pulled up to my
apartment, I got out, and was
surprised when she did too.
"What are you doing?" I
"You're hurt. I want to make sure
you make it alright." I was in too
much pain, and too tired to
argue, and truth be told, it helped
to lean on her a little bit, as we
walked up to my apartment.
I dug the keys out of my pocket,
expecting that she would leave
then, but she followed me in.
"Oh," I heard an exclamation as I
walked into the lit dining room
to find Dennis awake, "what
"A little misunderstanding," I
said, sarcasm dripping from my
"I tried to stop them," Dennis
said earnestly, "but Dan held
me down as they carried you out.
He told me not to call the police,
or they'd come for me next."
"And where were you?" I turned
and asked Tina.
"I was brought into the
basement after..." She replied
quietly. "Richard said he had a
surprise for me, and had me
blindfolded. When he removed
the blindfold, they had you tied
I just nodded, too exhausted to
care anymore. Tina followed me
to my room, and I wondered if
she was going to help me do
everything from now on.
"Go home, Tina. Your mom is
probably worried about you. I
can take care of myself." I could
still feel that switch moving every
time I spoke, making her pussy
wetter, and then turn back off
when I stopped. I wondered
briefly if I had accidently trained
her like one of The Nigerian's police dogs.
"My mom will be fine. Let me help
you, and then I'll go." Once again,
all I could do was nod, as Tina
helped me out of my shirt and
pants. Part of me wondered
what tale she might spin from
this night, but I hoped she had
learned her lesson. She gasped
as my shirt came off, and lightly
touched the two forming bruises
that were already dark on my
ribs. Her touch was light, but still
made me flinch. My pants were
next, and they hit the floor,
revealing my 'Armitage' (one of
my favorite anime's) boxers. For
a second I wondered if she was
going to follow me to the
bathroom as well, but thankfully
she let me do that in peace.
When I returned to my room, she
had me lie on my stomach.
"Just relax," she told me. "Let me
give you a massage. It will help
you sleep."
Help with sleeping was the last
thing I needed, I was so weary,
but a free massage wasn't
something to pass up either. A
small part of me still didn't trust
her, but I could feel her 'guilt'
and 'concern' switches still fully
on. Also, knowing that Dennis
was in the apartment helped.
Her fingers worked wonders on
my back and shoulders, and
thankfully she avoided my right
kidney, and the sides of my ribs.
As her fingers dug deeper, I
could feel my muscles (such as
they were), start to relax. Just as I
was about to fall asleep, she
moved off me, and told me to roll
over. Obligingly, I did as I was
told, and gave a low moan, as
she started to rub my feet. Her
thumbs dug into the underside,
tops, and even between my toes,
as she worked my feet, and a
small feeling of euphoria spread
across my body.
"I've been told I give the best


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by meek1995(m): 5:53pm On May 09, 2016
Wow it's so interesting, Waiting for more updates, keep it up

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by meek1995(m): 6:23pm On May 09, 2016
I think i need to start skipping most of the sex scenes in this story. Am afraid the Moderators of this forum will soon lose their patience and probably send this story to the Adult section.
Or what do u guyz think?
Continue with the sexful scenes and risk being send to the adult section or i should start skipping most of it.?
I also think you start skipping the scenes
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 8:47pm On May 09, 2016

Truly, If Tina did this every night for a
month, I thought, she might
actually begin to make it up to
Tina's hands began to work my
thighs, and the feeling of
contentment continued through
my body. It wasn't until she was
working on the tops of my
thighs, near my groin, that I
realized I had gotten hard at
some point, and was now
poking out of the top of my
boxers. Tina just ignored it,
though I knew she couldn't miss
As she finished with my thighs,
she straddled my legs, and
started working on my stomach
and sides. The middle of my
stomach was still tender from
Richard's first blow in the
basement, but Tina's fingers
seemed to work magic. As her
hands slowly worked up to my
chest, I noticed that her body slid
up too, till she was sitting right
on top of my rock-hard rod,
while she was working my
shoulders. Her whole body was
moving on top of me, and it was
only making me Hot, instead of
relaxing me.
"What are you doing?" I asked,
feeling that switch inside her
move again as I spoke. Her hips
were now moving with their
own rhythm, sliding up and
down my partially covered Dickkk,
as her hands worked my neck. I
could sense that her 'Hot'
switch was fully tilted now.
"Making recompense," she
Hot as I now was, I was even
more wary. "Uh-huh... And have it
end like last time?"
Tina sat fully upright, and ground
her denim covered crotch down
on me. "Dennis, are you still
listening at the door?" She asked,
turning her head towards the
closed door. I could see his
shadow underneath it, and
almost had to laugh to myself.
The big jock who could usually
get any girl, was listening outside
MY door. Thinking about the fact
that he was a jock, I thought
about how happy I was that he
played basketball, and not
football, else he would have likely
been in that basement too.
Dennis didn't respond to Tina's
question, but she continued as if
he had. "I want to make it clear
that everything I do in here
tonight, I do of my own free will."
She turned back to look at me,
and I could see hunger in her
hazel eyes now. "There, now you
have a witness." Her hand
snaked down, and started gently
rubbing the head of my cocckk.
"You don't really want me to
stop, do you? Goodness knows,
THIS big fellah doesn't want me
to stop." Her fingers wrapped as
far as they could around my
manhood, and gave it a squeeze.
Deciding quickly, I yelled towards
Dennis's shadow, "I hope you
heard her, 'cause I'm gonna
make her moan!" Hey, I might still
be mad at her, but I wasn't about
to pass up a free screw.
Tina giggled, as she grabbed the
hem of her shirt, and lifted it up
over her head. Underneath, she
was wearing a white frilly bra
that brought her ample bosom
together to emphasize her
"You just lie there and relax," she
told me, "I don't want you
hurting yourself. Let me do all the
work." She bent over, and lightly
pecked my lips, before moving
her mouth gently across my left
cheek, to just behind my ear. I
reached behind her, and easily
unsnapped her bra, as I felt her
breath tickle the hairs at the
nape of my neck. Tina softly
nibbled her way down my neck,
along my pecks, till she could
bring my right nip*ple into her
mouth. I rather enjoyed the
sensation, as her tongue swirled
around the areola, making it
stand up tall and proud.
I let out a small moan, and noted
that even that made the switch
move that controlled the wetness
of her pus*sy. I let out a louder
moan, as a test, and felt the
switch move even more. Tina
also gave a slight shudder as I
did, and I wondered just how
much she was enjoying this. Part
of me didn't want her to get any
pleasure from it, but I have never
been a selfish man.
As her lips travelled down my
abdomen, I noticed that my door
had opened slightly, and Dennis
was peeking through the small
crack. That's right, I thought,
watch as I get a piece of action
from one of the hottest babes on
campus. I really was going to
have a witness to her
I forgot all about Dennis
watching when Tina's lips
stretched around the head of my
rod, and her tongue started to
swirl around the ever sensitive
rim. Another moan escaped me,
and Tina began to bob up and
down, slowly taking more and
more of me into her mouth. I
was too big to fit down her
throat, but she gave it a valiant
effort, often gagging in her
attempt. Soon my moans were
nonstop, until she started to
really shudder, and I knew she
was cumming.
Her head lifted, and she looked
me in the eyes with a piercing look.

Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 8:49pm On May 09, 2016
I also think you start skipping the scenes
ok. I will try and cut short some incest scenes. Thankz
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 9:08pm On May 09, 2016

Tina looks at my face and ask "What is it about your cockk
that makes me cum so easily?" I
could only shrug; glad she
thought it was my cockk, and not
me manipulating her through my
switches. Tina rolled onto her
back, unsnapped her pants, and
almost ripped them off, before
rolling back onto me. Licking my
shaft from balls to tip, she kept
going until her tongue was in my
I could feel her pusssy start to
press against the tip of my penniss,
and moaned into her mouth as
her pusssy swallowed the first
couple inches inside of her. "Oh,
Gawd! I forgot how big that
thing is," she told me, flipping
her head back. At the same time,
I notice Dennis slip quietly into
the room. He already has his cockk
out, and is gently stroking it, as
he watched this hot blonde
woman slip further and further
down my rod. Despite myself, I
couldn't help but notice that he
was well endowed, if not quite
so well as I am.
My mind is taken from Dennis's
presence as I hit bottom in her.
Tina looked down between us,
then back up to me, with a
slightly pouting expression. "One
day, I am going to get all of you
in me," she promised, before
sliding back up, and then
slamming back down till I hit
bottom again. I moan as she
does this, and can feel her inner
muscles tighten as I do so.
I decided to give Dennis a bit of a
show, and grabbed an ass cheek
in each hand, spreading them,
and giving my roommate a great
view of my cocKk sliding in and
out of her cunt. Tina's tits were
bouncing just inches above my
face, and I lifted my head up a
bit, grunting at the slight pain in
my abs as I did so, and suckled
one of them between my lips. I
let out a really loud moan as I did
so, and suddenly Tina was
cumming hard on top of me. I
started to thrust my hips,
pounding in and out of her,
when an idea occurred to me.
Slipping two of my fingers on my
right hand down to where we
were one, I could feel her juices
sloughing around my cocckk as I
made her orgasm last. I tried to
shove the fingers in also, but she
was too tight around the girth of
my pennis. I contented myself with
just rubbing my fingers around
that area, till they were nice and
slick from the juices that were
leaking out. By this point Tina
had come down from her
orgasm, but she was still
moaning loudly.
I brought my two slick fingers up
to her puckered ass*hole, and
started rubbing against her
sphincter. She tensed
immediately, and stopped all her
"No! I'm not into that," she
protested, but I gave my loudest
moan yet, while simultaneously
mashing on her 'Hot' switch,
as I slipped one finger in to the
first knuckle. It was enough to
make her cum again. She still
remained still, other than her
orgasmic shudders, while I
continued pounding her from
underneath. "Damn, that felt
good, but no more," she said, but
I switched nippples, slipped my
second finger in, moaned, and
mashed the switch again,
bringing her to yet another
I started to move my fingers in
and out, as I moved my hips up
and down, and this time when
her orgasm subsided, she was
matching my pace. When I
slipped a third finger into her
colon, she grabbed my face away
from her teat, and mashed her
lips to mine as she came again,
this time with no additional help
from me.
"My Gawd, what is it you do to
me? I've never cum so much, so
quickly, and with your fingers in
my ass too..." She looked hard at
me for a moment, and then
seemed to come to a decision. "If
I let you back there, will I be
forgiven? No one has ever been
in my ass."
I considered for a moment, but
decided to be honest with her.
"It will be a start, but it will take
more than that, to repair the
damage you caused."
She nodded to me, gently lifted
off of me, and I pulled my fingers
from her bum. As she pulled
away, I noticed for the first time,
just how soaked I was down
there from her juices. We
wouldn't need any lube.
She reached down between us,
gripped me at my base, and
started to rub the tip between
her cheeks. I moaned in
anticipation of the feeling of
sliding into her rectum, and
watched as she shuddered to the
sound. I felt her gently press
down, and felt the pressure build
against my cockk, until suddenly
there was a release, and I was in
her ass.
"Hold on," she told me
breathlessly, "let me get used to
it. You feel even bigger back
there." Her chin was resting on
her chest, and her hand still held
my cockk. After a few seconds I
felt her start to move carefully,
taking me inside her colon, bit by bit. I could feel every centimeter, pass through Tina's sphincter at a snail's pace allowed me to enter.
After almost two whole minutes
had passed, I couldn't hold back anymore, and moaned loudly.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 9:35pm On May 09, 2016

