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New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 1:07pm On May 27, 2016
CAUTION: Please don’t mind the title of the story, its a task upon you to rename the story as we proceed… lol.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places,
and incidents are products of the author’s imagination.
Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Note: This story is a property of the author AYIS ELIBOY hence all form of copyright is prohibited,
Criticism is welcomed.

BBM – 5C3A57BB
Whatsapp – 07062446414
Facebook – fb/eli2xpensive

In the quest for survival, a graduate of business administration from OAU (obafemi awolowo university),
who happened to be the eldest son of his family of four (mother,himself,brother and sister with the exception of his late father) opted for crime though it is not what
he liked.

Eli was in his early 20’s, he was 24yrs old to be precise and hailed from otor-owhe in Isoko North local
government Area of Delta State. He struggled into the university despite not having a sponsor.
Mr. Jude, his rich uncle did not want the progress of his family. His immediate brother, younger sister and
mother took it as a challenge to make sure he achieved his goal to become a graduate.
He finally succeeded but due to unemployment, he had no other choice but to work out a way to make his
family happy, instead of suffering in the village…
Whether he will succeed or fail, we shall get to know.

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Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 1:09pm On May 27, 2016

Its a nice thing to be a graduate I thought as I proudly jumped off the bus I boarded all the way from lle-Ife in Osun state where my school was, to my home town.
The journey was time exhausting as it took us five good hours to arrive in Delta State. I wasn’t
comfortable with the gazes thrown at me as I crossed the major road to get a bike that will take me to my house, I guessed the NYSC camouflage I wore dragged the attention of many people to me. Most of the village girls winked at me seductively…
I didn’t mind as I smiled at them and hastily climbed onto one of the packed bikes, the bike man agreed to take me to my house at a fee of #50.
–************ —
Getting home I saw my younger sister Joy removing the dirt from beans while singing, she couldn’t hold herself when she saw me on the bike. She quickly put the tray of beans on the floor and rushed to me. She jumped on me, if not because of my strength as a man, I would have fallen to the ground because I was very tired as I had not eaten all day.
I could see the happiness in her eyes and was really glad to see her healthy and grown up son. Although five years is a long time but i always talk to them on phone, especially after receiving money from my mum. I always call to thank her and my siblings for all their efforts and contributions to raisedbthe money.
She carried my box inside and started
shouting mama!!!
I walked behind her with a small bag and a polythene bag which contained the bread I bought for them.
Before I could get in, my mum blocked me at the door with a glamorous smile and she sang and danced holding my hands and touching my face, like a blind woman. I danced along with her and behold my younger brother came in to join the celebration after a brotherly hug with me. Our sitting room was filled with joy as we all danced to the songs my mum sang.
We finally settled on the chair. My younger sister (Joy) saw my legs as the best seat she could find in the house, her weight was wow! She even feel relaxed on my lap, forgetting she was by now a fully mature woman.
ME: Mama oo! Imagine small Joy of yesterday now having a weight compared to sack of garri
MUM: Don’t you know she is a woman now, you
expect her to remain the small girl she was before you left (Joy helping mother to complete the statement)
JOY: Brother Eli! I’m 17yrs old now oo, if not for
money I am supposed to be writing waec with my mates who are writing now (the fact that she is not writing the SSCE made me sad)
ME: Don’t worry Joy, by Gods grace next year you’ll sit for the exams okay? If I get a nice paying job in time, then you will enrol waec gce this year.
JOY: Okay bros
ME: What about you Lucky?
LUCKY: *paled face* Am not happy at all oo, I
managed to save money to buy jamb form, I sat for it and I scored 286. But there was no money to buy the post utme form of my two preferred institutions, mama and Joy managed to raise #2,500 but it was not enough. I had no other option but to meet uncle Jude, but he said he did not have anything rather he gave me #50 to add to the one mummy and Joy raised
ME: Uncle Jude will never change. Well, you will still buy the form my brother, let me see what I can do.
LUCKY: The form is no longer on sale, it got expired last week, I have to give the money to mama and she has been using it to cook for us.
ME: Okay, don’t worry my brother ,all will be fine. I will get a job soon, since I am a graduate with first class upper you all will enjoy and I promise to sponsor you and Joy to any level. Mama stop crying it is well
MUM: Its not well oo, I can’t see you all in pain and accept the fact that all is well, even my stomach is aching me all day that I barely go to the farm since last month, the doctor said its stomach ulcer. The last money I sent to you came from all my expensive wrappers which I sold to Mama Valentine, at a cheaper rate.
ME: Mama your son is here now, so stop worrying yourself, you will be fine and I promise to replace them.
MUM: I know you have a pure heart and will make your siblings and I smile. That is why I took the load on my head and forced your younger ones to go out there and work hard by selling things for people and doing other
petty jobs. Sorry my son i know you must be hungry, I cooked ogbiyokpo soup with fresh bitter leaf, let me go and serve you (its just as if my mum knew my present state, I was really famished)
We all ate together happily and after the meal, I went straight to my small room in the hut, to arrange a well written application letter and all my documents including my CV (Curriculum Vitae) needed to secure a good job.
I had a great task before me to tackle and that was my family well being, the only way out was to look for a job and take full responsibility of the family affairs…

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Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 1:10pm On May 27, 2016

As early as 7am I was already searching for a job in my community and its environs.
I couldn’t sleep at night due to thinking, about my family’s predicament. I trekked everywhere from company to company, and one office to another with my well sown suit and file in my hand, sweating profusely.
After all attempts in each office failed, I decided to rest in a small shop where I bought fanta and started sipping it slowly until I would gain strength to move on. This time i planned to visit the nearby developed town called Ughelli.
I was insanely taken away with the remembrance of my Late Father, as i stared at a man who came to the store to get a bottled water.

I haven’t even talked about my father, let me just give a brief information about him. Did I say brief? My old man’s story file is large, Occupying more than 10gig in my hard-disk (cerebrum).

— — —

My dad was a very generous Banker, he was the only child of his mother but had a step brother because his dad (my grandfather) married another woman since his mum (my grandmother) could not conceive anymore as a result of a critical accident she had. She later died of cardiac arrest. With God on my dad’s side, he became successful in his education, finished with good grades and got a nice job as a banker the very year he graduated. He got married to my mother who was his girlfriend during his school days. Things went well with him and he was promoted to the post of the general managing director in ICglobal which was the bank he worked, he started doing charity to everyone he came across and also to his step brother.
He did everything for his step brother Mr. Jude who didn’t go to school but learned to be a mechanic as an apprentice, in his youthful days. He gave Uncle Jude money to start up a business of importation of cars and other goods.
My dad built a befitting house in Lagos where we lived, and a small duplex in the village. I was in JSS3 attending one of the best schools in Lagos when my dad died after returning home from his step brother’s house. He was taken to the hospital and the doctor told us he was poisoned with cyanide and dichloromethane which had eaten up his heart and liver.
We couldn’t question uncle Jude as he was very fast with his moves, he accused my mum of killing his brother and packed us out of my father’s house. He converted all my father’s property to his own and left us stranded. My mum managed to train my siblings and I with the money my dad deposited in her account every month, and when it got finished, we relocated to the village as she couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore.
An ancient mud house was given to us by Uncle Jude since he has denied us right to stay in my father’s duplex in the village.
Back to my dad’s burial, he made sure my dad stayed in the mortuary for 10months without any good reason, and after that he bought a casket worth one million which my dad was buried with, and threw dollars all about during the burial. Uncle Jude claimed he gave my dad a befitting burial.
After the burial he gave my mum #1,000 to use in training us for the year, and come back the next year for another yearly allowance of #1,000 *Mtcheeeeeeeww* seems I have to stop here because am about crying.

— — —


All the components of my makeup as a human were covered with frustration and anger, as I paid the annoying young girl who was hitting my head to wake up from my trance and start going. She even ended up calling me a poor man wearing coat

*The tin pain me sha but I swallowed it, especially when she referred to my expensive suit which i used in defending my seminar as coat*

She wasn’t up to my younger sister’s age, so I decided to keep her quiet just to avoid temptation of committing murder…
I left her without altering a single word and went to the road side, to get a cab that will take me to Ughelli town to continue my quest. Thank God there was still time for me since it was exactly 11:23am, I still had up to 5hours to move round Ughelli which had big companies compared to the rest cities around my village….

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:24pm On May 27, 2016

I arrived Ughelli about 15 minutes later and went to many companies but I was not employed by any. I was opportune to meet the director of a popular private company known as ‘cake and bakes’ who ushered me in knowing that I finished from OAU which was the school he also attended during his days in higher institution, he offered me a seat and requested for my credentials which I gave to him;
DIRECTOR: My friend, I must confess you have good qualification here and good reputation as well. (Smiling as he glance through)
ME: Thank you sir (with a returned smile, sampling my 32).
DIRECTOR: There is a vacancy in this firm which I would have loved you to occupy but, the problem is that you are over qualified for that position and I can’t afford your salary.
ME: Sir, I’m not after the money, anything you can pay will be okay by me Sir, if possible you can beat it down to 50%.
DIRECTOR: It is not as you think, I went to the same school with you and managed to graduate with second class lower but here you are a first class upper graduate, and you want to receive something four times lower than what I am earning? My friend I have conscience and so I can’t do that.
ME: Sir, see eh! I will be okay with even the money you are paying your cleaners, all I need is just the job so I can take care of my family
DIRECTOR: We are saying the same thing, the world needs you. There are thousands of firms out there that are looking for someone like you, maybe you should check some other place.
ME: Sir please, I will be very content with anything you pay me.
DIRECTOR: I’m sorry but I have an appointment to catch up with, just give a try at Julius berger or any of the Dangote companies. They can meet up with your payment (leaving the office by leading me to the door).
I tried other companies both big and small but my effort was to no avail. I decided to go back home and rest, planing to continue the next day.

