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FG Closes All Public & Private Schools Till 13th Of October / Operation ASUU Must Not Call It Off!! Till January!! **sign The Petition!!!!!!!! / Anambra University Shut Over Killing Of Female Student (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Brianlar: 4:30pm On Sep 13, 2009
The seeker, you were just okay in the beginning,but at the end you are totally out of line. This is a homely forum not an avenue to pursue some vicious vendetta. If you have some personal ire at naija homies who you envy or who didn't aid your union aspirations spit it out and stop yapping.
I happen to be a first year, and I am in support of the strike,  It's not cos i'm so in love with my playstation or am in some holiday in japan or france or have a job, i happen to be back in lag,sweating out each soul destroying day but keeping on cos i know in the long run it's to my benefit, You never get anywhere making yourself look good at the expense of people. And the constant tantrums, the out of place grandiloquence, condescending tone,the huge dearth of accommodation for other views without a snide comment, and constant verbal abuse in your speech show just how polished and comely you are. I guess your insults are just making up for where your wit fails woefully. Shouting "this pig is fat" doesn't make it any thinner. That's with recourse to the 'ignorant nigerian students' you so love to hate. What have you done to remedy them? Clearly, hauling insults is the best option. And it graciously shows that you are no better than 'us'. The truth has a voice and even if it didn't, it surely wouldn't need a self-appointed foghorn who wouldn't last five minutes in civilised dialogue without resorting to fisticuffs. Your posts fill almost this entire thread. 'one who talks too much, they say, ' opinion pills are best administered succint, swift, and non verbiage. Try to reply every single rebuttle you get in life because of your oversize ego and let me know if you'll live long.God knows i don't subscribe to the stunts our 'youth' are pulling (even 30 year olds dey claim youth), in the name of love and in that sick mentality of always wanting to be noticed! But men i advise you not to burst. Anyway, if you feel so passionate about it you could set up a talk show or something but my fellow 'ignorants' and i don't give a rat's left ventricle. (you know, that chamber of the heart, ) fellow strike inmates, jack hard, no dull una self and when it gets too tough, just crank that soulja boy, 
i know it's not beyond you to mutter some crap about juniors not talking in the presence of elders and all that so save the space.
so harry potter(seeker) it's obvious you have intelligence in human dealings, seek wisdom.

P.S. And hey, my course isn't law, I just have an open mind.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by BlackRevo: 4:48pm On Sep 13, 2009
Hmm what can i say? It is getting out of hand and you guys have to pull the plug somewhere.

You guys don't know each other neither have you seen each other in real life. Fighting over the internet is not going to solve the ASUU problem. Just like i said before, i always take anything achievement away in front of me while i am discussing. In some fields i am very knowledgeable while in some i am not i just contribute little and ask questions.

Socrates said that he his greater than his fellow man because he learns from them. we should all learn from each other and stop this ego thing. it serves us no good. Like i said before there is no saint in this ASUU wahala. we all have blames (FG, ASUU, students, parents and the society). There are so many other issues facing the education system from primary to tertiary which we still have to solve. Lets take it one at a time. Let us solve the ASUU problem first, next we will deal with the corrupt ASUU and education soceity.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Brianlar: 6:09pm On Sep 13, 2009
Revo, Well said. I concur. it is obvious you 'know thyself' (socrates). No hard feelings, though i'm not from OAU.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 6:34pm On Sep 13, 2009
Brian_lar, now wasn't that just super cool?! I need to state categorically that I don't hate Nigerian students, not even for the worst reasons ever. I can't talk down at them, and maybe my comments may have come across as being too sharp, but the point I was trying to drive home is that most student don't know what ASUU is fighting for.

Being a Nigerian, I know that ASUU definitely have their selfishness at the back of their mind, and as a stimulator but I don't want to concern myself with that as long as the incessant strikes are dealt with. I do not wish for you guys to be at home for long, but if that's what it takes for future occurrences of these strikes to come to a complete stop, I'm all down for it, and if I were a student in Nigeria, I'll do the same as I am now, after all, I was more than once affected too.