The fact that it was her
arse, and that she was one of the
hottest girl in school wasn't
lost to me, and I started spitting
my seed deep into her bowels.
For what seemed like an eternity,
I was lost in my own bliss, as
wave after wave of pure bliss
crashed over my body, washing
away all the pain and hurt I had
suffered that night.
When I finally started to come
back to myself, I groaned as my
ribs, abs, and jaw also brought
their pain back to my attention.
The second thing I noticed was
that Tina was actually shaking
and shuddering atop me, her
mouth mashed to mine, and her
pusssy making a puddle on my
Tina rolled off of me about the
same time I noticed Dennis slip
from my room. I had completely
forgotten about my roommate.
"If I had known it would feel that
good, I would have done that
YEARS ago!"
I rolled over, and immediately fell
asleep, ignoring her.
* * *
I woke to the soft sounds of
music playing on my
phone. What few hours of sleep
I'd had, had been peaceful and
dreamless, but too short.
"Mmm, ten more minutes," a
voice mumbled next to me, and I
looked over to find Tina, still
na*ked, lying next to me. I more
fell than stumbled out of bed, as
the memories of all that had
happened last night washed
through my brain. Had I really
been kidnapped, beaten, and
then afterwards fvcked Tina?
Looking down at my own na*ked
form, I could easily see the
bruises on both sides of my ribs
and my stomach. Tina moaned
again, and as quietly as I could, I
slipped from my room. Images of
Tina on top of me, my cockk fully
sank into her ass haunted my
thoughts as I poured my cereal.
"Some night, huh?" Dennis asked
me as he walked out of his room,
and I realized I still wasn't
wearing any clothes. He looked
as tired as I felt.
"Umm, yeah," I replied stupidly.
"So tell me," the jock said
solicitously, "can you still call
yourself a geek if you fvck a chic
like Tina in the ass?"
For a few seconds I can only
stare at Dennis after he asked me
that. Then the memory of him
slipping out of my room slipped
into my mind, and I couldn't help
but laugh.
"Got any coffee?" A tousled and
very sleepy Tina asked as she left
my room. She had at least taken
the time to get dressed first, and
despite how I felt about what
she'd put me through, and being
all disheveled, I couldn't deny she
was beautiful.
"Yeah, I'll make some real quick,"
Dennis jumped up to do just that.
Tina sat down next to me, while
she waited for her coffee, and
gave me a small smirk when she
noticed I was still na*ked. "I hope
you don't want me to make it up
to you anymore this morning. I
don't think I'll be walking right
for a week."
Embarrassed despite everything,
and not wanting to talk and start
turning her on, I quickly ate my
breakfast, then escaped to my
room while Tina and Dennis
talked. I thought about taking a
shower, but didn't want Tina to
try joining me, so I just grabbed
some wet wipes, and scrubbed
myself clean that way.
Tina offered me a ride to
campus, but a quick look outside
showed that, while overcast, it
wasn't snowing, and I told her I
wanted to walk, so I could think.
She nodded, though she had a
sad look in her eyes as I turned
her down.
The crisp cold air seemed to
cleanse the fog from my mind as
I walked, and I really began to
wonder what was happening
around me. Somehow some of
Tina's switches had gone on
autopilot, and I wasn't sure how
to explain that, other than some
sort of mental conditioning. I
also wondered just where my
new abilities had come from, and
even why me? Based on what
Dennis had been telling me, I
wasn't the only one with new
abilities, but the others seemed
to have very different abilities.
The walk was too short for me to
sort everything out in my mind,
and it didn't help that I ran into
Darren bent, one of the guys in
the basement last night, as soon
as I walked into one of the
"Hey, Nick," he hailed me, "Got a
second? I wanted to talk to you
real quick."
"Sure," I told him, wishing he'd
just leave me alone.
"First of all, I really want to
apologize about last night. We
thought we were going to beat
up a rapist, not someone who
was innocent." I only nodded,
wondering if he was going
somewhere, or if he was just
rattling on. "Richard is pretty torn
up about it, but he wanted me to
apologize for him too, if I saw
you." We walked in silence for a
bit before he started talking
again. "Listen, there is a party
this weekend at my place, and I
want you to know you're invited.
Should be pretty happening, and
I know there will be lots of
women there. Can I count you
"Sure," I told him again, hoping
he would leave me alone if I
"Good! I'll email you the address.

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by marcusagrippa(m): 7:27am On May 10, 2016
I hope the story doesn't end there?
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:24pm On May 10, 2016
I hope the story doesn't end there?
end? No. Far from end.
Lets just say we are just warming up. Stay tuned for the next update.


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 7:39pm On May 10, 2016

I turned to my left and side to be going, only to hear him hold my hand and says,"Bring a date if you want, just not
Tina. I'd better get to class... Oh,
and one more thing..." He
hesitated, but I already knew
what was coming next. "Please
don't tell anyone about last night,
okay? It could get us all kicked
off the football team."
I was right. But truth be told, I
didn't want them talking about it
either. I had used my switches
on everyone there, and I didn't
want word to get out about that
Every class was a torment, as it
hurt to just breathe, or even sit
there. Bending over my books
and taking notes was even a
chore. I got quite a few odd
looks from the massive bruise on
my jaw, but no one said a word
about it.
At lunch I was surprised to have
everyone but Richard and Tina
appear next to me, as I sat and
ate. I did notice Tina walk in, see
me sitting with everybody else,
and even at that distance, I could
see the sad look on her face. I
got even more stares from
people walking by, as it was odd
for so many from the football
team to be sitting next to a self-
avowed geek. Bent kept going
on about the party this weekend,
and everybody else offered me
their apologies. I just nodded
when it seemed appropriate, and
spoke as little as possible. I still
wasn't feeling too sociable.
That is until I got into Prof.
Jane's class, and noticed the
low-cut blouse, and knee length
skirt she was wearing. Normally I
sat towards the back, but when I
saw her, I chose to sit closer to
the front. Okay, I sat in the front
row. I told myself that it was only
because I wanted to see if my
switches had affected her the
same way they had Tina.
Prof. Jane eyed me as I sat
down, and I could have sworn
she even gave me a small smile. I
almost felt giddy, as I felt for her
switches, and sensed them still
there. I wondered how long the
switches could stay in someone,
and if they could be removed.
Based on the last time I had been
in her class, I knew I could
modify any switch I made, but I
haven't tried removing any yet.
As an experiment, I made a
switch that would make the side
of her right bre*ast itch, and then
flipped it while she was lecturing
today's lesson. I felt the switch
move, and I held it on for a bit. I
could see that she was getting a
little frustrated, though she made
no move to scratch it. After a few
minutes, she excused herself to
her office, and I could feel the
switch shudder, and realized she
must be scratching it. I flipped it
to off, and she came out of her
office shortly afterwards.
I watched her for a few more
minutes, and noticed that she
kept glancing at me too. I
couldn't be sure if it was just
because she was lecturing
though, and tried to ignore it. I
concentrated instead on
removing the 'itch' switch I'd just
made, but it didn't move. I spent
all class trying to get rid of it, but
the only thing I could do was
change where she itched when I
flipped it. Apparently once a
switch is made, it's permanent.
The bell rang, announcing the
end of class, and I stood up, both
elated at my new discovery, and
disappointed by my failure.
"Oh, Mr. Smith, if you've got a
moment, I'd like to talk to you
about your last assignment."
Prof. Jane's voice halted me
just before I walked out the
door, and I turned to look at her.
Her cheeks seemed slightly
flushed, and her eyes seemed to
be fighting indecision, but she
waved me back to her office.
"What's up?" I asked, and was
gratified to feel her 'wet pusssy'
switch move as I spoke. Prof.
Jane was conditioned as
well, it seemed.
The older woman walked to her
desk, rifled through some
paperwork, and pulled out last
week's assignment. She
indicated a chair for me to sit in,
while she sat on the edge of her
desk. I was able to get a good
look at her legs, and noticed how
smooth and unblemished they
looked. I wondered if she
worked out to keep them well
The professor cleared her throat,
and I realized I'd been staring at
her legs for too long. Guiltily I
looked up at her, but she only
smiled as she handed me the
"It is pretty rare that anyone
does so well in my class," she told
me. "The math I teach isn't easy
for most students to grasp, but
you seem to handle it with ease."
Her eyes scrutinized me, and I felt
like an experiment in a Petri dish
under a microscope. "In fact, you
seemed to pay very little
attention in my class, until today."
I gulped, and knew she was
right. Normally I show up to class
just for attendance, and to turn
in assignments, but otherwise let
my mind wonder. I tend to study
the book a week in advance, and
rarely have any questions.