— — —

Got home and saw my entire family eating, I dropped my file on the chair and sat down helplessly.
They knew all was not well with me;
MUM: My son, what is the problem with you?
ME: Mama nothing is the problem
MUM: But you don’t look bright
ME: I’m just tired ma’am
MUM: Please come and eat, this is the only yam and oil that is remaining. biko mo riemu **I beg come and eat**
ME: Don’t worry about me mama, I don’t have appetite for food right now.
I left the sitting room to my room just to have a nap since my muscle, joints and entire body ache…
I woke up late that night and went to the sitting room where I found my mum encouraging my siblings as I joined them willingly. She told us to be patient that Gods time is the best and encouraged us to bear with the hard time the family was facing. As soon as she rounded off her motherly advise, we prayed together as
if we wanted to fall down heaven with our demands and bade each other good night.

— — —

The next day being Saturday I went out as usual to search for job but it wasn’t fruitful, what pains me most was the fact that my mum’s health was getting worse. There was no money to get her even pain relief drugs which would not cost more than one hundred naira in our local chemist shop, let alone going to the hospital. I had to do something fast, because I could not afford losing her since she was the only parent I have.
That evening I went round the town and saw a man who was in need of labourers that would help him harvest his cassava.
“I told him I could do the job myself, but he insisted I add more hands to myself. I ran home and called Lucky so we could both do the job. We went back to the man and promised to get the job done before the end of the day, he agreed to pay us twenty thousand naira only if we could finish the work that day. We nodded our heads in agreement that we would keep to our promise.
He finally agreed to give us the job and took us to the land which made us surprised, five acres of land which is hundred by five hundred (100 x 500) covered with cassava.
Well with the spirit of hustling in us we agreed to do the job but for thirty thousand naira. The old man agreed to our bid which boasted our morales, we pulled off our clothes to get the job started at least we got 4 hours till nightfall.


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Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 7:08am On May 30, 2016

With the ginger spirit in us we were able to harvest all the cassava as promised, and quickly rushed to the man’s house to inform him. He was not convinced at all and decided to go and see for himself, reaching there he discovered we were done and congratulated us for a job well done.
I expected the man to pay us for the job we did rather he was greeting us with lot of thanks.
Having less patience, I was forced to asked for our pay which he gave to me after smiling for some minutes. I took the weak notes from him and started flipping them, while counting the money I realised there was extra five thousand naira added to it, I recounted it and arrived at thirty-five thousand naira again.
As a good Christian I told the old man that he has over paid us but he said he added the extra five thousand as an appreciation that we should have it all.
I was really pleased and told Lucky to join me and pack the harvested cassava to the man’s house with wheelbarrow which wasn’t part of our agreement.
We finally finished in the man’s farm late that night, and rushed back home with happiness. Reaching home my mum was on the floor lying helplessly covered with cloth, I asked her what the problem was but she couldn’t speak audibly.
“Joy told me she fell down while trying to set up fire wood meant for cooking, and since then she could not stand up. Hearing this got me scared and went in search of a cab that can take us to any hospital around but couldn’t find any.
Lucky and I carried her in turns on our back to the general hospital since there was no motorcycle or taxi to use.
– – –
The nurses on duty assisted us at the gate with a stretcher and took my mum in. They fixed drip on her immediately and in an hour’s time she regained herself, I was told to pay #20,000 for laboratory test and the emergency treatment that was given to her.
A lady came, took her blood sample and after some time, the doctor also came in and told us to go home and come back the next day.
There is no way i can leave my mum in the hospital alone, so I ask Joy to stay behind and left with Lucky.
– – –
Lucky and I went to the hospital the next day to see my mum. She was really pleased to see us but seeing her in that state on an hospital bed made tears dripped down my cheeks. I excused myself from their midst and went to the doctor’s office.
I got to the office and met the doctor attending to some files;
ME: Good morning doctor.
DOCTOR: Good morning my friend, your are welcome to my office, how may I help you?
ME: I’m the son of Mrs. Ayis Rosemary, one of your patients.
DOCTOR: Ohhh, you mean the woman that was brought in yesterday night?
ME: Yes sir
DOCTOR: I’m sorry to say this but your mum’s issue is a very complicated one. She had tumors developing in the inner lining (myometrium) of her uterus which has now resulted to Submucosal fibroid. Secondly her sugar level is also high that if care is not taken it will lead to diabetes type-1.
ME: Can’t something be done?
DOCTOR: We are trying our best and I believe she will be discharged today depending on her response to treatment, but I will advise you to take her to UBTH (University of Benin Teaching Hospital) for fibroid operation otherwise she might give up. According to the ultrasound and pelvic MRI test done by our gynecologist, her uterus has grown tumors that are quite large and may cause severe abdominal pain, increased urination, and pains during intercourse i.e that is if she still engage in coition/copulation.
ME: can’t we do the operation here?
DOCTOR: For the now, we do not have steady power and some instruments needed for the operation. That is why I recommended UBTH.
ME: Thank you doctor, but how much will it cost?
DOCTOR: Its a minor operation however people do pass away in the course of carrying out the operation but I assure you that your mum will be okay, just raise N200,000
ME: Okay sir, I’ll look for a way to get the money.

I left the doctor’s office to the ward where my mum was, we stayed with her all day until she was discharge.
Just for my mother’s sake, my siblings engaged in several work that gave them peanuts while I kept on searching for a better job.
— —
Weeks past, Months past but still I could not get any job that will fetch me good money apart from the sales boy work of Ten thousand naira salary.
I manage to do the sales boy work for just a month, and was forced to give up the job because of the extra stress it has, and settled for jobs that will pay me daily.
Thank God my mum and siblings were fine and we could eat two square meal each day that passed.
One fateful morning I was clearing the grasses in a chief’s compound when I saw a friend of mine;
ME: Ogheneovo is this you
OVO: It’s me oo, why are you like this? (seeing me
ME: My brother you know how the country is, ever since I came back from school things have been very hard for me.
OVO: No, you have to go to the city with me so I can fix you somewhere, a graduate like you deserves something better na! Not this kind of job you are doing.
ME: You mean I am going with you?
OVO: Yes, you did alot for me while we were in secondary school so I think this is the only chance I have to pay back.
ME: Well I really appreciate, and have to inform my mum for her approval
OVO: That is fine by me, I have to go complete a business transaction with chief.
ME: okay (feeling relief)
Ogheneovo went into the chief’s house to see him and gave me his contact to call him the next day if I made up my mind to go with him, that he would leave for Lagos in three days time.

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Nobody: 7:58am On May 30, 2016
Rid on bro Am a proud Isoko boy like you. Feel free to use our local dialect. Twale for u.
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 8:55am On May 30, 2016

Reaching home after a successful work at the chief’s resident, I discovered there was no food in the house and my mum was fast asleep.
I called Joy who was reading her books to explain why there was no food in the house;
ME: Madam in the house, why is there no food in the kitchen? All the pots are all well washed
JOY: Brother, i went to tear firewood for Mama Sonia but she didn’t pay me today rather she ask me to come for the money tomorrow.
ME: Don’t worry she will pay you what about Lucky, I can’t find him around?
JOY: He went to fetch water for Chief Igbudu
ME: Well I have some money with me, since mama is asleep, let’s just go to the market together and get ingredients that I will use to cook.
JOY: No oo brother! I’ll be the one to cook it
ME: Shut up your mouth there! Who taught you how to cook, I was the one that was couching you and Lucky before I went to school, and you are there saying rubbish.
JOY: That was then na
ME: Ehhh eh! Does that mean I am no longer a good cook?
JOY: You won
ME: Now you are talking, let’s start going before mama wakes up.
Joy and I went to the village market to get all we needed to prepare a fresh delicious vegetable soup, and went back home after we finished purchasing all the items.
In an hour’s time the food was ready and we all sat together to devour the vegetable soup that was cooked by me.
Everyone was licking their fingers and they complimented me for a well cooked meal. After the meal, I told them about my movement to Lagos with Ovo my childhood friend. Lucky and my mum saw reasons with me but Joy cried and begged me not to go. I had to explain deeply to her level of understanding that I was not leaving her and everyone but I had to go there to work in order to raise money for mama’s operation and the family’s betterment…
“I also promised to be calling at all time to get update of how they are fairing.
After I finished talking to Joy who did not seem convinced, my mum started advising me to stay clear of bad company emphasizing on the rowdiness of Lagos state accompanied with lots of criminal activities.
I promised her to be focus and stay clear of anything that will tarnish the family name and also come back with good news.

— — —

Just as Ovo requested, I called him to let him know I will be going with him after my mum’s approval. He was happy with the way he sounded on the other end, and promised to pick me up when he wanted to depart for Lagos.
The day of our departure finally came. I had already arranged my little clothes and other things I was taking along, when Ovo came to my place.
He greeted my mum and convinced her including my younger ones that I was in safe hands, he also vowed to help me secure a good job over there which made my mum to shower all forms of blessing on him. After about 20mins prayer by my mum for our trip, she finally allowed us to go.
Joy who had become a fully blown woman, started crying, rolling on the floor as I bade them goodbye…

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 8:57am On May 30, 2016

--Lagos State--
The tricycle we boarded from the park slowed down as we approached a well fenced building painted with yellow.
Ovo tapped the guy to stop at the front of the building and we both alighted and took our luggage. Deep inside me I sensed enjoyment with Ovo, especially after seeing the conducive building which I felt was his property and he alone stayed in it.

We walked inside through the small gate and went to the second apartment. It’s a self contain apartment. The door to the house was opened which indicated that there was someone inside. Immediately we entered I smelled a pleasant aroma from the kitchen.
I wanted to question Ovo about the smell when a slim light complexioned lady of average height, walked to the sitting room and gave Ovo a welcome hug and smiled at me as I greeted her.
She looked nice and accommodating and without any doubt I presumed she would be a good match for my bro.
She collected our bags and took them inside the room, I was left alone in the sitting room as Ovo followed her to the room.
After spending some time together they came out to join me;
OVO: Eli, this is the little paradise i am managing for now, I plan to rent a two bed room flat by next month and I don’t mind if you move down with me. You are welcome to Lagos my friend.
ME: Thank you brother, you have done me well by bringing me down with you, and I promise to pay back in due course.
OVO: There is nothing to pay back, more so I still owe you alot. Less I forget, the lady beside me is “my future, my life, my yoriyori and to crown it up my world” her name is Imabong
(She was just smiling at the same time winking at me whenever our eyes met)
ME: Wow bro, congratulations!! Imabong i’m Eli by name and I am happy to meet you
IMMAGBON: I’m also please to meet you
(waving her hands at me)
OVO: Imabong told me she cooked my favourite calabar soup called ‘Edikang-Ikong’, that we should go to the dining and fill our stomach.