What I was, and still frowning at is that a very large portion of students have chosen not to look at the part that favors the future of university education, rather they are concerned with the present, thinking ASUU is stupid; some don't even know how long this war has been going on. I got admission into OAU in 2001 to study Medicine and as much as I can recall, it started right then. That gave rise to the sack of UNILORIN lecturers. I was a member of the SRC, by extension, an official of the SUG. We went to various meetings along with NANS and protested some of these problems then. I remember vividly in one of the meetings that the NANS Senate wanted cultism legalized across schools and only two votes saved that from happening.

It irks me that students don't expand their horizon beyond their educational pursuit hence, the attacks and I agree that may have been sharp. I do believe, however, that had NANS fought along with ASUU, it'd have made much more sense but last time I asked a confirmed source, NANS are FG's dog now as they take orders from them (a typical disgrace). The NANS of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, were all government critics. The campaign against government reforms were so amazing. I was, and still am very proud that I gave in the best I could for the betterment of the Nigerian student. I can't forget all the gunshots, the teargas and the assaults by the police on us during these struggles.

So, I don't want anyone to see it as taking a shot to insult the Nigerian students. Nigerian students are by far, one of the most intelligent in the world. Back here in the States, we rule the class, we run the educational scene here and we receive commendations, criticisms, accolades, hatred -- you name it -- but you can bet it's a disappointment when the students of these days don't want to bear the brunt and admit a part of what this scuffle is all about. I understand no one wants to be at home but the truth need be told, ASUU (and I don't care what their selfish interests are) should do all it takes to let this education be standardized; if they get their selfish interests satisfied, it'll come along with a commendable upgrade in students' welfare. You can imagine someone will be graduating next year as a microbiologist, and he has never had to use a microscope -- isn't that just saddening? So, I really am not bothered with ASUU's interests because I know once they are satisfied, the whole package will be tended to and Nigerian students will have no more cause for alarm as much as strike is concerned.

What I stated was basic, though like I admitted earlier, may have been sharp - too sharp - but was never meant to talk down at the general student populace. You can imagine how vexed you'd be when a guy told me earlier on he wants to graduate and leave and doesn't really care what they are fighting about. So I asked him what happens to the people who are just resuming to school, what happens to others who just got matriculated? Do they just bear the consequence and pay high fees, and his response to me was if I knew how it hurts to see my mates graduate from private schools before me then I'd know what he's talking about (now why am I feeling he was just being selfish and doesn't care about the rest?) That's where it all lies. And my response to him was he could have gone to a private university instead. I think most people are more concerned about themselves without worrying about the future of the Nigerian university system. You can imagine how university degrees aren't recognized that well in the US and European labor markets unless you had furthered your education in these countries, and all thanks to the Nigerian educational system.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by BlackRevo: 6:45pm On Sep 13, 2009
Good that everyone is coming to an understanding now and that was a good write up @seeker.

Obstacles are what we see when our eyes are not focused on the goal. The goal is to see the stop to all these repeated strike and the standardization of our education system like the seeker has said.We have to return credibility to our certificates and instill the right education spirit in our student and teachers. The other side distractions like ASUU selfish interest should not prevent us from seeing the main goal.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 7:08pm On Sep 13, 2009

Good that everyone is coming to an understanding now and that was a good write up @seeker.

Obstacles are what we see when our eyes are not focused on the goal. The goal is to see the stop to all these repeated strike and the standardization of our education system like the seeker has said.We have to return credibility to our certificates an instill the right education spirit in our student and teachers. The other side distractions like ASUU selfish interest should no prevent us from seeing the main goal.

Seriously, we should see the positive side of this crunch as the negative part doesn't really affect anything. I admit some of these lecturers are corrupt but there are schools who are more disciplined. I don't know about OAU of now, but back into those days, you hardly can bribe any lecturer (if at all it happened ever) and trust UI to always impress you - there latest record tells it all - take ABU into cognizance and I am sure there are a lot more schools with good and seasoned lecturers.