****pls pardon my laziness. Not easy.***nxt update soon

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 8:17pm On May 10, 2016

I didn't know what I
could say, but i take a look at her face and says,

"You look good today." As I paid
her the compliment, I noted that
her 'wet pvssy' switch flipped
on, and actually took a few
seconds before it switched back

"Ahem, yes... Well... Thank you, Mr.
Smith." She tried to put on a
grave expression, but her eyes
were sparkling as she talked.
"The reason I asked you to stay
was to ask if you'd ever thought
about joining the math team.
You're easily smart enough, and I
think you would be an excellent
addition. I coach it every
Wednesday night, and we would
be spending a lot of time
together. I mean, with the team
of course."
I could sense that she was
growing more and more
flustered the longer I was in her
office, and a quick check on her
'Hot' switch proved
informative. I wondered if I could
push her over the edge. I flipped
her 'nippple' switch, and also
made her 'itch' switch affect her
pusssy, and flipped it. Immediately
I felt another switch move, and
knew her crotch was getting
wetter, and her 'Hot' switch
was slowly moving on its own.
I stood, looking her in the eye,
daring her to make a move. "I
think that is a great idea," I told
her, using my voice to stimulate
her further. She started to fidget
on the edge of her desk, and I
watched as she sucked her
bottom lip between her teeth.
I've almost got her, I think to
Prof. Jane stood up, and I
thought, here it comes... "Thank
you Mr. Smith. That will be all for
now. Please lock the door on
your way out."
My mind mentally stumbled,
unable to change gears quickly
enough. I had failed... Again... I
did as she asked, and wondered
where I had gone wrong. As I
walked away, I felt her 'itch'
switch shudder, and smiled
inwardly as she scratched it.
The snow was falling lightly as I
walked home.
Dennis was gone, but I found a
note from Tina on my pillow, and
noted that my room had been
completely cleaned up. Even all
my figurines on their shelves had
been straightened, and looked
The note read as thus:

I know that I don't deserve your
forgiveness, and I'm sorry I can't
seem to say these words in front
of you. Somehow when I am
with you, I lose all track of
everything else. Please know that
I truly regret what I've put you
through, and will do WHATEVER it
takes to make it up to you. Even if
it takes a lifetime. I know I have
no right to ask anything of you,
but I must ask one small thing.
Please, whatever you do, don't
shove me away.
I re-read the letter two more
times, just to make sure I'd read
it right, and then wondered what
I had created. Tina had gone
from a woman that barely knew I
existed, to almost being willing
to be my slave, overnight. It also
dawned on me that I hadn't seen
Tina in class.
Checking my email, I saw one
from Stephanie, explaining her
absence as well. Apparently she
had been too sore when she'd
got up in the morning, and
decided to just get some rest.
Glancing at the clock, I saw I was
going to be late for work if I
didn't hurry. I wondered if
Stephanie was working tonight,
and as Hot as I was after Prof.
Jane's class, I was looking
forward to another crack at the
brunette, hopefully this time in
the light.
I was disappointed though,
when I saw we didn't work
together again until next week. I
saw on the roaster that she had Saturday off
though, and thought about
inviting her to Bent's party. I still
wasn't sure if I really wanted to
go, but figured why not? With my
ability, it could be rather fun.
I called Stephanie up on my next
break, and she sounded pretty
excited to go.
That night when I got home,
Dennis told me that Tina had
stopped by to see me, but I'd
been at work. I was still Hot,
but didn't feel up to the drama
that might come with the
beautiful blonde, so decided to
just go to bed instead.
As I lay trying to sleep, I realized
that every time I'd used the
switches today, I had done so
headache free. Had I become
stronger, gotten used to them, or
Lights woke me again that night,
and I began to think I was
cursed to never get a good
night's sleep again.
I rolled onto my side and opened
my eyes, expecting to see Tina
standing there, or maybe even
Richard, deciding to get revenge
after all.
Instead, silhouetted against my
window was a tall lithe form,
with skinny arms, and eyes that
were too large for its head. Its
pink skin seemed to glisten in
the light, and a hand lifted,
beckoning me to it. I noted two
small breassts topped with small
nippples on its chest, and thought
that it must be a female.
All other thoughts fled, though,
as she spoke and beckoned me.
"You are the one. Come with me."
A flash of light later, I was no
longer in my room.....


Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 11:47am On May 11, 2016

The voice softly says to me,
"Nick, You are the one. Come with me."
A flash of light blinded me, and I
was no longer in my room.

I'm blind, was the first thought
that went through my head. I
must be mad, was the second, as
my vision began to clear, and my
surroundings came into focus. A
faint bluish haze filled the area,
making it hard to distinguish
were walls, or even difficult to find a
corner. The only indication that I
wasn't blind was the fact that I
could see my hand as I waved it
in front of me.
Standing up, I groped my way
forward, till my hands ran across
a hard smooth surface. It was
cool to the touch, and seemed to
be vibrating gently. Using my
foot, I found that the room didn't
come to a corner like most
rooms, but the floor curved up,
till it formed the wall.

"Do not be alarmed," the same
voice said behind me that I'd
heard in my room. I spun
around, only then realizing just
how hard I was breathing, as
panic nearly overwhelmed me.
Don't be alarmed? I wanted to
scream. How am I not supposed
to be alarmed, when some
strange creature abducts me
from my room? Some small part
of me knew that panicking
wouldn't help, and after a few
moments it won out. The
featureless blue-lit room seemed
to help me relax, and for the first
time, I got a good look at this
It stood only a little shorter than
me, its skin oddly pink in the blue
light, large silvery eyes that
seemed to reflect what they were
looking at rather than have a
color of their own, and the pupils
were slitted, like a cat's, only
thicker. Its arms were long
compared to its thin body, and
the hands were each missing a
finger. I remembered thinking it
was female, and looked again at
the two small breassts on her
chest. Light seemed to play about
her body as a playful thing, and I
realized she didn't have any hair,

"Wh-who are you?" I asked,
trying to keep my voice calm, but
it came out almost as a squeak.