Ovo and I went to the dinning and watched Imabong as she served the meal. I couldn’t resist the meal though its my first time of coming across it. Although I have heard of it several times.
I just told myself to ride on with the soup when it comes whether sweet or bitter, in order not to get Ovo sad.
The soup really tasted good especially the fresh pumpkin leaf which was inside, but I didn’t like the fact that one have to suck the periwinkle from the shell, it looked irritating and I could not eat much because of that, as I lost my appetite seeing Imabong and Ovo doing so.
I felt Imabong noticed that, I was irritated by it but she just pretended to pay less attention to me.
IMMAGBON: “You don’t like pounded yam I guess?
ME: I like it, just that I ate alot before embarking on the trip.
At the other end of the dinning, Sweat was rushing off from Ovo’s body, which showed how much he enjoyed the meal as he was concentrating without altering a word.
As soon as we finished eating Ovo made some calls and took photocopies of my credentials to some clients and managers who were his friends.
Immediately he left Imabong and I started discussing, she told me she noticed I don’t like the food she prepared but convinced me to eat it more often as it was rich in vitamins because of the vegetables in it.
“I let her know i’m a good cook but i don’t like the shell of the periwinkle that was put inside the soup, on hearing this she promised not to put them again".
She went on to teach me how to prepare the soup.
“She said the soup was special to her people, and that the delicacy is prepared with pumpkin leaves which they call ikong in calabar dialect but others called it ugwu, water leaf (mong Ikong), fish, meat, periwinkle (mfi ikpok), palm oil, cray fish and other essential ingredients.
“She said It can be eaten with either garri, fufu, amala, tuwo, semovita or pounded yam. At the end of the tutorial on how to cook Edikang-Ikong Soup she left for her room to take a nap.

— — —

It was almost 6:30pm and Ovo had not yet returned. I started feeling dizzy and decided to sleep on the chair in the sitting room.
I had not slept up to 20mins when I felt some soft touches at the bottom of my feet, after some time it started moving to the femur of my leg. It wasn’t long when I felt a full hand massaging all over my body, I stood up in haste and found Imabong wearing just her panties and bra. She told me to relax and let her have her way to me but I rebuke her, telling her such attitude is against the will of God as well as my culture. She kept on resisting as she fell on me, trying to kiss me and also holding me firm to herself.
I tried to explain to her but she did not want to listen as the urge in her grew beyond my comprehension, I had to push her away with a fiercely touch which made her hurt. She started crying that I had injured her and she would tell Ovo when he returned, I assisted her up and pleaded that she should not do such but she rushed at me again begging me to just engage in one round with her, complaining that her sharwama is very hot and needs my joystick badly.
I kept on resisting her so-called hot sharwama, which makes her to further increase the threat, promising to make me face her wrath in the house unless I comply.
I turned her request down again because i’m a man of my word, which made her got angrier the more. She vowed to give me a tough time in the house and block my success, as I walked out of the house to wait for Ovo outside.

I tried to contact Ovo on phone but couldn’t due to low network coverage, I ended up spending some time waiting outside before he finally came.
OVO: Why are you outside?
ME: I was worried you hadn’t returned since you left
OVO: Brother its not easy, I promised to get you a job and i had to stay with my real guys for long just to accomplished this goal. Well the manager of Century Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. at Km 33, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, has agreed to make you his sales manager. He said for a start your salary will be two hundred and fifty thousand naira, then if you please the firm with your work there will be an increment with a well furnished apartment.
ME: JESUS!!! Are you saying the truth or i’m dreaming?
OVO: If you think its a dream you better wake up
ME: you are really a brother, in short you are my God
OVO: Don’t mention, God only used people to help his children. Let’s go inside I’ll take you there tomorrow to start but for the now we have to celebrate…

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:28pm On May 31, 2016

Champagnes were like water in the house as Ovo selectively brought out different brands from his Wall bar.
I remembered drinking Hennessey during my youth service with my friends and hurriedly burst one opened, and we both danced to the song that was on cue, hitting the four walls of the sitting room.
Ovo went to the room to break the news to Immagbon, who refused to come outside from the room to join us.
I was still giving some bad random steps to the song that was playing ” Pop Something By Dr. Sid” when Ovo ran towards me with a heavy punch on my face, he bitterly hits me severally and tore my shirt, I was confused since I never expected such actions from him but before I could asked what happened?
“He reached for my neck, trying to strangle me to death. I couldn’t react because it was just like a dream to see Ovo who was Happy with me some minutes back later changed to be a dreadful killer. I couldn’t withstand it as I fight hard to breath for survival.
I was almost giving up when Immagbon came from behind to hold Ovo. I stood up coughing out blood.
Ovo was really angry and there is no explanation I’ll give that will make him calm his nerves. He went to the kitchen and came out with a knife, but was stopped by Immagbon again;
OVO: I trusted you, how could you try to rape my wife to be? Imagine your first day in my house you have started defiling my home. I can’t take it, not in this world, I regretted bringing you here
ME: I didn’t try any of such..
OVO: If you still like your miserable life, you better start going because I can’t accommodate you anymore not to talk of helping you with the job. Immagbon please go and bring his bag because he is leaving this minute.
(Immagbon smiling with the action Ovo took, happily went inside to get my bag)

I moved outside the house as I waited for Immagbon to bring the bag.
Where will I go to now? I don’t have any one in Lagos apart from my wicked uncle who is not ready to see my face, I heard he was even angry when he got the information that I have graduated.
Different taught was going through my mind when she finally came out and threw the bag on me;
IMMAGBON: You see where your stupidity have landed you? Just a mere pleasure caused you, your life breakthrough. Fresh calabar damsel like me with all endowment is what you rejected, please leave now…

“I wanted to swear heavily on her but that isn’t necessary because it won’t undo her evil deed. I picked up my bag from the floor and left the building.

— — —

The street was filled with total silence as I walked from one lonely path to another. I finally got to an uncompleted building where I created a small space to pass the night.

I was still sleeping when some guys came to wake me up;
GUY1: Abeg mad man comot from here oo, I won mix concrea (concrete)
GUY2: This guy nor dey craze oo, maybe he nor get house to sleep na make am come here, Watin you dey do here because we never see you here before?
ME: Yes bros, My brother drive me from house na’im make I come here (cleaning my face with my hands)
GUY1: Na big fat lie be that, who be small pikin when you won deceive?
ME: Truth o’ God, I nor dey lie
GUY2: Ebuka quiet your mouth, this kind mature guy na won lie for you? Even though he lie you won beat am? He thief?
(I was just looking at them as other workers started approaching the place where we were)
GUY1: My mind dey tell me say this guy na rapist because I dey always dey see GoldCircle for this place every morning
GUY2: You be big fool, go join police na, with your mouth like rapist. See my guy I go advise you to join us mix this cement because no food for lazy man oo, abi you nor go work with us?
ME: I dey line bros, I go work

I joined them in mixing the cement and after a successful work which I put all my effort, I was given #1,400.
I greeted the guy who gave me the opportunity to work and he asked me to come the next day.
“I was really hungry and went to look for a classic restaurant where I can get a good food to eat.
I bought #200 recharge card along the road, paid the seller and dialled my mother’s line but it was Joy that picked the call;
JOY: Brother Migwor! (greeting in my dialect) We are missing you already, when are you coming back?
ME: Joy can I talk to mama?
(with a soft intonation)
JOY: Talk to me first na haba!
ME: Please Joy I’ll talk to you but let me just talk to mama first
JOY: Its not fair oo, You don’t even know i’m the one that is missing you most.
(Mama take its brother Eli)
MUM: My son how are you?
ME: Good evening mama your son is fine, how is your health and everyone there?
MUM: I’m strong just that at times my waist ache
ME: You are fine by Gods grace
MUM: How is your friend that took you to Lagos yesterday?
(I have to cover up since I don’t want my mum to get worried)
ME: He is fine, and he said I should greet you.
MUM: The God I serve will bless him in a million folds, just concentrate and take care of yourself son
ME: I’ll do as you said, tell Joy I will call later. Bye
MUM: Bye my son (i heard Joy’s voice in the background: mama I want to talk don’t end it)

I’ve already walked close to a restaurant, so I have to end the call. The place was air conditioned and cool.
I ordered for a plate of rice which the seller said is #500.
After finished eating I dipped my left hand into the pocket where my money was but couldn’t touch any note of our currency (Naira), I search all my pockets but there was no money. The seller was just staring at me with weird glances
as I battled on what to say to her…

To be continued...
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Nice one.... Following u u u u. Abeg no stopping, no breaking.... Let it flow. Thumbs up dear. Waiting for more before going to be.
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 2:05am On Jun 03, 2016

The seller being observant, notice I don’t have money to pay with;
SELLER: Oga, should I still wait or attend to others?
ME: Oh, sorry for the delay! The issue is that I can’t find my money
ME: I don’t know if I can come back later to pay you, trust me I’ll surely return with your money. I have the money right in my pocket before coming here, but its like I lost it. It could be while I was paying for the recharge card I bought, please understand me
SELLER: There is nothing I can do oo, maybe you will tell that to my madam
(Calling her madam to the scene)
MADAM: Ada watin make you dey call me, you don provoke my special customer again abi na change you dey find? My customer nor vex
(making me speechless)
SELLER: Madam nor be change oo, the bros chop #500 plate of rice, he come say na later he go pay for the food wen he buy
MADAM: Maka why na?
SELLER: He say na because he lose he money
ME: Yes ma, I accidentally misplace my money but I’ll come with it probably later today
MADAM: Na me you won confuse with English? Since wen money start to get accident? See you fit try that one with other people but e’ nor go work for me
ME: Sincerely speaking madam I’ll come with your money
MADAM: Oh boy I nor dey do dat one here oo! come make we dey go kitchen make you go start to wash plate, before I go come table your matter.
(Shouting it out)
ME: Please na madam!