You see why I like ASUU? They are the only entity that are fighting for what responsibilities they have been saddled with still, fighting for their welfare package (which most people see as being selfish) and I support their quest for welfare. If a councilor could be paid 13 million every year, why should a professor be paid 3 million annually? That's part of the decadence in the Nigerian university system. The government isn't recognizing and respecting these lecturers as much as they should, when in all honesty, they deserve it. These people could have easily opted to teach in the UK and US but they wanted to give their bits to where they come from, and now the government isn't recognizing them - how do you expect them to feel? Do you know how many Nigerian professors we have in Texas universities? I don't have respect for them as I do for Nigeria-based professors.

Doctors have constantly threatened to go on strike, not because of the shortage of equipments and facilities but because they want salary increment; that right there, is plain and vain selfishness. ASUU could have easily asked for a payment package and ignore infrastructures and who will challenge them if they did? But over time and consistently, they have included infrastructures and constant government funding at the fore and putting their interests behind often times. I commend them really. I know how many times the government have deceived them into resuming in the past.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 7:17pm On Sep 13, 2009
Some ASUU leaders back then were bribed. They took it and swept their quest under the carpet. I'm so sure they have tried it in this case and they didn't bulge and that's what I call struggle, a true one. When Oshiomole clamored and ranted publicly in those good old days, people don't know what went on behind the scenes. The man took bribes too. He wasn't all that he seemed.

The fact is, the stronger he was in public, the higher the pay he received and only very few times had the government responded to his calls. . . . who doesn't know these are all schemes anyway? If you doubted that, look up his performance as Edo state governor and that will tell you more. Making a criminal to be in charge of tax collection is just not the character of someone who represented labor, and now what has that been all about?

I understand it's affecting students and you're bound to throw a fit. This is one of those times I wish Nigeria was a better country. Students could have easily seek temporary employment just to make some few bucks and get themselves busy, but where is that? Now, with the kind of society Nigeria is, these students are already considered as nuisance because they have long been home -- so it's very much appropriate to be frustrated, very much understandable. ASUU have endured enough. I do not approve of the poor treatment mete out to them; they deserve better and at least, in my opinion, they are doing a whole lot of better job than these dirty politicians (Imagine a first lady getting paid, and for what?!).
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by delejames(m): 7:24pm On Sep 13, 2009
Yes,it makes sense now that (Theseeker) has admitted to have talked down at the general Nigerian student populace,because he's not any better.I have to really thank people like DONIMALI,BRIAN_LAR and BLACK_REVO for makin him come back to his senses.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 7:34pm On Sep 13, 2009
And who says I wasn't in my senses? Of course I knew what I was saying and I never denied that I spoke sharply, so where's the return of sense coming from?! I'm a critic and I'm wired to be a sharp critic. A lawyer in the making at that, so my tongue and point has to be prickly, however, not bias all the time. I was never bias with my points, I just was disappointed you people aren't seeing the side that favors the future of Nigerian university education but that part that favors your temporarily, which is what I've agitated mostly about.

And let me state again, my intention wasn't to talk down at the Nigerian students, my points were just too spiky-- there's a huge difference. My points were:

**I understand the students are frustrated from staying home for a long time
**I understand ASUU fighting through a more than ten-year old struggle
**But I'm not disappointed most students don't know how far this has come and where it's heading (this is where I've aligned all my most recent comments with)

So my friend, the only thing I toned down was the personal insults and that's all. My points still remain the same.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by BlackRevo: 8:42pm On Sep 13, 2009
Hello delejames good you are here back and lets not try to go back again but move forward now that we understood each other. I will say i was the first to understand seeker and then try to explain his position to the house and good everyone is understanding him more now.

I know that man oshiomole is not a saint and see the mess he his making of himself in edo state now. People from edo don't like him anymore but they cannot complain and i doubt if he his going to win another term.