"Are you asking my name, or my
species?" Her head cocked to the
side in an inquisitive manner.
When she spoke, her small
mouth moved with a fluid grace.
Her voice sounded almost as
though two people were
speaking simultaneously.
"As for
my name, you can call me Vage. My
true name cannot be
pronounced with only one
tongue and one set of vocal
cords. Nor can my species name,
though you would just call me an

"A-alien... Right..." Okay Nick,
wake up now, you're having
another nightmare. I pinched myself hard
where my ribs were bruised,
knowing that that would cause
the most pain and wake me up.
Well, it did, and it didn't. It caused
plenty of pain, but I was still in
this blue void of a room.

"You're hurt," Vage exclaimed, and
suddenly I was put in mind of
Futurama. Her hands flew up in
front of her, and I backed up,
wary. Her fingers seemed to
touch the air in front of her, and
the next thing I knew, I was
standing in a pool of greenish
yellow light. A tingling sensation
traveled across my limbs, and for
a few seconds, my fear and
trepidation were replaced with
giddiness. The light vanished as
quickly as it appeared, and I felt
like I'd just had a great night's
rest. I ran my hands over my
body, afraid she had somehow
turned me into a creature like
her, but I was still human.
Something nagged me though,
and after some thought, I placed
it. Pulling up my shirt, I saw that
my bruises were gone, and my
skin was unblemished.
Vage had been watching me
silently all through this. We
looked at each other for a
moment, me wondering what
she wanted with me, and having
no idea what was in her mind.
My only clue was her telling me
that I was the one.

"You said I was the one. The one
what?" I asked, almost afraid to
hear the answer. The one for
breakfast? The one for
experimentation? The one for
tap dancing? Or the one to stop corruption in Nigeria? I was lost.
She considered me for awhile,
her head cocked to the side
again. Just when I was starting
to think she wasn't going to
answer, she did.
"Perhaps I
spoke too soon. I hope you are
the one, but as yet, I can't be
certain." She paused, and I
thought I was going to rip my
hair out in frustration at her lack
of an answer.
"You may be the
one to save your planet."
My knees gave way beneath me,
and the floor rushed up to smack
me in the rear. Save my planet?
How the bloody hell was I going
to do that? Make a switch for
global warming and turn it off?
HA! "How does my planet need
saving?" I ended up asking.
Her hands flew to the front of
her again, and seconds later the
room vanished, and I yelped.
Lights appeared around me,
small pinpricks, and I realized I
was looking at space, and could
see a small nebula off to my right.


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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 12:05pm On May 11, 2016

She looked at my face and said,
"Please forgive my manner of approach, if I have
frightened you," her voice
seemed to come from all around
the room.

"It is hard for me to speak
your language, but hopefully this
recording will help explain your
situation afterwards.

" Some centuries ago, our race reached
for the stars, as yours is starting
to do now. We traveled far and
wide, and as we traveled we
learned. We colonized other
planets, and were able to work
within their ecosystems. We
thought we were alone, as far as
sentient beings were concerned,
but we started to find others
about two-hundred years after
we first left our home soil. After
that, we found others much
faster, and we shared our
knowledge with all we found."

As the recording played, the
room changed, and I watched as
other pink creatures like herself,
but both male and female, left a
small planet, and grew their
influence. I watched them meet
interesting creatures, and learn
from one another.

"Almost every other sentient
species we found descended
from herbivores. They were
peaceful and trusting."
As she speaks on, the room
showed them eating various
plants together.
"Then we came
upon a primitive race that
showed much promise for
intelligence, but also seemed
violent." The aliens that now
showed were small muscular
things, red skinned, and covered
with tufts of coarse black hair.
They had tusks protruding from
their snouts, but they didn't have
pig noses. Their noses were
more akin to a horse's.
"We studied this new race for
years, before approaching them.
They ate meat exclusively, but
didn't eat their own kind. We
hoped this meant that they could
be friendly towards us, another
sentient race, and in our
innocence was our doom.

"They treated us well, till we
shared what we knew, and gave
them our technology. They were
quick to learn, and ever hungry
for it. They began to develop
their own technology from what
we taught them, and too late, we
realized their intent."
Silence fell
in the room, but my mind
seemed to supply the sound
effects for the brutality that now
surrounded me. This new race
had taken the technology, and
created weapons from it,
attacking, and actually eating
their teachers, before taking to
space, and doing it to other
planets. The scene zoomed out,
and I watched as this new
carnivorous race attacked and
devoured planet after planet.
They were getting close to the
home planet of the alien I was talking
with, and I realized I no longer
feared this alien, but the red
ones now terrified me.

"They approached our home
planet, and we thought all was
doomed. We know nothing of
weapons. We don't know how to
defend ourselves. Then one of
our ships found a new planet,
with creatures that were
primitive to us, but further
developed than the demons
when we first found them."

room closed in on a planet that I
immediately recognized as Earth.

"This species descended from
omnivores, and it was our hope
that we could enlist you in our
aid, but many were nervous. We
feared that you would do as the
demons did, and attack us. We
waited, and we watched.

"Somehow the demons learned
of your planet, and fearing that
you might become a rival, turned
their attention to you."

demon's ships changed course,
and were now headed for Earth.

"It takes many of your solar
revolutions to travel through
space, and while our planet was
now safe, yours is in peril. We
argued amongst ourselves
whether to warn you, and risk
you being another threat to us,
or leave you as bait, while we
move to other planets that the
demons haven't found yet.

"While we watched and studied
you and argued amongst
ourselves, we found a gene
inside many of your race that lay
dormant. When we activated this
gene, the results varied. Some
gained abilities, others simply
died. In a very few, nothing
happened at all.

"A plan was created, and decided
upon. We would activate this
gene in as many of you as
possible, and if we found one of
you that might be able to defend
your planet, we would warn that
one, of your impending plight."

The room turned back to the
blue featureless mass it had been
when I was first abducted, and I
had to blink a few times to get
accustomed to the brightness.

"After watching you during your
last dark cycle--"

It took me a
second to realize she meant last
night when I'd been kidnapped,

-- "I hoped that you might be
that one. Despite the aggression
that was projected on you, you
used cunning and self control to
turn the situation around." she said



Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 12:27pm On May 11, 2016

My throat went dry , and it took
me a bit to work enough
moisture back into it.

I manage to tell her
"But that was a small
room, not an entire race! And
besides, if I use my ability too
much, I get pains that knock me
out. I wouldn't survive trying to
change an entire race."
Vage's head cocked to the side
again, before she spoke, this
time her lips moved.
"It is like a
muscle. When you work a new
muscle it becomes sore, but the
more you use it, the stronger it

"Muscles?" I was exasperated.
"Have you looked at me? I don't
have a whole lot of muscles, and
I can't use my ability on myself, to
build any."
She continued to look at me, and
it dawned on me that the reason
she kept pausing was to form
the words in my language so
that I could understand her.