She was still shouting, pulling me by my belt to her kitchen, this makes her to draw the attention of her customers who were eating in the restaurant.
Luckily for me, there was a young huge guy who overheard all our conversation.
“He called the madam and told her to let me be, offering to pay the bill. The owner of the restaurant finally removed her hand from my belt and went back to her kitchen.
The guy who rescued me from the embarrassment, offered me a seat in the table where he was eating and ordered for another plate of food for me.
“He introduced himself as Great-Kali, which is the first person I’m seeing bearing that name apart from the popular wrestler, although he has same body build with the wrestler.
He was really a nice fellow and I openly told him
everything i’m passing through, when he asked to know what makes me to be that broke.
He offered to help me, telling me I can stay with him and join him in his hustling. I asked him what type of business he does, but he repeatedly ask me to be observing, that he has been doing his job since he entered the restaurant.
We were still talking when he slotted two of his right fingers into a man that was entering the restaurant pocket, the next thing I saw was the man’s wallet on his hand.
He took away all the cash that was inside and drop the wallet under the table, I was really surprise seeing how he does everything within a short time but couldn’t say a word.

He smiled at me and shocked me by unveiling what I never imagined;
GREAT-KALI: Guy na so the work just be oo, I don dey this business for good 2yrs and i’m making it big
ME: you just stole something that isn’t yours and you call it a business? God forbid
GREAT-KALI: Na the same God na write for bible say ‘man perishes because of lack of knowledge’ abi you nor know say heaven helps those who help themselves?
ME: So you think you are helping yourself by stealing?
GREAT-KALI: It is called “Taking” in my profession and not stealing. If the money big well well na ‘taking’ if na small cash na ‘collecting’. Just the way I collected your small #1,200
ME: Wait a minute Great-Kali or what you called
yourself, are you the one that stole my money?GREAT-KALI: Why you dey shout? Its no longer your money but mine okay, let’s leave this place Mr. graduate
(calling the madam to come and have her money)
He paid for what we ate and ask me to follow him to his house or gallivant in the street with empty hand. I checked the time and it was 6:30pm, I decided to join him since I have no place to pass the night.

We walked to the roadside where we entered a bus that was going to his house direction, he pocket pick so many passengers in the bus and ask me to learn explaining further that what he is doing is a tutorial for me. He said he closes work by 6pm but he has to do this so I can learn quickly.

We alighted from the bus and head to his one room apartment where he brought out all the cash and golds he has stolen for the day.

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 2:23am On Jun 03, 2016

Great-Kali was really a professional in the game just as he claimed, imagine the big save which looks like a cupboard in his house. The save is even more secured than bank vaults, with the kind of locks he constructed to it.
He went to the save and opened it with one of the keys in his key holder, arranged each currency domination in where they belong and golds at the bottom of the save.
Immediately he is done with the arrangement of all he achieved in that days job, he yawned and laid on the bed;
ME: So you have a mini bank in your house yet you still go out there to rob people of their peanut?
GREAT-KALI: I saw something special in you, that was why I decided to help you, but it seems you aren’t ready to unleash that special substance in you. For your information i’m not an illiterate like you think, everybody have his or her story to tell okay, so you better buckle up and be wise
ME: You amaze me, you’re a graduate and decided to dumb your certificate or what?
GREAT-KALI: Not only did I dump it but I set it ablaze, as long as I am in this country it is of no use
ME: What do you mean by it is of no use?. There is great tendency that it will be of use someday
GREAT-KALI: Guy, if you depend on your certificate you will end up in the psychiatric home after much frustration from companies and those on seats.
ME: You might be right but that doesn’t mean you will have to engage in such crafty job all in the name of making it big
GREAT-KALI: Pack your bone face Mr. Adviser, when you are ready let me know I want to sleep now.

I watch him as he dozed off, snoring like an elephant. I tried to make myself comfortable in the house, and later reach for a vacant space in the bed where I will rest. I imagined all what he said thoroughly seeing sense in every statement he made apart from the business he later settled for, I can do any kind of business in this life but not robbery because it isn’t part of me, and my mother won’t be of support, if she finds out.
I concluded to stay with him for the main time until I get a job.



I was still on bed sleeping, when Great-Kali woke me up;
GREAT-KALI: My guy I dey go hustling oo, you dey
online abi offline?
ME: I appreciate your help and all you have done for me, but that job of yours is what I can never do
GREAT-KALI: Na so you talk am? No problem na, make I waka
(He was about opening the door when he turned back)
GREAT-KALI: My spare key dey on top of the TV oo, in case you won go out make you lock my door well because thief full this area, I can’t afford to lose my hard earn money from the street. Manage this two thousand naira take eat today.
(throwing the money on the bed where I was)
ME: Thanks bros
GREAT-KALI: Nor thank me, thank your God for making me to pick you as my partner in crime. Bye (In my mind i was like: Partner in crime kê)

I stood up from the bed some minutes after he left, took my bath, freshen up, carried my file and was about leaving the house when my phone started ringing;

LUCKY: Brother Eli, Mama is down again oo
ME: Mama….. down…. again….? Is she sick?
(With fear flowing on my bloodstream)
LUCKY: Yes, She hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday evening, and now she is laying on the bed since, without telling us what the problem is
ME: You expect her to talk before you’ll do what is right eh? Please take her to the hospital and get back to me.
LUCKY: Okay bros
ME: Hope you have something with you, I mean any money?
LUCKY: Yes, I have about six thousand naira
ME: Then start going I’ll call you back.
*Hang up*

I could not go out again because of the present state of my mother, I called Lucky after an hour and he disclosed to me that mama is fine, but the doctor said if the operation is not done in two weeks time she won’t survive it.
I kept on thinking of where and how to raised two
hundred thousand naira, but couldn’t come out with a possible means.
The only hope now is Great-Kali who has the money right in his house, but i don’t know if he’ll agree to borrow me the money.
Just like a flash news, a strange suggestion came into my mind; I should just look for a way to break his big save and run away with the exact amount I needed.
But running away with his money is the same thing as joining him in the job he does to raise the money, which I said I can’t partook.
I kept on contemplating and concluded that taking the money is the best solution because he also took mine, and i’m doing it for a genuine reason not for a selfish purpose…
My taught was still battling with my mind, when I saw a toolbox under the shelf in the house. I quickly reach for it and brought out the necessary tools to use. I successfully damaged the key in the next 5minutes.
Wow! I exclaimed, I didn’t wasted a second as I started throwing clips of notes into my bag. Suddenly the door was wide opened with bright light rays moving directly into my eyes.
What a mess! I didn’t lock the door.

I composed myself out of shock as I stared at the door to see the person who opened it.

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:08am On Jun 06, 2016

Great-Kali was just staring at me smiling as I returned his gazed.
“Maybe I should explain before he will do something terrible i said to myself. Before I knew it, he bang the door and started clapping his hand;
GREAT-KALI: Bravooo! I know say you be big omila (thief) but you just dey form for me
ME: I can explain please
GREAT-KALI: I be babe when you won explain for? You don even load your bag with my yearly savings, eh!…
(looking at my unzipped bag where the money is)
Thief like you dey carry gun self.
ME: Please forgive me
GREAT-KALI: I swear if na another person when I nor get brotherly love for, that person for don go six feet under the ground. Nor be money you want? carry go na
(walking towards me)
ME: Don’t take it that far, just hear me out
GREAT-KALI: My ears open talk
ME: I’m sorry for trying to go with your money, I did it because my mum needs to be operated and I don’t have the money they demanded for. I wanted to ask for your help but………..
GREAT-KALI: But what? You come destroy my save shey?, if you can destroy this save that means you can break through any bank. Baddo!!! I carry yanch for you. Well I go help you under one condition that you will pay back with interest
ME: I’ll but that will be when I’ve started working
GREAT-KALI: I can’t wait, I will give you automatic
employment… Deal or No Deal?
(For my mother’s sake I have to concur)
GREAT-KALI: I said Deal or No Deal??
ME: Deal…

He took what he came back to collect and ask me to join him to his business joints, so I can start learning.
I watched him from afar as he successfully rob people their wallets and run with some girls bag. Towards the evening of that day he told me to give a try by snatching the bag of a woman that was buying cosmetics in a shop, just to please him I agreed.
I observed the woman from some distance before approaching the shop. My first move was to interrupted her conversation with the owner of the shop by asking for a Rolex wrist watch.
“We don’t sale wrist watch here but you can get from the boutique which is at the junction of this road.
“I thank her for the information she gave me, and took some steps ahead to ease the race i’m about taking.
Before they could realised, I have already pushed the lady who was less observant while I was discussing with the owner of the shop, took the big hand bag which was my target and zoom off like a ghost, they started shouting thief!!!!
But I didn’t mind as I ran off activating some zig-zig momentum, entering one street to another. I turned back and saw about twenty hefty men ahead and some little children running after me. See me see wahala!
I continued with the race until I got exhausted, there was no way I could stop because the guys were getting closer, as their voices echoed in my ears, We go kill am today!!
The voices were scaring and I was forced to see if they have almost bridge the gap, behold I saw Great-kali with the men carrying a long rod running after me. It was just as if he betrayed me, I couldn’t help it and ran into a primary school which was fenced without a gate, and hid myself in one of the class room.
There I was, praying not to be caught. I haven’t settled when I heard a voice giving out instructions.
“Search everywhere, he should be hiding in one of the classes.
I quickly put the bag inside one of the locker and lay under the desk, soonest someone walk into the class where I was, he got to the desk where I was laying and hit me gently with the rod he was holding. I stood up and saw Great-kali smiling as he gave me a thumb up.
He ask me to stay inside and went out to meet the others,
“The guy has escape oo, I saw him climbing the fence at the back of that class, but couldn’t get hold of him as he jump to the other side. Hearing this they all ran out following the description Great-kali gave them.
Great-Kali came back to the class where I was, gave me a new shirt to put on and package the stolen bag in a nylon. We left for home following another route in order not to meet those weird guys who can kill any criminal.