You have written alot and always i am impressed keep it up. Don't blame those who left the system for greener pastures too much because only they knew the reasons why they left and those who stayed knew why they have not left the system as well. I am just sick of all these salaries of these government people. that is for just a mere councilor aside all the side monies and imagine how it will be until it gets to the top. The health sector is quite different to me imo because most of these people can work with the little equipment that they have and some even have their own private clinics. But don't you think people are going to shout on them if they go on strike because of infrastructure. Just take the example of the ASUU strike and see where i am coming from. Nigerians only want the doctors to strike for salaries only and have little knowledge if these health workers have the equipment to work with. I will dig up a thread for you to read soon and you will see the mindset about Nigerians to their health.

Do you know also that outside these ASUU people asking for other things apart from their salary. No other organization does that again in the education system. Those striking teachers in the secondary and primary schools do not go one strike other than for their salary despite that they don't have libraries, laboratories, teacher to student ratio is alarming, No desk/chairs for students to sit on. Men i don't want to go to that level self. 

I can't find that thread but it was simply about doctors rejecting patients because there were no beds anymore in the hospital after the minister condemned the treatments of patients on the floor.

Here is the link https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria?topic=313037.msg4397297#msg4397297 you can read it up there.

So should doctors go on strike because of lack of equipments, bed space or what ever outside their salary Knowing the risk that action will have on the patients and not forgetting that it should be counted as a noble action as well?.

So you can see why students are seeing it as just it is only the salary that ASUU is asking for because that can be approved withing the next hour but those other things cannot be done same way. They fill that those should be settled by other means and not through strike which i would have supported them but knowing the kind of Government we have that only respects strike.

Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 9:20pm On Sep 13, 2009
Yes, you're right. This is exactly what I was trying to illustrate. Only ASUU have uprightly from the beginning fought for their welfare as well as that of the students and the university. Primary and secondary school teachers are most profoundly a disgrace to Nigerian education. You can imagine where these teachers come to school late, and then send these pupils on ludicrous errands, for example, clearing the bush at their various houses among other things.

They don't pay attention to the performance of each kid at school. Back in the day, they'd write notes and letters to parents about the performance of their children and if extra attention are needed to be given the kids but not anymore. They are after buying cars and building houses now, although not such a bad thing but shouldn't be done at the detriment of the future leaders.

Come down to secondary school education. Take a quick look at these supposed 'school of science' and see how many laboratory equipments they lack. You can imagine how outdated they are and the alarming rate at which these students fail science practical examinations. The poor performance can be inferred from the examination bodies setting almost the same kinds of questions every year, for instance, in chemistry practicals you will find titration as one of, if not the first question (I don't know how it is now though).

It's suffice to say primary and secondary education are in oblivion in Nigeria. No one is taking notice of that. There are no libraries, and not all major cities have that much equipped and studded libraries. Private companies aren't helping any better. Recently, I've been reading, hearing from people most times that what they engage in is promo. And entering into promo seems to be the second job of all Nigerians now. What happened to other companies sponsoring educational activities from time to time? Cowbell milk company has been the only one to sponsor mathematics competition, the last time I checked. MTN and Glo aren't really doing anything obvious but extorting people's money asking sms be sent to some number for entry into competition.

It's a sad development that these companies aren't helping the dilapidated state of the education sector yet, they are making money off the Nigerian populace and they are getting away with it. Aren't they there for development of the country? Are they just there to make money? But I can't blame them because government is extorting them too. All sectors of the Nigerian government has failed woefully but the most important part - education sector - has to be redeemed or we will have dropouts on the streets and the country will be in doom in a few years from here.

I tell you half size of the whole of Nigeria-based students are already outside the country studying but how many fellow African students, to start with, are considering, willing to or already studying in Nigeria? It's minimal and that's very embarrassing. If Nigerians can go and study in Ghanaian universities then it's a shame on Nigerian government. Now, don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean Ghana isn't good in terms of education, but claiming the giant the position we are, we should do better and people should look up to us. How many of these African countries look up to Nigeria for anything? I'd say none!