"If it is muscles you need, I can
help with that.
I can build you up immediately,
but then you would be helpless
for several days as your body
recovered, or slowly over time,
and you will be able to continue,
though you might be fatigued at

She could give me muscles
immediately? I almost opted for
that. Who cares if I am out of
commission for a few days? Then
I remembered Bent's party, and
thought about Stephanie and Tina.
"How long till the demons get
here, and how long if I take the
slow route?"
"It will take a couple weeks to
take full effect, but you have half
a solar cycle till the demons arrive
to devour your planet and

The decision was simple. Take
the slower route, and people
hopefully wouldn't think I was
some weird freak who suddenly
grew muscular, and practice my
ability more. I had no clue how I
was going to stop an entire race
from attacking and eating the
human race, but I had six
months to figure it out.

Where was Doctor Who, Van damme ( Clark kent was a pusssy), or even
The Flash when you
needed them?
I told Vage my decision and she
nodded as her hands flew in
front of her again. I realized she
must be typing on a screen only
she could see. The light that
surrounded me this time was
white, and instead of feeling
giddy or tingly, I felt very weak. I
wondered if this was how
Richard felt every time I used his
'weak' switch.
While the light did its work, I
studied Vage some more, and
couldn't help but notice how the
light played across her small
breassts. I realized I was getting
hard looking at her, and a
curious thought entered my
mind. I wonder what it would be
like to have sex with her?
The fact that she wasn't human
didn't bother me. Don't get me
wrong, I'm not into doing Dogs
or horses, or anything like that,
but with her pink skin, large
eyes, and small breassts, she
looked human enough, that I
was getting turned on, despite
feeling fatigued.
Well, she said I needed to
practice my ability. Why not try it
on an alien, and see how it goes?
I started with my standard
switches: Hot, wet pusssy, and
hard nippples. I could feel all three
switches in her, and the latter
two moved, but the first one
refused to budge. I could see her
darker pink nippples harden, but
couldn't tell if she was getting
wetter, other than feeling the
switch move.
There has to be something about
her species that is different than
mine, I reasoned, but what?
The white light vanished before I
could figure it out, and before I
knew it, I was back in my room, a
single word reverberating
through my skull.

My body felt like a lead weight,
but I feared my mind was too
active to allow me to sleep right

* * ****
Aeris's theme gently woke me
up, and I realized I'd fallen
asleep, despite myself. Thankfully
it had been a dreamless sleep,
unless the whole abduction had
been a dream...
I ran to the bathroom, and
checked myself in the mirror. No
bruises... It had all been real after
all. Remembering Vage's promise
about bulking me up, I examined
my body, but couldn't make out
any differences. I ran back to my
room, grabbed my phone, and
returned to the mirror, taking a
picture. If the change was too
subtle, I might not be able to see
it, but after a couple weeks, I
could compare myself to this
picture, and see.

"Hey, are you gonna be in there
all day?" Dennis's voice sounded
tired, coming from the other side
of the door. Opening the door, I
tried to slip past my roommate,
but he stopped me.

"Holy poo!
Your face is healed!" His eyes
scanned my topless chest, and I
knew he was looking for my
other bruises. "How did you
recover so quickly?"
I gave a short laugh before
saying, "Dunno, maybe I'm part
Nikklaus." I could see he was
confused, probably not
understanding my Vampire diaries
reference, but I didn't care. As
exhausted as my body was, I was
in a good mood.


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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 12:48pm On May 11, 2016

Finding my appetite fled,(who would blame me for that?) I quickly dressed, and left the apartment for class. I decided to drive, not feeling strong enough to walk this cold morning.

The streets were only slightly snow packed after the storm the other day, but I made it to the campus without any issues. I was trying to figure out the best ways to exercise my ability, and made little switches here and there, some with people, some with inanimate objects, but I was trying to stay inconspicuous, till I noticed Old Mrs. Stiles, the campus nurse. Fat, old, and ugly, she would be a great experiment in changing someone's nature. Up till this point, all my switches had caused very little pain. I felt them, and they weren't as easy as that first day, but they were much nicer than the second day. I decided to go big with the nurse. Making a 'metabolism' switch, I flipped it feeling some resistance, but it moved. I flipped another switch to restore her hair color from grey to... Well, to be honest, I really didn't know what her natural color was, and thought she might look good as a redhead. I turned on the elasticity to her skin, hoping to get rid of her wrinkles, and even tried to flip a switch to slow her aging. The last was the hardest of all to move, but I was able to nudge it a little, before my head really started to ache. I would have to keep an eye on her, and see how things went over the next few weeks. With my head starting to pound, but a smile on my face, I headed to my next class; only to find myself stumbling forward as someone pushed me from behind.
"Think you're some hotshot, don't you," Dan Peters called. I regained my balance, and spun around to confront the bully. He stood there, laughing at me, with his hands on his hips, wearing a letterman's jacket.
"Leave me alone, Dan. I don't feel up to dealing with you right now."

"Ho! That's rich. YOU don't feel up to dealing with ME? Who do you think you are, dweeb?"

I could see that we were gaining an audience, but I didn't want to make a spectacle, and after modifying Mrs Stiles, I didn't think I would be up to much. I needed a way out of this, but something that wouldn't be too obviously me. I spied my escape route on the wall behind Dan: a white handle, within a red box. I pulled the fire alarm mentally, and felt my head give a mighty twinge of pain. The resulting noise from the alarm made my head hurt even worse, but by then, everyone was evacuating the hallway. I saw Dan go one way, so I stumbled the other, and right into someone else.

"You're going the wrong way," a familiar voice said, and I looked up to see Stephanie standing over me. "The fire exit is that way," she pointed down the way everybody else had gone. I laughed weakly, my head throbbing from over using my ability. Stephanie's smiling face quickly turned to one of concern, and I cursed myself, as I considered how weak I must look to her right now.

"Are you okay?" I nodded that I was, "Yeah, just a horrible headache is all."

"We need to get you off your feet."
The attractive brunette looked around, before grabbing my hand and pulling me after her.

"Come on, we can go in here. I doubt this is a real fire anyway."

I followed her into the room, holding my pounding head with my free hand. The room was thankfully dark, and I couldn't help but remember the other night in the freezer with her. Had that really only been two nights ago? This room was light enough to see in, and much warmer however, and as my eyes adjusted, I realized we were in one of the performance rooms. There was stadium seating slanting down to a small stage. Stephanie led me to a seat in the front row, and had me sit. Her hands fussed at my head, and cheeks, and I realized she thought I was sick.

"It's just a headache, really," I tried to assure her, and was surprised by the mischievous smile that crossed her face.

"Just a headache, huh?" She placed her hands on the armrests on either side of me, and leaned in close, our noses almost touching.