— — — —

Great-kali and myself discharge all the stuffs in the bag one after the other. First was a pack of always pad, next was make-up kit, a purse which was inside the bag, Jewelries, set of comb, a mirror and lots more.
I was boiling inside me, not seeing anything like money and ask Great-kali to forget about those things and open the purse that we brought out. He did as I instructed and to our greatest surprise the purse contain some clean one thousand naira note which were neatly arranged.
I boldly took it from him and started counting;
ME: 1,2,3,4,5…….10…20… 30… 40… 50… 60… Spit
some saliva on the tips of my fingers and continued…
61k… 70… 80… 90… 100… 110k
( Great-kali who was counting with me stood up)
GREAT-KALI: Guy we don hammer, 100k is my one week savings and you were able to have it for just a day, one hundred and ten thousand naira…. You see!
We blacks can’t understand things of the spirit. Right from the moment I saw you, I knew ANINI has been born again, but you think say na lie i dey lie. I don even dey plan to carry you go meet prophet T.B so that he go use him own mouth talk am. I swear from today go na ANINI I go dey call you because you go achieve pass am.
ME: Call me whatever you want to, I don dey game already if na so balary (money) go dey pump in, then no need for me to dey wait till on the 30th or 31st of each month to receive salary. I nor fit loyal to chairmo (chairman) come get hunch back join, before them go pay me…
GREAT-KALI: Now you are talking, my Anini has
ME: Them don baff?
GREAT-KALI: I hear you!
ME: Dem Know work?
GREAT-KALI: I hear you!
ME: Nor be lie sha!!! You need to hear me, because the whole world go hear my name too…

Great-Kali brought out his achievement for the day which was twenty one thousand naira.
He was so happy for me, and promise to complete the money I needed for my mums operation and also go to Delta State with me…



Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:14am On Jun 06, 2016

Myself and Great-Kali took the first bus at Agofure motor park to my village.
We got inside the house and saw my Mum, Joy and Lucky all sitting in the parlour.
Because of the sobber reflections none of them gave me a special welcome as they use to;
MUM: Eli my son, you are welcome. I’m very sorry I cannot prepare you your favourite meal because of this illness that is eating away my life
LUCKY: Mama! Mama! I’ve told you to stop talking like this, very soon all this suffering will be over when I become a medical doctor
MUM: That has always been my dream my son, but who will see you through school? Look at Eli here, he can even barely feed himself after graduating from the university
ME: Why is Uncle Jude this mean? Since he has
refused to help us I will visit him with my wrath soon unless he change for good
JOY: ‘Change’ and ‘Help’ can’t come from Uncle Jude at all, he is in Lagos buying flashy cars and building skyscrapers. I heard he just sent his last child to U.K
(crying as she said everything with anger)
**Joy can cry eh**
I walked to her and consoled her in order not to
increase the tears in her tears gland.
I took my mother’s right hand and started massaging it as I break the good news
ME: Mama! Lucky! Joy!… The Bible made it clear that in every situation we should give thanks, so I beg you all to hold on and trust in God. I promise… I promise I’ll do everything possible to give you all a better life, the Igbo’s say “ogadima” and that will be our case. My friend here has wiped my tears by offering the money for mama operation, he also gave me a Job that will make us live in higher profile once again.
(Joy and Lucky knelt in front of Great-Kali and started greeting him)
MUM: Thank you very much my son, may the good lord bless you and replenish your purse in a thousand folds. You will never know no tears as you have decided to wipe tears from our eyes
GREAT-KALI: Amen Mama…
Happiness was restored to my family once again.
Myself and Great-kali stayed with my family for the whole week until the operation was done.
Great-Kali bought food stuffs and lot of provisions for my family, before we finally left my village to face the hustling as a gangster…

— — —

For good two Months, we were into picking pocket business until the business started declining.
At times I will come back home with 5,000 while great-kali will come with 2,000. My outcome is always bigger than his, which makes him respect me in the business.
Since most of our joints are no longer paying, Great-kali brought another formula as we went to a canteen to eat;
GREAT-KALI: Business dey hard this days oo
ME: Na so we see am oo, but watin man pikin go do?
We go dey run am small small. If pay nor still dey
come as before we go improve to gun things
GREAT-KALI: You too get sense, but only we two nor go fit run am na? We need more pipo, I get one babe when dey hire guns out sha, she be strong okpoooo (prosti_tute) I go connect her
ME: All those ashawo (prosti_tute) nor dey fear man oo, hope she nor go control us?
GREAT-KALI: She nor fit control you na, If at all say she won control person, na me she go do that one with
ME: Better
GREAT-KALI: No job for this life easy. Na only hobbies dey easy, profession nor easy at all. We get union for this pick pocket job oo
ME: But I nor register na
GREAT-KALI: Na because you dey under me na’im cause am, we get formula wen we take dey work
ME: Watin be the formulae?
GREAT-KALI: We dey call am S.C.M.
ME: Meaning?
GREAT-KALI: S-shadow C-collect M-maintain. For
example, if you see your suspect, you go shadow am well as soon as he slack you go collect, as soon as you collect you go maintain, as soon as you dey maintain do like who dey hold landlord money waka comot for the place. I swear no body go suspect you
ME: But I nor dey use that formula before oo, that
means na’im I go use tomorrow
GREAT-KALI: The formulae go favour you die
ME: Yes na, all die na die
GREAT-KALI: Why you go say all die na die? You won compare person wen die for mansion and person when die for well. Abeg all die nor be die ooo, who dem bury with casket and who dem bury with mat nor be the same place them dey go oo.
ME: Leave that thing, I won smoke…
(Surprising Great-Kali with my demand)
GREAT-KALI: You say?
ME: Watin you hear just now?
(Collecting lighter and a stick of Benson cigar_ette from him)
We gisted there for some time before going to our house to sleep.

— — —

The next day, we left home around 6:30am to hustle as usual.
I adopted Great-kali’s formulae and it pays me big time, before 9am I have already work 40,000 from the wallets I took in newspaper joints and beer parlours.

I was about going for a target that I have been shadowing for minutes when a young boy of about 15yrs snatch the bag from the lady who has been my target.
He was chased by a particular guy and I have to follow them up…

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:20am On Jun 06, 2016

They ran towards a church building and didn’t come out. I decided to wait outside to see if they will come out but didn’t see the small boy nor the guy that pursued him.
After much waiting I decided to go in and see things for myself. I went in and search everywhere but could not see a single soul.
I went to the back of the building where the church toilet was and saw the young boy breathing heavily out of tiredness, all of a sudden the guy who chased him came from behind and wanted to hit the boy with a wood but I rushed him and disarmed him. I picked the wood from the ground and used it to whip him tirelessly until he collapsed;
PARCY: Bros! Bros! You save my life, Thank you! Thank you!
ME: Thank me later, let’s leave here. Someone can still get us.
I asked the boy to run as fast as he could and we left the place without been caught.

— — —

We ran straight to his house where he searched the bag and brought out the cash inside;
PARCY: God purnish you satan, you dey craze? Bros I don arrive, imagine the money when dey inside the
bag, fifteen thousand two hundred. Bros this
weekend go dey buzzy, me parcy go finish
ashawo.com this night
ME: Calm down, you put your life at risk because of fifteen thousand?
PARCY: How you look me bros? I nor dey wear pant oo! na the street I dey. The street na’im be my religion and I dey worship am
ME: I like your courage I’ll teach you how to catch big fish and not this small fish you have now
PARCY: Bros you mean say you nor need your share, from this money?
ME: Stop calling me bros, my name is Eli and my real nigg_er call me ANINI
PARCY: Bros, sorry ANINI, I dey with you till I die. you. see cell, prison, jail, all of them relate and na me be their nephew, I dey shoot gun like mad
ME: That is good
PARCY: How e’ dey be? because from age six (6yrs) na I don dey run things on my own, I nor get mama, I nor get papa, I nor get sister, I nor get brother, I nor get lizard, I nor get dog, I nor get cat to call family, so if you take me in as a family member I go appreciate
ME: Here is my number, call me tomorrow evening I’ll tell you where to meet me
PARCY: Bros! Oooooo abeg sorry I forget. Bros ANINI I nor know how I go take thank you, I nor fit call you my brother but I go call you my blooder because our blood just tally___
ME: See you tomorrow. (leaving him before he could complete his preaching)
I went home and told Great-Kali about Parcy, he was really happy;
GREAT-KALI: The smalli (young boy) even say he sabi handle crier (gun)?
ME: Yes oo, na dey street life he dey since he dey
6yrs. So he gather experience full he head
GREAT-KALI: We don complete be that na, I don talk to that babe she agree to join us. So you go tell that your smalli to meet us at BBhotel around 7pm today make we arrange well
ME: No lele

— — —

--3 guys and a girl were found in an hotel room--

ME: Great-kali na the smalli when I tell you be this, he go introduce himself but I won know this your o’shere (girl) when you carry come
GREAT-KALI: You see this babe? me and her don dey as friends from small pikin, her story worst small sha. Her name na Sharon but I dey call her shakitibobo, if you dey hear every, na she be every. Which kind gun you need? Na machine gun, ak47, you need grenade, you need first class bomb (explosives) leave am for shakitibobo she go provide them for us
ME: Let me hear from her
SHARON: Guy Watin you won hear again?
ME: Everything about yourself
SHARON: *with guts* Rest your case boy, Great-kali don already yan (tell) you my profile
ME: Shut up, I said I want to hear them and more from you
SHARON: You dey craze? Why you go tell me shut up? dem swear for you?
ME: I said shut the fuck_up
SHARON: Where you get out!
ME: God punish your mama and papa
Sharon stood up and broke a bottle, she was walking towards me when Great-kali hold her;
GREAT-KALI: ANINI my boss relax, treat her like a girl. Never vex for her
ME: No lele, I like the way she roar sha, her eyes really tear reach her back head
SHARON: I will give you the respect you deserve but don’t underrate me because I can do the undo
GREAT-KALI: Let’s hear from your boy, pepsi abi Watin you call the smalli
PARCY: E’ good make Watin you know, know you back. Na me be parcy aka patata because I dey open fire like Patatatatatatakpo kpo, I nor get joy at all. Na me dey here, and you don see me finish because I nor remain for house
GREAT-KALI: I like this guy
ME: Oshere you nor won still talk
SHARON: Bros abeg nor vex, my name nor be o’share my name na Sharon. Nor be me first start to do ashawo and nor be me go end am. To avoid fight make I just give you intro, I nor get mama and papa, I big see myself for the street, na ashawo work be the only job wen the street offer me na make I be full time se_x addict, I nor fit stay without am. As I dey here so my clients dey even dey wait for me.