Nigerian students are very intelligent, the most intelligent in Africa. Line us up with Americans, Europeans, Asians, Arabs - name it - with the same amount of opportunities and you'll see us going places, notably, it's unfortunate the government has curtailed that dream. You see a 25-year old man still writing WAEC while here in the States you already have your first degree at 20 or 21. Education sector really needs structuring but I see hope on the way, who knows, God might just help and that's what we can hope on for right now.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by trustme1: 10:07pm On Sep 13, 2009
gbam!!! the seeker grin
on point! brilliant!! i'm so loving this right now!!! we are hitting the nail on the head with one hammer.
yes, all those GLO people wey the send us messages: 'make u no miss tonite's 1mill o!', 'na wetin u dey wait for, '. mscheeeewww. upon say i get 80pts, i never get even THANK YOU. angry

where have they all been since their biz started boomin in 9ja. they partake mainly in entertainment biz, making 1 in a million 9jerians millionaires but extorting hundreds of thousands from all 9jerians.

I SAY TO GLO, MTN, ETISALAT, MULTILINKS, ZAIN etc make our educational system a wonderful one by giving back. it wont take much, instead of givin that 1 mill to one person, use it to touch many lives through quality education. at least for a change, set up libraries, labs, hostels etc. these are projects that truly make a lifetime difference in people's lives AND I NO THINK SAY ANY PROMO PASS THAT ONE!!!

prayers are not enough, we must back it with action. and i believe this is one way, the strength of ONE VOICE.
the truth is that it's like we have given up on people power in 9ja cuz of all those terrible people occupying all the positions upstairs and those upstairs believe that we are only niose makers, nothing more. But it took people(the masses) to effect a change in india and other countries that could not even smell 9ja's shoes b4

black revo, well said! writing a report after filtering in all the opinions is a fantastic idea and one that should be carried out.

Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Brianlar: 11:01pm On Sep 13, 2009
Jeez! No one is on the cross here, and this is not a court. no one is doubting your intellect,seeker, so i wouldn't feel so insecure and comment on my potential capacities. As i said before, Insulting people shows how 'polished' you are. So i would say 'you are wise',the seeker, for accepting graciously. But call yourself to order cos i wouldn't want us to go back to that name calling trend. You are astute in your views, it is very commendable. But compromise in the face of dissent is the trademark of brilliant advocacy,which i'm sure you would broker in your practice. dele,you were rash. no one here is out of their senses -wink- we just let the adrenalin rise, and when that happens, decency is almost always lost. We igbos say 'e jiroh ututu a ma njo ahia' you don't use the morning to judge a day of bad sales. The seekers morning was bad, But lets not judge some harsh remarks that i hope remorse has been shown for. The guy makes quite some sense really, albeit in a forceful way.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by donimali: 1:00am On Sep 14, 2009
Wow! this is lovely. Everybody coming to order and talking about education,the way it was meant to be. This is not a war zone for exchanging words and hauling insults but an educational forum. 1 man can't possibly know everything, but in sharing and exchanging views and opinions, he learns more. I can't deny that i'vent learnt some few things here on this topic. And its really a shame to be a student of a lowly regarded educational sector. There's nothing more shameful than that as a student. I've seen people post comments and i'm really impressed and proud that these are my fellow countrymen with applaudable intellect. And that was why i wasn't too pleased to see that students are just sitting at home wasting away instead of being in school engaged in studies. And what is demoralizing is that, we don't even have a concrete idea when the strike will be called off. I just hope everything pans out well and the system gets back even better. The seeker have been exceptional in his posts also has Black_Revo and co
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Anabel(f): 11:09am On Sep 14, 2009
well lets go look for job then so we can have pocket money till january. sad sad
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by RUBRICS(m): 1:16pm On Sep 14, 2009
hmmmn. . . . angry
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 1:59pm On Sep 14, 2009
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Nezan(m): 3:14pm On Sep 14, 2009
I wanted to respond, but discovered afterall that it is a rumour.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by TheSeeker(m): 4:40pm On Sep 14, 2009
There's no denying that these companies are making money off the Nigerian populace, but with the help of the government. In some countries, Nigeria inclusive, companies follow the doctrines of the leaders of these countries. The way the leaders treat the citizens is the same way the companies will treat them. I am sure there are more companies than these communication companies in Nigeria but I agree they are more populous because of the wide coverage of their services to the entire citizenry regardless of class, age, or whatever criteria you choose to use as a yardstick. I often wonder what they are giving to the country but I don't see any.