"I know a cure for headaches." Before I could think to respond or act, she tilted her head, and mashed her lips to mine. My surprise quickly wore off, and I kissed her back. I didn't know what her cure was, but if it started with kisses, I was willing to give it a try. Her tongue was darting in and out between my teeth, while her hands felt across my chest and stomach. She pulled away unexpectedly, and looked me in the eyes.

"There, how is your headache now?" I couldn't help but laugh a little at her attitude.

Next update comes in the Eve

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by dimssy(m): 6:21pm On May 11, 2016
Love the way you give the updates...nice one dear.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by Missmossy(f): 7:36pm On May 11, 2016
Interesting piece,kudos.
Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:24pm On May 11, 2016
Sorry guys for the late update. My brother was watching a boring Liverpool vs Chelsea game on my phone.

Thanks, 4rm ur amateur writer QUEENLIZ.


While thinking about my
head, I realized that the pain had
lessened slightly, but wasn't

"Steph dont stop now; I think
you may be onto something with
this cure."
The smile that split her lips and lit
up her face was beautiful.
Normally I'd say Tina was the
better looking of the two, but
right then, Stephanie had her beat
hands down.
This time it was me doing the
kissing, as I brought my hands
up to her face, and pulled her
back down to me. She twisted
her body, and sat in my lap as
her arms wrapped around my
neck, pulling us tighter into the
kiss. I let my hands roam across
her side, along her legs, and even
tangled my fingers in her hair as
we made out. Despite what had
happened the other night, I was
still nervous about trying
anything, especially considering
we were still on campus. I wasn't
too worried about getting
caught, as I didn't think this
auditorium was used too often,
but then again, I wasn't certain.
Building up my courage, I placed
my left hand on her rear, and
gave a little squeeze. She pulled
away from the kiss, and I was
afraid I'd gone too far.

"Seems you're recovering pretty
quickly." She stood up, leaving my
lap feeling empty, and started
walking towards the stage. She
turned and sat on the edge, and
gave me a puzzled look.

"Well, are
you coming over here, or not?"

I'd like to say I moved like The
Flash, but I was still too weary,
though the headache was
definitely going away. As I
walked over to Stephanie, I
wondered that this woman was
interested in me, and I'd never
had to use my switches on her.

"I think I am almost cured of this
headache," I said, and enjoyed
her laugh as her arms once again
wound around my neck and
pulled my lips back to hers. My
hands travelled across her back,
and I dug my finger under the
hem of her shirt, till I was
touching bare skin.
Her slender hands left my neck,
only to travel down my body,
until she started fumbling with
my pants. I pulled back a little to
give her the space she needed to
undo them, and felt the cool air
pebble my flesh as they dropped
to the floor. Stephanie's fingers
gripped my manhood tightly,
making me moan into our kiss.
She seemed to know just what to
do, as her digits gently slid up
and down my shaft.
My headache was completely
gone by this point, and I brought
my hands down to start undoing
her pants. She let me go, and
grabbed my hands.

"Not right
now," she whispered, then gently
pushed me back, and hopped off
the stage. Falling to her knees,
she looked my single eye in the
eye, before bringing her lips to
the tip. Another moan escaped
my lips, as hers stretched taught
around the rim, and then popped
She pulled away, and dribbled
some spit along my shaft, before
putting my cocck back in her
mouth. Her hands started to
pump up and down my pole,
while her tongue worked the
head. She really knew what she
was doing, and I soon felt my
orgasm coming on.

"Steph, I'm about... To... Ungh," I
grunted as she picked up the
pace of her hands, and sucked
hard on the knob. It was too
much, and I shot string after
string of my spunk into her
mouth. I had to lock my knees
underneath me as I came, and I
noticed she was looking up at
me, that beautiful sparkle in her
blue eyes, as I unloaded in her
As soon as I was done shooting
my seed, she pulled her head
back, and opened her mouth to
show me its contents. My
ejaculate filled her mouth,
swishing around her tongue, as
she looked up at me, smiling. She
gave a visible swallow, and
audible gulp, then opened her
mouth to show me that it was

"You really are something," I told
her with admiration, "but what
did I do to deserve you?" I knew
it was the wrong thing to say as
soon as I said it. I probably
sounded wimpy and needy now.

"What did you do?" She looked at
me puzzled. "I've had a crush on
you since the first day of class. I
never imagined you would be
this well endowed."
She shook
her head, the brown strands of
her hair flipping about.

"No, I am
the lucky one here." Her
mischievous smile returned. "But
right now, I am so Hot; I'm
almost willing to try taking you
right here and now."
I looked down at my slightly
wilted member not sure how
well that would work.

"I am sure you will recover by the
time we get to my place." Before
I knew what was happening,
Stephanie pulled up my pants,
dragged me out of the room,
down the hall, and into the cold
winter air. I happily followed her
to her car, where she tossed me
the keys.

"You drive. I have some
work to do."
I hopped into the driver's seat,
and her in the passenger's seat,
before I realized I didn't know
where she lived.

*****Stay tune*****

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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 10:42pm On May 11, 2016

Some minutes passed by, and she told me to pull over at the front of a house, after she gave me the direction on her Gps.
We raced up the steps, and she
unlocked to door.

"My sister
should be in class right now,"
she told me, and I remembered
her telling me she had a twin. I
wondered what that might be
like and felt my cocck (confined
for the nonce in my pants again)
give a twitch.
I followed her to her room, and
stopped as soon as I entered. On
her walls were posters of Naruto,
and Bleach. On a shelf in the
corner were Voltron figurines.
The mouse pad to her computer
was a picture of the tenth Doctor
Who. I even noticed some
drawings of Link and the
Triforce. But none of that
surprised me more than the
three video game systems
hooked up to a large flat screen
Stephanie was a geek like me.
Not only that, but she was the
almost mythical hot female geek.

"Are you going to stare at my
room all day, or are you going to
come over here?" Her voice
snapped me out of my daze, and
I realized she'd already removed
her shirt and bra. I quickly
undressed, while she removed
her pants.
I went to her, kissing her lightly
on the lips, before moving to her
jaw and neck. As I kissed my way
down to her chest, I laid her back
on the bed, and crawled on top
of her. Grabbing her right melon
with my hand, I twiddled her
nippple between my fingers, while
I sucked her other areola
between my teeth. She gasped at
the attention, running her
fingers through my hair.