After her speech, we discovered all of us has similarly stories. Which means we will all work on the same frequency.

I collected everyone’s contact and told them, I’ll text them all, an address where we will meet and proceed for the real deal…

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Exactly 12midnight, we all assembled at Great-kali house where we sat on the floor forming a pyramid, to take a union oath.
In turn, we spilled our bloods into a calabash;

ME: Today we have come together to build a family of oneness, So repeat after me
(Pointing the calabash towards the center of the pyramid we formed)

ME: I swear never to betray, never to disappoint, never to shot, and never to kill

GANG: **Repeated it**

ME: Any member of this gang, except he or she poses as a life threat

GANG: **Repeated it**

ME: I swear, to love and protect all member of this gang

GANG: **Repeated it with bold voice**

ME: Till death!!!

GANG: **Repeated it** Till death!!!

We sang some Rugged songs together, after drinking the blood from the calabash, one after the other.

The Leader of the group>
FULL NAME: Ayis Eliboy
AGE: 24yrs
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
HOBBIES: Reading & Browsing

The Informant of the group>
FULL NAME: Godwin Kunle
NICKNAME: Great-Kali
AGE: 28yrs
OCCUPATION: Pocket Picking & Hired Assassin
HOBBIES: Fighting & stealing

The gun provider and spy of the group>
FULL NAME: Frankkay Sharon
NICKNAME: Shakitibobo
AGE: 23yrs
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Commercial Se_x Worker
HOBBIES: Se_x, Dancing & Stealing

The Young warlord and gun servicer of the group>
FULL NAME: Onah Parcy
AGE: 15yrs
HOBBIES: Shooting, Stealing and Drinking

-- -- --

The next day, Great-kali brought a nice Job for the gang.
We all settled in his house to plan on how we will be successful for our first mission as a gang;
ME: First and foremost i want us to be watchful of our brother's back as a team. The plan when I don arrange for the job be say, as we just enter the compound, I go use the gate man do press up make he know say we serious, before I enter inside the house with one man, then one person go mount guide, the last person go dey behind our wheel, that car nor go off for any reason, the car go dey steam from our arrival till our departure. I dey make sense?
SHARON: No wahala sha, but I get question to ask
ME: Watin be your question?
SHARON: How sure are you that we go see that kind money for the house?
ME: Na Great-kali bring the info na, so he nor fit dull us
GREAT-KALI: Shakitibobo you don dey doubt me? Na me naaaa, Great-kali the greatest, the job so eh! na block job because this man dey keep block for him house. Every last Friday of the month he dey go Dubai go buy goods
SHARON: No problem sha, I dey with una
ME: Na today be our naming ceremony, we shall know this gang to be the "FOUR LION SQUID" and we won't go for anything less than ten million naira, agreed?
GANG: Agreed...

After much say about the operation, Sharon went out to get all the Criers (guns) we needed.
They were all serviced and tested by Parcy who confirmed them to be the best one can get in the country.

-- -- --


We arrived the building, knocked the gate, tricked the gateman who foolishly opened the gate.
I humbly asked him to give me 100 press up and left him with Sharon to handle.
Great-kali was on the wheel outside the compound while myself and Parcy went in.
Immediately we entered the sitting room we found the man, his wife and their only daughter watching a program on TV. They all prostrated as soon as they saw our golden criers (guns);
PARCY: Mr. Man where you put our money?
CHIEF: I don't have any money in this house
(His mouth was shaking seriously)
PARCY: See your head when get many meat, you dey prove stubborn abi. Make I shoot your leg first make you know say we mean business
CHIEF: I don't have anything here I swear
PARCY: Since you value money pass your life I go start with your pikin
(He was about pulling the trigger when I stopped him)
ME: Patata, it's a sin to kill without a genuine reason, just calm down. Madam stand up, if you know you still want to see your daughter around you, then tell us where your husband hid the money
CHIEF'S WIFE: Please don't hurt my daughter I know where the money is_______ I know please____ I'll take you there

The Chief's wife took me to their room, brought out a black briefcase which contained fifty million naira and handover it to me. We came downstairs and Percy was found slapping the chief;
PARCY: You better pray make dem see that money oo, because I nor come here come beg you money na rob I come rob you
(Slapping him and hitting him with the gun)
ME: Patata, abeg sorry for the old man. Mr man thanks for paying your tithe, we are going now and I'll advise you not to make any silly move if you don't want the title 'Late' to be added to your name.
CHIEF: Yes sir....
ME: Good man...

We left them laying in the sitting room, met the rest of the gang outside and left the Chief's compound quietly without leaving any trace.

In the next 10mins, we arrive at our normal hotel room at BBhotel....


Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 11:59am On Jun 09, 2016

I never imagined our first mission, to be that simple and easy.
We were all in a joyful mode, as we poured champagnes in the air, and all over our bodies.
After lot of shouting and rejoicing, I shared the cash equally among ourselves irrespective of a boss or boy, every one was happy and left for other engagement that night. I was left in the hotel room alone.
I pulled off my clothes, went into the bathroom to shower, after which I jumped on the bed with happiness in my heart.
I quickly analysed what to do with my share of the money, and decided to send it down to my family in the village, leaving just five hundred thousand with me.
At least for the first time, I started thinking like a rich man.
I laid properly on the bed, wanting to sleep when suddenly my phone started ringing, I reached for it and found out it was Patata that was calling;


PARCY: The boss! My boss! Our boss! The Lion of all Lions and Lionesses
ME: Why all the hailing na?
PARCY: Boss, I can't enjoy alone oo, you have showed me real life and I can't enjoy it alone.
ME: What are you up to Patata?
PARCY: I'm presently in ashawo.com enjoying myself with ripe asssshhhh, one dey suck me, one dey lick my as_s, one dey rob my back, one dey lick my ears, one dey massage my tommy...
ME: Enjoy my guy, you need am but be mindful with the way you spend your money and the way you talk, Okay?
PARCY: Okay boss, but....
ME: But what?
PARCY: Can you come over to join me?
ME: No bro, I just wanna rest
PARCY: Please na! You know you are the only family I have now, not just my brother but my blooder for that matter
ME: Fine, I'll come and join you. Will be on my way...

I dressed up, took some cash, locked the room and went off.
Reaching there, I called Parcy and he came out to meet me. He has already paid a dark skinned girl to caress me and give me a good Mouth Action.
I haven't been in a relationship before and was proud to be a virgin. But as it stands, today will be a day of remembrance, as i'm about giving my virgini_ty to a cheap club girl.
She wasn't that cheap because I later learnt that, she was among the costliest stripers in that club, and Patata paid her fifty thousand naira just to be with me that night...
She pulled me up from my sitting position, gave me a good dance which makes my curve7 to stand erect, and twerk her heavy Budd_y on me. I wasn't really the club type but was feeling the grove little by little.
I ordered for indi_a herb which was brought to me. After taking it, I requested for some spirit drink like Johnbar and RedLabel which got me high.
I danced out my life with the babe, and only God knows how I found myself in a room with this babe.
"I knew I was on top of her, but didn't really know what I was doing. She gave me directives on how to go about it, I barely have experience on how to do it, but i knew at the end i did the main thing, and found myself in Pluto...

NB: Sorry for not being too explicit about the se_x scene, I don't want people to start saying Eliboy have started with his shawama tins... lol

-- -- --


I left the Patata's so called ashawo.com with him as early as 5am.
We went straight to our hotel room, where we freshen up and planned on what next to do.
After much discussion, I asked patata to accompanied me to the bank so I can send the money to my family in the village, and deposit some percentage into my account.
We were about leaving after our transaction, when I overheard the bank manager talking with a young fresh White guy;
MANAGER: Our security will be on standby, so you have no fear
WHITE MAN: You know Nigeria and criminals, what we are talking about here is 5.2billion Naira
MANAGER: Different companies do bring cash down here, with our bullet proof van escorted by our security men. But if your company have a tight security to use then i'll advise you to use yours
WHITE MAN: Good, we will use both securities then
MANAGER: So you will sign this papers, our bank security will be with you by 7am since you said you will be leaving by 8am tomorrow
YOUNG GUY: **signed the necessary documents**
Nice banking with you
MANAGER: We are proud to have you as our customer.

I viewed the file technically and saw the company's name "Geemas Unique Oils Ltd".
I walked towards the security door, which voiced out an automated tune ••Have a nice day••.
I nodded my head in satisfaction, as I waited for Patata to come out through the security door.

-- -- --

I called Great-kali and told him everything I heard. He promised to get a good information about the company and their movements before the end of the day.
I also called Sharon to get our criers ready for the next day mission.


We all met in our usual room to plan how the mission will go.
After hearing the splendid information Great-kali has gathered, we strategies with a map of the area and also that of the bank.
This time around Sharon brought lot of groundnuts (bullet) because it will be a bloody mission unlike our first one, which was very easy since there was no tight security to retaliate...

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My real man take care oo

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Since we are working as a team, I asked everyone to collectively bring suggestions, so we won't end up losing our lives.

They agreed and contributed from all they got upstairs;
GREAT-KALI: I think the best way to go about this job, is to stop them before they get to the bank, and open fire
PARCY: That will be nice because I like hearing the sound of my ak47 making patatatatatatatatatakpo_kpo, you know that kind tin na?
ME: Patata we are not playing here, please say something meaningful and helpful. This mission will be our first real mission, because our opponent are well trained and prepared. If you must know they're ready for any action
SHARON: Nor be say na mouth or raking, but I nor dey fear them, we are to take them unaware. I swear I must kill person
ME: We are not going there to kill but to rob, so please no unnecessary shooting. I beg all Lions to waste no bullet and also our Lioness who has already planned to kill to play safe
SHARON: Anini, if we must accomplish our mission then we must take lives or they take our lives. All we have to do like I said, is to take them unaware, and be the first to move
ME: Then how are we going to do that?
GREAT-KALI: I have an idea, two men will go inside without arms as if they want to deposit money, while one will be at the gate waiting for them to go inside before making any move. The last person will follow the cash from the company till they get to the bank, that person will be giving out information about any news or change of plans
ME: That is a good one, but how will those inside get ammunition?
PARCY: Na small tin na, we go enter the bank this night look for a way to go in through the roof and hide them there. Those going inside will pretend as if they want to make use of the rest room, then climb to get the criers
ME: Its not as easy as you think oo, what about the security cameras in the bank?
PARCY: It's very easy to deactivate them na, I learnt all that from my friend Kizito. Those Security cameras are also known as CCTV cameras, they uses CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) or CCD (charge-coupled device). They can be destroyed permanently if bridged together
ME: who is Kizito, let's see if we can bring him in
PARCY: He is late now
ME: Eyah, well time is not on our side, let's think of a way to drop our criers in the bank and proceed with other things, that needs to be done.