Let me not digress from the topic; now, what are the functions of the financial houses, investment companies, and banks? I can't see any. There's no loan whatsoever for students from financially poor family background. I wonder many times how a bank manager will look down on you when you go asking for a loan for studying yet, they keep approving loans for these hell-bound senators. I was reading a report online and guess what, some senators have taken loans from companies at tunes of billions of Naira per senator involved. A female senator specifically took a loan of =N=799million from a company and another was granted a loan of =N=4 billion at another company and many more like that. Tell me why can't these companies give the loans to students so they can study? Of course the question would be how they will get the money back but I can tell you that's as easy as it could get. They can monitor their progress, when they graduate, where they work, and subsequently take some percentage off their monthly pay package and if they have to, take some interests too. That I can assure you, is achievable.

What then can we say about companies who don't give out scholarships but dole out millions of Naira in the name of promos, raffles and competition? Look at Big Brother Africa show and see how much they have managed to squander on that show - that demonstrates to you how slow and how backward-thinking Africa has come to be. We can decipher from a lot of factors that Nigeria needs what's more than re-branding. We need a complete and absolute overhaul. Why can't these companies give scholarships to bright students? It's demeaning and embarrassing to not only students, but the general Nigeria public.

I can tell you there are brilliant students who aren't in tertiary institutions yet but mostly because their parents can't afford the average university education, while a large number of them are victims of the persecutions of examination bodies. The problem, if looked into critically and much closely, isn't ASUU. It's from the blueprint and that has to be checked or the damages will affect the tertiary education itself.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by trustme1: 8:00pm On Sep 14, 2009
that is why we have to say a big thank you to those who are trying to make the system better
1. cowbell milk company slowly but steadily building a generation of mathematics lovers!

2. Prophet T.B Joshua who doles out scholarships to many young nigerians that would otherwise have become a nuisance due to lack of funds

3. Rochas schools all over the country, making education a reality for the poor

these are a few I can remember for now. if you know of any pls add. Lets recognize and appreciate those who have decided to stand out of the crowd!
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by saintiyke(m): 7:48am On Sep 15, 2009
Why wil yar'dua sign d agreement when he is busy buildin his own university. I am nt afraid cos judgement day is fast approachin an wil soon ovatak dem[color=#990000][/color]
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by otokx(m): 12:40pm On Sep 15, 2009
There will be a NEC meeting of ASUU this weekend; its either the BEST or the WORST will happen.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by delejames(m): 1:17pm On Sep 15, 2009

I thought you said YAR'ADUA would sign the agreement yesterday?
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by otokx(m): 4:37pm On Sep 15, 2009
Things have changed since then.
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by motide(m): 8:50pm On Sep 15, 2009
i hail all nairalanders . No matter the time ASUU may waste just try to make the best use of your time. Nothing dey happen e go make una jack well
Re: Universities Shut Till January 2010 by Scofield007(m): 2:19am On Sep 16, 2009
Greatest nigeria students. Its good to see us finally speakin up and ventin our agitations but doin it here does little help. I see a good number of us are behind ASUU but how are we showing it. There was a protest mounted by lecturers last week in ibadan and it was disheartenin not to find students followin them en-mass. Though i wanted to but unable to cos i dont know much places in that city. I also expected us to show our anger before the nigeria- tunisia match, maybe with placards or chants but we do?- blame those superbly super eagles who happen to be the only sector in nigeria now that is not losin. At least they drew instead of lose. Lol.

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