"I want you," she whispered to
me, but I had other plans.
Releasing her tit from my mouth,
I kissed my way down her soft
slender stomach, pausing for a
moment to make out with her
belly button, and enjoying the
sound of her giggle. By the time I
finally reached her prize, I could
easily smell the arousal pouring
from her.
Another gasp escaped her as my
tongue worked circles between
her inner and outer labia. She
had a small bit of fuzz that had
grown since the last time she'd
shaved, but I just relished in the
act of tasting her as I dove my
tongue as deep as it would go.
Her legs mashed against my ears,
and her hands dug into my scalp
as she came. I moved my tongue
up to her clit, and felt her twitch
every time the tip of my tongue
ran across it. Continuing to
concentrate on her most
sensitive part, I brought her to
another orgasm, before she
grabbed my ears and painfully
pulled me up to her.

"I want your cocck in me, now,"
she demanded, before shoving
her tongue as far down my
throat as it would go. I knew she
could taste herself on my lips,
and groaned as I brought my
cocck to her entrance. It only took
a little pressure to pop the head
into her, she was already so wet,
and we both relished in the
feeling of completeness.
I slowly worked my hips back
and forth, gently entering her bit
by bit. Meanwhile our tongues
were fighting a battle for
dominance, neither of us sure if
we wanted to win or lose. I
brought my hands up to her
large breassts, and tweaked both
her nippples, while her cunny
sucked me in deeper and deeper.
She felt just as tight as she had in
the freezer a couple nights ago,
but oh so much hotter. Her
hands dug into my back, my
neck, and my buttocks as I finally
hit bottom in her, forcing her to
gasp for air.

"I feel like you're
going to split me in two. Don't
stop, Nick. Fvck me hard!"
I pulled out, all except for the
head, and then slammed back
into her. Arching my back, I
brought one of her tits to my
lips, and sucked hard as I
pounded her again and again. It
didn't take long before she was
shuddering beneath me, her
pusssy gripping my slickened cocck
for all it's worth, as she came.

"Hold on," she told me, pushing
against my chest, and I pulled out
of her,
"I want to be on top."
Happily, I flipped over, and let her
climb on top of me. She faced
away from me, and I had a great
view of her ass, as she lowered
herself onto my rigid pole. She
was able to take most of my
length, before I hit bottom again,
and then lifted back up, and
slammed her delightful rear
down again, grunting.
My view was wonderful, as I
watched her asshole rise, my
shiny prick slowly leaving her
juicy cunt, only to have her slam
down hard again. I reached
down, and grabbed a globe of
each cheek in my hands,
moaning with every movement.
The juxtaposition of her slow
lifting, coupled with her quick
violent thrusts would have had
me blowing inside her already, if
not for that great Mouth Gig in the


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Re: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And Sex Story) a story by Queenliz by SmartestPopQUEEN(f): 11:01pm On May 11, 2016
Kwontinue............(ILLEGAL tune)

On one of her powerful downward thrusts, I felt myself go even deeper, as something seemed to strangle the tip of my cocck, and for the first time ever, I was fully buried inside a woman's V.hole. Stephanie let out a shriek as she sat fully in my lap, and for a second I was terrified I'd really hurt her. Her inner muscles were massaging my length, while that inside ring gripped my John Thomas tightly.

"Oh, fvck, that's deep," she moaned, and from the sound of her voice, it was a good thing, rather than a bad one.
"Don't move for a second. I need to get used to this." I couldn't help myself, and felt my cocck twitch inside her. "Oh, Gawd, I'm cumming again!" She screamed, and I could feel her juices slipping out around my pricck, and dripping off my balls, as she shuddered. She collapsed backwards onto me, and I wrapped my arms around her torso, my right hand going to her left tit, and my left hand going to her clit. I pinched her nippple and clit at the same time, and began gyrating my hips.

"Hold on..." She moaned, "I need to... Catch my... Oh, fucck... Wait... I really... ungh.. I... Ah!" I applied more pressure to her clit, and started nibbling on the back of her neck, and her words changed. "Yes, right there! Damn, you're deep. Keep fucckking me. Oh yessssssss!" As she drawled out her moan, I felt my own climax coming on, and picked up the pace of my movements. In just a few seconds, my body locked up, as I blew my load into her.
"I can feel your hot cum deep inside me. Oh, fucck, it's going to make me cum agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!" Our mutual climax seemed to go on and on, till we were both panting and out of breath. Stephanie rolled off of me, and gave me a quick peck, before running to the bathroom to clean up. I could barely move, overwhelmed by my post-coital bliss, until I heard the front door open and close, and Stephanie's voice come drifting in.
"Stephanie, I'm home. Some idiot set off the fire alarm today. I can't believe some people can still be so juvenile after high school."
Quickly realizing that this must be Stephanie's twin sister, I jumped out of bed, and got dressed. Stephanie was dressed before me, and went out to meet her sister. I soon followed, and from the look her sister gave me, she knew what we'd been up to. Stephanie introduced me to her twin, Stacy, and looking at the two, I couldn't tell them apart. They both had the same brown hair, cut in the same fashion, the same eyes, the same lips... I wondered if they felt the same in bed... For only a second I was tempted to use my switches on them and find out, but a sudden twinge between my eyes changed my mind.

"Nick was just leaving," Stephanie told her twin, and shuffled me out the door. Outside in the cold, we kissed for a few minutes, holding each other tight, before she asked, "So what do you think of my headache cure?" "It worked better than you could know," I told her. Someone walked their dog by us, and from the way they smiled, I knew we must look like a couple. Thinking of that, I had to ask a question, though I was almost afraid to do so.
"So... What are we, exactly?" I didn't want to drop the childish terms of boyfriend/girlfriend, but didn't want to act like a player either. She smiled at me, and it eased my concerns.
"Let's just say that we're REALLY good friends for now, and see where that goes." Somehow I was a little let down that she didn't want more from me, but then I thought of Tina and Professor Jane, and thought that I would manage just fine. She drove me back to the campus, where my car was, and we kissed for awhile longer, until we agreed we either needed to stop, or screw again. I was okay with the latter, but she told me she was a bit sore, and didn't think she could right then, but tomorrow after Bent's party, maybe we could again. I kept my window rolled down as I drove back to my apartment, trying to cool down. When I walked in, Dennis told me that Tina had stopped by again, and I was supposed to call her. I was starting to think she was getting pretty clingy, but she was also a good lay, so I called her up. Her mom answered, and then got Tina on the line.
"I miss you," she told me. "Can I come over?" I debated for half a heartbeat, and then lied to her. I was still Hot after leaving Stephanie, but it really wasn't fair to transfer that to Tina, and besides, young though I was, I needed some rest.
"Maybe tomorrow. I haven't slept well for days, and could really use some sleep." She sounded sad, but I let her go. I spent the rest of the evening playing games on my computer (trying not to think about what Vage had told me about Earth's impending doom), before going to bed. I woke at some time in the night, bathed in white light, Vage standing in front of me.

******GUD NIGHT DUDES**bed calls****

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