We drove out that night, managed to get into the bank and dropped the criers on the roof.
I know you will be surprised how we did it;
Well, We were caught by the security man on duty that night, but we tricked him that we are all vigilantes, we pursued a criminal who jumped into the bank and we have to get him right away.
The bank security man who was wearing a jean trouser and a mopol T-shirt, went round to see if there is any one of such, and saw Sharon running out. We told him that the person who just ran out is the thief, and he stupidly alert his partner on duty who was asleep, they joined Great Kali to chase the thief while myself and Parcy hastily dropped our criers.
Parcy also did an illegal connection on the cams. He did it in a way that, if he disconnect one wire from the restroom, all the cams in the bank will trip off.

-- -- --


Myself and Parcy has already entered the bank as early customers.
Parcy went to the customer care as if he wants to open a new account, he was told to wait While I was busy filling a deposit slip (teller) for good 4mins plus.
Not long, I received a text message on my phone which was on silent, its from Great-kali who followed the cash from behind, right from the company's yard;

"They are very close to the bank now, one security van at the front while the other at the back"

I went to Parcy pretending as if I want to borrow pen from him, he stood up and followed me. I let him know the updates, and tell him to start deactivating the cams in the bank.
He went to where he did the connections and disconnected it. Immediately he did that, the bank became rowdy. The Manager and some technical staffs started moving around to know what the problem was.
Not quite long, I received a text from SHARON;

" They have successfully taken all the cash in, should I come now? "

I quickly texted her back

" Yes, but please be fast with your moves and make sure the security men don't suspect you. When you get to the door, tell those opening it that, what you have in your bag is keys and gold you want to drop in the bank, so he can open the security door for easy accessibility "

I jumped into the roof, brought out the criers and held two to myself. Holding one with my left hand while the other with my right hand.
Parcy rushed in and happily did same with me and pin a pistol on the belt of his trouser.
We both dashed into the banking hall and shocked everyone with our appearance.
Before we knew it a gunshot has been released, we turned back and saw the bank security man on blue&blue uniform on the floor as Sharon rushed in with her very short pistol.
SHARON: Una dey mad? Everybody enter ground
ME: Shakitibobo, why did you kill him?
SHARON: That guy na beast, he opened the door finish na he come dey call me back, say the door detect exhibit even when he don deactivate the door security. I gat to blow him up, to avoid any further embarrassment that will spoil our show
ME: Good. **Loudly** Now everyone if you know you love your life don't play smart otherwise, I will send you to your early graves. My men will move round to collect your phones after which you all will move to the left of this banking hall. Do you all copy that?
**shouting it with fear in their voices**

Just as I instructed, they all dropped their phones and moved to the position I asked them to go to.
"I pulled out the bank manager, and instructed him to comply with all we will be doing and promise not to hurt him nor anyone.

All this while, the security outside has been tightened especially after hearing the gunshot Sharon released.
I haven't finished with the Bank manager when Great-kali sent in another message;

" I can't come in again because of the tight security out here "

After reading the text, I dialled his number immediately;
ME: Guy how tight is the security out there?
GREAT-KALI: Oh boy the security nor be here oo! Dem don even block the road. So as it is, there is no vehicle passing through the road
ME: Okay, there is no cause for alarm. Just remain where you are and be vigilant, take some criers to a good spot and be of watch, I will get back to you

**call ended**

SHARON: Anini, Watin dey sup na?
ME: He said there is heavy security out there. Well, that should not shake us because am leaving this place with that 5.2billion Naira and every other money I can find in this bank...



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eliboy,nice story you have,the story dey sweet me die.infact reading it is like having orgasm.

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To make things move as planned, I told the bank manager our mission, and appealed with him to cooperatively handover the 5.2billion Naira that was just brought in, and every other savings in the bank;
BANK MANAGER: Ple_a_se Sir, we can negotiate and come to an agreement
ME: Agreement you say? Well, we are not here for a negotiation otherwise I would have succumb to your request, we are here strictly base on the cash that was just brought in. So kindly handover the money to us or we will take it, in our own way
BANK MANAGER: Okay, its in our vault
ME: And where is the vault?
BANK MANAGER: The bank's cabin
PARCY: Your papa yanch, who you dey speak English for? We be like Ajebo thief for your eyes?
(He Loaded the Manager with some slaps)

••The boy like to slap eh••

ME: Well spoken Mr. Manager, can you please lead me to your so called cabin now?
ME: Good, stand up let's start going

I pulled him up and asked him to take the lead while I followed from behind, with my gun pointing at him.
He took me to the so called cabin where we carried all the bags containing the money, it was just three big ghana-must-go bag.
I can perceived the joy in Parcys' and Sharons' faces, as we unzipped each bag to confirm the contents.

ME: Now I have gotten my primary aim which is the 5.2billion Naira. I'm left with just two aims to accomplish. Do you want to know them?
BANK MANAGER: You can tell me
ME: Don't be so rude Mr. Manager, its a simple question
PARCY: Anini, abeg make I just give am two loader of slap, so that he go sabi answer question
ME: Go ahead
(Patata went to him and gave him some dirty slaps which were more than the two he promised)
ME: So are you ready to answer the question correctly?
BANK MANAGER: Yes sir, I want to know them
ME: Good Manager. Well the remaining aims are my secondary aim which is to collect more cash from this bank, and my tertiary aim which is to leave this place unhurt.
(I was still talking to him when suddenly, we heard a voice from a very loud public address system)

VOICE: I know you can hear me in there, this is the state CID (criminal investigation department) of the Nigeria Police force. I will advise you all to kindly surrender your weapon's and all ammunitions with you, because the whole premises has been surrounded with a powerful force of well trained police officers. You will be given 10minutes to comply or end up facing a very tough war from us

I would have been tensed, but because of the confidence in my Co-Lions, I wasn't shaken with the threat from the State CID;
ME: No lele, na me be Anini. I dey fear death but na once man dey die, abi how una see am?
SHARON: Na so he just be, we can't be shaken. We must succeed
PARCY: Dem write am for bible according to Matthew Chapter Luke Verse Psalm (Matt. Luke:Psalm) Say "If you never see anything, you no go fit see anything" Today I go make police see real war-start, nor be say dem shoot bird mama fly
ME: Watin i know be say, we come with nothing and we must go with something....

-- -- --

Since it has gotten to this, I decided to change my plan for the mission.
I made the Bank manager to bring out some of the cash in the bank possession, which was roughly over 58million Naira.
They were neatly arranged in two brief cases, and according to him the cash was to be sent as loan to some business client. He explained to me that the bank don't keep money in their possession. Rather, they send all huge amount to the chest branch, and leave 10% for ATM refill and withdrawals for the next day.

Now we got live cash in our hands, the next move is to leave the bank peacefully without being hurt.
I unveiled my new plan which shocked the Bank manager and all those in the bank;
ME: You all heard the threat that was just imposed on us by the Police men. Their threat has made me have a rethink, and came to a conclusion that you all are no longer witnesses of this incident, but presently our hostages. We were given 10minutes to summit ourselves to them, and I believe we don't even have up to 5minutes left. So I will give them a message through any one of you, that if they try to give us tough time all of you will die. Do you want to die?
ME: Good, now you stand up
**pointing at a young girl who stood up immediately**
I'll allow you to go out there and drop the message. In addition tell them that, we need a bullet proof Hummer Jeep to be parked at the front of the bank for us, in the next 30minutes. Failure to do this will result to one soul down in every 2minutes that passes. Is the message clear?
GIRL: Yes Sir
ME: You can go.... Wait..... Manager write your number in a piece of paper for her to give to them in case they need to talk directly with us

The manager wrote his number on a sheet of paper and hand it over to the girl.
After about 2minutes of the girl's departure, I received a call from Great-kali;
GREAT-KALI: Mhen, what is happening in there? A girl Just came out in tears and was talking to some top officers of the police force
ME: I allowed her out to drop a message, which makes her to be lucky. How is the surrounding out there?
GREAT-KALI: I won't lie to you oo, its very tight out here as more forces are still coming. Two shoppers containing some airforce men just dropped some of the men, and presently flying round the bank building, while ten van of NSCDC (Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps) just arrive, acting so prepared for us.
ME: Those are just normal show body, if they nor bring the Hummer jeep come then we go see who be who
GREAT-KALI: Una don collect the money?
ME: We don collect am, and even take extra 58million naira
GREAT-KALI: I believe you Anini. Eh God! my Ferrari and my mansion don come finally. Its like I go start to release my groundnuts out here to distract them oo
ME: Never open fire, they got 30minutes left
GREAT-KALI: Okay bro
ME: I'll get back to you.

**call hanged**


We were busy checking our wristwatch and spying outside to see if our Hummer jeep has been brought in, but still there was none of such.
I pulled out a man from the about 120 hostages. Asked him to run out and shot him on his back twice as he approaches the police. He screamed aloud and collapsed on the ground, with his blood flowing like a stream on the spot.
Everyone inside the bank was cold, as they confirmed my words to be real and not a mere threat.
Actually, I used the man as a message to the police that we are serious. Not just serious but very very serious...

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It wasn't up to 4seconds after the man's death, when the state CID to NPF dialled the bank Manager's contact.
His cell phone started ringing. I asked him to pick up which he did;
CID: This is the state CID, may I know who is on the line?

ME: **With Jim Iyke voice** Put it on speaker now!

CID: Hello! Who is on the other side?
BANK MANAGER: Its Mr. Keno Pearl, the Manager of the Bank
CID: How is the situation over there, is anyone hurt?
BANK MANAGER: Not really, but they warned us not to mess up, If we want to leave here alive.....
CID: Can I talk to the group leader?
(The phone was passed to me)
ME: Hellooo (with a very mighty rising intonation)
CID: Please don't hurt any other person, we promise to....
ME: shut up your mouth there, You promise to what?? You guys have, just___ I mean just___ I repeat Just 5minutes left to bring in the Hummer Jeep I requested for otherwise what you just saw will be an iceberg of what I will do next
CID: Please, the car is on its way here and will be parked in the exact spot you wanted
ME: I got no time for all that explanation, let's watch the tic-tac of the clock then...

**call hanged**

We waited until their time has elapsed, still the car was not yet parked outside.
I took the Manager's phone and dialled the number which the state CID used to call us;
ME: I know you guys love seeing more souls been sent to heaven or hell, well I will gladly do so because I hate forfeiting my promise
CID: Just bear with us, there is an hold up along the road, your demand will be meant soonest
ME: No time for stories Mr. CID

**hanged up**

ME: Patata!
ME: Select any one of your choice and send him/her out like I did with that man
PARCY: I hear you boss

He asked the remaining 119 hostages to voluntarily bring out one person that will go next, none of them came out which got Sharon provoked.
"Sharon pulled out a guy who was forming swag, dressing like wizkid to come out, telling him to go and show Lucifer his low waist when he gets to hell.
The guy was asked to run out, and while running out, he was shot severally by Patata which resulted to the end of his life.

The thousands of police outside couldn't help it, seeing the guy being shot mercilessly like a bush meat.
Some of the Police officers who lost their patience, shot back at us especially at the door where Patata bullet came from, but were asked to seize fire by the state CID.

Not quite long, after the death of the boy. The police started calling through the Manager's line but I chosed not to pick, I told Patata and Shakitibobo that the police has called for war and we have to get prepared to give it to them.
We positioned at the Windows and started shooting spontaneously, when we noticed the police were less attentive.
Some of them were brought down, which makes the rest to take cover.
We kept on shooting until no single soul could be seen.
I told my team to be observant as I pass a call to Great-kali;
ME: Bro did you hear our criers sounds just now? This so claimed military men think we are here with hunter guns, so I gave them intro of what we are carrying.
GREAT-KALI: You killed about twenty police men just now, why?
ME: They think we are here for child's play, we are planning to come out and face them
GREAT-KALI: No, that is not a good idea, I just saw an Hummer Jeep coming, maybe its for you guys
(I was still talking to Great-kali when the manager's phone started ringing, Patata picked it and started talking to the caller)
ME: Great-kali I'll call you later, let me hear what they have to say

PARCY: Your papa krokro yanch

CID: ******

PARCY: We be local criminals for your eyes? Na Iran we take study our criminology oo, so nor play with us

CID: *******

PARCY: If the motor don come why we nor dey see am?

CID: *****

PARCY: We are waiting...

After Parcy has finished talking to him, we saw the Hummer Jeep moving into the bank and was parked at the particular spot we asked them to park it.
A man on mufti came out and walked outside.
To be sure if the car was not tracked, I called the CID;
ME: We have seen the car, but something tells me there is a trap inside. I'm not frighten anyway because I'll leave this place with two pregnant women who are here with us as one of our hostages, so if you don't want them to die, kindly go and deactivate any unusual that has been set in that car
CID: I assure you that, the car is in order so please don't kill anybody again
ME: One more thing. I have ten men here with me, so I'll be needing ten bullet proof jacket and extra two for the pregnant women.
CID: We will send it across
ME: No need for that, there is a young mother here having a 10yrs old boy. We will send the boy down to collect the jackets and the car key, any error will lead to his mother's death
CID: There won't be any error.

**I ended the call after the completion of his statement**

The boy was sent out and came back with the bullet proof jackets, and the car key.
Now we are good to go. I gave Parcy and Sharon their jacket after wearing mine.
I gave the nine remaining jacket to six women including the two pregnant ones, and four jackets to some guys.
Immediately I finished with that, the state CID called again;
ME: May I help you?
CID: We have gotten you, all you asked for so can you release the hostages?
ME: They will all be out as soon as you end the call. But mind you, we don't mind bringing more of your men down if you try to stop us.

**call hanged**

I sent out the remaining hostages, and was left with just those wearing the bullet proof jackets and the bank manager.
I distributed guns without bullets to them and.....

NOTE: Please my followers, know that this story is not compiled to encourage criminal act, I'm offering it for your reading pleasure. Thus, I won't be blamed if you reading it now, end up partaking in such act because you will be apprehended and prosecuted...
FROM-->> Ayis Eliboy aka eli2xpensive

Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Preciousbouy(m): 12:32am On Jun 16, 2016
op abeg come continue oooo..... i too much dey feel this tori like mad.... tbumbsup
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by Bibiangel(f): 6:51am On Jun 16, 2016
This story is too good. Kudos!
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by jide219(m): 11:35am On Jun 16, 2016
Mhen eliboy you are good, kudos, more update pls
Re: New Story: 'anini Reloaded' By Ayis Eliboy by eliboy92(m): 6:34am On Jun 18, 2016

Upon the fact that I applied great knowledge to make this mission a successful one, things still went the other way round (unexpected)...

I gave those wearing the bullet proof jacket orientation on what I expected from them.
"First was that, we will all run out at once, and two of the guys should open the back doors of the car.
"Secondly, only the two pregnant women, the Bank Manager and Shakitibobo should enter inside while the rest will stand as a protective block, until myself and Patata have successfully entered and closed up the doors.
They all understood and promise to do as I said.

"I contacted Great-Kali to inform him of my plan;
ME: Bro, we are set to leave now.
GREAT-KALI: Then what is the update?
ME: The update is that, as soon as you see the Jeep leaving the bank premises, just observe and follow from behind to distract the police, should in case they followed us
GREAT-KALI: No probs My guy, I dey with you fully prepared
ME: No time, so I got to go now. All I expect from you is action
GREAT-KALI: And actions you will see I promise

Just as planned, we all ran out from the banking hall.
The police on their own side took positions as they saw us running out in a single file.
I knew they will be confused seeing more women with trousers in our midst, so they won't know who is truly among us and who is not.
We finally got to where the Hummer Jeep was parked, the doors of the Jeep were opened by two of our hostages holding empty guns.
Those instructed to go in went in successfully, and myself and Parcy who wanted to sit at the front of the car decided to release some bullets before going in.
We shot our criers endlessly, and Sharon who was sitting at the back of the Jeep, pulled down the glass of the door and started shooting from there...
All of a sudden the police started shooting back at us, which resulted to a great show.
The hostages who wore bullet proof jackets, ran to the other side of the Hummer Jeep to take cover, while the show became tougher.
Parcy who enjoyed the banging sound of his ak47 climbed the Jeep and was shooting periodically and spontaneously.
He never expected himself to be hit, but his deadly mind was terminated when a stray bullet was projected into his right hand.
"He shouted "Eh Patatatata" and was still shooting when another one blast his leg, he fell down uncontrollably. That was when I realised he has been shot by someone from the chopper which was flying round the scene.
"I quickly went to cover him up, and dragged him into the car.
I rushed to the drivers side, set the engine of the car on fire, and zoomed off leaving the hostages that took cover at the back of the Jeep there.
The police tried to stop our escape by blocking the road with their hilux, but I cleared them off the way, with a speed they never imagined.

Some of the police officers rushed in, to apprehend the hostages that was wearing the bullet proof jacket, thinking they were part of us, as we zoom off with ghost speed.
After I have driven a distance of about 25km which is approximately 15.54 miles, I noticed the chopper was still tracking us with some police vehicles following from behind.
At this point, my concern was about Parcy who was bleeding seriously and not even the police chasing us;
ME: Patata, be strong... Be strong for me... Oh Jah take control...
PARCY: Eh! Brother you nor believe my Mara? I dey kamkpei... Nothing do me at all
ME: I believe you, I promise to take you home safely
PARCY: No lele Brother Boss
SHARON: Anini I can't find the police Van behind us again, I can only see a Camry coming
ME: Yes!!! That should be Great-kali

"I brought out my cell phone and quickly contacted Great-kali;
ME: Where are you right now?
GREAT-KALI: I'm behind you, I taught you saw my handwork?
ME: Not really
GREAT-KALI: I used grenade to bomb blast their vehicles, I taught you saw their vehicles while they were set ablaze?
ME: I didn't, thank God for that. The only challenge we have now is the helicopter following us, they might call for more squad to re-enforce
GREAT-KALI: Let's think positive, I can see the chopper coming downwards so I will fire at them with some grenade launcher
ME: Better...

Truly speaking it wasn't long when they started shooting the Hummer Jeep, we were still comfortable as the car was bullet proofed.

Our car was seen ahead, with the chopper lowered almost touching the express way, on landscape view.

They were shooting the back of the Jeep, not knowing that we got a backup behind.
They were struck with a grenade from behind by Great-kali, which made the blade of the chopper spin anticlockwise.
The pilot lost control as the wind seems unfavorable to support easy control.
The chopper landed at the bush part of the express way, and was covered with a thunderous flame. It exploded and caught fire.

ME: WOW!!! We did it... I can't believe we scaled through
SHARON: Ogbeni Na money go shame...

We were very happy, knowing that we weren't chased anymore.
I turned to the passengers side and found Parcy unconscious, I tapped him continuously but he was so weak to respond.
I can't see Parcy who depends solely on me being down, not to talk of him giving up.
I search for a good place to park the car, and came out.
Great-kali who was behind us parked also, and rushed down to know what was wrong.
Myself and Great-kali carried Parcy and placed him in a lying position at the back seat, while Sharon carried all the guns in the Hummer Jeep and put them in the trunk of the Camry.
She later went back to carry all the cash, one after the other.

I rushed back to the Hummer jeep with the key;
ME: I know you all have seen our faces, and we have seen yours. All your cell phones are still with us, and if you reveal more than what you know to the press media, I'll find you, I'll get you and I'll kill you. Its a general message...

After dropping the message to them, I locked them up and threw the keys away.
Great-kali who has already started up the engine of the Camry, parked the car by me and I hooped in immediately...

Now all we have in mind is to take Parcy to the nearest hospital, which is another risk.
"I later concluded to take the cash to a safer place, while we visit any hospital to kidnap one of the best Doctor...



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